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East Polk County Championship

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Denison Stadium, Winter Haven

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Bennie Wesley10.99aWinter Haven
2.10Adam Lane11.09aWinter Haven
3.12Lamarte Outing11.32aFrostproof
4.11Walt Bridges11.36aWinter Haven
5.-Charles Taylor11.82aAuburndale Senior
6.11Jermel Moment11.88aLake Wales
7.11Nathaniel Battles11.95aLake Wales
8.10Shykeem Pitts12.18aRidge Community
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Adam Lane11.30aWinter Haven
2.9Bennie Wesley11.41aWinter Haven
3.11Walt Bridges11.47aWinter Haven
4.12Lamarte Outing11.48aFrostproof
5.11Nathaniel Battles11.89aLake Wales
6.11Jermel Moment11.92aLake Wales
7.-Charles Taylor11.93aAuburndale Senior
8.10Shykeem Pitts12.04aRidge Community
9.12Ricky Cobb12.08aFrostproof
10.10Kenique Anderson12.10aHaines City
11.10Cavanti Pinion12.34aLake Region
12.10Ismael Voltaire12.38aHaines City
13.9Demtrick Brown12.48aWinter Haven
14.9Trevis Herrington12.62aFrostproof
15.-Troy MacNeill13.01aAll Saints Academy
16.8Major Plain13.07aFrostproof
17.10Max Hewett13.24aAll Saints Academy
18.-Hatley William13.56aHaines City
---Anthony ParnellFSRidge Community
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Bennie Wesley22.69aWinter Haven
2.11Willie Young22.82aLake Wales
3.10Adam Lane23.01aWinter Haven
4.-Anthony Parnell23.65aRidge Community
5.12Lamarte Outing24.05aFrostproof
6.-Charles Taylor24.30aAuburndale Senior
7.12Clemon Jones24.80aLake Wales
8.10Fred Rhone25.78aWinter Haven
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Bennie Wesley22.83aWinter Haven
2.11Willie Young22.85aLake Wales
3.10Adam Lane23.06aWinter Haven
4.12Lamarte Outing23.29aFrostproof
5.-Anthony Parnell23.48aRidge Community
6.-Charles Taylor23.70aAuburndale Senior
7.12Clemon Jones23.98aLake Wales
8.10Fred Rhone24.17aWinter Haven
9.12Terrance Lee24.52aWinter Haven
9.12Ricky Cobb24.52aFrostproof
11.11Nathaniel Battles24.73aLake Wales
12.12Vashad Chatman24.84aLake Region
13.10Cavanti Pinion25.10aLake Region
14.10Paul Sanon25.36aHaines City
15.10Demetrius Mcnair25.53aAuburndale Senior
16.11Devon Kyle25.54aFrostproof
17.11Marshall Lee25.58aLake Region
18.10Ismael Voltaire25.60aHaines City
19.10Leo Bailum25.64aHaines City
20.-Donte Desire25.98aAuburndale Senior
21.-Troy MacNeill26.44aAll Saints Academy
22.10Max Hewett27.12aAll Saints Academy
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jaharius Cherry51.01aWinter Haven
2.10Kenique Anderson51.45aHaines City
3.11Deandre Smith51.62aLake Wales
4.9Lamar Bobb53.33aFrostproof
5.12Lamar Welch54.33aLake Wales
6.-Roy Persaud55.04aRidge Community
7.11Sony Salomon55.11aWinter Haven
8.-Treyvieze Wilson57.00aRidge Community
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Deandre Smith52.80aLake Wales
2.12Jaharius Cherry53.38aWinter Haven
3.12Lamar Welch53.45aLake Wales
4.10Kenique Anderson53.54aHaines City
5.11Sony Salomon53.96aWinter Haven
6.9Lamar Bobb55.02aFrostproof
7.-Treyvieze Wilson55.25aRidge Community
8.-Roy Persaud55.95aRidge Community
9.10Eric Atmore56.17aWinter Haven
