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Class 4 District 4

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Francis Howell Central

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Trenton Robinson11.13aFt Zumwalt South      
2.10Chase Abbington11.33aFt Zumwalt South      
3.12Terrence Tate11.34aHolt      
4.9Troy Thomas11.38aParkway North      
5.11Donavin Newsom11.40aParkway North      
6.9D'Andre Campbell11.45aFt Zumwalt East      
7.10Matthew Matyi11.65aFrancis Howell North      
8.12Jared Kaufman11.90aFrancis Howell North      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Trenton Robinson11.07aFt Zumwalt South      
2.11Donavin Newsom11.13aParkway North      
3.10Chase Abbington11.24aFt Zumwalt South      
4.12Terrence Tate11.40aHolt      
5.9D'Andre Campbell11.44aFt Zumwalt East      
6.9Troy Thomas11.47aParkway North      
7.10Matthew Matyi11.55aFrancis Howell North      
8.12Jared Kaufman11.58aFrancis Howell North      
9.10Teddy Williamson11.76aFt Zumwalt West      
10.10Kyle Harris11.80aFt Zumwalt West      
11.12Mikquel Johnson11.81aParkway Central      
12.11Jeremiah Johnson12.00aParkway Central      
13.11Andrew Altomare12.04aFrancis Howell Central      
14.10Jon Hefley12.15aTroy-Buchanan      
15.11Christian Brooks12.19aFt Zumwalt East      
16.11Keith Craig12.27aTroy-Buchanan      
17.9Andy Russell12.56aFrancis Howell Central      
18.9Andy Jetton12.66aFt. Zumwalt North      
19.12Dominick Riley12.84aFt. Zumwalt North      
--12Alex ScottFSTimberland      
--9Alex R MartinFSFrancis Howell      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10George Chisolm22.66aParkway North      
2.12Anthony Price22.69aHolt      
3.12Chris Campbell22.88aHolt      
4.12Trenton Robinson23.23aFt Zumwalt South      
5.12Devon Mitchell23.51aTimberland      
6.12Jared Kaufman23.74aFrancis Howell North      
7.11Cedric Royston23.78aParkway North      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Trenton Robinson22.48aFt Zumwalt South      
2.10George Chisolm22.67aParkway North      
4.12Chris Campbell22.73aHolt      
5.10Chase Abbington22.98aFt Zumwalt South      
3.12Anthony Price22.99aHolt      
6.12Devon Mitchell23.06aTimberland      
7.12Jared Kaufman23.21aFrancis Howell North      
8.11Cedric Royston23.43aParkway North      
9.10Matthew Matyi23.59aFrancis Howell North      
10.10Kyle Harris23.83aFt Zumwalt West      
11.11Alex Strong23.92aFrancis Howell      
12.11John Haarman24.45aFrancis Howell      
13.11Jeremiah Johnson24.53aParkway Central      
14.12Brandon Tarver24.54aFt Zumwalt West      
15.11Andrew Altomare24.66aFrancis Howell Central      
16.11Kurtis Cato25.40aFrancis Howell Central      
17.10Jon Hefley25.49aTroy-Buchanan      
18.12Ellis Maise25.55aTimberland      
19.11Keith Craig25.65aTroy-Buchanan      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chris Campbell50.38aHolt      
2.12Devon Mitchell52.12aTimberland      
3.10Mason Burnett52.37aFt Zumwalt East      
4.11Devon Westley53.21aParkway Central      
5.10Robert Hester53.68aFt Zumwalt South      
6.10Chris Collins53.72aParkway North      
7.11Jarett Strode53.96aFrancis Howell      
8.10Jason Matthews54.40aFt Zumwalt West      
9.10Travis Ayers54.46aHolt      
10.11Alan Gasanli55.11aParkway Central      
11.10Michael Martin55.23aFt. Zumwalt North      
12.10Zach Nicewarner55.57aFrancis Howell      
13.12Devon Farrow57.68aFrancis Howell Central      
14.9Jordan Faerber57.83aFrancis Howell Central      
15.9Andy Jetton58.88aFt. Zumwalt North      
16.9Dalton Farris59.05aFt Zumwalt South      
17.11Justin Chaney59.14aTroy-Buchanan      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kenny Cushing1:56.61aHolt      
2.11Jovonte Suber1:58.92aParkway North      
3.12Zach Taylor1:59.76aFrancis Howell Central      
4.10Tyler Percy2:00.03aFt Zumwalt West      
5.12Nick Buss2:03.97aFrancis Howell      
6.12Andrew Ocampo2:04.76aParkway Central      
7.12Jordan Duggan2:04.89aFt Zumwalt West      
8.11Mack Weaver2:06.73aFrancis Howell North      
9.12Jordan Summers2:08.92aFrancis Howell North      
10.9Markell Williams2:09.36aTimberland      
11.11Jon Hazelwonder2:11.11aTroy-Buchanan      
12.11Andrew Vu2:12.27aParkway Central      
13.12Andy Lamoreaux2:12.60aFrancis Howell      
14.12Eric Bean2:12.99aFt. Zumwalt North      
15.11Kyle White2:16.52aHolt      
16.12Greg Highland2:16.99aFt Zumwalt East      
