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Tolleson District Meet

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tolleson HS, Tolleson

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Arizona - Division I
Arizona - Division IV
Arizona Lutheran
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Guillermo Cuevas11.59aWestview
2.11Michael Grubbs11.61aCopper Canyon
3.11Samuel Audon11.62aWestview
4.9Andrae Walters11.70aLa Joya Community
5.10Latrell Harrell11.71aSierra Linda
6.9Cordell James11.87aLa Joya Community
7.10Devonte Coleman11.96aWestview
8.11Robert Turner12.04aSierra Linda
8.11De Aundre Sanders12.04aWestview
10.11Gabriel Figueroa12.20aLa Joya Community
11.9Kenneth Steele12.27aTolleson Union
12.10Treyvon Turner12.28aSierra Linda
13.11Geoffery Calderon12.30aSierra Linda
14.12Edward Hamre12.58aTolleson Union
15.12Terry Johnson12.64aLa Joya Community
11Luke Luchterhand12.70aArizona Lutheran
16.12Anthony Sandoval12.81aCopper Canyon
11Kerry English12.92aArizona Lutheran
17.9Alex Lara13.18aCopper Canyon
9Seppo Suhonen13.94aArizona Lutheran
9Abraham LordsDNSArizona Lutheran
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Andrae Walters23.46aLa Joya Community
2.11Samuel Audon23.49aWestview
3.9Cordell James23.54aLa Joya Community
4.10Justin Thornton23.65aWestview
12Joe Natalie23.81aArizona Lutheran
5.10Devonte Coleman24.27aWestview
6.11Geoffery Calderon24.61aSierra Linda
7.10Treyvon Turner25.23aSierra Linda
10Ben Bernthal25.25aArizona Lutheran
11Luke Luchterhand26.01aArizona Lutheran
8.12Edward Hamre26.07aTolleson Union
9.12Mauricio Galicia26.13aTolleson Union
11JD Uhlhorn26.43aArizona Lutheran
10Marcus SmithDNSWestview
12Hugo AlvaradoDNSCopper Canyon
9Jamie McElroyDNSLa Joya Community
10Isaiah DixsonDNSLa Joya Community
10Latrell HarrellDNSSierra Linda
11Michael GrubbsDNSCopper Canyon
11Daniel ValdezDNSSierra Linda
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Michael Grubbs51.88aCopper Canyon
2.10Justin Thornton52.27aWestview
3.12Angel Diaz52.37aLa Joya Community
4.12Hugo Alvarado52.74aCopper Canyon
5.11Guillermo Cuevas53.52aWestview
6.11Abraham Amdam54.50aSierra Linda
10Ben Bernthal54.87aArizona Lutheran
7.12Tre'chon Creer55.70aWestview
8.12Mauricio Galicia56.13aTolleson Union
9.12Anthony Sandoval56.91aCopper Canyon
10.12Kenyttiesh Thomas56.96aTolleson Union
11.12Cameron Allen57.28aLa Joya Community
12.11Jerry Coker57.91aSierra Linda
13.11William Chavez58.25aSierra Linda
9Michael Massadeh58.79aArizona Lutheran
14.9Raequon Willis59.41aSierra Linda
15.10Alex Maltagliati59.52aWestview
16.9Michael Borges59.95aTolleson Union
9Luke Winterstein1:00.31aArizona Lutheran
9Patrick Ebalarosa1:00.42aArizona Lutheran
10Daniel CabreraDNSLa Joya Community
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Travis Freitas2:05.35aTolleson Union
12Tyrel Jackson2:07.26aArizona Lutheran
2.12Gilbert Flores2:08.62aWestview
3.9Christhian Perez2:11.06aWestview
4.11Abel Miranda2:12.51aTolleson Union
