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GHAC Championships

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Awty International, Houston

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Bruse Boudreaux11.74aWestbury Christian      
2.8Preston Eni12.33aJohn Cooper      
3.8Justin Morgan12.45aWestbury Christian      
4.8Arinze Nwankwo12.46aJohn Cooper      
5.8Alex Farley12.91aJohn Cooper      
6.8Jon Coss13.00aFort Bend Christian ...      
7.8Jason Sattler13.17aHonor Roll      
8.8Zach Lerner13.28aTrafton Academy      
9.8Kevin Ong13.40aAwty International      
10.8Justin Ng13.99aWesley Academy      
11.8Nicholas Moriarity14.14aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
12.8Brian Jones14.32aHonor Roll      
13.8George Shaheen14.68aGrace      
14.8Ahmad Elbakly14.70aAwty International      
15.8Chris Wray15.40aGrace      
16.8Logan Jones15.44aSt Thomas Episcopal      
17.8Nadeem Al-Adli15.76aHonor Roll      
8Austin WillbernDNSHoly Spirit Episcopal      
8Josh PlankDNSAwty International      
8Conner BradshawDNSTrafton Academy      
8Hunter McKenzieDNSSt Thomas Episcopal      
8Grant SimmonsDNSFort Bend Christian ...      
X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Zachary Adams12.59aFort Bend Christian ...      
2.7Ben Abdeen12.74aTrafton Academy      
3.7Eric Garza13.04aSt Mark's Episcopal      
4.7Godfrey Walker13.10aWestbury Christian      
5.7Turner Caldwell13.39aJohn Cooper      
6.7Christian Clarke13.55aSt Mark's Episcopal      
7.7Kenta Nebgen13.57aSt Thomas Episcopal      
8.7Erik Sager13.84aSt Mark's Episcopal      
9.7Jared Skinner13.90aJohn Cooper      
10.7Steven Donaldson14.13aFort Bend Christian ...      
11.7Michael Joseph14.34aSt Thomas Episcopal      
12.7Clint Ferrell14.93aHonor Roll      
13.7Philip Zuvic15.37aHonor Roll      
14.7Ian Hale15.72aJohn Cooper      
15.7Tyler Poleshov16.06aTrafton Academy      
16.7Kian Raissian16.09aAwty International      
17.7Tom Grant16.41aAwty International      
18.6Ben Bresalier16.56aHonor Roll      
19.7Lucas Jonasch16.84aAwty International      
20.7Daniel Graves17.44aSt Thomas Episcopal      
7Bram LowensteinDNSEmery/Weiner      
7Evan ParishDNSHoly Spirit Episcopal      
7Jonathan SunDNSGrace      
7Max RobersonDNSTrafton Academy      
X 100 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Sebastian Adrianza13.39aAwty International      
2.6Jake Trippett13.94aFort Bend Christian ...      
3.6Ryan Edwards14.31aFort Bend Christian ...      
4.6Jared Rice14.39aWesley Academy      
5.6Nicolas Motta14.53aAwty International      
6.5Brian Cormier15.06aWesley Academy      
7.5Chase Peeples15.17aHonor Roll      
8.6Jacob Towber15.57aTrafton Academy      
9.5Russell Welton15.86aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
10.6Grayson McCarley15.94aTrafton Academy      
11.6Michael Heinz16.08aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
12.6Thomas MacDonald16.19aAwty International      
13.5Joey Cornejo16.87aGrace      
14.6Faisil Al-Dajain17.44aSt Mark's Episcopal      
15.5Kyle Mullen17.87aGrace      
16.5Nate Caraway18.29aWesley Academy      
17.5Kyle Paige18.82aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
6Max LeeDNSTrafton Academy      
5Zain ChowdryDNSHonor Roll      
5Roarke BradleyDNSHonor Roll      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Bruse Boudreaux24.44aWestbury Christian      
2.8Preston Eni25.32aJohn Cooper      
3.8Jon Coss25.99aFort Bend Christian ...      
4.7Juan Naranjo26.19aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
5.8Teodros Calviello26.22aAwty International      
6.8Justin Morgan26.41aWestbury Christian      
7.8Dan Guerrero26.54aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
8.8Justin Kiehl26.64aGrace      
9.8Kaleb Turner26.68aJohn Cooper      
10.8Ronald Proper29.35aHonor Roll      
11.8Ben Davidson29.65aHonor Roll      
12.8Ryan Delaney29.92aFort Bend Christian ...      
13.8Nicholas Moriarity30.05aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
14.8Josh Chiasson30.20aAwty International      
15.8Gus Sulentic30.40aGrace      
16.8Nick Dennenberg30.67aEmery/Weiner      
17.8Lucas Dachman30.97aHonor Roll      
18.8Alex Pleczko31.10aAwty International      
19.9Grant Baecker32.94aFort Bend Christian ...      
20.8Chris Wray33.41aGrace      
8Justin NgDNSWesley Academy      
8Alex FarleyDNSJohn Cooper      
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Tucker Arrants26.93aAwty International      
2.7Ben Abdeen27.20aTrafton Academy      
3.7Eric Garza27.53aSt Mark's Episcopal      
4.7Christian Clarke27.79aSt Mark's Episcopal      
5.7Charlie Meacham27.93aAwty International      
6.7Godfrey Walker28.05aWestbury Christian      
7.7Tre McLeod28.25aWestbury Christian      
8.7Kenta Nebgen28.90aSt Thomas Episcopal      
9.7Haavard Skaar29.65aSt Mark's Episcopal      
10.7Blake Remedios29.70aSt Mark's Episcopal      
11.7Michael Joseph30.16aSt Thomas Episcopal      
12.7Jared Skinner30.24aJohn Cooper      
13.7Bryce Schaner30.35aFort Bend Christian ...      
14.7Jordan Weaver31.80aFort Bend Christian ...      
15.7Brady Morgan32.07aFort Bend Christian ...      
16.7Ian Hale32.55aJohn Cooper      
17.7Emre Kilic32.99aAwty International      
18.7Clint Ferrell33.16aHonor Roll      
19.7Philip Zuvic33.21aHonor Roll      
20.7Wesley You33.70aHonor Roll      
8Zach LernerDNSTrafton Academy      
7Evan ParishDNSHoly Spirit Episcopal      
8Conner BradshawDNSTrafton Academy      
7Jonathan MiertschinDNSTrafton Academy      
7Jonathan SunDNSGrace      
7Bram LowensteinDNSEmery/Weiner      
7Tyler PoleshovDNSTrafton Academy      
X 200 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Jake Trippett29.02aFort Bend Christian ...      
2.6Martin Motta30.22aAwty International      
3.6Jared Rice30.41aWesley Academy      
4.6Romain Boursier30.44aAwty International      
5.6Ryan Edwards30.66aFort Bend Christian ...      
6.6John Blausen31.69aGrace      
7.5Brian Cormier31.93aWesley Academy      
8.6Justin Jones33.69aFort Bend Christian ...      
9.6Jon Donaldson34.76aAwty International      
10.5Harrison Blefeld35.79aHonor Roll      
11.5Dylan Nguyen35.88aHonor Roll      
12.5Robert Lock35.94aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
13.5Ayman Manasia37.23aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
14.5Miller McNew38.70aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
15.5Matthew Morrison41.32aGrace      
16.5Kyle Mullen42.78aGrace      
17.5Nate Caraway43.72aWesley Academy      
6Jonathan DengDNSTrafton Academy      
6Max LeeDNSTrafton Academy      
6Sam BlissDNSTrafton Academy      
5Carter PrentissDNSHonor Roll      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Bruse Boudreaux53.77aWestbury Christian      
2.8Dan Guerrero56.87aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
3.8Arthur Jardin57.44aAwty International      
4.8Justin Kiehl58.77aGrace      
5.7Juan Naranjo59.05aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
6.8Kaleb Turner1:00.09aJohn Cooper      
7.8Ray Walker1:00.79aJohn Cooper      
8.8Andres Morales1:01.36aAwty International      
9.8Matthew Hrncir1:02.16aSt Thomas Episcopal      
10.8Ryan Delaney1:04.75aFort Bend Christian ...      
11.8Ronald Proper1:04.93aHonor Roll      
12.8George Shaheen1:10.11aGrace      
13.8Justin Morgan1:10.26aWestbury Christian      
14.8Omar Javed1:11.57aHonor Roll      
15.8Ben Davidson1:15.93aHonor Roll      
16.8Mikey Kilani1:32.00aGrace      
8Austin WillbernDNSHoly Spirit Episcopal      
8Charles CutlerDNSTrafton Academy      
8Chris StuewerDNSWesley Academy      
8Cody BohanDNSJohn Cooper      
8Josh PlankDNSAwty International      
8Logan JonesDNSSt Thomas Episcopal      
8Abraham GrossmanDNSTrafton Academy      
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Tucker Arrants59.81aAwty International      
2.7Tre McLeod1:04.43aWestbury Christian      
3.7Turner Caldwell1:05.25aJohn Cooper      
4.7Steven Donaldson1:06.00aFort Bend Christian ...      
5.7Godfrey Walker1:07.37aWestbury Christian      
6.7Adam Vrabec1:08.99aSt Mark's Episcopal      
7.7Brady Morgan1:09.60aFort Bend Christian ...      
8.7Ben Robinson1:09.65aJohn Cooper      
9.7Cameron Shih1:10.81aFort Bend Christian ...      
