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A-1 District Meet

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Omaha Burke HS

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ted Lampkin10.97aOmaha Central      
2.10Devin Barfield11.25aOmaha Central      
3.9James Scott11.45aCreighton Preparatory      
4.11Dylan Blankenship11.46aCreighton Preparatory      
5.10Lucas Henson11.48aCreighton Preparatory      
6.12D'Vante Smith11.60aPapillion-La Vista S...      
7.12JeVaun Brown11.68aOmaha Central      
8.11Nick Voss11.86aLincoln East      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Ted Lampkin10.80aOmaha Central      
2.10Devin Barfield11.20aOmaha Central      
3.10Lucas Henson11.30aCreighton Preparatory      
4.9James Scott11.31aCreighton Preparatory      
5.12JeVaun Brown11.35aOmaha Central      
6.11Dylan Blankenship11.37aCreighton Preparatory      
7.12D'Vante Smith11.64aPapillion-La Vista S...      
8.11Nick Voss11.72aLincoln East      
9.11Rashaud Cartwright11.77aOmaha Northwest      
10.11John Schneckloth11.89aLincoln East      
11.10Cody Hauschild11.91aPapillion-La Vista S...      
12.10Curtis Atwater11.92aOmaha Bryan      
13.12Donovan Allen11.92aOmaha Bryan      
14.11Ryan Petitt11.97aLincoln East      
15.9Damien Cross12.07aOmaha South      
16.12Breckin Anderson12.11aSouth Sioux City      
17.9Joey Rogers12.24aOmaha South      
18.11Keon Mills12.31aOmaha South      
19.11Bart Kent12.71aSouth Sioux City      
20.12Joe Cannia13.08aPapillion-La Vista S...      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Devin Barfield22.45aOmaha Central      
2.11Savon Carabollo23.22aOmaha South      
3.12Jon Hawkins23.51aPapillion-La Vista S...      
4.10Lucas Henson23.73aCreighton Preparatory      
5.11Alex Darnall23.78aLincoln East      
6.10Jamal Jones23.97aOmaha Northwest      
7.9David Chambers24.11aCreighton Preparatory      
8.12Micah Wagner25.17aCreighton Preparatory      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Devin Barfield22.35aOmaha Central      
4.11Savon Carabollo23.47aOmaha South      
2.12Jon Hawkins23.75aPapillion-La Vista S...      
3.11Alex Darnall23.80aLincoln East      
5.10Lucas Henson23.97aCreighton Preparatory      
6.10Jamal Jones24.01aOmaha Northwest      
7.9David Chambers24.33aCreighton Preparatory      
8.12Micah Wagner24.36aCreighton Preparatory      
9.10Curtis Atwater24.63aOmaha Bryan      
10.11Keon Mills25.08aOmaha South      
11.11Ryan Petitt25.19aLincoln East      
12.10Zachary Zellmar25.34aOmaha Bryan      
13.9Alic Fisher25.53aSouth Sioux City      
14.10Cody Hauschild25.92aPapillion-La Vista S...      
15.11Bart Kent26.13aSouth Sioux City      
16.11Jeremy Pedersen26.27aOmaha Bryan      
17.9Damien Cross26.40aOmaha South      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Dennis Barfield49.34aOmaha Central      
2.12Alex Ferrer50.05aCreighton Preparatory      
3.12Josuf Robinson51.40aOmaha Central      
4.10Stacy Keeley51.50aOmaha Northwest      
5.12Matt Carmody51.97aCreighton Preparatory      
6.10James Wingerter52.41aCreighton Preparatory      
7.12Tre'Sean Harris-Ruff53.19aOmaha Central      
8.11Savon Carabollo54.14aOmaha South      
9.11Colin Johnston54.25aOmaha Bryan      
10.10Austin Sankey54.85aLincoln East      
11.9Joey Rogers55.18aOmaha South      
12.10Dylan Piche55.72aPapillion-La Vista S...      
13.9Alic Fisher56.19aSouth Sioux City      
14.12Peter Cosimi56.26aPapillion-La Vista S...      
15.9Dylan Donahue56.49aPapillion-La Vista S...      
