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Unattached - Sweet Home Heptathlon/Decathlon Day 2

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Oregon - 5A
Oregon - NAIA
Oregon Tech
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
681.12Carson Kennedy11.85aForest Grove
671.12Alex Santana11.90aSweet Home
657.11Nick Hall11.97aSweet Home
655.11Oshay Dunmore11.98aNewport
645.9Dereak Albright12.03aNew Hope Christian
612.11Korey Smith12.20aRoseburg
597.11Zach Trask12.28aPhilomath
580.10Chris Bladorn12.37aCascade
576.12Jake Comstock12.39aSweet Home
569.11Conlan Stewart12.43aCondon/Wheeler
547.12Andrew Christenson12.55aBarlow
513.12Jeran Conaway12.74aCrane
511.12Brandon Thompson12.75aWestside Christian
511.FrTyler Park12.75aOregon Tech
481.11Calvin Little12.92aEddyville
458.12Zach Jackson13.06aSweet Home
453.10David Johnson13.09aNew Hope Christian
421.10Adrian Rodriguez13.28aEddyville
417.-David Bowdoin13.31aNew Hope Christian
404.11Jackson Lin13.39aEast Linn Christian
396.10Lucas Clark13.44aSeaside
376.11Daniel Perrson13.57aNewport
371.12Chad Cummings13.60a Sisters
353.10Tallon Camargo13.72aCondon/Wheeler
343.10Tyler Hunt13.79aCondon/Wheeler
341.12Tyler Parson13.80aCrow
334.12Evan Ray13.85aSweet Home
324.9Justin Park13.92aNew Hope Christian
318.10Logan Drullinger13.96aCrow
314.8Dalen Hargett13.99aNewport
289.10Tanner Eastlick14.17aCrow
264.10Daniel Rossiter14.35aNew Hope Christian
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
727.11Korey Smith51.94aRoseburg
724.11Oshay Dunmore52.02aNewport
683.12Carson Kennedy52.96aForest Grove
651.11Nick Hall53.72aSweet Home
578.11Zach Trask55.51aPhilomath
555.-David Bowdoin56.11aNew Hope Christian
553.12Alex Santana56.16aSweet Home
546.10David Johnson56.33aNew Hope Christian
529.12Andrew Christenson56.78aBarlow
522.12Brandon Thompson56.98aWestside Christian
521.11Conlan Stewart57.01aCondon/Wheeler
495.12Jake Comstock57.70aSweet Home
481.FrTyler Park58.08aOregon Tech
430.11Calvin Little59.50aEddyville
422.12Jeran Conaway59.75aCrane
389.12Chad Cummings60.72a Sisters
375.11Jackson Lin61.16aEast Linn Christian
353.10Tyler Hunt61.82aCondon/Wheeler
351.12Zach Jackson61.90aSweet Home
347.10Tallon Camargo62.03aCondon/Wheeler
340.10Lucas Clark62.25aSeaside
320.10Adrian Rodriguez62.89aEddyville
281.8Dalen Hargett64.23aNewport
268.12Tyler Parson64.67aCrow
228.11Daniel Perrson66.17aNewport
217.10Tanner Eastlick66.57aCrow
206.10Daniel Rossiter67.00aNew Hope Christian
193.10Logan Drullinger67.54aCrow
84.9Justin Park72.83aNew Hope Christian
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
665.-David Bowdoin4:42.52aNew Hope Christian
650.11Korey Smith4:44.79aRoseburg
647.11Zach Trask4:45.29aPhilomath
603.11Nick Hall4:52.55aSweet Home
577.11Oshay Dunmore4:57.00aNewport
562.FrTyler Park4:59.60aOregon Tech
