SubSection 10 Meet

Thursday, May 26, 2011
  Paulsen Field, Pipestone - Map

  Field Events Start: 4:00 PM  Track Events Start: 4:30 PM
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12BG Xaisongkham11.69aLuverne
2.10Jack Thony11.71aMurray County Central
3.12Casey Kooiker11.72aPipestone Area
4.10Tate Bork11.82aHills Beaver Creek
5.12Austin Lyons12.09aAdrian
6.11Aaron Kozlowski12.11aPipestone Area
7.9Tyler Scotting12.12aMurray County Central
8.12Tyler Evans12.23aPipestone Area
9.10Brett Krosschell12.25aSouthwest Mn Christian
10.12Isaac Harmsen12.32aMurray County Central
11.10Darrion Jones12.84aLuverne
12.8Braden Ellingson13.01aHills Beaver Creek
13.9Dawson White13.02aAdrian
14.11Colton Peterson13.03aLuverne
15.12Cory Tilstra13.07aHills Beaver Creek
16.11Matt Appel13.43aFulda
17.10Lucas Dohlmann13.74aAdrian
18.9Josh Ramerth13.96aFulda
X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
9Nathan Pfeifle11.02aSouthwest Mn Christian
12Ryan Stroeh11.29aSouthwest Mn Christian
12Travis Vander Woude11.69aSouthwest Mn Christian
10Brett Krosschell12.20aSouthwest Mn Christian
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Casey Kooiker23.30aPipestone Area
2.10Jack Thony23.65aMurray County Central
3.10Bo Biever24.13aLuverne
4.9Tyler Scotting24.21aMurray County Central
5.10Ethan Rust24.33aLuverne
6.12Isaac Harmsen25.38aMurray County Central
7.12Cory Tilstra26.12aHills Beaver Creek
8.10Zach Holt26.15aFulda
9.11Jordan Larson26.20aHills Beaver Creek
10.9Jaden Balster26.69aAdrian
11.10Mason Trejo27.06aFulda
12.8Braden Ellingson27.40aHills Beaver Creek
13.12Spencer Wieneke27.50aAdrian
14.9Daniel Baker27.86aSouthwest Mn Christian
15.10Lucas Dohlmann28.34aAdrian
16.12Andrew Baker28.56aPipestone Area
17.11Jesse Hinricher28.76aPipestone Area
8Jackson WinterDNSLuverne
7Andrew RaakDNSSouthwest Mn Christian
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Tim Van Bockel22.72aSouthwest Mn Christian
12Travis Vander Woude23.91aSouthwest Mn Christian
10Brett Krosschell24.05aSouthwest Mn Christian
9Nathan Pfeifle24.70aSouthwest Mn Christian
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jack Thony52.07aMurray County Central
2.9Tyler Scotting55.05aMurray County Central
3.10Sawyer Pals55.88aPipestone Area
4.9Dylan Gehrke58.74aHills Beaver Creek
5.8Jackson Winter58.88aLuverne
6.8Payton Stemper58.90aLuverne
7.12Spencer Wieneke1:00.09aAdrian
8.12Ethan Olson1:00.31aAdrian
9.10Eli Stevens1:00.47aPipestone Area
10.12Emil Ramsvik1:02.15aMurray County Central
11.7Brian Fenske1:02.32aFulda
12.9Daniel Baker1:02.36aSouthwest Mn Christian
13.8Noah Holthaus1:05.06aHills Beaver Creek
14.11Vladimir Wogen1:06.56aPipestone Area
15.7Andrew Raak1:06.96aSouthwest Mn Christian
16.10Brandt Spies1:08.04aFulda
17.9Matt Kunerth1:08.33aFulda
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Ryan Stroeh54.12aSouthwest Mn Christian
12Tim Van Bockel54.50aSouthwest Mn Christian
10Klint Knutson54.92aSouthwest Mn Christian
9Nathan Pfeifle59.10aSouthwest Mn Christian