16.12Dontavis Fontroy58.40aOmaha South      
17.10Victor Sanchez59.86aSouth Sioux City      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Joe Henry Kelly2:00.51aCreighton Preparatory      
2.11Drew Schulenberg2:01.54aLincoln East      
3.10Jake McCain2:01.56aPapillion-La Vista S...      
4.11Curtis Dlouhy2:03.92aLincoln East      
5.11Robert Herrera2:05.12aCreighton Preparatory      
6.11T.J. Simpson2:06.03aCreighton Preparatory      
7.12Ron Costello2:08.28aOmaha South      
8.10Titus Lehman2:08.53aPapillion-La Vista S...      
9.10Austin Fritza2:08.86aSouth Sioux City      
10.9Will Smith2:08.98aOmaha Central      
11.12Austin Mar2:09.91aLincoln East      
12.12Spencer Granville2:12.11aPapillion-La Vista S...      
13.11Moti Abdissa2:17.15aSouth Sioux City      
14.10Jamez Burke2:23.94aOmaha South      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Pierce Tallichet4:35.99aLincoln East      
2.11Eric Weers4:38.18aPapillion-La Vista S...      
3.11Isaac Allen4:39.32aLincoln East      
4.9Gabriel Clauss4:39.66aOmaha Northwest      
5.9Jack Polerecky4:49.24aCreighton Preparatory      
6.9John Eckert4:49.36aCreighton Preparatory      
7.11Drew Schulenberg4:50.78aLincoln East      
8.10Elliot LaFollette4:51.69aOmaha Central      
9.11Luis Ramirez4:55.62aOmaha Bryan      
10.11Brian Dunic4:56.67aPapillion-La Vista S...      
11.11Nathan Klein4:57.36aPapillion-La Vista S...      
12.10Jameson Owen4:58.97aOmaha Northwest      
13.11Steve McCann4:59.45aOmaha Central      
14.10Michael Carson4:59.98aSouth Sioux City      
15.11Tom Mulhall5:00.29aCreighton Preparatory      
16.11Whitton Valentine5:01.70aOmaha South      
17.9Karter Keefer5:06.79aSouth Sioux City      
18.12Antonio Villafuerte5:09.57aOmaha South      
19.11Colin Johnston5:17.52aOmaha Bryan      
20.10Kyle Foster5:17.99aOmaha Central      
21.12Ron Costello5:25.67aOmaha South      
22.10Fabian Bustos5:26.81aSouth Sioux City      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Eric Weers9:58.08aPapillion-La Vista S...      
2.11Isaac Allen10:00.42aLincoln East      
3.9Jack Polerecky10:00.66aCreighton Preparatory      
4.11Brian Dunic10:02.29aPapillion-La Vista S...      
5.11Dan Artz10:09.40aCreighton Preparatory      
6.10Bryce Thomas10:34.27aCreighton Preparatory      
7.12Zach Mahon10:36.73aSouth Sioux City      
8.10Michael Carson10:37.25aSouth Sioux City      
9.11Whitton Valentine10:38.52aOmaha South      
10.10Kyle Foster10:42.01aOmaha Central      
11.10Taylor Witt11:01.58aLincoln East      
12.12Tom Filbey11:02.58aPapillion-La Vista S...      
13.12Antonio Villafuerte11:18.88aOmaha South      
14.11Austin Titus11:34.89aLincoln East      
15.10Feysel Rahmeto11:55.71aOmaha South      
16.10Jorge Reyes12:45.71aSouth Sioux City      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Andrew McNear15.43aOmaha Central      
2.11Tyler Davis15.60aOmaha South      
3.11Eric Connor15.64aLincoln East      
4.12Cody O'Dell15.82aSouth Sioux City      
5.10Andy Neal15.93aLincoln East      
6.11Ryann Flynn16.10aCreighton Preparatory      
7.12Adonis Williams16.12aPapillion-La Vista S...      
8.11Connor Sonderman16.19aCreighton Preparatory      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Eric Connor15.44aLincoln East      
3.10Andy Neal15.53aLincoln East      
2.11Andrew McNear15.58aOmaha Central      
4.12Cody O'Dell15.62aSouth Sioux City      
5.11Ryann Flynn15.78aCreighton Preparatory      
6.11Connor Sonderman15.88aCreighton Preparatory      
7.11Tyler Davis15.89aOmaha South      
8.12Adonis Williams16.37aPapillion-La Vista S...      