560.10David Johnson4:59.95aNew Hope Christian
538.12Carson Kennedy5:03.74aForest Grove
473.12Brandon Thompson5:15.67aWestside Christian
468.10Tallon Camargo5:16.63aCondon/Wheeler
459.12Andrew Christenson5:18.34aBarlow
410.12Chad Cummings5:27.89a Sisters
381.11Jackson Lin5:33.69aEast Linn Christian
377.8Dalen Hargett5:34.57aNewport
364.11Calvin Little5:37.41aEddyville
357.12Tyler Parson5:38.71aCrow
355.11Conlan Stewart5:39.17aCondon/Wheeler
352.10Logan Drullinger5:39.96aCrow
348.10Tyler Hunt5:40.67aCondon/Wheeler
328.12Alex Santana5:45.02aSweet Home
324.12Jake Comstock5:45.92aSweet Home
317.10Lucas Clark5:47.49aSeaside
284.10Tanner Eastlick5:55.15aCrow
271.12Jeran Conaway5:58.26aCrane
246.10Daniel Rossiter6:04.47aNew Hope Christian
157.9Justin Park6:29.31aNew Hope Christian
150.10Adrian Rodriguez6:31.70aEddyville
102.11Daniel Perrson6:48.15aNewport
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
715.12Jake Comstock16.16aSweet Home
693.11Oshay Dunmore16.36aNewport
660.11Korey Smith16.66aRoseburg
644.12Carson Kennedy16.81aForest Grove
513.12Chad Cummings18.12a Sisters
485.12Alex Santana18.42aSweet Home
449.11Zach Trask18.81aPhilomath
409.12Jeran Conaway19.27aCrane
407.11Nick Hall19.29aSweet Home
386.11Calvin Little19.54aEddyville
337.10Adrian Rodriguez20.15aEddyville
337.12Andrew Christenson20.16aBarlow
309.11Conlan Stewart20.53aCondon/Wheeler
271.12Zach Jackson21.05aSweet Home
270.10David Johnson21.06aNew Hope Christian
233.10Tyler Hunt21.61aCondon/Wheeler
223.-David Bowdoin21.76aNew Hope Christian
217.10Tallon Camargo21.87aCondon/Wheeler
212.11Daniel Perrson21.94aNewport
206.11Jackson Lin22.04aEast Linn Christian
189.12Brandon Thompson22.33aWestside Christian
179.8Dalen Hargett22.49aNewport
174.10Logan Drullinger22.58aCrow
153.10Lucas Clark22.97aSeaside
133.12Tyler Parson23.36aCrow
111.9Justin Park23.81aNew Hope Christian
80.10Tanner Eastlick24.55aCrow
10Daniel Rossiter30.52aNew Hope Christian
X 110m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
476.FrTyler Park18.51aOregon Tech
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
702.11Oshay Dunmore44' 6 1/4Newport
664.12Zach Jackson42' 6Sweet Home
602.11Korey Smith39 1 1/4Roseburg
585.12Brandon Thompson38' 2 3/4Westside Christian
573.12Carson Kennedy37' 6 3/4Forest Grove
553.12Andrew Christenson36' 5 3/4Barlow
549.12Jeran Conaway36' 3Crane
542.10Lucas Clark35' 10 1/2Seaside
528.10Tanner Eastlick35' 1 3/4Crow
527.11Calvin Little35' 1Eddyville
507.10Daniel Rossiter34' 0New Hope Christian
501.11Daniel Perrson33' 7 1/2Newport
451.12Alex Santana30' 11 1/4Sweet Home
449.12Jake Comstock30' 9 3/4Sweet Home
448.11Conlan Stewart30' 9 1/4Condon/Wheeler
429.10Tyler Hunt29' 8 1/4Condon/Wheeler
414.11Nick Hall28' 10 1/2Sweet Home
383.11Zach Trask27' 2Philomath
