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Mountain West Conference Championships (Multis Day 2 and Qualifying Rounds)

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California - NCAA
San Diego State
Nevada - NCAA
Nevada-Las Vegas
New Mexico - NCAA
New Mexico
Texas - NCAA
Texas Christian
Utah - NCAA
Wyoming - NCAA
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Prelims
1.SoCharles Silmon6.74aTexas Christian
3.JrLamaar Thomas6.81aNew Mexico
2.SoMario Harris6.82aWyoming
4.JrRichard Knotts6.82aTexas Christian
5.JrOJ Stoneham6.88aTexas Christian
6.SrJames Ghormley6.88aBYU
7.SrMychal Dungey6.89aTexas Christian
8.JrMark Barnes6.89aTexas Christian
9.JrTravis Gunderson6.90aWyoming
10.JrThomas Trujillo7.04aNew Mexico
11.SrJosh Murphy7.08aColorado State
12.SoLenyn Leonce7.09aWyoming
--JrRaymond CarterFSColorado State
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.SrMychal Dungey21.20aTexas Christian
2.SoMario Harris21.54aWyoming
3.SoCharles Silmon21.57aTexas Christian
4.JrThomas Trujillo21.64aNew Mexico
5.JrOJ Stoneham21.68aTexas Christian
6.SoAnthony Delgado21.80aAir Force
7.SoSean Adams21.85aBYU
8.SoJames Derek McAllister22.00aBYU
9.SrJosh Murphy22.12aColorado State
10.FrNarada Jackson22.35aTexas Christian
11.SrBrian Fox22.42aColorado State
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.SoCade Lindahl47.50aBYU
2.JrChris Carter47.53aBYU
3.SoSean Adams47.98aBYU
4.SrChris Severino48.57aAir Force
5.FrLavon Collins48.83aTexas Christian
6.JrManuel Smith49.02aAir Force
7.SoJames Derek McAllister49.02aBYU
8.FrNarada Jackson49.30aTexas Christian
9.FrRobert Seth Monson49.70aColorado State
10.SoDerek Montoya49.92aNew Mexico
11.FrCharles Lewis49.95aNew Mexico
12.SrBrian Fox50.26aColorado State
X 1000 Meters - Heptathlon - Finals
1.SrNoah Palicia2:44.81aAir Force
2.SoRichard York2:46.09aNew Mexico
3.SoMichael Tibbs2:55.05aAir Force
4.FrJoshua Weirich2:56.87aBYU
5.SrBrian Wilson3:00.18aNew Mexico
6.JrSam Potter3:02.02aNew Mexico
7.SoJosh McMillin3:04.93aColorado State
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrJustin Tyner14:13.33aAir Force
2.JrJames Walmsley14:18.93aAir Force
3.SrNathan Ogden14:21.32aBYU
4.SoJeremy Drenckhahn14:24.59aAir Force
5.FrJared Ward14:27.35aBYU
6.SrGreg Miller14:43.37aWyoming
7.SrRory Fraser14:48.24aNew Mexico
8.SrTaylor Kelting14:48.40aWyoming
9.SrJake Keyser14:55.01aColorado State
10.SrAlex Willis14:59.12aNew Mexico
11.SoAndrew Roberts15:06.96aColorado State
12.JrPatrick Ortiz15:09.80aNew Mexico
13.JrJonathan Rock15:11.77aAir Force
14.SoSean Stam15:12.08aNew Mexico
15.SrKeith Gerrard15:15.69aNew Mexico
16.SoRex Shields15:29.69aBYU
17.SoAndrew Lesser15:31.60aColorado State
18.JrSpenser Lynass15:31.90aColorado State