17.9Spencer Schroff2:17.21aFt Zumwalt East      
18.10Brennan Loveless2:17.66aFt Zumwalt South      
19.9Seth Kitchen2:19.58aFt Zumwalt South      
20.10Michael Van Horn2:20.24aFrancis Howell Central      
21.11Dustin Rucker2:20.72aTroy-Buchanan      
22.11Alek Norman2:25.29aFt. Zumwalt North      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kenny Cushing4:29.58aHolt      
2.11Josh McKinley4:32.44aFrancis Howell Central      
3.12Drew Webster4:33.38aFt Zumwalt East      
4.11Eric Sivill4:33.65aParkway Central      
5.11Peter Franck4:38.42aHolt      
6.12Danny Barger4:47.68aFt Zumwalt West      
7.11Seth Parres4:53.67aFt Zumwalt West      
8.9Joe Bindner4:54.71aFt Zumwalt East      
9.11Brian Myers4:56.94aParkway Central      
10.10Christian Alten4:57.59aParkway North      
11.12Dominic Fitzgerald4:57.66aFt Zumwalt South      
12.11Jacob Humphries4:57.84aFt Zumwalt South      
13.12Ravi Thombre4:59.66aParkway North      
14.10Cody Berry5:03.09aFrancis Howell      
15.11Alek Norman5:03.11aFt. Zumwalt North      
16.9PJ Brown5:04.73aFrancis Howell Central      
17.10Kyle Swanton5:05.02aTimberland      
18.10Logan Jaggie5:05.53aFt. Zumwalt North      
19.9Gavin Galanes5:09.48aFrancis Howell      
20.9Michael Hazelwonder5:11.09aTroy-Buchanan      
21.10Brendan Kirchhoff5:16.48aFrancis Howell North      
22.11Steven Potter5:26.77aFrancis Howell North      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kyle Deeken9:46.88aFt. Zumwalt North      
2.12Trey Berry9:55.35aFrancis Howell      
3.12Drew Webster9:58.86aFt Zumwalt East      
4.12Sam Lazechko10:08.41aFrancis Howell      
5.11Steve Heim10:09.01aFt Zumwalt West      
6.11Jeffrey Bonin10:24.81aParkway North      
7.11Eric Sivill10:25.25aParkway Central      
8.12Cameron Bogue10:34.72aFt Zumwalt West      
9.11Josh McKinley10:35.74aFrancis Howell Central      
10.11Peter Franck10:39.52aHolt      
11.11Alec Whiting10:40.72aHolt      
12.11Zach Ignotz10:46.86aTroy-Buchanan      
13.11Jacob Humphries11:00.53aFt Zumwalt South      
14.12Dominic Fitzgerald11:07.58aFt Zumwalt South      
15.11Jansen Baja11:13.19aParkway North      
16.9Taylor Carter11:13.35aTroy-Buchanan      
17.10Brenton Griffith11:17.93aFrancis Howell North      
18.10Logan Jaggie11:19.06aFt. Zumwalt North      
19.10Nolan Ryan11:26.84aFt Zumwalt East      
20.9Taylor Stone11:35.73aFrancis Howell Central      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11RJ Alexander14.86aParkway North      
2.11Brandon Sheperd15.16aParkway Central      
3.11Mike Mahoney15.30aFt Zumwalt East      
4.11Jared Boyd15.31aFt Zumwalt West      
5.12Brad Banowetz15.67aFt. Zumwalt North      
6.10Jon Schwab15.68aFrancis Howell North      
7.12Chad Holloway15.83aTroy-Buchanan      
8.10Bruce Lockhart15.99aHolt      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11RJ Alexander15.31aParkway North      
2.11Brandon Sheperd15.43aParkway Central      
4.11Jared Boyd15.44aFt Zumwalt West      
3.11Mike Mahoney15.61aFt Zumwalt East      
5.12Chad Holloway15.79aTroy-Buchanan      
6.12Brad Banowetz15.81aFt. Zumwalt North      
7.10Jon Schwab15.82aFrancis Howell North      
8.10Bruce Lockhart16.51aHolt      
9.10Ethan Nixon16.52aHolt      
10.12Jordan Pouppaneau16.61aTimberland      
11.10Randy Hunt16.68aParkway North      
12.10Ian Coleman17.29aTimberland      
13.10Justin Regot17.42aFt Zumwalt South      
14.10Khalen Fredieu17.63aParkway Central      
15.10Alex Burr17.97aFt Zumwalt West      
16.11Jesse Spinks18.21aFrancis Howell Central      
17.11Austin Boedecker18.66aTroy-Buchanan      
18.11Brandon Grau19.87aFrancis Howell Central      
19.9Dalton Farris22.51aFt Zumwalt South      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brandon Sheperd39.94aParkway Central      
2.12Brad Banowetz40.79aFt. Zumwalt North      
3.11Daunte Young40.92aParkway North      
4.11Jared Boyd40.93aFt Zumwalt West      
5.11Mike Mahoney41.90aFt Zumwalt East      
6.11Andre Booker42.46aParkway Central      
7.10Jon Schwab42.86aFrancis Howell North      
8.12Ian Thompson42.96aTimberland      
9.12Danny Barger42.97aFt Zumwalt West      
10.11Ian Powers43.10aFrancis Howell      
11.12Tyler Burks43.45aParkway North      
12.10Ian Coleman43.75aTimberland      
13.12Chad Holloway43.96aTroy-Buchanan      
14.10Bruce Lockhart44.81aHolt      
15.10Justin Regot45.07aFt Zumwalt South      
16.12Alec Gerke46.06aFt Zumwalt East      
17.11Austin Boedecker46.11aTroy-Buchanan      