10.10Richard Cobb56.31aFrostproof
11.-Mike Davis56.67aAuburndale Senior
12.-Brandon Harrington56.72aRidge Community
13.10Dequan Roundtree56.95aLake Region
14.11Jontrell Hawkins57.96aWinter Haven
15.10Leo Bailum58.78aHaines City
16.10Caleb Sharpe59.80aFrostproof
17.10Jordan Martin1:00.15aHaines City
18.10Christopher Glenn1:01.16aAuburndale Senior
19.9Bryan Rounds1:02.01aLake Region
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jose Perez2:05.29aHaines City
2.12Eric Goodman2:08.50aWinter Haven
3.10Jerry Hendrix2:11.45aWinter Haven
4.11Demica Hardee2:12.23aLake Wales
5.11Noel Uriostegui2:12.51aFrostproof
6.12Wesley Strong2:12.60aLake Wales
7.10Estevan Rivera2:13.37aFrostproof
8.10Christian Babcock2:13.82aLake Region
9.9Jimmy Lawson2:15.05aLake Wales
10.-Luigi Laurant2:20.11aAuburndale Senior
11.12Scotty Parmer2:20.92aAuburndale Senior
12.12Patrick Dorfius2:21.00aHaines City
13.10Quinton Tiger2:21.58aLake Region
14.10Sean Conway2:22.65aRidge Community
15.10Moises Bautista2:23.61aFrostproof
16.10Sebastian Avellaneda2:23.86aFrostproof
17.-Christian Vega2:26.20aHaines City
18.-Rashawn Williams2:27.48aRidge Community
19.10Dorien Jacques2:27.90aAuburndale Senior
20.-Daquan Houston2:28.97aHaines City
21.9Joshua Tiger2:30.44aLake Region
22.-Alex Uribe2:31.34aRidge Community
23.9Curtis Macklin3:07.84aAuburndale Senior
16.9Monica Borajas3:19.40aLake Wales
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jose Perez4:30.54aHaines City
2.12Gary Salomon4:32.57aLake Region
3.11Robert Bemman4:41.93aAll Saints Academy
4.11Tony Martino4:44.83aAll Saints Academy
5.9Luke Kendall4:44.84aWinter Haven
6.11Tyler Nobles4:57.10aLake Wales
7.11Pierre Kevin4:59.40aAuburndale Senior
8.12Dieffe Jules5:08.88aWinter Haven
9.9Oswaldo Zapata5:13.08aHaines City
10.12Chris Spence5:17.02aWinter Haven
11.9Kyle Drollette5:17.19aLake Region
12.10Estevan Rivera5:21.34aFrostproof
13.11Noel Uriostegui5:21.49aFrostproof
14.9Marcelino Galarza5:22.63aFrostproof
15.8Fidel Perez5:26.23aFrostproof
16.10Sean Conway5:32.89aRidge Community
17.11Joshua Alderman5:35.00aWinter Haven
18.10Ali Askarisedeh5:37.50aLake Region
19.10Dorien Jacques5:41.47aAuburndale Senior
20.9Tyler Thomsen5:42.49aLake Region
21.10Chase Wallace5:45.10aAll Saints Academy
22.-Robert Mullenburg6:10.05aRidge Community
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Gary Salomon10:29.33aLake Region
2.11Robert Bemman10:35.36aAll Saints Academy
3.11Tony Martino10:39.88aAll Saints Academy
4.9Luke Kendall11:11.62aWinter Haven
5.10Cody Rizer11:22.51aLake Region
6.11Tyler Nobles11:25.84aLake Wales
7.8Fidel Perez11:32.44aFrostproof
8.9Marcelino Galarza11:32.45aFrostproof
9.10Sebastian Avellaneda11:56.51aFrostproof
10.12Dieffe Jules12:03.02aWinter Haven
11.10Moises Bautista12:28.20aFrostproof
12.10Chase Wallace12:40.16aAll Saints Academy
13.12Chris Spence12:47.80aWinter Haven
14.10Drew Kennedy12:48.83aLake Region
15.11Joshua Alderman12:51.72aWinter Haven
16.11Quintero Charles14:26.10aAuburndale Senior
17.-Robert Mullenburg14:46.27aRidge Community
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tarance Glanton15.46aWinter Haven
2.12Anthony Gaines15.90aWinter Haven
