District I & II Championships

Friday, May 13, 2011
  Kamiah, Kamiah - Map
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Idaho - 1A
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - varsity - Finals
1.12Jacob Bowman11.27Coeur d'Alene Charter
2.12Joe Anderson11.75Grangeville
3.10Kevin Heckathorn11.79Orofino
4.12Caleb Orr12.08Coeur d'Alene Charter
5.10Ian Sullings12.36Orofino
6.12Greg Roman12.37Coeur d'Alene Charter
7.12Tyler Donaldson12.48Kamiah
8.9Josh Dame12.54Grangeville
X 100 Meters - varsity - Prelims
1.12Joe Anderson11.8hGrangeville
2.10Kevin Heckathorn11.8hOrofino
3.12Jacob Bowman11.9hCoeur d'Alene Charter
4.12Greg Roman11.9hCoeur d'Alene Charter
7.10Ian Sullings11.94Orofino
5.12Caleb Orr12.1hCoeur d'Alene Charter
6.12Tyler Donaldson12.3hKamiah
8.9Josh Dame12.38Grangeville
9.10Caleb Barnes12.38Grangeville
10.10Harrison Lutz12.54Grangeville
11.9Hayden Shapiro12.58Coeur d'Alene Charter
12.10Luke Foster12.6hCoeur d'Alene Charter
13.10Justin Robson12.7hGrangeville
14.9Robert Lipke13.1hOrofino
15.9Gabe Heun13.17Kamiah
16.9Lee Courtright13.6hGrangeville
17.9Louis Pennings13.6hCoeur d'Alene Charter
18.11Mattias Lonn13.7hGrangeville
19.9Spencer Connolley13.8hGrangeville
20.10Gabe Dutro14.3hOrofino
21.9Joe Richardson14.4hOrofino
9Kyle SullingsDQOrofino
X 200 Meters - varsity - Finals
1.10Juston Lindsley23.57Grangeville
2.10Kevin Heckathorn23.94Orofino
3.11Danny Millward24.18Kamiah
4.11Jacob Shapiro24.90Coeur d'Alene Charter
5.12Tyler Donaldson24.96Kamiah
6.9Hayden Shapiro26.13Coeur d'Alene Charter
9Luke O'BrienDQOrofino
11Jacob LloydDQKamiah
X 200 Meters - varsity - Prelims
1.10Juston Lindsley23.4hGrangeville
2.10Kevin Heckathorn23.9hOrofino
3.11Danny Millward24.8hKamiah
4.11Jacob Shapiro25.0hCoeur d'Alene Charter
7.9Hayden Shapiro25.1hCoeur d'Alene Charter
5.12Tyler Donaldson25.2hKamiah
6.9Luke O'Brien25.4hOrofino
8.11Jacob Lloyd25.44Kamiah
9.10Harrison Lutz25.9hGrangeville
10.10Tucker Medel26.3hKamiah
11.10Michael Dundas26.59Coeur d'Alene Charter
11.10Justin Robson26.6hGrangeville
13.10Dane Hjeltness26.8hCoeur d'Alene Charter
14.10Luke Foster27.4hCoeur d'Alene Charter
15.9Gabe Heun28.1hKamiah
16.9Louis Pennings29.0hCoeur d'Alene Charter
17.10Gabe Dutro29.9hOrofino
18.11Mattias Lonn30.5hGrangeville
9Kyle SullingsDQOrofino
9Joe RichardsonDQOrofino
11Justin LloydDQKamiah
X 400 Meters - varsity - Finals
1.12Joe Anderson54.22Grangeville
2.12Silas Connolley56.31Grangeville
3.9Hayden Shapiro58.48Coeur d'Alene Charter
4.10Luke Foster59.66Coeur d'Alene Charter
5.9Adam Crandall1:01.05Coeur d'Alene Charter
6.10Dane Hjeltness1:02.34Coeur d'Alene Charter
7.10Michael Dundas1:02.88Coeur d'Alene Charter
10Kevin HillDQKamiah
X 400 Meters - varsity - Prelims
1.10Kevin Hill52.13Kamiah
2.12Joe Anderson53.18Grangeville