18.11Nick Bradshaw46.67aHolt      
19.11Marus Smith47.15aFt Zumwalt South      
20.9Jeremy Schroeder48.45aFrancis Howell      
21.12Bryan Metcalfe49.19aFrancis Howell Central      
22.11Thomas Hiegel50.18aFrancis Howell Central      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-George Chisolm
Johnathan Little
Donavin Newsom
Dorian Hobbs
43.11aParkway North      
2.-Chase Abbington
Nat Jackson
Trenton Robinson
Wesley King
43.64aFt Zumwalt South      
3.-Terrence Tate
Jerome Wilson
Tre Vaughn
Trey Mitchell
4.-Andre Booker
Alan Gasanli
Alex Jackson
Mikquel Johnson
44.11aParkway Central      
5.-Brad Banowetz
Vincent Bockhoff
VJ Fitzpatrick
Nathan Elmy
45.09aFt. Zumwalt North      
6.-Corey King
Alex R Martin
Paul Steward
Jarett Strode
45.10aFrancis Howell      
7.-Jordan Pouppaneau
Austin Dixon
Ben Tedrick
Alex Scott
8.-Christian Brooks
D'Andre Campbell
Stephen Island
Mike Mahoney
46.37aFt Zumwalt East      
9.-Jared Kaufman
Terron Givens
Devon McClelland
Matthew Matyi
46.60aFrancis Howell North      
10.-Brandon Tarver
Alex Burr
D'Armani Payne
Teddy Williamson
47.59aFt Zumwalt West      
11.-Kyle Byrd
Andrew Altomare
Bryan Metcalfe
Kurtis Cato
48.05aFrancis Howell Central      
12.-Justin Chaney
Keith Craig
Jon Hefley
Ronnie Smith
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-George Chisolm
Chris Collins
Daunte Young
Tyler Burks
1:30.74aParkway North      
2.-Alan Gasanli
Andre Booker
Devon Westley
Brandon Sheperd
1:30.90aParkway Central      
3.-Chase Abbington
Wesley King
Nat Jackson
Trenton Robinson
1:31.60aFt Zumwalt South      
4.-Darian Jones
Jeff Hicks
Anthony Price
Tre Vaughn
5.-Keith Craig
Jon Hefley
Shomari Streeter
Josh Jones
6.-Corey King
Alex R Martin
Paul Steward
Jarett Strode
1:35.22aFrancis Howell      
7.-Christian Brooks
Mason Burnett
D'Andre Campbell
Mike Mahoney
1:35.72aFt Zumwalt East      
8.-Jared Kaufman
Terron Givens
Devon McClelland
Matthew Matyi
1:35.80aFrancis Howell North      
9.-Brandon Tarver
Alex Burr
Dominic Fanara
Teddy Williamson
1:38.18aFt Zumwalt West      
10.-Kurtis Cato
Derek Mueller
Devon Farrow
Michael Prince
1:43.74aFrancis Howell Central      
11.-Michael Martin
Andy Jetton
Joseph Mueller
Dominick Riley
1:47.44aFt. Zumwalt North      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Darian Jones
Anthony Price
Kenny Cushing
Chris Campbell
2.-Jovonte Suber
Jairus Bryant
Paa Imbeah
RJ Alexander
3:26.29aParkway North      
3.-Devon Westley
Andre Booker
Alan Gasanli
Mikquel Johnson
3:33.17aParkway Central      
4.-Kyle Harris
Jordan Duggan
Tyler Percy
Tyler Diederich
3:36.62aFt Zumwalt West      
5.-Brady Williams
Ian Thompson
Alex Scott
Devon Mitchell
6.-Robert Hester
Kaylin Jackson
Timothy Galloway
Lee Benson
4:07.84aFt Zumwalt South      
---Jon Hazelwonder
Chad Holloway
Josh Jones
Ben Lehmkuhl
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tyler Diederich
Danny Barger
Tyler Percy
Eric Rogers
8:11.10aFt Zumwalt West      
2.-Rishi Dev
Brian Myers
Andrew Ocampo
Eric Sivill
8:20.82aParkway Central      
3.-Nick Buss
Trey Berry
Ian Powers
Zach Nicewarner
8:24.97aFrancis Howell      
4.-Jordan Summers
Mack Weaver
Brendan Kirchhoff
Steven Potter
8:37.75aFrancis Howell North      
5.-Jerome Feeberg
George Malinee
Austin Hoeber
Kyle White
6.-Ravi Thombre
Christian Alten
Jeffrey Bonin
Jansen Baja
8:52.19aParkway North      
7.-Josh Budiselich
Jon Hazelwonder
Michael Hazelwonder
Zac Ignotz
8.-Cody Elmendorf
Greg Highland
Nolan Ryan
Drew Webster
9:07.68aFt Zumwalt East      
9.-Jacob Angevine
Taylor Stone
Michael Van Horn
Adam Farmer
9:16.07aFrancis Howell Central      
10.-Brennan Loveless
Brandon Foster
Seth Kitchen
Carson Miller
9:25.86aFt Zumwalt South      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.10Josh McDonald49-05.00Timberland      
2.12Brad Hardin47-04.50Ft Zumwalt West      
3.10Demtrius Bernard47-03.75Ft Zumwalt West      
4.12Nick Weigand47-00.75Holt      
5.12Brandon Haupt46-02.25Francis Howell Central      
6.12Joe BonDurant45-01.75Parkway North      
7.12Ron Leach44-00.75Ft Zumwalt South      
8.10Quentin Gray43-09.00Parkway Central      
9.10Dalton Gilbert43-08.25Troy-Buchanan      
10.12Jordan Cockrell43-04.50Troy-Buchanan      
11.10John Hummel42-07.00Timberland      
12.11Daulton Daies41-05.00Francis Howell Central      
13.11Phil Posley41-03.50Parkway North      
14.11Jonathan Ahuatzi Onofre40-10.00Parkway Central      