10.7King Smith1:11.18aSt Mark's Episcopal      
11.7Aaron Kwok1:11.76aHonor Roll      
12.7Chippy Slater1:14.35aAwty International      
13.7Emre Kilic1:15.30aAwty International      
14.7Andrew Hinjos1:19.55aWesley Academy      
15.6Ben Bresalier1:31.85aHonor Roll      
7Tyler PoleshovDNSTrafton Academy      
7Cole HarrisonDNSTrafton Academy      
7Alan WalkerDNSTrafton Academy      
7Wesley YouDNSHonor Roll      
X 400 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Peter Prentice1:06.94aAwty International      
2.6Jared Rice1:09.79aWesley Academy      
3.6Bryce Piper1:13.73aAwty International      
4.6Mike Elkhoury1:14.76aHonor Roll      
5.6John Blausen1:15.03aGrace      
6.6Justin Jones1:15.06aFort Bend Christian ...      
7.6Edgar Bauer1:15.68aAwty International      
8.6Matthew Collins1:17.31aFort Bend Christian ...      
9.6Christopher Luther1:20.08aSt Mark's Episcopal      
10.5Russell Welton1:20.80aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
11.5Vinit Reddy1:27.09aHonor Roll      
12.5Carter Prentiss1:28.24aHonor Roll      
13.6Alec Hillman1:33.25aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
14.6Jacob Towber1:34.78aTrafton Academy      
15.6Grant Williams1:37.62aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
6Alex GrossDNSTrafton Academy      
X 600 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Nicolas Motta1:54.14aAwty International      
2.6Martin Motta1:54.54aAwty International      
3.6Kevin McGee1:58.14aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
4.6John Blausen2:00.74aGrace      
5.5Jordan Vanderlende2:11.15aHonor Roll      
6.5Robert Lock2:13.94aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
7.5Harrison Blefeld2:13.99aHonor Roll      
8.6Pierre Vivier2:18.04aAwty International      
9.6James Ottermatt2:19.49aTrafton Academy      
10.5Ilya Gilbronson2:20.14aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
11.5Ty Johnson2:23.86aHonor Roll      
12.6Daniel Wang2:24.88aTrafton Academy      
6Luke ThurstonDNSFort Bend Christian ...      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8John Schroeder2:13.64aAwty International      
2.8Cody Bohan2:14.55aJohn Cooper      
3.8Ray Walker2:21.19aJohn Cooper      
4.8Noe Graham2:22.35aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
5.8Matthew Hrncir2:22.76aSt Thomas Episcopal      
6.8Thor Crux2:27.93aAwty International      
7.8Chris Stuewer2:42.34aWesley Academy      
8.8Arjun Das2:43.54aTrafton Academy      
9.8Anthony Rodriguez2:43.94aSt Thomas Episcopal      
10.8Samir Mohamed2:46.80aHonor Roll      
11.8Truett White2:49.50aTrafton Academy      
12.8Zach Quiros2:55.43aGrace      
13.8Graham Jones2:55.63aTrafton Academy      
14.8Charles Hill3:02.97aJohn Cooper      
15.8Maneill Parehk3:11.49aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
16.8Sam Linton3:13.95aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
17.8Mikey Kilani3:18.87aGrace      
8Hunter McKenzieDNSSt Thomas Episcopal      
8Ben MatthewsDNSAwty International      
8Cole IntroligatorDNSEmery/Weiner      
8Dylan BlendDNSEmery/Weiner      
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Matias Preti2:29.84aAwty International      
2.7Peter-Daniel Ighedosa2:30.39aHonor Roll      
3.7Ben Blefeld2:33.39aHonor Roll      
4.7Sam Cartwright2:33.84aJohn Cooper      
5.7Conner Prince2:38.72aFort Bend Christian ...      
6.7Haavard Skaar2:40.12aSt Mark's Episcopal      
7.7Cameron Shih2:46.41aFort Bend Christian ...      
8.7Ben Robinson2:49.91aJohn Cooper      
9.7Vincent Vales2:50.93aAwty International      
10.7Tre Rice2:52.96aWesley Academy      
11.7Turner Sassaman2:53.55aSt Thomas Episcopal      
12.7Clark Palmer2:54.30aSt Mark's Episcopal      
13.7Omar Jamil2:55.87aJohn Cooper      
14.7Emile Beck2:58.14aAwty International      
15.7Adrian Fetterly2:59.49aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
16.7Andrew Hinjos3:01.84aWesley Academy      
17.7Brian Goldberg3:07.38aTrafton Academy      
7Kane DanielDNSTrafton Academy      
7Alec RubensteinDNSTrafton Academy      
X 1200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Conner Prince4:09.32aFort Bend Christian ...      
2.7Sam Cartwright4:12.02aJohn Cooper      
3.7Vincent Vales4:20.48aAwty International      
4.7Tre Rice4:36.80aWesley Academy      
5.7Omar Jamil4:49.27aJohn Cooper      
6.7Olivier Kuhn de Chizelle5:15.33aAwty International      
7Turner SassamanDNSSt Thomas Episcopal      
7Alec RubensteinDNSTrafton Academy      
7Connor GraceDNSAwty International      
7Brian GoldbergDNSTrafton Academy      
7Kane DanielDNSTrafton Academy      
7Sam McWhorterDNSSt Mark's Episcopal      
X 1200 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Nicolas Motta4:23.05aAwty International      
2.6Martin Motta4:23.19aAwty International      
3.6Kevin McGee4:28.84aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
4.6Kshitij Seth4:33.80aAwty International      
5.5Jordan Vanderlende5:04.68aHonor Roll      
6.5Mathew Gelder5:19.46aHonor Roll      
7.6Timothy Pistorius5:23.21aFort Bend Christian ...      
8.5Lucas Lott5:24.83aHonor Roll      
9.6David Stiles5:29.74aSt Mark's Episcopal      
10.6Jake Smartt5:30.69aTrafton Academy      
11.6Marho Fogeh6:54.02aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
6Kolbe RobinsonDNSHoly Spirit Episcopal      
6James OttermattDNSTrafton Academy      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Pedro Nasta4:49.66aJohn Cooper      
2.8Thor Crux5:25.67aAwty International      
3.8Brandon Ogle5:30.85aSt Mark's Episcopal      
4.8Luke Herman5:57.88aAwty International      
5.8Sebastian Calleja6:00.78aJohn Cooper      
6.8Brett Atwood6:15.47aJohn Cooper      
7.8Zach Quiros6:19.55aGrace      
8.8Tim Johnson7:27.59aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
8David GuefenDNSHoly Spirit Episcopal      
8Jacob EhrenstromDNSTrafton Academy      
8Ben MatthewsDNSAwty International      
8Arjun DasDNSTrafton Academy      
8Truett WhiteDNSTrafton Academy      
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.7Landon Malouf15.72aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
2.8Santi Calleja16.05aJohn Cooper      
3.7Juan Naranjo16.77aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
4.8Tobi Oguntona17.25aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
5.8Dylan Kohne18.15aSt Thomas Episcopal      
6.8Connor Hogan18.35aAwty International      
7.8Nick Dennenberg18.36aEmery/Weiner      
8.8Lucas Dachman18.41aHonor Roll      
9.8Federico Portela18.79aJohn Cooper      
10.8Josh Plank19.09aAwty International      
11.8Charles Cutler19.81aTrafton Academy      
12.8Alex Wasserstrom20.31aTrafton Academy      
13.8Matti Baron20.49aTrafton Academy      
14.8Omar Javed20.96aHonor Roll      
15.8Ahmad Elbakly21.04aAwty International      
16.8Justyn Gibbs21.14aHonor Roll      
17.8Dylan Blend25.09aEmery/Weiner      
8Riley PepperDNSJohn Cooper      
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Zachary Adams15.95aFort Bend Christian ...      
2.7Nick Griswold16.75aTrafton Academy      
3.7Jacob Birenbaum18.79aHonor Roll      
4.7Caleb Singh19.12aFort Bend Christian ...      
5.7Sam Ross20.15aEmery/Weiner      
6.7Vincent Vales20.16aAwty International      
7.7Christopher Anwuri20.35aHonor Roll      
8.7Cole Harrison20.60aTrafton Academy      
9.7Lucas Jonasch20.73aAwty International      
10.7Jonathan Miertschin21.99aTrafton Academy      
11.7Chippy Slater22.15aAwty International      
12.7Daniel Graves23.41aSt Thomas Episcopal      
7Jonathan SunDNSGrace      
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Jake Trippett18.24aFort Bend Christian ...      
2.6Romain Boursier18.51aAwty International      
3.6Nick Lucena19.21aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
4.6Nathan Jolly19.55aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
5.6Sam Harmon20.51aAwty International      
6.6Kameran Pouncy20.85aTrafton Academy      
7.6Giancarlo Minotti20.86aFort Bend Christian ...      
8.6Djime Abba-KaKa21.03aAwty International      
9.6Luke Thurston21.48aFort Bend Christian ...      
10.5Kareem Dimassi21.90aGrace      
11.6Alex Gross22.23aTrafton Academy      
12.6Finn Nicol22.80aTrafton Academy      
13.5Navneet Venugopal23.70aHonor Roll      
14.5Zain Chowdry23.89aHonor Roll      
15.6Carlos Hernandez27.86aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
6Dipo OlatonaDNSHonor Roll      
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8John Schroeder29.31aAwty International      
2.8Arinze Nwankwo29.53aJohn Cooper      
3.7Tre Buggs30.16aGrace      
4.8Santi Calleja30.42aJohn Cooper      
5.7Landon Malouf30.60aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
6.8George Gallagher30.63aHonor Roll      
7.8Tobi Oguntona32.18aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
8.8Connor Hogan32.57aAwty International      
9.8Dylan Kohne33.06aSt Thomas Episcopal      
10.8Malcolm Peddie33.81aSt Thomas Episcopal      
11.8Josh Chiasson34.18aAwty International      
12.8Drew Kibbe34.46aTrafton Academy      
13.8Brian Jones35.58aHonor Roll      
14.8Federico Portela36.18aJohn Cooper      
15.8Justin Ng36.42aWesley Academy      
16.8Alex Wasserstrom37.27aTrafton Academy      
17.8Nadeem Al-Adli38.13aHonor Roll      
8Charles CutlerDNSTrafton Academy      
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Nick Griswold32.37aTrafton Academy      
2.7Alexandre Marcos33.31aAwty International      
3.7Bryce Schaner33.62aFort Bend Christian ...      
