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CISAA @ Cannon

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cannon School, Concord

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jeremiah Walker11.21Concord First Assembly      
2.12Simms McElfresh11.26Charlotte Christian      
3.12Eric Schmidt11.27Metrolina Christian ...      
4.12Riley Davis11.61Charlotte Christian      
5.12Matthiase Farley11.70Charlotte Christian      
5.11Fred Bates11.70Concord First Assembly      
7.12Blake Porter11.77Gaston Day      
8.9Matt Newman11.95Concord First Assembly      
9.11Kurt Weisheit12.29Covenant Day      
10.11Des Lawrence12.40Charlotte Christian      
11.9Luke Dexter12.44Charlotte Christian      
12.12Bryan Funderburg12.49Covenant Day      
13.12Alex Lim12.62Gaston Day      
14.9Bradford Weir12.72Woodlawn      
15.12Luke Robinson12.75Charlotte Christian      
16.11Justin Fisher12.76Covenant Day      
17.9Zachary Felts12.97Woodlawn      
18.9Grayson Cole13.10Covenant Day      
19.9James Burrows13.17Covenant Day      
20.10Jay Simpson13.18Gaston Day      
21.9Drew Emerine13.43Charlotte Christian      
22.9Thomas Tyson13.60Woodlawn      
23.9Charles Hiller13.61Covenant Day      
24.9Michael Kaczmarczyk14.13Woodlawn      
25.9Sabree Edwards14.18Cannon      
26.9Marc Suits14.25Metrolina Christian ...      
11Sam FortsonNTCovenant Day      
11Zack TysingerNTCannon      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Eric Schmidt23.44Metrolina Christian ...      
2.12Jeremiah Walker24.06Concord First Assembly      
3.11Sidney Ward24.13Charlotte Christian      
4.12Nate Holstead24.66Concord First Assembly      
5.12Blake Porter24.89Gaston Day      
6.9Matt Newman24.99Concord First Assembly      
7.10Alex Johnson25.19Charlotte Christian      
8.11Des Lawrence25.40Charlotte Christian      
9.11Kurt Weisheit25.70Covenant Day      
10.11Justin Fisher25.76Covenant Day      
11.9Bradford Weir25.93Woodlawn      
12.8Conrad Sloand25.97Gaston Day      
13.12Gabe Vargas26.03Concord First Assembly      
13.9Kris Madden26.03Covenant Day      
15.12Alex Lim26.09Gaston Day      
16.9Luke Dexter26.36Charlotte Christian      
17.9Zachary Felts26.67Woodlawn      
18.9Shontrell Hopper26.97Gaston Day      
19.9Thomas Tyson27.61Woodlawn      
20.9Marc Suits28.97Metrolina Christian ...      
21.9Michael Kaczmarczyk29.03Woodlawn      
9Sabree EdwardsNTCannon      
10Andrew ManleyNTCannon      
12Simms McElfreshNTCharlotte Christian      
12Riley DavisNTCharlotte Christian      
11Zack TysingerNTCannon      
12Matthiase FarleyNTCharlotte Christian      
12Luke RobinsonNTCharlotte Christian      
9Drew EmerineNTCharlotte Christian      
10Zachary TuttleNTCharlotte Christian      
11Fred BatesNTConcord First Assembly      
9Justyn FelderNTConcord First Assembly      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chris Clark51.66Charlotte Christian      
2.11Lee Bobo53.94Lake Norman Charter      
3.9David Hager53.96Woodlawn      
4.12Collin Kepley53.97Lake Norman Charter      
12Kevin Trautman54.17Northside Christian      
5.11Erik Venderbush54.23Lake Norman Charter      
6.12Nate Holstead54.47Concord First Assembly      
7.12Stephen Dillon54.82Covenant Day      
8.11Ben Carstarphen55.29Gaston Day      
9.11Fred Bates56.36Concord First Assembly      
10.12Bryan Funderburg56.48Covenant Day      
11.11Justin Austenfeld56.89Lake Norman Charter      
12.11Mark Igbinadolor56.99Charlotte Christian      
13.12Luke Robinson57.24Charlotte Christian      
14.11Austin Palenick58.29Gaston Day      
15.12Taylor Coogan59.55Covenant Day      
16.9Shontrell Hopper59.65Gaston Day      
17.9Grayson Cole59.68Covenant Day      
18.10KJ Fon-Ndikum1:00.67Covenant Day      
19.10Jay Simpson1:00.87Gaston Day      
20.11Alex Lee1:03.50Lake Norman Charter      
21.12Gabe Vargas1:05.39Concord First Assembly      
11Sidney WardNTCharlotte Christian      
10Zachary TuttleNTCharlotte Christian      
9Justyn FelderNTConcord First Assembly      
9Sabree EdwardsNTCannon      
10Andrew ManleyNTCannon      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Chris Hack1:59.41Lake Norman Charter      
2.12Sawyer Bowman2:00.69Woodlawn      
3.12Andrew Powell2:06.57Cannon      
4.12Stephen Dillon2:07.34Covenant Day      
12Kevin Trautman2:10.11Northside Christian      
5.12Alex Rennie2:10.48Cannon      
6.-Holden Hammontree2:17.19Gaston Day      
7.9James Finch2:18.88Charlotte Christian      
8.9Wesley Brandenberg2:19.65Metrolina Christian ...      
