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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Tyler Stickler11.67aCascade Christian
2.12Drew Vickery11.68aGlide
3.9Dereak Albright11.73aNew Hope Christian
4.10Walker Adams11.80aGlide
5.12Josh Muswieck12.14aCascade Christian
6.10Tony Tong Ou12.28aSt Mary's
7.10Glenn Alvarez12.30aSt Mary's
8.10Calvin Roberts12.34aSt Mary's
9.12Craig Garcia12.48aNew Hope Christian
10.12DJ Clark12.62aCascade Christian
11.9Kody Brown13.20aGlendale
12.9Jeremy Free13.48aIllinois Valley
13.12Jacob Maurer13.64aGlide
14.11Cody Croft14.29aGlendale
15.11Thomas Cheshier14.33aGlendale

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.9Dereak Albright23.58aNew Hope Christian
2.10Brandon Williams23.62aCascade Christian
3.12Tyler Stickler23.79aCascade Christian
4.11Mat Blanco24.45aRogue River
5.10Glenn Alvarez24.62aSt Mary's
6.10Calvin Roberts24.76aSt Mary's
7.10Andy Valencia25.51aRogue River
8.11Jason Daly25.56aRogue River
9.12Brenton Evans25.88aGlendale
9.11Daniel Juneau25.88aGlendale
10.9Myles Hodge27.09aIllinois Valley
11.12Jacob Maurer28.27aGlide
12.9Jeremy Free28.41aIllinois Valley
13.11Thomas Cheshier29.39aGlendale
14.10Tim Pierce36.39aNew Hope Christian
9Tom DeBellSCRGlide
9Kody BrownSCRGlendale

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Mat Blanco52.43aRogue River
2.10Daniel Jerome52.78aGlide
3.10David Johnson52.89aNew Hope Christian
4.12Joseph Bruner53.70aGlide
5.11Hudson Eustace55.53aCascade Christian
6.11Alec Galpin56.85aSt Mary's
7.12Craig Garcia57.62aNew Hope Christian
8.9Tom DeBell60.71aGlide
9.10Evan Samuelson61.13aCascade Christian
10.9Jeremy Free64.64aIllinois Valley
11.11Justin Lawrence65.68aGlendale
12.11Thomas Cheshier68.90aGlendale
12.11Daniel Juneau68.90aGlendale
9Kody BrownSCRGlendale

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Hudson Eustace2:03.49aCascade Christian
2.12Loren Westland2:10.89aSt Mary's
3.9Mikel Farley2:17.48aGlide
4.10Ismael Iscar2:20.00aGlide
5.9Myles Hodge2:25.04aIllinois Valley
6.12Noel Cummings2:32.89aCascade Christian
7.10Brandon Kynsi2:35.62aRogue River
8.9Elijah Hawkins2:36.77aGlide
9.10Sam Bauermeister2:40.26aSt Mary's
10.9Conor Keating2:42.80aSt Mary's
11.12Travis Brown2:43.77aRogue River
11.11Ken Krska2:43.77aIllinois Valley
13.9Joshua Allan2:47.75aIllinois Valley
14.10Daniel Rossiter2:51.92aNew Hope Christian
15.10Michael Marvin3:03.88aGlendale
16.11Steven Bodnar3:08.16aGlendale
11Terryn DownhillSCRRogue River

1500 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Hudson Eustace4:06.82aCascade Christian
2.9Tracy Salgado4:46.41aSt Mary's
3.12Julio Silva4:47.95aSt Mary's
4.9Chris Martin4:55.32aSt Mary's
5.10Ismael Iscar5:00.15aGlide
6.12Noel Cummings5:06.64aCascade Christian
7.9Eric Oliveri5:07.47aCascade Christian
8.10Zack Oliviera5:13.94aGlide
9.12Celilo Nordal5:15.43aIllinois Valley
10.9Cole Mcfetridge5:26.57aRogue River
11.10Daniel Rossiter5:48.54aNew Hope Christian
12.9Joshua Allan5:50.75aIllinois Valley
13.11Brent Swearingen5:52.65aGlendale
14.10Michael Marvin6:11.64aGlendale
12Travis BrownSCRRogue River
11Terryn DownhillSCRRogue River