15.12Tom Foley39-11.75Francis Howell North      
16.11Mikailou Diarra39-05.75Francis Howell North      
17.12Jake Lasater39-05.50Francis Howell      
18.9Benjamin Bentley39-03.00Ft Zumwalt South      
19.11Jeremy Merlenbach37-01.75Ft. Zumwalt North      
20.9Benjamin Fick34-06.75Ft. Zumwalt North      
21.12Kiefer Beem33-05.50Holt      
22.12Tyler Hemsath31-03.50Francis Howell      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Josh McDonald170-10Timberland      
2.10Kenneth Boyer150-09Ft Zumwalt West      
3.12Dustin Heller146-09Ft Zumwalt West      
4.12Alex Nischbach136-02Ft Zumwalt East      
5.12Cody Coleman131-00Timberland      
6.11Jonathan Ahuatzi Onofre129-11Parkway Central      
7.12Todd Hussein122-09Ft. Zumwalt North      
8.12Josh Whitley119-06Ft. Zumwalt North      
9.12Ron Leach116-06Ft Zumwalt South      
10.12Nick Weigand110-06Holt      
11.12Brandon Haupt107-11Francis Howell Central      
12.12Jake Stone107-10Parkway North      
13.12Jake Lasater100-08Francis Howell      
14.11Andrew Aubuchon97-11Holt      
15.11Andrew Smith86-00Francis Howell North      
16.9Ryan Baris85-00Parkway Central      
17.12Tom Foley84-11Francis Howell North      
--12Tyler HemsathNDFrancis Howell      
--10Joe McDevittNDFrancis Howell Central      
--10Jonathan CookNDFt Zumwalt South      
--12Joe BonDurantNDParkway North      
--11Tyler MeyerNDTroy-Buchanan      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Josh Jones6-00.00Troy-Buchanan      
2.11Mike Mahoney6-00.00Ft Zumwalt East      
3.11James Reed5-10.00Holt      
4.11Josh Budiselich5-06.00Troy-Buchanan      
4.11Donavin Newsom5-06.00Parkway North      
6.11Vincent Bockhoff5-06.00Ft. Zumwalt North      
6.11Matt Lundberg5-06.00Francis Howell Central      
6.11Michael Carter5-06.00Holt      
9.10Justin Smith5-04.00Ft Zumwalt South      
10.9Joseph Mueller5-04.00Ft. Zumwalt North      
11.12Michael Prince5-04.00Francis Howell Central      
--11Joe HamptonNHFt Zumwalt West      
--11John MiddlebrooksNHFt Zumwalt West      
--12Andre WootenNHFrancis Howell North      
--10Khalen FredieuNHParkway Central      
--10Dillion Sechehaye-SmithNHParkway North      
--10Robert HesterNHFt Zumwalt South      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nathan Viehmann12-00.00Francis Howell North      
2.11Alex Foley12-00.00Holt      
3.11VJ Fitzpatrick12-00.00Ft. Zumwalt North      
4.9Chance Koch11-06.00Timberland      
5.12Michael Boll11-06.00Holt      
6.9Kory Morton11-00.00Ft. Zumwalt North      
7.10Jacob Zeier11-00.00Ft Zumwalt South      
8.10Nick Elieff10-06.00Francis Howell      
9.9Dane Burgdorf10-06.00Francis Howell North      
10.12Ben Tedrick10-06.00Timberland      
11.11Zach Lund10-00.00Francis Howell Central      
11.11Dustin Rucker10-00.00Troy-Buchanan      
11.12James Skorburg10-00.00Parkway North      
11.12Devin Hughes10-00.00Parkway North      
11.12Stephen Island10-00.00Ft Zumwalt East      
16.10Dalton Juern10-00.00Parkway Central      
17.12Kyle Byrd9-06.00Francis Howell Central      
17.10Matthew Estrada9-06.00Ft Zumwalt South      
--9Devon GatchalianNHFt Zumwalt West      
--10Jeff FennewaldNHTroy-Buchanan      
--11Florent SevrinNHParkway Central      
--12Hunter PulleyNHFt Zumwalt East      
--11Kyle KestlerNHFt Zumwalt West      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tre Vaughn21-04.00Holt      
2.11Donavin Newsom21-02.50Parkway North      
3.12Shomari Streeter20-11.00Troy-Buchanan      
4.12Nathan Elmy20-09.00Ft. Zumwalt North      
5.12Andre Wooten20-05.00Francis Howell North      
6.12Austin Dixon20-05.00Timberland      
7.12Mike Stahlheber20-04.50Ft Zumwalt East      
8.12Mikquel Johnson19-08.00Parkway Central      
9.11Alex Jackson19-07.00Parkway Central      
10.9D'Andre Campbell19-03.00Ft Zumwalt East      
11.11Ben Lehmkuhl19-00.00Troy-Buchanan      
12.12James Luecke18-07.50Holt      
13.9Alex R Martin18-05.00Francis Howell      
14.10Teddy Williamson18-04.00Ft Zumwalt West      
15.11Justin Marsh17-06.50Francis Howell North      
16.12Jordan Pouppaneau17-05.00Timberland      
17.11Andrew Altomare17-04.00Francis Howell Central      
18.11Dylan Myers17-03.00Ft Zumwalt West      
19.10Morgan Brown16-07.00Parkway North      
20.9Andy Russell15-08.00Francis Howell Central      
21.11Paul Steward14-10.00Francis Howell      
--11Cody ZeikFOULFt Zumwalt South      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brady Williams42-07.00Timberland      
