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Mount Baker vs. Ferdale & Lynden Christian

Thursday, March 31, 2011

MBHS, Deming

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Washington - 3A
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Will Scott11.01Ferndale
2.10William Ferguson11.47Ferndale
3.12Christian Cueva11.72Mount Baker
4.11James Rhodefer11.73Mount Baker
5.10Alex Conley12.21Ferndale
6.11Alex Davis12.28Ferndale
7.9Josh Friberg12.31Lynden Christian
8.9Ryan Stephens12.40Ferndale
9.11Ryan Engelsma12.47Lynden Christian
10.12Daniel Hsieh12.62Ferndale
11.12Derek Feddema12.63Lynden Christian
12.10Hank Hilts12.75Ferndale
13.9Robert Semu12.78Ferndale
14.9Shawn Molendyk12.81Mount Baker
15.9Andrew Nicol12.90Mount Baker
16.11Kyle Waldron13.03Ferndale
17.11Derek Tremaine13.06Lynden Christian
18.9Zach Woodyard13.12Lynden Christian
19.11Chase De Boer13.62Lynden Christian
20.10Logan Frazer13.81Ferndale
21.10Tanner Barkley13.91Ferndale
12Beau EstDNSFerndale
9Jared GarciaDNSFerndale
9Gebran GholamDNSFerndale
9Andrew MclaurinDNSFerndale
9Robert HardinDNSFerndale
12Brandon JohnDNSFerndale
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10William Ferguson23.77Ferndale
2.12Kieth Giddings24.50Mount Baker
3.11James Rhodefer24.62Mount Baker
4.9Josh Friberg25.35Lynden Christian
5.10Zach Larson25.50Mount Baker
6.10Weston Whitener25.70Lynden Christian
7.9Trevor Burden26.46Lynden Christian
8.9Connor Blok26.50Lynden Christian
9.10Tanner Barkley26.57Ferndale
10.9Shawn Molendyk26.62Mount Baker
11.9Andrew Nicol26.94Mount Baker
12.11Ryan Hamstra26.97Lynden Christian
13.11Kyle Waldron27.06Ferndale
10Ben RiandaDNSFerndale
9Robert SemuDNSFerndale
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Watson George53.69Ferndale
2.11Jacob Jones54.20Ferndale
3.10Weston Whitener55.90Lynden Christian
4.9Connor Blok56.00Lynden Christian
5.10Zach Larson57.40Mount Baker
6.9Jamar Hobbs58.28Mount Baker
9Shawn MolendykDNSMount Baker
12Joey SpoelstraDNSLynden Christian
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jacob Hollander2:06.04Lynden Christian
2.11Connor Shelton2:08.67Mount Baker
3.10Jordan Baron2:12.18Ferndale
4.10Josh Devenere2:12.79Ferndale
5.12Luke Blok2:14.62Lynden Christian
6.10Tyler Reardon2:19.18Lynden Christian
7.11Tanner Garret2:20.97Mount Baker
8.9Ishmael Villaluz2:22.87Mount Baker
9.10Branden Peppar2:23.23Ferndale
10.10Trevor Koehn2:30.43Ferndale
11.11Jonathan Carlson2:31.16Mount Baker
12.10Micah Lolkema2:49.88Ferndale
13.10Tyler Brooks3:39.07Ferndale
11David ShurtleffDNSMount Baker
11Tyler BriskyDNSMount Baker
10Dillon QuintanaDNSMount Baker
12Brandon LozanoDNSMount Baker
11Garret EvansDNSMount Baker
12Matt DunfordDNSMount Baker
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jacob Hollander4:46.00Lynden Christian
2.10Connor Jungkuntz4:50.60Ferndale
3.11Connor Shelton4:52.40Mount Baker
4.10Dillon Quintana4:54.50Mount Baker
5.12Matt Dunford4:55.20Mount Baker
6.12Luke Blok4:55.60Lynden Christian
7.10Jordan Baron4:58.40Ferndale
8.10Josh Devenere5:03.90Ferndale
9.10Cody Velthuizen5:04.70Lynden Christian
10.11Jonathan Carlson5:10.90Mount Baker
11.10Kevin Steiger5:11.30Lynden Christian
12.11Tanner Garret5:15.70Mount Baker
13.9Ishmael Villaluz5:19.90Mount Baker
14.12Brandon Lozano5:23.80Mount Baker
15.11David Shurtleff5:50.70Mount Baker
16.9Ryan Pitcher5:57.60Lynden Christian
17.10Micah Lolkema6:07.80Ferndale
18.9David Maberry6:16.50Lynden Christian