3000 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Tate Jacobson10:06.38aSt Mary's
2.10David Johnson10:23.46aNew Hope Christian
3.11Steven Bodnar11:04.09aGlendale
4.11Anthony Whipple11:24.61aRogue River
5.9Adam Lohman11:28.89aSt Mary's
6.10Zack Oliviera11:52.99aGlide
7.9Elijah Hawkins12:09.89aGlide
8.11Ryan Price12:12.53aCascade Christian
11Brent SwearingenSCRGlendale
9Eric OliveriSCRCascade Christian
9Mikel FarleySCRGlide

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.10Seth Gretz18.18aRogue River
2.9Garrett Short19.60aGlide
3.12Trent Walker20.22aGlendale
4.9Jacob Scianna21.57aCascade Christian
5.9Justin Park22.87aNew Hope Christian

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.10Seth Gretz43.89aRogue River
2.12Leif Bowlin45.59aSt Mary's
3.12DJ Clark50.32aCascade Christian
4.9Garrett Short52.86aGlide
5.9Jacob Scianna53.42aCascade Christian
6.9Justin Park55.81aNew Hope Christian
9Cody ParkerSCRCascade Christian

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Tyler Stickler
Brandon Williams
Jordan Brown
Josh Muswieck
45.35aCascade Christian
2.-Walker Adams
Drew Vickery
Joseph Bruner
Daniel Jerome
-Mat Blanco
Jason Daly
Levi Girardot
Andy Valencia
SCRRogue River

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Dillon Hoyle
Jeremy Free
Celilo Nordal
Jesse Bethke
3:55.00aIllinois Valley
2.-DJ Clark
Noel Cummings
Josh Muswieck
Jordan Brown
6:10.00aCascade Christian
-Dmitry Green
Brenton Evans
Steven Bodnar
Daniel Dickson
-Andy Valencia
Jason Daly
Mat Blanco
Travis Brown
SCRRogue River

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.11Zech Patryson44-06.00Glendale
2.12Jason Lawrence43-02.00St Mary's
3.11Matt McViegh42-10.00Rogue River
4.12Landon Weimar40-07.00Glide
5.11Dustin Polan39-05.00Cascade Christian
6.12Celilo Nordal37-08.00Illinois Valley
7.9Aaron Cesaro36-01.00Cascade Christian
8.10Daniel Rossiter35-09.00New Hope Christian
9.12Trent Walker34-08.00Glendale
10.11Grayson Boren33-01.00Cascade Christian
11.10Matt Brock31-09.00Illinois Valley
12.10Matt Farland31-02.00St Mary's
13.11Curtis Elmer27-06.00Illinois Valley
14.9Tyler Rightbower26-00.00Glendale
15.9Jacob Cole21-08.00Glide
16.10Tim Pierce17-08.00New Hope Christian
12Sean BaughmanSCRGlide

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.11Zech Patryson131-09Glendale
2.12Mikel Mann125-09Cascade Christian
3.12Jason Lawrence121-08St Mary's
4.11Grayson Boren121-02Cascade Christian
5.12Landon Weimar116-06Glide
6.9Aaron Cesaro105-00Cascade Christian
7.10Matt Brock97-08Illinois Valley
8.12Trent Walker97-03Glendale
9.10Daniel Rossiter93-00New Hope Christian

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Prelims

1.11Zech Patryson131-09Glendale
2.12Mikel Mann125-09Cascade Christian
3.12Jason Lawrence121-08St Mary's
4.11Grayson Boren121-02Cascade Christian
5.12Landon Weimar116-06Glide
6.9Aaron Cesaro105-00Cascade Christian
7.10Matt Brock97-08Illinois Valley
8.12Trent Walker97-03Glendale
9.10Daniel Rossiter93-00New Hope Christian
10.11Matt McViegh89-06Rogue River
11.12Craig Garcia75-09New Hope Christian
12.9Tyler Rightbower74-07Glendale
13.9Kade Doyle70-06Illinois Valley
14.10Matt Farland63-05St Mary's
15.9Jacob Cole54-03Glide
16.10Tim Pierce42-08New Hope Christian
12Sean BaughmanSCRGlide