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Schuyler Canfield2:07.65aMurray County Central
2.10Nate Getting2:08.49aFulda
3.10Tyler Jacobs2:12.67aHills Beaver Creek
4.11Alex Solheim2:13.72aMurray County Central
5.10Kaleb Stevens2:14.27aPipestone Area
6.11Landon Hazelton2:14.43aPipestone Area
7.10Justin Kerkhove-Brandt2:15.61aHills Beaver Creek
8.11Austin Stroeh2:16.03aLuverne
9.10Tylan Vanderwal2:22.24aPipestone Area
10.10D'Shaun Herman2:26.80aHills Beaver Creek
11.11Brandon VanderZiel2:34.09aLuverne
12.12Uriel Truillo2:35.69aMurray County Central
9Ryan SchumacherDNSFulda
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Klint Knutson2:09.35aSouthwest Mn Christian
12Tim Van Bockel2:10.71aSouthwest Mn Christian
12Ryan Stroeh2:14.38aSouthwest Mn Christian
10Spencer Kiers2:20.40aSouthwest Mn Christian
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Schuyler Canfield4:53.95aMurray County Central
2.9Andrew Berg4:54.78aPipestone Area
3.10John Getting4:56.06aFulda
4.8Drew Weis5:34.29aLuverne
5.11Tony Sechser5:48.90aMurray County Central
6.10Andrew Appel6:01.47aFulda
7.9Chayse Erickson6:12.40aPipestone Area
10Aaron BoockDNSMurray County Central
10Jacob DerbyDNSPipestone Area
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Dillion Hoiland10:48.24aHills Beaver Creek
2.11Jase Pater10:52.28aAdrian
3.11Ryan Oye11:04.98aLuverne
4.9Cody Hess11:12.39aLuverne
5.9Andrew Berg11:29.59aPipestone Area
6.10Matt Hammersma11:40.77aPipestone Area
7.12Shane Granum12:30.32aMurray County Central
8.10Michael VanderWal14:12.42aMurray County Central
X 100m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
4.10Spencer Kiers19.36aSouthwest Mn Christian
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Gathin Veldhuizen15.95aPipestone Area
2.10Austin LaFollette17.84aHills Beaver Creek
3.11Joey Robinson18.93aMurray County Central
4.10Spencer Kiers19.36aSouthwest Mn Christian
5.10Matt Duerr19.49aLuverne
6.10Max Whitehead20.01aMurray County Central
7.8Logan Kluis20.23aMurray County Central
8.10Kole Kramer21.02aFulda
9.10Bennet Appel22.40aFulda
11Luke SwansonDQFulda
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Gathin Veldhuizen40.70aPipestone Area
2.10Austin LaFollette43.70aHills Beaver Creek
3.11Daniel Muller45.11aLuverne
4.10Matt Duerr46.51aLuverne
5.10Spencer Kiers46.68aSouthwest Mn Christian
6.11Joey Robinson47.98aMurray County Central
7.9Andy Garza48.06aMurray County Central
8.8Trenton Rops48.13aLuverne
9.8Logan Kluis51.48aMurray County Central
10.10Brock Baumgarn52.99aFulda
11.11Luke Swanson53.55aFulda
12.10Kole Kramer53.64aFulda
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-BG Xaisongkham
Daniel Muller
Bo Biever
Ethan Rust
2.-Aaron Kozlowski
Tyler Evans
Griffin Veldhuizen
Sawyer Pals
46.22aPipestone Area
3.-Dalton Bass
Dirk Thone
Brady Vaughn
Tate Bork
46.26aHills Beaver Creek
4.-Brett Krosschell
Nathan Pfeifle
Ryan Stroeh
Travis Vander Woude
46.80aSouthwest Mn Christian
5.-Tony Reisdorfer
Dan Albertson
Brock Bullerman
Austin Lyons
6.-Clarke Hein
Max Dibble
Zach Holt