375.10Logan Drullinger26' 9Crow
373.10David Johnson26' 7 3/4New Hope Christian
367.10Adrian Rodriguez26' 3 3/4Eddyville
366.12Tyler Parson26' 3Crow
366.12Evan Ray26' 2 3/4Sweet Home
339.10Tallon Camargo24' 9Condon/Wheeler
334.-David Bowdoin24' 5 1/2New Hope Christian
329.12Chad Cummings24' 2 1/4 Sisters
310.11Jackson Lin23' 1 3/4East Linn Christian
267.8Dalen Hargett20' 8 1/2Newport
237.9Justin Park19' 0 1/2New Hope Christian
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
328.FrTyler Park24' 1 3/4Oregon Tech
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
609.11Korey Smith122' 4Roseburg
585.10Tanner Eastlick118' 3Crow
560.11Oshay Dunmore114' 2Newport
525.12Jeran Conaway108' 6Crane
496.11Daniel Perrson103' 9Newport
470.12Carson Kennedy99' 4Forest Grove
431.12Zach Jackson92' 10Sweet Home
396.12Andrew Christenson86' 11Barlow
372.8Dalen Hargett82' 10Newport
358.11Conlan Stewart80' 5Condon/Wheeler
350.12Brandon Thompson79' 3Westside Christian
350.10Lucas Clark79' 2Seaside
328.12Alex Santana75' 5Sweet Home
321.11Nick Hall74' 2Sweet Home
311.10Daniel Rossiter72' 4New Hope Christian
291.10David Johnson68' 11New Hope Christian
280.-David Bowdoin66' 11New Hope Christian
271.11Calvin Little65' 6Eddyville
264.FrTyler Park64' 3Oregon Tech
254.12Chad Cummings62' 5 Sisters
249.11Zach Trask61' 6Philomath
236.10Logan Drullinger59' 3Crow
230.11Jackson Lin58' 4East Linn Christian
227.10Tyler Hunt57' 9Condon/Wheeler
212.10Adrian Rodriguez55' 0Eddyville
211.12Tyler Parson54' 9Crow
210.12Jake Comstock54' 8Sweet Home
200.10Tallon Camargo52' 10Condon/Wheeler
161.9Justin Park45' 10New Hope Christian
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
557.12Zach Jackson157' 1Sweet Home
537.12Jeran Conaway152' 8Crane
530.11Oshay Dunmore151' 1Newport
475.11Calvin Little138' 9Eddyville
433.12Alex Santana129' 1Sweet Home
426.11Korey Smith127' 7Roseburg
393.10David Johnson120' 1New Hope Christian
378.11Daniel Perrson116' 9Newport
370.12Carson Kennedy114' 9Forest Grove
369.12Andrew Christenson114' 7Barlow
343.8Dalen Hargett108' 9Newport
337.12Jake Comstock107' 4Sweet Home
337.10Tanner Eastlick107' 3Crow
303.11Zach Trask99' 3Philomath
299.10Logan Drullinger98' 5Crow
297.FrTyler Park97' 11Oregon Tech
288.11Nick Hall95' 9Sweet Home
283.10Tyler Hunt94' 8Condon/Wheeler
264.10Lucas Clark90' 4Seaside
242.12Chad Cummings85' 0 Sisters
232.12Brandon Thompson82' 9Westside Christian
226.10Daniel Rossiter81' 3New Hope Christian
194.12Tyler Parson73' 8Crow
192.11Conlan Stewart73' 0Condon/Wheeler
189.10Adrian Rodriguez72' 6Eddyville
188.10Tallon Camargo72' 2Condon/Wheeler
138.11Jackson Lin60' 0East Linn Christian
102.9Justin Park51' 0New Hope Christian
98.-David Bowdoin50' 1New Hope Christian
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
670.11Oshay Dunmore6' 0 3/4Newport
