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JV Rocky, Mtn. View, @ Vallivue

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Vallivue HS, Caldwell

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Kevin Wang11.36Rocky Mountain
2.11Michael Burk11.55Vallivue
3.10Sean Davis11.90Vallivue
4.9Brandon Armstrong11.99Rocky Mountain
5.10Kyle Woodworth12.10Vallivue
6.10Andrew Charlton12.37Rocky Mountain
7.10Randall Boyd12.39Mountain View (ID)
8.10Chance Hamilton12.49Rocky Mountain
9.11Jamari Rogers12.53Vallivue
9.9Daniel Korus12.53Rocky Mountain
11.9Nikolay Bukhantsov12.54Mountain View (ID)
12.11Parker Hymas12.69Rocky Mountain
13.10Marko Ribar12.74Rocky Mountain
13.9Adam Sisson12.74Mountain View (ID)
15.9Dean Ramirez12.75Mountain View (ID)
16.12Casey Newberry13.01Mountain View (ID)
17.9Kado Johnson13.08Vallivue
18.11Thomas Hagen13.18Mountain View (ID)
19.10Robert Estrada13.19Vallivue
20.11Alec Marshall13.34Mountain View (ID)
21.12Beau Rosenbaum13.42Mountain View (ID)
21.9Brock Holmes13.42Mountain View (ID)
23.9Steven Hellman13.63Mountain View (ID)
24.10Trevor Henderson14.16Vallivue
26.12Jordan Wright15.75Vallivue
27.10Austin Grindstaff16.32Vallivue
12Alex JonesNTRocky Mountain
9Levi HagenNTRocky Mountain
9Nate LovellNTMountain View (ID)
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Michael Burk23.60Vallivue
2.9Kevin Wang23.97Rocky Mountain
3.11Austin Gaide24.52Mountain View (ID)
4.11John Hodge24.63Rocky Mountain
5.10Cristian Cervantes25.04Vallivue
6.9Brandon Armstrong25.25Rocky Mountain
7.10Chandler Marchello25.31Rocky Mountain
8.10Matt Micone25.43Mountain View (ID)
9.9Kade Ready25.54Rocky Mountain
10.10Andrew Charlton25.61Rocky Mountain
11.12Casey Newberry25.63Mountain View (ID)
12.10Randall Boyd25.64Mountain View (ID)
13.11Corbin Kezar25.65Mountain View (ID)
14.11Graycen Werner25.81Rocky Mountain
15.11Parker Hymas25.90Rocky Mountain
16.11Jamari Rogers25.92Vallivue
17.12Beau Rosenbaum26.72Mountain View (ID)
18.9Brock Holmes27.21Mountain View (ID)
19.-Will Robins27.33Rocky Mountain
20.10Robert Estrada27.54Vallivue
21.9Steven Hellman28.47Mountain View (ID)
22.9Nate Lovell28.67Mountain View (ID)
23.12Jordan Wright32.68Vallivue
24.10Austin Grindstaff33.96Vallivue
10Taylor PedersenNTVallivue
11Jesse ScottNTVallivue
9Xiandi ZengNTVallivue
10Chance HamiltonNTRocky Mountain
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Craig Parks55.30Vallivue
2.11Jesse Scott56.13Vallivue
3.11John Hodge56.48Rocky Mountain
4.10Chandler Marchello56.81Rocky Mountain
5.10Travis Taugher57.26Mountain View (ID)
6.12Brandon Guerra57.27Rocky Mountain
7.11Brandon Gross57.35Rocky Mountain
8.10Luke Roberts58.03Mountain View (ID)
9.11Albert Radloff58.17Vallivue
10.10Drake Brennan58.52Vallivue
11.10Cristian Cervantes59.51Vallivue
12.11Morgan Crawley59.90Rocky Mountain
13.10Andres Mercado1:00.83Vallivue
14.10Taylor Pedersen1:01.70Vallivue
15.10Jay Patterson1:03.11Vallivue