3.12Doug Dyer16.21aFrostproof
4.-Orlando Murphy16.27aRidge Community
5.11Angelo Pride17.33aRidge Community
6.9Federico Avellaneda17.79aFrostproof
7.12Kenny Janvier19.66aWinter Haven
8.-Brandon Harrington19.66aRidge Community
9.8Michael Hutchinson19.73aFrostproof
--10Caleb SharpeDNFFrostproof
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jamie Willis41.70aFort Meade
2.12Doug Dyer41.72aFrostproof
3.12Anthony Gaines42.69aWinter Haven
4.11Robert Bemman43.98aAll Saints Academy
5.-Orlando Murphy44.03aRidge Community
6.11Tarance Glanton44.41aWinter Haven
7.12Kenny Janvier45.67aWinter Haven
8.9Federico Avellaneda46.28aFrostproof
9.11Angelo Pride47.25aRidge Community
10.10Levi Dekker47.86aLake Region
11.9Kyle Drollette49.70aLake Region
12.8Michael Hutchinson50.10aFrostproof
13.-James Roberts51.00aAuburndale Senior
14.11Damien Majors51.74aHaines City
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Walt Bridges
Adam Lane
Bennie Wesley
Donald Celiscar
42.82aWinter Haven
2.-Relay Team 43.87aLake Wales
3.-Reggie Allen
Lamarte Outing
Daniel Knighten
Devon Kyle
4.-Lopton Pierre-Jaques
Donte Desire
Charles Taylor
Scotty Parmer
46.19aAuburndale Senior
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Anthony Gaines
Jeff Allums
Jaharius Cherry
Donald Celiscar
3:25.50aWinter Haven
2.-Lamar Welch
Willie Young
Deandre Smith
De`miach Hardee
3:36.52aLake Wales
3.-Doug Dyer
Federico Avellaneda
Richard Cobb
Lamar Bobb
4.-Vashad Chatman
Christian Babcock
Levi Dekker
Quinton Tiger
3:51.34aLake Region
5.-Relay Team 3:53.55aRidge Community
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Eric Goodman
Demetrick Jordan
Luke Kendall
Jerry Hendrix
8:42.11aWinter Haven
2.-Gary Salomon
Christian Babcock
Levi Dekker
Quinton Tiger
8:53.39aLake Region
3.-Wesley Strong
De`miach Hardee
Jimmy Lawson
Rico Wertz
8:59.38aLake Wales
4.-Sebast Avellaneda
Moises Bautista
Noel Uriostegui
Estevan Rivera
5.-Joseh Stege
Pierre Kevin
Steve Mothe
Luigi Laurant
9:40.74aAuburndale Senior
---Juan Garcia
Miguel Garcia
Joey Acosta
Luis Carapia
DNFFort Meade
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Adonis Kirkland49-02.00Winter Haven
2.12Widson Charlemont47-09.75Winter Haven
3.11Alex Callazo44-07.00Frostproof
4.10Adam Lane44-00.75Winter Haven
5.12Brandon Fulse42-11.00Fort Meade
6.11Tyrone Hamilton40-02.00Frostproof
7.12Trey Levens40-00.25Frostproof
8.12Kevin Prioleau39-11.00Lake Wales
9.12Clemon Jones39-06.25Lake Wales
10.12Ellis Brummel38-08.50Frostproof
11.11Jamie Willis36-05.25Fort Meade
--10De'Vante ClarkNDFort Meade
--12Bruce HarrisNDWinter Haven
--10Antonio ThomasNDAuburndale Senior
--11Bruce HurtNDAuburndale Senior
--12Shundell BibbsNDLake Wales
--10Kerby PierreNDHaines City
---James RobertsNDAuburndale Senior
--11Demetrius JonesNDRidge Community
--9Jared BlackburnNDLake Region
--11Damien MajorsNDHaines City
--11Johary BurroughNDHaines City
---Harold JamesNDRidge Community
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Widson Charlemont149-07.50Winter Haven
2.12Adonis Kirkland130-04Winter Haven
3.12Bruce Harris123-07Winter Haven
4.11Calvin Outing122-04Lake Wales
5.12Clemon Jones121-00Lake Wales
6.12Trey Levens115-05Frostproof