4.7Erik Sager35.14aSt Mark's Episcopal      
5.7Jordan Weaver35.53aFort Bend Christian ...      
6.7Jacob Birenbaum36.58aHonor Roll      
7.7Christopher Anwuri37.29aHonor Roll      
8.7Cole Harrison39.55aTrafton Academy      
9.7Lucas Jonasch39.66aAwty International      
10.7Caleb Singh39.83aFort Bend Christian ...      
11.7Tom Grant40.18aAwty International      
12.7Daniel Graves43.77aSt Thomas Episcopal      
13.7Sam McWhorter48.49aSt Mark's Episcopal      
7Jonathan MiertschinDNSTrafton Academy      
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Nick Lucena33.57aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
2.6Djime Abba-KaKa36.77aAwty International      
3.6Finn Nicol37.93aTrafton Academy      
4.6Marcos Botto38.95aAwty International      
5.6John Paul Haddad38.98aAwty International      
6.6Dipo Olatona39.66aHonor Roll      
7.6Giancarlo Minotti40.31aFort Bend Christian ...      
8.6Kameran Pouncy40.83aTrafton Academy      
9.6Alex Gross42.17aTrafton Academy      
10.6Nathan Jolly44.03aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
11.5Navneet Venugopal44.94aHonor Roll      
6Carlos HernandezDNSHoly Spirit Episcopal      
6Jared RiceDNSWesley Academy      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Arthur Jarden
Teodros Calviello
Andres Morales
Kevin Ong
50.45aAwty International      
2.-Justin Nutt
George Gallagher
Tim Strickman
Jason Sattler
51.11aHonor Roll      
3.-Santi Calleja
Alex Farley
Preston Eni
Arinze Nwankwo
51.15aJohn Cooper      
4.-Justin Kiehl
Gus Sulentic
Tre Buggs
Gabe Zulli
5.-Jorge Campos
Dan Guerrero
Tobi Oluntona
Andres Naranjo
54.13aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
6.-William Graham
Harlan Ticatch
Drew Kibbe
Zach Lerner
54.28aTrafton Academy      
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Christian Clarke
Blake Remedios
Erik Sager
Eric Garza
54.02aSt Mark's Episcopal      
2.-Hassane Abba-Kaka
Abreham Calviello
Sebastian Adrianza
Peter Prentice
54.87aAwty International      
3.-Phillip Raven
Ben Blefeld
Peter-Daniel Ighedosa
Eric Harvey
55.54aHonor Roll      
4.-Ian Hale
Turner Caldwell
Ben Robinson
Jared Skinner
57.21aJohn Cooper      
5.-Nick Griswold
Alan Walker
Jake Lauinger
Max Rosenthal
58.46aTrafton Academy      
X 4x100 Relay - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.-Connor Grace
Matias Preti
Alexandre Marcos
Charlie Meacham
54.91aAwty International      
2.-Alec Hillman
Nick Lucena
Conner Smith
Grant Ayers
57.70aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
3.-Quenton Amato
Grayson McCarley
Max Lee
Jonathan Deng
1:02.52aTrafton Academy      
4.-Mike Elkhoury
Chase Peeples
Daniel Zuvic
Roarke Bradley
1:02.64aHonor Roll      
5.-Kareem Dimassi
Matthew Morrison
Michael Boudreaux
Joey Cornejo
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Justin Nutt
Jason Sattler
Tim Strickman
George Gallagher
1:49.70aHonor Roll      
2.-Jorge Campos
Noe Graham
Landon Malouf
Andres Naranjo
1:54.29aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
3.-Matti Baron
Conner Bradshaw
William Graham
Harlan Ticatch
1:54.97aTrafton Academy      
4.-Josh Chiasson
Luke Herman
Connor Hogan
Kevin Ong
1:55.17aAwty International      
5.-Gabe Zulli
Gus Sulentic
Chris Wray
Tre Buggs
6.-Dylan Kohne
Hunter McKenzie
Michael Joseph
Malcolm Peddie
1:57.94aSt Thomas Episcopal      
7.-Sebastian Calleja
Riley Pepper
Brett Atwood
Federico Portela
2:03.58aJohn Cooper      
X 4x200 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Phillip Raven
Ben Blefeld
Eric Harvey
Peter-Daniel Ighedosa
1:59.26aHonor Roll      
2.-Alexandre Marcos
Chippy Slater
Emre Kilic
Connor Grace
2:05.98aAwty International      
3.-Jake Lauinger
Max Rosenthal
Alan Walker
Max Roberson
2:15.18aTrafton Academy      
X 4x200 Relay - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.-Ethan Dabney
Bryce Piper
Alexandre Ionesco
Kylen Slade
2:10.46aAwty International      
2.-Nathan Jolly
Michael Heinz
Conner Smith
Grant Ayers
2:11.83aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
3.-Mike Elkhoury
Daniel Zuvic
Chase Peeples
Roarke Bradley
2:16.07aHonor Roll      
4.-Quenton Amato
Kameran Pouncy
Grayson McCarley
Jonathan Deng
2:17.94aTrafton Academy      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Andres Morales
Teodros Calviello
Arthur Jarden
John Schroeder
4:03.47aAwty International      
2.-Ray Walker
Cody Bohan
Pedro Nasta
Kaleb Turner
4:06.19aJohn Cooper      
3.-Austin Willbern
Noe Graham
Jorge Campos
Andres Naranjo
4:28.28aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
4.-Ben Davidson
Ronald Proper
Tim Strickman
Justin Nutt
4:29.97aHonor Roll      
5.-Matthew Hrncir
Turner Sassaman
Anthony Rodriguez
Kenta Nebgen
4:35.56aSt Thomas Episcopal      
6.-Drew Kibbe
Harlan Ticatch
Graham Jones
Matti Baron
5:04.67aTrafton Academy      
X 4x400 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Connor Grace
Matias Preti
Charlie Meacham
Tucker Arrants
4:34.30aAwty International      
2.-Philip Zuvic
Aaron Kwok
Eric Harvey
Phillip Raven
4:57.49aHonor Roll      
3.-Max Roberson
Ben Abdeen
Jake Lauinger
Max Rosenthal
5:05.01aTrafton Academy      
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.-Robert Lock
Alec Hillman
Grant Ayers
Conner Smith
2:10.90aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
2.-Hassane Abba-Kaka
Abreham Calviello
Sebastian Adrianza
Peter Prentice
2:13.87aAwty International      
3.-Dylan Nguyen
Carter Prentiss
Daniel Zuvic
Ty Johnson
2:31.68aHonor Roll      
4.-Quenton Amato
Finn Nicol
Jacob Towber
Sam Bliss
2:34.25aTrafton Academy      
5.-Matthew Morrison
Kareem Dimassi
Joey Cornejo
Michael Boudreaux
X Shot Put - 6lb - Varsity - Finals
1.8Gus Sulentic36-06.00Grace      
2.8Arinze Nwankwo34-07.00John Cooper      
3.8Michael Hecht33-07.00John Cooper      
4.8Justin Nutt30-06.00Honor Roll      
5.8John Schroeder29-08.00Awty International      
6.8Arthur Jardin29-04.00Awty International      
7.8Nick Flato28-11.00St Thomas Episcopal      
8.8Tim Strickman28-06.00Honor Roll      
9.8Michael Lennon27-09.00Holy Spirit Episcopal      
10.8Kevin Ong27-04.00Awty International      
11.8Omar Javed27-03.00Honor Roll      
11.8Harlan Ticatch27-03.00Trafton Academy      
13.8Logan Jones26-02.00St Thomas Episcopal      
14.8Kurt Warren26-00.00Trafton Academy      
15.8Omar Khan25-10.00John Cooper      
16.8George Shaheen22-11.00Grace      
17.8Mikey Kilani22-02.00Grace      
18.7Dylan Johnson20-02.00Holy Spirit Episcopal      
19.8Michael Actkinson19-09.00Holy Spirit Episcopal      
X Shot Put - 6lb - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Conner Kubes36-04.00Fort Bend Christian ...      
2.7Peter-Daniel Ighedosa33-04.50Honor Roll      
3.7Nick Griswold31-09.00Trafton Academy      
4.7Christian Clarke31-03.50St Mark's Episcopal      
5.7Erik Sager28-08.00St Mark's Episcopal      
6.7Phillip Raven28-07.00Honor Roll      
7.7Kenta Nebgen27-09.00St Thomas Episcopal      
8.7Kane Daniel27-05.00Trafton Academy      
9.7Zach Nathan26-06.00Trafton Academy      
10.7Jacob Birenbaum26-02.00Honor Roll      
11.7Trey Bourne24-00.00St Mark's Episcopal      
12.7Michael Joseph23-09.00St Thomas Episcopal      
13.7Matias Preti23-07.00Awty International      
14.7Kian Raissian18-06.00Awty International      
15.7Chippy Slater18-02.00Awty International      
16.7Thomas Perry17-03.00Fort Bend Christian ...      
X Shot Put - 6lb - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Sebastian Adrianza31-05.00Awty International      
2.5Zain Chowdry27-09.00Honor Roll      
3.6Hank Fusillo27-02.00Holy Spirit Episcopal      
4.6Romain Boursier27-00.50Awty International      
5.6Trey Palomo24-00.00Holy Spirit Episcopal      
6.6Josh Kent23-11.00Fort Bend Christian ...      