19.9Grant Williams6:18.10Lynden Christian
19.11Tyler Brisky6:18.10Mount Baker
11Garret EvansDNSMount Baker
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Tyler Reardon10:57.52Lynden Christian
2.10Cody Velthuizen10:58.13Lynden Christian
3.12Daniel Hsieh11:44.11Ferndale
4.10Kevin Steiger11:44.98Lynden Christian
5.11Jonathan Carlson11:48.36Mount Baker
6.9Dylan Blok12:12.79Lynden Christian
7.9Isaiah Heredia13:22.51Ferndale
8.10Tyler Brooks17:56.11Ferndale
10Josh DevenereDNSFerndale
11Ben PetersonDNSFerndale
10Connor JungkuntzDNSFerndale
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Logan Packard15.20Mount Baker
2.11Ryan Hamstra17.30Lynden Christian
3.10Alex Conley19.70Ferndale
4.9Trevor Burden27.40Lynden Christian
12Nate LindhoutDNSFerndale
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Logan Packard40.69Mount Baker
2.11Ryan Hamstra47.66Lynden Christian
12Nate LindhoutDNSFerndale
12Brandon JohnDNSFerndale
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Izaiha Schwinden
Logan Packard
James Rhodefer
Christian Cueva
46.82Mount Baker
2.-Alex Davis
Kyle Waldron
William Ferguson
Daniel Ewald
3.-Josh Friberg
Joey Spoelstra
Derek Feddema
Simon Vlas
49.06Lynden Christian
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kieth Giddings
Connor Shelton
Logan Packard
Izaiha Schwinden
3:43.00Mount Baker
2.-Jordan Baron
Micah Lolkema
Brandon John
Jacob Jones
3.-Weston Whitener
Connor Blok
Simon Vlas
Jacob Hollander
3:54.00Lynden Christian
-Relay Team DNSFerndale
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Caleb Rodriguez46-01.00Ferndale
2.12Joel Forbes45-10.00Lynden Christian
3.11Zach Scholten39-11.00Lynden Christian
4.9Shane Stockton37-04.00Ferndale
5.11Daniel Canzater36-06.00Ferndale
6.9Cody Spoelstra36-05.00Lynden Christian
7.11Ben Koehler36-02.00Mount Baker
8.10Hank Hilts35-04.00Ferndale
9.10Dillon Carhuff32-10.00Lynden Christian
9.10William Cote32-10.00Mount Baker
11.11Chase Aubuchon32-06.00Mount Baker
12.11Chase De Boer32-01.00Lynden Christian
13.12Beau Est31-00.00Ferndale
14.11Tyler Jacoby30-08.00Mount Baker
15.9Hunter Grunhurd28-10.00Ferndale
16.9Chris Garrett27-11.00Mount Baker
17.9Matt Buist26-09.50Lynden Christian
18.9Micah Postma26-02.00Lynden Christian
19.9Levi Turner24-08.00Ferndale
20.9Matt Schmidt23-09.00Lynden Christian
21.10Grady Wolf17-07.00Mount Baker
9Colby BellefeuilleDNSFerndale
12Sam MannDNSFerndale
9Kyle MaassenDNSFerndale
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ben Koehler112-00Mount Baker
2.9Shane Stockton111'Ferndale
2.11Zach Scholten101-01Lynden Christian
3.11Daniel Canzater94-08Ferndale
4.9Kyle Maassen90-11Ferndale
5.9Cody Spoelstra85-02Lynden Christian
6.10William Cote78-04Mount Baker
7.10Dillon Carhuff72-03Lynden Christian
7.11Chase Aubuchon72-03Mount Baker
9.11Chase De Boer72-01Lynden Christian
10.9Matt Buist62-03Lynden Christian
11.11Tyler Jacoby61-10Mount Baker
12.9Levi Turner57-03Ferndale
13.10Grady Wolf44-00Mount Baker
9Chris GarrettDNSMount Baker
12Joel ForbesDNSLynden Christian
12Mark BrauerDNSMount Baker
10Kameron MckayDNSFerndale
12Joey SpoelstraDNSLynden Christian
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Patrick Clemons136-00Ferndale
2.11Ryan Engelsma127-10Lynden Christian
3.11David Shurtleff115-07Mount Baker
4.9Kyle Maassen114-03Ferndale
5.9Klinton Maassen112-09Ferndale
6.11Ben Koehler94-06Mount Baker
7.10Zach Larson91-08Mount Baker
