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Canyon Cougar Relays

Friday, April 01, 2011

Canyon HS, New Braunfels

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Texas - Region 4
Texas - Region 4
New Braunfels
Texas - Texas
FEAST Home School
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Desmine Shaw11.19aAustin Eastside Memo...
2.-Travis Svoboda11.31aFloresville
3.12Matt Schmid11.33aNew Braunfels
4.11Eric West11.43aBoerne Champion
5.12Chris Jackson11.62aLockhart
6.9Juan Lopez11.64aLockhart
7.10George Williamson11.68aComal Canyon
8.-Caleb Marler11.72aNew Braunfels
9.-Derek Margraves11.82aComal Canyon
10.10Christian Medrano11.87aAustin Eastside Memo...
11.-Lendell Smith11.91aComal Canyon
12.10Tyreese Brown11.93aAustin Eastside Memo...
12.-John Handowski11.93aFloresville
14.-Ruben Benavides12.03aFloresville
15.10Chris Laskowski12.50aJohn Paul II (New Br...
---Trey CooleyNTComal Smithson Valley
---Trevor HarrisonNTComal Smithson Valley
---Michael KerrNTLockhart
X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Tristan Wilson11.72aComal Smithson Valley
2.-Lance Wakefiel11.94aComal Smithson Valley
3.9John Tysdal12.07aNew Braunfels
4.-Randall Mohedano12.14aFloresville
5.-Evidanio Quinones12.16aComal Smithson Valley
6.-Sean Santos12.26aNew Braunfels
7.-Austin Collins12.29aBoerne Champion
8.10Corey Wood12.39aBoerne Champion
9.10Kevin Edmondson12.46aBoerne Champion
10.10Ty Merriweather12.60aSan Marcos Baptist
11.-Aaron Knudson12.64aNew Braunfels
12.-Desmeon Hawkins12.75aLockhart
13.12Calvin Kim12.81aSan Marcos Baptist
14.-Mitchell Moore12.82aComal Canyon
15.-Zack Carrol-Ramirez12.99aComal Canyon
15.-Marcus Johnson12.99aLockhart
17.-Nicholas Lynch13.00aComal Canyon
18.9David Ferreyro13.05aTrinity Christian (S...
19.-Eric Robledo13.46aLockhart
20.-Travis Morales13.64aFloresville
21.-Dillon Spiers13.76aComal Canyon
---Caleb PetersonNTComal Canyon
--10Matthew MartinezNTTrinity Christian (S...
--12Robby SejeborNTSan Marcos Baptist
---Nicholas TrevinoNTFloresville
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Desmine Shaw22.76aAustin Eastside Memo...
2.12Alec Aldaco23.45aBoerne Champion
3.-Caleb Marler23.58aNew Braunfels
4.-Derek Margraves23.69aComal Canyon
5.11Dakota Billings23.78aComal Canyon
6.-Baron Girdy23.94aComal Smithson Valley
7.11Cole Simpson24.34aBoerne Champion
8.11Sebastien Lamas25.10aLockhart
8.10Darren Orth25.10aFloresville
10.-Mitchell Schwartz25.39aBoerne Champion
11.-Mychal Middleton25.44aComal Smithson Valley
12.11Brandon Pleasant25.53aLockhart
--10Christian MedranoNTAustin Eastside Memo...
---Trevor HarrisonNTComal Smithson Valley
---Trey GillisNTFloresville
--10Tyreese BrownNTAustin Eastside Memo...
---Dillon WindhamNTLockhart
--10Shea ThomasNTComal Canyon
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Zach Wilcox24.35aComal Smithson Valley
2.-Skyler Womble24.61aNew Braunfels
3.9John Tysdal25.07aNew Braunfels
4.-Joseph Palomo25.27aFloresville
5.-Zach Frantz25.36aFloresville
6.-Krystian Bounds25.51aComal Smithson Valley
7.9Sebastian Garces25.68aBoerne Champion
8.11Carlos Ferreyro25.96aTrinity Christian (S...
8.-Cody Link25.96aComal Canyon
10.-Hunter Wild26.14aNew Braunfels
11.-Mitchell Moore26.25aComal Canyon
12.-Elijah Arnold26.31aComal Smithson Valley
13.-Spencer Clark26.36aComal Canyon
14.9Steven Holt26.63aTrinity Christian (S...
15.-Joey Summers26.66aBoerne Champion
16.-Brandon Williams28.63aLockhart
17.-Aaron Balles29.03aFloresville
18.-Mario Ramos29.12aLockhart
---Josh GuerreroNTLockhart
--10Michael MoloneyNTBoerne Champion
--11Richard SmithNTSan Marcos Baptist
--10Sean KorzeniewskiNTSan Marcos Baptist
--10Matthew MartinezNTTrinity Christian (S...
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ray Dyer49.64aNew Braunfels
2.12Nolan Ford51.07aBoerne Champion
3.10Khalil Fowler51.77aComal Canyon
4.12Nolen Vargas52.13aComal Canyon
5.12Cullen Nisson52.33aNew Braunfels
6.-Michael Kerr54.97aLockhart
7.10Brandon Pogue56.72aFloresville
8.-Spencer Smith56.84aComal Canyon
9.-Chris Dreager58.00aFloresville
10.-Jacob Armstrong58.46aComal Smithson Valley
--11Matthew CrockettNTFloresville
--11Samuel PostNTLockhart
--11Colton HarrisonNTComal Smithson Valley
--11John NealonNTSan Marcos Baptist
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Jerome Bricart53.41aBoerne Champion
2.-Tristan Lambert53.43aNew Braunfels
3.-Sam Delgado54.93aComal Smithson Valley
4.10Joseph Hefner55.00aLockhart
5.-Hunter Wood55.86aComal Canyon
6.9Cullen Barry56.13aNew Braunfels
7.-Ryan Shelley56.63aComal Canyon
8.10Jay Shah56.86aComal Canyon
9.-Shane Starnes57.28aComal Smithson Valley
10.9Derek Moczygemba57.46aFloresville
11.-Jackson King57.56aComal Canyon
12.10Sean Korzeniewski58.61aSan Marcos Baptist
13.11Carlos Ferreyro58.74aTrinity Christian (S...
14.-Maxwell Clark59.12aBoerne Champion
15.9Steven Holt59.90aTrinity Christian (S...