2.11Ben Lehmkuhl41-02.50Troy-Buchanan      
3.10Jason Hursey41-01.00Parkway North      
4.12Andre Wooten41-00.00Francis Howell North      
5.12Jairus Bryant40-10.50Parkway North      
6.12Mikquel Johnson40-03.50Parkway Central      
7.11Alex Jackson39-02.50Parkway Central      
8.11Vincent Bockhoff39-01.00Ft. Zumwalt North      
9.10Jonathan Cook38-05.00Ft Zumwalt South      
10.12Alec Gerke38-04.50Ft Zumwalt East      
11.10Zach Wenger38-03.00Ft Zumwalt East      
12.12Shomari Streeter38-02.00Troy-Buchanan      
13.11Nick Hart36-11.50Francis Howell      
14.9Nick Snawder36-07.50Timberland      
15.12James Luecke36-06.00Holt      
16.9Dalton Farris35-00.50Ft Zumwalt South      
17.12Jason Garvert34-06.00Francis Howell      
18.11Nick Eisenbeis34-04.50Francis Howell North      
19.9Kolby Beem34-03.50Holt      
20.12Ryan Arnold31-07.00Ft Zumwalt West      
21.11John Middlebrooks31-06.50Ft Zumwalt West      
22.11Kurtis Cato31-06.00Francis Howell Central      
--9Joseph MuellerFOULFt. Zumwalt North      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Nataliyah Friar12.36aHolt      
2.10Whitney Adams12.39aFrancis Howell      
3.11Imani Myton12.68aParkway Central      
4.12Desiree White12.73aParkway North      
5.9Paige Nelson12.84aParkway Central      
6.11Alexis Templeton12.87aParkway North      
7.11A'lenesha McFarland13.02aFrancis Howell Central      
8.11Alyssa Miller13.42aFrancis Howell North      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Nataliyah Friar12.45aHolt      
2.10Whitney Adams12.65aFrancis Howell      
3.11Imani Myton12.77aParkway Central      
4.12Desiree White12.78aParkway North      
5.11Alexis Templeton12.84aParkway North      
6.9Paige Nelson12.89aParkway Central      
7.11A'lenesha McFarland13.16aFrancis Howell Central      
8.11Alyssa Miller13.47aFrancis Howell North      
9.11Camisha Oliver13.56aFrancis Howell North      
10.10Destinee Corrigan13.58aFrancis Howell Central      
11.12Chelsea Meracle13.65aFt. Zumwalt North      
12.10Kendall Overkamp13.73aFt. Zumwalt North      
13.10Aleaya Elliott13.80aFt Zumwalt East      
14.9Briana Burbidge14.60aFt Zumwalt South      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Nataliyah Friar25.85aHolt      
2.11Ashley Oberdieck26.14aFt. Zumwalt North      
3.10Whitney Adams26.24aFrancis Howell      
4.11Alexis Templeton26.28aParkway North      
5.11Imani Myton26.88aParkway Central      
6.12Dominique White27.59aParkway North      
7.9Tasha Fraizer27.98aParkway Central      
8.11A'lenesha McFarland28.33aFrancis Howell Central      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Whitney Adams25.62aFrancis Howell      
2.10Nataliyah Friar25.67aHolt      
4.11Ashley Oberdieck25.96aFt. Zumwalt North      
3.11Alexis Templeton26.22aParkway North      
5.11Imani Myton26.35aParkway Central      
6.11A'lenesha McFarland27.19aFrancis Howell Central      
7.9Tasha Fraizer27.22aParkway Central      
8.12Dominique White27.37aParkway North      
9.11Casherel Thirdkill27.54aHolt      
10.10Sydney Perry27.56aFt Zumwalt South      
11.12Lindsey McDaniels27.74aFt Zumwalt East      
12.11Kahdeja Hawkins28.13aTroy-Buchanan      
13.11Alyssa Miller28.27aFrancis Howell North      
14.11Camisha Oliver28.37aFrancis Howell North      
15.9Kayla Landwehrmier28.50aFrancis Howell      
16.12Kristina Norwood28.65aFt Zumwalt East      
17.10Kaela Henry28.81aFrancis Howell Central      
18.11Megan Gebhardt28.82aFt Zumwalt West      
19.12Danielle Althage29.07aFt Zumwalt West      
20.9Briana Burbidge30.07aFt Zumwalt South      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Whitney Adams58.41aFrancis Howell      
2.11Ashley Oberdieck1:00.20aFt. Zumwalt North      
3.11Jenny Ferguson1:01.30aTimberland      
4.11Morgan Hart1:02.27aParkway North      
5.9Diarra Newson1:02.79aParkway North      
6.12Lindsey McDaniels1:03.49aFt Zumwalt East      
7.9Taylor Knoche1:04.14aFrancis Howell      
8.12Aron Hendin1:04.73aParkway Central      
9.9Sarah Hicks1:05.08aHolt      
10.9Brianna Tucker1:05.52aFt Zumwalt West      
11.10Kristen Warncke1:06.02aFrancis Howell Central      
12.9Lianne Marquez1:06.42aFt Zumwalt West      
13.9Jessica Sherman1:06.76aParkway Central      
14.12Bre Whited1:09.59aTroy-Buchanan      
15.11Casherel Thirdkill1:10.06aHolt      
16.9Courtney Riportella1:10.20aFrancis Howell Central      
17.12Brittany Harry1:11.01aFrancis Howell North      
