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Chiloquin Invitational

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

OIT - Klamath Falls, Klamath Falls

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CA: Northern - Div 4
Big Valley
Butte Valley
Oregon - 3A
Oregon - 4A
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jake Ovgard11.15aTriad Christian
2.12Darryn Say11.44aHosanna Christian
3.9Gabe Ovgard11.88aTriad Christian
4.10Ben Mainini11.97aLakeview
5.11Bryce Davis12.01aLakeview
6.12Tyrel Martin12.04aBig Valley
7.11Zach Swingle12.22aLost River
8.10Garrett Esteb12.28aTriad Christian
9.12Brandon Britton12.51aButte Valley
10.11Taylor Stradley12.54aLost River
11.10Jesse Mulder12.61aLakeview
12.11Lane Roseberry12.62aLakeview
13.12Martin Sanchez12.73aChiloquin
14.9Mike McGregor12.82aGilchrist
15.9Levi Pipkin13.16aBonanza
16.11Stuart Chand13.17aHenley
17.12Nan Perez13.18aButte Valley
18.11Erick Vera13.21aLost River
19.10Danny Zambrano13.25aBonanza
20.10E. Trevor Johnson13.40aButte Valley
21.10Robert Britton13.56aButte Valley
22.9Jake Roach14.01aHosanna Christian
23.10Bodie Ward15.58aHenley
12Ricardo CobianSCRLost River
11Tyler ArmstrongSCRBig Valley
12Brandon HoaglenSCRChiloquin
9Marco EscarenoSCRBig Valley
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jake Ovgard22.1hTriad Christian
2.12Darryn Say23.2hHosanna Christian
3.9Gabe Ovgard23.3hTriad Christian
4.10Ben Mainini24.0hLakeview
5.12Marcos Hernandez24.3hLost River
6.12Tyrel Martin24.4hBig Valley
7.11Zach Swingle24.9hLost River
8.12Steven Berengue25.1hButte Valley
9.11Robin Schwonnek25.4hHosanna Christian
9.10Danny Zambrano25.4hBonanza
11.11Taylor Stradley25.6hLost River
12.11Blake Cavanaugh25.8hLakeview
13.12Brandon Britton26.0hButte Valley
14.11Gustavo Lopez26.0hButte Valley
15.10Garrett Esteb26.6hTriad Christian
16.9Jake Roach28.2hHosanna Christian
17.10Robert Britton28.3hButte Valley
18.10Bodie Ward31.9hHenley
9Gunnard LindseySCRHenley
10Tyler DriskillSCRBig Valley
10Justin DavisSCRBig Valley
10Tannor StradleySCRLost River
12Bryce BalinSCRTriad Christian
12Brandon HoaglenSCRChiloquin
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Darryn Say54.29aHosanna Christian
2.11Robin Schwonnek56.46aHosanna Christian
3.12Bryce Balin56.77aTriad Christian
4.12Steven Berengue57.81aButte Valley
5.10Dillon Link58.43aGilchrist
6.11Ned Corning58.89aLakeview
7.9Traegen Stradley59.11aLost River
8.10Tannor Stradley1:00.16aLost River
9.10Justin Davis1:01.13aBig Valley
10.10Ryan Donohue1:02.93aChiloquin
11.10John Levesque1:03.48aButte Valley
12.11Nathan Stansberry1:03.71aBig Valley
13.10Johnathon Navarette1:05.37aLost River
14.11Levi Justman1:07.62aHosanna Christian
11Clayton RhodesSCRBig Valley
11Tyler ArmstrongSCRBig Valley
12Brandon HoaglenSCRChiloquin
11Ethan HawkinsSCRBonanza
9Omar RamosSCRLost River
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Mikey Janecke2:15.78aHosanna Christian
2.9Omar Ramos2:25.85aLost River
3.10Jose Lepe2:43.63aLost River
4.9Henry Jesse3:05.77aHosanna Christian
11Clayton RhodesSCRBig Valley
