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Northern League Finals

Friday, May 13, 2011

Glendale College

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Team Scores
AA Division - Womens
1.Eagle Rock78.33
2.Robert F. Kennedy32
3.Abraham Lincoln14.33
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alfredo Rodriguez11.58aAbraham Lincoln
2.11Cristian Quintanilla11.67aMarshall
3.11Peter Huynh11.68aMarshall
4.12Oscar Valle11.78aFranklin
5.12Kyle Quan11.83aEagle Rock
6.12Tyler Smith12.13aAbraham Lincoln
7.12Orbel Alvarado12.37aFranklin
8.11Erick Guzman12.59aAbraham Lincoln
X 100 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Adrian Gonzalez11.77aEagle Rock
2.10Andrew Gonzalez12.13aEagle Rock
3.10Bryan Flores12.14aRobert F. Kennedy
4.10Juan Dominguez12.15aMarshall
5.9Juan Arciniega12.17aWilson
6.10Derrick Mosley12.37aWilson
7.10Adrian Ayala12.40aMarshall
8.10Mark Pineda12.47aMarshall
X 100 Meters - AA Division - Finals
1.10Adrian Zepeda13.52aWilson
2.-Steve Rodriguez14.30aWilson
3.9Antonio Reyes14.59aEagle Rock
4.-David Robles16.64aWilson
5.10Noah Park16.80aEagle Rock
6.12Adame Isai16.93aMarshall
7.11Steven Orellana17.15aRobert F. Kennedy
8.11Daniel Lerma17.63aAbraham Lincoln
9.12Roberto Grande17.91aEagle Rock
10.12Eduart Arellano18.28aAbraham Lincoln
11.12Abel Flores18.67aWilson
12.9Nicky Jung19.50aRobert F. Kennedy
13.12Arnulfo Perez20.31aAbraham Lincoln
14.12Julio Figueroa20.92aMarshall
15.11Carlos Catalan25.47aWilson
16.9Carlo Chavez28.34aEagle Rock
9Daniel FigueroaSCRWilson
12Alex MedinaSCREagle Rock
12Jason NavarroSCRAbraham Lincoln
12Nicolas CerdaSCRWilson
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Peter Huynh11.50aMarshall
2.11Cristian Quintanilla11.66aMarshall
4.12Alfredo Rodriguez11.70aAbraham Lincoln
5.12Kyle Quan11.83aEagle Rock
7.11Erick Guzman11.99aAbraham Lincoln
3.12Oscar Valle12.04aFranklin
8.12Tyler Smith12.08aAbraham Lincoln
9.12David Anaya12.18aEagle Rock
6.12Orbel Alvarado12.30aFranklin
10.12Matthew Carrera12.30aMarshall
11.12Tramell Gaines12.35aFranklin
12.12Brian Galdamez12.63aEagle Rock
13.11Robert Villafan12.64aAbraham Lincoln
14.12Lorenzo Ramirez13.74aBravo Medical Magnet
12Myles LegaspiSCRBravo Medical Magnet
12Maurice EscallonSCRMarshall
12Daniel BuenrostoSCRWilson
11Manuel VillegasSCREagle Rock
X 100 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Prelims
1.10Adrian Gonzalez11.72aEagle Rock
2.10Juan Dominguez11.88aMarshall
4.9Juan Arciniega12.08aWilson
5.10Andrew Gonzalez12.09aEagle Rock
3.10Adrian Ayala12.11aMarshall
6.10Mark Pineda12.13aMarshall
7.10Bryan Flores12.13aRobert F. Kennedy
8.10Derrick Mosley12.16aWilson
9.10Luis Gonzalez12.41aWilson
10.9Nelson Ayala12.44aMarshall
11.10Benny Macias12.58aEagle Rock
12.10Ricardo Paniagua12.65aAbraham Lincoln
13.10Stacy Carter12.76aFranklin
14.10Duncan Lord13.03aEagle Rock
15.10Christian Garcia13.41aRobert F. Kennedy
16.10Jorge Sanchez15.37aBravo Medical Magnet
17.10Arturo Gomez15.64aBravo Medical Magnet