Mason Trejo
7.-Logan Kluis
Alex Solheim
Aaron Boock
Devin Ryan
49.96aMurray County Central
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Aaron Kozlowski
Griffin Veldhuizen
Gathin Veldhuizen
Casey Kooiker
1:33.00aPipestone Area
2.-BG Xaisongkham
Daniel Muller
Bo Biever
Ethan Rust
3.-Dalton Bass
Dirk Thone
Brady Vaughn
Tate Bork
1:35.87aHills Beaver Creek
4.-Brett Krosschell
Nathan Pfeifle
Tim Van Bockel
Travis Vander Woude
1:36.26aSouthwest Mn Christian
5.-Devin Ryan
Schuyler Canfield
Grant Bose
Isaac Harmsen
1:39.88aMurray County Central
6.-Tony Reisdorfer
Dan Albertson
Brock Bullerman
Austin Lyons
7.-Max Dibble
Nate Getting
Zach Holt
Mason Trejo
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Brady Vaughn
Dalton Huisman
Austin LaFollette
Dirk Thone
3:39.44aHills Beaver Creek
2.-Klint Knutson
Nathan Pfeifle
Ryan Stroeh
Tim Van Bockel
3:43.15aSouthwest Mn Christian
3.-Sawyer Pals
Landon Hazelton
Jacob Derby
Eli Stevens
3:49.47aPipestone Area
4.-John Getting
Brock Baumgarn
Nate Getting
Matt Appel
5.-Austin Stroeh
Payton Stemper
Trenton Rops
Darrion Jones
6.-Ethan Olson
Dan Albertson
Jaden Balster
Dawson White
7.-Andy Garza
Aaron Boock
Kyle Sanner
Grant Bose
4:02.95aMurray County Central
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Spencer Kiers
Klint Knutson
Ryan Stroeh
Tim Van Bockel
8:55.21aSouthwest Mn Christian
2.-Landon Hazelton
Tylan Vanderwal
Kaleb Stevens
Jacob Derby
8:58.91aPipestone Area
3.-Tyler Jacobs
Dalton Huisman
Dillion Hoiland
Justin Kerkhove-Brandt
9:27.96aHills Beaver Creek
4.-Grant Bose
Andy Garza
Uriel Truillo
Alex Solheim
9:34.88aMurray County Central
4.-Relay Team 9:34.88aMurray County Central
5.-Relay Team 10:42.33aFulda
5.-Brian Fenske
Ryan Schumacher
Andrew Appel
Matt Kunnerth
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.10Tanner Nepp45-08.75Murray County Central
2.12Casey Kooiker43-10.25Pipestone Area
3.9Cody Rofshus40-11.75Luverne
4.11Jamie Hartke40-07.75Pipestone Area
5.11Max Dibble40-02.75Fulda
6.10Caleb Esselink39-06.00Southwest Mn Christian
7.11Sam Beech39-01.00Murray County Central
8.9Dillon John38-05.00Adrian
9.9Matt Thier36-09.50Fulda
10.12Nathan Fransman35-04.50Hills Beaver Creek
11.9Caleb Vis34-10.00Hills Beaver Creek
12.9Ryan Haak32-08.75Southwest Mn Christian
13.10Kyle Viland31-08.00Pipestone Area
14.12Josh Ragen30-07.25Murray County Central
15.11Keegan Schoenfelder28-08.50Luverne
16.8Aidan Capistran28'5Luverne
17.11David Cook26-03.00Adrian
10Brock BaumgarnDNSFulda
12Joe StreeterDNSHills Beaver Creek
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Tanner Nepp140-08Murray County Central
2.11Aaron Kozlowski128-06Pipestone Area
3.11Max Dibble128-04Fulda
4.11Sam Beech125-03Murray County Central
5.9Cody Rofshus121-09Luverne
6.10Brock Baumgarn121-03Fulda
7.9Matt Thier116-03Fulda
8.11Keegan Schoenfelder115-06Luverne
9.11Jamie Hartke114-09Pipestone Area
10.9Dillon John92-03Adrian
11.12Nathan Fransman90-10Hills Beaver Creek
12.9Dawson White90-07Adrian
13.9Ryan Haak84-06Southwest Mn Christian
