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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Emanuel Canady11.76aEast Anchorage
2.12Myles Nichols11.80aEast Anchorage
3.12NaVarr Lopez12.10aEast Anchorage
4.11Brody DeLoria12.16aEast Anchorage
5.12Jordan Tennant12.30aEast Anchorage
6.10Diego Su'a-Te'o12.33aEast Anchorage
7.11Austin Gardner12.45aEast Anchorage
8.11Peter Guillen12.47aBartlett
9.11Quintavis Holley12.50aEast Anchorage
10.9Cole Kenney12.77aBartlett
11.12Scott Phan12.80aEast Anchorage
12.10Darrian Parker13.28aBartlett
13.11Erik Brons13.30aBartlett
14.12Levi Stone13.34aBartlett
15.9ZacK Fleer13.74aBartlett
16.9Maurice Dumpson13.88aEast Anchorage
17.9Kamon Jackson14.55aBartlett
-JC JosonDNSEast Anchorage
11Matthew GlennDNSBartlett
10Jakeil BellDNSEast Anchorage
11Keenan HonoreDNSBartlett

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Myles Nichols24.21aEast Anchorage
2.12Emanuel Canady24.40aEast Anchorage
3.12NaVarr Lopez24.93aEast Anchorage
4.12David Dumpson25.00aEast Anchorage
5.11D'Andre Laws25.05aEast Anchorage
5.11Peter Guillen25.05aBartlett
7.10LaMarkus Mann25.08aEast Anchorage
8.10Diego Su'a-Te'o25.39aEast Anchorage
9.10Trevor Ruble25.86aBartlett
10.10Thomas Dolan26.00aBartlett
11.11Tarik Andrew26.30aEast Anchorage
12.10Dalton Arnes26.47aEast Anchorage
13.10Darrian Parker27.40aBartlett
14.9Joseph Warren27.43aEast Anchorage
15.12Scott Phan27.77aEast Anchorage
16.9Andrew Couch27.99aBartlett
17.12Marcel Hollis29.67aBartlett
18.12Dyrel Hollis29.95aBartlett
19.9Maurice Dumpson30.07aEast Anchorage
20.9Kamon Jackson32.32aBartlett
11Quintavis HolleyDNSEast Anchorage
11Austin GardnerDNSEast Anchorage
11Jal DengDQBartlett
10Jakeil BellDNSEast Anchorage
10David ElliotDNSEast Anchorage
11Jacob WahryDNSEast Anchorage
11Devarion SellersDNSBartlett
11Matthew GlennDNSBartlett

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11D'Andre Laws55.45aEast Anchorage
2.10Diego Su'a-Te'o56.35aEast Anchorage
3.12Scott Phan56.42aEast Anchorage
4.11Tarik Andrew56.45aEast Anchorage
5.9Andrew Couch56.48aBartlett
6.12Eddie King57.35aBartlett
7.12David Dumpson58.13aEast Anchorage
8.11Quintavis Holley1:00.13aEast Anchorage
9.11Wesley Early1:00.21aBartlett
10.11Isaiah Montoya1:00.79aEast Anchorage
11.9Joseph Warren1:01.01aEast Anchorage
12.12Levi Stone1:01.15aBartlett
13.9ZacK Fleer1:03.24aBartlett
14.10Jason Leatham1:03.65aEast Anchorage
15.12Dyrel Hollis1:05.37aBartlett
16.12Marcel Hollis1:05.68aBartlett
17.10David Elliot1:14.38aEast Anchorage
11Matthew GlennDNSBartlett
10Dalton ArnesDNSEast Anchorage
10Brandon VienaDNSEast Anchorage
10Thomas DolanDNSBartlett

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Daquon Brunson2:07.80aBartlett
2.12Stephen Butler2:12.75aBartlett
3.9John Farr2:17.47aEast Anchorage
4.12Philip Sebastiani2:17.97aBartlett
5.11Daniel Novakovich2:20.17aBartlett
6.9Joel Johnson2:20.29aBartlett
7.11Alec Tenne2:21.61aBartlett
8.10Dalton Arnes2:28.68aEast Anchorage
9.11Jacob Wahry2:30.84aEast Anchorage
10.9Michael Dumpson2:32.19aEast Anchorage
11.10Jason Leatham2:32.70aEast Anchorage
12.9Andrew Tenne2:35.07aBartlett
13.10Colin Lamb2:36.76aBartlett
14.9Charles Chard2:42.00aEast Anchorage
15.9Logan Bolan2:58.08aBartlett

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.9John Farr4:51.50aEast Anchorage
2.12Stephen Butler4:53.72aBartlett
3.11Alec Tenne5:02.69aBartlett
4.11Daniel Novakovich5:06.35aBartlett
5.11Isaiah Montoya5:10.69aEast Anchorage
6.11Joe Lurtsema5:12.62aEast Anchorage
7.12Michael Bramer5:18.38aBartlett
8.11Jacob Wahry5:23.43aEast Anchorage
9.10Tim Bramer5:32.12aBartlett
10.9Andrew Tenne5:33.81aBartlett
11.10Colin Lamb5:38.96aBartlett
12.9Charles Chard5:40.52aEast Anchorage
13.9Logan Bolan6:17.45aBartlett
9Michael DumpsonDNSEast Anchorage

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Isaiah Montoya11:46.02aEast Anchorage
2.11Joe Lurtsema11:59.73aEast Anchorage
11Jacob WahryDNSEast Anchorage