7.-James Roberts111-00.50Auburndale Senior
8.11Bruce Hurt98-00.50Auburndale Senior
9.10Antonio Thomas96-05Auburndale Senior
10.11Demetrius Jones95-04Ridge Community
11.11Marcus Ford93-08.50Winter Haven
12.12Hoby Smith88-07.50Frostproof
13.9Jared Blackburn78-03.50Lake Region
14.11Alex Callazo73-07.50Frostproof
--12Ellis BrummelNDFrostproof
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.-Treyvieze Wilson6-02.00Ridge Community
2.12Jaharius Cherry6-00.00Winter Haven
3.11Devon Walker5-10.00Winter Haven
4.10Daniel Knighten5-04.00Frostproof
5.11Deandre Smith5-04.00Lake Wales
6.12Kenny Janvier5-02.00Winter Haven
7.8Major Plain5-02.00Frostproof
--10Jack TinsdaleNHHaines City
--11Terrence LarkinsNHFrostproof
--10Leo BailumNHHaines City
--9Kendrick HollandNHWinter Haven
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Skler Ritchey12-00.00Lake Region
2.11Forrest Greenfield11-06.00Winter Haven
3.10Chris Dawson11-06.00Lake Wales
4.9Scott Wampler9-06.00Winter Haven
5.9Federico Avellaneda9-06.00Frostproof
6.8Robbie Costine9-00.00Frostproof
7.9Marcelino Galarza9-00.00Frostproof
8.10Sha'Michael McFarland8-06.00Winter Haven
9.10Brandon Corso8-00.00Frostproof
--9Troy WoodsNHWinter Haven
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lamarte Outing22-02.00Frostproof
2.12Donald Celiscar22-00.00Winter Haven
3.12Phillip Loydd21-00.50Ridge Community
4.12Terrance Lee20-03.25Winter Haven
5.12Lamar Welch20-01.00Lake Wales
6.9Winslow Jones20-00.00Lake Wales
7.10Reggie Allen19-07.75Frostproof
8.12Ricky Cobb18-11.00Frostproof
9.9Kendrick Holland18-10.75Winter Haven
10.10Daniel Knighten18-08.50Frostproof
--11Marshall LeeNDLake Region
--10Max HewettNDAll Saints Academy
--10Ashleigh NombreNDWinter Haven
---Troy MacNeillNDAll Saints Academy
--10Devin McCalebbNDFort Meade
--9Jay SmithNDFort Meade
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Daniel Knighten41-05.00Frostproof
2.11Walt Bridges41-05.00Winter Haven
3.12Terrance Lee40-02.00Winter Haven
4.12Doug Dyer39-10.00Frostproof
5.11Tarance Glanton39-06.50Winter Haven
6.12Vashad Chatman39-02.00Lake Region
7.11Jontrell Hawkins38-07.00Winter Haven
8.10Reggie Allen37-11.00Frostproof
9.11Tyrone Hamilton37-04.00Frostproof
10.11Johary Burrough35-09.00Haines City
11.11Marshall Lee34-05.00Lake Region
3.11Toddrick Gaines30-04.00Frostproof

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Octavious Freeman11.72aLake Wales
2.10Shabria Hadley12.33aLake Wales
3.12Daphenne Jones13.05aWinter Haven
4.11Elizabeth Washington13.35aWinter Haven
5.11Ashanti Harvey13.37aWinter Haven
6.-Tamara Allen13.45aRidge Community
7.10Deloniqua Rodgers13.55aHaines City
8.-K Metheney13.74aFrostproof
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Octavious Freeman12.27aLake Wales
2.10Shabria Hadley12.37aLake Wales
3.12Daphenne Jones12.98aWinter Haven
4.11Elizabeth Washington13.39aWinter Haven
5.-Tamara Allen13.40aRidge Community
6.11Ashanti Harvey13.46aWinter Haven
7.10Deloniqua Rodgers13.54aHaines City
8.-K Metheney13.63aFrostproof
9.12Lolitha Jones14.08aFort Meade
10.11Taizia Collins14.14aRidge Community
11.11Angelique Rosa14.16aHaines City
12.9Stephie Pierre14.29aHaines City