14.9Caleb Vis83-10Hills Beaver Creek
15.10Kyle Viland81-06Pipestone Area
16.8Aidan Capistran78'7Luverne
17.12Ryan Stroeh76-11Southwest Mn Christian
18.12Josh Ragen74-01Murray County Central
19.11David Cook61-08Adrian
12Joe StreeterDNSHills Beaver Creek
10Caleb EsselinkDNSSouthwest Mn Christian
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Matt Duerr5-10.00Luverne
2.12Griffin Veldhuizen5-08.00Pipestone Area
2.11Casey Schilling5-08.00Hills Beaver Creek
4.11Landon Hazelton5-06.00Pipestone Area
5.10Tanner Nepp5-04.00Murray County Central
6.10Justin Kerkhove-Brandt5-02.00Hills Beaver Creek
9Dillon JohnNHAdrian
7Andrew RaakNHSouthwest Mn Christian
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Brock Burchill12-00.00Fulda
2.11Kyle Kirlin11-06.00Fulda
3.11Daniel Muller11-06.00Luverne
4.10Eli Dooyema10-00.00Luverne
5.9Kyle Sanner8-06.00Murray County Central
6.10Alex Holmes8-00.00Fulda
7.10John Luze8-00.00Hills Beaver Creek
8.12Emil Ramsvik7-06.00Murray County Central
11Alex SolheimDNSMurray County Central
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Travis Vander Woude19-08.00Southwest Mn Christian
2.12BG Xaisongkham19-05.50Luverne
3.12Gathin Veldhuizen18-06.75Pipestone Area
4.9Tyler Scotting17-11.00Murray County Central
5.12Cory Tilstra17-06.50Hills Beaver Creek
6.10Zach Holt16-02.75Fulda
7.8Braden Ellingson16-01.75Hills Beaver Creek
8.11Matt Appel16-01.00Fulda
9.9Dylan Gehrke16-00.00Hills Beaver Creek
10.7Quinton Siebenahler15-04.00Luverne
11.9Dawson White15-03.25Adrian
12.10Eli Stevens15-01.00Pipestone Area
13.9Josh Ramerth14-09.00Fulda
14.7Daniel Larson14-04.75Pipestone Area
15.10Jack Thony13-07.00Murray County Central
11Eli BensonFOULMurray County Central
10Klint KnutsonDNSSouthwest Mn Christian
12Cody ReckampDNSAdrian
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Griffin Veldhuizen38-10.00Pipestone Area
2.10Sawyer Pals37-08.00Pipestone Area
3.11Casey Schilling37-07.00Hills Beaver Creek
4.11Clarke Hein36-10.00Fulda
5.10Aaron Boock35-00.50Murray County Central
6.12Dan Albertson34-07.00Adrian
7.7Quinton Siebenahler34-04.00Luverne
8.8Braden Ellingson33-11.00Hills Beaver Creek
9.9Josh Ramerth33-05.00Fulda
10.9Dylan Gehrke31-07.00Hills Beaver Creek
11.12Shane Granum30-08.00Murray County Central
12.7Daniel Larson30-05.50Pipestone Area
10Klint KnutsonDNSSouthwest Mn Christian
11Devin RyanDNSMurray County Central

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Paige Leuthold13.87aHills Beaver Creek
2.8Tayla Peterson13.88aLuverne
3.10Kara Homandberg13.90aMurray County Central
4.10Brooke Wenzel13.99aFulda
5.11Hannah Schmidt14.02aMurray County Central
6.10Danielle Hermeling14.22aFulda
7.7Erin Sietsema14.31aLuverne
8.11Tess Cooper14.39aPipestone Area
9.10Ashley Griebel14.46aPipestone Area
10.8Devin Bloemendaal14.54aHills Beaver Creek
11.10Carissa Tinklenberg14.69aSouthwest Mn Christian
12.7Maria Spanier14.75aPipestone Area
13.11Nichole Loosbrock14.80aAdrian
14.9Haley Howe14.88aAdrian
15.10Emilie Baartman14.89aLuverne
16.9Christina Loonan15.06aAdrian