18.10Harrison Florencio16.52aBravo Medical Magnet
19.9Luis Martinez16.60aBravo Medical Magnet
9Luis NietoSCRFranklin
10Eric BenitezSCRWilson
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Peter Amaya23.29aEagle Rock
2.12Alfredo Rodriguez23.34aAbraham Lincoln
3.10Marcus Streeter23.78aMarshall
4.11Peter Huynh23.89aMarshall
5.12Tyler Smith24.90aAbraham Lincoln
6.12David Anaya25.15aEagle Rock
7.12Tramell Gaines25.32aFranklin
8.11Erick Guzman25.55aAbraham Lincoln
X 200 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Adrian Gonzalez24.09aEagle Rock
2.10Stewart McKenzie24.40aEagle Rock
3.10Bryan Flores24.78aRobert F. Kennedy
4.10Andrew Gonzalez24.83aEagle Rock
5.9Juan Arciniega25.02aWilson
6.10Benny Macias25.53aEagle Rock
7.10Israel Nolasco25.71aMarshall
8.10Derrick Mosley26.04aWilson
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Peter Amaya23.20aEagle Rock
4.10Marcus Streeter23.39aMarshall
2.12Alfredo Rodriguez23.53aAbraham Lincoln
3.11Peter Huynh23.66aMarshall
7.11Erick Guzman24.31aAbraham Lincoln
5.12Tramell Gaines24.34aFranklin
6.12Tyler Smith24.59aAbraham Lincoln
12Eloy Jordan24.75aEagle Rock
8.12David Anaya24.78aEagle Rock
9.12Alfredo Mercado24.82aFranklin
10.11Daniel Gonzalez25.03aMarshall
11.11Benigno Felix Zunigo25.28aFranklin
12.12Felix Acosta25.84aWilson
13.12Orbel Alvarado25.97aFranklin
14.12Robert Tapia28.22aMarshall
11Manuel VillegasSCREagle Rock
12Myles LegaspiSCRBravo Medical Magnet
12Lorenzo RamirezSCRBravo Medical Magnet
11Eduardo IbarraSCRAbraham Lincoln
X 200 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Prelims
1.10Adrian Gonzalez24.08aEagle Rock
2.10Stewart McKenzie24.58aEagle Rock
4.10Andrew Gonzalez24.75aEagle Rock
5.10Bryan Flores24.82aRobert F. Kennedy
3.9Juan Arciniega24.97aWilson
6.10Derrick Mosley25.28aWilson
7.10Benny Macias25.32aEagle Rock
8.10Israel Nolasco25.49aMarshall
9.10Mark Pineda25.63aMarshall
10.10Ricardo Paniagua25.65aAbraham Lincoln
11.10William Hernandez25.96aRobert F. Kennedy
12.10Andrew Figueroa26.69aMarshall
13.10Stacy Carter26.82aFranklin
14.10Joshua Agustin26.87aMarshall
15.10Christian Garcia27.45aRobert F. Kennedy
16.10Daren Su27.70aWilson
17.10Brian Chang27.93aBravo Medical Magnet
9Luis NietoSCRFranklin
10Steve HerreraSCRFranklin
9Dorian GreySCRBravo Medical Magnet
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Peter Amaya51.69aEagle Rock
2.12Darryl Ponce52.32aMarshall
3.10Yusoph Ombra52.90aMarshall
4.12Alfredo Mercado53.54aFranklin
5.11Golf Sabprasong54.61aMarshall
6.12Roger Barajas56.25aMarshall
7.11Benigno Felix Zunigo56.53aFranklin
8.12Ernesto Gonzalez57.60aAbraham Lincoln
X 400 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Jerico Perlas55.74aEagle Rock
2.10Israel Nolasco56.16aMarshall
3.9Andrew Jasmine56.40aMarshall
4.9Jonathan Villalobos57.23aEagle Rock
5.10Andrew Figueroa59.02aMarshall
6.9Joseph Godina59.81aWilson
7.9Paul Gandara59.88aEagle Rock
8.10Pargev Muradyan1:00.36aMarshall
X 400 Meters - AA Division - Finals
1.11Moises Gomez1:07.08aRobert F. Kennedy