5.12Kenyttiesh Thomas2:17.33aTolleson Union
6.9Michael Borges2:19.32aTolleson Union
7.10Laman Hernandez2:19.56aSierra Linda
8.12Angel Diaz2:22.41aLa Joya Community
12Jon Klatt2:22.84aArizona Lutheran
9.10Hector Ontiveros2:23.10aSierra Linda
10.11William Chavez2:24.17aSierra Linda
11.12Steven Isham2:25.44aCopper Canyon
12.9Eduardo Rodriguez2:28.51aCopper Canyon
12Jacob Mueller2:29.30aArizona Lutheran
13.10Carlos Villalobos2:40.15aSierra Linda
14.11Viktor Russell2:45.63aLa Joya Community
15.9Roy Davidson3:13.98aCopper Canyon
12Kyle KileyDNSCopper Canyon
12Christopher ScottDNSWestview
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
9Josh Hoskinson4:45.04aArizona Lutheran
1.11Bradley Stefnik4:49.03aWestview
2.12Christopher Scott4:50.25aWestview
3.12Honore Mwizerwa4:58.51aWestview
4.9Christhian Perez4:58.52aWestview
5.12Travis Freitas5:01.74aTolleson Union
6.11Jose Madrigal5:04.12aLa Joya Community
7.9Justin Hanson5:04.98aTolleson Union
11JD Uhlhorn5:08.82aArizona Lutheran
8.10Laman Hernandez5:09.19aSierra Linda
9.11Alan Hernandez5:16.82aTolleson Union
10.9Eduardo Rodriguez5:26.06aCopper Canyon
11.12Cameron Allen5:29.38aLa Joya Community
12.11Abubakar Bonkiye5:43.30aSierra Linda
13.9Isaac Lawson6:13.26aSierra Linda
14.9Robert Melendez6:39.99aLa Joya Community
15.11Hoang Ton6:45.72aSierra Linda
16.9Roy Davidson6:52.84aCopper Canyon
12Kyle KileyDNSCopper Canyon
11Jonathan PerezDNSTolleson Union
12Steven IshamDNSCopper Canyon
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
11David Hoskinson10:15.83aArizona Lutheran
1.11Bradley Stefnik10:41.98aWestview
2.12Honore Mwizerwa10:48.09aWestview
10Eric Coda10:48.74aArizona Lutheran
12Carl Buchholz10:53.05aArizona Lutheran
3.11Jonathan Perez11:08.18aTolleson Union
4.11Alan Hernandez11:13.56aTolleson Union
5.11Jose Madrigal11:13.97aLa Joya Community
6.12Gilbert Flores11:26.38aWestview
7.11Anthony Alcantar11:42.71aTolleson Union
8.11Abubakar Bonkiye12:23.60aSierra Linda
9Tom Knight12:40.69aArizona Lutheran
9.9Isaac Lawson14:31.02aSierra Linda
10.9Robert Melendez15:05.70aLa Joya Community
11.11Hoang Ton15:27.96aSierra Linda
12Uber EstradaDNSCopper Canyon
11Abel MirandaDNSTolleson Union
9Omar SalcidoDNSSierra Linda
9Eduardo RodriguezDNSCopper Canyon
12Steven IshamDNSCopper Canyon
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Terrence Bland15.47aWestview
2.10Seivion Morris15.64aWestview
3.10Rayvon Johnson16.19aCopper Canyon
4.9Kenneth Steele16.89aTolleson Union
5.11John Flowers17.28aTolleson Union
6.9Ivan Townsend17.35aWestview
7.11Kendrick Vinson17.63aLa Joya Community
8.9Enrique Reyes19.15aTolleson Union
9.10Robert Madrigal19.39aLa Joya Community
10.10Julian Alegria20.10aSierra Linda
11.10Felipe Nava20.57aSierra Linda
11Antonio SimmonsDNSSierra Linda
11Jordan KeelDNSWestview
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Terrence Bland41.78aWestview
2.10Rayvon Johnson42.49aCopper Canyon
3.10Seivion Morris42.64aWestview
4.11Antonio Simmons43.38aSierra Linda
12Taylor Turnidge44.82aArizona Lutheran
