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GCMSAA Championships 2011

Friday, April 15, 2011

Providence Day School, Charlotte

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Middle School - Finals
1.8Chaston Raye12.1Providence Day
2.-Trey Powell12.4Charlotte Latin
3.8Luke Henegar12.5Providence Day
4.-Jacob Wishnek12.6Charlotte Country Day
5.9Josh Broadway12.7Charlotte Christian
6.9Alex Watkins12.9Charlotte Christian
7.9Matthew Swimmer13.0Charlotte Latin
8.8Mitchell Carlson13.1Cannon
9.-Dillon Lloyd13.4Holy Trinity
10.-Rob Burton13.4Charlotte Country Day
11.-Jack Ruff13.5Holy Trinity
12.-Douglas Rodriguez13.8Holy Trinity
12.-Connor O'Brien13.8Holy Trinity
14.-Wes Selby13.8Charlotte Christian
15.-Josh Fry14.2Holy Trinity
15.7Mobo Johnson14.2Providence Day
17.8Troy Terveer14.6Cannon
18.7Andre Dahan14.9Cannon
19.-Matthew Curry15.1Holy Trinity
20.-Andrew Otte15.2Holy Trinity
21.8Jack Brennan15.5Holy Trinity
22.-Nicholas Reyes15.6Holy Trinity
23.7Austin Duke15.6Holy Trinity
24.-Alex LaPiana15.8Holy Trinity
25.7Jared Irvan16.1Providence Day
26.7Ian Goodson16.3Providence Day
X 200 Meters - Middle School - Finals
1.8Luke Henegar25.6Providence Day
2.8Chaston Raye25.8Providence Day
3.-Trey Powell26.0Charlotte Latin
4.-Walker Cisne26.4Charlotte Latin
5.7Isaac Johnson26.5Providence Day
6.9Alex Watkins26.6Charlotte Christian
7.7Jeremiah White27.9Charlotte Christian
8.-Rob Burton28.0Charlotte Country Day
9.-Dillon Lloyd28.2Holy Trinity
10.8Graham Suddeth29.0Holy Trinity
11.-Bobby McBride29.3Holy Trinity
12.8Troy Terveer29.4Cannon
13.-Douglas Rodriguez29.5Holy Trinity
14.-Walker Hood29.5Holy Trinity
15.8Deontae Henderson29.6Providence Day
16.7Mobo Johnson30.2Providence Day
17.7Andre Dahan31.7Cannon
18.7Austin Duke33.0Holy Trinity
19.7Jared Irvan34.6Providence Day
X 400 Meters - Middle School - Finals
1.8Luke Henegar56.4Providence Day
2.-Walker Cisne57.4Charlotte Latin
3.-Michael White59.4Charlotte Country Day
4.-Chandler Kellog1:01.9Charlotte Christian
5.8Graham Suddeth1:03.5Holy Trinity
6.8Stephen Nymberg1:04.2Cannon
7.8Robert Sevin1:04.2Cannon
8.-Bobby McBride1:10.1Holy Trinity
9.-Matthew Curry1:10.2Holy Trinity
10.7Austin Duke1:16.9Holy Trinity
X 800 Meters - Middle School - Finals
1.-James Miller2:17.2Charlotte Country Day
2.8William Glenn2:22.6Charlotte Country Day
3.8Nick Linder2:26.1Providence Day
4.8Cole Haaf2:28.1Providence Day
5.7Christian Sabert2:29.4Providence Day
6.-Conner Correll2:31.7Charlotte Christian
7.-Luke Irwin2:34.2Charlotte Christian
8.8Robert Sevin2:35.7Cannon
9.-David Cosentina2:35.7Holy Trinity
10.8Stephen Nymberg2:36.1Cannon
11.-Jay Kane2:39.1Charlotte Latin
12.8Darvy Soignet2:42.0Holy Trinity
13.8Ryan Payne2:42.5Providence Day
14.8William Cato2:45.2Cannon
15.6Andrew Howard2:47.1Charlotte Country Day
16.7Daniel Rusterholz3:04.2Holy Trinity
17.7Zach McMahan3:17.0Cannon
18.7Vance Ayscue3:21.2Providence Day
19.7Will Reid3:22.1Providence Day
X 1600 Meters - Middle School - Finals
1.8William Glenn4:46.6Charlotte Country Day
2.-James Miller4:47.1Charlotte Country Day
3.8Nick Linder4:48.1Providence Day
