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100 Meters  4A Varsity - Prelims

1.12Will Vealy11.39a (2.3)West Valley
2.12Jesse Ward11.48a (1.6)North Pole
3.9Lance Wright11.62a (1.6)North Pole
4.10Hunter Desmond11.80a (2.3)Lathrop
5.10Kaelen Lee11.83a (1.6)Lathrop
6.11MonTae Tate12.01a (2.3)Lathrop
7.9Danny Eagan12.02a (2.3)West Valley
8.9Tyreke Jennis12.05a (1.6)Lathrop
9.11Jared Fairbanks12.41a (2.3)West Valley
11Brent RodenbergerSCR (1.6)West Valley

200 Meters  4A Varsity - Prelims

1.12Jesse Ward22.95aNorth Pole
3.9Lance Wright23.60aNorth Pole
5.10Dominick Anderson24.11aWest Valley
7.10Kaelen Lee24.20aLathrop
2.12Brandon Comeau24.30aWest Valley
8.10Larenzo Graham24.32aWest Valley
4.10Hunter Desmond24.43aLathrop
6.9Danny Eagan24.64aWest Valley
9.11Mike Arnold25.02aNorth Pole
10.10Tucker Plass25.34aWest Valley
11.12Daniel Jelinek25.64aLathrop
11Brent RodenbergerSCRWest Valley
9Tyreke JennisSCRLathrop

400 Meters  4A Varsity - Prelims

1.12Jesse Ward54.98aNorth Pole
3.11Mike Arnold56.02aNorth Pole
5.12Brandon Comeau56.26aWest Valley
7.12Matt McCoy56.87aLathrop
8.10Daide Agnew57.56aWest Valley
2.11Chris Nuttall58.32aWest Valley
4.11Dawson Hebard58.39aLathrop
6.10Riley Troyer59.30aWest Valley
9.9Forrest Clark1:01.22aWest Valley
10.11Yuri Robb1:13.78aNorth Pole
9Danny EaganSCRWest Valley
11Ryer KornkvenSCRLathrop

3200 Meters  4A Varsity - Finals

1.10Peter Noon9:54.04aWest Valley
2.12Dylan Nixon-Helms10:13.72aLathrop
3.9Erich Hoefler10:18.56aWest Valley
4.12Zach Keskinen10:29.04aWest Valley
5.10Mikko Sayre10:32.41aWest Valley
6.10Keegan Rankin10:34.61aLathrop
7.11Luke Castellini10:43.55aLathrop
8.11Neill Toelle10:53.00aWest Valley
9.11Adam Paskvan11:16.22aWest Valley
10.10Riley Troyer11:17.52aWest Valley
11.11Seth Kane11:21.52aWest Valley
12.9Sam King11:23.83aLathrop
13.10Joseph Gilmore11:24.03aNorth Pole
14.12James Martin11:51.15aNorth Pole
15.9Allan Heineken11:54.02aNorth Pole

110m Hurdles - 39"  4A Varsity - Prelims

1.10Larenzo Graham16.60aWest Valley
2.10Braden Hall17.27aWest Valley
3.12Walter Foran17.52aNorth Pole
4.11Jacob Fox18.84aLathrop
5.12Kent Ariola19.43aWest Valley
7.12Danny Grzesiuk19.63aNorth Pole
6.11Kyle Parkerson21.49aLathrop
8.9Jordan Copeland22.31aNorth Pole

300m Hurdles - 36"  4A Varsity - Prelims

1.10Larenzo Graham43.09aWest Valley
2.10Brey Hassebroek44.70aWest Valley
3.12Anthony Vealy44.77aWest Valley
4.11Chris Nuttall45.19aWest Valley
5.10Braden Hall45.51aWest Valley
6.11Jacob Fox45.54aLathrop
7.10Robert Trujillo46.57aLathrop
8.12Kent Ariola47.14aWest Valley
9.12Danny Grzesiuk48.38aNorth Pole
10.10Mathew Rogers51.81aNorth Pole
11.11Kyle Parkerson52.58aLathrop
12.12Taylor Cole57.47aLathrop
12Trey ChiuSCRWest Valley

Shot Put - 12lb  4A Varsity - Finals

1.12Trey Chiu39-10.75West Valley
2.12Jeremy Boynton37-10.50Lathrop
3.10Jackson Curry36-08.25West Valley
4.12Marcus Cogley36-07.00West Valley
5.10Alex Orozco36-02.75West Valley
6.11Paul Owens35-01.75Lathrop
7.9Joe Dickinson35-00.00Lathrop
8.12Dakota Dawson33-07.00West Valley

Shot Put - 12lb  4A Varsity - Prelims

1.12Trey Chiu39-10.75West Valley
2.12Jeremy Boynton37-10.50Lathrop
3.12Marcus Cogley36-07.00West Valley
4.10Jackson Curry36-03.75West Valley
5.10Alex Orozco36-02.75West Valley
6.11Paul Owens35-01.75Lathrop
7.9Joe Dickinson35-00.00Lathrop
8.12Dakota Dawson33-07.00West Valley
9.10Storm Williams32-00.75Lathrop
10.9Jeremiah Webb30-01.00Lathrop
11.10James Clawson27-01.25West Valley
12.10Chris Starky22-09.50North Pole