5.11Kendrick Vinson44.84aLa Joya Community
6.9Enrique Reyes45.71aTolleson Union
7.11John Flowers45.85aTolleson Union
8.9Ivan Townsend46.51aWestview
9.10Robert Madrigal46.75aLa Joya Community
10.10Julian Alegria48.38aSierra Linda
9Jacob Burnside50.06aArizona Lutheran
11.10Felipe Nava50.26aSierra Linda
9Kenneth SteeleDNSTolleson Union
11Jordan KeelDNSWestview
11Robert TurnerDNSSierra Linda
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Gabriel Figueroa
Terry Johnson
Kendrick Vinson
Andrae Walters
45.00aLa Joya Community
2.-Robert Turner
Treyvon Turner
Geoffery Calderon
Latrell Harrell
45.91aSierra Linda
-Tyrel Jackson
Joe Natalie
Daniel Kapellusch
Taylor Turnidge
46.37aArizona Lutheran
3.-Enrique Reyes
Edward Hamre
Kenneth Steele
Brandon Pineda
47.04aTolleson Union
-Samuel Audon
Devonte Coleman
Justin Thornton
Guillermo Cuevas
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Justin Thornton
Guillermo Cuevas
Christopher Scott
Terrence Bland
2.-Hugo Alvarado
Michael Grubbs
Ravon Johnson
Anthony Sandoval
3:34.01aCopper Canyon
3.-Antonio Simmons
Jerry Coker
Abraham Amdam
Robert Turner
3:40.50aSierra Linda
4.-Cameron Allen
Gabriel Figueroa
Angel Diaz
Daniel Cabrera
3:44.07aLa Joya Community
-Joe Natalie
Ben Bernthal
Daniel Kapellusch
Josh Hoskinson
3:46.46aArizona Lutheran
5.-Travis Freitas
Mauricio Galicia
Michael Borges
Kenyttiesh Thomas
3:48.31aTolleson Union
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Christopher Scott
Christhian Perez
Honore Mwizerwa
Bradley Stefnik
2.-Jonathan Perez
Alan Hernandez
Kenyttiesh Thomas
Travis Freitas
8:44.98aTolleson Union
3.-Hugo Alvarado
Eduardo Rodriguez
Steven Isham
Uber Estrada
9:04.50aCopper Canyon
4.-William Chavez
Laman Hernandez
Abubakar Bonkiye
Carlos Villalobos
9:35.58aSierra Linda
5.-Angel Diaz
Viktor Russell
Cameron Allen
Jamie McElroy
9:44.38aLa Joya Community
-Sam Gray
Tom Knight
Jacob Burnside
Luke Winterstein
9:47.73aArizona Lutheran
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brandon Pineda58-00.00Tolleson Union
2.11Rogelio Garcia52-07.00Tolleson Union
3.12Brennan Bowen45-08.00Westview
4.12Francisco Clamor42-02.00Copper Canyon
5.12Ryan Yaracheta40-06.50La Joya Community
6.11Matt Farren40-04.00Westview
7.12Artino Sims40-03.00Tolleson Union
8.11Darvin Woods39-06.50Copper Canyon
8.11Daniel Dominguez39-06.50Sierra Linda
10.10Joshua Gonzales38-10.00La Joya Community
11.12Enrique Jimenez38-08.00Tolleson Union
11Jeff English37-06.50Arizona Lutheran
12.12Miguel Ramos35-09.00Copper Canyon
13.9Michael Coleman35-00.00Westview
14.11Jose Quiones34-11.00Sierra Linda
10Eric Schroeder34-08.00Arizona Lutheran
15.12Antonio Rendon34-07.50La Joya Community
16.9Manual Martinez33-02.00Westview
11Kevin Schulz32-01.50Arizona Lutheran
17.10Jeremy Jalbo30-00.00Sierra Linda
18.9Anthony Soto3-06.00Sierra Linda
12Chris GageDNSCopper Canyon
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brandon Pineda159-02Tolleson Union
2.11Rogelio Garcia141-09Tolleson Union