9.11Justin Austenfeld2:20.86Lake Norman Charter      
10.9Charlie Manolakis2:21.16Gaston Day      
11.10Michael Good2:22.50Charlotte Christian      
12.10Matt Osborn2:24.37Lake Norman Charter      
13.10Alex Nolan2:24.67Metrolina Christian ...      
14.11Charles Sterner2:25.45Cannon      
15.10John Allen2:25.88Metrolina Christian ...      
16.9Alex Kellog2:27.41Charlotte Christian      
17.10Kyle Lubinsky2:28.59Charlotte Christian      
18.9John Gaebe2:31.54Covenant Day      
19.9Jonathan Dabbs2:32.51Covenant Day      
20.9Josh Biggerstaff2:35.70Covenant Day      
21.9Connor Haines2:35.98Charlotte Christian      
22.9Sean Lindsey2:36.22Charlotte Christian      
23.9Ian Fletcher2:41.25Metrolina Christian ...      
24.8Jack Harris2:45.01Gaston Day      
25.10TJ Lankford2:46.06Lake Norman Charter      
26.10Chase Howard2:47.68Charlotte Christian      
27.10Will Melton2:59.95Metrolina Christian ...      
12Nathan WalkerNTCharlotte Christian      
12John HollandNTMetrolina Christian ...      
11Alex LeeNTLake Norman Charter      
9Jake RoweNTGaston Day      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tim Gruber4:36.35Cannon      
2.11Michael Westbay4:45.08Lake Norman Charter      
3.11John Good4:51.04Charlotte Christian      
4.-Holden Hammontree4:53.56Gaston Day      
5.12Erik Foran4:58.77Lake Norman Charter      
6.10Will Harris5:05.00Gaston Day      
7.12Cameron Cook5:10.43Cannon      
8.12Madison Heaton5:11.20Lake Norman Charter      
9.9Stephen Hack5:14.05Lake Norman Charter      
10.10Luke Putnam5:18.33Gaston Day      
11.9James Finch5:23.79Charlotte Christian      
12.10Michael Good5:27.15Charlotte Christian      
13.9Josh Biggerstaff5:27.95Covenant Day      
14.9Jonathan Dabbs5:28.24Covenant Day      
15.9John Gaebe5:28.36Covenant Day      
16.10Matt Osborn5:28.86Lake Norman Charter      
17.9Hines Liles5:31.37Cannon      
18.10Griffin Wilson5:32.64Charlotte Christian      
19.11Charles Sterner5:37.22Cannon      
20.9Alex Kellog5:40.21Charlotte Christian      
21.9Sean Lindsey5:41.32Charlotte Christian      
22.10Kyle Lubinsky5:42.24Charlotte Christian      
23.10Zack Scott5:44.94Woodlawn      
24.9Connor Haines5:48.61Charlotte Christian      
25.10Chase Howard6:04.94Charlotte Christian      
26.8Ben Conner6:07.04Gaston Day      
27.11Wil Kerns6:27.59Gaston Day      
28.10TJ Lankford6:29.82Lake Norman Charter      
29.9Hayne Wilkerson6:32.90Gaston Day      
10Caleb BreedenNTMetrolina Christian ...      