9.12Daniel Padilla16.42aOmaha South      
10.11Michael Chachere16.73aOmaha Northwest      
11.11Elijah Smith16.78aOmaha Northwest      
12.9Greg Dittman19.04aLincoln East      
--10Robert DancerDQOmaha Central      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Andy Neal40.12aLincoln East      
2.12Daniel Padilla40.83aOmaha South      
3.11Tyler Davis42.00aOmaha South      
4.11Derek Visek42.21aCreighton Preparatory      
5.11Ryann Flynn42.48aCreighton Preparatory      
6.12Cody O'Dell43.23aSouth Sioux City      
7.11Eric Connor43.38aLincoln East      
8.10Robert Dancer43.47aOmaha Central      
9.11Dylan Blankenship43.76aCreighton Preparatory      
10.12Adonis Williams44.21aPapillion-La Vista S...      
11.9Greg Dittman44.54aLincoln East      
12.10A.J. Qvern-Henderson44.65aPapillion-La Vista S...      
13.11Elijah Smith45.31aOmaha Northwest      
14.9Sam Flores47.26aSouth Sioux City      
15.11Michael Chachere47.97aOmaha Northwest      
16.10Michael Offerman50.03aSouth Sioux City      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Devon Barfield
Dennis Barfield
JeVaun Brown
Ted Lampkin
42.30aOmaha Central      
2.-D'Vante Smith
Lexi Williams
Cody Hauschild
Jon Hawkins
44.38aPapillion-La Vista S...      
3.-Lucas Henson
James Scott
Jamon Hampton
Micah Wagner
44.54aCreighton Preparatory      
4.-Rashaud Cartwright
Sarael Duncan
Jamal Jones
Elijah Smith
44.72aOmaha Northwest      
5.-Tyler Davis
Savon Carabollo
Daniel Padilla
David Brown
45.17aOmaha South      
6.-John Schneckloth
Andy Neal
Eric Connor
Austin Kilgore
46.14aLincoln East      
7.-Zachary Zellmar
Curtis Atwater
Donovan Allen
Aaron Fellows
47.19aOmaha Bryan      
8.-Relay Team 48.91aSouth Sioux City      
8.-Breckin Anderson
Moti Abdissa
Michael Offerman
Cody O'Dell
48.91aSouth Sioux City      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Devon Barfield
Josuf Robinson
Tre'Sean Harris-Ruff
Dennis Barfield
3:24.11aOmaha Central      
2.-RJ Dennis
Alex Darnall
Tyler Janssen
Andy Neal
3:29.41aLincoln East      
3.-James Wingerter
Alex Ferrer
Joe Henry Kelly
Matt Carmody
3:29.51aCreighton Preparatory      
3.-Relay Team 3:29.51aCreighton Preparatory      
4.-Tyler Davis
Daniel Padilla
Nyuon Joak
Savon Carabollo
3:36.01aOmaha South      
6.-Rashaud Cartwright
Jamal Jones
Gabe Clauss
Stacy Keeley
3:41.37aOmaha Northwest      
7.-Cody O'Dell
Moti Abdissa
Michael Offerman
Austin Fritza
3:51.65aSouth Sioux City      
8.-Zachary Zellmar
Jeremy Pedersen
Curtis Atwater
Aaron Fellows
3:52.88aOmaha Bryan      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Curtis Dlouhy
Austin Mar
Tyler Janssen
Pierce Talliceht
8:16.29aLincoln East      
2.-Relay Team 8:20.55aCreighton Preparatory      
2.-T.J. Simpson
Robert Herrera
James Wingerter
Joe Henry Kelly
8:20.55aCreighton Preparatory      
3.-Jake McCain
Spencer Granville
Titus Lehman
Nick Bakke
8:29.23aPapillion-La Vista S...      
4.-Moti Abdissa
Karter Keefer
Michael Offerman
Austin Fritza
8:42.83aSouth Sioux City      
5.-Ron Costello
Antonio Villafuerte
Whitton Valentine
Jamez Burke
8:47.26aOmaha South      
6.-Will Smith
Elliot LaFollette
Steve McCann
Matt Weidner
8:49.38aOmaha Central      
7.-Colin Johnston
Luis Ramirez
Dylan Ramos
Kasif Jones
9:14.60aOmaha Bryan      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Zack Shull47-07.00Papillion-La Vista S...      