3.11Darvin Woods129-00Copper Canyon
4.11Jeff English118-09Arizona Lutheran
5.10Max Jimenez115-00Tolleson Union
6.12Brennan Bowen113-09Westview
7.11Jose Quiones111-10Sierra Linda
8.12Ryan Yaracheta108-08La Joya Community
9.12Francisco Clamor107-00Copper Canyon
10.9Michael Coleman105-08Westview
11.12Tyrell Thompson105-01La Joya Community
12.9Manual Martinez104-09Westview
13.10Joshua Gonzales103-05La Joya Community
14.12Antonio Rendon103-02La Joya Community
15.11Daniel Dominguez96-04Sierra Linda
16.9Michael Massadeh90-03Arizona Lutheran
17.12Miguel Ramos86-06Copper Canyon
18.10Eric Schroeder85-02Arizona Lutheran
19.9Anthony Soto85-00Sierra Linda
20.10Jeremy Jalbo72-01Sierra Linda
21.11Matt Farren10-00Westview
12Edward HamreDNSTolleson Union
12Chris GageDNSCopper Canyon
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11De Aundre Sanders5-08.00Westview
2.12Jon Klatt5-08.00Arizona Lutheran
11Kerry English5-04.00Arizona Lutheran
2.10Paul Burbank5-04.00Westview
2.12Tre'chon Creer5-04.00Westview
4.11Antonio Simmons5-04.00Sierra Linda
5.9Trevon Bosley5-04.00Westview
6.11John Flowers5-00.00Tolleson Union
12Joe NatalieNHArizona Lutheran
12Tyrell ThompsonDNSLa Joya Community
10Robert MadrigalNHLa Joya Community
11Gabriel FigueroaNHLa Joya Community
12Brandon PinedaNHTolleson Union
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alejandro Lucatero14-06.00Copper Canyon
2.10Adrian Childress13-00.00Copper Canyon
3.10Paul Burbank12-08.00Westview
4.12Richard Mc Devitt11-00.00Copper Canyon
4.11Anthony Rogers11-00.00Westview
11Jacob SzostekNHWestview
10Eric MartinezNHWestview
9Colten MoisoffDNSCopper Canyon
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jacob Szostek20-00.00Westview
2.12Dylan Caballero19-05.50Westview
3.9Roderic Mitchell18-09.50Westview
4.11Jerry Coker17-09.00Sierra Linda
5.10Latrell Harrell16-11.75Sierra Linda
6.9Jamie McElroy16-11.00La Joya Community
7.11Viktor Russell16-07.00La Joya Community
8.12Terry Johnson16-02.75La Joya Community
9.9Raequon Willis15-05.50Sierra Linda
9Luke Winterstein15-05.25Arizona Lutheran
10.11Kwinten Shackleford15-05.00Sierra Linda
9Patrick Ebalarosa13-07.50Arizona Lutheran
11.10Robert Madrigal13-05.75La Joya Community
9Seppo Suhonen11-02.25Arizona Lutheran
9Abraham LordsDNSArizona Lutheran
11Jordan KeelDNSWestview
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Samuel Audon41-09.25Westview
2.11Jacob Szostek41-09.00Westview
3.12Dylan Caballero38-00.75Westview
11Kerry English36-03.25Arizona Lutheran
4.11Jerry Coker36-01.50Sierra Linda
5.11Robert Turner36-01.00Sierra Linda
12Taylor Turnidge35-11.25Arizona Lutheran
6.11Kwinten Shackleford35-07.00Sierra Linda
7.9Diante Flowers33-00.75Westview
12Daniel Kapellusch32-09.75Arizona Lutheran
8.12Terry Johnson30-11.75La Joya Community
11Luke LuchterhandDNSArizona Lutheran

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Plaserae Johnson12.29aLa Joya Community
2.9Nikki Smith13.39aLa Joya Community
3.9Sebrianna Ellis13.53aLa Joya Community