16.12Brian Corral1:04.16Vallivue
17.9Chad Radloff1:05.22Vallivue
12Beau RosenbaumNTMountain View (ID)
11Riley DukeNTMountain View (ID)
11Michael NesslageNTVallivue
12Casey NewberryNTMountain View (ID)
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Joe Giese2:08.44Rocky Mountain
2.11Devon Selleck2:10.00Mountain View (ID)
3.10Charlie Newbill2:11.31Rocky Mountain
4.10Justin Robinson2:11.66Vallivue
5.12Dustin Handy2:17.72Mountain View (ID)
6.12Ryan Eason-Hamman2:23.97Mountain View (ID)
7.11Myles Simon2:24.79Mountain View (ID)
8.10Leland Gaskins2:25.15Vallivue
9.9Taylor Paskett2:25.84Rocky Mountain
10.9Forrest Nolan2:28.50Mountain View (ID)
11.9Atlee Hlavinka2:30.92Mountain View (ID)
12.11Jack Bradford2:31.40Rocky Mountain
13.9Alic Nielson2:32.10Rocky Mountain
14.9Russ Dent2:34.69Mountain View (ID)
15.9Joseph Kozlowski2:36.54Rocky Mountain
16.10Carson Roskelley2:47.01Mountain View (ID)
17.10Elias Dewey2:47.94Vallivue
18.9Michael Lysy2:59.76Rocky Mountain
18.9Joe O'Clock2:59.76Rocky Mountain
20.9Cody Carlson3:06.15Mountain View (ID)
12Carlos ChavezNTVallivue
10Tyler BlueNTVallivue
X 1600 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.12Garret Hook4:49.57Rocky Mountain
2.10Camron Pearce4:51.11Rocky Mountain
3.11Devon Selleck4:52.07Mountain View (ID)
4.9Jared Capell4:57.78Mountain View (ID)
5.12Carlos Chavez4:58.04Vallivue
6.9Trevan Reese5:02.33Rocky Mountain
7.11Brandon Gross5:02.96Rocky Mountain
8.10Andrew Follett5:04.79Mountain View (ID)
9.10Alec Sigston5:05.64Rocky Mountain
10.11Dylan Sawyer5:06.00Rocky Mountain
10.12Ryan Eason-Hamman5:06.00Mountain View (ID)
12.9Aden Kutsurelis5:09.61Rocky Mountain
13.10Andrew Bienapfl5:11.52Rocky Mountain
14.10James Crawford5:14.95Rocky Mountain
15.10Taylor Mower5:20.57Rocky Mountain
16.9Taylor Paskett5:22.83Rocky Mountain
17.9Forrest Nolan5:25.98Mountain View (ID)
18.9Ryan Murphy5:32.14Rocky Mountain
19.11Jack Bradford5:32.78Rocky Mountain
20.10Taylor Topham5:35.88Mountain View (ID)
21.10Nick LaCombe5:39.55Mountain View (ID)
22.10Carson Roskelley5:45.61Mountain View (ID)
23.9Christian Larsen5:45.65Mountain View (ID)
24.10Tyler Blue5:47.35Vallivue
25.11Ryan Nielsen5:47.88Mountain View (ID)
26.10Caden Hammer5:53.88Mountain View (ID)
27.10Elias Dewey6:01.41Vallivue
28.9Josh Eastman6:03.41Mountain View (ID)
28.9Michael Lysy6:03.41Rocky Mountain
30.11Michael Ballantyne6:05.94Vallivue
31.10David Black6:11.19Mountain View (ID)
32.10Robert Tighe6:14.61Mountain View (ID)
33.9Cody Carlson6:20.47Mountain View (ID)
34.10Mitch Rasmisen6:21.59Rocky Mountain
35.10Scott Squire6:52.00Rocky Mountain
9Mitch LambertNTMountain View (ID)
9Joe GieseNTRocky Mountain
9Nate WilkesNTVallivue
11Myles SimonNTMountain View (ID)
9Atlee HlavinkaNTMountain View (ID)
12Dustin HandyNTMountain View (ID)
10David MitchellNTMountain View (ID)
10Nate QuistNTRocky Mountain
11Bryant QuinnNTRocky Mountain
X 3200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Camron Pearce10:42.00Rocky Mountain