4.7Jack Ratterree5:02.9Charlotte Latin
5.8Cole Haaf5:18.7Providence Day
6.8Steven Bennett5:24.4Cannon
7.8Chase Smith5:28.6Holy Trinity
8.8Patrick Hunter5:33.5Cannon
9.8Ian Fauchier5:40.8Providence Day
10.-Conner Correll5:42.9Charlotte Christian
11.-Luke Irwin5:47.4Charlotte Christian
12.8Hayden Davis5:51.7Providence Day
13.8Darvy Soignet5:55.1Holy Trinity
14.8Jack Wrigley5:56.3Charlotte Latin
15.8Ryan Payne5:59.3Providence Day
16.6Andrew Howard6:11.7Charlotte Country Day
17.-David Cosentina6:31.6Holy Trinity
18.8Michael Tan6:34.8Charlotte Christian
19.7Jd Nichols6:36.3Providence Day
20.7Vance Ayscue6:38.1Providence Day
21.7Zach McMahan6:39.7Cannon
22.7Daniel Rusterholz6:50.1Holy Trinity
23.6Sean Lerner6:50.5Charlotte Country Day
24.7Will Reid7:06.8Providence Day
X 3200 Meters - Middle School - Finals
1.7Jack Ratterree10:53.1Charlotte Latin
2.8Nick Linder10:58.8Providence Day
3.8Chase Smith11:47.4Holy Trinity
4.8Patrick Hunter12:01.6Cannon
5.8Steven Bennett12:20.5Cannon
6.8Kent Andrews12:35.0Cannon
7.8Hayden Davis12:44.8Providence Day
8.8Ben Schulman13:27.2Providence Day
9.8Christian Taylor13:32.8Charlotte Christian
10.-Johnathan Vines14:05.9Charlotte Christian
11.7Vance Ayscue14:49.9Providence Day
12.6Sean Lerner15:20.9Charlotte Country Day
X 110m Hurdles - 33" - Middle School - Finals
1.7Isaac Johnson16.4Providence Day
2.9Josh Broadway16.4Charlotte Christian
3.-Wood Boone17.2Charlotte Christian
4.8Daniel Kwak18.3Providence Day
5.9Matthew Swimmer19.0Charlotte Latin
6.7Jeremiah White19.1Charlotte Christian
7.8Christian Ortiz19.9Providence Day
8.8Kent Andrews19.9Cannon
9.8Stephen Nymberg20.3Cannon
10.-Bo Bernhardt20.3Charlotte Latin
11.-Connor O'Brien21.0Holy Trinity
12.8Jack Brennan21.2Holy Trinity
13.8Eddie Cochell21.3Providence Day
13.-Michael Crosby21.3Charlotte Christian
15.8HENRY TON21.3Providence Day
16.7Jd Nichols21.4Providence Day
17.-Douglas Rodriguez21.5Holy Trinity
18.-Jack Ruff21.7Holy Trinity
19.7Ian Goodson22.6Providence Day
20.-Nicholas Reyes22.9Holy Trinity
21.7Will Reid29.9Providence Day
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Middle School - Finals
1.-Wood Boone47.7Charlotte Christian
2.9Josh Broadway47.8Charlotte Christian
3.8Kent Andrews49.6Cannon
4.8Daniel Kwak50.3Providence Day
5.-Jack Ruff51.4Holy Trinity
6.8Christian Ortiz51.5Providence Day
7.9Matthew Swimmer52.5Charlotte Latin
8.8Ian Fauchier54.6Providence Day
9.8HENRY TON56.8Providence Day
10.8Darvy Soignet57.8Holy Trinity
11.9Sheppard Brown57.9Charlotte Christian
12.7Jd Nichols59.1Providence Day
13.8Eddie Cochell59.4Providence Day
14.-Nicholas Reyes1:00.6Holy Trinity
15.7Ian Goodson1:01.9Providence Day
X 4x100 Relay - Middle School - Finals
1.-Josh Broadway
Chandler Kellog
Wood Boone
Alex Watkins
50.5Charlotte Christian
2.-Rob Burton
Andy Salisbury
Michael White
Jacob Wishnek
53.8Charlotte Country Day
3.-Troy Terveer
Robert Sevin
William Cato
Mitchell Carlson
4.-Bo Bernhardt
David Herrmann
Matthew O'Brien
Trey Powell
56.0Charlotte Latin
5.-Matthew Curry
Alex LaPiana
Walker Hood
Connor O'Brien
56.5Holy Trinity
6.-Christian Sabert