12Nathan WalkerNTCharlotte Christian      
10Lucas GodleyNTCovenant Day      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tim Gruber9:44.03Cannon      
2.12Jordan Phillips10:09.51Lake Norman Charter      
3.11Michael Westbay10:32.63Lake Norman Charter      
4.9David Hager10:36.19Woodlawn      
5.11Bryant Hooker10:43.08Lake Norman Charter      
6.-Holden Hammontree10:55.28Gaston Day      
7.12Erik Foran10:56.09Lake Norman Charter      
8.10Caleb Breeden11:00.45Metrolina Christian ...      
9.11John Good11:03.86Charlotte Christian      
10.10Will Harris11:09.60Gaston Day      
11.9Stephen Hack11:41.20Lake Norman Charter      
12.12Madison Heaton11:43.43Lake Norman Charter      
13.9Hines Liles11:52.71Cannon      
14.10Zack Scott12:50.79Woodlawn      
15.10Spencer Jones12:52.61Gaston Day      
10Griffin WilsonNTCharlotte Christian      
10Matt OsbornNTLake Norman Charter      
9Hayne WilkersonNTGaston Day      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Garrett Huneycutt15.90Charlotte Christian      
2.12Ben Rowley18.43Gaston Day      
3.8Ian Salman18.94Gaston Day      
4.10Alex Johnson19.09Charlotte Christian      
5.11Chris Horacek19.15Covenant Day      
6.8Conrad Sloand19.47Gaston Day      
7.11Stewart Hansen20.27Gaston Day      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Garrett Huneycutt43.04Charlotte Christian      
2.12Alexander Zacharias43.90Gaston Day      
3.10Alex Johnson45.59Charlotte Christian      
4.12Ben Rowley47.06Gaston Day      
5.8Conrad Sloand47.20Gaston Day      
6.8Ian Salman48.59Gaston Day      
7.11Chris Horacek49.70Covenant Day      
8.12Cameron Cook51.13Cannon      
11Sam FortsonNTCovenant Day      
9Mark SalehNTCharlotte Christian      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Simms McElfresh
Chris Clark
Riley Davis
Matthiase Farley
44.33Charlotte Christian      
2.-Jeremy Herba
Johnny Sprinkle
Eric Schmidt
Alex Lewis
45.78Metrolina Christian ...      
3.-Luke Dexter
Samuel Dexter
Alex Johnson
Luke Robinson
47.53Charlotte Christian      
4.-Blake Porter
Alex Lim
Ben Carstarphen
Alexander Zacharias
48.53Gaston Day      
5.-Justin Fisher
Kurt Weisheit
Bryan Funderburg
Sam Fortson
48.85Covenant Day      
6.-James Burrows
Holden Cantrell
KJ Fon-Ndikum
Charles Hiller
51.81Covenant Day      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Chris Clark
Riley Davis
Simms McElfresh
Sidney Ward
1:31.23Charlotte Christian      
2.-Jeremy Herba
Nathan Richardson
Johnny Sprinkle
Alex Lewis
1:39.13Metrolina Christian ...      
3.-James Burrows
Charles Hiller
KJ Fon-Ndikum
Chris Horacek
1:44.87Covenant Day      
4.-Zachary Felts
Bradford Weir
Thomas Tyson
Michael Kaczmarczyk
5.-Holden Cantrell
Kevin Liu
Taylor Coogan
Kurt Weisheit
1:47.91Covenant Day      
-Stuart Hansen
Jake Rowe
Conrad Sloand
Jay Simpson
1:49.63Gaston Day      
6.-Victor Sanchez
Brandon Romeo
Jack Harris
Will Reiber
2:08.17Gaston Day      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-John Good
Sidney Ward
Garrett Huneycutt
Chris Clark
3:40.86Charlotte Christian      
2.-Lee Bobo
Collin Kepley
Chris Hack
Erik Venderbush
3:41.81Lake Norman Charter      
3.-Blake Porter
Ben Rowley
Alexander Zacharias
Ben Carstarphen
3:43.79Gaston Day      
4.-Grayson Cole
Bryan Funderburg
Stephen Dillon
Justin Fisher
3:50.23Covenant Day      
5.-Jeremy Herba
Johnny Sprinkle
Nathan Richardson
Will Melton
3:50.75Metrolina Christian ...      