627.12Andrew Christenson5' 10 3/4Barlow
585.12Carson Kennedy5' 8 3/4Forest Grove
585.12Jeran Conaway5' 8 3/4Crane
544.12Alex Santana5' 7Sweet Home
544.12Chad Cummings5' 7 Sisters
544.12Jake Comstock5' 7Sweet Home
544.11Korey Smith5' 7Roseburg
504.11Calvin Little5' 5Eddyville
504.12Brandon Thompson5' 5Westside Christian
464.11Zach Trask5' 3Philomath
426.11Nick Hall5' 1Sweet Home
426.12Zach Jackson5' 1Sweet Home
426.12Evan Ray5' 1Sweet Home
389.10Lucas Clark4' 11Seaside
389.11Daniel Perrson4' 11Newport
389.11Jackson Lin4' 11East Linn Christian
389.FrTyler Park4' 11Oregon Tech
389.11Conlan Stewart4' 11Condon/Wheeler
317.10Tanner Eastlick4' 7Crow
317.12Tyler Parson4' 7Crow
317.10David Johnson4' 7New Hope Christian
317.9Dereak Albright4' 7New Hope Christian
317.8Dalen Hargett4' 7Newport
317.10Tallon Camargo4' 7Condon/Wheeler
250.10Logan Drullinger4' 3 1/4Crow
250.10Adrian Rodriguez4' 3 1/4Eddyville
250.-David Bowdoin4' 3 1/4New Hope Christian
188.10Daniel Rossiter3' 11 1/4New Hope Christian
188.9Justin Park3' 11 1/4New Hope Christian
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
603.11Oshay Dunmore12' 11 1/2Newport
482.11Zach Trask11' 5 3/4Philomath
444.12Andrew Christenson10' 11 3/4Barlow
444.12Jeran Conaway10' 11 3/4Crane
406.12Carson Kennedy10' 6Forest Grove
298.FrTyler Park9' 0 1/4Oregon Tech
298.10Logan Drullinger9' 0 1/4Crow
264.8Dalen Hargett8' 6 1/4Newport
231.11Daniel Perrson8' 0 1/2Newport
231.10David Johnson8' 0 1/2New Hope Christian
199.10Tanner Eastlick7' 6 1/2Crow
169.11Calvin Little7' 0 1/2Eddyville
169.12Jake Comstock7' 0 1/2Sweet Home
169.12Zach Jackson7' 0 1/2Sweet Home
169.12Tyler Parson7' 0 1/2Crow
140.12Chad Cummings6' 6 3/4 Sisters
140.11Nick Hall6' 6 3/4Sweet Home
140.11Korey Smith6' 6 3/4Roseburg
140.10Lucas Clark6' 6 3/4Seaside
140.12Brandon Thompson6' 6 3/4Westside Christian
112.10Tallon Camargo6' 0 3/4Condon/Wheeler
86.9Justin Park5' 7New Hope Christian
86.10Adrian Rodriguez5' 7Eddyville
86.10Daniel Rossiter5' 7New Hope Christian
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
646.11Oshay Dunmore20' 7Newport
608.11Korey Smith20' 0 1/4Roseburg
589.12Alex Santana19' 8 3/4Sweet Home
542.12Andrew Christenson19' 0Barlow
521.12Carson Kennedy18' 8Forest Grove
504.12Jeran Conaway18' 5Crane
502.12Jake Comstock18' 4 1/2Sweet Home
490.11Nick Hall18' 2 1/4Sweet Home
481.FrTyler Park18' 0 1/2Oregon Tech
469.9Dereak Albright17' 10 1/4New Hope Christian
427.11Calvin Little17' 2Eddyville
423.11Conlan Stewart17' 1 1/4Condon/Wheeler
419.10Adrian Rodriguez17' 0 1/4Eddyville
409.11Zach Trask16' 10 1/4Philomath
405.12Zach Jackson16' 9 1/2Sweet Home
404.11Daniel Perrson16' 9 1/4Newport
402.10David Johnson16' 8 3/4New Hope Christian
386.12Brandon Thompson16' 5 3/4Westside Christian
386.11Jackson Lin16' 5 1/2East Linn Christian