7.6Christopher Luther22-03.00St Mark's Episcopal      
8.6Alexandre Lardy22-01.00Awty International      
9.6Nicolas Dachman21-04.00Honor Roll      
10.6James Ottermatt20-05.00Trafton Academy      
11.5Chris Miller20-03.00Holy Spirit Episcopal      
12.6Ian Sullivan19-11.00St Thomas Episcopal      
13.5Jordan Vanderlende18-04.00Honor Roll      
14.6Faisil Al-Dajain17-03.00St Mark's Episcopal      
15.6Edward Bittner16-08.00St Mark's Episcopal      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Gus Sulentic103-01Grace      
2.8Grant Simmons90-07Fort Bend Christian ...      
3.8Narain Reddy88-09Trafton Academy      
4.8Kurt Warren81-09Trafton Academy      
5.8Zach Quiros79-05Grace      
5.8Nick Flato79-05St Thomas Episcopal      
7.8Omar Khan77-03John Cooper      
8.8William Graham77-00Trafton Academy      
9.8Ryan Delaney75-08Fort Bend Christian ...      
10.8Austin Willbern73-10Holy Spirit Episcopal      
11.8Brandon Ogle70-00St Mark's Episcopal      
12.8Omar Javed68-00Honor Roll      
12.6Kevin McGee68-00Holy Spirit Episcopal      
14.8Connor Hogan65-09Awty International      
15.8Mikey Kilani62-03Grace      
16.8Arthur Jardin60-11Awty International      
17.8Nadeem Al-Adli59-06Honor Roll      
18.8Logan Jones58-09St Thomas Episcopal      
19.8Sam Linton58-02Holy Spirit Episcopal      
20.8Justyn Gibbs51-07Honor Roll      
8Michael HechtDNSJohn Cooper      
8Chris StuewerDNSWesley Academy      
8Kevin OngDNSAwty International      
X Discus - 1kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Zachary Adams96-02Fort Bend Christian ...      
2.7Kenta Nebgen83-03St Thomas Episcopal      
3.7Erik Sager81-08St Mark's Episcopal      
4.7Tyler Poleshov80-02Trafton Academy      
5.7Harrison Rose73-11Trafton Academy      
6.7Joe Flinn72-11Trafton Academy      
7.7Phillip Raven68-03Honor Roll      
8.7Brian Bourgeois66-03St Mark's Episcopal      
9.7Neil Kerrigan65-00St Mark's Episcopal      
10.7Charlie Meacham63-05Awty International      
11.7Jacob Birenbaum59-07Honor Roll      
12.7Alexandre Marcos54-01Awty International      
13.7Michael Joseph53-07St Thomas Episcopal      
14.7Nick Ferguson51-05Holy Spirit Episcopal      
15.7Dylan Johnson47-03Holy Spirit Episcopal      
16.7Thomas Perry39-00Fort Bend Christian ...      
7Emre KilicDNSAwty International      
X Discus - 1kg - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Henery Reinstein57-04Awty International      
2.6Abreham Calviello54-10Awty International      
3.6Trey Palomo49-08Holy Spirit Episcopal      
4.5Jordan Vanderlende49-05Honor Roll      
5.6Josh Kent47-07Fort Bend Christian ...      
6.6James Ottermatt46-08Trafton Academy      
7.6Chase Cambra46-00Holy Spirit Episcopal      
8.5Chris Miller45-03Holy Spirit Episcopal      
9.6Grayson McCarley44-00Trafton Academy      
9.6Nicolas Dachman44-00Honor Roll      
11.6Yannick Versteeg41-05Awty International      
12.6Mike Elkhoury40-00Honor Roll      
13.6Ian Sullivan38-00St Thomas Episcopal      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Drew Kibbe5-02.00Trafton Academy      
2.8Andres Morales5-02.00Awty International      
3.8Ray Walker5-02.00John Cooper      
4.8Santi Calleja5-02.00John Cooper      
5.7Landon Malouf4-10.00Holy Spirit Episcopal      
5.8William Graham4-10.00Trafton Academy      
7.8George Gallagher4-10.00Honor Roll      
7.8Preston Eni4-10.00John Cooper      
9.8Tobi Oguntona4-08.00Holy Spirit Episcopal      
9.8Noe Graham4-08.00Holy Spirit Episcopal      
9.8Narain Reddy4-08.00Trafton Academy      
9.8Jon Coss4-08.00Fort Bend Christian ...      
9.8Josh Plank4-08.00Awty International      
14.8Josh Chiasson4-06.00Awty International      
14.8Ronald Proper4-06.00Honor Roll      
16.8Justin Kiehl4-02.00Grace      
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Zachary Adams5-02.00Fort Bend Christian ...      
2.7Matias Preti5-00.00Awty International      
3.7Peter-Daniel Ighedosa4-10.00Honor Roll      
4.7Tucker Arrants4-10.00Awty International      
5.7Ben Abdeen4-06.00Trafton Academy      
5.7Nick Griswold4-06.00Trafton Academy      
7.7Alan Walker4-06.00Trafton Academy      
8.7Emre Kilic4-04.00Awty International      
9.7Christian Clarke4-04.00St Mark's Episcopal      
10.7Turner Caldwell4-02.00John Cooper      
10.7Jared Skinner4-02.00John Cooper      
12.7Eric Harvey4-00.00Honor Roll      
7Christopher AnwuriNHHonor Roll      
7Jonathan SunDNSGrace      
X High Jump - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Nick Lucena4-06.00Holy Spirit Episcopal      
2.6Max Lee4-06.00Trafton Academy      
3.6John Blausen4-06.00Grace      
4.6Bryce Piper4-04.00Awty International      
5.6Romain Boursier4-02.00Awty International      
6.5Zain Chowdry3-10.00Honor Roll      
7.6Kameran Pouncy3-10.00Trafton Academy      
8.6Quenton Amato3-08.00Trafton Academy      
8.6Abreham Calviello3-08.00Awty International      
8.6Michael Heinz3-08.00Holy Spirit Episcopal      
8.5Navneet Venugopal3-08.00Honor Roll      
5Ty JohnsonDNSHonor Roll      
5Russell WeltonNHHoly Spirit Episcopal      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8John Schroeder16-04.50Awty International      
2.8Cody Bohan16-04.25John Cooper      
3.8Jon Coss16-04.00Fort Bend Christian ...      
4.8Teodros Calviello15-11.75Awty International      
5.8Ray Walker15-09.50John Cooper      
6.8Sam Hodges15-09.00John Cooper      
7.7Landon Malouf15-06.75Holy Spirit Episcopal      
8.8Dan Guerrero15-03.50Holy Spirit Episcopal      
9.8Matthew Hrncir15-03.00St Thomas Episcopal      
10.7Juan Naranjo14-06.75Holy Spirit Episcopal      
11.8Jason Sattler14-06.50Honor Roll      
12.8Brian Jones14-03.50Honor Roll      
13.8Justin Kiehl14-03.00Grace      
14.8Malcolm Peddie14-02.00St Thomas Episcopal      
15.8Ben Davidson13-10.75Honor Roll      
16.8Josh Chiasson13-10.00Awty International      
17.8Brandon Ogle12-04.00St Mark's Episcopal      
18.8Ben Bliss12-03.50Trafton Academy      
19.8Harlan Ticatch12-00.50Trafton Academy      
20.8Arjun Das11-11.50Trafton Academy      
21.8Hunter McKenzie11-05.25St Thomas Episcopal      
22.8Chris Wray11-05.00Grace      
8Dylan BlendDNSEmery/Weiner      
9Grant BaeckerDNSFort Bend Christian ...      
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Zachary Adams15-07.00Fort Bend Christian ...      
2.7Turner Caldwell14-06.50John Cooper      
3.7Eric Garza14-04.00St Mark's Episcopal      
4.7Charlie Meacham13-11.00Awty International      
5.7Caleb Singh13-10.50Fort Bend Christian ...      
6.7Max Roberson13-08.50Trafton Academy      
7.7Adam Vrabec13-05.00St Mark's Episcopal      
8.7Haavard Skaar13-02.00St Mark's Episcopal      
8.7Tucker Arrants13-02.00Awty International      
10.7Ben Blefeld13-00.50Honor Roll      
11.7Alexandre Marcos13-00.00Awty International      
12.7Ben Abdeen12-03.50Trafton Academy      
13.7Eric Harvey12-03.00Honor Roll      
14.7Alan Walker12-02.50Trafton Academy      
14.7Jared Skinner12-02.50John Cooper      
16.7Tre Rice12-00.50Wesley Academy      
17.7Phillip Raven11-10.50Honor Roll      
18.7Daniel Graves9-02.00St Thomas Episcopal      
7Steven DonaldsonDNSFort Bend Christian ...      
7Evan ParishDNSHoly Spirit Episcopal      
7Jonathan SunDNSGrace      
X Long Jump - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Jake Trippett14-10.25Fort Bend Christian ...      
2.6Nick Lucena13-11.50Holy Spirit Episcopal      
3.6Peter Prentice13-11.00Awty International      
4.6Jared Rice13-05.75Wesley Academy      
5.6Sebastian Adrianza13-03.00Awty International      
6.6John Blausen12-05.50Grace      
7.6Alec Hillman12-02.75Holy Spirit Episcopal      
7.5Brian Cormier12-02.75Wesley Academy      
9.5Chase Peeples11-11.75Honor Roll      
10.6Nathan Jolly11-08.75Holy Spirit Episcopal      
11.6Pierre Delelis11-01.25Awty International      
12.6Kameran Pouncy11-01.00Trafton Academy      
12.5Roarke Bradley11-01.00Honor Roll      
14.5Joey Cornejo10-03.50Grace      
15.5Dylan Nguyen10-00.75Honor Roll      
16.5Michael Boudreaux9-10.50Grace      
17.5Nate Caraway8-10.50Wesley Academy      
6Max LeeDNSTrafton Academy      
6Quenton AmatoDNSTrafton Academy      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Teodros Calviello37-00.00Awty International      
2.8Cody Bohan36-08.50John Cooper      
3.8Arinze Nwankwo35-06.25John Cooper      
4.8Sam Hodges33-09.00John Cooper      
5.8Jon Coss33-07.25Fort Bend Christian ...      