19.JrCory Kalm15:48.37aNew Mexico
20.JrAllen Pittman15:55.29aNew Mexico
21.SrMatt Everett16:14.59aNew Mexico
X 60m Hurdles - 42" - Heptathlon - Finals
1.SrPhillip Bettis8.42aBYU
2.SoRichard York8.44aNew Mexico
3.SrBrian Wilson8.51aNew Mexico
4.SrNoah Palicia8.54aAir Force
5.SoMichael Tibbs8.60aAir Force
6.JrSam Potter9.01aNew Mexico
7.FrJoshua Weirich9.07aBYU
8.SoJosh McMillin9.26aColorado State
X 60m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Prelims
1.FrTrevor Brown7.93aColorado State
2.SoDe'Vron Walker8.05aNew Mexico
3.SoKelby Dias8.08aColorado State
4.SoBrandon Douglass8.18aWyoming
5.JrBryce Bergman8.20aAir Force
6.SoMichael Tasker8.25aWyoming
7.SrJordan Pitts8.27aTexas Christian
8.SoBrandon Ribble8.32aColorado State
9.FrCory Engel8.33aAir Force
10.SoMark Flegel8.37aWyoming
11.SoSam Saccomano8.38aColorado State
12.SrBrian Wilson8.45aNew Mexico
13.FrAaron Praska8.46aWyoming
14.FrRobert Wasinger8.60aColorado State
15.FrJacob Edwards8.73aWyoming
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Brian Weirich
Chris Carter
Justin Hedin
Miles Batty
2.-David Bishop
Sam Evans
Gabe Aragon
Ross Millington
9:41.30aNew Mexico
3.-Alex Balsiger
Tyler Short
Seth Butler
Christian Meyer
10:00.96aColorado State
4.-Tyler Stanley
Cory Engel
Blair O'Bryant
Ted Artz
10:00.99aAir Force
5.-Caleb Her Many Horses
Aaron Praska
Sean Wilde
Garrett Zans
6.-Relay Team 10:22.82aTexas Christian
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrTrevor Heiner2.12mBYU
2.SoTyler Skinner2.08mWyoming
3.FrDjango Lovett2.04mNew Mexico
4.SoBrandon Ribble1.99mColorado State
4.FrTyler Jordan1.99mAir Force
4.FrParker Cressman1.99mBYU
7.SoTravis Smith1.99mAir Force
8.SoZach Wood1.94mAir Force
9.FrTorrey Smith1.94mColorado State
9.FrWarrick Campbell1.94mNew Mexico
--SoJaymes TalkingtonNHWyoming
X Pole Vault - Heptathlon - Finals
1.SrNoah Palicia5.05mAir Force
2.JrSam Potter4.75mNew Mexico
3.FrJoshua Weirich4.65mBYU
4.SoJosh McMillin4.55mColorado State
4.SoRichard York4.55mNew Mexico
6.SrBrian Wilson4.35mNew Mexico
7.SoMichael Tibbs4.25mAir Force
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrJeremiah James7.21mWyoming
2.SrAaron Powell7.12mBYU
3.JrRichard Knotts7.11mTexas Christian
4.SoLenyn Leonce7.09mWyoming
5.JrCameron Parker7.04mTexas Christian
6.FrDrew Tingey6.97mBYU
7.SoRyan Wasilawski6.83mColorado State
8.FrWarrick Campbell6.78mNew Mexico
9.FrGraham Gilliland6.71mColorado State
10.JrTy Kirk6.58mNew Mexico
11.SrTravis Corrow6.26mWyoming
12.SrAnse Myller DeAraujo6.24mBYU
13.SoJaymes Talkington6.22mWyoming
--JrKyle MillsFOULBYU
X Weight Throw - 35lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SrLeif Arrhenius20.19mBYU
2.SrOliver Whaley19.52mBYU
3.SrCameron Carter19.06mColorado State