2.10Nate Quist10:58.00Rocky Mountain
3.9Aden Kutsurelis11:01.00Rocky Mountain
4.10Alec Sigston11:03.25Rocky Mountain
5.10Taylor Mower11:23.00Rocky Mountain
6.10Justin Robinson11:28.22Vallivue
7.10Andrew Bienapfl11:51.00Rocky Mountain
8.9Nate Wilkes11:58.00Vallivue
9.11Morgan Crawley12:01.00Rocky Mountain
10.9Ryan Murphy12:15.00Rocky Mountain
11.10Scott Squire14:20.05Rocky Mountain
11Dylan SawyerNTRocky Mountain
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Warren Jackson17.86Rocky Mountain
2.9Camron Wells18.47Mountain View (ID)
3.11Evan Johnson19.32Vallivue
4.9Zachary Rothell19.69Mountain View (ID)
5.10Jacob Bowles20.32Mountain View (ID)
6.9Blake Hartley20.90Mountain View (ID)
7.9Matthew Stokes20.96Mountain View (ID)
12Lucas JohnsonNTMountain View (ID)
9Isaiah MattinglyNTRocky Mountain
-Jeff HymasNTRocky Mountain
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Camron Wells45.45Mountain View (ID)
2.11Evan Johnson46.60Vallivue
3.11Riley Duke51.55Mountain View (ID)
4.10Jacob Bowles51.76Mountain View (ID)
5.9Blake Hartley52.42Mountain View (ID)
6.9Adam Sisson52.87Mountain View (ID)
7.9Zachary Rothell53.08Mountain View (ID)
8.-Jeff Hymas53.54Rocky Mountain
9.9Warren Jackson54.70Rocky Mountain
10.9Matthew Stokes56.00Mountain View (ID)
10Mitchell JacksonNTMountain View (ID)
12Lucas JohnsonNTMountain View (ID)
9Isaiah MattinglyNTRocky Mountain
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 46.04Rocky Mountain
2.-Relay Team 47.46Vallivue
-Relay Team 47.92Rocky Mountain
3.-Travis Taugher
Corbin Kezar
Matt Micone
Randall Boyd
48.05Mountain View (ID)
4.-Beau Rosenbaum
Casey Newberry
Dean Ramirez
Austin Gaide
48.42Mountain View (ID)
-Relay Team NTVallivue
X 4x200 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:42.00Rocky Mountain
2.-Relay Team 1:42.73Vallivue
3.-Relay Team 1:43.90Rocky Mountain
4.-Adam Sisson
Riley Duke
Luke Roberts
Corbin Kezar
1:44.46Mountain View (ID)
5.-Thomas Hagen
Dean Ramirez
Casey Newberry
Steven Hellman
1:46.25Mountain View (ID)
-Relay Team NTVallivue
X 4x400 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Luke Roberts
Corbin Kezar
Matt Micone
Riley Duke
3:47.60Mountain View (ID)
2.-Relay Team 3:50.07Rocky Mountain
3.-Relay Team 3:58.16Rocky Mountain
4.-Relay Team 4:02.38Vallivue
5.-Relay Team 4:21.45Mountain View (ID)
6.-Relay Team 4:28.00Rocky Mountain
-Relay Team NTRocky Mountain
X 4x800 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 9:03.80Rocky Mountain
2.-Relay Team 9:14.65Vallivue
3.-Relay Team 9:31.77Rocky Mountain
4.-Relay Team 10:24.43Rocky Mountain
X Shot Put - 12lb - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10BJ Verduzco40-03.00Vallivue
2.10Dallas Wallace40-01.00Vallivue
3.11Anthony Pierce39-03.50Vallivue
4.-Justin Kynaston38-01.25Rocky Mountain
5.-Andrew Belnap38-00.00Rocky Mountain
6.11Cage Turner36-11.25Mountain View (ID)
7.9Marcus Choate36-03.50Vallivue