3.12Silas Connolley56.34Grangeville
4.9Adam Crandall58.94Coeur d'Alene Charter
5.9Hayden Shapiro59.94Coeur d'Alene Charter
6.10Dane Hjeltness1:00.74Coeur d'Alene Charter
7.10Michael Dundas1:02.54Coeur d'Alene Charter
8.10Luke Foster1:06.44Coeur d'Alene Charter
X 800 Meters - varsity - Finals
1.10Eric Hill2:02.46Kamiah
2.12Stuart Rau2:03.05Grangeville
3.10Kaleb Bass2:10.74Grangeville
4.11Jackson Redline2:14.01Coeur d'Alene Charter
5.9Michael Hagler2:17.86Coeur d'Alene Charter
6.10Jordan Lambert2:19.18Grangeville
7.10Mitchell Bresnahan2:19.31Orofino
8.9Adam Crandall2:24.92Coeur d'Alene Charter
10Michael Dundas2:26.3Coeur d'Alene Charter
10Joe HeunDQKamiah
9Spencer ConnolleyDQGrangeville
X 1600 Meters - varsity - Finals
1.12Stuart Rau4:51.32Grangeville
2.9W. Leif Fredericks4:57.41Coeur d'Alene Charter
3.9David Conway4:59.04Coeur d'Alene Charter
4.10Kaleb Bass5:00.19Grangeville
5.12Dakota Murphy5:04.14Grangeville
6.10Jordan Lambert5:17.71Grangeville
7.9Kalob Turner5:38.67Orofino
8.11Mitch Shellman5:40.46Coeur d'Alene Charter
11Jake GarringerDQCoeur d'Alene Charter
10Mitchell BresnahanDQOrofino
9Bob NadenDQOrofino
10Joe HeunDQKamiah
9Brandon RatcliffDQCoeur d'Alene Charter
9Sam RedlineDQCoeur d'Alene Charter
9Justin KiehnDQCoeur d'Alene Charter
9Kyle RothDQCoeur d'Alene Charter
X 3200 Meters - varsity - Finals
1.9David Conway10:32.3hCoeur d'Alene Charter
2.12Stuart Rau10:41.1hGrangeville
3.9W. Leif Fredericks10:47.4hCoeur d'Alene Charter
4.12Dakota Murphy11:08.5hGrangeville
5.10Jordan Lambert11:45.0hGrangeville
6.11Mitch Shellman12:39.2hCoeur d'Alene Charter
7.10Joe Heun12:48.6hKamiah
8.11Jake Garringer13:43.8hCoeur d'Alene Charter
10Kaleb BassDQGrangeville
9Kyle RothDQCoeur d'Alene Charter
9Justin KiehnDQCoeur d'Alene Charter
9Brandon RatcliffDQCoeur d'Alene Charter
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - varsity - Finals
1.11Jack Nygaard16.51Kamiah
2.10Reed York18.07Kamiah
3.12Carter Hazelbaker18.98Grangeville
4.9Lee Courtright19.86Grangeville
5.12Steven Elsbury20.00Orofino
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - varsity - Prelims
1.11Jack Nygaard16.66Kamiah
2.10Reed York18.14Kamiah
3.12Carter Hazelbaker19.18Grangeville
4.12Steven Elsbury19.84Orofino
5.9Lee Courtright20.84Grangeville
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - varsity - Finals
1.11Jack Nygaard41.03Kamiah
2.10Reed York44.92Kamiah
3.9Quaid Blankenship47.94Grangeville
4.9Lee Courtright48.30Grangeville
5.9Josh Dame51.65Grangeville
6.12Steven Elsbury54.35Orofino
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - varsity - Prelims
1.11Jack Nygaard42.34Kamiah
2.10Reed York45.36Kamiah
3.9Quaid Blankenship47.01Grangeville
4.9Lee Courtright50.14Grangeville
4.12Steven Elsbury50.14Orofino
6.9Josh Dame51.14Grangeville