Javelin - 800g  Varsity - Finals

1.12Landon Weimar170-08Glide
2.10Levi Girardot168-00Rogue River
3.12Sean Baughman158-00Glide
4.12Tyler Stickler139-05Cascade Christian
5.10David Johnson136-09New Hope Christian
6.12DJ Clark134-02Cascade Christian
7.9Tanner Parker126-11Cascade Christian
8.12Celilo Nordal126-09Illinois Valley
9.12Derrick Gauna117-08Glendale
10.11Zech Patryson117-02Glendale
11.11Alec Galpin115-06St Mary's
12.12Trent Walker105-05Glendale
13.9Justin Park71-08New Hope Christian
14.11Curtis Elmer70-06Illinois Valley
15.9Jacob Cole55-04Glide

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.9Dereak Albright5-08.00New Hope Christian
2.9Cody Parker5-06.00Cascade Christian
3.9Nate Hoyt5-02.00St Mary's
3.12Brenton Evans5-02.00Glendale
5.10Ben Collins5-02.00Cascade Christian
6.10Seth Gretz5-00.00Rogue River
11Cody CroftSCRGlendale
11Ken KrskaSCRIllinois Valley

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.10Seth Gretz11-00.00Rogue River
2.12Brenton Evans10-06.00Glendale
2.11Steven Bodnar10-06.00Glendale
4.10Brandon Kynsi9-06.00Rogue River
5.9Joshua Allan9-00.00Illinois Valley
5.11Ken Krska9-00.00Illinois Valley
5.11Anthony Whipple9-00.00Rogue River
8.12Noel Cummings8-00.00Cascade Christian
8.9Justin Park8-00.00New Hope Christian
10Steven MeinSCRCascade Christian
9Garrett ShortSCRGlide

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.10Levi Girardot19-04.25Rogue River
2.12Jordan Brown18-08.00Cascade Christian
3.12Joseph Bruner18-01.75Glide
4.10Ben Collins17-09.50Cascade Christian
5.10Peter Schwartz17-01.25St Mary's
6.9Cody Parker16-10.00Cascade Christian
7.9Myles Hodge16-08.75Illinois Valley
8.12Taewoo Kim15-04.00St Mary's
9.11Alen Liu15-02.75New Hope Christian
10.9Cole Mcfetridge13-06.75Rogue River
11.11Joseph Stoll13-03.25St Mary's
12.11Justin Lawrence13-03.00Glendale
13.11Cody Croft13-02.25Glendale
11Thomas CheshierSCRGlendale

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.10Levi Girardot39-05.50Rogue River
2.12Jordan Brown37-06.00Cascade Christian
3.9Cody Parker36-06.50Cascade Christian
4.10Ben Collins35-11.75Cascade Christian
5.10Peter Schwartz34-02.00St Mary's
6.9Garrett Short32-02.25Glide
7.11Cody Croft27-06.25Glendale
9Blake MitchellSCRGlendale
11Justin LawrenceSCRGlendale

Womens Results Switch to

100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Erika Peterson13.71aSt Mary's
2.9Amanda Brooks13.86aIllinois Valley
3.12Kayla Johnson13.94aIllinois Valley
4.11Makayla Carter14.08aRogue River
5.12Mariah McLemore14.09aCascade Christian
5.11Kelly Maxey14.09aRogue River
7.9Katelyn Stephens14.36aCascade Christian
8.9Megan Killam14.76aCascade Christian
9.9Kylee Burks14.96aSt Mary's
10.10Taysha Hodge15.05aIllinois Valley
11.11Ashley Kame15.19aGlide
12.10Kari Wynn15.90aGlide
13.10Desiray Smith17.27aGlendale
10Hannah NathoSCRRogue River

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Abby Steinsiek26.16aSt Mary's
2.9Sam Weiland27.96aSt Mary's
3.11Brenna Stinson28.47aGlide
4.10Brittany Brown28.92aCascade Christian
5.11Kelly Maxey29.18aRogue River
6.10Mackenzie Kelton30.24aCascade Christian
7.10Taysha Hodge30.46aIllinois Valley
8.9Mia Bianchi30.75aSt Mary's
9.9Megan Killam31.39aCascade Christian
10.11Ashley Kame32.04aGlide
11Makayla CarterSCRRogue River