6.-Sawyer Bowman
David Hager
Bradford Weir
Zachary Felts
7.-Alex Rennie
Cameron Cook
Tim Gruber
Andrew Powell
8.-John Allen
John Holland
Alex Nolan
Wesley Brandenberg
4:05.94Metrolina Christian ...      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jordan Phillips
Bryant Hooker
Chris Hack
Lee Bobo
9:00.78Lake Norman Charter      
2.-Andrew Powell
Alex Rennie
Cameron Cook
Hines Liles
3.-Charlie Manolakis
Luke Putnam
Holden Hammontree
Ben Carstarphen
9:21.53Gaston Day      
4.-John Good
Alex Kellog
Kyle Lubinsky
James Finch
9:27.79Charlotte Christian      
-Caleb Breeden
John Holland
Nathan Richardson
Will Melton
9:28.63Metrolina Christian ...      
5.-Josh Biggerstaff
Jonathan Dabbs
John Gaebe
Lucas Godley
9:45.25Covenant Day      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kyler Brown41-08.00Charlotte Christian      
2.12John Ahlert40-04.50Charlotte Christian      
3.11Alex Payne40-04.00Charlotte Christian      
4.11Kevin Ross38-05.00Cannon      
5.12Wesley Scott35-10.00Cannon      
6.9Connor Burnam34-06.00Charlotte Christian      
7.12Bryce Stout33-08.00Covenant Day      
8.11Robert James33-07.00Concord First Assembly      
9.11Wil Safrit32-02.00Cannon      
10.10Michael Pope29-10.00Cannon      
11.12Buddy Forrest28-08.00Cannon      
12.11Chris Pope28-06.50Cannon      
13.10Richard Pickett28-01.50Gaston Day      
14.11Jake Andrews27-02.00Cannon      
15.11Amir Feinberg26-02.00Gaston Day      
16.8Spencer Pendleton25-04.50Gaston Day      
17.10Jordan Randall24-09.00Metrolina Christian ...      
18.10Kyle Shackleford24-06.00Metrolina Christian ...      
19.9Foard Cleveland22-11.00Gaston Day      
11Austin KueffnerNDCannon      
10Daniel RhodesNDCannon      
12Nick MarkNDConcord First Assembly      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kyler Brown114-00Charlotte Christian      
2.12Bryce Stout93-05Covenant Day      
3.10Spencer Jones89-03Gaston Day      
4.12John Ahlert85-01Charlotte Christian      
5.9Matt Newman84-00Concord First Assembly      
6.12Buddy Forrest78-09Cannon      
7.11Robert James77-03Concord First Assembly      
8.8Jackson Hartley73-02Gaston Day      
9.11Alex Payne71-11Charlotte Christian      
10.10Richard Pickett64-01Gaston Day      
11.7Billy Edwards62-06Metrolina Christian ...      
12.9Austin Lingerfeldt60-02Gaston Day      
13.11Jake Andrews58-05Cannon      
14.8James Noble58-04Metrolina Christian ...      
12Nick MarkNDConcord First Assembly      
9Connor BurnamNDCharlotte Christian      
10Michael PopeNDCannon      
11Wil SafritNDCannon      
10Daniel RhodesNDCannon      
12Wesley ScottNDCannon      
11Austin KueffnerNDCannon      
11Kevin RossNDCannon      
10Kyle ShacklefordNDMetrolina Christian ...      
10Jordan RandallNDMetrolina Christian ...      