12.9Tanesha Dockery14.29aRidge Community
14.9Briana Gaskins14.30aAuburndale Senior
15.9Ahlia Moore14.33aFort Meade
16.11Brianna Alexander14.47aWinter Haven
17.11Denneshra Washington15.07aLake Region
18.11A Terry15.74aFrostproof
19.9Alison Amann16.31aAll Saints Academy
20.9Loren McCutchen16.38aFort Meade
21.9Ashtan Madsen17.29aAll Saints Academy
--9Briana GaskinsDQAuburndale Senior
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Octavious Freeman24.37aLake Wales
2.10Shabria Hadley25.00aLake Wales
3.10Deja Jones26.02aLake Wales
4.11Summer Meeks27.13aLake Wales
5.11Cierra Jones27.40aHaines City
6.9R Neely27.67aFrostproof
7.-Tamara Allen28.05aRidge Community
--12Daphenne JonesDNFWinter Haven
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Shabria Hadley25.39aLake Wales
2.12Octavious Freeman25.93aLake Wales
3.10Deja Jones26.64aLake Wales
4.12Daphenne Jones27.02aWinter Haven
5.11Summer Meeks27.28aLake Wales
6.11Cierra Jones27.53aHaines City
7.9R Neely27.54aFrostproof
8.-Tamara Allen27.77aRidge Community
9.12Shana Martin28.15aHaines City
10.9Amonie Smith28.98aFort Meade
11.10Vonique Hall29.15aLake Region
12.9Paris Sekura29.73aLake Region
13.9Briana Gaskins29.79aAuburndale Senior
14.9Briana Gaskins29.92aAuburndale Senior
14.9Tanesha Dockery29.92aRidge Community
16.9Stephie Pierre30.87aHaines City
17.11Denneshra Washington32.16aLake Region
18.11Frankie Moses32.38aAuburndale Senior
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Deja Jones1:02.09aLake Wales
2.11Cierra Jones1:02.32aHaines City
3.10Gisemonde Andre1:08.53aWinter Haven
4.10Shalondri Milligan1:11.46aHaines City
5.11Minnie Carter1:13.25aWinter Haven
6.11Frankie Moses1:21.64aAuburndale Senior
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Deja Jones1:01.08aLake Wales
2.11Cierra Jones1:04.72aHaines City
3.11Kamesha Brown1:05.63aFort Meade
4.10Gisemonde Andre1:07.16aWinter Haven
5.10Shalondri Milligan1:09.33aHaines City
6.11Minnie Carter1:10.34aWinter Haven
7.11Frankie Moses1:10.39aAuburndale Senior
8.6H Carrasco1:10.41aFrostproof
9.-Akerah Carter1:11.00aAuburndale Senior
10.9Kathleen Hyatt1:11.65aFrostproof
11.10Kristen Miller1:15.22aLake Region
12.8Chantell Harell1:15.67aAuburndale Senior
13.12Erika Torres1:16.32aRidge Community
14.11Merian Collins1:23.71aWinter Haven
15.12A Pistole1:26.34aFrostproof
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jessica Ortiz2:28.08aLake Region
2.12Bailee Kent2:30.33aWinter Haven
3.11Christina Guevara2:39.33aLake Region
4.-Tia Williams-Flax2:47.88aRidge Community
5.10Angie Simon2:51.60aHaines City
6.10Jessica Spell2:52.21aLake Region
7.7Angelica Ramirez2:53.45aFrostproof
8.12Maria Rodriguez2:53.62aLake Region
9.11Kami Richmond2:54.97aLake Wales
10.10Jennifer Hilaire2:58.85aHaines City
11.11Abigail Rodriguez2:59.89aFrostproof
12.10Therlis Jean-Francois3:01.72aHaines City
13.9Amani Flood3:02.68aWinter Haven
14.12Erika Torres3:03.83aRidge Community
15.9Alexis Kennedy3:09.57aWinter Haven
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Emily Nabong5:47.06aLake Region
2.11Jessica Ortiz6:11.01aLake Region
3.12Christa Acosta6:11.03aLake Region
4.11Christina Guevara6:11.08aLake Region