6.8Andres Morales33-04.00Awty International      
7.8Dan Guerrero32-07.25Holy Spirit Episcopal      
8.8Matthew Hrncir31-04.50St Thomas Episcopal      
9.8Jorge Campos31-00.00Holy Spirit Episcopal      
10.8Ben Bliss30-06.50Trafton Academy      
11.8Drew Kibbe30-05.75Trafton Academy      
12.8Ben Davidson30-04.50Honor Roll      
13.8George Gallagher29-07.00Honor Roll      
14.8Connor Hogan29-02.75Awty International      
15.8Tobi Oguntona29-02.00Holy Spirit Episcopal      
16.8Malcolm Peddie28-09.00St Thomas Episcopal      
17.8Lucas Dachman28-02.75Honor Roll      
18.8Arjun Das27-02.25Trafton Academy      
8Hunter McKenzieDNSSt Thomas Episcopal      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Jada Autman14.11aWestbury Christian      
2.8Mariah Brown14.63aJohn Cooper      
3.8Mena Barakat14.83aAwty International      
4.8Ruth Farmer15.03aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
5.8London Lane15.09aFort Bend Christian ...      
6.8Sydney Ladner15.13aAwty International      
7.8Rebecca Robertson15.16aGrace      
8.8Muna Uzodike15.26aJohn Cooper      
9.8Haley Young15.39aWesley Academy      
10.8Naia Daniel15.49aAwty International      
11.7Sara Lasater15.65aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
12.8Madison Finger15.71aHonor Roll      
13.8Cassie McKee15.84aWesley Academy      
14.7Tejiri Fogeh15.89aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
15.8Elizabeth Moyero16.04aSt Thomas Episcopal      
16.8Reagan Bazarsky16.13aTrafton Academy      
17.8Ali Silverman16.13aSt Mark's Episcopal      
18.8Lindsey Weycer16.16aEmery/Weiner      
19.8Isabel Graubert16.53aEmery/Weiner      
20.8Arianna Caranto16.64aHonor Roll      
21.6Hannah Followill16.75aSt Thomas Episcopal      
22.8Claire Miller17.01aSt Thomas Episcopal      
23.8Jordan Goldberg17.26aEmery/Weiner      
24.8Diael Thomas17.27aHonor Roll      
X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Marianne Sauvagnac14.59aAwty International      
2.7Caitlin Clarke14.77aSt Mark's Episcopal      
3.7Carine Rizk14.94aAwty International      
4.7Clara Dubois15.02aAwty International      
5.7Camryn Odom15.09aTrafton Academy      
6.7Ola Olatona15.17aHonor Roll      
7.7Morgan Rogers15.24aSt Mark's Episcopal      
8.7Toni Oladute15.39aFort Bend Christian ...      
9.7Anastasia Ocshner15.69aSt Thomas Episcopal      
10.7Victoria Defretin16.71aHonor Roll      
11.7Emily Curl16.76aTrafton Academy      
12.7Morgan Levy16.99aEmery/Weiner      
13.7Annie Gonzalez18.58aHonor Roll      
7Georgia MichaudDNSTrafton Academy      
X 100 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Bola Adeyeri14.36aTrafton Academy      
2.5Chloe Simmons14.42aHonor Roll      
3.6Chinaza Ndee15.17aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
4.5Onuchi Ndee15.31aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
5.6Elizabeth Tate-Meyers15.44aHonor Roll      
6.6Sarah Guigui15.64aAwty International      
7.6Morgan Howard15.76aFort Bend Christian ...      
8.6Taylor Bannister15.86aFort Bend Christian ...      
9.6Brooke Baecker15.94aFort Bend Christian ...      
10.6Brittany Boudreaux16.14aWestbury Christian      
11.6Jasmine Geyen16.23aAwty International      
12.6Augusta Bowhay16.58aSt Mark's Episcopal      
13.6Morgan Harris16.79aWestbury Christian      
14.6Grace Young16.97aGrace      
15.6Lena Mashini17.08aWesley Academy      
16.6Hind Alkhunaizi17.57aSt Mark's Episcopal      
17.6Peyton Anderson17.65aWestbury Christian      
18.5Caroline Whitley17.68aGrace      
19.6Lauren Applebaum17.77aTrafton Academy      
20.5Julia Lasater17.85aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
20.6Philine Everts17.85aAwty International      
22.6Hattie Ralph18.04aSt Mark's Episcopal      
23.6Isabel Kennedy18.28aTrafton Academy      
5Natalie GaddyDNSSt Thomas Episcopal      
6Venessa AnwuriDNSHonor Roll      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Jada Autman29.22aWestbury Christian      
2.8Miriam Ramirez29.25aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
3.8Pauline Duhen30.12aAwty International      
4.8Eleanor Watts30.70aSt Mark's Episcopal      
5.8Lillian Lee31.02aSt Thomas Episcopal      
6.8Evelien Quint31.47aAwty International      
7.8Michaela Cherry32.54aGrace      
8.8Stephanie Lucena32.90aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
9.8Maxine Trane33.08aWesley Academy      
10.8Haley Young33.18aWesley Academy      
11.8Elizabeth Moyero33.28aSt Thomas Episcopal      
12.8Cassie McKee33.39aWesley Academy      
12.8Ashri Anurudran33.39aJohn Cooper      
14.7Tejiri Fogeh34.18aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
15.8Ombeline Bauer34.71aAwty International      
16.6Hannah Followill35.45aSt Thomas Episcopal      
17.8Caroline Mitchell35.46aGrace      
18.8Arianna Caranto35.65aHonor Roll      
19.8Hallie Walker35.88aGrace      
20.8Dieal Thomas36.03aHonor Roll      
21.8Mahnoor Khan36.57aHonor Roll      
8Taylor ScottDNSWestbury Christian      
8Madelyn RichardsDNSTrafton Academy      
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Isabella Crane30.63aAwty International      
2.7Marianne Sauvagnac30.83aAwty International      
3.7Ola Olatona32.17aHonor Roll      
4.7Kelli Montgomery32.54aTrafton Academy      
5.7Elyse Hanse32.72aTrafton Academy      
6.7Lauren Richmond32.80aFort Bend Christian ...      
7.7Anni Morris-Swank33.39aSt Mark's Episcopal      
8.7Marion Bocabarteille33.54aAwty International      
9.7Lizzie Polikoff34.14aSt Mark's Episcopal      
10.7Emily Curl35.89aTrafton Academy      
11.7Sofia Vazquez35.96aGrace      
12.7Ashli Mani36.49aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
13.7Morgan Levy37.11aEmery/Weiner      
14.7Annie Gonzalez38.78aHonor Roll      
15.7Victoria Defretin40.33aHonor Roll      
X 200 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Bola Adeyeri29.60aTrafton Academy      
2.5Chloe Simmons29.78aHonor Roll      
3.5Morgan Reyna31.38aWesley Academy      
4.6Juliet Quint31.88aAwty International      
5.6Sarah Guigui31.95aAwty International      
6.6Bundum Ezanwukwa32.15aFort Bend Christian ...      
7.6Morgan Howard32.35aFort Bend Christian ...      
8.6Katelynn Phang32.48aSt Thomas Episcopal      
9.6Brooke Baecker33.42aFort Bend Christian ...      
10.6Elizabeth Tate-Meyers33.71aHonor Roll      
11.6Griffin Simpson33.73aGrace      
12.6Brittany Boudreaux34.52aWestbury Christian      
13.6Isabella Neblett34.61aWesley Academy      
14.5Jian Liang35.51aSt Thomas Episcopal      
15.6Myioshi Williams36.01aAwty International      
16.6Grace Young36.44aGrace      
17.6Laisha Ochu36.49aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
18.6Sulafa Alkhunaizi36.66aSt Mark's Episcopal      
19.6Lena Mashini36.94aWesley Academy      
20.6Morgan Harris37.12aWestbury Christian      
21.6Peyton Anderson38.36aWestbury Christian      
22.5Bernadette Gutierrez41.28aWesley Academy      
23.5Natalie Gaddy41.52aSt Thomas Episcopal      
24.6Alondra Gutierrez41.62aWesley Academy      
5Julia LasaterDNSHoly Spirit Episcopal      
6Meagan TuckerDNSHoly Spirit Episcopal      
6Gabi DaughertyDNSTrafton Academy      
6Isabel KennedyDNSTrafton Academy      
6Venessa AnwuriDNSHonor Roll      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Meredith Milholland1:08.31aSt Thomas Episcopal      
2.7Laura Sharp1:09.54aSt Thomas Episcopal      
3.8Michaela Cherry1:10.27aGrace      
4.7Stephanie Adames1:11.58aSt Thomas Episcopal      
5.7Ashley Dinges1:15.85aFort Bend Christian ...      
6.8Stephanie Lucena1:16.75aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
7.8Serena Tohme1:16.77aAwty International      
8.8Madison Finger1:17.05aHonor Roll      
9.8Caroline Mitchell1:17.59aGrace      
10.8Marie Corcoran1:18.03aAwty International      
11.8Celeste Terni1:18.08aJohn Cooper      
12.8Carol Bottaro1:18.10aAwty International      
13.8Anna Lee Carothers1:20.90aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
14.8Kaitlin Thibodeaux1:26.88aSt Mark's Episcopal      
15.8Abby Jackson1:31.17aSt Mark's Episcopal      
7Sara LasaterDNSHoly Spirit Episcopal      
8Taylor ScottDNSWestbury Christian      
8Diamond BraxtonDNSTrafton Academy      
8Carolyn GranthamDNSWesley Academy      
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Sydney Arceneaux1:05.37aAwty International      
2.7Ola Olatona1:09.55aHonor Roll      
3.7Bella Evans1:09.57aJohn Cooper      
4.7Hannah Isaksen1:11.57aAwty International      
5.7Lauren Richmond1:11.62aFort Bend Christian ...      