16.-Austin Leos1:01.81aFloresville
17.-Jeremy Gonzales1:02.49aLockhart
18.-Weston Lemons1:04.92aLockhart
---Christian KruegerNTNew Braunfels
---Nathen StregerNTComal Canyon
---Pierre DavinNTFloresville
--9Jeffrey SainahNTSan Marcos Baptist
--11William ZopffNTComal Smithson Valley
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nate Moore1:59.22aLockhart
2.12Cullen Nisson1:59.58aNew Braunfels
3.12Cody Nichols2:00.39aComal Canyon
4.11Clay Smith2:01.00aNew Braunfels
5.12Joey May2:01.37aNew Braunfels
6.12Max Terry2:02.19aComal Smithson Valley
9Luke Jasek2:10.46John Paul II (New Br...
--10Buck BakerNTFloresville
--12Joel ThompsonNTComal Canyon
--11Houston HeinesNTComal Smithson Valley
--10Brandon PogueNTFloresville
--12Mitchell McReeNTLockhart
--11Samuel PostNTLockhart
--11John NealonNTSan Marcos Baptist
--12Austin WehrheimNTBoerne Champion
--11Christian VillescasNTBoerne Champion
--12Mark AdameNTComal Canyon
--9Luke JasekNTJohn Paul II (New Br...
---Alex SanchezNTComal Smithson Valley
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Kade Kistner2:05.00aNew Braunfels
2.11Josh Foster2:06.49aNew Braunfels
3.10Chris Adame2:07.21aComal Canyon
4.10Luke Jenkins2:08.41aComal Smithson Valley
5.11Luke Hoffman2:09.01aBoerne Champion
6.10Xavier Espinosa2:11.78aLockhart
--10Joseph HefnerNTLockhart
--10Trent MangoldNTNew Braunfels
--11Sam KollingNTBoerne Champion
--10Jordan GoetschNTComal Canyon
--10Ryan BielkeNTComal Canyon
--10Kyle ThompsonNTBoerne Champion
---Kalvin AmilNTFloresville
--10Matthew PruskiNTFloresville
---Marcus IbarraNTFloresville
--9Erik MorenoNTLockhart
--10Drew BoehmNTComal Smithson Valley
---Christian BangsNTComal Smithson Valley
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Travis Barclay4:28.08aBoerne Champion
2.11Nate Moore4:30.00aLockhart
3.12John Martinez4:34.44aNew Braunfels
4.-Alex Sanchez4:36.09aComal Smithson Valley
5.11Dylan Willett4:37.05aComal Smithson Valley
6.12Joey May4:37.64aNew Braunfels
--10Buck BakerNTFloresville
--12Aj BlackfordNTBoerne Champion
--12Mitchell McReeNTLockhart
--10Robert UhrNTLockhart
--11Clay SmithNTNew Braunfels
--10Cristofer Picazo-MontielNTAustin Eastside Memo...
--12Alfredo GarciaNTAustin Eastside Memo...
--11Christian VillescasNTBoerne Champion
--12Alan SanchezNTComal Smithson Valley
--10Jose RomeroNTComal Canyon
--12Daniel RomeroNTComal Canyon
--11Jordan HofferNTComal Canyon
X 1600 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11David Sheppard4:46.91aBoerne Champion
2.10Trent Mangold4:46.94aNew Braunfels
3.12Joseph Brennan4:47.64aBoerne Champion
4.10Luke Jenkins4:49.87aComal Smithson Valley
5.9Andrew Tankersley4:50.04aBoerne Champion
6.10Shane Kreidel4:50.49aBoerne Champion
--12Eli SpringNTLockhart
--10Chris AdameNTComal Canyon
--11Paublo LopezNTComal Smithson Valley
--10Xavier EspinosaNTLockhart
---Roy AvilesNTComal Canyon
--10Drew BoehmNTComal Smithson Valley
--10Jose SernaNTFloresville
--10Matthew PruskiNTFloresville
---Marcus IbarraNTFloresville
--9Erik MorenoNTLockhart
--11Josh FosterNTNew Braunfels
--9Taylor RedwineNTComal Canyon
--11Caleb GutierrezNTNew Braunfels
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alan Sanchez9:35.28aComal Smithson Valley
2.12Travis Barclay9:36.97aBoerne Champion
3.11Stephen Tankersley9:39.35aBoerne Champion
4.12John Martinez9:45.28aNew Braunfels
5.12Aj Blackford10:02.14aBoerne Champion
6.11Dylan Willett10:15.77aComal Smithson Valley
--12Connor JacobsonNTComal Canyon
--10Colton RussellNTLockhart
--10Nicholas AveyNTLockhart
--10Robert UhrNTLockhart
--11Josh StallingsNTNew Braunfels
--11James PolasekNTComal Smithson Valley
--12Alfredo GarciaNTAustin Eastside Memo...
--12Marshal NolenNTComal Canyon
--11Bond BirknerNTComal Canyon
X 3200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11David Sheppard10:11.72aBoerne Champion
2.11Kyle Callegari10:33.55aBoerne Champion
3.11Caleb Gutierrez10:51.00aNew Braunfels
4.11Paublo Lopez11:05.17aComal Smithson Valley
5.12Eli Spring11:23.42aLockhart
6.12Lupe Villarreal11:31.42aNew Braunfels
---Colby LoepNTFloresville
--9Rodrigo MartinezNTComal Canyon
---Nathan RobertsNTComal Canyon
---Travis KnightNTComal Canyon
--10Shane KreidelNTBoerne Champion
--10Francisco MendezNTLockhart
--9Matt CargileNTComal Smithson Valley
--9Brandon KnightNTComal Smithson Valley
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Joseph Bell15.47aLockhart
2.-Andrew Lind15.86aComal Smithson Valley
3.12Jorge Flores15.94aAustin Eastside Memo...