2.12Julio Figueroa1:08.81aMarshall
3.12Brandon Barajas1:11.16aWilson
4.10Adrian Zepeda1:12.30aWilson
5.12Edwin Briseno1:21.45aAbraham Lincoln
6.9Frailan Martinez1:21.82aRobert F. Kennedy
7.12Roberto Grande1:22.37aEagle Rock
8.-Steve Rodriguez1:22.45aWilson
9.12Jason Navarro1:33.35aAbraham Lincoln
10.12Adame Isai1:38.92aMarshall
11.12Michael Alvarez2:13.09aAbraham Lincoln
12.-David Robles2:15.77aWilson
9Antonio ReyesSCREagle Rock
12Garfield SuSCRAbraham Lincoln
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Darryl Ponce52.19aMarshall
2.10Peter Amaya53.42aEagle Rock
3.12Alfredo Mercado54.05aFranklin
4.10Yusoph Ombra54.72aMarshall
5.11Golf Sabprasong54.84aMarshall
7.11Benigno Felix Zunigo55.97aFranklin
8.12Ernesto Gonzalez56.76aAbraham Lincoln
9.12Brian Monge57.32aEagle Rock
6.12Roger Barajas57.65aMarshall
10.12Holger Flores59.37aEagle Rock
11.12Sergio Lopez59.73aEagle Rock
11.11Eduardo Ibarra59.73aAbraham Lincoln
13.12Joshua Diaz1:00.11aFranklin
14.11Melvin Valencia1:00.65aAbraham Lincoln
15.12Abrar Khan1:07.59aBravo Medical Magnet
16.11Eduardo Hernandez1:09.74aBravo Medical Magnet
17.12Spencer Lee1:11.67aBravo Medical Magnet
X 400 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Prelims
1.10Jerico Perlas56.21aEagle Rock
2.9Andrew Jasmine56.46aMarshall
3.10Israel Nolasco57.22aMarshall
4.9Jonathan Villalobos58.08aEagle Rock
7.9Paul Gandara58.70aEagle Rock
8.10Andrew Figueroa58.82aMarshall
5.10Pargev Muradyan1:00.74aMarshall
6.9Joseph Godina1:01.03aWilson
9.10Milton Carballo1:02.15aRobert F. Kennedy
10.9Eddy Angeles1:02.84aBravo Medical Magnet
11.9Andrew Gonzalez1:04.01aBravo Medical Magnet
12.9Josue Cortez1:04.64aFranklin
13.10Joshua Gomez1:05.17aFranklin
14.9Oscar Cardenas1:05.26aBravo Medical Magnet
15.9Ivan Martinez1:05.96aEagle Rock
16.10Mike Calel1:06.75aWilson
17.9Kristian Zavala1:08.87aBravo Medical Magnet
10Patrick PagaduanSCRAbraham Lincoln
10Ciro OlaqueSCRAbraham Lincoln
9Luis NietoSCRFranklin
10Luis HernandezSCRFranklin
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mufid Taha1:58.76aMarshall
2.10Bradley Nabong2:03.76aMarshall
3.11Alejandro Sosa2:04.81aEagle Rock
4.12Daniel Rincon2:05.35aAbraham Lincoln
5.11Edgar Orellana2:05.98aBravo Medical Magnet
6.12Eloy Jordan2:09.02aEagle Rock
7.11Daniel Eller2:09.64aMarshall
8.12Alejandro J. Jaramillo2:09.68aEagle Rock
9.11Daniel Navarro Rodriguez2:12.43aEagle Rock
10.12Marvin Chicas2:14.46aFranklin
11.12Christopher Florencio2:15.42aBravo Medical Magnet
12Alfredo MercadoSCRFranklin
X 800 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Kenny Wong2:08.85aEagle Rock
2.10Jorge Lopez2:10.01aMarshall
3.10Tomal Hossain2:13.70aBravo Medical Magnet
4.9Oscar Magana2:15.46aBravo Medical Magnet
5.10Gerardo Navarro2:15.52aAbraham Lincoln
6.10Andrew Moreno2:20.53aEagle Rock
7.10Edwin Siliezar2:20.58aMarshall
8.9Felix Ruano2:21.26aRobert F. Kennedy
9.9Marion Barleta2:21.79aMarshall
10.9Jeremy Monge2:21.81aEagle Rock
11.10Dong Shin2:22.43aRobert F. Kennedy
10Carlos SamaniegoDQBravo Medical Magnet