6.7Eugenie Tard1:15.41aAwty International      
7.7Natalie Sos1:15.91aJohn Cooper      
8.7Kelsey Ralph1:22.49aSt Mark's Episcopal      
9.7Caroline Fulghum1:23.03aSt Mark's Episcopal      
10.7Victoria Defretin1:25.08aHonor Roll      
7Rebecca LeistenDNSTrafton Academy      
7Camryn OdomDNSTrafton Academy      
7Sara OlshefskiDNSTrafton Academy      
X 400 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Elyse Anaya1:09.15aFort Bend Christian ...      
2.5Morgan Reyna1:09.64aWesley Academy      
3.6Margaret Schroeder1:10.25aAwty International      
4.6Bundum Ezanwukwa1:12.66aFort Bend Christian ...      
5.6Sara Wray1:13.11aGrace      
6.6Elena Hauf-Pisoni1:15.66aSt Mark's Episcopal      
7.5Sydney Huxtable1:16.24aHonor Roll      
8.6Isabella Neblett1:17.04aWesley Academy      
9.6Kelsey Farris1:21.64aFort Bend Christian ...      
10.6Laily Mortazavi1:21.76aSt Mark's Episcopal      
11.6Anaelle Lahitte-Crohare1:22.83aAwty International      
12.6Emma Brown1:23.81aHonor Roll      
13.6Lilli Metts1:32.47aTrafton Academy      
14.6Lauren Applebaum1:34.87aTrafton Academy      
15.6Angela Sattler1:37.90aHonor Roll      
16.6Isabel Kennedy1:39.56aTrafton Academy      
6Meagan TuckerDNSHoly Spirit Episcopal      
6Sophia MichaelDNSHoly Spirit Episcopal      
6Brittany BoudreauxDNSWestbury Christian      
6Helen ChaconDNSAwty International      
6Peyton AndersonDNSWestbury Christian      
6Morgan HarrisDNSWestbury Christian      
6Katelynn PhangDNSSt Thomas Episcopal      
X 600 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Sara Wray2:03.60aGrace      
2.6Jordyn Richards2:04.02aWesley Academy      
3.6Marie Joubert2:05.42aAwty International      
4.6Kendall Bohny2:06.85aFort Bend Christian ...      
5.5Jian Liang2:09.27aSt Thomas Episcopal      
6.6Claire McKissick2:12.46aFort Bend Christian ...      
7.6Margot Hemminga2:16.88aAwty International      
8.6Laura Hardwicke2:17.38aTrafton Academy      
9.6Peyton Duke2:17.48aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
10.6Blair Johnson2:20.43aTrafton Academy      
11.6Elif Dundar2:22.12aAwty International      
12.5Julia Lasater2:23.94aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
13.5Sydney Huxtable2:24.65aHonor Roll      
14.5Nicole Rjastke2:26.22aSt Thomas Episcopal      
15.6Tiffany Selph2:28.17aFort Bend Christian ...      
16.5Bernadette Gutierrez2:29.91aWesley Academy      
17.6Kate Staley2:30.73aHonor Roll      
18.6Sammi Snyder2:30.83aSt Mark's Episcopal      
19.6Leah Potylchansky2:39.30aTrafton Academy      
20.6Angela Sattler2:43.12aHonor Roll      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Miriam Ramirez2:39.67aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
2.8Nikita Prasad2:41.76aAwty International      
3.7Laura Sharp2:46.01aSt Thomas Episcopal      
4.8Harriett McDonald2:47.73aAwty International      
5.8Allyson Peters2:49.18aFort Bend Christian ...      
6.8Lizzet Clifton2:52.44aSt Mark's Episcopal      
7.8Carolyn Grantham2:58.09aWesley Academy      
8.8Nancy Hoggatt2:59.59aAwty International      
9.8Jackie Gammon2:59.84aFort Bend Christian ...      
10.8Elizabeth Lipscomb3:03.91aJohn Cooper      
11.8Celeste Terni3:06.93aJohn Cooper      
12.8Natalie Barden3:14.19aSt Thomas Episcopal      
13.8Isabel Rumbaut3:23.28aSt Mark's Episcopal      
14.7Ashli Mani3:26.79aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
15.8Vivian Tran3:32.39aSt Thomas Episcopal      
8Mary HoldenDNSSt Mark's Episcopal      
8Diamond BraxtonDNSTrafton Academy      
8Maxine TraneDNSWesley Academy      
7Chase BrownDNSHoly Spirit Episcopal      
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Ellana Slade2:41.58aAwty International      
2.7Caroline Sempere2:45.32aAwty International      
3.7Lauren Richmond2:46.05aFort Bend Christian ...      
4.7Amanda Gerlach2:47.52aAwty International      
5.7Meredith Prado2:53.24aFort Bend Christian ...      
6.7Ashley Dinges2:55.95aFort Bend Christian ...      
7.7Natalie Sos3:05.37aJohn Cooper      
8.7Caroline Moreya3:25.09aSt Thomas Episcopal      
7Alexandra ReynosoDNSTrafton Academy      
7Georgia MichaudDNSTrafton Academy      
X 1200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Ellana Slade4:16.34aAwty International      
2.7Christina Moreno4:18.53aAwty International      
3.7Caroline Sempere4:28.04aAwty International      
4.7Kylie Melodick4:40.20aJohn Cooper      
5.7Sarah Klute4:45.34aSt Mark's Episcopal      
6.7Alexandra Reynoso5:24.13aTrafton Academy      
7Georgia MichaudDNSTrafton Academy      
X 1200 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Taylor Bannister4:45.41aFort Bend Christian ...      
2.6Jordyn Richards4:49.54aWesley Academy      
3.6Laura Hardwicke4:56.83aTrafton Academy      
4.6Marie Joubert4:58.94aAwty International      
5.6Claire McKissick5:04.95aFort Bend Christian ...      
6.6Margot Hemminga5:07.64aAwty International      
7.6Blair Johnson5:10.81aTrafton Academy      
8.5Nicole Rjastke5:21.55aSt Thomas Episcopal      
9.6Elif Dundar5:30.21aAwty International      
10.6Leah Potylchansky6:03.36aTrafton Academy      
6Ashley BoydDNSFort Bend Christian ...      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Nikita Prasad5:52.51aAwty International      
2.8Allyson Peters6:09.13aFort Bend Christian ...      
3.8Harriett McDonald6:13.87aAwty International      
4.8Jackie Gammon6:33.80aFort Bend Christian ...      
5.8Natalie Barden7:25.42aSt Thomas Episcopal      
6.8Catherine Vanasse Grosdidier7:35.37aAwty International      
7.8Vivian Tran8:09.47aSt Thomas Episcopal      
8.8Kelli McGough8:09.48aSt Thomas Episcopal      
9.8Diamond Braxton8:46.80aTrafton Academy      
10.7Lexie Brennan-Martin9:08.74aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Casey Craft17.85aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
2.8Eleanor Watts19.34aSt Mark's Episcopal      
3.8Maci Billiot19.40aJohn Cooper      
4.8Hannah Cantu19.45aSt Mark's Episcopal      
5.8Elizabeth Lipscomb20.09aJohn Cooper      
6.8Ruth Farmer20.14aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
7.8Catherine Vanasse Grosdidier20.22aAwty International      
8.8London Lane20.64aFort Bend Christian ...      
9.8Sarah Oldfield21.01aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
10.8Marie Corcoran21.12aAwty International      
11.8Jessica Gonzalez21.52aAwty International      
12.7Gaby Ross21.66aEmery/Weiner      
13.7Meredith Milholland21.66aSt Thomas Episcopal      
14.8Elizabeth Dalbello22.11aGrace      
15.8Monica Dayao22.34aSt Mark's Episcopal      
8Claire MillerDNSSt Thomas Episcopal      
8Alexandra SillerDNSTrafton Academy      
8Beatrice DomingoDNSSt Thomas Episcopal      
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Morgan Rogers18.93aSt Mark's Episcopal      
2.7Simona Everts20.21aAwty International      
3.7Amanda Gerlach20.56aAwty International      
4.7Emma Cohn21.14aTrafton Academy      
5.7Chloe Rochette21.59aAwty International      
6.7Ellen Teuscher21.61aJohn Cooper      
7.7Lizzie Polikoff22.21aSt Mark's Episcopal      
8.7Meredith Prado22.61aFort Bend Christian ...      
9.7Alexandra Reynoso22.65aTrafton Academy      
10.7Erika Weissman22.95aTrafton Academy      
11.7Toni Oladute23.43aFort Bend Christian ...      
7Caroline MoreyaDNSSt Thomas Episcopal      
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Chinaza Ndee20.20aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
2.5Onuchi Ndee21.39aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
3.6Grace Young22.54aGrace      
4.6Abby Walker23.02aTrafton Academy      
5.6Peyton Duke23.21aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
6.6Gabriela McGuinty23.84aAwty International      
7.6Ellen Bacarisse24.16aGrace      
8.5Caroline Whitley25.88aGrace      
9.6Kate Staley26.44aHonor Roll      
6Olivia CohnDNSTrafton Academy      
6Helen ChaconDNSAwty International      
6Eliana LernerDNSTrafton Academy      
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Casey Craft32.74aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
2.8Mariah Brown33.29aJohn Cooper      
3.6Gia Petties34.49aSt Thomas Episcopal      
4.8Amanda Charreton35.22aAwty International      
5.8Hannah Cantu35.32aSt Mark's Episcopal      
6.8Maci Billiot36.04aJohn Cooper      
7.8Sarah Oldfield37.39aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
8.7Lexie Brennan-Martin38.21aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
9.8Catherine Vanasse Grosdidier38.24aAwty International      
10.8Carol Bottaro38.33aAwty International      
11.8Claire Miller38.99aSt Thomas Episcopal      
12.8Monica Dayao40.58aSt Mark's Episcopal      
13.8Kelli McGough42.04aSt Thomas Episcopal      
14.8Alex McMurtry47.60aTrafton Academy      
8Alexandra SillerDNSTrafton Academy      
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Emma Cohn35.39aTrafton Academy      
2.7Kylie Melodick36.46aJohn Cooper      
3.7Nicole Salet37.19aAwty International      
4.7Joni Grommesh39.20aAwty International      
5.7Chloe Rochette40.06aAwty International      
6.7Meredith Prado40.87aFort Bend Christian ...      