2.11Josh Gawrick45-10.00Lincoln East      
3.12Ryan King45-06.50Creighton Preparatory      
4.11Taylor Jensen44-04.00South Sioux City      
5.11Weston Kallhoff44-02.50Lincoln East      
6.10Sam Stoltenberg44-00.00Creighton Preparatory      
7.10Terell Brown42-08.50Omaha Central      
8.12Jose Nolasco-Diaz41-11.00Omaha Bryan      
9.-Jesse Tenney39-10.00Lincoln East      
10.10Zach Stingley38-04.75South Sioux City      
11.10Johnathan Patrick38-00.50South Sioux City      
12.11Jon Bartels37-07.00Papillion-La Vista S...      
13.12Josh Norman37-05.50Papillion-La Vista S...      
14.12Patrick Correa35-11.50Omaha South      
15.10Ben Witt34-03.00Creighton Preparatory      
16.9Jataun Pratt33-02.50Omaha South      
17.9Bul Kueth33-01.00Omaha South      
18.10Garrett Delgado31-00.50Omaha Bryan      
19.10Tyl Strickler-Collettti30-04.00Omaha Bryan      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Zack Shull161-05Papillion-La Vista S...      
2.12Colton Wolinski145-07Lincoln East      
3.11Taylor Jensen144-05South Sioux City      
4.11Josh Slechta140-06Creighton Preparatory      
5.11Josh Gawrick132-11Lincoln East      
6.12Spencer Welton127-01Omaha Central      
7.10Marcus Davis124-10Omaha South      
8.11Joe Jasnowski122-09Creighton Preparatory      
9.9Brandon Lewandowski120-10Papillion-La Vista S...      
10.11David Gobel117-07Creighton Preparatory      
11.12Luke Jensen115-03South Sioux City      
12.11Aaron Bohl115-00Lincoln East      
13.12Josh Norman114-01Papillion-La Vista S...      
14.11Payton Hogan102-06Omaha Central      
15.9Sam Solorzano98-01Omaha South      
16.10Garrett Delgado88-01Omaha Bryan      
17.10Nick Lundeen86-01Omaha Northwest      
18.12Brandon LeBeau79-10Omaha Bryan      
19.10Tyl Strickler-Collettti77-01Omaha Bryan      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mitchell Westberry6-04.00Omaha Central      
2.12Sarael Duncan5-11.00Omaha Northwest      
3.12Rickey Claxton5-11.00Omaha Northwest      
4.10Stacy Keeley5-10.00Omaha Northwest      
5.9Reginald Dennis5-10.00Lincoln East      
6.9Kendall West5-08.00Creighton Preparatory      
7.12Calvin McCoy5-08.00Omaha Central      
--12Richard WynneNHCreighton Preparatory      
--10Andrew GoddardNHCreighton Preparatory      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Christian Mapes14-09.00Creighton Preparatory      
2.12Brian Burris13-00.00Lincoln East      
3.9Andrew Klein12-06.00Papillion-La Vista S...      
4.11Pat English11-00.00Papillion-La Vista S...      
5.9Benjamin Dyer10-06.00Lincoln East      
6.10James Hartung10-06.00Lincoln East      
7.10Ryan Ellis9-06.00Papillion-La Vista S...      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ted Lampkin22-10.50Omaha Central      
2.12Sarael Duncan22-04.50Omaha Northwest      
3.12David Brown22-01.50Omaha South      
4.11Andrew McNear21-11.00Omaha Central      
5.11Lexi Williams21-07.75Papillion-La Vista S...      
6.12Deng Nguot20-08.25Omaha South      
7.12Calvin McCoy20-06.00Omaha Central      
8.11Austin Kilgore20-02.50Lincoln East      
9.11Jamon Hampton19-07.25Creighton Preparatory      
10.9David Chambers19-05.50Creighton Preparatory      
11.12Breckin Anderson18-11.75South Sioux City      
12.12William Dole18-10.00Omaha Northwest      
13.11Rodney Palafox18-09.50Papillion-La Vista S...      