12Israel CastroSCRBonanza
10Marcos LeonSCRLost River
9Traegen StradleySCRLost River
10Aaron HargisSCRLakeview
12Ty CaseSCRChiloquin
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Mikey Janecke4:50.72aHosanna Christian
2.12Jared Aguiar4:51.60aTriad Christian
3.10Marcos Leon4:53.36aLost River
4.12Nate Ball5:06.84aButte Valley
5.10Aaron Hargis5:07.52aLakeview
6.10Sid Tolbert5:12.33aHenley
7.12Israel Castro5:15.56aBonanza
8.10Jose Lepe5:18.62aLost River
9.9Mitch Assavapisitkul5:33.23aHosanna Christian
10.10Ryan Donohue5:36.89aChiloquin
11.11Peter Blacketer5:37.84aGilchrist
12.9Eric Summers5:42.71aLost River
13.11John Goldsmith5:48.00aHenley
14.10John Levesque5:57.46aButte Valley
15.9Henry Jesse6:06.30aHosanna Christian
16.9William Haught6:06.84aHenley
17.9Austin Reposa6:32.43aHenley
10Zach MattsonSCRLost River
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
12Jared AguiarSCRTriad Christian
12Nate BallSCRButte Valley
9Traegen StradleySCRLost River
9Mitch AssavapisitkulSCRHosanna Christian
9Eric SummersSCRLost River
10Michael WhiteSCRLakeview
11John GoldsmithSCRHenley
10Jacob KandraSCRLost River
12Jack WordenSCRBig Valley
12Cody BroussardSCRLost River
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jarrod Huggins17.13aBonanza
2.11Tony DiCicco18.88aButte Valley
3.10Cristian Madrigal19.33aBonanza
4.10Tyler Driskill21.21aBig Valley
5.11Jeff Stansberry21.98aBig Valley
6.10Nathan Cushman22.22aButte Valley
10Ryan DonohueSCRChiloquin
12Cody BroussardSCRLost River
12Owen LowrieSCRLost River
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
10Jarrod HugginsSCRBonanza
10Marcos LeonSCRLost River
12Eric MullerSCRHenley
9Omar RamosSCRLost River
11Tony DiCiccoSCRButte Valley
11Jeff StansberrySCRBig Valley
10Tyler DriskillSCRBig Valley
10Nathan CushmanSCRButte Valley
11Tyler ArmstrongSCRBig Valley
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jake Ovgard
Bryce Balin
Garrett Esteb
Gabe Ovgard
45.32aTriad Christian
2.-Jon Gruber
Ben Mainini
Bryce Davis
Lane Roseberry
3.-Jake Cerri
Taylor Stradley
Ricardo Cobian
Marcos Hernandez
47.15aLost River
4.-Ty Case
Bebo Clark
Martin Sanchez
Brandon Hoaglen
5.-Brandon Britton
Gustavo Lopez
Nan Perez
Steven Berengue
48.41aButte Valley
6.-Israel Castro
Cristian Madrigal
Jarrod Huggins
Levi Pipkin
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
-Jarrod Huggins
Cristian Madrigal
Israel Castro
Matthew Cunningham
-Brandon Britton
Steven Berengue
Gustavo Lopez
Nan Perez
SCRButte Valley
-Levi Justman
Robin Schwonnek
Jake Roach
Kyler Kensler
SCRHosanna Christian
-Jake Cerri
Marcos Hernandez
Marcos Leon
Tannor Stradley
SCRLost River
-Gabe Ovgard
Trent Balin
Bryce Balin
Jake Ovgard
SCRTriad Christian
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lane Roseberry40-11.00Lakeview
2.12Owen Lowrie38-09.00Lost River
3.11Gustavo Lopez37-09.25Butte Valley
4.9Marco Escareno37-06.00Big Valley
5.10Zane Anderson35-11.25Gilchrist
6.12Cody Broussard35-02.50Lost River
7.10Shon Moses35-00.50Triad Christian
8.12Seth Ballaine34-09.75Lakeview
9.12Shawn Keen34-09.00Bonanza