X 4x100 Relay - varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 44.90Grangeville
2.-Relay Team 45.00Coeur d'Alene Charter
3.-Kevin Heckathorn
Konor Parker
Ian Sullings
Garrett Senefsky
4.-Relay Team 48.16Kamiah
X 4x200 Relay - varsity - Finals
1.-Eric Hill
Kevin Hill
Jack Nygaard
Danny Millward
2.-Relay Team 1:37.19Coeur d'Alene Charter
3.-Relay Team 1:38.46Grangeville
4.-Ian Sullings
Konor Parker
Luke O'Brien
Kevin Heckathorn
X 4x400 Relay - varsity - Finals
1.-Eric Hill
Kevin Hill
Jack Nygaard
Danny Millward
2.-Relay Team 3:39.06Grangeville
3.-Relay Team 3:55.40Coeur d'Alene Charter
X SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8] - varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:41.94Kamiah
2.-Relay Team 3:55.14Grangeville
3.-Relay Team 3:56.14Coeur d'Alene Charter
4.-Ian Sullings
Garrett Senefsky
Luke O'Brien
Konor Parker
X Shot Put - 12lb - varsity - Finals
1.12Kade Roach43-00.00Grangeville
2.10Spencer Crane41-02.50Kamiah
3.10Matt Munch35-08.00Kamiah
4.9Michael Hagler35-01.00Coeur d'Alene Charter
5.12Stoney Holmes35-00.00Grangeville
6.9Trevor Hopkins34-01.50Orofino
7.10Luke Roberts33-07.00Grangeville
8.9Justin DeFord33-01.00Grangeville
9.9Aaron Hohman30-03.00Grangeville
10.10Kenneth Paul30-00.00Grangeville
11.12Eric Gower29-01.00Kamiah
12.9Louis Pennings27-02.00Coeur d'Alene Charter
13.9Ryan Samson26-01.00Coeur d'Alene Charter
10Jake KnudsonDQOrofino
10Jesse McAllisterDQOrofino
10Garrett SenefskyDQOrofino
X Discus - 1.6kg - varsity - Finals
1.12Jacob Bowman139-03Coeur d'Alene Charter
2.10Juston Lindsley136-01Grangeville
3.10Spencer Crane135-01Kamiah
4.12Kade Roach113-04Grangeville
5.12Stuart Rau103-06Grangeville
6.10Luke Roberts97-05Grangeville
7.10Kenneth Paul96-04Grangeville
8.12Stoney Holmes95-02Grangeville
9.9Aaron Hohman86-10Grangeville
10.12Eric Gower84-02Kamiah
11.10Mitchell Bresnahan80-02Orofino
12.9Michael Hagler75-00Coeur d'Alene Charter
13.9Louis Pennings73-10Coeur d'Alene Charter
14.9Trevor Hopkins71-04Orofino
15.10Matt Munch68-11Kamiah
16.9Ryan Samson68-02Coeur d'Alene Charter
17.9Justin DeFord66-05Grangeville
18.9Joe Richardson61-03Orofino
10Hayden SenefskyDQOrofino
X High Jump - varsity - Finals
1.12Caleb Orr5-08.00Coeur d'Alene Charter
2.9Adam Crandall5-06.00Coeur d'Alene Charter
3.10Caleb Barnes5-04.00Grangeville
4.10Tucker Medel5-02.00Kamiah
5.9Robert Lipke5-02.00Orofino
9Kalob TurnerDQOrofino
10Jake KnudsonDQOrofino
12Steven ElsburyDQOrofino
12Carter HazelbakerDQGrangeville
X Pole Vault - varsity - Finals
1.10Tucker Medel13-02.00Kamiah
1.11Justin Lloyd13-02.00Kamiah
3.11Jacob Lloyd12-02.00Kamiah
4.12Steven Elsbury11-08.00Orofino
5.10Harrison Lutz10-08.00Grangeville
6.12Carter Hazelbaker10-02.00Grangeville
7.11Konor Parker9-08.00Orofino
8.10Mitchell Bresnahan9-02.00Orofino
X Long Jump - varsity - Finals