4.-Tyler Swoboda16.40aNew Braunfels
5.-Dustin Lazenby16.71aComal Canyon
6.-Eduardo Rangel16.87aComal Smithson Valley
7.-Austin Anderson17.24aComal Canyon
8.-Nathaniel Mendoza17.98aFloresville
9.-Zac Roznowski18.90aComal Canyon
--11Trey BochatNTBoerne Champion
--9Mason RayNTFloresville
--11Jacob UlbrichtNTComal Smithson Valley
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Carlos Castello15.32aComal Smithson Valley
2.-Dillon Moore15.74aNew Braunfels
3.-Levi Klinsman15.94aNew Braunfels
4.10Cameron Ross16.42aComal Canyon
5.-Cruise DeHoyas16.57aFloresville
6.10Parker Rickert16.61aBoerne Champion
7.9Bryan Wersterfer17.13aComal Smithson Valley
8.-Nick Anderson17.33aComal Smithson Valley
9.-Trevor Murdock17.41aComal Canyon
10.10Tyler Goad17.51aComal Canyon
11.9Derek Moczygemba18.34aFloresville
12.-Mark Livesay19.55aFloresville
13.-Steven Horne20.29aBoerne Champion
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Joshua McIntyre40.93aSan Marcos Baptist
2.-Andrew Lind41.05aComal Smithson Valley
3.-Nathaniel Mendoza42.34aFloresville
4.-Austin Anderson43.07aComal Canyon
5.11Jacob Ulbricht43.11aComal Smithson Valley
6.11Trey Bochat43.64aBoerne Champion
7.9Mason Ray43.77aFloresville
8.-Dustin Lazenby43.87aComal Canyon
9.-Zac Roznowski43.93aComal Canyon
10.-Tyler Swoboda44.43aNew Braunfels
11.-Eduardo Rangel45.92aComal Smithson Valley
---Dillon WindhamNTLockhart
--11Sebastien LamasNTLockhart
--12Jorge FloresNTAustin Eastside Memo...
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Greg Wassom43.29aNew Braunfels
2.10Parker Rickert43.32aBoerne Champion
3.-Dillon Moore43.77aNew Braunfels
4.-Levi Klinsman44.44aNew Braunfels
5.10Cameron Ross44.99aComal Canyon
6.10Tyler Goad45.16aComal Canyon
7.9Carlos Castello45.29aComal Smithson Valley
8.9Jeremy Hay45.48aComal Canyon
9.-Daniel Rust46.28aComal Canyon
10.-Nick Anderson46.47aComal Smithson Valley
11.-Cruise DeHoyas46.49aFloresville
12.9Bryan Wersterfer47.59aComal Smithson Valley
13.-Juan Marchan47.76aLockhart
14.9David Ferreyro47.91aTrinity Christian (S...
15.-Mark Livesay48.52aFloresville
16.-Nick Gomez48.79aFloresville
17.-Montana Strawn50.18aLockhart
18.-Steven Horne53.75aBoerne Champion
19.10Daniel Cruz56.25aLockhart
--11Richard SmithNTSan Marcos Baptist
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Grant Reber
Chris Tysdal
Karimu Osman
Matt Schmid
42.78aNew Braunfels
2.-Tyrese Brown
Christian Medrano
Jorge Flores
Desmine Shaw
43.64aAustin Eastside Memo...
3.-Khalil Fowler
George Williamson
Shea Thomas
Dakota Billings
43.87aComal Canyon
4.-John Handowski
Travis Svoboda
Ruben Benavides
Trey Gillis
5.-Dettrick Reed
Juan Lopez
Chris Jackson
Joseph Bell
6.-Cole Simpson
Gus Hammer
Kyle Poeske
Eric West
44.72aBoerne Champion
7.-Carlos Castello
Evidanio Quinones
Lance Wakefiel
Tristan Wilson
44.96aComal Smithson Valley
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Baron Girdy
Colton Harrison
Aaron Potter
De'Wayne Rubin
45.04aComal Smithson Valley
2.-John Tysdal
Greg Wassom
Skyler Womble
Tristan Lambert
45.83aNew Braunfels
3.-Kevin Edmondson
Chandler Ruble
Corey Wood
Austin Collins
46.70aBoerne Champion
4.-Robby Sejebor
Calvin Kim
Ty Merriweather
Joshua McIntyre
47.10aSan Marcos Baptist
5.-Randall Mohedano
Hector Villegas
Travis Morales
Joseph Palomo
6.-Joseph Aguirre
Jay Shah
James Smith
Philip Shelton
47.75aComal Canyon
7.-Marcus Johnson
Josh Guerrero
Abel Estrada
Juan Marchan
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Grant Reber
Chris Tysdal
Karimu Osman
Matt Schmid
1:28.90aNew Braunfels
2.-Caleel Turner
George Williamson
Lendell Smith
Dakota Billings
1:32.89aComal Canyon
3.-Baron Girdy
Clayton Mooney
Aaron Potter
De'Wayne Rubin
1:33.38aComal Smithson Valley
4.-John Handowski
Ruben Benavides
Travis Svoboda
Trey Gillis
5.-Dettrick Reed
Juan Lopez
Chris Jackson
Michael Kerr
6.-Cole Simpson
Ethan Wright
Gus Hammer
Alec Aldaco
1:34.42aBoerne Champion
7.-Kenneth Chavez
Trey Meza
Tyrese Brown
Christian Medrano
1:36.95aAustin Eastside Memo...
X 4x200 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Krystian Bounds
Sam Delgado
Evidanio Quinones
Zach Wilcox
1:36.88aComal Smithson Valley
2.-Randall Mohedano
Travis Morales
Zach Frantz
Joseph Palomo
3.-Cody Link
James Smith
Joseph Aguirre
Philip Shelton
1:39.68aComal Canyon
4.-Spencer Coney
Corey Wood
Chandler Ruble
Zach Taylor
1:40.43aBoerne Champion
5.-Sean Santos
Skyler Womble
Reuben Molina
Cullen Barry
1:41.49aNew Braunfels
6.-Marcus Johnson
Josh Guerrero
Abel Estrada
Juan Marchan
7.-Robby Sejebor
Calvin Kim
Ty Merriweather
John Ferguson
1:46.64aSan Marcos Baptist
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Grant Reber
Chris Tysdal
Karimu Osman
Ray Dyer
3:22.77aNew Braunfels
2.-Khalil Fowler
Cody Nichols
Nolen Vargas
Shea Thomas
3:28.54aComal Canyon
3.-CJ Schaefer
Eric West
Alec Aldaco
Nolan Ford
3:30.72aBoerne Champion
4.-Colton Harrison
Andrew Lind
Aaron Potter
De'Wayne Rubin
3:30.73aComal Smithson Valley
5.-Xavier Espinosa
Mitchell McRee
Nate Moore
Robert Uhr
X 4x400 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Jeffrey Sainah
Sean Korzeniewski
John Nealon
Joshua McIntyre
3:40.12aSan Marcos Baptist
2.-Jay Shah
Jeremy Hay
Hunter Wood
Philip Shelton
3:44.48aComal Canyon
3.-Greg Wassom
Cullen Barry
Christian Krueger
Tristan Lambert
3:46.62aNew Braunfels
4.-Maxwell Clark
Austin Collins
Luke Hoffman
Jerome Bricart
3:50.26aBoerne Champion
5.-Montana Strawn
Ronald Butler
Abel Estrada
Abel Gonzales
6.-Pierre Davin
Cruise DeHoyas
Mason Ray
Derek Moczygemba
---Sam Delgado
Shane Starnes
Zach Wilcox
William Zopff
NTComal Smithson Valley
---David Ferreyro
Matthew Martinez
Steven Holt
Carlos Ferreyro
NTTrinity Christian (S...