14.11Adrian Kellogg18-07.50Omaha Northwest      
15.10Jim Walsh18-03.50Creighton Preparatory      
16.11Aaron Fellows18-02.25Omaha Bryan      
17.9Alic Fisher17-00.25South Sioux City      
18.11Ryan Sumpter16-02.00Papillion-La Vista S...      
19.12Donovan Allen14-01.50Omaha Bryan      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ted Lampkin47-03.75Omaha Central      
2.12Deng Nguot43-08.50Omaha South      
3.12Sarael Duncan43-07.00Omaha Northwest      
4.11Lexi Williams42-08.75Papillion-La Vista S...      
5.12William Dole41-06.75Omaha Northwest      
6.12Rickey Claxton40-11.25Omaha Northwest      
7.12Mitchell Westberry40-11.25Omaha Central      
8.11Rodney Palafox40-09.00Papillion-La Vista S...      
9.11Andrew McNear39-08.25Omaha Central      
10.12Breckin Anderson39-07.75South Sioux City      
11.12Andrew Taylor39-04.75Creighton Preparatory      
12.11Austin Kilgore39-02.00Lincoln East      
13.11Aaron Fellows38-10.00Omaha Bryan      
14.10Andrew Goddard35-10.75Creighton Preparatory      
15.9Kyle Kassing34-11.00South Sioux City      
16.9Jeremy Eaves34-06.25Omaha South      
17.9Damien Cross34-01.50Omaha South      
18.9Sam Flores33-08.75South Sioux City      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Chelsea Baker12.46aOmaha Central      
2.12Neeia Cooperwood12.46aOmaha Marian      
3.10Rachel Bramhall12.69aPapillion-La Vista S...      
4.10Kadie Rolfzen12.83aPapillion-La Vista S...      
5.10Payton Horacek12.94aOmaha Marian      
6.12Nicole Bourke13.15aPapillion-La Vista S...      
7.10Sydney Quinlan13.17aOmaha Marian      
8.9Imani Wilson13.19aLincoln East      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Chelsea Baker12.33aOmaha Central      
2.12Neeia Cooperwood12.38aOmaha Marian      
3.10Rachel Bramhall12.54aPapillion-La Vista S...      
5.10Payton Horacek12.56aOmaha Marian      
4.10Kadie Rolfzen12.68aPapillion-La Vista S...      
6.9Imani Wilson12.93aLincoln East      
7.10Sydney Quinlan12.97aOmaha Marian      
8.12Nicole Bourke13.17aPapillion-La Vista S...      
9.10Nataya Thomas13.17aOmaha Central      
10.11Yoselin Deleon13.23aOmaha Bryan      
11.9Hailey Bohaty13.29aLincoln East      
12.11Emily Gamble13.47aOmaha Central      
13.10Mickenzie Hepburn14.50aLincoln East      
14.9Ceiara Jackson14.51aOmaha Northwest      
15.10December Price14.59aOmaha Northwest      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Neeia Cooperwood25.47aOmaha Marian      
2.10Chelsea Baker26.10aOmaha Central      
3.10Nicole Liske26.24aOmaha Marian      
4.10Kadie Rolfzen26.30aPapillion-La Vista S...      
5.9Desiree Sanders26.69aOmaha Central      
6.9Chandy Jones27.33aOmaha Bryan      
7.9Hailey Bohaty27.41aLincoln East      
8.9Tridia Tshimanga27.76aOmaha Marian      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Neeia Cooperwood25.41aOmaha Marian      
3.10Kadie Rolfzen25.90aPapillion-La Vista S...      
2.10Chelsea Baker25.99aOmaha Central      
5.10Nicole Liske26.23aOmaha Marian      
4.9Desiree Sanders26.95aOmaha Central      
6.9Tridia Tshimanga27.67aOmaha Marian      
7.9Hailey Bohaty28.22aLincoln East      
8.9Chandy Jones28.32aOmaha Bryan      
9.11Yoselin Deleon28.54aOmaha Bryan      
10.10Ayoma Watts28.90aOmaha Northwest      
11.10Joelle Sandfort29.22aLincoln East      
12.10Cyra Fenceroy29.35aOmaha Northwest      
13.9Shylia Riley30.04aOmaha Central      
14.12Brooke Haley30.36aLincoln East      
15.9Ceiara Jackson31.44aOmaha Northwest      
--10Amber RolfzenDNFPapillion-La Vista S...      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Amber Rolfzen1:00.00aPapillion-La Vista S...      