11Chris PopeNDCannon      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Matthiase Farley5-02.00Charlotte Christian      
2.10Andrew Manley4-10.00Cannon      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Stewart Hansen16-05.25Gaston Day      
2.12Ben Rowley16-03.50Gaston Day      
3.11Des Lawrence16-00.50Charlotte Christian      
4.11Mark Igbinadolor15-11.50Charlotte Christian      
5.12Gabe Vargas15-02.00Concord First Assembly      
6.11Kevin Liu14-07.00Covenant Day      
7.9Shontrell Hopper14-02.00Gaston Day      
8.11Charles Sterner12-11.00Cannon      
9.8Jack Harris10-11.50Gaston Day      
9Connor BurnamNDCharlotte Christian      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Mark Igbinadolor37-02.75Charlotte Christian      
2.12Garrett Huneycutt36-02.00Charlotte Christian      
9Connor BurnamNDCharlotte Christian      
9Mark SalehNDCharlotte Christian      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Morgan Kirk12.87Charlotte Christian      
2.12Shelia Calvert13.32Concord First Assembly      
3.10Hannah Holbrook13.40Covenant Day      
4.11Emily Salo13.80Covenant Day      
5.11Laura Hogan13.85Charlotte Christian      
6.9Catherine McCreary13.89Charlotte Christian      
7.11Grace Modlin13.93Gaston Day      
8.12Hannah Somerville13.97Cannon      
9.9Sydney Goldstein14.34Charlotte Christian      
10.9Emily Jarrett15.20Covenant Day      
11.11Brianna Wyatt15.60Cannon      
12.11Emily Wheeler15.67Cannon      
13.10Jaclyn Konefal15.85Cannon      
14.10Blair Matherly16.22Cannon      
15.11Emily Beckman17.13Cannon      
16.11Katie Shaw17.26Cannon      
17.11Vanessa Vaccaro17.97Cannon      
12Courtney MaraNTCovenant Day      
12Emma WoodhouseNTCovenant Day      
9Olivia SomervilleNTCannon      
10Leah BakerNTCannon      
11Marie HensonNTCovenant Day      
9Hannah ChurchNTCovenant Day      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Kaytlyn Gill27.19Charlotte Christian      
2.11Grace Modlin28.77Gaston Day      
3.11Emily Salo28.93Covenant Day      
4.12Alaina Altamura29.65Cannon      
5.11Emily Lancaster29.77Cannon      
6.9Catherine McCreary29.92Charlotte Christian      
7.11Lundyn Harris30.05Concord First Assembly      
8.12Jordan Hattaway31.17Covenant Day      
8.11Emily Wheeler31.17Cannon      
10.9Ashley Jackson31.92Covenant Day      
11.11Alyssa Dorfman32.45Cannon      
12.10Blair Matherly33.87Cannon      
13.10Olivia Knox34.54Cannon      
11Katie ShawNTCannon      
10Jaclyn KonefalNTCannon      
10Leah BakerNTCannon      
9Olivia SomervilleNTCannon      
10Caroline HarrelsonNTCovenant Day      
12Courtney MaraNTCovenant Day      
10Reilly BaxterNTCovenant Day      
10Henny RauNTCovenant Day      
9Raiya FeinbergNTGaston Day      
12Shelia CalvertNTConcord First Assembly      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Katelyn Decherd1:04.14Charlotte Christian      
2.12Jordan Hattaway1:09.26Covenant Day      
3.9Laura Ward1:11.17Lake Norman Charter      
4.12Bethany Johnson1:12.49Lake Norman Charter      
4.10Henny Rau1:12.49Covenant Day      
6.12Elizabeth Nymberg1:13.66Cannon      
7.9Danae Porter1:14.35Covenant Day      
8.11Alyssa Dorfman1:15.15Cannon      
9.10Amanda Johnson1:17.67Lake Norman Charter      
10.11Ida Jane Cole1:19.27Gaston Day      
10Rachael SnapperNTCovenant Day      
11Bethany RostNTLake Norman Charter      
10Reilly BaxterNTCovenant Day      
10Andreanna RuscioNTLake Norman Charter      
10Caroline HarrelsonNTCovenant Day      
10Olivia KnoxNTCannon      
9Kaytlyn GillNTCharlotte Christian      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Colleen Heberle2:42.77Lake Norman Charter      
2.9Sydney Bowman2:45.82Woodlawn      
3.12Eden Sipperly2:48.49Cannon      
4.11Bekah Harmon2:57.51Cannon      
5.9Danielle DeLawter3:00.79Lake Norman Charter      
6.-Sabrina Collias3:01.13Gaston Day      
7.9Kennedy Phillips3:03.79Lake Norman Charter      
8.11Ida Jane Cole3:15.41Gaston Day      
9.10Madison Perkins3:16.01Metrolina Christian ...      