8.-Garrett Munson36-00.00Rocky Mountain
9.11David Teofilo33-10.00Vallivue
10.11Jared Jonas32-00.75Mountain View (ID)
11.12Alex Mercado31-10.50Mountain View (ID)
12.9Jacob Quinn31-00.50Mountain View (ID)
12.10Kevin Meredith31-00.50Vallivue
14.11David Gardner30-10.00Vallivue
15.11Santiago Hernandez30-08.25Mountain View (ID)
16.9Michael Ermert30-05.00Vallivue
17.10Anthony Mayes30-03.75Vallivue
18.10Michael Vasquez28-01.00Rocky Mountain
19.10Erik Ford27-11.00Vallivue
20.11Kalib Hunt27-10.25Vallivue
21.9Degen Craner26-09.50Rocky Mountain
22.10Wyatt Stowell26-02.00Vallivue
23.10Jordan Mattessich22-09.50Vallivue
24.9Kaleb Hall21-03.00Vallivue
X Discus - 1.6kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Cage Turner107-09Mountain View (ID)
2.10Dallas Wallace107-00Vallivue
3.-Justin Kynaston105-11Rocky Mountain
4.11David Gardner93-05Vallivue
5.12Alex Mercado92-03Mountain View (ID)
6.10BJ Verduzco92-03Vallivue
7.9Marcus Choate91-08Vallivue
8.11Anthony Pierce90-09Vallivue
9.-Andrew Belnap89-07Rocky Mountain
10.10Erik Ford86-07Vallivue
11.10Jordan Mattessich82-10Vallivue
12.9Jacob Quinn81-05Mountain View (ID)
13.10Michael Vasquez81-00Rocky Mountain
14.10Anthony Mayes77-01Vallivue
15.11Santiago Hernandez75-11Mountain View (ID)
16.10Kevin Meredith75-06Vallivue
17.11Kalib Hunt73-01Vallivue
18.9Michael Ermert69-06Vallivue
19.10Wyatt Stowell67-00Vallivue
20.9Russ Dent65-09Mountain View (ID)
21.9Degen Craner63-11Rocky Mountain
22.9Kaleb Hall47-08Vallivue
-Garrett MunsonNDRocky Mountain
11David TeofiloNDVallivue
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.12Andrew Walker5-10.00Rocky Mountain
2.11Taylor Sundquist5-04.00Rocky Mountain
3.10Sean Davis5-04.00Vallivue
4.9Daniel Korus5-04.00Rocky Mountain
5.10Michael Greenwell5-02.00Rocky Mountain
6.11Craig Parks5-02.00Vallivue
7.10Tyler Vail5-02.00Rocky Mountain
8.10Logan Mills5-00.00Mountain View (ID)
9.10Aaron Naillon5-00.00Mountain View (ID)
10.9Garrett Berg5-00.00Rocky Mountain
11.11TJ Armstrong5-00.00Rocky Mountain
12.10Jay Patterson5-00.00Vallivue
13.11Albert Radloff4-10.00Vallivue
14.10Cyle Couvillier4-10.00Vallivue
12Chris FriesNHRocky Mountain
10Daniel AnecitoNHMountain View (ID)
11Riley DukeNHMountain View (ID)
X Pole Vault - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.12Brandon Allen12-00.00Vallivue
2.10Blake Allen10-00.00Vallivue
3.9Adam Jones10-00.00Rocky Mountain
4.9Xiandi Zeng9-06.00Vallivue
5.9Grady Davies9-06.00Rocky Mountain
6.9Gage Bate8-06.00Mountain View (ID)
7.10Chris Strange8-06.00Vallivue
8.10Jesse Wegley8-00.00Vallivue
9.10Jacob Pitcher7-06.00Vallivue
11Sid EdwardsNHRocky Mountain
10Hayden UrsenbachNHMountain View (ID)
11Alec MarshallNHMountain View (ID)
9Austin MelloNHMountain View (ID)
10Hunter TempleNHMountain View (ID)
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Kyle Woodworth18-04.50Vallivue
2.10Andrew Charlton18-04.00Rocky Mountain
3.9Daniel Korus17-08.50Rocky Mountain