10.12Adan Espinoza34-08.00Lost River
11.9Phillip Morgan33-08.00Henley
12.11Erick Vera33-04.00Lost River
13.11Mike Skidmore33-03.50Henley
14.9Tucker Boone33-02.00Gilchrist
15.9Chris Dutton32-07.00Hosanna Christian
16.10Garrett Martin32-00.25Hosanna Christian
17.12Nathan Nilsson31-11.50Triad Christian
18.12David Johnson31-09.50Lost River
19.10E. Trevor Johnson31-06.50Butte Valley
20.11Kevin Collins30-10.50Chiloquin
21.10Bear Carr30-03.50Chiloquin
22.9Caleb McInnis28-04.00Henley
23.11Nathan Stansberry27-11.50Big Valley
24.11Garrett Harlan27-05.00Lakeview
25.11Ethan Hawkins26-07.00Bonanza
26.11Isaac Rodriguez26-06.25Chiloquin
27.11Mike Thompson26-00.00Gilchrist
28.11Jonathan Esget25-09.00Bonanza
29.9Jake Ferrell25-04.00Gilchrist
30.9Ray Rohrbacher24-03.00Henley
9John BurtSCRBonanza
12Allen EsquedaSCRChiloquin
10Kyle StaudenmayerSCRLost River
9Blake TrumbullSCRTriad Christian
10Sam UgaldeSCRLakeview
11Freddie RodriguezSCRBig Valley
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Bebo Clark114-05Chiloquin
2.12Owen Lowrie109-06Lost River
3.12Adan Espinoza105-01Lost River
4.12Martin Sanchez103-03Chiloquin
5.12Shawn Keen101-06Bonanza
6.9Phillip Morgan90-10Henley
7.10Shon Moses87-01Triad Christian
8.12Seth Ballaine86-05Lakeview
9.10Dillon Link85-02Gilchrist
10.11Kevin Collins79-05Chiloquin
11.9Marco Escareno75-10Big Valley
12.9Blake Trumbull74-10Triad Christian
13.11Garrett Harlan74-03Lakeview
13.9Tucker Boone74-03Gilchrist
15.10Zach Mattson72-06Lost River
16.11Nathan Stansberry71-03Big Valley
17.10Daniel Beavers70-04Henley
18.12Nathan Nilsson69-05Triad Christian
19.11Blake Cavanaugh65-00Lakeview
20.11Mike Skidmore62-07Henley
21.11Jonathan Esget61-05Bonanza
22.9Diego Aguirre60-07Lost River
23.9Jake Ferrell57-02Gilchrist
24.11Isaac Rodriguez56-06Chiloquin
25.9Brendan Rojas49-03Henley
26.10E. Trevor Johnson49-01Butte Valley
12Allen EsquedaSCRChiloquin
11Erick VeraSCRLost River
10Bear CarrSCRChiloquin
10Zane AndersonSCRGilchrist
12Nan PerezSCRButte Valley
11Freddie RodriguezSCRBig Valley
10Sam UgaldeSCRLakeview
10Kyle StaudenmayerSCRLost River
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Bebo Clark142-04Chiloquin
2.12Jon Gruber134-08Lakeview
3.11Lane Roseberry131-00Lakeview
4.12Cody Broussard125-00Lost River
5.12Ty Case124-11Chiloquin
6.12Owen Lowrie115-09Lost River
7.10Dillon Link114-03Gilchrist
8.11Cody Cox111-01Lost River
9.11Levi Justman108-03Hosanna Christian
10.12Nathan Nilsson99-02Triad Christian
11.11Robin Schwonnek95-05Hosanna Christian
12.12Shawn Keen90-09Bonanza
13.10Zach Mattson90-08Lost River
14.9Mike McGregor90-00Gilchrist
15.10Garrett Martin85-11Hosanna Christian
16.12Duane Stine82-10Gilchrist
17.9Chris Dutton79-08Hosanna Christian
18.10Brandon Stratford79-08Henley
19.11Jonathan Esget69-02Bonanza
20.10Zane Anderson63-11Gilchrist
21.10Peter Johnson62-03Henley
22.9Diego Aguirre51-01Lost River
10Shon MosesSCRTriad Christian
11Ty StangeSCRHenley
10Sam UgaldeSCRLakeview
9John BurtSCRBonanza
12Nestor VenturaSCRLost River
11Ryan VerlingSCRHenley
10Matthew CunninghamSCRBonanza
9Blake TrumbullFOULTriad Christian