17.11Taylor Jurrens15.30aMurray County Central
18.8Sydney Esselink15.90aSouthwest Mn Christian
19.9Chelsey Groen16.52aSouthwest Mn Christian
10Micaela PaulzineDQFulda
11Natalie LeutholdDQHills Beaver Creek
X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Carissa Tinklenberg13.84aSouthwest Mn Christian
11Tanna Van Essen13.96aSouthwest Mn Christian
11Rachel Buys14.06aSouthwest Mn Christian
8Savannah Tinklenberg15.10aSouthwest Mn Christian
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Bree Woelber26.53aPipestone Area
2.12Katlyn Sawtelle26.97aLuverne
3.12Megan Walhof27.75aSouthwest Mn Christian
4.8Tayla Peterson27.96aLuverne
5.7Claire Femrite28.72aPipestone Area
6.11Abby Drenth29.59aHills Beaver Creek
7.9Amanda Crawford29.94aHills Beaver Creek
8.9Amanda Fikse30.54aPipestone Area
9.10Alex Stanley30.56aLuverne
10.8Elizabeth Thier30.76aAdrian
11.11Natalie Leuthold30.87aHills Beaver Creek
12.9Lindsey Barritt30.94aMurray County Central
13.11Tanna Van Essen31.12aSouthwest Mn Christian
14.10Haley Bose31.31aMurray County Central
15.10Susanne Pagel31.70aFulda
16.11Leah Mulder32.26aAdrian
17.12Jessica Hermeling32.51aFulda
18.7Nikki Bounsavong33.36aFulda
19.9Nicole Knips33.79aAdrian
9Rebekah NysetvoldDNSMurray County Central
11Melinda RaakDNSSouthwest Mn Christian
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Amber Pater27.65aSouthwest Mn Christian
10Hannah Van Dyke28.36aSouthwest Mn Christian
11Melinda Raak29.26aSouthwest Mn Christian
11Tanna Van Essen29.64aSouthwest Mn Christian
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Megan Walhof1:00.71aSouthwest Mn Christian
2.11Paige Nath1:00.94aLuverne
3.11Siera Wilgenburg1:01.28aHills Beaver Creek
4.11Crystal Van Iperen1:03.17aMurray County Central
5.10Amber Pater1:03.58aSouthwest Mn Christian
6.11Melinda Mumme1:05.60aLuverne
7.8Naomi Dooyema1:05.99aLuverne
8.11Sydne Springman1:06.33aAdrian
9.9Amanda Crawford1:06.74aHills Beaver Creek
10.11Kayla Stout1:09.06aPipestone Area
11.8Devin Bloemendaal1:11.19aHills Beaver Creek
12.10Alison Casanova1:11.62aFulda
13.9Breanna Breberg1:12.44aMurray County Central
14.10Courtney Tiesler1:12.80aFulda
15.10Haley Bose1:13.24aMurray County Central
16.10Erin Petersen1:13.50aPipestone Area
17.9Nicole Knips1:14.02aAdrian
18.9Anja Baumgarn1:14.51aFulda
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Megan Walhof60.57aSouthwest Mn Christian
10Hannah Van Dyke61.32aSouthwest Mn Christian
10Amber Pater62.75aSouthwest Mn Christian
11Melinda Raak66.30aSouthwest Mn Christian
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Austyn Thier2:28.51aAdrian
2.9Anna Tofteland2:31.48aLuverne
3.11Tiffany Gehl2:32.62aFulda
4.12Ashlie Hess2:36.98aLuverne
5.8Jenna Wilgenburg2:39.42aHills Beaver Creek
6.10McKayla Schilling2:39.46aLuverne
7.10Morgan Beckman2:41.70aMurray County Central
8.10Rachel Lassen2:44.24aMurray County Central
9.11Hunter Hieronimus2:49.84aAdrian
10.8Amanda Kooiker2:52.18aPipestone Area
11.8Madison Fick2:52.53aHills Beaver Creek
12.12Natasha Slater2:52.59aAdrian