5.11Kami Richmond6:16.48aLake Wales
6.7Angelica Ramirez6:25.54aFrostproof
7.11Abigail Rodriguez6:42.22aFrostproof
8.10Mercedes Sanchez6:48.93aWinter Haven
9.12Erika Torres6:51.31aRidge Community
10.9Krystal Hanna7:18.52aRidge Community
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Christa Acosta12:50.54aLake Region
2.9Leah Jostes14:13.89aLake Region
3.11Emily Nabong14:46.73aLake Region
4.11Jessica Ortiz14:46.74aLake Region
5.10Mercedes Sanchez15:30.49aWinter Haven
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jaime King17.02aWinter Haven
2.10Jordan Coleman17.39aFrostproof
3.10Laprecious Ragins17.76aHaines City
4.11Jodi Hopkins18.21aLake Region
5.10Shadai Brimmer18.89aHaines City
6.10Michaela Barnhill19.21aLake Region
7.-Maria Rosario19.38aRidge Community
8.-Dominique Quijano19.59aRidge Community
9.12Carsendra Saint-Vilus19.86aHaines City
10.10Carla Stemphil21.10aWinter Haven
11.11Gabby Dawson21.37aLake Region
12.11Mabry Craddock23.19aAll Saints Academy
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Laprecious Ragins49.03aHaines City
2.12Jaime King51.27aWinter Haven
3.11Jodi Hopkins52.29aLake Region
4.10Jordan Coleman52.30aFrostproof
5.-Tia Williams-Flax54.21aRidge Community
6.7Gloria Hamilton56.00aFrostproof
7.10Shadai Brimmer56.77aHaines City
8.-Maria Rosario57.29aRidge Community
9.11Victoria Badcock58.17aLake Region
10.-Dominique Quijano58.55aRidge Community
11.10Michaela Barnhill59.33aLake Region
12.12Carsendra Saint-Vilus59.39aHaines City
13.11Minnie Carter1:00.61aWinter Haven
14.11Gabby Dawson1:01.10aLake Region
15.10Carla Stemphil1:06.60aWinter Haven
16.9J McDaniel1:07.66aFrostproof
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Octavious Freeman
Summer Meeks
Deja Jones
Shabria Hadley
46.91aLake Wales
2.-Daphenne Jones
Elizabeth Washington
Ashanti Harvey
Gisemonde Andre
50.63aWinter Haven
3.-Shana Martin
Rosa Lora
Deja Hillman
Deloniqua Rodgers
52.24aHaines City
4.-Relay Team 52.25aRidge Community
5.-Jordan Coleman
K Metheney
Kathleen Hyatt
A Terry
6.-Lynee Orloff
Cotura Perry
Paris Sekura
Vonique Hall
54.25aLake Region
7.-Fens Flore-monrose
Brina Gaskins
Briana Gaskins
Daphne Compere
54.62aAuburndale Senior
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Shana Martin
Cierra Jones
Deja Hillman
Angelique Rosa
4:23.73aHaines City
2.-Elizabeth Washington
Ashanti Harvey
Gisemonde Andre
Bailee Kent
4:27.25aWinter Haven
3.-Kathleen Hyatt
Gloria Hamilton
H Carrasco
R Neely
4.-Maria Rodriguez
Nicole Drollette
Jessica Spell
Kristen Miller
4:44.57aLake Region
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Brooke Peters
Christa Acosta
Emily Nabong
Christina Guevara
11:08.39aLake Region
2.-Shalondri Milligan
Jennifer Hilaire
Angie Simon
Brittany Stewart
11:38.99aHaines City
3.-Ana Montanez
Jessica Garza
Angelica Ramirez
Abigail Rodriguez
4.-Mercedes Sanchez
Merian Collins
Amani Flood
Alexis Kennedy
12:52.65aWinter Haven
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jaime King43-08.00Winter Haven
2.11Brianna Alexander32-05.25Winter Haven
3.10Brekia Henderson31-04.00Haines City
4.-Cindy Finance29-05.50Ridge Community
5.11Alexis Vann29-03.25Winter Haven