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Zach Swingle5-07.00Lost River
2.10Cristian Madrigal5-06.00Bonanza
3.11Justin Johnson5-04.00Henley
4.10Justin Davis5-00.00Big Valley
4.11Clayton Rhodes5-00.00Big Valley
11Jeff StansberryNHBig Valley
9Levi PipkinNHBonanza
12Kord HurstSCRHenley
11Ethan HawkinsNHBonanza
9Kolby MuellerNHHenley
11Cody CoxNHLost River
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
12Bebo ClarkSCRChiloquin
11Cody CoxSCRLost River
11Bryce DavisSCRLakeview
11Mike McIntyreSCRHenley
12Tyrel MartinSCRBig Valley
10Sam JohnsonSCRHenley
12Eric MullerSCRHenley
11Justin JohnsonSCRHenley
9Frank AlonzoSCRLost River
9Ricardo RayasSCRLost River
9Trent BalinSCRTriad Christian
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Zach Swingle18-09.50Lost River
2.11Jake Cerri18-06.00Lost River
3.9Gabe Ovgard18-01.00Triad Christian
4.11Mitchell Deiter18-00.00Lakeview
5.12Ty Case17-11.00Chiloquin
6.10Garrett Esteb16-11.50Triad Christian
7.9Jake Roach16-00.00Hosanna Christian
8.10John Levesque15-05.00Butte Valley
9.10Dillon Link15-03.50Gilchrist
10.9Kolby Mueller14-09.50Henley
11Ethan HawkinsSCRBonanza
9Gunnard LindseySCRHenley
9Kyler KenslerSCRHosanna Christian
9Mitch AssavapisitkulSCRHosanna Christian
9Garrett WilkersonSCRBonanza
10Justin DavisSCRBig Valley
12Tyrel MartinSCRBig Valley
12Jon GruberSCRLakeview
12Darryn SaySCRHosanna Christian
12Ricardo CobianSCRLost River
9Ricardo RayasSCRLost River
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Mitchell Deiter38-01.00Lakeview
2.12Bebo Clark37-00.00Chiloquin
3.11Jake Cerri36-08.50Lost River
4.10Cristian Madrigal36-06.50Bonanza
5.9Ricardo Rayas33-01.00Lost River
6.10John Levesque32-07.00Butte Valley
7.9Kolby Mueller32-02.00Henley
8.11Ned Corning32-01.00Lakeview
9.9Gunnard Lindsey29-09.00Henley
11Clayton RhodesSCRBig Valley
9Frank AlonzoSCRLost River
12Jon GruberSCRLakeview

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Moriah Trumbull13.71aTriad Christian
2.12Linsey Jones13.90aBonanza
3.10Faryn Case14.06aChiloquin
4.11Veronica Georgia14.21aHenley
5.10Nicholl Jessie14.33aLakeview
6.9Irene Alonzo14.50aLost River
7.12Nicole Levesque14.52aButte Valley
8.10Katie Muller14.68aHenley
9.11Marisol Villagrana14.95aLakeview
10.9Kelsey Mueller15.03aHenley
11.10Rosio Barba16.03aBig Valley
12.11Becca Garrett16.14aLakeview
13.11Jessica Sandberg16.30aBig Valley
14.9Kelsie Cunningham16.71aBonanza
12Alma GarciaSCRBig Valley
11Jessica PipkinSCRBonanza
10Marleni FloresSCRLost River
12Cassie DexterSCRLost River
12Stephanie AguirreSCRLost River
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Sophia Landau27.7hLakeview
2.11Moriah Trumbull27.8hTriad Christian
3.10Darci Frederick29.1hLakeview
4.10Katie Muller29.3hHenley
5.10Faryn Case29.3hChiloquin
6.10Kristal Alonzo29.5hLost River
7.10Nicholl Jessie29.9hLakeview
8.12Nicole Levesque30.1hButte Valley
9.9Irene Alonzo30.1hLost River
10.12Dilara Aybar30.9hButte Valley
11.10Roberta Britt32.4hHenley
12.10Jarely Valadez34.5hLost River
12Stephanie AguirreSCRLost River
10Leticia SerratoSCRLost River