7.7Erika Weissman42.05aTrafton Academy      
8.7Caroline Moreya42.19aSt Thomas Episcopal      
9.7Ellen Teuscher42.20aJohn Cooper      
7Emily CurlDNSTrafton Academy      
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Chinaza Ndee35.15aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
2.6Bola Adeyeri35.23aTrafton Academy      
3.5Onuchi Ndee38.33aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
4.6Devin Arrants38.37aAwty International      
5.6Gabi Daugherty39.05aTrafton Academy      
6.6Peyton Duke39.87aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
7.6Gabriela McGuinty40.49aAwty International      
8.6Abby Walker43.18aTrafton Academy      
9.5Caroline Whitley44.97aGrace      
10.6Alondra Gutierrez45.47aWesley Academy      
6Elif DundarDNSAwty International      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sydney Ladner
Pauline Duhen
Jessica Gonzalez
Mena Barakat
56.35aAwty International      
2.-Eleanor Watts
Caitlin Clarke
Morgan Rogers
Ali Silverman
57.58aSt Mark's Episcopal      
3.-Anastasia Ocshner
Gia Petties
Lillian Lee
Beatrice Domingo
57.78aSt Thomas Episcopal      
4.-Muna Uzodike
Ashri Anurudran
Mariah Brown
Simone Bergsrud
59.33aJohn Cooper      
5.-Cassie McKee
Maxine Trane
Haley Young
Morgan Reyna
1:00.95aWesley Academy      
6.-Michaela Cherry
Caroline Mitchell
Rebecca Robertson
Sandra Dalbello
7.-Meagan Applebaum
Reagan Bazarsky
Alexandra Siller
Alex Nicholls
1:03.34aTrafton Academy      
8.-Mahnoor Khan
Dieal Thomas
Madison Finger
Arianna Caranto
1:04.37aHonor Roll      
9.-Jordan Goldberg
Lindsey Weycer
Isabel Graubert
Gaby Ross
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Clara Dubois
Marianne Sauvagnac
Sydney Arceneaux
Isabella Crane
55.04aAwty International      
2.-Elyse Hanse
Kelli Montgomery
Camryn Odom
Maddy Auerbach
57.88aTrafton Academy      
X 4x100 Relay - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.-Devin Arrants
Zoe Mitchell
Juliet Quint
Margaret Schroeder
59.42aAwty International      
2.-Chloe Simmons
Sydney Huxtable
Elizabeth Tate-Meyers
Venessa Anwuri
1:02.71aHonor Roll      
3.-Lilli Metts
Lauren Applebaum
Noura Mahaini
Eliana Lerner
1:06.33aTrafton Academy      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Miriam Ramirez
Stephanie Lucena
Casey Craft
Ruth Farmer
2:01.10aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
2.-Anastasia Ocshner
Lillian Lee
Stephanie Adames
Gia Petties
2:03.96aSt Thomas Episcopal      
3.-Nancy Hoggatt
Evelien Quint
Marie Corcoran
Jessica Gonzalez
2:04.56aAwty International      
4.-Anni Morris-Swank
Caitlin Clarke
Hannah Cantu
Ali Silverman
2:07.14aSt Mark's Episcopal      
5.-Simone Bergsrud
Elizabeth Lipscomb
Maci Billiot
Muna Uzodike
2:15.20aJohn Cooper      
6.-Meagan Applebaum
Alex McMurtry
Alex Nicholls
Reagan Bazarsky
2:19.74aTrafton Academy      
7.-Hallie Walker
Sofia Vazquez
Sandra Dalbello
Elizabeth Dalbello
X 4x200 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Nicole Salet
Joni Grommesh
Clara Dubois
Carine Rizk
2:06.96aAwty International      
2.-Ellen Teuscher
Bella Evans
Kylie Melodick
Natalie Sos
2:09.97aJohn Cooper      
3.-Maddy Auerbach
Rebecca Leisten
Elyse Hanse
Sara Olshefski
2:11.13aTrafton Academy      
X 4x200 Relay - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.-Zoe Mitchell
Anaelle Lahitte-Crohare
Marie Joubert
Sarah Guigui
2:14.16aAwty International      
2.-Relay Team 2:23.19aTrafton Academy      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Beatrice Domingo
Meredith Milholland
Laura Sharp
Stephanie Adames
4:45.65aSt Thomas Episcopal      
2.-Sydney Ladner
Mena Barakat
Serena Tohme
Pauline Duhen
4:57.38aAwty International      
3.-Anna Lee Carothers
Chase Brown
Sarah Oldfield
Lexie Brennan-Martin
5:01.02aHoly Spirit Episcopal      
4.-Simone Bergsrud
Celeste Terni
Bella Evans
Ashri Anurudran
5:10.63aJohn Cooper      
5.-Lizzet Clifton
Kaitlin Thibodeaux
Monica Dayao
Abby Jackson
5:35.65aSt Mark's Episcopal      
-Alex Nicholls
Alex McMurtry
Meagan Applebaum
Madelyn Richards
DNSTrafton Academy      
X 4x400 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Hannah Isaksen
Carine Rizk
Isabella Crane
Sydney Arceneaux
4:47.53aAwty International      
2.-Gabi Daugherty
Kelli Montgomery
Emma Cohn
Maddy Auerbach
5:13.54aTrafton Academy      
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.-Devin Arrants
Zoe Mitchell
Juliet Quint
Margaret Schroeder
2:19.62aAwty International      
2.-Natalie Gaddy
Jian Liang
Katelynn Phang
Nicole Rjastke
2:30.32aSt Thomas Episcopal      
3.-Leah Potylchansky
Eliana Lerner
Noura Mahaini
Olivia Cohn
2:35.12aTrafton Academy      
4.-Augusta Bowhay
Hattie Ralph
Elena Hauf-Pisoni
Laily Mortazavi
2:37.89aSt Mark's Episcopal      
5.-Isabella Neblett
Alondra Gutierrez
Bernadette Gutierrez
Lena Mashini
2:48.40aWesley Academy      
-Tejiri Fogeh
Ashli Mani
Sara Lasater
Anna Lee Carothers
DNSHoly Spirit Episcopal      
X Shot Put - 6lb - Varsity - Finals
1.6Hannah Followill27-05.00St Thomas Episcopal      
2.8Carol Bottaro26-08.00Awty International      
3.8Meredith Hayes25-08.00St Mark's Episcopal      
4.8Simone Bergsrud25-00.00John Cooper      
5.8Diamond Braxton23-11.50Trafton Academy      
6.8Cassie McKee23-07.00Wesley Academy      
7.8Valentina Diaz23-00.50St Mark's Episcopal      
8.8Serena Tohme22-10.00Awty International      
9.8Anna Lee Carothers22-05.00Holy Spirit Episcopal      
10.8Teddy Utley22-03.00Holy Spirit Episcopal      
11.8Amanda Charreton21-07.25Awty International      
12.8Lauryn Merriet21-01.00Honor Roll      
13.8Katie Dibble20-06.00Fort Bend Christian ...      
14.8Arianna Caranto20-02.00Honor Roll      
15.8Isabel Rumbaut20-00.00St Mark's Episcopal      
16.8Elizabeth Lipscomb19-04.00John Cooper      
17.7Meredith Milholland16-08.00St Thomas Episcopal      
18.8Claire Miller16-03.50St Thomas Episcopal      
7Tejiri FogehDNSHoly Spirit Episcopal      
8Megan RobertsDNSTrafton Academy      
8Muna UzodikeDNSJohn Cooper      
X Shot Put - 6lb - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Bryan Covington25-07.25St Mark's Episcopal      
2.7Carine Rizk24-05.00Awty International      
3.7Alyssa Berry23-02.50Honor Roll      
4.7Eva Sload21-01.00Awty International      
5.7Sara Olshefski20-10.50Trafton Academy      
6.7Kelsey Ralph20-05.50St Mark's Episcopal      
7.7Sofia Vazquez19-02.50Grace      
8.7Mariana Perez18-05.00Awty International      
9.7Annie Gonzalez17-11.50Honor Roll      
7Rebecca LeistenDNSTrafton Academy      
7Georgia MichaudDNSTrafton Academy      
X Shot Put - 6lb - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Mallory May25-01.00Honor Roll      
2.6Gabby Riendino21-09.50Awty International      
3.6Grace Young20-06.00Grace      
4.6Michelle Meadows19-01.00Trafton Academy      
5.5Alexis Lanning18-04.00Wesley Academy      
6.6Valentine Grinstead18-02.00Fort Bend Christian ...      