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Brenna Stinson63.10aGlide
2.12Darian Clark63.52aRogue River
3.11Lauren Spence64.53aCascade Christian
4.9Emily Alvarez65.91aSt Mary's
5.10Brittany Brown66.04aCascade Christian
6.9Anna Savage75.58aSt Mary's
9Amber TrubenbachSCRCascade Christian

400 Meters - Relay Split  Varsity - Finals

12Abby Steinsiek58.6St Mary's
12Mackenzie Krieser59.8St Mary's
11Sarah Bennion61.5St Mary's
10Erika Peterson64.5St Mary's

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.9Katelyn Stephens2:28.11aCascade Christian
2.9Stephanie Croy2:39.92aCascade Christian
3.11Carly Smith2:45.27aCascade Christian
4.11Lindsey Miguel2:48.69aRogue River
5.9Samantha Milner2:52.96aIllinois Valley
6.11Jessica VanWormer3:03.48aProspect

1500 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Sarah Bennion5:07.53aSt Mary's
2.9Stephanie Croy5:21.70aCascade Christian
3.12Jenna George5:27.61aCascade Christian
4.9Samantha Milner5:50.09aIllinois Valley
5.9Madeline Gregg5:58.90aSt Mary's
6.10Sara Engle8:23.66aGlide

3000 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Caroline Brown11:37.14aGlide
2.9Hailey Natho14:08.56aRogue River
9Olivia WesnerSCRCascade Christian

100m Hurdles - 33"  Varsity - Finals

1.10Madison Gladding17.01aGlide
2.11Sarah Bennion17.59aSt Mary's
3.10Gracie Bevan17.60aCascade Christian
4.9Shelby Thompson18.29aGlide
5.10Mackenzie Kelton18.41aCascade Christian
6.9Amanda Brooks18.42aIllinois Valley
7.12Jessica Clement18.56aSt Mary's
8.9Elle Rappe'18.99aGlide
9.9Caitlin Gleason19.26aRogue River
10.9Grace Thieme20.68aSt Mary's

300m Hurdles - 30"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Sarah Bennion49.75aSt Mary's
2.10Madison Gladding51.89aGlide
3.9Shelby Thompson53.79aGlide
4.9Amanda Brooks55.26aIllinois Valley
5.9Elle Rappe'55.36aGlide
6.9Caitlin Gleason55.63aRogue River
7.9Anne Oursler56.83aSt Mary's

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Mia Harrie
Abby Steinsiek
Erika Peterson
Mackenzie Krieser
51.12aSt Mary's
2.-Gracie Bevan
Brittany Brown
Mallory Mann
Mariah McLemore
53.09aCascade Christian
3.-Samantha Milner
Theresa Frederick
Amanda Brooks
Taysha Hodge
55.73aIllinois Valley
4.9Emily Alvarez
Mia Bianchi
Sam Weiland
Kylee Burks
57.32aSt Mary's
-Makayla Carter
Darian Clark
Alli Ehrhardt
Emma Angeletti
SCRRogue River

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Mackenzie Krieser
Abby Steinsiek
Erika Peterson
Sarah Bennion
4:04.47aSt Mary's
2.-Katelyn Stephens
Lauren Spence
Gracie Bevan
Jenna George
4:21.02aCascade Christian

Shot Put - 4kg  Varsity - Finals

1.10Jo-Anne Jesse38-02.00Rogue River
2.12Mackenzie Krieser31-02.00St Mary's
3.12Becca Eccleston29-08.00St Mary's
4.12Domonique Valdez28-09.00St Mary's
5.9Kaylee Biando28-06.00Prospect
6.9Gabby Scoggins26-09.50Cascade Christian
7.12Kirsten Pitari26-08.00Rogue River
8.11Caree Mickelsen25-08.00Prospect
9.9Michelle Kinney25-06.00Cascade Christian
10.12Jenna George25-04.00Cascade Christian
11.10Desiray Smith24-04.50Glendale
12.10Shannon Kidd22-04.00Glide
13.10Jennifer Enserink22-01.00Glide
13.10McKenzie Mican22-01.00Glide
15.9Natasha Elkins20-01.00Illinois Valley
11Courtney StainbrookSCRRogue River