12Tawna StancliffSCRLakeview
10Kirsten StansberrySCRBig Valley
10Delaney HelmsSCRButte Valley
9Lacey SandersSCRHenley
9Tierra NewtonSCRGilchrist
12Brittani KingSCRBig Valley
9Kelsie CunninghamSCRBonanza
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
9Sophia Landau1:03.76aLakeview
1.12Larissa Stillinger1:06.50aLost River
2.10Amy Olden1:06.58aHenley
3.9Megan Parks1:08.45aLost River
4.10Megan Fairchild1:08.57aBig Valley
5.9Kayli Hankins1:09.07aTriad Christian
6.11Taylor Bean1:11.17aGilchrist
7.11Sierra Myers1:13.33aHenley
8.10Jarely Valadez1:13.68aLost River
9.12Dilara Aybar1:14.13aButte Valley
10.11Sara Carlson1:14.38aGilchrist
11.12Tawna Stancliff1:15.06aLakeview
12.9Sarah Wolf1:15.91aHenley
13.10Yareli Murillo1:18.16aLost River
14.9Taylor King1:20.85aBig Valley
10Kirsten StansberrySCRBig Valley
12Yoli CastellanosSCRBig Valley
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mary Matchett2:34.89aHosanna Christian
2.11Elle Morgan2:34.97aHenley
3.9Sarah Estabrook2:44.18aTriad Christian
4.10Pamela Moro2:44.46aHosanna Christian
5.10Racyne Parker2:44.73aHenley
6.9Lucy Chavarin2:52.71aLost River
7.9Megan Parks2:52.73aLost River
8.10Rosio Barba2:57.23aBig Valley
9.11Sara Carlson2:58.66aGilchrist
10.9Suzanne Savard3:01.86aTriad Christian
11.9Lottie Heater3:02.97aHenley
12.9Niqui Prara3:06.96aProspect
13.10Aubriana Miranda3:07.58aLost River
14.11Jessica VanWormer3:12.70aProspect
10Hannah ThompsonSCRChiloquin
12Yoli CastellanosSCRBig Valley
12Shelbe HunsakerSCRBig Valley
9Danell HoppezakSCRHenley
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Sarah Estabrook5:23.78aTriad Christian
2.12Mary Matchett5:26.56aHosanna Christian
3.10Lindsey Barrows5:46.29aLost River
4.11Taylor Bean5:48.92aGilchrist
5.9Lucy Chavarin5:57.14aLost River
6.10Pamela Moro6:05.88aHosanna Christian
7.10Aubriana Miranda6:19.04aLost River
8.11Briana Saenger6:22.81aHenley
9.11Hannah Fairfield6:24.72aHenley
10.9Kaylie Severson6:49.39aHenley
12Alma GarciaSCRBig Valley
9Brittany WhiteSCRHenley
11Kirsten HankinsSCRTriad Christian
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
10Jackie BeckerSCRHenley
10Lindsey BarrowsSCRLost River
11Kirsten HankinsSCRTriad Christian
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Willow Charlton16.64aHenley
2.9Kelsey Skinner17.43aHenley
3.10Elana Hampton17.68aHosanna Christian
4.10Emma Thompson18.74aHosanna Christian
5.10Sam Gallagher19.91aLakeview
6.9Abby Edmonds20.70aHenley
7.9Sydney Longbotham22.50aGilchrist
8.9Shelby Stiller23.76aTriad Christian
9.11Becca Garrett24.65aLakeview
12Nicole LevesqueSCRButte Valley
11Jessica SandbergSCRBig Valley
10Katie IngramSCRLost River
10Megan FairchildSCRBig Valley
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
12Larissa StillingerSCRLost River
9Willow CharltonSCRHenley
10Elana HamptonSCRHosanna Christian
10Emma ThompsonSCRHosanna Christian
10Megan FairchildSCRBig Valley
12Shelbe HunsakerSCRBig Valley
10Katie IngramSCRLost River
9Niqui PraraSCRProspect
12Michelle AngelSCRBonanza
10Sam GallagherSCRLakeview