4.SrIan Lettow18.50mColorado State
5.JrRobert Drye18.48mAir Force
6.JrJoe Plante18.34mWyoming
7.JrJoe Riccio18.08mWyoming
8.SoMark Sparks17.77mWyoming
9.SrMatthew Henry-Marshall17.76mNew Mexico
10.SoSean Tabor17.17mTexas Christian
11.JrSean Herbison16.61mAir Force
12.SoDalton Sybrant16.51mWyoming
13.SoCarson Rowley15.42mColorado State
14.JrJames Cole14.66mAir Force
--SoBrian FordFOULAir Force
--FrKen HarrimanFOULColorado State
X Heptathlon Score - Varsity - Finals
1.SoRichard York5533New Mexico
2.SrNoah Palicia5352Air Force
3.SoMichael Tibbs5014Air Force
4.JrSam Potter5002New Mexico
5.SoJosh McMillin4986Colorado State
6.FrJoshua Weirich4965BYU
7.SrBrian Wilson4946New Mexico

Womens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Prelims
1.SrJessica Young7.26aTexas Christian
2.JrShanae Roach7.43aSan Diego State
3.SrPorshe Giddings7.47aBYU
4.SoLawreta Ozoh7.51aSan Diego State
5.SoEmily Blok7.54aNevada-Las Vegas
6.SoChaniqua Corinealdi7.56aTexas Christian
7.SrTeneshia Peart7.56aTexas Christian
8.FrFranchelle Hill7.58aTexas Christian
9.FrVeronica Jones7.61aTexas Christian
10.JrFatima Makakala7.66aBYU
11.FrArlene Gowar7.68aBYU
12.FrKayla Fisher-Taylor7.76aNew Mexico
13.JrLindsay Roach7.78aNevada-Las Vegas
14.JrZadia Bryant7.79aNevada-Las Vegas
15.JrChantel Bernabo7.81aWyoming
16.SrJessika Hornsby7.82aSan Diego State
17.FrBethany DeLong7.85aColorado State
18.SrDavina Collins7.87aNevada-Las Vegas
19.SoErin Urbanoski7.87aWyoming
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.SrJessica Young23.58aTexas Christian
2.JrShanae Roach23.73aSan Diego State
3.SoEmily Blok23.96aNevada-Las Vegas
4.SrPorshe Giddings24.01aBYU
5.SrTeneshia Peart24.33aTexas Christian
6.SoLawreta Ozoh24.40aSan Diego State
7.SoShirley Pitts24.68aNew Mexico
8.JrFatima Makakala24.69aBYU
9.SoChaniqua Corinealdi24.70aTexas Christian
10.FrVeronica Jones24.73aTexas Christian
11.FrFranchelle Hill24.74aTexas Christian
12.SrJessika Hornsby24.84aSan Diego State
13.SoLarissa Matthews24.90aTexas Christian
14.FrArlene Gowar24.91aBYU
15.JrLindsay Roach25.05aNevada-Las Vegas
16.JrChantel Bernabo25.14aWyoming
17.FrKayla Fisher-Taylor25.14aNew Mexico
18.SoKelsey Williamson25.17aNevada-Las Vegas
19.JrZadia Bryant25.19aNevada-Las Vegas
20.SrDavina Collins25.46aNevada-Las Vegas
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.SrKristal Juarez53.89aTexas Christian
2.JrNatalie Stewart53.90aBYU
3.SrAfiya Walker54.26aWyoming
4.SoQuinterra Charles55.01aTexas Christian
5.FrErin Kirby55.38aWyoming
6.SoShirley Pitts55.41aNew Mexico
7.JrLindsey Simmons55.87aWyoming
8.SoAlyssa Johnson55.92aUtah
9.SoKelsey Williamson55.92aNevada-Las Vegas
10.JrHayley Shade56.61aTexas Christian
11.SoLauryn McKay56.84aUtah
12.SoAshley Mosley57.08aUtah