13.10Jaden Carlson2:53.77aPipestone Area
14.9Chesa Vander Top2:55.29aSouthwest Mn Christian
15.9Madison Dibble2:55.57aFulda
16.10Bret Gehl2:58.13aFulda
17.9Kaitlyn Stark2:58.41aPipestone Area
8Heidi BauDNSMurray County Central
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Megan De Ruyter2:45.22aSouthwest Mn Christian
8Morgan DeRuyter2:50.32aSouthwest Mn Christian
9Chesa Vander Top2:59.87aSouthwest Mn Christian
10Leah Vanden Akker3:03.66aSouthwest Mn Christian
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Nicole Slater5:38.72aAdrian
2.10Megan Sauer5:40.43aAdrian
3.12Alissa Sauer6:12.60aAdrian
4.11Megan De Ruyter6:12.61aSouthwest Mn Christian
5.7Morgan Hazelton6:17.12aPipestone Area
6.11Kaitlin Van Meeteren6:19.20aLuverne
7.9Madison Dibble6:20.66aFulda
8.7Klara Perkins6:23.22aPipestone Area
9.9Susanna Bekedam6:26.53aHills Beaver Creek
10.7Madilyn Oye6:28.46aLuverne
11.9Breanna Breberg6:32.23aMurray County Central
12.8Heidi Bau6:40.70aMurray County Central
13.9Allison VandenBosch6:46.56aFulda
14.12Lisa Metz7:34.98aFulda
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Whitney Wilgenburg11:36.79aHills Beaver Creek
2.10Jordin Kopplow11:43.89aAdrian
3.9Makayla Hohn11:50.74aLuverne
4.10Megan Sauer12:50.30aAdrian
5.8Morgan Sauer13:15.51aAdrian
6.8Morgan DeRuyter14:19.57aSouthwest Mn Christian
7.11Jamie Schnoor15:04.25aMurray County Central
8.10Leah Vanden Akker15:24.73aSouthwest Mn Christian
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Katlyn Sawtelle15.55aLuverne
2.12Bree Woelber15.57aPipestone Area
3.9Tia Muller17.22aPipestone Area
4.12Katie Shearer17.55aLuverne
5.11Rachel Buys18.20aSouthwest Mn Christian
6.9Dana VanderWal18.23aMurray County Central
7.9Paris Thomas18.24aMurray County Central
8.9Mariah Boomgaarden18.35aLuverne
9.12Bridget Enninga18.57aFulda
10.10Jenna Ness18.76aMurray County Central
11.9Shelly Loosbrock19.03aAdrian
12.7Lexi Carstensen20.80aPipestone Area
13.10Kadie Werner21.91aHills Beaver Creek
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Bree Woelber45.04aPipestone Area
2.12Hailee Heitkamp46.91aAdrian
3.10Hannah Van Dyke49.62aSouthwest Mn Christian
4.8Kynzie Smedsrud49.74aLuverne
5.9Tia Muller50.38aPipestone Area
6.9Dana VanderWal52.52aMurray County Central
7.10Melissa Gehl53.66aFulda
8.9Paris Thomas53.76aMurray County Central
9.9Mariah Boomgaarden54.35aLuverne
10.10Jenna Ness54.75aMurray County Central
11.9Shelly Loosbrock55.42aAdrian
12.7Jaidyn Elbers56.91aLuverne
13.12Bridget Enninga58.22aFulda
14.7Lexi Carstensen58.91aPipestone Area
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kara Homandberg
Carissa Thomas
Paris Thomas
Hannah Schmidt
53.39aMurray County Central
2.-Paige Leuthold
Megan Timmer
Haley VanWyhe
Abby Drenth
53.44aHills Beaver Creek
3.-Erin Sietsema
Katie Shearer
Nicole Hoff
Hannah Baartman
4.-Ashley Griebel
Amanda Fikse
Tia Muller
Maria Spanier
54.68aPipestone Area
5.-Brooke Wenzel
Danielle Hermeling
Micaela Paulzine
Amanda Schumacher
6.-Elizabeth Thier
Haley Howe
Nichole Loosbrock