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Karyssa Gomez
Linsey Jones
Jessica Pipkin
Kyra Martinez
2.-Elana Hampton
Pamela Moro
Emma Thompson
Mary Matchett
55.49aHosanna Christian
3.-Sophia Landau
Nicholl Jessie
Kali Botner
Darci Frederick
4.-Sydney Longbotham
Taylor Bean
Ashley James
Tierra Newton
5.-Brittani King
Shelbe Hunsaker
Yoli Castellanos
Jessica Sandberg
58.57aBig Valley
6.-Stephanie Aguirre
Cassie Dexter
Kristal Alonzo
Irene Alonzo
58.79aLost River
7.-Lissette Gonzales
Katie Muller
Amy Olden
Veronica Turner
8.-Dilara Aybar
Delaney Helms
Ryke Anspirler
Nicole Levesque
59.50aButte Valley
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
-Kyra Martinez
Anne Thompson
Katharina Bauer
Kelsie Cunningham
-Amy Olden
Veronica Turner
Willow Charlton
Kelsey Skinner
-Mary Matchett
Emma Thompson
Pamela Moro
Elana Hampton
SCRHosanna Christian
-Stephanie Aguirre
Larissa Stillinger
Kristal Alonzo
Lindsey Barrows
SCRLost River
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brenna Gravitt30-06.50Gilchrist
2.10Jennie Lowrie30-02.00Lost River
3.9Chantel Downing27-09.00Henley
4.9Kaylee Biando27-01.00Prospect
5.9Randee Hand27-00.00Henley
6.10Kyra Martinez25-07.00Bonanza
7.10Bailey Hammerich24-07.50Bonanza
8.11Jessica Pipkin22-10.75Bonanza
9.10Lydia Hill22-10.50Butte Valley
10.12Dariann Long22-05.00Triad Christian
11.10Hannah Thompson21-11.00Chiloquin
12.11Sylvia Leal21-04.50Lakeview
12.9Taylor Thomas21-04.50Henley
14.12Treetop Shanti21-01.50Chiloquin
15.11Rhye Straub20-11.00Gilchrist
15.10Kirsten Berengue20-11.00Butte Valley
17.10Annie Thompson19-08.75Bonanza
18.9Shelby Stiller19-04.00Triad Christian
19.12Melanie Albers18-10.00Butte Valley
20.11Kelsie Quick17-05.00Lost River
21.12Marissa Timm17-03.00Henley
22.10Sydney Quick17-01.00Lost River
9Shannon CollinsSCRChiloquin
10Kirsten StansberrySCRBig Valley
9Cheyanne HildbrandSCRBig Valley
9Taylor KingSCRBig Valley
11Maria CobianSCRLost River
11Leanna McGregorSCRGilchrist
11Caree MickelsenSCRProspect
10Paige KookerSCRGilchrist
12Tiffany WellsSCRChiloquin
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alana Leet99-03Lakeview
2.10Ashley James88-00Gilchrist
3.12Kaitlyn McAllister87-07Henley
4.12Karyssa Gomez86-02Bonanza
5.10Jennie Lowrie83-04Lost River
6.9Chrstine Brown76-04Henley
7.10Bailey Hammerich71-07Bonanza
8.10Kirsten Berengue66-02Butte Valley
9.11Sylvia Leal65-04Lakeview
10.12Dariann Long65-01Triad Christian
11.10Lydia Hill60-07Butte Valley
12.10Alleya Harris59-11Gilchrist
13.11Jacquie Bakie58-10Henley
14.9Shelby Stiller58-09Triad Christian
15.10Hannah Thompson57-00Chiloquin
16.12Alisha Wyatt54-07Henley
17.11Katharina Bauer54-04Bonanza
18.12Melanie Albers52-03Butte Valley
19.11Jessica VanWormer52-01Prospect
20.9Kaylee Biando50-00Prospect
21.10Sydney Quick44-06Lost River
22.11Kelsie Quick42-11Lost River
23.9Taylor King42-04Big Valley
11Caree MickelsenSCRProspect
10Paige KookerSCRGilchrist
9Shannon CollinsSCRChiloquin
12Treetop ShantiSCRChiloquin
12Alison KronenbergerSCRChiloquin
11Leanna McGregorSCRGilchrist
11Brenna GravittSCRGilchrist
12Tiffany WellsSCRChiloquin