18.9Claire Hellyar1:13.05aFt Zumwalt South      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Valeska Halamicek2:26.03aFrancis Howell      
2.12Katie Jost2:28.07aParkway Central      
3.11Leah Krause2:30.00aFrancis Howell      
4.12Sammi Merritt2:30.02aFt Zumwalt West      
5.9Alicia Reed2:33.94aFt Zumwalt West      
6.12Taylor Thompson2:35.18aFt Zumwalt South      
7.9Michaela Hylen2:35.53aFt Zumwalt East      
8.10Taylor Burke2:36.81aParkway Central      
9.11Lauren Lamzik2:38.11aFt Zumwalt East      
10.12Allison Berck2:38.85aFrancis Howell Central      
11.11Kara Lough2:39.69aHolt      
12.11Brooke Lucas2:39.84aFrancis Howell North      
13.11Allyson Lacy2:39.90aTroy-Buchanan      
14.10Shantavis Brown2:42.45aFrancis Howell Central      
15.12Sarah Graham2:44.15aTroy-Buchanan      
16.9Briana Holt2:45.66aParkway North      
17.9Courtney Vishy2:46.72aFrancis Howell North      
18.9Kaitlin Vaughan2:53.77aFt Zumwalt South      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Leah Krause5:23.89aFrancis Howell      
2.10Alexis Happe5:29.69aFrancis Howell North      
3.11Clare Roberts5:29.96aParkway Central      
4.11Haley Delgado5:30.40aFt Zumwalt West      
5.9Michaela Hylen5:32.04aFt Zumwalt East      
6.11Sydney Voss5:34.93aFrancis Howell Central      
7.10Taylor Burke5:35.85aParkway Central      
8.12Jacci Guthrie5:44.00aFrancis Howell      
9.11Katie Wright5:45.33aFt Zumwalt West      
10.9Caitlin Gervich5:45.78aFt Zumwalt South      
11.11Hannah Lucas5:49.31aHolt      
12.9Abby Piper5:49.89aHolt      
13.12Alyson Martin6:04.00aFrancis Howell Central      
14.11Sydney Ehmke6:13.42aTimberland      
15.9Jillian Fields6:14.94aFrancis Howell North      
16.11Nicole Cochran6:18.21aFt Zumwalt South      
17.10Julia Degise6:23.20aTimberland      
18.10Riley Fader6:30.24aTroy-Buchanan      
19.11Stephanie Barton6:32.32aTroy-Buchanan      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Gloria Westlake11:33.76aFt Zumwalt East      
2.9Chandler Carreon11:49.62aHolt      
3.11Leah Krause11:51.54aFrancis Howell      
4.12Coleen Grone11:55.29aFrancis Howell North      
5.11Hannah Lucas12:06.09aHolt      
6.11Clare Roberts12:12.84aParkway Central      
7.10Courtney Coe12:14.78aFt Zumwalt West      
8.10Taylor Burke12:28.05aParkway Central      
9.9Nikki Haney12:33.47aTroy-Buchanan      
10.10Bri Watson12:38.18aFt Zumwalt East      
11.11Brianna Schroer12:48.09aFrancis Howell North      
12.12Jessica Marx13:02.21aFrancis Howell      
13.11Maggie Juengst13:34.13aFt Zumwalt South      
14.11Stephanie Barton13:51.03aTroy-Buchanan      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alex Surgeon16.45aFrancis Howell      
2.12Jasmine Jones16.63aFt Zumwalt South      
3.9Sydney Weathered16.89aHolt      
4.11Alison Barker16.90aFrancis Howell      
5.11Paige Bogert17.20aTroy-Buchanan      
6.10Kayla Nedved17.23aTimberland      
7.12Katie Lee Kitchen17.40aFt Zumwalt South      
8.11Candice Brew20.86aHolt      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Jasmine Jones16.82aFt Zumwalt South      
2.11Alex Surgeon16.92aFrancis Howell      
3.11Alison Barker17.02aFrancis Howell      
4.12Katie Lee Kitchen17.38aFt Zumwalt South      
5.9Sydney Weathered17.55aHolt      
6.10Kayla Nedved17.66aTimberland      
7.11Paige Bogert17.70aTroy-Buchanan      
8.11Candice Brew17.84aHolt      
9.11Morgan Candella17.92aParkway Central      
10.10Rachel Eckert18.03aFrancis Howell North      
11.12Courtney Boyd18.36aTroy-Buchanan      
12.11Evan Jones18.76aTimberland      
13.12Kierston Pickens19.15aFrancis Howell Central      
14.10Kayly Nielsen20.01aFrancis Howell Central      
15.10Alissa Booker22.21aParkway Central      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alison Barker48.33aFrancis Howell      
2.12Christelle Rockette49.10aFt. Zumwalt North      
3.12Jasmine Jones49.26aFt Zumwalt South      
4.9Anika Sisson50.14aParkway Central      
5.12Ashley Leonard50.98aHolt      
6.11Evan Jones51.42aTimberland      
7.10Sarah Fogarty51.45aFt Zumwalt West      
8.11Shawn Hannah52.18aParkway Central      
9.11Rachel Franck52.59aTroy-Buchanan      
10.11Alex Surgeon52.76aFrancis Howell      
11.11Paige Bogert53.10aTroy-Buchanan      
12.11Olivia Stone53.72aFt Zumwalt South      
13.11Candice Brew55.57aHolt      
14.10Rachel Eckert55.96aFrancis Howell North      