8.10Caleb Niewsma80-00Lynden Christian
9.11Tyler Jacoby77-02Mount Baker
10.9Micah Postma74-03Lynden Christian
11.9Hunter Grunhurd74-00Ferndale
12.11Chase Aubuchon70-10Mount Baker
13.10Taylor Walton70-08Ferndale
14.10Kaleb Bulman68-08Ferndale
15.9Chris Garrett67-02Mount Baker
16.10Grady Wolf43-03Mount Baker
9Colby BellefeuilleDNSFerndale
10Cameron MasseyDNSFerndale
10William CoteDNSMount Baker
9Adrian DelagarzaDNSFerndale
9Andrew MclaurinDNSFerndale
12Mark BrauerDNSMount Baker
11David Vanegas-LytleDNSFerndale
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Bryce Vanderyacht5-02.00Ferndale
2.9Donovan Campeau5-00.00Ferndale
3.9Josh Friberg4-10.00Lynden Christian
4.9Jamar Hobbs4-08.00Mount Baker
9Cody SpoelstraDNSLynden Christian
12Brett WatsonDNSFerndale
9Ryan StephensNHFerndale
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tyler Buss12-00.00Mount Baker
2.10Nathan Dunford10-00.00Mount Baker
3.12Matt Dunford9-00.00Mount Baker
4.10Daniel Ewald8-06.00Ferndale
4.10Weston Whitener8-06.00Lynden Christian
9Zach WoodyardNHLynden Christian
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Colson Crim21-10.00Ferndale
2.12Bryce Vanderyacht19-04.00Ferndale
3.12Christian Cueva18-10.50Mount Baker
4.12Derek Feddema18-02.00Lynden Christian
5.11Derek Tremaine18-00.00Lynden Christian
6.11Noah Dotson16-10.50Lynden Christian
7.9Izaiha Schwinden16-06.00Mount Baker
8.12Daniel Hsieh16-05.50Ferndale
9.10Zach Larson16-04.00Mount Baker
10.9Trevor Burden16-02.00Lynden Christian
11.9Donovan Campeau15-10.50Ferndale
12.10Daniel Ewald15-09.00Ferndale
12.10Ben Rianda15-09.00Ferndale
14.10Justin Ferguson15-03.50Ferndale
14.9Andrew Nicol15-03.50Mount Baker
16.10Tanner Barkley15-01.00Ferndale
17.9Hunter Grunhurd15-00.00Ferndale
18.9Adrian Delagarza14-02.00Ferndale
19.12Beau Est13-06.00Ferndale
20.11Mike Mouhanna12-08.00Lynden Christian
21.9David Maberry12-04.50Lynden Christian
10Taylor WaltonDNSFerndale
11Nick DavisNDLynden Christian
12Simon VlasDNSLynden Christian
11Alex DavisDNSFerndale
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Watson George38-03.00Ferndale
2.11Derek Tremaine37-08.00Lynden Christian
3.11Noah Dotson36-11.00Lynden Christian
4.9Izaiha Schwinden32-10.00Mount Baker
4.10Justin Ferguson32-10.00Ferndale
6.10Ben Rianda32-04.00Ferndale
7.10Taylor Walton27-07.00Ferndale
8.11Mike Mouhanna25-02.00Lynden Christian
11Nick DavisNDLynden Christian
9Andrew NicolDNSMount Baker
12Simon VlasDNSLynden Christian

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Emily Sytsma13.46Lynden Christian
2.12Rachel Griess13.84Lynden Christian
3.10Kira Cardoza14.13Ferndale
4.10Brenna Brown15.00Ferndale
5.9Anna Cosgrove15.17Mount Baker
6.12Kristanie Maleng15.28Mount Baker
7.9Jane Paz15.41Ferndale
8.11Katelyn Hunter15.71Mount Baker
9.10Molly Jones15.81Ferndale
10.9Sylvia Lynch15.97Mount Baker
11.9Ashley Stephens16.69Mount Baker
12.10Sam Wallerg16.87Mount Baker
13.9Tanvir Singh17.16Ferndale
10Emma BennettDNSFerndale
11Lindsey TurnerDNSLynden Christian
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Tarynn Haan28.17Lynden Christian
2.11Alexa Vander Meulen28.85Lynden Christian
3.10Arianna Giddings29.25Mount Baker
4.9Sarah Erdman30.00Ferndale
5.10Cece George30.25Ferndale
6.9Sierra Potter31.88Mount Baker
7.10Molly Jones32.31Ferndale
8.9Anna Cosgrove32.82Mount Baker
9.9Ashley Stephens35.19Mount Baker
10.10Sam Wallerg35.81Mount Baker
11.9Tanvir Singh36.50Ferndale
9Jane PazDNSFerndale