4.11Taylor Sundquist17-01.00Rocky Mountain
5.-Will Robins15-11.50Rocky Mountain
5.10Marko Ribar15-11.50Rocky Mountain
7.12Alex Jones15-10.50Rocky Mountain
8.9Garrett Berg15-08.00Rocky Mountain
10Tyler VailNDRocky Mountain
12Andrew WalkerNDRocky Mountain
10Payton LewisNDRocky Mountain
10Jordan OwenNDRocky Mountain
11Christian AragonNDRocky Mountain
9Benjamin StevensNDRocky Mountain
10Chance HamiltonNDRocky Mountain
10Daniel AnecitoNDMountain View (ID)
10Jacob BowlesNDMountain View (ID)
11Dan LauNDMountain View (ID)
10Travis TaugherNDMountain View (ID)
9Brandon ArmstrongNDRocky Mountain
X Triple Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Tyler Vail37-11.00Rocky Mountain
2.10Logan Mills37-02.00Mountain View (ID)
3.10Hunter Temple35-08.00Mountain View (ID)
4.9Garrett Berg33-00.00Rocky Mountain
10Daniel AnecitoNDMountain View (ID)
10Aaron NaillonNDMountain View (ID)

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Keisha Oliver13.78Rocky Mountain
2.9Megan Birkinbine14.02Rocky Mountain
2.9Tristain Lewis14.02Mountain View (ID)
4.10Sierra Pontius14.03Rocky Mountain
5.11Mckayla Larison14.42Vallivue
6.9Courteney Lau14.46Mountain View (ID)
7.10Tianna Dovel14.54Vallivue
8.9Lisa Megis14.69Mountain View (ID)
9.11Saloma Muzaliwa14.74Rocky Mountain
10.9Annelise Trent14.87Rocky Mountain
11.9Sierra Woodworth14.91Vallivue
12.9Emily Jones15.16Rocky Mountain
25.9Dallin Medel15.19Vallivue
13.10Selena Galicia15.23Vallivue
14.11Tia Brutsman15.42Vallivue
15.10Brittany Pitts15.81Vallivue
16.9Laura Urias15.86Mountain View (ID)
17.10Anna Ensley16.02Vallivue
18.9Kayla Bagley16.65Mountain View (ID)
19.9Rebecca Bowles17.39Mountain View (ID)
20.9Maikala Pitman18.20Vallivue
9Heaven RussiNTVallivue
11Jessica RangelNTVallivue
9Landry LewisNTRocky Mountain
11Shasta EmryNTVallivue
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Brianna Bartholomew27.74Mountain View (ID)
2.9Kylie George28.56Mountain View (ID)
3.12Taylor Odneal28.82Mountain View (ID)
4.10Sierra Pontius29.30Rocky Mountain
5.11Jordanne Fleming29.50Mountain View (ID)
6.11Saloma Muzaliwa30.53Rocky Mountain
6.9Courteney Lau30.53Mountain View (ID)
8.9Megan Birkinbine30.81Rocky Mountain
9.9Abby Neal30.98Vallivue
10.10Shelby Howard31.04Vallivue
11.10Krystel Walsh31.41Mountain View (ID)
12.9Lisa Megis31.98Mountain View (ID)
13.10Megan Laub32.30Mountain View (ID)
14.11Tia Brutsman32.58Vallivue
15.10Kayla Talbot33.04Vallivue
16.10Moon Hee I33.30Vallivue
17.9Natalie Gordillo34.87Vallivue
18.10Brittany Pitts34.94Vallivue
19.10Anna Ensley34.98Vallivue
20.9Nallely Corral36.70Vallivue
21.9Rebecca Bowles38.20Mountain View (ID)
9Landry LewisNTRocky Mountain
9Dallin MedelNTVallivue
9Karissa HughesNTVallivue
9Maikala PitmanNTVallivue
9Heaven RussiNTVallivue
11Jessica RangelNTVallivue
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Caycee Bailey1:08.28Mountain View (ID)
2.10Briana Pitts1:08.61Vallivue
3.10Megan Laub1:10.01Mountain View (ID)