13.FrRosalie Griffin57.35aUtah
14.SoOlivia Heaston57.76aWyoming
15.SrAlyssa Christensen58.21aBYU
16.SoMeagan Robinson58.72aColorado State
17.JrChristine Lowe59.00aNevada-Las Vegas
18.JrEmily Cotharn59.09aAir Force
19.FrLindsey Banning59.42aColorado State
20.SoAshly Lester59.73aColorado State
21.JrRachel Thomas60.02aAir Force
22.SoBethany Gross64.06aAir Force
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.SrKatie Palmer2:04.72aBYU
2.JrLacey Bleazard2:11.28aBYU
3.SoMorgan Mosby2:11.35aAir Force
5.JrLucy Yates2:11.51aUtah
6.SoJosefine Koskinen2:11.90aSan Diego State
7.FrCandace Wollert2:12.03aWyoming
4.JrSarah Edwards2:13.62aBYU
8.SrNicole Clark2:13.95aBYU
9.FrBriyanni Thomas2:14.34aTexas Christian
10.SoBrett Zorich2:14.75aNevada-Las Vegas
11.SrAmy Brown2:16.09aSan Diego State
12.JrAli Bartosch2:17.31aNevada-Las Vegas
13.FrLaura Affeld2:19.47aNevada-Las Vegas
14.FrAnnette Eichenberger2:19.54aAir Force
15.SoGretchen McCormick2:20.05aWyoming
16.FrNiki Novak2:21.60aSan Diego State
17.FrJohanna Reed2:22.00aColorado State
18.FrJulie Brasher2:29.85aNew Mexico
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoMorgan Haws16:45.34aBYU
2.SrKatie Bowen17:09.93aBYU
3.JrKaty Andrews17:10.94aBYU
4.FrChistine Nelson17:18.80aWyoming
5.SrEllie Keyser17:19.50aColorado State
6.JrSarah Waldron17:22.11aNew Mexico
7.SrVanessa Ortiz17:28.60aNew Mexico
8.SrKatherine Ward17:39.49aAir Force
9.SrDelyth James17:52.30aNew Mexico
10.FrMarianne Hogan17:55.31aSan Diego State
11.JrShawna Winnegar18:02.66aNew Mexico
12.FrRebekah Winterton18:15.25aUtah
13.SoSarah Heuer18:24.33aColorado State
14.JrKendra Gerk18:35.08aColorado State
15.SoJanna Mitsos18:39.17aNew Mexico
16.FrSarah Higgens18:42.22aNew Mexico
17.FrAuralea Fain18:45.19aUtah
18.SoKate Kanetzky18:50.56aAir Force
19.JrLaura Lavezo19:13.97aNew Mexico
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.SoLarissa Matthews8.51aTexas Christian
2.FrAllison Reaser8.53aSan Diego State
4.SrMindy Sagers8.55aBYU
5.SoKalie Kirk8.56aColorado State
3.SoAngela Kaplar8.58aUtah
6.SoPrecious Selmon8.60aNew Mexico
7.JrFatima Makakala8.61aBYU
8.JrKiersten Kirkland8.72aSan Diego State
9.SrAlyssa Christensen8.74aBYU
10.SoKaty Hall8.76aWyoming
11.FrErin Kirby8.87aWyoming
12.JrLarissa Edwards8.91aWyoming
13.SoLindsey Keller8.96aColorado State
14.FrJenna Mann8.99aWyoming
15.FrKu"uipo Nakoa9.05aWyoming
16.FrTaylar Mills9.19aNevada-Las Vegas
17.SoMaggie Ochsner9.94aWyoming
--SrErin StraughterDNFNevada-Las Vegas
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Nicole Clark
Natalie Stewart
Lacey Bleazard
Kari Hardt
2.-Kirsty Milner
Kim Perkins
Alex Darling
Ruth Senior
11:45.39aNew Mexico
3.-Nikki Dotter
Rosalie Griffin
Kendahl Melvin
Amanda Mergaert
4.-Agnes Kemboi