Ben Schulman
Deontae Henderson
Christian Ortiz
57.0Providence Day
7.-Nicholas Reyes
Jack Ruff
Dillon Lloyd
Josh Fry
57.6Holy Trinity
X 4x200 Relay - Middle School - Finals
1.-Christian Sabert
Chaston Raye
Daniel Kwak
Isaac Johnson
1:48.7Providence Day
2.-Rob Burton
Henry Jones
Andy Salisbury
Michael White
1:50.4Charlotte Country Day
3.-Walker Cisne
Jay Kane
Matthew O'Brien
Trey Powell
1:52.1Charlotte Latin
4.-Christian Taylor
Josh Deuink
Michael Crosby
Wes Selby
1:59.7Charlotte Christian
5.-Bobby McBride
Andrew Otte
Dillon Lloyd
Matthew Curry
2:00.3Holy Trinity
X 4x400 Relay - Middle School - Finals
1.-Christian Sabert
Ryan Payne
Christian Ortiz
Luke Henegar
4:17.1Providence Day
2.-Conner Correll
Chandler Kellog
Luke Irwin
Michael Crosby
4:18.8Charlotte Christian
3.-Alex LaPiana
Darvy Soignet
Walker Hood
Graham Suddeth
4:25.5Holy Trinity
4.-Stephen Nymberg
Robert Sevin
Troy Terveer
Mitchell Carlson
5.-William Glenn
Andrew Howard
Sean Lerner
James Miller
4:31.5Charlotte Country Day
X Shot Put - 6lb - Middle School - Finals
1.-Toby Okwara37-00.00Charlotte Latin
2.-Henry Jones35-07.25Charlotte Country Day
3.9Sheppard Brown31-09.50Charlotte Christian
4.-Hank Simmons30-08.50Charlotte Christian
5.8Clyde Nelson26-09.50Charlotte Latin
6.7Jake Compton25-10.50Providence Day
7.-Jack Schulte25-07.50Charlotte Country Day
8.-Sean Gallagher20-04.00Charlotte Christian
9.8William Cato19-04.00Cannon
10.-Luke Bottill17-04.25Holy Trinity
X Discus - 1kg - Middle School - Finals
1.-Toby Okwara112-09Charlotte Latin
2.-Henry Jones104-03Charlotte Country Day
3.9Sheppard Brown79-11Charlotte Christian
3.-Andy Salisbury79-11Charlotte Country Day
5.-Jack Schulte78-08Charlotte Country Day
6.-Hank Simmons76-11Charlotte Christian
7.8Clyde Nelson74-00Charlotte Latin
8.8Jack Wrigley60-05Charlotte Latin
9.-Luke Bottill52-06Holy Trinity
10.8William Cato50-08Cannon
11.-Sean Gallagher49-01Charlotte Christian
12.7Jake Compton44-10Providence Day
X High Jump - Middle School - Finals
1.8Nick Linder5-02.00Providence Day
2.-Corey Stillman5-02.00Charlotte Christian
3.7Isaac Johnson5-00.00Providence Day
4.9Matthew Swimmer5-00.00Charlotte Latin
5.-Michael White5-00.00Charlotte Country Day
6.-Michael Crawford4-08.00Holy Trinity
7.-David Herrmann4-04.00Charlotte Latin
7.8Daniel Kwak4-04.00Providence Day
7.8Eddie Cochell4-04.00Providence Day
7.-Andrew Otte4-04.00Holy Trinity
7.8Jack Brennan4-04.00Holy Trinity
12.8HENRY TON4-00.00Providence Day
X Long Jump - Middle School - Finals
1.7Jeremiah White17-01.50Charlotte Christian
2.-Walker Cisne17-01.00Charlotte Latin
3.8Chaston Raye16-05.00Providence Day
4.8Mitchell Carlson15-06.50Cannon
5.-Jacob Wishnek14-09.00Charlotte Country Day
6.-Alex LaPiana14-08.50Holy Trinity
7.8Christian Taylor14-02.00Charlotte Christian
8.-Rob Burton14-00.50Charlotte Country Day
9.9Alex Watkins13-10.00Charlotte Christian
9.-Josh Fry13-10.00Holy Trinity
11.-Walker Hood13-09.00Holy Trinity
11.8Ben Schulman13-09.00Providence Day
13.-Chandler Kellog13-08.50Charlotte Christian
14.8Deontae Henderson13-05.00Providence Day
15.6Andrew Howard11-11.00Charlotte Country Day