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Mufid Taha2:01.18aMarshall
2.12Daniel Rincon2:05.57aAbraham Lincoln
3.10Bradley Nabong2:05.85aMarshall
4.11Daniel Eller2:06.21aMarshall
5.11Alejandro Sosa2:07.13aEagle Rock
7.12Eloy Jordan2:07.20aEagle Rock
6.11Edgar Orellana2:07.79aBravo Medical Magnet
8.12Alfredo Mercado2:08.47aFranklin
9.12Marvin Chicas2:09.83aFranklin
10.12Alejandro J. Jaramillo2:11.07aEagle Rock
11.11Daniel Navarro Rodriguez2:15.99aEagle Rock
12.12Christopher Florencio2:16.89aBravo Medical Magnet
13.11Rudy Vasquez2:17.28aWilson
14.11Eduardo Sanchez2:19.42aAbraham Lincoln
15.12Felix Acosta2:21.51aWilson
16.12San Li2:25.31aBravo Medical Magnet
17.11Jesus Jimenez2:33.20aFranklin
18.12Samuel Mendoza2:34.50aFranklin
19.12Vicente Carrillo2:41.12aBravo Medical Magnet
20.12Derek Olmos2:54.04aAbraham Lincoln
12Jacob AnguloSCRAbraham Lincoln
12Andy ArenasSCRMarshall
X 800 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Prelims
1.10Kenny Wong2:10.85aEagle Rock
3.9Oscar Magana2:12.20aBravo Medical Magnet
5.10Tomal Hossain2:15.53aBravo Medical Magnet
2.10Jorge Lopez2:15.96aMarshall
4.10Gerardo Navarro2:17.19aAbraham Lincoln
7.9Marion Barleta2:19.27aMarshall
6.10Carlos Samaniego2:20.00aBravo Medical Magnet
8.9Jeremy Monge2:22.62aEagle Rock
9.10Edwin Siliezar2:23.03aMarshall
10.10Andrew Moreno2:23.88aEagle Rock
11.10Dong Shin2:24.20aRobert F. Kennedy
10Sebastian Valle2:26.02aEagle Rock
12.9Felix Ruano2:26.25aRobert F. Kennedy
13.9Christian Barreto2:26.45aBravo Medical Magnet
14.9Sarkis Farsakyan2:26.61aMarshall
15.10Mike Calel2:31.36aWilson
16.9Henry Hernandez2:32.52aWilson
17.10Joseph Montanez2:37.22aWilson
18.10Alejandro Molina2:37.48aRobert F. Kennedy
19.10Andrew Le2:39.01aWilson
20.10Gage Leos2:49.79aRobert F. Kennedy
21.9Jonathan Fuentes2:53.60aFranklin
10Oswaldo MartinezSCRFranklin
10Angel RoblesSCRAbraham Lincoln
10Victor LeonSCRFranklin
9Jorge TaboraSCRAbraham Lincoln
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jacob Cuellar4:28.74aMarshall
2.12Jose Gutierrez4:32.70aMarshall
3.11Alejandro Sosa4:34.47aEagle Rock
4.12Daniel Rincon4:40.71aAbraham Lincoln
5.11Edgar Orellana4:42.53aBravo Medical Magnet
6.12Alejandro J. Jaramillo4:47.52aEagle Rock
7.12Jonathan Gutierrez4:49.27aMarshall
8.12Luis Rojas4:50.25aBravo Medical Magnet
9.12Marvin Chicas4:54.82aFranklin
10.11Bryan Avila5:09.69aEagle Rock
11.11Alejandro Cuevas-Silva5:13.12aEagle Rock
9Jose ArevaloSCRMarshall
X 1600 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Carlos Samaniego4:45.04aBravo Medical Magnet
2.10Jorge Lopez4:55.65aMarshall
3.9David Galindo4:58.06aBravo Medical Magnet
4.10Kenny Wong5:03.15aEagle Rock
5.9Antonio Corona5:04.03aMarshall
6.9Jeremy Monge5:06.85aEagle Rock
7.9Marion Barleta5:07.61aMarshall
8.10Angel Robles5:12.29aAbraham Lincoln
9.10Leo Hernandez5:13.30aEagle Rock
10.10Henry Ajanel5:13.40aBravo Medical Magnet
11.10Rudy Lagunas5:15.68aRobert F. Kennedy
10Gerardo NavarroSCRAbraham Lincoln