2.11Whitney Kostal1:00.02aPapillion-La Vista S...      
3.9Chandy Jones1:00.42aOmaha Bryan      
4.11Djenaba Kelly1:00.89aOmaha Central      
5.9Desiree Sanders1:01.47aOmaha Central      
6.10Brittney Giddings1:01.98aPapillion-La Vista S...      
7.9Carly Steinauer1:03.86aOmaha Marian      
8.9Maria Casey1:03.89aOmaha Marian      
9.10Taylor Bleil1:04.50aSouth Sioux City      
10.12Muriel Neary1:04.74aOmaha Marian      
11.10Aimee Just1:07.81aLincoln East      
12.12Sophia Iaquinta1:13.20aLincoln East      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Mikalah Mertlik2:24.01aLincoln East      
2.10Bonnie Smith2:24.83aOmaha Northwest      
3.12Jordan Bledsoe2:27.45aPapillion-La Vista S...      
4.9Simone Duryea2:30.16aOmaha Marian      
5.11Halie Hoch2:30.31aSouth Sioux City      
6.10Emmie Johnson2:32.96aLincoln East      
7.12Emily Bindl2:35.01aPapillion-La Vista S...      
8.9Dylan Zinszer2:36.46aPapillion-La Vista S...      
9.10Shardae Sims2:37.12aLincoln East      
10.9Annie Gensichen2:40.64aOmaha Marian      
11.9Aisha Udofia2:42.02aOmaha Central      
12.9Oluwaseni Adekunle2:43.44aOmaha Central      
13.10Qwenyona Evans2:45.60aOmaha Bryan      
14.9Rose Gensichen2:47.94aOmaha Marian      
15.12Anna Herpel2:56.60aOmaha Northwest      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Elizabeth Naber5:28.26aPapillion-La Vista S...      
2.10Bonnie Smith5:30.98aOmaha Northwest      
3.11Gabi Jenkins5:30.98aPapillion-La Vista S...      
4.11Sarah Dweikat5:31.18aLincoln East      
5.11Jackie Osenbaugh5:31.30aLincoln East      
6.12Perla Gutierrez5:33.50aOmaha South      
7.9Liz Wiggs5:47.39aOmaha Marian      
8.9Bernice Gutierrez5:48.11aOmaha South      
9.11Sydney Gress5:52.66aPapillion-La Vista S...      
10.10Sarah Penner5:57.55aLincoln East      
11.11Stephanie Conner6:04.52aOmaha Northwest      
12.10Nyoke Dumba6:19.37aOmaha Marian      
13.9Meghan Schumacher6:19.57aOmaha Marian      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Gabi Jenkins11:31.89aPapillion-La Vista S...      
2.12Perla Gutierrez11:33.53aOmaha South      
3.9Elizabeth Naber11:39.55aPapillion-La Vista S...      
4.11Sarah Dweikat11:40.95aLincoln East      
5.10Emmie Johnson11:52.51aLincoln East      
6.11Sydney Gress12:52.60aPapillion-La Vista S...      
7.9Meghan Schumacher13:07.89aOmaha Marian      
8.10Madison Mallum13:14.12aLincoln East      
9.9Danielle Kersting13:23.34aSouth Sioux City      
10.10Megan Han13:59.34aOmaha Marian      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Avrie Welton15.56aOmaha Central      
2.9Madalyn Buller16.11aOmaha Central      
3.10Jaidin Ross16.43aOmaha Central      
4.10Rachel Bramhall16.49aPapillion-La Vista S...      
5.9Chelsea Chapman16.59aOmaha South      
6.11Katie Scheer17.29aOmaha Marian      
7.12Shannon Peppers17.29aPapillion-La Vista S...      
8.9Hailey Hinds18.06aSouth Sioux City      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Avrie Welton15.66aOmaha Central      
2.9Madalyn Buller16.18aOmaha Central      
3.10Rachel Bramhall16.44aPapillion-La Vista S...      