15.10Bria Miller1:03.00aFrancis Howell Central      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Amber Alexander
Morgan Hart
Diarra Newson
Alexis Templeton
50.42aParkway North      
2.-Tasha Fraizer
Paige Nelson
Camryn Bates
Imani Myton
51.16aParkway Central      
3.-Jenny Ferguson
Brittany Gerber
Rachel Steinkamp
Taylor Willer
4.-A'lenesha McFarland
Lauren Rotondo
Destinee Corrigan
Kaela Henry
52.14aFrancis Howell Central      
5.-Abigail Corbett
Sarah Hicks
Courtney Jones
Taylor Smetana
6.-Megan Carroll
Jasmine Jones
Hope Miller
Cassie Zeier
52.38aFt Zumwalt South      
7.-Kahdeja Hawkins
Jesse Hollenbeck
Tia Jones
Tamara Jones
8.-Camisha Oliver
Alyssa Miller
Arianna Watts
Amanda Edminston
54.02aFrancis Howell North      
9.-Rachel Goodwin
Katie James
Alex Surgeon
Kayla Landwehrmier
54.39aFrancis Howell      
10.-Danielle Althage
Kelsey Dixon
Megan Gebhardt
Marissa Marshall
55.01aFt Zumwalt West      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tasha Fraizer
Anika Sisson
Katie Jost
Imani Myton
1:47.50aParkway Central      
2.-Amber Alexander
Morgan Hart
Diarra Newson
Alexis Templeton
1:48.10aParkway North      
3.-Rachel Sullivan
Jesse Hollenbeck
Tia Jones
Tamara Jones
4.-Megan Carroll
Jasmine Jones
Hope Miller
Sydney Perry
1:51.70aFt Zumwalt South      
5.-A'lenesha McFarland
Destinee Corrigan
Lauren Rotondo
Kaela Henry
1:52.36aFrancis Howell Central      
6.-Alyssa Miller
Camisha Oliver
Arianna Watts
Amanda Edminston
1:53.36aFrancis Howell North      
7.-Courtney Ferguson
Lexi Tenney
Rachel Steinkamp
Katie Hazel
8.-Kelsey Dixon
Sarah Fogarty
Lianne Marquez
Marissa Marshall
1:54.39aFt Zumwalt West      
9.-Sydney Boxell
Chelsea Meracle
Jamie Langford
Kendall Overkamp
1:54.56aFt. Zumwalt North      
10.-Katie James
Rachel Goodwin
Kayla Landwehrmier
Sara Shell
1:54.57aFrancis Howell      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ashley Oberdieck
Christelle Rockette
Hailey Fink
Sydney Boxell
4:14.44aFt. Zumwalt North      
2.-Valeska Halamicek
Taylor Knoche
Alison Barker
Sara Shell
4:15.40aFrancis Howell      
3.-Haley Delgado
Sarah Fogarty
Lianne Marquez
Sammi Merritt
4:16.66aFt Zumwalt West      
4.-Briana Holt
Morgan Hart
Naomi Bryant
Diarra Newson
4:16.82aParkway North      
5.-Katie Jost
Anika Sisson
Aron Hendin
Imani Myton
4:17.20aParkway Central      
6.-Sam Brown
Jenny Ferguson
Courtney Ferguson
Brittany Gerber
7.-Rachel Franck
Kristen Hartwig
Paige Bogert
Rachel Sullivan
8.-Kelsey Farewell
Aleaya Elliot
Lauren Lamzik
Michaela Hylen
4:31.45aFt Zumwalt East      
9.-Allison Berck
Kristen Warncke
Destinee Corrigan
Lauren Rotondo
4:36.23aFrancis Howell Central      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Valeska Halamicek
Leah Krause
Alison Barker
Ali Rexroat
10:02.30aFrancis Howell      
2.-Courtney Coe
Aly Coleman
Haley Delgado
Sarah Fogarty
10:04.78aFt Zumwalt West      
3.-Katie Jost
Anika Sisson
Elaine Reichert
Taylor Burke
10:10.29aParkway Central      
4.-Coleen Grone
Alexis Happe
Brooke Lucas
Brianna Schroer
10:10.75aFrancis Howell North      
5.-Michaela Hylen
Lauren Lamzik
Lindsey McDaniels
Bri Watson
10:14.64aFt Zumwalt East      
6.-Chandler Carreon
Allison Hellebusch
Ashley Leonard
Kara Lough
7.-Sam Brown
Kayleigh Martinez
Brittany Thornell
Sydney Ehmke
8.-Allyson Lacy
Riley Fader
Sarah Graham
Nikki Haney
9.-Naomi Bryant
Briana Holt
Kiarra Johnson
Kayla Reed
11:06.41aParkway North      
10.-Lily Bremer
Haley Currant
Anna Ferris
Michelle Aiello
11:21.98aFrancis Howell Central      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dahlia Dyson44-04.00Ft Zumwalt West      
2.12Deanna Price41-05.50Troy-Buchanan      
3.11Alyshia McRoberts38-07.50Timberland      
4.12Sophie Lozano36-09.50Francis Howell      
5.9Leah Colbert36-03.00Troy-Buchanan      
6.10Madeline Middlebrooks35-00.00Ft Zumwalt West      
7.9Stephanie Morgan33-00.00Ft Zumwalt South      
8.11Jessica Rekosh32-05.50Francis Howell Central      
9.11Ashley Haywood32-04.00Francis Howell North      
10.12Jade McKee31-03.00Timberland      
11.10Canesha Roy29-11.00Parkway North      
12.11Meredith Breckner28-11.00Ft Zumwalt East      
13.11Cherokee Hubbert28-03.50Parkway Central      
14.11Katie Jo Hankins27-08.50Holt      
15.10Maggie Wisniewski27-08.00Parkway North      
16.11Taylor Ray27-06.50Francis Howell Central      
17.9Briana Smith27-04.50Holt      
18.11Lauren Dendrinelis26-07.50Parkway Central      