High Jump  4A Varsity - Finals

1.10Brey Hassebroek6-03.00West Valley
2.12Will Vealy6-03.00West Valley
3.10Tevin Gladden5-10.00Lathrop
4.10Marshall Hardman5-10.00Lathrop
5.12Kent Ariola5-08.00West Valley
6.10Braden Hall5-08.00West Valley
7.12Anthony Vealy5-06.00West Valley
8.10Storm Williams5-04.00Lathrop
9.10Dominick Anderson5-04.00West Valley
10.9Austin McCoy4-10.00North Pole
12Walter ForanNHNorth Pole

Triple Jump  4A Varsity - Finals

1.12Vincent Barnett41-07.25 (1.2)Lathrop
2.10Tevin Gladden40-10.75 (2.3)Lathrop
3.11MonTae Tate39-00.00 (2.1)Lathrop
4.12Ty Davis38-07.00 (-.9)West Valley
5.12Alex Harrington32-09.50 (2.5)West Valley
6.11Rorey Hughes27-08.50 (3.4)North Pole

Triple Jump  4A Varsity - Prelims

1.12Vincent Barnett41-04.25 (2.0)Lathrop
2.10Tevin Gladden40-10.75 (2.3)Lathrop
3.12Ty Davis38-06.25 (2.6)West Valley
4.11MonTae Tate38-04.25 (2.2)Lathrop
5.12Alex Harrington32-09.50 (2.5)West Valley
6.11Rorey Hughes27-08.50 (3.4)North Pole

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100 Meters  4A Varsity - Prelims

1.11Alisha Allen12.80a (2.3)Lathrop
2.10Lawjen Ashmore13.12a (3.2)West Valley
3.10Ellen Acquistapace13.36a (3.2)West Valley
5.11Kieran ONeil13.52a (3.2)West Valley
7.11Erika Gaskins13.55a (3.2)West Valley
4.9Patty Eagan13.66a (2.3)West Valley
6.11Jordin Reitano14.02a (2.3)West Valley
8.10Nora Jaggi14.58a (3.2)West Valley
9.9Kaelyn Romans14.94a (3.2)Lathrop
10.11Heather Hinzman15.20a (2.3)West Valley
9Samantha ZastrowDQ (2.3)North Pole

200 Meters  4A Varsity - Prelims

1.11Alisha Allen26.88aLathrop
2.10Ellen Acquistapace27.60aWest Valley
3.11Erika Gaskins28.60aWest Valley
4.9Patty Eagan29.03aWest Valley
5.11Kieran ONeil29.21aWest Valley
6.11Jordin Reitano29.31aWest Valley
7.11Keri-Lyn Fitzgerald29.42aLathrop
8.11Sarah Swanson30.80aWest Valley
9.12Samantha Taube31.69aWest Valley
11Heather HinzmanSCRWest Valley
10Karen JorgensonSCRWest Valley
10Maddison AckissSCRWest Valley

400 Meters  4A Varsity - Prelims

1.10Christine Angell1:03.70aLathrop
2.10Lawjen Ashmore1:04.49aWest Valley
3.10Kira O'Donoghue1:09.30aWest Valley
4.10Brianna Geddings1:10.17aLathrop
5.11Ema Mayo1:10.67aWest Valley
6.12Steffani Stowers1:10.79aLathrop
7.9Tahnee Raymond1:12.69aLathrop
8.12Samantha Taube1:14.39aWest Valley
9.9Shellby Rood1:15.58aNorth Pole
12Sabrina TaiclutSCRNorth Pole

3200 Meters  4A Varsity - Finals

1.11Megan Edic11:49.19aLathrop
2.10Julia Sherman11:52.81aWest Valley
3.11Kelly Schmitz12:06.66aNorth Pole
4.9Brooke Lizotte12:20.77aLathrop
5.12Hanna Sfraga12:36.69aWest Valley
6.10Dorothy O'Donnell12:48.66aWest Valley
7.9Charlene Davis13:05.42aLathrop
8.11Brigit Noon13:09.82aWest Valley
9.9Leah Allan13:43.47aLathrop
10.10Kira O'Donoghue14:06.17aWest Valley
11.10Sarah Lilly14:06.31aWest Valley
12.10Tamara Fairbanks14:17.03aWest Valley
9Morgan ConrowDNFNorth Pole

100m Hurdles - 33"  4A Varsity - Prelims

1.10Sarah Jackson17.06a (1.5)West Valley
2.11Elli Oba17.92a (.5)Lathrop
3.11Rachel Dickerson18.02a (.5)Lathrop
5.10Caitlyn Brice18.87a (.5)West Valley
7.10Jessie Martellaro19.01a (.5)West Valley
4.10Karen Jorgenson19.04a (1.5)West Valley
6.9Moira Stubsjoen19.15a (1.5)West Valley
8.11Sarah Swanson19.45a (1.5)West Valley
9.11Heather Hinzman19.48a (1.5)West Valley
10.9Samantha Zastrow19.89a (1.5)North Pole
11.10Alexa Torres20.03a (1.5)West Valley
12.11Taylor Wilson20.20a (.5)Lathrop
13.11Joanna Jagow20.54a (1.5)Lathrop
14.9Kelly Eagan20.55a (.5)West Valley
15.10Tamara Fairbanks20.74a (.5)West Valley
10Emma O'ConnorDQ (.5)West Valley