Christina Loonan
7.-Savannah Tinklenberg
Rachel Buys
Tanna Van Essen
Carissa Tinklenberg
57.21aSouthwest Mn Christian
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tayla Peterson
Kynzie Smedsrud
Paige Nath
Katlyn Sawtelle
2.-Megan Timmer
Haley VanWyhe
Siera Wilgenburg
Abby Drenth
1:51.85aHills Beaver Creek
3.-Tanna Van Essen
Melinda Raak
Amber Pater
Hannah Van Dyke
1:55.40aSouthwest Mn Christian
4.-Tess Cooper
Kayla Stout
Maria Spanier
Claire Femrite
1:56.08aPipestone Area
5.-Elizabeth Thier
Nichole Loosbrock
Sydne Springman
Christina Loonan
6.-Taylor Jurrens
Haley Bose
Carissa Thomas
Rebekah Nysetvold
1:59.09aMurray County Central
7.-Brittany Hermeling
Danielle Hermeling
Jessica Hermeling
Amanda Schumacher
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Nicole Slater
Hailee Heitkamp
Jordin Kopplow
Austyn Thier
2.-Amber Pater
Melinda Raak
Hannah Van Dyke
Megan Walhof
4:11.85aSouthwest Mn Christian
3.-Haley VanWyhe
Brooke Tilstra
Megan Timmer
Siera Wilgenburg
4:16.93aHills Beaver Creek
4.-Kara Homandberg
Hannah Schmidt
Sierra Van Iperen
Crystal Van Iperen
4:24.27aMurray County Central
5.-Anna Tofteland
Kaitlin Wohnoutka
Naomi Dooyema
Hannah Baartman
6.-Tess Cooper
Kayla Stout
Shanda Bogstad
Claire Femrite
4:28.84aPipestone Area
7.-Brooke Wenzel
Courtney Hulstein
Tiffany Gehl
Melissa Gehl
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Hailee Heitkamp
Austyn Thier
Jordin Kopplow
Nicole Slater
2.-Paige Nath
Kaitlin Wohnoutka
Anna Tofteland
Makayla Hohn
3.-Morgan Beckman
Rachel Lassen
Sierra Van Iperen
Crystal Van Iperen
10:28.21aMurray County Central
4.-Tiffany Gehl
Amanda Schumacher
Courtney Hulstein
Melissa Gehl
5.-Brooke Tilstra
Jenna Wilgenburg
Susanna Bekedam
Whitney Wilgenburg
10:44.92aHills Beaver Creek
6.-Relay Team 11:39.65aSouthwest Mn Christian
6.-Leah Vanden Akker
Chesa Vander Top
Morgan DeRuyter
Megan De Ruyter
11:39.65aSouthwest Mn Christian
7.-Amanda Kooiker
Kaitlyn Stark
Jaden Carlson
Klara Perkins
11:45.16aPipestone Area
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Trisha Sumption37-03.00Pipestone Area
2.12Kassie Wilkening37-02.50Fulda
3.12Taylor Swenson36-01.50Pipestone Area
4.12Ashley Dohlmann34-07.50Luverne
5.12Aubrie Ford33-11.50Pipestone Area
6.11Katlyn Sandbulte32-11.50Hills Beaver Creek
7.10Allison Dohlmann32-05.75Luverne
8.12Kaci Mouw31-11.25Southwest Mn Christian
9.11Michelle Hart30-04.75Fulda
10.9Sydney Cuperus30-04.25Fulda
11.10Kelly Tinklenberg29-03.50Southwest Mn Christian
12.10Katelyn Hart28-11.25Luverne
13.9Chantel Scarset28-00.50Murray County Central
14.8Morgan Behrends26-11.50Murray County Central
15.9Taylor Wingert26-05.75Hills Beaver Creek
16.9Jenny Janke25-01.50Murray County Central
17.11Emily Timmer24-05.75Hills Beaver Creek
18.12Natasha Slater23-05.50Adrian
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Trisha Sumption117-08Pipestone Area
2.12Kassie Wilkening113-00Fulda
3.12Kaci Mouw108-11Southwest Mn Christian
4.11Katlyn Sandbulte106-09Hills Beaver Creek
5.12Ashley Dohlmann106-08Luverne