19.9Meghan Gerard24-10.50Francis Howell      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dahlia Dyson144-05Ft Zumwalt West      
2.12Deanna Price139-05Troy-Buchanan      
3.11Alyshia McRoberts115-04Timberland      
4.12Sophie Lozano112-11Francis Howell      
5.11Allyson Madrid108-08Troy-Buchanan      
6.10Madeline Middlebrooks105-02Ft Zumwalt West      
7.12Totuana Taylor97-10Ft Zumwalt South      
8.12Lindsay Fiegel94-04Parkway Central      
9.10Canesha Roy92-09Parkway North      
10.10Courtney Haupt91-11Francis Howell Central      
11.12Ashley Bennington89-09Parkway Central      
12.9Autumn Bishop88-04Ft Zumwalt South      
13.11Taliesha Hart88-04Timberland      
14.11Ashley Haywood82-05Francis Howell North      
15.11Katie Jo Hankins82-03Holt      
16.9Briana Smith78-11Holt      
17.10Natalie Brisso77-08Francis Howell      
18.11Meredith Breckner76-08Ft Zumwalt East      
19.10Zoe Halastenis76-04Parkway North      
20.10Marissa Herdt76-02Francis Howell Central      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Amber Alexander5-04.00Parkway North      
2.11Kylie Ellison5-02.00Ft Zumwalt West      
3.12Katie Lee Kitchen4-10.00Ft Zumwalt South      
4.10Natalie Brisso4-10.00Francis Howell      
5.10Laura Burton4-10.00Timberland      
6.11Gabrielle Johnson4-10.00Parkway North      
7.11Lexi Tenney4-10.00Timberland      
8.12Sarah Maloney4-08.00Ft Zumwalt South      
9.10Melanie Tennyson4-06.00Francis Howell North      
10.9Lauren Carlson4-06.00Francis Howell      
10.12Jenny Boring4-06.00Ft Zumwalt West      
10.10Samantha Hoffman4-06.00Parkway Central      
13.9Sarah Sanchez4-06.00Holt      
--11Sara HowerNHParkway Central      
--10Deann KrufalNHFrancis Howell North      
--10Kelsey FarewellNHFt Zumwalt East      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Shelby Markum9-06.00Ft. Zumwalt North      
2.12Aron Hendin9-00.00Parkway Central      
3.12Brittany Gerber9-00.00Timberland      
3.10Michaela Randolph9-00.00Francis Howell North      
5.11Danielle Meyer8-06.00Francis Howell North      
6.12Lynette Hull8-00.00Ft Zumwalt East      
7.11Erika Hiza7-06.00Francis Howell Central      
7.12Nicole Polashek7-06.00Ft Zumwalt West      
9.11Haley Parker7-06.00Francis Howell      
10.11Haley Decker7-06.00Francis Howell Central      
11.12Courtney Sciarratta7-00.00Troy-Buchanan      
11.10Hailey Fink7-00.00Ft. Zumwalt North      
11.11Nikki Bogue7-00.00Francis Howell      
13.10Megan Crosby7-00.00Ft Zumwalt East      
13.12Lindsay Fiegel7-00.00Parkway Central      
--9Kayla BeasleyNHFt Zumwalt South      
--11Megan PlevelNHHolt      
--12Katie HazelNHTimberland      
--9Taylor VaccaroNHFt Zumwalt South      
--12Alexis SciarrattaNHTroy-Buchanan      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Nataliyah Friar17-03.00Holt      
2.9Tasha Fraizer16-04.00Parkway Central      
3.12Madeline Burnette15-11.50Timberland      
4.9Kayla Landwehrmier15-10.00Francis Howell      
5.10Naomi Bryant15-05.00Parkway North      
6.9Katelyn Arnett14-07.50Ft Zumwalt East      
7.9Jesse Hollenbeck14-07.00Troy-Buchanan      
8.10Jenna Matye14-04.75Francis Howell North      
9.12Lindsey McDaniels14-02.25Ft Zumwalt East      
10.12Taylor Willer14-01.75Timberland      
11.10Abigail Page14-01.50Ft Zumwalt South      
12.11Shawn Hannah13-11.50Parkway Central      
13.11Gabrielle Johnson13-09.50Parkway North      
14.10Alex Brinovec13-06.75Francis Howell North      
15.12Jenny Boring13-06.50Ft Zumwalt West      
16.12Chelsea Meracle13-03.75Ft. Zumwalt North      
17.10Kayly Nielsen12-11.75Francis Howell Central      
18.12Alexa Berhorst12-11.00Francis Howell Central      
--11Kylie EllisonFOULFt Zumwalt West      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Amber Alexander37-07.00Parkway North      
2.10Nataliyah Friar37-06.00Holt      
3.11Lexi Tenney34-10.00Timberland      
4.11Katie James33-06.00Francis Howell      
5.10Naomi Bryant31-10.00Parkway North      
6.12Madeline Burnette31-08.00Timberland      
7.11Adrienne Eisenhower31-06.50Parkway Central      
8.9Olivia Gautier30-00.50Ft Zumwalt South      
9.10Abigail Page29-10.00Ft Zumwalt South      
10.12Kierston Pickens27-03.00Francis Howell Central      
11.10Lauren Delaney26-09.50Ft. Zumwalt North      
12.10Kelsey Farewell26-02.00Ft Zumwalt East      
--11Kylie EllisonNDFt Zumwalt West      
--9Paige NelsonNDParkway Central      
--12Jenny BoringNDFt Zumwalt West      
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