1.12Lewis Ellis20-00.50Coeur d'Alene Charter
2.12Jacob Bowman19-04.25Coeur d'Alene Charter
3.10Garrett Senefsky19-01.25Orofino
4.11Seth Dreadfulwater18-09.00Grangeville
5.10Ben Marek17-11.50Grangeville
6.12Tyler Donaldson16-10.50Kamiah
7.10Caleb Barnes16-08.75Grangeville
8.10Harrison Lutz16-01.50Grangeville
9.9Aaron Hohman15-05.75Grangeville
10.10Dakota Alder15-03.75Grangeville
11.10Michael Dundas14-07.50Coeur d'Alene Charter
12.10Gabe Dutro12-07.50Orofino
10Luke FosterDQCoeur d'Alene Charter
9Gabe HeunDQKamiah
X Triple Jump - varsity - Finals
1.10Garrett Senefsky40-05.00Orofino
2.11Seth Dreadfulwater40-01.25Grangeville
3.12Lewis Ellis39-07.00Coeur d'Alene Charter
4.10Ben Marek38-06.00Grangeville
5.11Conner Burchak36-07.00Grangeville
6.10Dakota Alder35-00.75Grangeville
7.9Robert Lipke34-03.25Orofino
8.9Aaron Hohman33-08.50Grangeville
9.10Justin Robson30-04.25Grangeville
10.12Steven Elsbury30-01.00Orofino
10Hayden SenefskyDQOrofino
9Josh DameDQGrangeville
10Spencer CraneDQKamiah

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - varsity - Finals
1.11Megan Sullivan12.97Grangeville
2.11Jess Gutenberger13.13Orofino
3.12Megan Philips13.47Kamiah
4.9Sydney Foster13.94Orofino
5.9Hannah Didier13.99Grangeville
6.10Halee Hill14.38Grangeville
7.9Hannah Baker14.79Grangeville
8.9Taylor Garn14.96Coeur d'Alene Charter
X 100 Meters - varsity - Prelims
1.11Megan Sullivan13.2hGrangeville
2.11Jess Gutenberger13.3hOrofino
3.9Sydney Foster13.50Orofino
4.12Megan Philips13.60Kamiah
5.9Hannah Didier13.8hGrangeville
6.10Halee Hill14.00Grangeville
7.9Taylor Garn14.20Coeur d'Alene Charter
8.9Hannah Baker14.3hGrangeville
9.11Rachel Jones14.5hOrofino
10.9Taylor Hazelbaker14.6hGrangeville
11.9Jenna LeCates14.7hKamiah
12.9Hailey Beckman14.8hKamiah
13.10Marina Gunn15.1hCoeur d'Alene Charter
14.9Megan Wren15.3hGrangeville
15.9Tory Renatta15.6hKamiah
9Sabrina HatchDQKamiah
10Kesli BallDQKamiah
X 200 Meters - varsity - Finals
1.11Megan Sullivan26.53Grangeville
2.11Jess Gutenberger27.16Orofino
3.12Megan Philips27.29Kamiah
4.12Alex Ward27.90Coeur d'Alene Charter
5.9Hannah Didier28.44Grangeville
6.12Nichole Solberg28.95Grangeville
7.10Kesli Ball29.51Kamiah
8.9Hannah Baker29.55Grangeville
X 200 Meters - varsity - Prelims
1.11Jess Gutenberger27.4hOrofino
4.12Megan Philips28.1hKamiah
2.11Megan Sullivan28.4hGrangeville
7.10Kesli Ball29.3hKamiah
5.9Hannah Didier29.5hGrangeville
8.9Hannah Baker29.9hGrangeville
3.12Alex Ward30.3hCoeur d'Alene Charter
6.12Nichole Solberg30.5hGrangeville
9.9Jenna LeCates31.1hKamiah
10.9Megan Wren31.50Grangeville
11.9Cailey Metcalf32.2hCoeur d'Alene Charter
12.10Marina Gunn32.6hCoeur d'Alene Charter
13.11Rachel Jones33.0hOrofino
14.10Brittany Bresnahan33.2hOrofino
9Tory RenattaDQKamiah
9Sabrina HatchDQKamiah
9Hailey BeckmanDQKamiah