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jordan Huckaby52-07.75Lockhart
2.-Josh Hyde49-09.50Comal Smithson Valley
3.-Eric Lopez47-04.50Comal Canyon
4.-Ethan Perry45-10.50Comal Smithson Valley
5.-Garrett Gunter45-05.25Comal Smithson Valley
6.12Ross Johnson44-06.75New Braunfels
7.9Skyler Nelson43-06.25Comal Canyon
8.11Joe Bosquez40-10.00Lockhart
9.-Jacob Smith39-09.00Comal Canyon
10.-Colton Hanson38-07.50New Braunfels
11.11Andrew Contreras38-07.25Lockhart
12.-Kevin Richards38-04.25Floresville
13.11Harrison Couch37-07.00Boerne Champion
14.-Robert Davis35-08.00Boerne Champion
15.-Kurtis Quillan35-00.75Floresville
16.-Ryan Scott33-02.50New Braunfels
17.-Derron Taylor33-02.25Floresville
X Shot Put - 12lb - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Josiah DeSouza51-08.00New Braunfels
2.-Elijah Arnold49-00.50Comal Smithson Valley
3.-Tristan Wilson43-06.50Comal Smithson Valley
4.-Ryan Cavalier43-01.00Comal Canyon
5.-Bo Hernandez41-03.00New Braunfels
6.-Casey Barton41-02.50Comal Canyon
7.-Elliott Lopez40-05.00Comal Canyon
8.-Matt Edge38-05.00New Braunfels
9.9Joseph Strong37-00.50Boerne Champion
10.9Christian Desmond36-04.00Boerne Champion
11.10Estevan Gutierrez36-03.00San Marcos Baptist
12.9Sam Van Nest35-10.00Boerne Champion
13.-Barrett Smith34-07.00Floresville
14.9Ben Clark34-06.00Comal Smithson Valley
15.11John Ferguson33-06.50San Marcos Baptist
16.11Sabas Castillo32-00.00San Marcos Baptist
17.10Ryne Lehman31-09.50Lockhart
18.-Sayid Garcia29-07.50Lockhart
19.-Shea Branch28-11.00Lockhart
20.-Rafael Juarez28-07.00Floresville
--10Matthew MartinezNDTrinity Christian (S...
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ross Johnson160-11New Braunfels
2.11Jordan Huckaby155-07Lockhart
3.-Ethan Perry151-08Comal Smithson Valley
4.12Colten Chapman141-09Boerne Champion
5.-Zeller Torres138-07Comal Canyon
6.-Josh Hyde137-07Comal Smithson Valley
7.-Jacob Smith136-11Comal Canyon
8.-Robert Aguilar133-10New Braunfels
9.11Tanner DeBerry127-11Boerne Champion
10.-Albert Soto121-11Comal Smithson Valley
11.11Joseph Bell119-01Lockhart
12.-Ryan Scott115-06New Braunfels
13.-Barrett Williams112-02Comal Canyon
14.11Andrew Contreras99-08Lockhart
15.11Harrison Couch97-00Boerne Champion
16.-Kevin Richards95-06Floresville
17.-Alex Douglas93-10Floresville
18.-Blake Popham89-09Floresville
X Discus - 1.6kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Zach Oliva128-09Comal Smithson Valley
2.-Tristan Wilson127-01Comal Smithson Valley
3.-Josiah DeSouza126-10New Braunfels
4.9Matt Love116-08New Braunfels
5.-Cory Robledo113-10Comal Canyon
6.-Elijah Arnold108-08Comal Smithson Valley
7.-Elliott Lopez103-02Comal Canyon
8.10Jacob Kessler100-07Boerne Champion
9.10Ryne Lehman93-11Lockhart
10.-Robert Martinez92-05Comal Canyon
11.10Estevan Gutierrez91-09San Marcos Baptist
12.-Connor Johnson90-02New Braunfels
13.-JJ Lopez89-10Boerne Champion
14.10Alex Diaz De Leon87-01Boerne Champion
15.11Sabas Castillo81-11San Marcos Baptist
16.-Barrett Smith80-02Floresville
17.-Juan Calderon77-05Lockhart
18.-Frank Garcia75-02Floresville
19.-Rafael Juarez72-03Floresville
20.11John Ferguson65-02San Marcos Baptist
21.-Sayid Garcia61-10Lockhart
--10Matthew MartinezNDTrinity Christian (S...
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chris Soechting6-04.00New Braunfels
2.-Reed Edwards6-04.00New Braunfels
3.11Trey Bochat6-00.00Boerne Champion
4.-Jackson Lawrence6-00.00New Braunfels
5.-Mitchell Schwartz5-10.00Boerne Champion
6.11Matthew Crockett5-10.00Floresville
7.-Dettrick Reed5-08.00Lockhart
7.-Aaron Potter5-08.00Comal Smithson Valley
9.11Brandon Pleasant5-06.00Lockhart
10.10Darren Orth5-04.00Floresville
--9De'Wayne RubinNHComal Smithson Valley
--11Sebastien LamasNHLockhart
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.12Joshua McIntyre6-00.00San Marcos Baptist
2.-Domonique Dewalt5-08.00Floresville
3.9Steven Holt5-06.00Trinity Christian (S...
4.10Zach Taylor5-06.00Boerne Champion
5.-Will Word5-04.00New Braunfels
6.-Lance Wakefiel5-04.00Comal Smithson Valley
7.10Cameron Ross5-04.00Comal Canyon
7.9Derek Moczygemba5-04.00Floresville
7.-Nick Gomez5-04.00Floresville
10.-Evidanio Quinones5-02.00Comal Smithson Valley
---Josh MannNHComal Smithson Valley
---Josh GuerreroNHLockhart
---Christian KruegerNHNew Braunfels
--12Robby SejeborNHSan Marcos Baptist
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.9Avery Jones14-03.00FEAST Home School
2.-Curtis Klinge13-06.00Comal Canyon
3.11Jacob Ulbricht13-06.00Comal Smithson Valley
4.-Dillon Windham13-00.00Lockhart
5.-Stephen Becker12-06.00New Braunfels
6.-Kyle Leather12-06.00New Braunfels
7.-Hunter Watson12-06.00Comal Canyon
8.-Angel Flores12-00.00Comal Canyon
8.11Thomas Hildebrand12-00.00Boerne Champion
10.-Jacob Armstrong11-06.00Comal Smithson Valley
---Austin JohnsonNHComal Smithson Valley
X Pole Vault - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Bryan Wersterfer11-06.00Comal Smithson Valley
2.-Hunter Smith10-06.00Comal Canyon
3.9Shane Crandell10-06.00Comal Canyon
4.-Drew Tartalone10-06.00Comal Smithson Valley
5.11Jacob Ulbricht10-06.00Comal Smithson Valley
6.10Charles Ereaux10-00.00Lockhart
7.9Joe Kolling9-06.00Boerne Champion
8.11John Nealon9-00.00San Marcos Baptist
8.11Carlos Ferreyro9-00.00Trinity Christian (S...