4.10Jaidin Ross16.54aOmaha Central      
5.11Katie Scheer16.69aOmaha Marian      
6.12Shannon Peppers16.79aPapillion-La Vista S...      
7.9Chelsea Chapman17.52aOmaha South      
8.9Hailey Hinds17.67aSouth Sioux City      
9.9Karli Sandin17.94aLincoln East      
10.10Michelle Burris18.21aLincoln East      
11.10Trista Thoreson18.23aSouth Sioux City      
12.12Emma Samuelson18.34aOmaha Marian      
13.10Morgan Hansen18.66aSouth Sioux City      
14.9Savanna Falter19.92aLincoln East      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Avrie Welton46.66aOmaha Central      
2.11Kate Janike46.76aLincoln East      
3.9Chelsea Chapman46.88aOmaha South      
4.9Madalyn Buller46.93aOmaha Central      
5.10Rachel Bramhall47.12aPapillion-La Vista S...      
6.11Emily Gamble48.99aOmaha Central      
7.12Lauren Nelson50.62aOmaha Marian      
8.9Karli Sandin51.24aLincoln East      
9.12Shannon Peppers51.30aPapillion-La Vista S...      
10.11Mackenzie Miller51.93aLincoln East      
11.11Katie Scheer54.64aOmaha Marian      
12.10Morgan Hansen55.24aSouth Sioux City      
13.12Emma Samuelson55.68aOmaha Marian      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Desiree Sanders
Maddie Buller
Nataya Thomas
Chelsea Baker
49.18aOmaha Central      
2.-Nicole Warren
Rachel Bramhall
Nicole Bourke
Kadie Rolfzen
49.94aPapillion-La Vista S...      
3.-Imani Wilson
Hailey Bohaty
Bianca Fischer
Karli Sandin
52.63aLincoln East      
4.-December Price
Cyra Fenceroy
Janesha Stapleton
Ayoma Watts
54.32aOmaha Northwest      
5.-Halie Hoch
Trista Thoreson
Audra Thramer
Taylor Bleil
56.03aSouth Sioux City      
---Neeia Cooperwood
Payton Horacek
Sydney Quinlan
Nicole Liske
DNFOmaha Marian      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Amber Rolfzen
Whitney Kostal
Brittney Giddings
Kadie Rolfzen
4:02.83aPapillion-La Vista S...      
2.-Djenaba Kelly
Jaidin Ross
Chelsea Baker
Desiree Sanders
4:10.41aOmaha Central      
3.-Maria Casey
Muriel Neary
Lauren Nelson
Alex Eilers
4:12.03aOmaha Marian      
4.-Skyeler Tenopir
Michaela Frenzel
Mikalah Mertlik
Kate Janike
4:14.41aLincoln East      
5.-Cyra Fenceroy
Bonnie Smith
December Price
Ayoma Watts
4:25.97aOmaha Northwest      
6.-Chelsea Chapman
Keila Placido
Bernice Gutierrez
Perla Gutierrez
4:26.07aOmaha South      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Shardae Sims
Kate Janike
Skyeler Tenopir
Michaela Frenzel
10:08.98aLincoln East      
3.-Simone Duryea
Nyoke Dumba
Rosie Gensichen
Liz Wiggs
10:26.30aOmaha Marian      
4.-Aisha Udofia
Taylar Roundtree
Jessica Vorthmann
Oluwaseni Adekunle
10:33.82aOmaha Central      
5.-Rachael Vanmilligan
Stephanie Conner
Anna Herpel
Bonnie Smith
10:37.35aOmaha Northwest      
6.-Halie Hoch
Shanna Frazier
Selma DeAnda
Taylor Bleil
10:54.67aSouth Sioux City      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kaiti Williams40-04.50Papillion-La Vista S...      
2.12Tristen Sharp37-09.50South Sioux City      
3.12Amaris Baker34-04.50Papillion-La Vista S...      
4.11Andreanna Sharpback33-10.00South Sioux City      
5.11Ashley Prince32-09.25Omaha South      
6.10Krista Parks31-06.50Lincoln East      
7.12Katie Krajicek30-11.00Papillion-La Vista S...      