X 400 Meters - varsity - Finals
1.11Megan Sullivan1:01.22Grangeville
2.12Kylie Brown1:04.00Grangeville
3.11Asia Bloodgood1:05.01Coeur d'Alene Charter
4.9Hannah Baker1:08.95Grangeville
9Tory RenattaDQKamiah
X 400 Meters - varsity - Prelims
1.11Megan Sullivan1:00.72Grangeville
2.11Asia Bloodgood1:03.74Coeur d'Alene Charter
3.12Kylie Brown1:04.16Grangeville
4.9Hannah Baker1:11.64Grangeville
5.9Tory Renatta1:18.94Kamiah
X 800 Meters - varsity - Finals
1.12Alex Ward2:35.69Coeur d'Alene Charter
2.10Sarah Willis2:36.39Kamiah
3.10Emily Lane2:42.64Kamiah
4.9Jacey Arnzen2:44.56Grangeville
5.9Melonie Wright2:56.14Coeur d'Alene Charter
6.12Rachel Kaschmitter3:16.78Grangeville
7.9Carlee Lothspeich3:41.56Grangeville
X 1600 Meters - varsity - Finals
1.9Maddie Iott5:57.49Coeur d'Alene Charter
2.10Sarah Willis6:17.48Kamiah
3.10Emily Lane6:26.76Kamiah
4.10Elsa Goodsen6:35.84Coeur d'Alene Charter
5.10Jami Hill7:16.11Kamiah
6.12Rachel Kaschmitter7:22.73Grangeville
9Melonie WrightDQCoeur d'Alene Charter
9Jacey ArnzenDQGrangeville
X 3200 Meters - varsity - Finals
1.9Maddie Iott16:35.7hCoeur d'Alene Charter
2.10Emily Lane16:35.8hKamiah
3.10Jami Hill16:50.9hKamiah
10Sarah WillisDQKamiah
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - varsity - Finals
1.11Sheyenne Stewart16.81Grangeville
2.9Sydney Foster17.11Orofino
3.11Megan Beckman18.01Kamiah
4.9Gabrielle Fewell18.17Grangeville
5.11Rachel Jones19.51Orofino
6.9Megan Forster20.24Coeur d'Alene Charter
7.9Cailey Metcalf20.35Coeur d'Alene Charter
8.10Brianna Riggins21.44Kamiah
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - varsity - Prelims
1.9Sydney Foster16.9hOrofino
2.11Sheyenne Stewart17.3hGrangeville
3.9Gabrielle Fewell17.7hGrangeville
4.11Megan Beckman18.1hKamiah
5.10Brianna Riggins18.2hKamiah
6.11Rachel Jones19.5hOrofino
7.9Megan Forster20.5hCoeur d'Alene Charter
8.9Cailey Metcalf20.5hCoeur d'Alene Charter
9.9Taylor Garn20.6hCoeur d'Alene Charter
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - varsity - Finals
1.11Sheyenne Stewart48.86Grangeville
2.11Megan Beckman52.98Kamiah
3.9Gabrielle Fewell54.53Grangeville
4.10Brianna Riggins54.65Kamiah
5.11Kelli Green54.92Kamiah
6.9Megan Forster56.28Coeur d'Alene Charter
7.9Cailey Metcalf57.67Coeur d'Alene Charter
8.11Rachel Jones58.01Orofino
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - varsity - Prelims
1.11Sheyenne Stewart50.7hGrangeville
3.11Megan Beckman54.2hKamiah
5.10Brianna Riggins54.3hKamiah
2.9Gabrielle Fewell54.8hGrangeville
4.11Kelli Green54.8hKamiah
6.9Megan Forster56.6hCoeur d'Alene Charter
7.11Rachel Jones56.8hOrofino
9.9Taylor Garn56.9hCoeur d'Alene Charter
8.9Cailey Metcalf57.7hCoeur d'Alene Charter
X 4x100 Relay - varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 52.15Grangeville
2.-Monique Stamper