Hayley Shade
Kelley Dawson
Patricia Terry
12:10.63aTexas Christian
5.-Kaitlin Hanenburg
Marissa Smith
Whitney Henderson
Nicole Peters
12:14.62aColorado State
6.-Maya Martinez
Diana Long
Candace Wollert
Alysha Davis
7.-Amy Brown
Kiersten Kirkland
Nikki Novak
Josefine Koskinen
12:21.81aSan Diego State
8.-Katie Carroll
Emily Cotharn
Stephanie Saari
Melissa Fuerst
12:23.70aAir Force
9.-Laura Affeld
Brett Zorich
Christine Lowe
Lauren Peterson
12:30.99aNevada-Las Vegas
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.SoRachel Brooke Fisher4.22mBYU
2.JrChristen Botteron-Gunth4.22mBYU
3.JrKelli Ehardt4.02mBYU
4.FrMargo Tucker3.92mNew Mexico
5.SoKelsy Hintz3.92mSan Diego State
5.JrTawny Lambuth3.92mAir Force
7.JrKlaudia Rokossa3.92mUtah
8.SrAmber Menke3.80mNew Mexico
9.SrKatie Vo3.80mSan Diego State
10.SoBizzy Mellado3.80mAir Force
11.JrKimber Shealy3.80mAir Force
12.SrMelissa Beerse3.65mAir Force
13.SoTheresa Waybright3.65mUtah
14.FrPaige Shirley3.65mAir Force
15.FrJulia Cook3.50mNew Mexico
16.SrLauren Jaramillo3.50mNew Mexico
17.FrNathalie Busk3.50mNew Mexico
--FrSara PageNHColorado State
--FrMorgan GriffinNHColorado State
--JrRachel SaundersNHColorado State
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrWhitney Gipson20-04.25Texas Christian
2.SrAlesha Walker19-11.00New Mexico
3.FrSamantha Collins19-04.00Texas Christian
4.FrAllison Reaser19-01.25San Diego State
5.JrBrianna LeRoy18-10.75Utah
6.SoPrecious Selmon18-10.00New Mexico
7.JrDeja Edwards18-09.25Nevada-Las Vegas
8.SoErin Urbanoski18-01.75Wyoming
9.SrDeanna Young17-09.00New Mexico
10.SrMindy Sagers17-07.00BYU
11.FrBethany DeLong17-06.00Colorado State
11.JrJulianne Alarcio17-06.00San Diego State
13.FrEmily Moore17-01.25Wyoming
13.SrDavina Collins17-01.25Nevada-Las Vegas
15.SrTalyah Polee17-00.75Nevada-Las Vegas
16.JrFatima Makakala17-00.00BYU
17.JrRia Daniels16-10.75Nevada-Las Vegas
18.SrAsal Salehpoor16-08.50New Mexico
X Weight Throw - 20lb - Varsity - Finals
1.JrChelsea Cassulo19.87mNevada-Las Vegas
2.JrAmanda Bingson19.70mNevada-Las Vegas
3.SrAshley Hutchinson18.93mWyoming
4.SoAnneli Stahl18.35mUtah
5.JrWhitney Ashley18.07mSan Diego State
6.SrAmanda Aimone17.93mWyoming
7.JrCynthia Sanchez17.85mUtah
8.JrPaige Blackburn17.11mAir Force
9.SrSerena Johnson17.10mColorado State
10.JrCassandra Woodall16.70mBYU
11.SoKelsey Samuels16.43mTexas Christian
12.SrLaShante Ellison16.29mNevada-Las Vegas
13.SoKenisha Throughsingh16.03mColorado State
14.FrJessica Sharbono15.99mColorado State
15.SoElizabeth Johnson15.95mColorado State
16.JrDanielle Rios15.75mNevada-Las Vegas
17.FrAlix Richards15.67mColorado State
18.SrChristina Burke15.54mAir Force
19.FrDestanae Howerton-Davis15.27mUtah
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