4.9Abby Neal1:15.31Vallivue
5.10Kayla Talbot1:17.31Vallivue
6.9Natalie Gordillo1:18.98Vallivue
7.11Julia Painton1:20.00Vallivue
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Bethany Larson2:41.45Mountain View (ID)
2.9Adria Tilby2:45.00Rocky Mountain
3.11Alexaundra Dewey2:59.44Vallivue
4.9Ashlee Culver3:14.30Vallivue
11Regina GutierrezNTVallivue
9London HowellNTMountain View (ID)
9Marissa BatemanNTMountain View (ID)
9Samantha JohnstonNTMountain View (ID)
12Courtney CookNTMountain View (ID)
X 1600 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Bethany Larson5:51.28Mountain View (ID)
2.11Emily Blake5:54.83Mountain View (ID)
3.9Katie Mower5:59.23Rocky Mountain
4.9London Howell6:07.59Mountain View (ID)
5.12Tiffani Mitchell6:11.23Mountain View (ID)
6.10Amber Phipps6:17.43Vallivue
7.9Paige Brock6:18.45Rocky Mountain
8.10Bella Colson6:18.66Mountain View (ID)
9.9Samantha Johnston6:27.80Mountain View (ID)
10.12Jessica Coulthard6:44.15Mountain View (ID)
11.10Hailey Goode6:44.57Mountain View (ID)
12.11Kayla Dildine6:53.55Mountain View (ID)
11Becca HollandNTRocky Mountain
9Ellen CaminitiNTRocky Mountain
11Regina GutierrezNTVallivue
9Becca ColeNTRocky Mountain
9Adria TilbyNTRocky Mountain
9Marissa BatemanNTMountain View (ID)
10Kylan NanneyNTMountain View (ID)
11Alexaundra DeweyNTVallivue
X 3200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Jessica Phillips13:24.00Rocky Mountain
9Becca ColeNTRocky Mountain
9Katie MowerNTRocky Mountain
9Paige BrockNTRocky Mountain
11Becca HollandNTRocky Mountain
9Ellen CaminitiNTRocky Mountain
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Kayla Schlador17.57Rocky Mountain
2.9Alyssa Perk17.82Rocky Mountain
3.10Brianna Bartholomew18.70Mountain View (ID)
4.9Taylor Lashley18.73Mountain View (ID)
5.12Taylor Odneal18.91Mountain View (ID)
6.11Ashley Basura19.28Mountain View (ID)
7.10Kelsie Page19.48Vallivue
8.11Heather LaFollette20.22Mountain View (ID)
9.10Briana Pitts20.66Vallivue
10.9Cassie Benavides20.77Mountain View (ID)
11.9T'Kayah Bell20.88Mountain View (ID)
12.9Abby Neal21.27Vallivue
13.-Harley McGilvery21.72Rocky Mountain
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Kelsie Page53.59Vallivue
2.9Taylor Lashley56.32Mountain View (ID)
3.11Heather LaFollette58.36Mountain View (ID)
4.11Ashley Basura59.76Mountain View (ID)
5.9Alyssa Perk1:00.94Rocky Mountain
6.10Kaylyn Knudson1:01.00Vallivue
7.9T'Kayah Bell1:03.45Mountain View (ID)
8.9Cassie Benavides1:04.45Mountain View (ID)
10Natalie DayNTMountain View (ID)
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Ashley Basura
Tristain Lewis
Courtney Lau
Laura Urias
56.20Mountain View (ID)
2.-Relay Team 56.76Vallivue
3.-Relay Team 56.94Rocky Mountain
4.-Relay Team 1:01.06Vallivue
5.-Relay Team 1:06.29Vallivue
X 4x200 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Kylie George
Taylor Odneal
Jordanne Fleming
Natalie Day
1:57.22Mountain View (ID)