10Bell Ogbanga13.55aTolleson Union
4.11Danyell Williams13.70aCopper Canyon
5.12Tatiana Freeman13.72aLa Joya Community
6.12Cristina Renteria13.81aCopper Canyon
7.11Taryn Johnson13.88aCopper Canyon
8.10Elexus Moore14.35aSierra Linda
9.9Angelique Hill14.80aSierra Linda
10.11Ariel Johnson15.00aWestview
11.9Isha Turay15.96aSierra Linda
12Jordan Shoop16.03aArizona Lutheran
12.11Kaelynn McCallum16.15aWestview
9Mary Bodjanac16.16aArizona Lutheran
9Christina Kapellusch16.19aArizona Lutheran
9Lexie Schmitz17.91aArizona Lutheran
9Shannon LewisDNSWestview
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Plaserae Johnson25.21aLa Joya Community
12I.B. Ogbanga27.45aTolleson Union
2.9Nikki Smith27.81aLa Joya Community
3.12Cristina Renteria28.09aCopper Canyon
4.11Latisha Daniels28.41aLa Joya Community
5.11Danyell Williams28.66aCopper Canyon
6.9Nicole Gage29.17aCopper Canyon
7.11Taryn Johnson29.26aCopper Canyon
10Janie Unkefer29.37aArizona Lutheran
11Lindsey Warskow30.58aArizona Lutheran
12Bethany Unkefer30.67aArizona Lutheran
8.10Lorraine Villegas30.73aSierra Linda
9.11Ariel Johnson30.78aWestview
10.10Corrine Shoufler33.21aLa Joya Community
11.9Angelique Hill33.30aSierra Linda
12.9Isha Turay34.03aSierra Linda
13.11Kaelynn McCallum34.04aWestview
12Jordan Shoop34.29aArizona Lutheran
10Elexus MooreDNSSierra Linda
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Bell Ogbanga1:01.30aTolleson Union
2.12I.B. Ogbanga1:01.84aTolleson Union
3.9Nicole Gage1:02.67aCopper Canyon
4.9Jazmine Rogers1:04.22aLa Joya Community
5.11Latisha Daniels1:04.75aLa Joya Community
6.12Charrell Mayes1:05.16aCopper Canyon
7.10Lorraine Villegas1:06.14aSierra Linda
8.12Rochelle Lauer1:06.69aWestview
9.9Alex Garcia1:07.28aTolleson Union
10.12Keshaun Lewis1:07.58aWestview
11.9Chelsea Dizon1:12.09aLa Joya Community
12.9Isha Turay1:23.63aSierra Linda
13.9Iran Guzman1:24.95aSierra Linda
12Cristina RenteriaDNSCopper Canyon
11Vanessa PalosDNSLa Joya Community
10Elexus MooreDNSSierra Linda
10Kathleen DeleonDNSCopper Canyon
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Renee Contreras2:28.18aWestview
2.10Catherine Montes2:36.56aWestview
3.9Alex Garcia2:49.76aTolleson Union
4.9Princess Magadia2:53.00aTolleson Union
5.9Ja el Flores2:55.51aTolleson Union
9Alyssa Kaiser2:56.05aArizona Lutheran
6.11Iris Franco2:59.06aTolleson Union
7.12Lilian Rascon3:01.55aWestview
8.9Chelsea Dizon3:08.59aLa Joya Community
9.10Kathleen Deleon3:10.59aCopper Canyon
10.10Jessica Ban3:12.72aWestview
11.12Kelly Gutierrez3:15.99aCopper Canyon
12.9Diana Parra3:18.23aLa Joya Community
13.11Iris Chavez3:50.52aSierra Linda
11Kimberly PalosDNSLa Joya Community
11Frankie DiazDNSLa Joya Community
9Iran GuzmanDNSSierra Linda
11Jessica AultDNSCopper Canyon
10Camille FisherDNSCopper Canyon
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Renee Contreras5:38.81aWestview
2.9Abbi Chavez6:07.31aWestview
3.10Taryn Crossman6:14.96aLa Joya Community
4.9Princess Magadia6:20.00aTolleson Union
5.12Lilian Rascon6:30.00aWestview