--9David FerreyroNHTrinity Christian (S...
--10Sean KorzeniewskiNHSan Marcos Baptist
--9Jeffrey SainahNHSan Marcos Baptist
---Aidan VitelaNHBoerne Champion
---Mark LivesayNHFloresville
---Kyle BippertNHFloresville
---Casey PfannstielNHComal Canyon
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Desmine Shaw20-07.00Austin Eastside Memo...
2.11Matthew Crockett20-02.00Floresville
3.-Caleel Turner20-01.00Comal Canyon
4.-Derek Margraves19-09.50Comal Canyon
5.11Joseph Bell19-09.00Lockhart
6.11Dakota Billings19-07.00Comal Canyon
7.12Chris Tysdal19-07.00New Braunfels
8.-Dettrick Reed19-02.00Lockhart
9.12Karimu Osman18-09.00New Braunfels
10.11Sebastien Lamas18-01.00Lockhart
11.-Trey Gillis17-07.00Floresville
12.11Clay Smith17-01.00New Braunfels
13.10Chris Laskowski16-08.00John Paul II (New Br...
14.10Ethan Wright16-07.00Boerne Champion
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.12Joshua McIntyre19-01.00San Marcos Baptist
2.-Lance Wakefiel18-10.00Comal Smithson Valley
3.9Carlos Castello18-09.00Comal Smithson Valley
4.-Philip Shelton17-11.00Comal Canyon
5.-Cody Link17-07.50Comal Canyon
6.-Brandon Sanders17-07.00Lockhart
7.-Pierre Davin17-07.00Floresville
8.11Carlos Ferreyro17-06.00Trinity Christian (S...
9.9John Tysdal17-04.50New Braunfels
10.-Spencer Coney16-08.50Boerne Champion
11.-Robert Scott16-05.00Comal Canyon
11.9Ethan Deschner16-05.00San Marcos Baptist
13.-Drew Ewald15-06.50New Braunfels
14.-Lucas Westbrook15-05.50Lockhart
15.9Sebastian Garces14-09.00Boerne Champion
16.-Darius Guzzi14-06.00Comal Smithson Valley
17.-Kevin Montague13-02.50New Braunfels
---Hector VillegasNDFloresville
---Josh GuerreroNDLockhart
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Desmine Shaw41-09.50Austin Eastside Memo...
2.-Derek Margraves41-08.00Comal Canyon
3.-Dettrick Reed41-06.00Lockhart
4.-Aaron Potter41-04.00Comal Smithson Valley
5.11Matthew Crockett41-02.50Floresville
6.11Joseph Bell40-11.00Lockhart
7.11Brandon Pleasant40-10.50Lockhart
8.-Josh Green38-10.00New Braunfels
---Trey GillisNDFloresville
---Garrett SohnNDNew Braunfels
X Triple Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Domonique Dewalt38-11.50Floresville
2.9Carlos Castello36-08.50Comal Smithson Valley
3.9John Tysdal36-05.00New Braunfels
4.9Ethan Deschner36-00.00San Marcos Baptist
5.-Drew Ewald35-06.00New Braunfels
6.-Zach Wilcox34-08.50Comal Smithson Valley
7.-Philip Shelton34-00.50Comal Canyon
8.-Zach Hughes33-09.00Comal Smithson Valley
9.-Christian Krueger33-02.50New Braunfels
10.-Chester Hicks33-00.50Comal Canyon
11.-Robert Scott31-06.00Comal Canyon
---Lucas WestbrookNDLockhart
---Brandon WilliamsNDLockhart
---Brandon SandersNDLockhart
---Hector VillegasNDFloresville

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Vanessa Johnson12.95aComal Canyon
2.-Angela Lowak13.05aNew Braunfels
3.9Kelsie Smeby13.34aComal Canyon
4.-Brooke Hull13.63aNew Braunfels
5.10Chelsee Jones13.84aLockhart
6.10Chanti Cypher13.87aLockhart
7.9Calie Spencer13.95aComal Canyon
8.10Taylor Praesel14.10aBoerne Champion
9.10Essence Thompson14.25aLockhart
10.-Giana Labrador14.48aComal Smithson Valley
11.10Nicole Garstecki14.55aComal Smithson Valley
--10Meagan CarreonNTBoerne Champion
--11Emma TerrellNTBoerne Champion
X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Haley Rutledge13.56aNew Braunfels
2.-Carrigan Herring14.15aNew Braunfels
3.-Kelsey Pierce14.22aComal Smithson Valley
4.-Pam Folsom14.31aComal Smithson Valley
5.9Courtney Logsdon14.34aComal Smithson Valley
6.-Savannah Hoffman14.44aBoerne Champion
7.10Kristian Hawkins14.55aLockhart
8.9Jacklyn Young14.62aLockhart
9.10Desiree Martinez14.67aComal Canyon
10.-Anissa Delarosa14.80aComal Canyon
11.-Lucero Gomez15.07aComal Canyon
12.-Aly Anderson15.46aNew Braunfels
13.11Marissa Sosa15.58aSan Marcos Baptist
14.11Savanna Grounds16.48aTrinity Christian (S...
15.-Scarlett Marshall18.19aBoerne Champion
---Nicole ForisterNTBoerne Champion
--10Naomi UmadiaNTSan Marcos Baptist
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ashley Mullen27.39aComal Canyon
2.-Perry Mundschau27.64aComal Canyon
3.-Tiya Mitchell28.46aComal Smithson Valley
4.9Shiletha Akins28.56aLockhart
5.9Kelsie Smeby28.86aComal Canyon
6.-Morgan Zillman28.99aComal Smithson Valley
7.10Chelsee Jones30.35aLockhart
8.-Giana Labrador30.58aComal Smithson Valley
---Rebekah KndusonNTNew Braunfels
---Brooke HullNTNew Braunfels
--10Meagan CarreonNTBoerne Champion
--12Angelea RossNTTrinity Christian (S...