-Relay Team 2:03.25Mountain View (ID)
2.-Relay Team 2:10.26Vallivue
3.-Relay Team 2:11.66Rocky Mountain
X 4x400 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:41.95Mountain View (ID)
2.-Relay Team 4:47.61Vallivue
3.-Megan Laub
Codie Martindale
Cassie Benavides
Lisa Megis
5:15.82Mountain View (ID)
4.-Relay Team 5:16.51Vallivue
-Relay Team NTRocky Mountain
X 4x800 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 11:18.09Rocky Mountain
2.-Relay Team 12:02.26Vallivue
X Shot Put - 4kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Chelsea Thompson26-09.75Vallivue
2.11Jelitsa Hernandez26-02.00Vallivue
3.9Claire Otero25-07.25Vallivue
4.9Lisa Megis23-01.50Mountain View (ID)
5.11Cynthia Gordillo22-06.00Vallivue
6.9Kayla Bagley20-00.50Mountain View (ID)
7.9Caycee Bailey19-00.00Mountain View (ID)
8.10Rebecca Hennessey15-09.25Vallivue
9.9Codie Martindale15-04.50Mountain View (ID)
11Whitney RidgwellNDMountain View (ID)
X Discus - 1kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Claire Otero75-08Vallivue
2.11Cynthia Gordillo75-03Vallivue
3.11Chelsea Thompson70-09Vallivue
4.10Rebecca Hennessey60-00Vallivue
5.9Cassie Benavides56-05Mountain View (ID)
6.9Lisa Megis51-07Mountain View (ID)
11Whitney RidgwellNDMountain View (ID)
11Jessica RangelNDVallivue
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Kelsie Page4-06.00Vallivue
2.10Briana Pitts4-04.00Vallivue
2.11Jordanne Fleming4-04.00Mountain View (ID)
4.9Tristain Lewis4-02.00Mountain View (ID)
9Sierra RiceNHMountain View (ID)
10Kaylyn KnudsonNHVallivue
X Pole Vault - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Jordan Valentine8-06.00Vallivue
2.10Savannah Hill8-06.00Vallivue
3.11Megan Fox8-06.00Rocky Mountain
4.10Shelby Howard7-06.00Vallivue
5.10Beth Daron7-00.00Mountain View (ID)
5.9Madison Millar7-00.00Mountain View (ID)
7.10Charity Brady6-06.00Rocky Mountain
7.12Cheyenne Parker6-06.00Vallivue
9.10Kinsey Stansell6-00.00Mountain View (ID)
9.10Kylee Hansen6-00.00Vallivue
9.9Kaleigh Wienclaw6-00.00Mountain View (ID)
9Kelsie RantalaNHMountain View (ID)
10Selena GaliciaNHVallivue
10Maria EscaleraNHRocky Mountain
11Mychaela ParkerNHRocky Mountain
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Emily Jones13-04.00Rocky Mountain
2.11Heather LaFollette13-03.50Mountain View (ID)
3.11Saloma Muzaliwa13-03.50Rocky Mountain
4.11Mckayla Larison12-07.00Vallivue
5.9Annelise Trent12-00.00Rocky Mountain
6.-Harley McGilvery11-07.50Rocky Mountain
7.9T'Kayah Bell11-00.00Mountain View (ID)
8.9Laura Urias10-09.50Mountain View (ID)
10Seeley DoppNDRocky Mountain
X Triple Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Emily Jones31-03.00Rocky Mountain
2.11Heather LaFollette29-02.00Mountain View (ID)
3.9Annelise Trent26-03.50Rocky Mountain
4.9Laura Urias25-03.00Mountain View (ID)
9Sierra RiceNDMountain View (ID)
10Seeley DoppNDRocky Mountain
9T'Kayah BellNDMountain View (ID)
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