15.7Jared Irvan11-11.00Providence Day
17.6Sean Lerner11-05.50Charlotte Country Day
18.-Michael Crosby11-05.00Charlotte Christian
19.-Josh Deuink11-01.00Charlotte Christian
19.7Andre Dahan11-01.00Cannon
21.8Sam Oakley10-08.50Charlotte Country Day
22.-Johnathan Vines10-06.00Charlotte Christian
23.8Michael Tan9-08.00Charlotte Christian
X Triple Jump - Middle School - Finals
1.7Jeremiah White34-05.00Charlotte Christian
2.-Henry Jones30-11.00Charlotte Country Day
3.-David Herrmann30-09.00Charlotte Latin
4.8Ben Schulman30-08.00Providence Day
5.8Deontae Henderson30-01.00Providence Day
6.8Christian Taylor29-07.00Charlotte Christian
7.-Jay Kane29-06.00Charlotte Latin
8.-Wes Selby29-03.00Charlotte Christian
9.-Corey Stillman27-05.00Charlotte Christian
10.-Andy Salisbury26-10.00Charlotte Country Day
11.7Jd Nichols26-04.50Providence Day
12.8Sam Oakley24-06.50Charlotte Country Day
13.-Matthew O'Brien24-03.00Charlotte Latin
14.-Josh Deuink24-02.50Charlotte Christian
15.6Sean Lerner22-11.00Charlotte Country Day

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Middle School - Finals
1.-Alli Gray12.8Providence Day
2.-Laurie Ellen Moore13.7Charlotte Latin
3.-Heyward Lathrop14.1Charlotte Country Day
4.8Sandie Bonwinkor14.2Providence Day
5.8Symphony Webber14.4Providence Day
5.-Price Keogh14.4Holy Trinity
7.8Cece Ferrette14.4Providence Day
8.7Cali Kofoed14.5Charlotte Christian
9.8Nia Scarboro14.6Providence Day
10.7Sadie Meeks14.6Charlotte Country Day
11.8Elizabeth Marks14.8Providence Day
12.10Tabia Smith14.8Charlotte Latin
13.-Catherine Sparre15.0Holy Trinity
14.-Julia Satori15.1Holy Trinity
15.-Mary Jane Clark15.2Holy Trinity
16.8Megan McCorkle15.4Providence Day
17.-Olivia Cox15.7Holy Trinity
18.7Heather Fry15.7Holy Trinity
19.-Nicole Niemer15.7Holy Trinity
20.-Angela Fluett15.9Holy Trinity
21.8Meg Smith16.5Providence Day
22.7Angeli Gupta16.6Cannon
23.-Morgan Martino17.4Holy Trinity
24.7Bridget Hambrook17.6Holy Trinity
25.-Lauren Klepper19.2Holy Trinity
X 200 Meters - Middle School - Finals
1.-Alli Gray27.1Providence Day
2.-Laurie Ellen Moore28.7Charlotte Latin
3.8Sandie Bonwinkor29.4Providence Day
4.7Arden Norwood30.3Charlotte Christian
5.8Nia Scarboro30.5Providence Day
6.-Heyward Lathrop30.5Charlotte Country Day
7.8Symphony Webber30.7Providence Day
8.8Cece Ferrette31.2Providence Day
9.-Lilly Norris31.9Providence Day
10.-Kathyrn Satori32.2Holy Trinity
11.7Sophia Lavecchia32.3Holy Trinity
12.7Taylor Harkey32.9Charlotte Christian
13.-Mary Jane Clark33.0Holy Trinity
14.7Abby Sparrow33.0Cannon
15.-Nicole Niemer33.6Holy Trinity
16.8Kelli Baker34.1Cannon
17.8Julia Wiles34.2Charlotte Latin
18.7Heather Fry34.8Holy Trinity
19.-Bennett Stowe35.1Charlotte Country Day
20.8Chloe Tucker35.5Providence Day
21.-Morgan Martino36.6Holy Trinity
22.7Bridget Hambrook42.7Holy Trinity
X 400 Meters - Middle School - Finals
1.7Sydney Farris1:06.7Holy Trinity
2.7Sadie Meeks1:09.9Charlotte Country Day
3.-Cortney Joyner1:11.1Providence Day
4.8Darby West1:13.0Cannon
5.-Julia Marx1:14.1Providence Day
6.-Emily Saba1:17.1Charlotte Christian