6.12Aubrie Ford99-02Pipestone Area
7.8Morgan Behrends95-07Murray County Central
8.12Taylor Swenson91-06Pipestone Area
9.9Chantel Scarset88-11Murray County Central
10.10Allison Dohlmann86-05Luverne
11.10Kelly Tinklenberg86-01Southwest Mn Christian
12.9Sydney Cuperus82-09Fulda
13.9Yssi Cronquist79-09Luverne
14.11Michelle Hart75-02Fulda
15.11Sydne Springman73-04Adrian
16.9Taylor Wingert71-00Hills Beaver Creek
17.11Emily Timmer70-01Hills Beaver Creek
18.11Sarah Wasberg68-09Murray County Central
19.12Natasha Slater60-03Adrian
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Allyssa Tinklenberg4-10.00Pipestone Area
2.10Melissa Gehl4-10.00Fulda
3.11Paige Nath4-08.00Luverne
4.10Jaden Carlson4-08.00Pipestone Area
5.11Morgan Jacobsma4-08.00Luverne
6.12Shanda Bogstad4-06.00Pipestone Area
6.11Tiffany Gehl4-06.00Fulda
8.8Savannah Tinklenberg4-06.00Southwest Mn Christian
9.10Carissa Tinklenberg4-04.00Southwest Mn Christian
9.12Bridget Enninga4-04.00Fulda
11.11Rachel Buys4-02.00Southwest Mn Christian
11.11Melinda Mumme4-02.00Luverne
11Sarah WasbergNHMurray County Central
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Katlyn Sawtelle10-00.00Luverne
2.11Dunnevan Muldoon8-06.00Murray County Central
3.10Micaela Paulzine8-00.00Fulda
4.11Chelsea Curtis7-06.00Luverne
5.11Haley Baumhoefner7-06.00Fulda
6.10Myah Holinka6-00.00Fulda
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Bree Woelber17-03.75Pipestone Area
2.12Lauren Witte15-03.00Luverne
3.10Kara Homandberg15-00.50Murray County Central
4.10Haley VanWyhe14-11.00Hills Beaver Creek
5.9Nicole Slater14-10.25Adrian
6.11Hannah Schmidt14-06.75Murray County Central
7.11Chelsea Curtis14-06.00Luverne
8.10Carissa Tinklenberg14-02.50Southwest Mn Christian
9.10Brittany Hermeling13-05.00Fulda
10.10Ashley Griebel13-04.75Pipestone Area
11.12Jessica Hermeling13-03.00Fulda
12.9Amanda Crawford13-01.00Hills Beaver Creek
13.8Devin Bloemendaal13-00.25Hills Beaver Creek
13.8Sierra Van Iperen13-00.25Murray County Central
15.10Micaela Paulzine12-11.00Fulda
16.7Erin Sietsema12-09.50Luverne
17.8Elizabeth Thier11-10.00Adrian
18.8Sydney Esselink11-04.75Southwest Mn Christian
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.7Erin Sietsema32-00.00Luverne
2.10Hannah Van Dyke31-10.00Southwest Mn Christian
3.10Jenna Ness31-09.00Murray County Central
4.10Paige Leuthold31-08.00Hills Beaver Creek
5.11Rachel Buys31-06.50Southwest Mn Christian
6.12Shanda Bogstad31-00.00Pipestone Area
7.8Jenna Wilgenburg30-00.00Hills Beaver Creek
8.10Amber Pater29-09.00Southwest Mn Christian
9.12Katie Shearer29-03.50Luverne
10.10Erin Petersen28-07.00Pipestone Area
11.10Brittany Hermeling28-05.00Fulda
11.11Nichole Loosbrock28-05.00Adrian
13.10Morgan Beckman28-02.50Murray County Central
14.12Jessica Hermeling28-01.50Fulda
15.11Sydne Springman28-00.00Adrian
16.9Lindsey Barritt27-00.00Murray County Central
17.8Jocelyn Schreier25-07.00Fulda
18.8Madison Fick24-03.00Hills Beaver Creek
12Lauren WitteFOULLuverne
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