300m Hurdles - 30"  4A Varsity - Prelims

1.10Sarah Jackson51.15aWest Valley
3.11Elli Oba51.65aLathrop
2.10Caitlyn Brice52.87aWest Valley
4.10Dorothy O'Donnell53.99aWest Valley
5.10Karen Jorgenson54.38aWest Valley
7.11Rachel Dickerson55.17aLathrop
6.10Alexa Torres56.35aWest Valley
8.11Taylor Wilson56.76aLathrop
9.10Jessie Martellaro57.58aWest Valley
10.11Joanna Jagow58.13aLathrop
11.9Kelly Eagan59.16aWest Valley
12.12Annelise Bachelder1:00.23aLathrop
11Heather HinzmanSCRWest Valley

Discus - 1kg  4A Varsity - Finals

1.11Sarah Swanson104-06West Valley
2.11Claire Greenblatt93-02West Valley
3.9Megan Burbank82-03Lathrop
4.10Jenna Huff79-08West Valley
5.11Halle Corbin77-10Lathrop
6.12Laura Weingartner75-09West Valley
7.9Deenaalee Hodgelon70-08West Valley
8.12Mackenzie Maxwell70-05West Valley

Discus - 1kg  4A Varsity - Prelims

1.11Sarah Swanson104-06West Valley
2.11Claire Greenblatt93-02West Valley
3.10Jenna Huff79-08West Valley
4.11Halle Corbin77-10Lathrop
5.9Megan Burbank74-07Lathrop
6.9Deenaalee Hodgelon70-08West Valley
7.12Mackenzie Maxwell70-05West Valley
8.12Laura Weingartner68-10West Valley
9.9Patty Boonprasert68-02Lathrop
10.10Amber Baxter61-09West Valley
11.12Sara Swenson61-05West Valley
12.12Natasha Worker53-07West Valley
13.10Ashlynn Hebert48-09North Pole
9Kaelyn RomansFOULLathrop
11Julia WeberFOULLathrop

High Jump  4A Varsity - Finals

1.12Megan McKinnell5-01.00North Pole
2.9Megan Drange5-01.00West Valley
3.10Jessie Martellaro4-08.00West Valley
4.10Callie Franz4-08.00West Valley
5.11Paige Wolters4-08.00West Valley
6.11Julia Mackey4-08.00West Valley
7.12Annelise Bachelder4-08.00Lathrop
8.11Taylor Wilson4-04.00Lathrop
8.10Frances Davis4-04.00West Valley
10.11Rachel Dickerson4-04.00Lathrop
11.11Angel Judon4-02.00Lathrop

Triple Jump  4A Varsity - Finals

1.11Alisha Allen35-10.25 (3.0)Lathrop
2.11Julia Mackey33-09.50 (.8)West Valley
3.11Rachel Dickerson30-00.25 (4.1)Lathrop
4.10Jessie Martellaro29-07.75 (1.1)West Valley
5.10Callie Franz29-05.00 (.7)West Valley
6.11Angel Judon27-07.25 (1.9)Lathrop
7.12Annelise Bachelder27-01.00 (1.3)Lathrop

Triple Jump  4A Varsity - Prelims

1.11Alisha Allen34-02.50 (1.5)Lathrop
2.11Julia Mackey33-07.25 (3.1)West Valley
3.11Rachel Dickerson30-00.25 (4.1)Lathrop
4.10Jessie Martellaro29-07.75 (1.1)West Valley
5.10Callie Franz29-01.25 (1.9)West Valley
6.11Angel Judon27-00.75 (1.9)Lathrop
7.12Annelise Bachelder26-10.50 (.8)Lathrop
11Paige WoltersDNSWest Valley


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Team Scores

4A Varsity - Mens
1.West Valley25
4A Varsity - Womens
1.West Valley22
3.North Pole7

Meet Schedule

Track FinalsSemi-Finals
4A3200 Meters3:50 PM
4A110m Hurdles4:15 PM
4A100 Meters4:25 PM
4A400 Meters4:35 PM
4A300m Hurdles4:45 PM
4A800 Meters4:55 PM
4A200 Meters5:05 PM
Field FinalsSemi-Finals
4ATriple Jump4:00 PM3:00 PM
4AShot Put4:00 PM3:00 PM
4AHigh Jump4:00 PM
Track FinalsSemi-Finals
4A3200 Meters3:30 PM
4A100m Hurdles4:10 PM
4A100 Meters4:20 PM
4A400 Meters4:30 PM
4A300m Hurdles4:40 PM
4A800 Meters4:50 PM
4A200 Meters5:00 PM
Field FinalsSemi-Finals
4AHigh Jump3:00 PM
4ATriple Jump4:00 PM3:00 PM
4ADiscus4:00 PM3:00 PM