Katie Nemeth
Sydney Foster
Jess Gutenberger
3.-Relay Team 54.10Coeur d'Alene Charter
4.-Relay Team 57.17Kamiah
X 4x200 Relay - varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:51.03Grangeville
2.-Relay Team 1:51.18Coeur d'Alene Charter
3.-Relay Team 2:00.44Kamiah
X 4x400 Relay - varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:27.48Grangeville
2.-Relay Team 4:57.55Coeur d'Alene Charter
-Relay Team DQKamiah
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - varsity - Finals
1.-Monique Stamper
Katie Nemeth
Sydney Foster
Jess Gutenberger
2.-Relay Team 1:58.24Kamiah
3.-Relay Team 1:59.04Coeur d'Alene Charter
4.-Relay Team 1:59.94Grangeville
X Shot Put - 4kg - varsity - Finals
1.12Megan DeFord41-01.00Grangeville
2.12Monique Stamper30-07.00Orofino
3.11Shailynn Jungert29-08.00Grangeville
4.10Megan Johnston27-10.50Grangeville
5.10Brittany Bresnahan26-05.00Orofino
6.12Robin Faucett25-07.50Orofino
7.10Bailey Cullin25-00.00Grangeville
8.10Brianna Ballantyne23-08.00Kamiah
9.9Taylor Bashaw21-11.00Grangeville
10.9Carlee Lothspeich21-01.00Grangeville
10Beatriz PinedaDQKamiah
11Tabby MikelDQOrofino
11Mandee PradoDQGrangeville
11Rebekah ArtsDQCoeur d'Alene Charter
X Discus - 1kg - varsity - Finals
1.12Megan DeFord137-03Grangeville
2.10Brianna Ballantyne97-11Kamiah
3.11Shailynn Jungert93-04Grangeville
4.11Rebekah Arts86-02Coeur d'Alene Charter
5.12Robin Faucett67-03Orofino
6.10Bailey Cullin65-01Grangeville
7.10Megan Johnston62-01Grangeville
8.11Mandee Prado61-01Grangeville
9.9Taylor Bashaw58-06Grangeville
10.9Carlee Lothspeich45-03Grangeville
10Beatriz PinedaDQKamiah
11Tabby MikelDQOrofino
X High Jump - varsity - Finals
1.10Anne Eimers4-08.00Grangeville
2.10Jana Ringen4-06.00Kamiah
3.12Rachel Kaschmitter4-02.00Grangeville
4.9Taylor Hazelbaker4-00.00Grangeville
11Taylor LeCatesDQKamiah
12Megan DeFordDQGrangeville
X Pole Vault - varsity - Finals
1.12Lexie Adams9-06.00Grangeville
2.12Monique Stamper9-00.00Orofino
3.10Anne Eimers8-06.00Grangeville
4.9Gabrielle Fewell7-00.00Grangeville
5.11Kelli Green6-06.00Kamiah
10Bailey CullinDQGrangeville
X Long Jump - varsity - Finals
1.12Katie Nemeth15-07.00Orofino
2.10Jana Ringen14-03.00Kamiah
3.9Sabrina Hatch13-10.00Kamiah
4.9Hailey Beckman13-08.50Kamiah
5.9Gabrielle Fewell13-06.00Grangeville
6.11Kelli Green13-05.00Kamiah
7.10Kesli Ball13-03.00Kamiah
8.9Jenna LeCates12-11.25Kamiah
9.11Taylor LeCates12-09.75Kamiah
10.9Hannah Baker12-01.00Grangeville
9Hannah DidierDQGrangeville
9Kassi SimlerDQKamiah
X Triple Jump - varsity - Finals
1.12Katie Nemeth32-07.25Orofino
2.12Megan Philips30-07.25Kamiah
3.9Jacey Arnzen28-10.00Grangeville
4.9Taylor Hazelbaker28-05.25Grangeville
5.10Brittany Bresnahan25-03.25Orofino
6.9Kassi Simler23-01.00Kamiah
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