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Middle SchoolOpen Miidle School
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100 Meters  Middle School - Finals

NP7Alani Moore11.8Landon
NP6Jameel Brown14.7Landon
NP6Andrew Clark15.9Landon
NP7Eric Shalloway17.6Landon

200 Meters  Middle School - Finals

2T7Alani Moore27.00Landon
2T8Theodore Tanous27.00Landon
NP7Mo Feldman32.5Landon

400 Meters  Middle School - Finals

1.8Theodore Tanous59.6Landon
4.8Teerit Vongkovit1:10.5Landon

800 Meters  Middle School - Finals

1.8Sean Corry2:36.90The Heights
2.7Chris Crafton2:37.50Landon
3.8Philip Hedden2:39.40St Albans
4.8Will Langstaff2:40.90Potomac
5.6Paul Weaver2:41.90St Albans
6.7Anthony Miele2:42.70Landon
7.8Miguel Arrate2:44.20St Stephens and St A...
8.8Carlo Tampubulon2:47.60St Stephens and St A...
9.7Jack Coleman2:53.20Potomac
10.8Brendan Dwyer2:55.80Potomac
11.8Alex Collins2:56.20St Stephens and St A...
12.7Joaquim Brooks3:00.50The Heights
13.7Logan Giles3:01.40Landon
14.7Evan Pugh3:01.90Landon

800 Meters  Open Miidle School - Finals

6.6Wells Dwiggins-Thomason3:09.30Landon
9.6Max Krauthamer3:25.28Landon
10.7Bobby Bolen3:25.6Landon

1600 Meters  Middle School - Finals

2.7Chris Crafton5:44.3Landon
3.8Nicholas Krauthamer5:50.10Landon
4.6Benjamin Holman5:50.3Landon

110m Hurdles - 33"  Middle School - Finals

NP7Nicholas Parris20.3Landon
NP7Mo Feldman21.1Landon
NP6Jonathan Augustine21.5Landon

4x100 Relay  Middle School - Finals

2.-Ian Dabney
Mark Ebo
Jonathan Holland
Nicholas Parris
6.6Jonathan Augustine
Jameel Brown
Andrew Clark
Jonathan Hseih

4x200 Relay  Middle School - Finals

1.8Conner Atkinson
Naim Rutledge
Connor Logue
Nile Ruf
2.-Philip Hedden
Jordan Edwards
Jack Peden
Colin Bruce
1:58.40St Albans
3.-Sean Corry
Daniel Beatty
Tomoya Kanno
Joe Weber
2:05.40The Heights
4.-Brendan Dwyer
Ashton Nyanteh
Connor Smith
Will Langstaff
5.-Relay Team 2:24.10St Stephens and St A...
6.6Guyton Harvey
Paul Weaver
Elijah Bruce
Monty Bullock
2:25.70St Albans

Shot Put - 4kg  Middle School - Finals

1.8Jonathan Holland36-07.00Landon
2.8Jack Ludwig34-00.00St Albans
3.8Paul McGiffin31-06.00The Heights
4.8J.P. Perry30-07.00St Albans
5.8Ian Dabney30-04.00Landon
6.8Bora Uyumazturk26-02.00St Albans
7.8Naim Rutledge25-11.00Potomac
8.7Mo Feldman22-11.00Landon
9.8Jorge Llaguno22-04.00The Heights
10.8Cornell Brooks21-10.00Potomac
11.8James McCrery16-11.00The Heights

Long Jump  Middle School - Finals

1.8Miguel Arrate15-11.00St Stephens and St A...
2.7Grant Robinson15-03.00Potomac
3.8Theodore Tanous15-02.00Landon
4.7Carlos Austin14-05.00St Albans
5.8Jackson Rumer14-02.00St Albans
6.8Mark Ebo14-01.00Landon
7.8Connor Atkinson13-11.00Potomac
8.7Justin Ayainian13-07.00St Stephens and St A...
9.8Norman Chan12-07.50The Heights
10.8Sean Corry12-07.00The Heights
11.8Alex Collins11-07.00St Stephens and St A...
12.8Connor Smith11-01.00Potomac
13.6Spenser Adams10-10.00St Albans
14.8Parr McQueen10-06.00St Stephens and St A...
15.7Eric Shalloway9-10.00Landon
16.7George Shalloway7-08.00Landon


Meet Schedule

Track Finals
MS2400 Meters2:45 PM
MS110m Hurdles3:05 PM
OMS100 Meters3:15 PM
MS100 Meters3:15 PM
MS4x100 Relay3:25 PM
OMS800 Meters3:35 PM
MS800 Meters3:35 PM
MS400 Meters3:45 PM
MS200 Meters3:55 PM
MS1600 Meters4:00 PM
MS4x200 Relay4:05 PM
Field Finals
MSDiscus2:00 PM
MSShot Put2:30 PM
MSHigh Jump2:30 PM
MSLong Jump2:30 PM
MSTriple Jump3:00 PM
Track Finals
MS2400 Meters2:45 PM
MS100m Hurdles3:00 PM
OMS100 Meters3:10 PM
MS100 Meters3:10 PM
MS4x100 Relay3:20 PM
OMS800 Meters3:30 PM
MS800 Meters3:30 PM
MS400 Meters3:40 PM
MS200 Meters3:50 PM
MS1600 Meters4:00 PM
MS4x200 Relay4:05 PM
Field Finals
MSLong Jump2:30 PM
MSShot Put2:45 PM
MSDiscus2:45 PM
MSHigh Jump3:00 PM
MSTriple Jump3:00 PM