375.12Chad Cummings16' 3 1/4 Sisters
363.-David Bowdoin16' 0 3/4New Hope Christian
341.8Dalen Hargett15' 8 1/4Newport
326.10Chris Bladorn15' 5Cascade
306.10Lucas Clark15' 0 3/4Seaside
287.10Tallon Camargo14' 8 1/4Condon/Wheeler
285.12Tyler Parson14' 8Crow
252.10Tanner Eastlick14' 0 1/2Crow
249.12Evan Ray13' 11 3/4Sweet Home
222.10Logan Drullinger13' 5 1/4Crow
199.10Tyler Hunt12' 11 3/4Condon/Wheeler
170.9Justin Park12' 4 1/2New Hope Christian
95.10Daniel Rossiter10' 7 1/2New Hope Christian
X Decathlon Score - Varsity - Finals
1.11Oshay Dunmore6360Newport
2.11Korey Smith5578Roseburg
3.12Carson Kennedy5471Forest Grove
4.12Andrew Christenson4803Barlow
5.12Jeran Conaway4759Crane
6.11Zach Trask4561Philomath
7.11Nick Hall4397Sweet Home
8.12Alex Santana4382Sweet Home
9.12Jake Comstock4321Sweet Home
10.FrTyler Park4087Oregon Tech
11.11Calvin Little4034Eddyville
12.12Brandon Thompson3892Westside Christian
13.10David Johnson3836New Hope Christian
14.12Zach Jackson3732Sweet Home
15.12Chad Cummings3567 Sisters
16.11Conlan Stewart3564Condon/Wheeler
17.11Daniel Perrson3317Newport
18.10Lucas Clark3197Seaside
19.-David Bowdoin3185New Hope Christian
20.10Tanner Eastlick3088Crow
21.8Dalen Hargett3055Newport
22.10Tallon Camargo2828Condon/Wheeler
23.11Jackson Lin2819East Linn Christian
24.10Adrian Rodriguez2751Eddyville
25.10Logan Drullinger2717Crow
26.12Tyler Parson2641Crow
27.10Tyler Hunt2415Condon/Wheeler
28.10Daniel Rossiter2129New Hope Christian
29.9Justin Park1620New Hope Christian
30.9Dereak Albright1431New Hope Christian
31.12Evan Ray1375Sweet Home
32.10Chris Bladorn906Cascade

Womens Results

X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
685.10Claire Thomas27.32aMolalla
668.10Kacie Hargett27.54aNewport
640.11Sarah Frazier27.89aSummit
630.12Emily Ritchey28.01aSummit
550.11Ciana Baron29.06aWestside Christian
512.11Kathryn Curtis29.58aWestside Christian
491.11Mandie Maddux29.88aBarlow
490.11Annie Whitfield29.89aSweet Home
487.12Christa Collmer29.93aBarlow
440.11Ariel Koos30.61aEast Linn Christian
426.11Alice Jefferson30.83aMolalla
417.11Zoe Engwall30.96aEast Linn Christian
409.11Laura Grube31.09aCrow
407.11Ana Mena31.11aNewport
370.12Dallas Wilson31.70aCascade
362.12Michaela Farner31.83aMolalla
357.9Esther Suelzle31.91aCascade
304.12Kristen Sowers32.80aEast Linn Christian
303.10Shanna Doyle32.83aNewport
298.10Mariah Hart32.91aBarlow
254.12Mechell Bailey33.72aEddyville
221.12Kelika Kaniaupio34.37aSweet Home
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
660.10Claire Thomas2:32.69aMolalla
655.11Ciana Baron2:33.09aWestside Christian
606.11Mandie Maddux2:37.18aBarlow
585.10Kacie Hargett2:38.93aNewport
544.12Christa Collmer2:42.55aBarlow
529.11Zoe Engwall2:43.88aEast Linn Christian
525.11Alice Jefferson2:44.26aMolalla