7.6Anaelle Lahitte-Crohare17-06.00Awty International      
8.5Sydney Huxtable17-03.50Honor Roll      
9.6Hattie Ralph17-03.00St Mark's Episcopal      
10.5Julia Lasater17-00.00Holy Spirit Episcopal      
11.6Kate Staley16-01.00Honor Roll      
12.6Sandra Sadek13-03.00Awty International      
6Augusta BowhayDNSSt Mark's Episcopal      
6Hind AlkhunaiziDNSSt Mark's Episcopal      
5Brooke FendleyDNSHoly Spirit Episcopal      
6Sophia MichaelDNSHoly Spirit Episcopal      
6Kelly TatumDNSTrafton Academy      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.6Hannah Followill69-00St Thomas Episcopal      
2.8Madelyn Richards67-03Trafton Academy      
3.8Stephanie Lucena63-00Holy Spirit Episcopal      
4.8Rebecca Robertson62-00Grace      
5.8Meredith Hayes58-03St Mark's Episcopal      
6.8Simone Bergsrud57-03John Cooper      
7.8Sandra Dalbello56-00Grace      
8.8Carol Bottaro54-01Awty International      
9.8Cassie McKee53-00Wesley Academy      
10.8Valentina Diaz51-05St Mark's Episcopal      
11.8Teddy Utley50-03Holy Spirit Episcopal      
12.8Isabel Rumbaut49-10St Mark's Episcopal      
13.8Anna Lee Carothers47-00Holy Spirit Episcopal      
14.8Amanda Charreton46-10Awty International      
15.7Meredith Milholland43-10St Thomas Episcopal      
16.8Serena Tohme42-09Awty International      
17.8Arianna Caranto42-02Honor Roll      
18.8Katie Dibble40-09Fort Bend Christian ...      
19.8Claire Miller35-01St Thomas Episcopal      
20.8Lauryn Merriet33-03Honor Roll      
21.8Elizabeth Lipscomb32-06John Cooper      
8Muna UzodikeDNSJohn Cooper      
X Discus - 1kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Carine Rizk58-05Awty International      
2.7Alyssa Berry53-03Honor Roll      
3.7Bryan Covington53-00St Mark's Episcopal      
4.7Kelli Montgomery52-00Trafton Academy      
5.7Sara Olshefski42-00Trafton Academy      
6.7Kelsey Ralph41-09St Mark's Episcopal      
7.7Eva Sload41-07Awty International      
8.7Sofia Vazquez40-08Grace      
9.7Shrishti Seth38-09Awty International      
10.7Annie Gonzalez33-04Honor Roll      
7Georgia MichaudDNSTrafton Academy      
X Discus - 1kg - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Grace Young63-03Grace      
2.5Morgan Reyna61-04Wesley Academy      
3.5Alexis Lanning51-04Wesley Academy      
4.6Bola Adeyeri46-03Trafton Academy      
5.6Margaret Schroeder45-05Awty International      
6.5Chloe Simmons44-04Honor Roll      
7.6Valentine Grinstead44-03Fort Bend Christian ...      
8.6Mallory May39-00Honor Roll      
9.6Kelly Tatum36-11Trafton Academy      
10.5Julia Lasater36-08Holy Spirit Episcopal      
11.6Augusta Bowhay36-07St Mark's Episcopal      
12.6Michelle Meadows35-09Trafton Academy      
13.6Elif Dundar35-03Awty International      
14.5Sydney Huxtable29-10Honor Roll      
15.5Brooke Fendley29-09Holy Spirit Episcopal      
16.6Anaelle Lahitte-Crohare29-07Awty International      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Mariah Brown4-10.00John Cooper      
2.8Marie Corcoran4-10.00Awty International      
3.8Jessica Gonzalez4-08.00Awty International      
4.8Ruth Farmer4-04.00Holy Spirit Episcopal      
5.8Pauline Duhen4-02.00Awty International      
6.8Madison Finger4-02.00Honor Roll      
7.8Ashri Anurudran4-00.00John Cooper      
8.7Tejiri Fogeh4-00.00Holy Spirit Episcopal      
8Sarah OldfieldNHHoly Spirit Episcopal      
8Hallie WalkerNHGrace      
8Alex McMurtryNHTrafton Academy      
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Lauren Richmond4-04.00Fort Bend Christian ...      
2.7Emma Cohn4-02.00Trafton Academy      
3.7Isabella Crane4-02.00Awty International      
4.7Sydney Arceneaux4-00.00Awty International      
5.7Kelli Montgomery4-00.00Trafton Academy      
6.7Elyse Hanse3-10.00Trafton Academy      
6.7Ola Olatona3-10.00Honor Roll      
8.7Hannah Isaksen3-08.00Awty International      
8.7Ashli Mani3-08.00Holy Spirit Episcopal      
8.7Victoria Defretin3-08.00Honor Roll      
X High Jump - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Mallory May4-04.00Honor Roll      
2.6Chinaza Ndee4-04.00Holy Spirit Episcopal      
3.6Gabi Daugherty4-00.00Trafton Academy      
4.6Elizabeth Tate-Meyers3-10.00Honor Roll      
4.6Venessa Anwuri3-10.00Honor Roll      
6.6Devin Arrants3-10.00Awty International      
7.6Peyton Duke3-10.00Holy Spirit Episcopal      
8.6Abby Walker3-10.00Trafton Academy      
9.6Myioshi Williams3-08.00Awty International      
9.6Olivia Cohn3-08.00Trafton Academy      
9.6Gabriela McGuinty3-08.00Awty International      
12.6Griffin Simpson3-06.00Grace      
6Laisha OchuNHHoly Spirit Episcopal      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Casey Craft15-02.00Holy Spirit Episcopal      
2.6Gia Petties14-04.75St Thomas Episcopal      
3.8Sydney Ladner14-02.25Awty International      
4.8Ruth Farmer14-01.00Holy Spirit Episcopal      
5.8Mena Barakat14-00.00Awty International      
6.8Mariah Brown13-09.50John Cooper      
7.8Ali Silverman13-04.00St Mark's Episcopal      
8.8Maci Billiot12-11.00John Cooper      
9.8Celeste Terni12-03.75John Cooper      
10.8Hannah Cantu12-02.50St Mark's Episcopal      
11.8Miriam Ramirez12-01.50Holy Spirit Episcopal      
11.8Marie Corcoran12-01.50Awty International      
13.8Elizabeth Moyero11-10.75St Thomas Episcopal      
14.7Laura Sharp11-04.25St Thomas Episcopal      
15.8Michaela Cherry11-03.25Grace      
16.8Sandra Dalbello11-03.00Grace      
17.8Eleanor Watts10-10.75St Mark's Episcopal      
18.8Elizabeth Dalbello10-03.00Grace      
19.8Madison Finger9-06.00Honor Roll      
20.8Chandni Thakkar9-05.25Honor Roll      
8Alex McMurtryDNSTrafton Academy      
8London LaneDNSFort Bend Christian ...      
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Marianne Sauvagnac13-09.00Awty International      
2.7Bella Evans12-11.75John Cooper      
3.7Sarah Klute12-11.50St Mark's Episcopal      
4.7Ellana Slade12-08.00Awty International      
5.7Emma Cohn12-07.50Trafton Academy      
6.7Sydney Arceneaux12-05.50Awty International      
7.7Anni Morris-Swank11-09.75St Mark's Episcopal      
8.7Ellen Teuscher11-04.50John Cooper      
9.7Natalie Sos11-03.50John Cooper      
10.7Ashli Mani10-11.25Holy Spirit Episcopal      
11.7Ola Olatona10-05.75Honor Roll      
12.7Lizzie Polikoff10-03.50St Mark's Episcopal      
13.7Anastasia Ocshner10-02.00St Thomas Episcopal      
14.7Caroline Moreya10-00.00St Thomas Episcopal      
15.7Elyse Hanse9-11.75Trafton Academy      
16.7Victoria Defretin9-11.50Honor Roll      
7Sara OlshefskiDNSTrafton Academy      
X Long Jump - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Elizabeth Tate-Meyers14-04.75Honor Roll      
2.5Morgan Reyna13-04.50Wesley Academy      
3.6Chinaza Ndee12-08.75Holy Spirit Episcopal      
4.6Elyse Anaya12-07.50Fort Bend Christian ...      
5.6Juliet Quint11-11.25Awty International      
6.6Peyton Duke11-07.50Holy Spirit Episcopal      
7.6Devin Arrants11-04.25Awty International      
8.5Chloe Simmons11-04.00Honor Roll      
9.6Griffin Simpson11-03.00Grace      
10.6Ellen Bacarisse11-02.50Grace      
11.6Sarah Guigui11-01.50Awty International      
12.6Gabi Daugherty11-00.75Trafton Academy      
13.6Abby Walker10-11.50Trafton Academy      
14.6Bola Adeyeri10-09.00Trafton Academy      
15.6Sara Wray10-06.25Grace      
16.5Jian Liang10-01.00St Thomas Episcopal      
17.6Morgan Howard10-00.25Fort Bend Christian ...      
18.6Venessa Anwuri9-07.00Honor Roll      
19.6Laisha Ochu9-05.50Holy Spirit Episcopal      
20.6Katelynn Phang9-04.00St Thomas Episcopal      
21.5Nicole Rjastke8-07.00St Thomas Episcopal      
6Elena Hauf-PisoniDNSSt Mark's Episcopal      
6Laily MortazaviDNSSt Mark's Episcopal      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Sydney Ladner30-01.00Awty International      
2.8Casey Craft29-05.25Holy Spirit Episcopal      
3.6Gia Petties29-04.25St Thomas Episcopal      
4.8Mena Barakat29-03.25Awty International      
5.8Stephanie Lucena27-05.25Holy Spirit Episcopal      
6.8Jessica Gonzalez26-09.25Awty International      
7.8Maci Billiot25-05.00John Cooper      
8.8Sarah Oldfield25-01.00Holy Spirit Episcopal      
9.7Stephanie Adames25-00.25St Thomas Episcopal      
10.8Celeste Terni25-00.00John Cooper      
11.8Elizabeth Moyero22-02.75St Thomas Episcopal      
12.8Isabel Rumbaut21-10.25St Mark's Episcopal      
8Alexandra SillerDNSTrafton Academy      
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