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Brody DeLoria16.55aEast Anchorage
2.11Richard Predmore16.61aBartlett
10Taj ShowalterDNSBartlett

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Richard Predmore44.59aBartlett
2.11Brody DeLoria46.20aEast Anchorage
3.12Jordan Tennant50.00aEast Anchorage
-JC JosonDNSEast Anchorage
10Taj ShowalterDNSBartlett

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

-Emanuel Canady
Jordan Tennant
NaVarr Lopez
Myles Nichols
45.72aEast Anchorage
1.-Zach Hall
Dyrel Hollis
Marcel Hollis
Kamon Jackson
-Dante Washington
David Wright
Brandon Faupula
Vaimanino Masalosalo
-Chris Gillespie
Levi Stone
Cole Kenney
Peter Guillen
-Darrian Parker
Devarion Sellers
Wesley Early
Erik Brons
-Tarik Andrew
Jakeil Bell
Joseph Warren
LaMarcus Mann
DQEast Anchorage

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-NaVarr Lopez
Jordan Tennant
Myles Nichols
Emanuel Canady
1:34.42aEast Anchorage
2.-Cole Kenney
Richard Predmore
Daquon Brunson
Peter Guillen
3.-Erik Brons
Andrew Couch
Trevor Ruble
Kamon Jackson
-D'Andre Laws
Jakeil Bell
Tarik Andrew
Dalton Arnes
DQEast Anchorage

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Thomas Dolan
Alec Tenne
Daniel Novokovich
Stephen Butler
2.-LaMarcus Mann
John Farr
David Dumpson
D'Andre Laws
3:55.97aEast Anchorage
3.-Andrew Tenne
Joel Johnson
Michael Bramer
Philip Sebastiani
4.-Erik Brons
Darrian Parker
Marcel Hollis
Dyrel Hollis
-Daquon Brunson
Andrew Couch
Trevor Ruble
Jaquel Lyons
-Jal Deng
Eddie King
Wesley Early
Levi Stone
-Jacob Wahry
Quintavis Holley
Jason Leatham
Joseph Warren
DNSEast Anchorage

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Michael Bramer
Joel Johnson
Tim Bramer
Wesley Early
2.-Charles Chard
Joe Lurtsema
Isaiah Montoya
John Farr
9:24.06aEast Anchorage
3.-Daquon Brunson
Thomas Dolan
Alec Tenne
Trevor Ruble

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.12Tim Dommek48-03.00Bartlett
2.12Chavous Levao45-11.75Bartlett
3.11Mark Cox42-00.25Bartlett
4.12Matt Culp39-10.25Bartlett
5.11Alexander Reno39-07.00Bartlett
6.12Aaron Green34-08.75East Anchorage
7.11Vaimanino Masalosalo34-07.75Bartlett
8.12Jerold Smith33-04.50East Anchorage
9.12Cristobal Carrillo32-10.75Bartlett
10.9Dante Washington32-10.25Bartlett
11.9Joseph Terven32-09.25East Anchorage
12.10David Wright32-07.00Bartlett
13.9Michael Dumpson26-00.25East Anchorage
14.11Steven Thuneman23-10.25East Anchorage
15.10William Jodwalis21-09.75East Anchorage
10Tremaine ChisholmDNSEast Anchorage
10David ElliotDNSEast Anchorage
12Brandon FaupulaDNSBartlett
12Marc MilkovichDNSEast Anchorage

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.12Tim Dommek148-04Bartlett
2.12Matt Culp126-01Bartlett
3.12Cristobal Carrillo111-09Bartlett
4.12Aaron Green108-07East Anchorage
5.11Alexander Reno108-06Bartlett
6.12Chavous Levao102-08Bartlett
7.12Jerold Smith98-04East Anchorage
8.9Dante Washington96-05Bartlett
9.11Mark Cox95-08Bartlett
10.11Vaimanino Masalosalo91-07Bartlett
11.10David Wright83-07Bartlett
12.11Steven Thuneman83-06East Anchorage
13.9Joseph Terven68-03East Anchorage
14.9Michael Dumpson66-03East Anchorage
15.10William Jodwalis51-03East Anchorage
12Marc MilkovichDNSEast Anchorage
10David ElliotDNSEast Anchorage
10Tremaine ChisholmDNSEast Anchorage
12Brandon FaupulaDNSBartlett

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12David Dumpson5-10.00East Anchorage
2.12Eddie King5-06.00Bartlett
3.12Nelson Esteves-Cruz5-06.00Bartlett
4.11Brody DeLoria5-02.00East Anchorage
5.10Dalton Arnes5-00.00East Anchorage
11Jal DengDQBartlett
12Mal DengDNSBartlett

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Richard Predmore43-04.50Bartlett
2.11Jaquel Lyons39-07.75Bartlett
3.11Keenan Honore38-07.00Bartlett
4.12David Dumpson38-04.50East Anchorage
5.12Mal Deng38-02.50Bartlett
6.12Eddie King37-07.75Bartlett
7.11Jal Deng37-02.25Bartlett
8.12Kayrick Felton35-09.50Bartlett
9.9Jerry Guillen34-09.00Bartlett
12Scott PhanDNSEast Anchorage
11Matthew GlennDNSBartlett
10Brandon VienaDNSEast Anchorage
11Ryan LeeDNSEast Anchorage
10LaMarkus MannDNSEast Anchorage


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