7.8Julia Wiles1:18.1Charlotte Latin
8.-Nicole Niemer1:18.5Holy Trinity
9.-CJ Miles1:20.0Providence Day
10.-Maddie Reid1:24.4Charlotte Latin
X 800 Meters - Middle School - Finals
1.7Bella Jacoby2:43.1Cannon
2.7Sydney Farris2:44.6Holy Trinity
3.8Sarah Rose2:52.3Charlotte Country Day
4.8Kate Beckman2:53.4Cannon
5.-Zoe Holderness3:08.7Charlotte Country Day
6.7Emily Padgett3:20.1Charlotte Latin
7.7Elisa Lorenzo3:26.2Charlotte Latin
8.7Maya Barr3:32.5Providence Day
9.8Sydney White3:34.1Providence Day
10.7Jennifer Chappell3:36.5Charlotte Latin
X 1600 Meters - Middle School - Finals
1.7Bella Jacoby6:21.0Cannon
2.8Sarah Rose6:21.3Charlotte Country Day
3.7Grace Clements6:39.8Providence Day
4.7Avery Riescher6:48.4Charlotte Latin
5.-Zoe Holderness6:58.4Charlotte Country Day
6.7Elisa Lorenzo7:38.2Charlotte Latin
X 3200 Meters - Middle School - Finals
1.8Darby West14:14.5Cannon
2.7Avery Riescher14:31.7Charlotte Latin
3.-Sam Huffman14:57.5Providence Day
4.7Caroline Ficca16:14.1Charlotte Latin
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Middle School - Finals
1.10Tabia Smith20.0Charlotte Latin
2.7Caroline Ficca20.4Charlotte Latin
3.7Mimi Cheung20.7Cannon
4.8Meghan Horsey21.0Holy Trinity
5.7Elise Friedman21.4Providence Day
6.7Emily Padgett21.5Charlotte Latin
7.7Danielle Stavropoulos21.7Holy Trinity
8.7Jennifer Chappell21.8Charlotte Latin
9.-Kathyrn Satori21.9Holy Trinity
10.7Grace Clements22.3Providence Day
11.-Julia Satori22.5Holy Trinity
12.-Lauren Klepper27.1Holy Trinity
13.-Hannah Hawkins27.1Holy Trinity
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Middle School - Finals
1.10Lily Beck56.1Charlotte Latin
2.7Caroline Ficca58.2Charlotte Latin
2.7Mimi Cheung58.2Cannon
4.10Tabia Smith59.3Charlotte Latin
5.8Samantha Gilstrap59.9Providence Day
6.7Danielle Stavropoulos1:07.0Holy Trinity
7.-Sam Huffman1:08.3Providence Day
8.-Hannah Hawkins1:25.2Holy Trinity
X 4x100 Relay - Middle School - Finals
1.-Sandie Bonwinkor
Alli Gray
Nia Scarboro
Symphony Webber
54.7Providence Day
1.-Relay Team 54.7Providence Day
2.-Taylor Harkey
Cali Kofoed
Arden Norwood
Emily Saba
1:00.0Charlotte Christian
3.-Kate Beckman
Mimi Cheung
Abby Sparrow
Angeli Gupta
4.-Relay Team 1:03.6Holy Trinity
5.-Megan McCorkle
Talley Mortara
Meg Smith
Chloe Tucker
1:06.3Providence Day
6.-Lauren Burns
Katy Chapman
Elizabeth Marks
Hailey Valeriano
1:07.0Providence Day
7.-Jennifer Chappell
Emma Culver
Amaka Okonneh
Emily Padgett
1:10.0Charlotte Latin
X 4x200 Relay - Middle School - Finals
1.-Taylor Harkey
Cali Kofoed
Arden Norwood
Emily Saba
2:07.0Charlotte Christian
2.-Kate Beckman
Kelli Baker
Abby Sparrow
Angeli Gupta
3.-Relay Team 2:12.5Holy Trinity
4.-Lauren Burns
Elise Friedman
Megan McCorkle
Lilly Norris
2:13.0Providence Day
5.-Sara Cotsakis
Talley Mortara
Josie Quinn
Elizabeth Underwood
2:22.1Providence Day
6.-Jennifer Chappell
Emma Culver
Amaka Okonneh
Maddie Reid
2:30.1Charlotte Latin
X 4x400 Relay - Middle School - Finals
1.-Cortney Joyner
Julia Marx
CJ Miles
Josie Quinn
4:55.8Providence Day
2.-Bella Jacoby
Kate Beckman
Mimi Cheung
Darby West
3.-Heyward Lathrop