445.11Sarah Frazier2:51.81aSummit
441.11Kathryn Curtis2:52.20aWestside Christian
433.12Emily Ritchey2:52.99aSummit
388.11Ariel Koos2:57.58aEast Linn Christian
325.12Dallas Wilson3:04.49aCascade
322.10Shanna Doyle3:04.76aNewport
322.9Esther Suelzle3:04.79aCascade
294.11Ana Mena3:08.03aNewport
283.11Laura Grube3:09.36aCrow
273.12Kristen Sowers3:10.60aEast Linn Christian
248.11Annie Whitfield3:13.80aSweet Home
228.12Mechell Bailey3:16.34aEddyville
216.10Mariah Hart3:18.01aBarlow
191.12Michaela Farner3:21.56aMolalla
151.12Kelika Kaniaupio3:27.62aSweet Home
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
573.10Claire Thomas17.21aMolalla
544.11Ciana Baron17.47aWestside Christian
470.10Kacie Hargett18.18aNewport
462.11Annie Whitfield18.26aSweet Home
425.11Sarah Frazier18.63aSummit
380.11Mandie Maddux19.11aBarlow
353.11Kathryn Curtis19.41aWestside Christian
317.11Zoe Engwall19.82aEast Linn Christian
314.11Ariel Koos19.86aEast Linn Christian
296.11Laura Grube20.07aCrow
285.12Christa Collmer20.21aBarlow
263.12Dallas Wilson20.49aCascade
255.11Ana Mena20.59aNewport
246.11Alice Jefferson20.71aMolalla
241.12Michaela Farner20.77aMolalla
224.12Kristen Sowers21.01aEast Linn Christian
221.12Mechell Bailey21.05aEddyville
219.12Kelika Kaniaupio21.08aSweet Home
175.10Shanna Doyle21.73aNewport
166.9Esther Suelzle21.87aCascade
140.10Mariah Hart22.29aBarlow
103.12Emily Ritchey22.96aSummit
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
567.10Kacie Hargett34' 8 1/2Newport
460.11Laura Grube29' 3 3/4Crow
430.11Annie Whitfield27' 10Sweet Home
406.9Esther Suelzle26' 7 1/4Cascade
399.12Kristen Sowers26' 2 3/4East Linn Christian
397.12Michaela Farner26' 1 3/4Molalla
394.10Mariah Hart25' 11 1/2Barlow
375.10Shanna Doyle25' 0 1/2Newport
370.11Ciana Baron24' 9 1/4Westside Christian
365.10Claire Thomas24' 5 3/4Molalla
361.12Dallas Wilson24' 3 3/4Cascade
361.11Alice Jefferson24' 3 1/2Molalla
350.11Mandie Maddux23' 9Barlow
335.11Zoe Engwall22' 11 3/4East Linn Christian
320.11Ariel Koos22' 2 1/2East Linn Christian
316.12Christa Collmer21' 11 3/4Barlow
299.12Kelika Kaniaupio21' 1 1/2Sweet Home
295.12Emily Ritchey20' 11 1/4Summit
265.11Sarah Frazier19' 4 1/4Summit
249.12Mechell Bailey18' 6 1/2Eddyville
248.11Kathryn Curtis18' 5 3/4Westside Christian
237.11Ana Mena17' 10 3/4Newport
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
625.11Annie Whitfield124' 0Sweet Home
619.11Laura Grube123' 0Crow
578.12Michaela Farner115' 11Molalla
566.12Kristen Sowers113' 11East Linn Christian
557.10Kacie Hargett112' 5Newport
467.11Ciana Baron96' 9Westside Christian
432.10Mariah Hart90' 9Barlow
432.10Shanna Doyle90' 9Newport
420.12Dallas Wilson88' 6Cascade
312.11Ariel Koos69' 9East Linn Christian
300.12Christa Collmer67' 8Barlow
282.11Mandie Maddux64' 4Barlow
251.11Zoe Engwall59' 0East Linn Christian