10Kira CardozaDNSFerndale
10Cassie AzevedoDNSFerndale
12Kristanie MalengDNSMount Baker
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Molly Scoles1:01.93Mount Baker
2.9Chynna Phan1:04.85Mount Baker
3.12Rachel Griess1:05.07Lynden Christian
4.9Sierra Potter1:11.72Mount Baker
5.12Kristanie Maleng1:13.73Mount Baker
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brianna Zender2:41.15Mount Baker
2.10Rachael Hatcher2:42.51Mount Baker
3.11Emily Bunch2:43.42Ferndale
4.10Makalee Latta2:46.69Ferndale
5.11Ashley Fullner2:47.66Mount Baker
6.9Erika Gustafson2:53.30Ferndale
7.10Magnolia Pattison3:29.12Mount Baker
9Rayedeen EngelsDNSMount Baker
12Allie McCormickDNSFerndale
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Marissa Hielkema5:30.90Lynden Christian
2.9Rayedeen Engels5:46.30Mount Baker
3.10Rachael Hatcher5:57.60Mount Baker
4.12Megan Morrison6:00.80Ferndale
5.11Ashley Fullner6:04.20Mount Baker
6.10Makalee Latta6:04.50Ferndale
7.11Emily Bunch6:04.80Ferndale
8.11Kelsey Vander Veen6:20.80Lynden Christian
9.9Claudia Grimm6:21.60Ferndale
10.9Jessa Baisden6:23.00Mount Baker
11.12Mia Unrein6:54.00Lynden Christian
12.10Mackenzie Devine6:57.70Ferndale
13.10Kayla Williams7:07.00Mount Baker
14.10Magnolia Pattison7:48.90Mount Baker
9Mikaela HernandezDNSFerndale
10Mindi CaldwellDNSFerndale
12Allie McCormickDNSFerndale
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Marissa Hielkema11:55.74Lynden Christian
2.12Megan Morrison13:03.97Ferndale
3.9Kelsie Nern13:07.91Mount Baker
4.10Makalee Latta13:40.68Ferndale
5.11Kelsey Vander Veen14:48.42Lynden Christian
6.10Rebecca Steiger15:56.14Lynden Christian
7.9Abby Asplund16:05.32Ferndale
9Mikaela HernandezDNSFerndale
9Claudia GrimmDNSFerndale
10Mindi CaldwellDNSFerndale
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Madison Burke17.80Lynden Christian
2.11Amanda McDurfee19.10Ferndale
3.10Emily Visser20.60Lynden Christian
4.10Anna Koranda20.90Mount Baker
5.10Emma Bennett21.80Ferndale
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Emily Visser56.16Lynden Christian
2.10Anna Koranda56.63Mount Baker
3.9Jessa Baisden1:04.21Mount Baker
4.10Kayla Williams1:09.91Mount Baker
9Ali GonzalezDNSFerndale
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tarynn Haan
Emily Sytsma
Rachel Griess
Alexa Vander Meulen
53.60Lynden Christian
2.-Laurel Erdman
Cece George
Sarah Erdman
Kira Cardoza
3.-Sylvia Lynch
Anna Cosgrove
Katlyn Hunter
Arianna Giddings
59.00Mount Baker
4.-Brenna Brown
Molly Jones
Cynthia Flores
Jane Paz
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Laurel Erdman
Kira Cardoza
Cece George
Sarah Erdman
2.-Katlyn Hunter
Sylvia Lynch
Arianna Giddings
Molly Scoles
2:01.20Mount Baker
3.-Jasmine Hommes
Lindsey Turner
Madison Burke
Sally Vlas
2:05.30Lynden Christian
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Rayedeen Engels
Rachael Hatcher
Brianna Zender
Molly Scoles
4:25.45Mount Baker
2.-Emily Visser
Katie Vanden Bos
Emily Sytsma
Alexa Vander Meulen
4:39.37Lynden Christian
3.-Relay Team 4:44.35Lynden Christian
4.-Megan Morrison
Emily Bunch
Claudia Grimm
Makalee Latta
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Laurel Erdman32' 3"Ferndale
1.12Hailie Hotchkis29-04.00Mount Baker
2.10Vernelle Johnson29-03.00Ferndale
3.10Cameron Noe26-03.00Mount Baker
4.11Asia Gilyard24-11.00Mount Baker
5.9Hannah Wynstra24-10.00Lynden Christian
6.12Hanna Myhre23-05.00Mount Baker
8.9Sarah Erdman23-00.00Ferndale