11Maria CobianSCRLost River
9Cheyanne HildbrandSCRBig Valley
10Kirsten StansberrySCRBig Valley
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Karyssa Gomez113-11Bonanza
2.10Ashley James83-01Gilchrist
3.10Racyne Parker82-11Henley
4.12Shahnie Clark82-02Chiloquin
5.12Amanda Brewster80-04Triad Christian
6.12Alana Leet80-01Lakeview
7.11Jessica Pipkin76-08Bonanza
8.9Kaylee Biando76-07Prospect
9.12Caela Brewer73-03Lost River
10.12Falon Case72-10Chiloquin
11.10Caitlin Kepple72-09Henley
12.11Devan King66-04Henley
13.10Bailey Hammerich65-08Bonanza
14.12Michelle Angel63-07Bonanza
15.12Dariann Long58-07Triad Christian
16.10Mikaela Wilkerson45-01Henley
17.11Kelsie Quick42-09Lost River
18.11Sylvia Leal42-01Lakeview
19.10Sydney Quick42-00Lost River
12Hoalanh PeacockSCRChiloquin
10Faryn CaseSCRChiloquin
9Shelby StillerSCRTriad Christian
11Rhye StraubSCRGilchrist
11Jessica VanWormerSCRProspect
10Paige KookerSCRGilchrist
10Jennie LowrieSCRLost River
11Caree MickelsenSCRProspect
11Leanna McGregorSCRGilchrist
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
4.12Larissa Stillinger5.00Lost River
1.10Amy Olden4-08.00Henley
2.10Katie Ingram4-04.00Lost River
3.12Brittani King4-02.00Big Valley
5.9Abby Edmonds4.00Henley
9Lissette GonzalezNHHenley
10Annie ThompsonNHBonanza
9Sydney SchoolerNHHenley
10Alleya HarrisNHGilchrist
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
10Katie IngramSCRLost River
9Sophia LandauSCRLakeview
10Darci FrederickSCRLakeview
12Hoalanh PeacockSCRChiloquin
12Shahnie ClarkSCRChiloquin
11Moriah TrumbullSCRTriad Christian
12Alana LeetSCRLakeview
10Alleya HarrisSCRGilchrist
9Camille LoustaletSCRHenley
9Suzanne SavardSCRTriad Christian
9Taylor KingSCRBig Valley
12Alison KronenbergerSCRChiloquin
9Sydney SchoolerSCRHenley
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brenna Gravitt15-03.25Gilchrist
1.12Linsey Jones15-03.25Bonanza
3.9Willow Charlton13-02.50Henley
4.10Kyra Martinez13-00.75Bonanza
5.12Shelbe Hunsaker12-06.25Big Valley
5.9Camille Loustalet12-06.25Henley
7.12Yoli Castellanos12-05.00Big Valley
8.12Ryke Anspieler12-03.75Butte Valley
9.9Lacey Sanders11-10.75Henley
10.9Tierra Newton11-08.25Gilchrist
11.10Alleya Harris11-07.25Gilchrist
12.10Kali Botner11-06.50Lakeview
13.12Dilara Aybar11-06.25Butte Valley
14.10Lydia Hill11-05.25Butte Valley
15.11Katharina Bauer11-01.50Bonanza
16.12Melanie Albers11-00.75Butte Valley
17.11Jessica Sandberg11-00.50Big Valley
12Cassie DexterSCRLost River
10Kristal AlonzoSCRLost River
9Lissette GonzalezSCRHenley
10Marleni FloresSCRLost River
9Irene AlonzoSCRLost River
12Karyssa GomezSCRBonanza
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Linsey Jones29-03.00Bonanza
2.10Caitlin Kepple29-02.75Henley
3.12Michelle Angel28-10.50Bonanza
4.9Camille Loustalet27-10.00Henley
5.12Shelbe Hunsaker27-09.00Big Valley
6.12Brittani King24-07.00Big Valley
10Aubriana MirandaSCRLost River
11Sara CarlsonSCRGilchrist
12Cassie DexterSCRLost River
10Kali BotnerSCRLakeview
11Jessica SandbergSCRBig Valley
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