226.9Esther Suelzle54' 6Cascade
225.12Mechell Bailey54' 4Eddyville
218.12Kelika Kaniaupio53' 1Sweet Home
200.10Claire Thomas52' 2Molalla
212.12Emily Ritchey52' 0Summit
212.11Alice Jefferson51' 1Molalla
180.11Sarah Frazier46' 4Summit
173.11Kathryn Curtis44' 11Westside Christian
153.11Ana Mena41' 4Newport
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
577.11Mandie Maddux4' 9 1/2Barlow
523.11Ana Mena4' 7 1/2Newport
523.11Zoe Engwall4' 7 1/2East Linn Christian
470.12Emily Ritchey4' 5 1/2Summit
470.11Ciana Baron4' 5 1/2Westside Christian
419.12Dallas Wilson4' 3 1/2Cascade
419.11Sarah Frazier4' 3 1/2Summit
419.11Ariel Koos4' 3 1/2East Linn Christian
419.10Claire Thomas4' 3 1/2Molalla
369.10Mariah Hart4' 1 1/2Barlow
369.10Kacie Hargett4' 1 1/2Newport
369.12Christa Collmer4' 1 1/2Barlow
369.10Shanna Doyle4' 1 1/2Newport
369.11Laura Grube4' 1 1/2Crow
369.11Annie Whitfield4' 1 1/2Sweet Home
369.12Kristen Sowers4' 1 1/2East Linn Christian
321.11Kathryn Curtis3' 11 1/2Westside Christian
257.12Mechell Bailey3' 8 3/4Eddyville
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
581.10Claire Thomas16' 8Molalla
503.11Ciana Baron15' 8 1/2Westside Christian
503.12Emily Ritchey15' 8 1/2Summit
11Sarah Frazier15'2Summit
459.11Sarah Frazier15' 1 3/4Summit
428.11Ariel Koos14' 9East Linn Christian
418.12Kelika Kaniaupio14' 7 1/2Sweet Home
401.11Ana Mena14' 4 3/4Newport
396.10Kacie Hargett14' 4Newport
386.11Laura Grube14' 2 1/2Crow
384.11Mandie Maddux14' 2Barlow
347.11Annie Whitfield13' 8 1/4Sweet Home
340.11Kathryn Curtis13' 7Westside Christian
322.12Kristen Sowers13' 3 3/4East Linn Christian
301.11Zoe Engwall13' 0 1/4East Linn Christian
292.12Christa Collmer12' 10 3/4Barlow
285.11Alice Jefferson12' 9 1/2Molalla
279.12Michaela Farner12' 8 1/4Molalla
248.10Mariah Hart12' 2 3/4Barlow
237.9Esther Suelzle12' 0 3/4Cascade
216.12Dallas Wilson11' 9Cascade
212.10Shanna Doyle11' 8Newport
192.12Mechell Bailey11' 4 1/4Eddyville
X Heptathlon Score - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kacie Hargett3612Newport
2.11Ciana Baron3559Westside Christian
3.10Claire Thomas3483Molalla
4.11Mandie Maddux3070Barlow
5.11Annie Whitfield2971Sweet Home
6.11Sarah Frazier2833Summit
7.11Laura Grube2822Crow
8.11Zoe Engwall2673East Linn Christian
9.12Emily Ritchey2646Summit
10.11Ariel Koos2621East Linn Christian
11.12Christa Collmer2593Barlow
12.12Kristen Sowers2457East Linn Christian
13.11Kathryn Curtis2388Westside Christian
14.12Dallas Wilson2374Cascade
15.11Ana Mena2270Newport
16.10Shanna Doyle2188Newport
17.10Mariah Hart2097Barlow
18.11Alice Jefferson2055Molalla
19.12Michaela Farner2048Molalla
20.9Esther Suelzle1714Cascade
21.12Mechell Bailey1626Eddyville
22.12Kelika Kaniaupio1526Sweet Home
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