9.10Alexandria Eyre-White22-05.00Mount Baker
10.11Louisa Brisbane22-01.00Lynden Christian
11.10Haylee Heath21-00.00Mount Baker
12.9Megan Koehler19-00.00Mount Baker
13.9Kathryn Casados17-04.00Mount Baker
14.10Katie McCormick16-07.00Ferndale
15.9Kristina Longoria15-11.00Mount Baker
9Kiana GieslrechtDNSMount Baker
9Adriana BoulosDNSFerndale
9Natasha SulekDNSFerndale
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.9Hannah Wynstra78-11Lynden Christian
2.10Alexandria Eyre-White74-04Mount Baker
3.12Hailie Hotchkis72-11Mount Baker
4.11Laurel Erdman69-05Ferndale
5.10Cameron Noe67-07Mount Baker
6.11Asia Gilyard66-04Mount Baker
7.11Miranda Munsell62-09Mount Baker
8.10Vernelle Johnson61-03Ferndale
9.12Hanna Myhre59-05Mount Baker
10.11Tara Hanson58-10Ferndale
11.11Louisa Brisbane57-00Lynden Christian
12.10Haylee Heath45-10Mount Baker
13.9Kristina Longoria45-04Mount Baker
14.10Katie McCormick44-08Ferndale
15.9Kathryn Casados43-07Mount Baker
16.9Jessica Halper41-11Mount Baker
17.9Megan Koehler35-08Mount Baker
9Anne Marie VandersypenDNSFerndale
9Adriana BoulosDNSFerndale
9Kiana GieslrechtDNSMount Baker
9Krista BergquistDNSFerndale
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Callyssa Hanson82-08Lynden Christian
2.11Lindsey Turner79-07Lynden Christian
3.9Hannah Wynstra77-06Lynden Christian
4.11Laurel Erdman73-04Ferndale
5.11Brooke Van Dalen72-02Lynden Christian
6.10Angie Beaulaurier67-02Ferndale
7.9Hannah Carlson63-04Ferndale
8.9Megan Koehler59-01Mount Baker
9.10Haylee Heath58-09Mount Baker
10.11Miranda Munsell58-08Mount Baker
11.11Tara Hanson58-06Ferndale
12.10Magnolia Pattison56-10Mount Baker
13.10Janice Rubbert53-10Lynden Christian
14.12Hanna Myhre52-09Mount Baker
15.9Jessica Halper51-08Mount Baker
16.10Cameron Noe49-02Mount Baker
17.10Grace Bills48-10Ferndale
18.10Amber Amende45-01Ferndale
19.9Kristina Longoria33-02Mount Baker
20.9Kathryn Casados29-06Mount Baker
10Dacoda LancasterDNSFerndale
10Alexandria Eyre-WhiteDNSMount Baker
9Kiana GieslrechtDNSMount Baker
10Katie McCormickDNSFerndale
10Lilly KroontjeDNSLynden Christian
9Sally VlasDNSLynden Christian
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Ali Gonzalez4-08.00Ferndale
2.9Emily Sytsma4-06.00Lynden Christian
2.10Emma Bennett4-06.00Ferndale
2.9Chynna Phan4-06.00Mount Baker
5.12Anna Dye4-04.00Ferndale
5.12Megan Morrison4-04.00Ferndale
7.11Jasmine Hommes4-02.00Lynden Christian
8.11Miranda Munsell4-00.00Mount Baker
12Allie McCormickDNSFerndale
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Katie Vanden Bos9-03.00Lynden Christian
2.9Sierra Potter7-06.00Mount Baker
3.11Harmony Hawley6-00.00Mount Baker
10Courtney SouveDNSFerndale
10Alex VineDNSFerndale
11Kyrin WalshDNSFerndale
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Katie Vanden Bos15-04.00Lynden Christian
2.9Erika Gustafson14-08.00Ferndale
3.10Grace Bills14-03.00Ferndale
4.9Chynna Phan13-07.00Mount Baker
5.9Madison Burke13-05.00Lynden Christian
6.9Sally Vlas13-03.00Lynden Christian
7.9Anne Marie Vandersypen12-08.00Ferndale
8.10Emma Bennett11-03.00Ferndale
9.9Abby Asplund10-01.00Ferndale
9Krista BergquistDNSFerndale
10Brenna BrownDNSFerndale
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Erika Gustafson29-03.00Ferndale
2.11Miranda Munsell29-02.00Mount Baker
3.9Sally Vlas28-06.00Lynden Christian
4.9Anne Marie Vandersypen26-09.00Ferndale
9Abby AsplundDNSFerndale
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