Discus - 1kg  Varsity - Finals

1.12Kayla Johnson129-04Illinois Valley
2.12Kirsten Pitari116-07Rogue River
3.9Michelle Kinney95-02Cascade Christian
4.10Jo-Anne Jesse91-08Rogue River
5.12Domonique Valdez81-08St Mary's
6.9Kaylee Biando76-09Prospect
7.11Caree Mickelsen74-05Prospect
7.10Shannon Kidd74-05Glide
9.12Amanda Messing68-02Cascade Christian

Discus - 1kg  Varsity - Prelims

1.12Kayla Johnson129-04Illinois Valley
2.12Kirsten Pitari116-00Rogue River
3.9Michelle Kinney95-02Cascade Christian
4.10Jo-Anne Jesse91-08Rogue River
5.12Domonique Valdez81-08St Mary's
6.9Kaylee Biando76-09Prospect
7.11Caree Mickelsen74-05Prospect
7.10Shannon Kidd74-05Glide
9.12Amanda Messing68-02Cascade Christian
10.11Jessica VanWormer63-00Prospect
11.12Becca Eccleston61-00St Mary's
12.9Darby Gibson56-09Rogue River
13.10McKenzie Mican52-07Glide
14.9Gabby Scoggins51-08Cascade Christian
15.10Jennifer Enserink51-02Glide
16.10Desiray Smith49-03Glendale
17.9Natasha Elkins49-00Illinois Valley

Javelin - 600g  Varsity - Finals

1.10Maggie Eddings108-02Glide
2.12Kirsten Pitari100-02Rogue River
3.10Jo-Anne Jesse97-04Rogue River
4.12Kayla Johnson97-01Illinois Valley
5.9Kaylee Biando87-10Prospect
6.9Karlee Britton75-10Cascade Christian
7.12Becca Eccleston73-00St Mary's
8.12Jaid Morse72-09Cascade Christian
9.11Ashley Holton71-00St Mary's
10.9Mikaela Chasteen69-04Glide
11.11Lauren Spence69-00Cascade Christian
12.11Caree Mickelsen68-00Prospect
13.9Natasha Elkins56-03Illinois Valley
14.10Ashlee Fox53-11Glide
15.9Darby Gibson50-10Rogue River
16.9Samantha Milner41-05Illinois Valley
12Domonique ValdezSCRSt Mary's

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Alexi Provost-Shean5-02.00St Mary's
2.11Alli Ehrhardt4-08.00Rogue River
3.9Theresa Frederick4-06.00Illinois Valley
9Anneka BrackenSCRGlide
9Emma AngelettiSCRRogue River
10Maggie EddingsSCRGlide

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.11Linnea Fong10-06.00St Mary's
2.10Hannah Graunke9-00.00St Mary's
3.9Lily Harrie8-06.00St Mary's
4.9Theresa Frederick7-06.00Illinois Valley
5.10Hannah Natho7-00.00Rogue River
5.9Darby Gibson7-00.00Rogue River
5.10Mia Harrie7-00.00St Mary's
8.11Jessica Nicholes6-06.00Cascade Christian
10Charity WalkerSCRGlide

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Makayla Carter14-10.00Rogue River
2.12Mariah McLemore14-09.50Cascade Christian
3.11Alli Ehrhardt14-08.50Rogue River
4.10Madison Gladding14-03.00Glide
5.9Theresa Frederick13-05.75Illinois Valley
6.10Mackenzie Kelton13-03.75Cascade Christian
7.9Mallory Mann12-08.75Cascade Christian
8.10Taysha Hodge12-08.50Illinois Valley
9.11Clarissa Yance11-01.50St Mary's
10.10Mary Eaton11-00.00St Mary's
11.10Kari Wynn10-05.50Glide
12Rashauna BelloirSCRGlide

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Mackenzie Krieser34-09.75St Mary's
2.12Mariah McLemore32-11.00Cascade Christian
3.11Brenna Stinson31-01.50Glide
4.9Mallory Mann29-01.75Cascade Christian
5.11Alexi Provost-Shean28-10.00St Mary's
6.10Mackenzie Kelton28-09.00Cascade Christian
7.9Anneka Bracken26-06.75Glide
8.10Ashlee Fox25-08.50Glide
9Hailey NathoSCRRogue River

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