10.9Katherine Puckett3:19.71Lake Norman Charter      
11.10Melissa O'Brien3:22.08Gaston Day      
12.11MacKenzie Warnock3:23.33Metrolina Christian ...      
13.10Amanda Johnson3:25.49Lake Norman Charter      
14.10Abbie Gration3:55.51Lake Norman Charter      
9Angelina IngrassiaNTMetrolina Christian ...      
10Rachael SnapperNTCovenant Day      
10Andreanna RuscioNTLake Norman Charter      
11Mira PuetzNTMetrolina Christian ...      
9Emily SeabornNTCharlotte Christian      
9Lauren PressleyNTMetrolina Christian ...      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Sydney Bowman5:57.47Woodlawn      
2.10Stephanie Zaino5:57.73Lake Norman Charter      
3.12Eden Sipperly6:19.30Cannon      
4.11Bekah Harmon6:26.17Cannon      
5.9Danielle DeLawter6:33.90Lake Norman Charter      
6.12Shelton Current6:37.95Gaston Day      
7.-Sabrina Collias6:47.09Gaston Day      
8.12Shelby Sipperly6:50.33Cannon      
9.9Kennedy Phillips6:56.37Lake Norman Charter      
10.9Katherine Puckett7:17.85Lake Norman Charter      
11.10Abbie Gration8:22.28Lake Norman Charter      
11Cassie CalvertNTCannon      
11Kaitlyn CrawfordNTGaston Day      
9Emily SeabornNTCharlotte Christian      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Sarah Hardin12:06.00Lake Norman Charter      
2.11Cassie Calvert13:36.56Cannon      
3.12Shelton Current13:55.73Gaston Day      
4.10Bridgett Siemon14:17.25Lake Norman Charter      
12Shelby SipperlyNTCannon      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Katelyn Decherd17.70Charlotte Christian      
2.11Jane Campbell17.90Cannon      
3.9Madison Kofoed18.18Charlotte Christian      
4.12Mari Pillmore20.06Charlotte Christian      
5.12Lindsay Booker20.72Gaston Day      
6.8Sarah Glenn21.28Metrolina Christian ...      
7.10Holland Haag22.37Gaston Day      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jane Campbell54.99Cannon      
2.12Mari Pillmore57.21Charlotte Christian      
3.10Holland Haag1:04.25Gaston Day      
4.12Lindsay Booker1:06.70Gaston Day      
12Emma WoodhouseNTCovenant Day      
11Mira PuetzNTMetrolina Christian ...      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Katelyn Gill
Laura Hogan
Morgan Kirk
Madison Kofoed
52.53Charlotte Christian      
2.-Marie Henson
Emily Salo
Courtney Mara
Emma Woodhouse
55.64Covenant Day      
3.-Hannah Somerville
Alaina Altamura
Olivia Somerville
Emily Wheeler
4.-Lindsay Booker
Haley Carter
Selina Lewis
Grace Modlin
58.71Gaston Day      
5.-Sarah Glenn
Alyssa Inge
Angelina Ingrassia
Shelby Stegall
1:00.76Metrolina Christian ...      
6.-Hannah Church
Hannah Knight
Annie Allison
Ashley Jackson
1:02.44Covenant Day      
7.-Brianna Wyatt
Vanessa Vaccaro
Katie Shaw
Emily Beckman
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Katelyn Decherd
Katelyn Gill
Madison Kofoed
Morgan Kirk
1:48.67Charlotte Christian      
2.-Jane Campbell
Hannah Somerville
Alaina Altamura
Emily Lancaster
3.-Alex Arnett
Caroline Harrelson
Hannah Church
Jordan Hattaway
2:02.66Covenant Day      
4.-Sarah Glenn
Alyssa Inge
Angelina Ingrassia
Shelby Stegall
2:11.97Metrolina Christian ...      