8.12Sydney Gard30-00.00Omaha Central      
9.11Destane Fuller29-11.00Omaha Northwest      
10.9Anna Rose Johnson29-06.50Lincoln East      
11.9Victoria Pura28-11.00Omaha Bryan      
12.11Tashawn Wrenn28-10.00Omaha Northwest      
13.11Anesa Gilreath28-06.50Omaha Central      
14.11Marisa Nitz28-00.50Omaha Bryan      
15.11Danielle Tabor27-05.00Omaha Bryan      
16.10Nyamal Pal26-11.50Omaha Northwest      
17.9Maddie Carlisle25-11.50Omaha Marian      
18.9Jordan Kuiper25-11.00Omaha Marian      
19.9Paige Taylor24-04.00Omaha Marian      
20.10Liz Cardwell23-09.50South Sioux City      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kaiti Williams118-09Papillion-La Vista S...      
2.12Tristen Sharp114-05South Sioux City      
3.12Katie Krajicek111-09Papillion-La Vista S...      
4.11Andreanna Sharpback105-05South Sioux City      
5.12Amaris Baker105-00Papillion-La Vista S...      
6.11Anesa Gilreath104-03Omaha Central      
7.12Sydney Gard100-09Omaha Central      
8.10Krista Parks100-04Lincoln East      
9.10Becca Kalhorn97-05Omaha Northwest      
10.12Tara Watermeier86-03Lincoln East      
11.9Victoria Pura85-08Omaha Bryan      
12.10Liz Cardwell80-07South Sioux City      
13.9Jordan Kuiper79-11Omaha Marian      
14.11Marisa Nitz76-09Omaha Bryan      
15.11Danielle Tabor72-02Omaha Bryan      
16.9Mareshah Smith71-08Omaha Northwest      
16.9Joselyn Carter71-08Omaha Marian      
18.10Nyamal Pal71-06Omaha Northwest      
19.9Paige Taylor61-07Omaha Marian      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Maggie Heim4-11.00Omaha Marian      
2.10Nataya Thomas4-10.00Omaha Central      
3.12Lauren Nelson4-09.00Omaha Marian      
4.10Brittney Giddings4-08.00Papillion-La Vista S...      
5.9Shylia Riley4-06.00Omaha Central      
--11Avrie WeltonNHOmaha Central      
--9Anna Rose JohnsonNHLincoln East      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Lizzy Stanton10-04.00Papillion-La Vista S...      
2.11Katie Walls10-00.00Lincoln East      
3.11Bianca Fischer10-00.00Lincoln East      
4.11Jenna Olson9-00.00Lincoln East      
5.11Ana Nelson8-06.00Omaha Marian      
6.10Abby Dillman7-06.00Papillion-La Vista S...      
7.10Morgan Harms7-00.00Omaha Marian      
7.10Kellie Phillips7-00.00Papillion-La Vista S...      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Neeia Cooperwood17-07.25Omaha Marian      
2.10Nicole Liske16-11.00Omaha Marian      
3.12Nicole Bourke16-09.50Papillion-La Vista S...      
4.11Whitney Kostal16-07.00Papillion-La Vista S...      
5.10Amber Rolfzen16-05.25Papillion-La Vista S...      
6.10Payton Horacek16-03.75Omaha Marian      
7.9Noni Henderson16-03.50Omaha Central      
8.12Mia Robinson14-11.00Omaha Central      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Nicole Liske35-07.00Omaha Marian      
2.9Imani Wilson34-07.75Lincoln East      
3.10Sydney Quinlan34-07.00Omaha Marian      
4.12Lauren Nelson33-04.00Omaha Marian      
5.9Lauren Wegner33-02.00Omaha Central      
6.10Katie Kurtz32-11.75Papillion-La Vista S...      
7.10Nicole Warren32-05.00Papillion-La Vista S...      
8.10Janessa Stewart31-09.00Lincoln East      
9.12Mia Robinson31-06.00Omaha Central      
10.10Jaidin Ross31-04.50Omaha Central      
11.10Trista Thoreson30-05.25South Sioux City      
12.11Megan Stroyek29-09.00Papillion-La Vista S...      
13.10Kylie Beck29-06.50Lincoln East      
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