--11Samantha CowanNTLockhart
--12Ashley HickmanNTBoerne Champion
--11Chandler GumNTBoerne Champion
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Carrigan Herring29.92aNew Braunfels
2.-Madison Marsh29.98aNew Braunfels
3.10Jessica Chavez29.99aComal Canyon
4.-Pam Folsom30.24aComal Smithson Valley
5.-Meghan Noble30.39aNew Braunfels
6.-Savannah Gray30.52aComal Smithson Valley
7.9Alexis Hurst30.56aLockhart
8.-Anissa Delarosa30.64aComal Canyon
9.10Desiree Martinez31.13aComal Canyon
10.10Brianna Kinchion31.15aLockhart
11.-Lucero Gomez31.49aComal Canyon
12.10Kathryn Rawls31.91aBoerne Champion
13.10Rebecca Cox32.42aSan Marcos Baptist
14.10Alexis Smith37.11aTrinity Christian (S...
--10Naomi UmadiaNTSan Marcos Baptist
---Nicole ForisterNTBoerne Champion
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Britney Carter58.54aComal Canyon
2.9Kailey Riedel58.56aComal Smithson Valley
3.10Rafae Strobos1:00.16aComal Canyon
4.11Ashley Brodrick1:04.58aBoerne Champion
5.9Symantha Sandee1:06.62aJohn Paul II (New Br...
6.11Ashlynn Rice1:07.75aNew Braunfels
7.12Sarah Mayfield1:09.39aComal Smithson Valley
---Brooke HullNTNew Braunfels
--11Katelynn PowellNTComal Canyon
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Haley Zunker1:03.38aComal Canyon
2.-Cheyenne Farwell1:09.02aNew Braunfels
3.-Sabrina Facundo1:10.18aComal Canyon
4.9Taylor Herrera1:12.27aComal Smithson Valley
5.-Jennifer Garcia1:12.37aNew Braunfels
6.9Deanna Krueger1:14.93aLockhart
7.-Merari Martinez1:15.08aLockhart
8.-Amsely Nisson1:15.18aNew Braunfels
9.-Marissa Rodriguez1:16.10aLockhart
10.-Cecilia Jimenez1:18.43aAustin Eastside Memo...
---Rachel OfftermattNTComal Canyon
---Savannah GrayNTComal Smithson Valley
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Anna Cozart2:21.18aComal Smithson Valley
2.11Abigail Tankersley2:21.24aBoerne Champion
3.9Morgan Szekely2:27.57aNew Braunfels
4.12Shelby Polasek2:28.77aComal Smithson Valley
5.9Breauna Gabriel2:29.92aComal Canyon
6.-Kelsey Bradshaw2:29.96aComal Smithson Valley
--11Jennifer MezaNTComal Canyon
--9Haley CantwayNTBoerne Champion
--12Alysia PerlezNTLockhart
--10Alex LindseyNTLockhart
--10Olivia SmithNTLockhart
--11Ashlynn RiceNTNew Braunfels
--12Christina FacundoNTNew Braunfels
--11Marina FloresNTComal Canyon
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Tori Green2:36.07aComal Canyon
2.12Viviana Cruz2:36.78aComal Canyon
3.11Katherine Scroggin2:37.63aNew Braunfels
4.-Amanda Scroggin2:38.20aNew Braunfels
5.9Stephanie Zipp2:39.70aComal Canyon
6.9Moriah Colon2:42.40aComal Smithson Valley
---Merari MartinezNTLockhart
--9Lauren KnightNTComal Smithson Valley
--9Sierra SteeleNTLockhart
--9Caitlin HaneyNTComal Smithson Valley
---Jessica CanadaNTBoerne Champion
--12Laura RodriguezNTAustin Eastside Memo...
--11Kassandra SotoNTNew Braunfels
--10Jenny SaadNTLockhart
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Abigail Tankersley5:16.49aBoerne Champion
2.12Shelby Polasek5:21.00aComal Smithson Valley
3.9Anna Cozart5:21.03aComal Smithson Valley
4.9Megan Briley5:21.39aBoerne Champion
5.9Morgan Szekely5:25.16aNew Braunfels
6.10Landa Dowdy5:26.74aComal Canyon
--12Katlyn SavageNTBoerne Champion
--9Taylor HawesNTComal Smithson Valley
--9Mia HofstadNTNew Braunfels
--9Breauna GabrielNTComal Canyon
--9Marina NolenNTComal Canyon
--12Alysia PerlezNTLockhart
--10Alex LindseyNTLockhart
X 1600 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Lauren Talley5:52.40aBoerne Champion
2.9Dominque Tilly5:56.34aComal Canyon
3.11Katherine Scroggin5:59.42aNew Braunfels
4.10Kaylen Brzozowski6:00.11aComal Smithson Valley
5.11Kassandra Soto6:05.25aNew Braunfels
6.9Catherine Sampson6:05.97aNew Braunfels
--10Jenny SaadNTLockhart
---Jessica CanadaNTBoerne Champion
--10Mariah KilgoreNTComal Canyon
--11Lauren CrawfordNTBoerne Champion
--11Sydney ChristiansonNTComal Canyon
--9Ana EspinozaNTLockhart
--10Ali ColurcielloNTLockhart
--9Caitlin HaneyNTComal Smithson Valley
--11Andrea RamirezNTComal Smithson Valley
--11Rachel RovnerNTSan Marcos Baptist
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Katlyn Savage12:22.58aBoerne Champion
2.10Landa Dowdy12:34.86aComal Canyon
3.12Kate Corcoran12:53.97aBoerne Champion
4.9Marina Nolen13:18.30aComal Canyon
5.11Lauren Haney13:33.12aComal Smithson Valley
6.11Taylor Degroote13:52.62aComal Canyon
--12Sarah MayfieldNTComal Smithson Valley
--9Taylor HawesNTComal Smithson Valley
--9Mia HofstadNTNew Braunfels
X 3200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Lauren Talley13:09.90aBoerne Champion
2.9Svitlana Butschek13:10.32aComal Canyon
3.11Sydney Christianson14:00.08aComal Canyon
4.11Andrea Ramirez14:05.02aComal Smithson Valley
5.9Mia Guerra14:41.80aComal Canyon
6.9Katy Wemmert14:52.74aComal Smithson Valley
7.10Ali Colurciello14:53.12aLockhart
8.9Megan Chambers16:32.30aComal Smithson Valley
--9Ana EspinozaNTLockhart
--11Lauren CrawfordNTBoerne Champion
--9Catherine SampsonNTNew Braunfels
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Isis Johnson16.78aLockhart
2.12Angelea Ross17.15aTrinity Christian (S...