5.-Annie Allison
Emily Jarrett
Hannah Knight
Danae Porter
2:13.37Covenant Day      
6.-Brianna Wyatt
Emily Beckman
Blair Matherly
Elizabeth Nymberg
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Madison Kofoed
Catherine McCreary
Mari Pillmore
Laura Hogan
4:41.04Charlotte Christian      
2.-Eden Sipperly
Alyssa Dorfman
Emily Lancaster
Sarah Wiebusch
3.-Colleen Heberle
Laura Ward
Bethany Rost
Bethany Johnson
4:52.47Lake Norman Charter      
4.-Alex Arnett
Rachael Snapper
Danae Porter
Henny Rau
4:54.94Covenant Day      
5.-Sarah Glenn
Alyssa Inge
Angelina Ingrassia
Mira Puetz
5:05.83Metrolina Christian ...      
6.-Lindsay Booker
Selina Lewis
Sabrina Collias
Grace Modlin
5:07.58Gaston Day      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sarah Hardin
Colleen Heberle
Stephanie Zaino
Bridgette Siemon
11:12.64Lake Norman Charter      
2.-Relay Team 12:07.36Cannon      
3.-Melissa O'Brien
Selina Lewis
Shelton Current
Sabrina Collias
12:45.15Gaston Day      
4.-Madison Perkins
McKenzie Warnock
Mira Puetz
Lauren Pressley
13:15.80Metrolina Christian ...      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Sarah Drummond27-05.50Charlotte Christian      
2.11Lundyn Harris27-04.00Concord First Assembly      
3.12Haley Carter24-01.00Gaston Day      
4.12Kassie Adderly23-11.00Gaston Day      
5.9Sydney Goldstein23-01.00Charlotte Christian      
6.12Vicky Ghahhari22-10.00Cannon      
7.10Brittany Stout22-09.50Covenant Day      
8.12Sarah DeSutter22-03.50Cannon      
9.11Abigail Hartley21-08.00Gaston Day      
10.10Ayomi Omotoso21-05.00Concord First Assembly      
11.10Anna Wyman20-11.50Covenant Day      
12.9Bailey Fleeman20-05.00Gaston Day      
13.12Nicole Newman19-11.00Cannon      
11Emily RansonNDCannon      
10Holly SkinnerNDCovenant Day      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Sarah Drummond76-01Charlotte Christian      
2.11Lundyn Harris72-05Concord First Assembly      
3.10Brittany Stout69-07Covenant Day      
4.12Vicky Ghahhari65-02Cannon      
5.12Kassie Adderly62-07Gaston Day      
6.12Nicole Newman62-02Cannon      
7.12Sarah DeSutter61-07Cannon      
8.10Ayomi Omotoso58-03Concord First Assembly      
9.9Bailey Fleeman58-00Gaston Day      
10.9Sydney Goldstein53-06Charlotte Christian      
11.12Haley Carter51-06Gaston Day      
12.10Anna Wyman50-08Covenant Day      
13.10Holly Skinner47-10Covenant Day      
14.11Abigail Hartley44-02Gaston Day      
11Emily RansonNDCannon      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Carson Kowar4-10.00Charlotte Christian      
1.11Katelyn Decherd4-10.00Charlotte Christian      
3.12Sarah Wiebusch4-08.00Cannon      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Carson Kowar14-07.50Charlotte Christian      
2.12Morgan Kirk14-05.50Charlotte Christian      
3.12Sarah Wiebusch12-09.00Cannon      
4.-Selina Lewis11-05.50Gaston Day      
5.10Taylor Ray11-04.50Gaston Day      
6.9Kristin Caddick11-01.00Gaston Day      
7.11Hannah Behner10-01.00Gaston Day      
8.12Elizabeth Nymberg10-00.00Cannon      
9.9Raiya Feinberg9-10.50Gaston Day      
11Vanessa VaccaroNDCannon      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Carson Kowar31-03.00Charlotte Christian      
2.11Laura Hogan27-00.50Charlotte Christian      
3.12Kassie Adderly24-10.50Gaston Day      
4.10Taylor Ray23-07.50Gaston Day      
5.11Hannah Behner23-03.50Gaston Day      
9Raiya FeinbergNDGaston Day      
9Sydney GoldsteinNDCharlotte Christian      
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