6.9Ja el Flores6:33.86aTolleson Union
7.11Iris Franco6:42.19aTolleson Union
8.11Valeria Norzagaray6:51.39aLa Joya Community
9.11Gudalupe Torres7:05.41aTolleson Union
10.10Camille Fisher7:28.64aCopper Canyon
11.11Iris Chavez8:25.20aSierra Linda
10Sammy NunozDNSCopper Canyon
9Martitaz PerezDNSWestview
11Hope LightfieldDNSCopper Canyon
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Ja el Flores14:56.85aTolleson Union
2.11Iris Franco14:57.47aTolleson Union
3.11Gudalupe Torres15:27.43aTolleson Union
4.10Jessica Ban15:42.20aWestview
5.11Valeria Norzagaray15:43.96aLa Joya Community
6.9Diana Parra16:54.72aLa Joya Community
9Martitaz PerezDNSWestview
10Kathleen DeleonDNSCopper Canyon
10Camille FisherDNSCopper Canyon
11Jessica AultDNSCopper Canyon
12Lilian RasconDNSWestview
11Alaina FisherDNSCopper Canyon
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
12Bethany Unkefer17.54aArizona Lutheran
1.11Briana White18.15aTolleson Union
2.10Stephanie Torres18.34aWestview
3.10Samantha Torres18.35aWestview
4.11Kaylan Neal19.55aLa Joya Community
5.11Miranda Guzman19.58aLa Joya Community
6.12Marisol Ramos20.29aCopper Canyon
7.11Alexa Kolodziej20.31aCopper Canyon
8.11Andrea Corral20.44aCopper Canyon
9.11Victorya Miller20.70aCopper Canyon
10.10Lorraine Villegas20.78aSierra Linda
11.11Emily Neve21.42aWestview
11Frankie DiazDNSLa Joya Community
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Samantha Torres51.34aWestview
10Janie Unkefer51.47aArizona Lutheran
2.11Briana White51.92aTolleson Union
3.12Marisol Ramos52.73aCopper Canyon
4.10Taryn Crossman53.39aLa Joya Community
5.10Stephanie Torres54.02aWestview
6.11Victorya Miller54.30aCopper Canyon
7.11Emily Neve56.93aWestview
8.11Alexa Kolodziej57.23aCopper Canyon
9.11Miranda Guzman57.75aLa Joya Community
12Kelly GutierrezDNSCopper Canyon
10Maya BuitronDNSWestview
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Plaserae Johnson
Eryhon Brown
Tatiana Freeman
Sebrianna Ellis
51.09aLa Joya Community
2.-Danyell Williams
Taryn Johnson
Charrell Mayes
Marisol Ramos
52.55aCopper Canyon
3.-Danielle Wilson
Stephanie Torres
Samantha Torres
Shannon Lewis
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Bell Ogbanga
Alex Garcia
Briana White
I.B. Ogbanga
4:14.52aTolleson Union
2.-Cristina Renteria
Marisol Ramos
Nicole Gage
Charrell Mayes
4:16.80aCopper Canyon
3.-Taryn Crossman
Plaserae Johnson
Jasmine Rogers
Latisha Daniels
4:24.40aLa Joya Community
4.-Krisslyn Downing
Samantha Torres
Stephanie Torres
Keshaun Lewis
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Rochelle Lauer
Rene Contreras
Abbi Chavez
Catherine Montes
2.-Princess Magadia
Iris Franco
Gudalupe Torres
Ja el Flores
11:50.75aTolleson Union
3.-Jessica Ault
Andrea Grana
Kelly Gutierrez
Kathleen Deleon
12:42.72aCopper Canyon
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alaina Fisher30-08.00Copper Canyon
2.11Danielle Wilson28-11.00Westview
3.12Sadie Jimenez25-09.00Tolleson Union
4.11Nicole Walton25-03.50Westview