3.-Carly Moczygemba17.21aComal Smithson Valley
4.-Tara Schacht17.48aComal Canyon
5.10Courtney Sitka18.25aBoerne Champion
6.-Anna Castello19.68aComal Smithson Valley
7.10Amber Quinlivan20.22aLockhart
---Audriana MoyeNTComal Canyon
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Makaela Heard18.09aComal Canyon
2.-Lauren Castro18.24aComal Smithson Valley
3.-Alexandrie Carter18.67aComal Canyon
4.-Julia Heaberlin19.07aBoerne Champion
5.-Sarah Falcon19.13aComal Smithson Valley
6.-Meghan Noble19.33aNew Braunfels
7.9Sinoy Thompson19.85aLockhart
8.-Regan Olivarez20.14aComal Smithson Valley
9.10Jessica Chavez20.50aComal Canyon
10.10Mallaree Kent20.69aSan Marcos Baptist
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tara Schacht50.15aComal Canyon
2.-Audriana Moye50.87aComal Canyon
3.10Amber Cunningham50.87aNew Braunfels
4.9Raven Reed51.10aLockhart
5.12Angelea Ross51.17aTrinity Christian (S...
6.-Carly Moczygemba52.30aComal Smithson Valley
7.-Anna Castello53.05aComal Smithson Valley
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Lauren Castro53.65aComal Smithson Valley
2.-Alexandrie Carter54.18aComal Canyon
3.-Makaela Heard54.95aComal Canyon
4.-Sarah Falcon54.99aComal Smithson Valley
5.-Julia Heaberlin58.08aBoerne Champion
6.-Chloe Gannon59.90aComal Canyon
7.-Sabrina Rodriguez1:03.07aNew Braunfels
--10Mallaree KentNTSan Marcos Baptist
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ashley Mullen
Vanessa Johnson
Kelsie Smeby
Britney Carter
50.17aComal Canyon
2.-Alyssa Garza
Angela Lowak
Kelsey Mouton
Marissa Kirsch
50.67aNew Braunfels
3.-Sydney Collins
Tiya Mitchell
Kailey Riedel
Cassidi Voigt
51.26aComal Smithson Valley
4.-Alexandria Carter
Chelsee Jones
Chanti Cypher
Raven Reed
5.-Ali Carriker
Taylor Praesel
Elizabeth Ann Alamillo
Ashley Brodrick
53.82aBoerne Champion
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Madison Marsh
Adel Martinez
Marissa Kirsch
Haley Rutledge
53.66aNew Braunfels
2.-Laura Linneman
Courtney Logsdon
Ginny Marotta
Kelsey Pierce
55.40aComal Smithson Valley
3.-Kristian Hawkins
Jacklyn Young
Brianna Kinchion
Alexis Hurst
4.-Savannah Hoffman
Kathryn Rawls
Delany Kelly
Samantha Tobleman
58.51aBoerne Champion
---Rebecca Shook
Lauren Johnson
Delaney Garcia
Rachel Offtermatt
DQComal Canyon
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Perry Mundschau
Kelsie Smeby
Halley Wright
Vanessa Johnson
1:46.84aComal Canyon
2.-Alyssa Garza
Angela Lowak
Rebekah Knduson
Kelsey Mouton
1:47.02aNew Braunfels
3.-Sydney Collins
Giana Labrador
Tiya Mitchell
Cassidi Voigt
1:50.24aComal Smithson Valley
4.-Isis Johnson
Alexandria Carter
Shiletha Akins
Samantha Cowan
5.-Elizabeth Ann Alamillo
Ali Carriker
Chandler Gum
Courtney Sitka
1:56.18aBoerne Champion
X 4x200 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Laura Linneman
Courtney Logsdon
Ginny Marotta
Kelsey Pierce
1:54.28aComal Smithson Valley
2.-Sinoy Thompson
Ally Brewer
Jacklyn Young
Kristian Hawkins
3.-Samantha Tobleman
Kathryn Rawls
Delany Kelly
Savannah Hoffman
2:04.19aBoerne Champion
---Rebecca Shook
Delaney Garcia
Michelle Glasenapp
Lauren Johnson
DQComal Canyon
---Carrigan Herring
Marissa Kirsch
Haley Rutledge
Courtney Snyder
NTNew Braunfels
---Rebecca Cox
Marissa Sosa
Jasmine McWilliams
Naomi Umadia
NTSan Marcos Baptist
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Rafae Strobos
Katelynn Powell
Ashley Mullen
Britney Carter
4:07.18aComal Canyon
2.-Anna Cozart
Lecia Meyer
Kailey Riedel
Cassidi Voigt
4:16.54aComal Smithson Valley
3.-Alyssa Garza
Kareece Sacco
Kelsey Mouton
Amber Cunningham
4:18.94aNew Braunfels
4.-Haley Cantway
Ali Carriker
Elizabeth Ann Alamillo
Ashley Brodrick
4:22.62aBoerne Champion
5.-Essence Thompson
Shiletha Akins
Samantha Cowan
Olivia Smith
X 4x400 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Michelle Glasenapp
Lauren Johnson
Rachel Offtermatt
Haley Zunker
4:18.91aComal Canyon
2.-Lauren Castro
Sarah Falcon
Pam Folsom
Laura Linneman
4:34.24aComal Smithson Valley
3.-Katherine Scroggin
Courtney Snyder
Adel Martinez
Marissa Kirsch
4:38.05aNew Braunfels
4.-Ally Brewer
Deanna Krueger
Merari Martinez
Alexis Hurst
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Chamaya Turner43-03.00Comal Canyon
2.12Gabby Galvan39-08.50Lockhart
3.12Savannah McElroy34-08.00New Braunfels
4.10Leslie Jackson30-01.50Lockhart
5.-Lauren Jay29-01.00Comal Smithson Valley
6.10Anastazia Gilman28-11.00John Paul II (New Br...