Sadie Meeks
Sarah Rose
Bennett Stowe
5:02.4Charlotte Country Day
4.-Price Keogh
Sydney Farris
Meghan Horsey
Julia Satori
5:13.6Holy Trinity
5.-Taylor Harkey
Cali Kofoed
Arden Norwood
Emily Saba
5:17.1Charlotte Christian
6.-Madeline Jones
Elisa Lorenzo
Emily Padgett
Maddie Reid
5:25.5Charlotte Latin
X Shot Put - 6lb - Middle School - Finals
1.8Rachel Parris22-10.50Providence Day
2.8Julia Wiles19-11.00Charlotte Latin
3.8Samantha Gilstrap18-01.50Providence Day
4.-Josie Quinn16-00.50Providence Day
5.8Sophie Whitmeyer15-10.00Providence Day
6.7Sadie Meeks15-09.00Charlotte Country Day
7.-Emma Culver15-04.50Charlotte Latin
8.7Maya Barr12-00.50Providence Day
X Discus - 1kg - Middle School - Finals
1.7Avery Riescher54-00Charlotte Latin
2.8Sophie Whitmeyer49-00Providence Day
3.8Rachel Parris47-09Providence Day
4.8Julia Wiles46-03Charlotte Latin
5.7Caroline Ficca45-04Charlotte Latin
6.-Amaka Okonneh44-02Charlotte Latin
7.-Bennett Stowe44-00Charlotte Country Day
8.-Maddie Reid40-11Charlotte Latin
9.8Sydney White40-00Providence Day
10.-Emma Culver37-04Charlotte Latin
11.7Elisa Lorenzo27-03Charlotte Latin
X High Jump - Middle School - Finals
1.8Sandie Bonwinkor4-08.00Providence Day
2.8Samantha Gilstrap4-06.00Providence Day
3.10Lily Beck4-06.00Charlotte Latin
4.8Symphony Webber4-02.00Providence Day
5.-Morgan Martino3-10.00Holy Trinity
5.10Tabia Smith3-10.00Charlotte Latin
7.-Catherine Sparre3-10.00Holy Trinity
8.8Nia Scarboro3-06.00Providence Day
9.8Abby Vernier3-06.00Holy Trinity
X Long Jump - Middle School - Finals
1.-Alli Gray16-03.00Providence Day
2.-Laurie Ellen Moore14-03.00Charlotte Latin
3.10Lily Beck13-10.00Charlotte Latin
4.-Lilly Norris12-08.75Providence Day
5.8Megan McCorkle12-02.00Providence Day
6.8Elizabeth Marks11-04.50Providence Day
7.8Cece Ferrette11-01.50Providence Day
8.-Josie Quinn10-08.50Providence Day
9.7Sophia Lavecchia10-07.00Holy Trinity
10.-Morgan Martino10-02.50Holy Trinity
10.8Meg Smith10-02.50Providence Day
12.7Heather Fry10-02.00Holy Trinity
13.8Madeline Jones10-00.25Charlotte Latin
13.7Sara Cotsakis10-00.25Providence Day
15.8Abby Vernier9-08.50Holy Trinity
16.-Elizabeth Underwood9-08.00Providence Day
17.-Kathyrn Satori9-07.50Holy Trinity
17.8Kelli Baker9-07.50Cannon
19.-Lauren Klepper9-05.75Holy Trinity
20.-Julia Marx9-03.00Providence Day
21.7Bridget Hambrook9-01.75Holy Trinity
22.7Angeli Gupta8-08.00Cannon
23.-Zoe Holderness8-01.00Charlotte Country Day
24.-Hannah Hawkins7-09.50Holy Trinity
25.-Angela Fluett7-07.00Holy Trinity
26.7Hailey Valeriano7-04.00Providence Day
27.-Bennett Stowe7-03.00Charlotte Country Day
28.-Katy Chapman7-01.00Providence Day
X Triple Jump - Middle School - Finals
1.-Laurie Ellen Moore29-01.00Charlotte Latin
2.10Lily Beck28-01.50Charlotte Latin
3.-Cortney Joyner27-03.50Providence Day
4.-Heyward Lathrop25-06.00Charlotte Country Day
5.-Amaka Okonneh24-01.00Charlotte Latin
6.8Megan McCorkle23-11.00Providence Day
7.-CJ Miles23-08.50Providence Day
7.8Sophie Whitmeyer23-08.50Providence Day
9.8Sarah Rose21-03.00Charlotte Country Day
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