5.11Katherine Goetz25-02.00Westview
6.11Hope Lightfield25-01.00Copper Canyon
7.11Janay Gardner24-09.00Sierra Linda
8.9Tiontay Lowmon22-06.00Tolleson Union
9.11Angelica Pena21-09.50Tolleson Union
10.10Natasha Dush19-09.00Tolleson Union
11.9Rebecca Chavez18-03.00Sierra Linda
12.11Jessica Ault16-09.50Copper Canyon
11Hisako IedaDNSCopper Canyon
12Patricia AmaroDNSLa Joya Community
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sadie Jimenez94-11Tolleson Union
2.11Alaina Fisher94-03Copper Canyon
3.11Hope Lightfield88-00Copper Canyon
4.11Danielle Wilson84-09Westview
5.9Tiontay Lowmon81-07Tolleson Union
11Lindsey Warskow79-01Arizona Lutheran
9Mary Bodjanac71-03Arizona Lutheran
6.11Angelica Pena68-11Tolleson Union
7.11Jessica Ault67-07Copper Canyon
8.10Natasha Dush64-02Tolleson Union
9.11Katherine Goetz61-00Westview
10.11Nicole Walton56-05Westview
11.10Sabrina Nuriz49-02La Joya Community
12.11Janay Gardner45-03Sierra Linda
13.9Rebecca Chavez33-10Sierra Linda
12Patricia AmaroDNSLa Joya Community
11Hisako IedaDNSCopper Canyon
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Briana White5-00.00Tolleson Union
2.12Bethany Unkefer4-10.00Arizona Lutheran
3.10Catherine Montes4-08.00Westview
4.11Taryn Johnson4-08.00Copper Canyon
5.11Miranda Guzman4-06.00La Joya Community
6.11Andrea Corral4-04.00Copper Canyon
8.12Rochelle Lauer4-02.00Westview
9.11Latisha Daniels4-02.00La Joya Community
9.9Nicole Gage4-02.00Copper Canyon
10.9Shannon Lewis4-00.00Westview
12.9Mary Bodjanac3-10.00Arizona Lutheran
12.10Corrine Shoufler3-10.00La Joya Community
13.11Angelica Pena3-10.00Tolleson Union
12Tatiana FreemanNHLa Joya Community
12Brenda CarrascoDNSWestview
12Marisol RamosDNSCopper Canyon
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Camille Fisher8-00.00Copper Canyon
3.11Victorya Miller7-06.00Copper Canyon
3.12Cristina Renteria7-06.00Copper Canyon
4.11Andrea Grana7-00.00Copper Canyon
9Shannon LewisNHWestview
11India ParsonsDNSWestview
11Rachelle PhillipsDNSWestview
10Catherine MontesNHWestview
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12I.B. Ogbanga16-03.50Tolleson Union
2.10Bell Ogbanga15-11.75Tolleson Union
3.12Krisslyn Downing14-08.75Westview
4.12Tatiana Freeman14-06.75La Joya Community
5.9Eryhon Brown14-04.50La Joya Community
6.12Keshaun Lewis14-03.00Westview
7.11Danyell Williams14-02.00Copper Canyon
8.11Kaylan Neal14-00.00La Joya Community
11Lindsey Warskow13-11.00Arizona Lutheran
9.11Miranda Guzman13-03.00La Joya Community
10.12Kelly Gutierrez12-10.50Copper Canyon
9Alyssa Kaiser12-03.00Arizona Lutheran
9Christina Kapellusch11'06.75Arizona Lutheran
12Jordan Shoop11-05.00Arizona Lutheran
9Christina Kapellusch11'04.00Arizona Lutheran
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Krisslyn Downing33-11.75Westview
2.11Kaylan Neal31-10.00La Joya Community
3.12Keshaun Lewis31-07.00Westview
4.10Lorraine Villegas27-10.75Sierra Linda
5.12Charrell Mayes27-10.25Copper Canyon
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