7.-Ashley Camareno28-03.75Comal Canyon
8.10Ana Galvan27-06.75Lockhart
9.-Patty Frey21-10.50Comal Smithson Valley
10.-Callie Newman20-09.75Comal Smithson Valley
---Haley LasseterNDNew Braunfels
X Shot Put - 4kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Bree Stevenson29-06.00Comal Canyon
2.-Kate Riedel26-00.00New Braunfels
3.-Sarah Jane Frick25-09.00Comal Smithson Valley
4.11Marissa Sosa25-06.50San Marcos Baptist
5.11Savanna Grounds23-11.00Trinity Christian (S...
6.-Peyton Calhoun23-07.00Comal Canyon
7.-Katherine Cavanaugh23-04.00Comal Canyon
8.-Myrka Olvera22-08.50Austin Eastside Memo...
9.9Katelyn Guenther22-05.00Lockhart
10.10Rebecca Cox20-07.50San Marcos Baptist
11.11Jasmine McWilliams20-07.00San Marcos Baptist
12.-Emily Gunter20-03.00Comal Smithson Valley
13.-Sydney Johnson20-00.00New Braunfels
14.11Jessica Battis19-09.50Trinity Christian (S...
15.9Selena Dominguez18-06.00Lockhart
16.-Gabriella Rodriguez18-02.50New Braunfels
---Kaitlyn BakerNDComal Canyon
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Chamaya Turner141-06Comal Canyon
2.12Gabby Galvan132-06Lockhart
3.12Savannah McElroy128-05New Braunfels
4.-Lauren Jay97-00Comal Smithson Valley
5.10Ana Galvan96-04Lockhart
6.-Sarah Cowey86-08Comal Canyon
7.-Ashley Camareno84-03Comal Canyon
8.10Anastazia Gilman78-08John Paul II (New Br...
9.-Callie Newman71-00Comal Smithson Valley
10.-Patty Frey66-03Comal Smithson Valley
---Haley LasseterNDNew Braunfels
X Discus - 1kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Laura Presley94-03Boerne Champion
2.-Kaitlyn Laymon82-02Boerne Champion
3.-Emily Gunter76-10Comal Smithson Valley
4.10Madison Williams73-04Comal Canyon
5.11Savanna Grounds73-00Trinity Christian (S...
6.-Sydney Johnson72-00New Braunfels
7.-Katherine Cavanaugh71-05Comal Canyon
8.9Katelyn Guenther70-04Lockhart
9.-Sarah Jane Frick67-06Comal Smithson Valley
10.10Rebecca Cox61-11San Marcos Baptist
11.11Jasmine McWilliams52-02San Marcos Baptist
12.11Marissa Sosa47-10San Marcos Baptist
13.9Selena Dominguez45-07Lockhart
14.11Jessica Battis37-10Trinity Christian (S...
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Britney Carter5-04.00Comal Canyon
2.11Ashley Brodrick5-04.00Boerne Champion
3.10Rafae Strobos5-02.00Comal Canyon
4.12Laurelyn Kelly5-00.00Boerne Champion
5.10Amber Quinlivan4-06.00Lockhart
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Haley Zunker5-02.00Comal Canyon
2.10Kathryn Rawls4-04.00Boerne Champion
3.-Ginny Marotta4-02.00Comal Smithson Valley
4.10Mallaree Kent4-02.00San Marcos Baptist
--9Alexis HurstNHLockhart
---Regan OlivarezNHComal Smithson Valley
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.9Calie Spencer11-00.00Comal Canyon
2.9Sara Kathryn Stevens10-06.00New Braunfels
3.-Jessica Johnson10-00.00Comal Smithson Valley
4.10Aurelie Spencer9-06.00Comal Canyon
5.-Kristi Robinson9-06.00Comal Canyon
6.12Ashley Hickman9-00.00Boerne Champion
7.10Nicole Garstecki9-00.00Comal Smithson Valley
8.9Megan Briley8-00.00Boerne Champion
--12Abby AndersonNHBoerne Champion
X Pole Vault - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Emily Gunter7-06.00Comal Smithson Valley
2.9Caitlin Haney7-06.00Comal Smithson Valley
3.9Emily Young7-06.00Comal Smithson Valley
--9Ally BrewerNHLockhart
--10Alexis SmithNHTrinity Christian (S...
--9Caroline RussellNHBoerne Champion
--9Samantha ToblemanNHBoerne Champion
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.-Rebekah Knduson17-00.00New Braunfels
2.-Angela Lowak16-08.50New Braunfels
3.9Kelsie Smeby16-04.50Comal Canyon
4.12Britney Carter16-01.50Comal Canyon
5.11Katelynn Powell15-09.00Comal Canyon
6.12Angelea Ross15-07.00Trinity Christian (S...
7.10Essence Thompson15-01.00Lockhart
8.-Sydney Collins14-09.50Comal Smithson Valley
9.9Kailey Riedel14-05.00Comal Smithson Valley
10.9Raven Reed14-03.00Lockhart
11.10Chanti Cypher13-06.50Lockhart
12.-Madison Rion13-03.50Comal Smithson Valley
13.11Emma Terrell12-11.50Boerne Champion
14.9Symantha Sandee12-07.00John Paul II (New Br...
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Jessica Chavez15-05.00Comal Canyon
2.-Madison Marsh14-04.50New Braunfels
3.-Rebecca Shook14-02.50Comal Canyon
4.9Alexis Hurst13-10.50Lockhart
5.-Lucero Gomez13-10.00Comal Canyon
6.-Casey Chafin13-10.00New Braunfels
7.-Carrigan Herring13-09.00New Braunfels
8.-Ginny Marotta13-05.00Comal Smithson Valley
9.9Courtney Logsdon13-02.00Comal Smithson Valley
10.10Mallaree Kent13-00.00San Marcos Baptist
11.10Kristian Hawkins12-09.00Lockhart
--12Lindsey PrestonNDSan Marcos Baptist
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Angelea Ross36-11.00Trinity Christian (S...
2.11Katelynn Powell34-00.50Comal Canyon
3.11Ashley Mullen33-04.00Comal Canyon
4.-Sydney Collins32-07.00Comal Smithson Valley
5.12Laurelyn Kelly31-06.00Boerne Champion
6.-Madison Rion30-04.00Comal Smithson Valley
--11Emma TerrellNDBoerne Champion
X Triple Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Jessica Chavez29-11.50Comal Canyon
2.-Haley Rutledge29-08.00New Braunfels
3.-Lucero Gomez27-04.50Comal Canyon
4.-Sylvia Picazo25-11.00Comal Canyon
5.10Brianna Kinchion24-08.50Lockhart
---Pam FolsomNDComal Smithson Valley
--12Lindsey PrestonNDSan Marcos Baptist
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