6.10Courtney Hamilton28-04.00Frostproof
7.9Vitia Webster27-02.50Ridge Community
8.12Jeany Jean-Mary25-06.50Ridge Community
9.11Dephty Aurel24-09.75Lake Region
10.10Cassandra Joboham22-10.50Winter Haven
11.11Jazzmine Dixon22-02.75Frostproof
12.10Mykeria Johnson20-08.75Fort Meade
13.9Jenna Abdalla18-05.75Lake Wales
14.10Laprecious Ragins17-08.00Haines City
---Miamy PuentesNDAuburndale Senior
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alexis Vann102-01Winter Haven
2.12Jaime King97-06Winter Haven
3.12Daphenne Jones87-02Winter Haven
4.11Brianna Alexander85-01.50Winter Haven
5.11Raven Tramel77-04Haines City
6.11Dephty Aurel74-01.50Lake Region
7.-Cindy Finance72-02.50Ridge Community
8.11Holly Carter66-04Frostproof
9.11Jazzmine Dixon63-00Frostproof
10.12Akeiba Clark56-07Fort Meade
11.12Jeany Jean-Mary56-05Ridge Community
12.9Vitia Webster56-00Ridge Community
13.10Courtney Hamilton53-04Frostproof
14.-Miamy Puentes41-09Auburndale Senior
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jordan Coleman5-02.00Frostproof
2.12Bailee Kent4-10.00Winter Haven
3.9Diamond Southall4-08.00Lake Wales
4.7Gloria Hamilton4-08.00Frostproof
5.10Therlis Jean-Francois4-04.00Haines City
5.10Vonique Hall4-04.00Lake Region
7.11Lynee Orloff4-02.00Lake Region
--10Gohn IvyNHWinter Haven
--9Bailey HollowayNHWinter Haven
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Cara Elyea11-08.00Lake Region
2.11Lynee Orloff10-02.00Lake Region
3.10Allyssia Raines8-06.00Frostproof
4.9Leah Jostes7-06.00Lake Region
5.11Melissa Myers7-00.00Winter Haven
6.10Ashley Reynolds7-00.00Winter Haven
7.12Kathleen Farris6-06.00Winter Haven
8.10Jessica Spell6-00.00Lake Region
9.9Leena Flood5-06.00Haines City
--10K McDanielNHFrostproof
--10Ali RobertsNHWinter Haven
--10Andrea LandenNHFrostproof
--9J McDanielNHFrostproof
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Octavious Freeman18-01.00Lake Wales
2.11Kamesha Brown17-07.00Fort Meade
3.11Summer Meeks16-04.25Lake Wales
4.11Minnie Carter16-00.00Winter Haven
5.12Bailee Kent15-10.50Winter Haven
6.11Taizia Collins15-09.00Ridge Community
7.9R Neely15-08.50Frostproof
8.9Amonie Smith15-02.50Fort Meade
9.10Deja Hillman15-01.00Haines City
10.11Lynee Orloff14-11.00Lake Region
11.10Tiara Gaines14-06.75Frostproof
12.-Kiontaria Brown14-06.50Ridge Community
13.10Shadai Brimmer14-05.25Haines City
14.-K Metheney13-03.00Frostproof
15.11Mabry Craddock12-07.75All Saints Academy
--9Ashtan MadsenNDAll Saints Academy
--9Alison AmannNDAll Saints Academy
--10Carla StemphilNDWinter Haven
--11Keyanna WigginsNDRidge Community
--9Stephie PierreNDHaines City
--9Paris SekuraNDLake Region
--11A TerryNDFrostproof
--10Sunday ScottNDLake Wales
--8Chantell HarellNDAuburndale Senior
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Deja Hillman33-09.50Haines City
2.11Minnie Carter31-07.25Winter Haven
4.11Jodi Hopkins30-01.00Lake Region
5.-K Metheney29-03.25Frostproof
6.7W Malloy29-01.50Frostproof
7.11Mabry Craddock27-11.50All Saints Academy
8.9Alison Amann27-07.50All Saints Academy
--10Jessica SpellFOULLake Region
--6H CarrascoFOULFrostproof
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