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Jacob Cuellar4:34.43aMarshall
2.12Jose Gutierrez4:36.34aMarshall
3.11Alejandro Sosa4:40.74aEagle Rock
4.12Daniel Rincon4:41.57aAbraham Lincoln
5.11Edgar Orellana4:43.97aBravo Medical Magnet
6.9Jose Arevalo4:49.80aMarshall
7.12Alejandro J. Jaramillo4:50.63aEagle Rock
8.12Luis Rojas4:52.81aBravo Medical Magnet
9.12Marvin Chicas4:56.53aFranklin
10.12Jonathan Gutierrez4:57.99aMarshall
11.11Bryan Avila5:10.95aEagle Rock
12.11Alejandro Cuevas-Silva5:13.59aEagle Rock
13.11Jose Ambrosio5:14.13aBravo Medical Magnet
14.11Rudy Vasquez5:23.03aWilson
15.12Christopher Florencio5:30.96aBravo Medical Magnet
16.11Jesus Jimenez5:32.51aFranklin
17.12Felix Acosta5:33.34aWilson
18.11Juan Hernandez5:38.13aRobert F. Kennedy
19.12Samuel Mendoza5:38.69aFranklin
20.11Sergio Matias6:20.90aRobert F. Kennedy
21.12Derek Olmos6:23.53aAbraham Lincoln
11Eduardo SanchezSCRAbraham Lincoln
12Ramiro RamirezSCRAbraham Lincoln
X 1600 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Prelims
1.10Jorge Lopez4:54.14aMarshall
3.10Kenny Wong4:54.75aEagle Rock
5.9Antonio Corona5:05.41aMarshall
2.10Leo Hernandez5:06.83aEagle Rock
7.10Henry Ajanel5:07.60aBravo Medical Magnet
8.10Gerardo Navarro5:08.85aAbraham Lincoln
4.9Marion Barleta5:09.56aMarshall
6.10Carlos Samaniego5:11.26aBravo Medical Magnet
9.9Jeremy Monge5:11.85aEagle Rock
10.10Angel Robles5:12.01aAbraham Lincoln
11.9David Galindo5:12.72aBravo Medical Magnet
12.10Rudy Lagunas5:19.21aRobert F. Kennedy
13.9Felix Ruano5:20.28aRobert F. Kennedy
14.10Andrew Moreno5:26.78aEagle Rock
15.10Dong Shin5:30.03aRobert F. Kennedy
16.10Haik Aramyan5:30.99aBravo Medical Magnet
17.9Henry Hernandez5:32.30aWilson
18.10Joseph Montanez5:41.58aWilson
19.10Mike Calel5:42.69aWilson
20.10Alejandro Molina5:45.37aRobert F. Kennedy
21.9Jorge Tabora6:28.97aAbraham Lincoln
10Namien CancheSCRWilson
10Oswaldo MartinezSCRFranklin
10Victor LeonSCRFranklin
9Jason CruzSCRMarshall
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jacob Cuellar9:56.89aMarshall
2.12Jose Gutierrez10:08.72aMarshall
3.9Jose Arevalo10:22.77aMarshall
4.11Aaron Tia11:07.14aMarshall
5.11Jose Ambrosio11:10.73aBravo Medical Magnet
6.11Alejandro Cuevas-Silva11:22.30aEagle Rock
7.11Donald Kaplan11:24.90aEagle Rock
8.11Bryan Avila11:40.19aEagle Rock
9.12San Li11:47.60aBravo Medical Magnet
10.12Joaquin Garrido12:05.08aEagle Rock
11.11Eduardo Sanchez12:07.67aAbraham Lincoln
12.11Josvan Rodriguez12:39.90aBravo Medical Magnet
13.12Derek Olmos13:20.87aAbraham Lincoln
12Ramiro RamirezSCRAbraham Lincoln
12Daniel RinconSCRAbraham Lincoln
11Rudy VasquezSCRWilson
X 3200 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Carlos Samaniego10:43.72aBravo Medical Magnet
2.10Leo Hernandez10:44.15aEagle Rock
3.9David Galindo10:53.38aBravo Medical Magnet
4.9Marion Barleta11:02.65aMarshall
5.10Victor Leon11:06.44aFranklin
6.10Angel Robles11:16.69aAbraham Lincoln
7.9Antonio Corona11:18.11aMarshall
8.10Edwin Siliezar11:18.89aMarshall
9.10Sebastian Valle11:33.89aEagle Rock
10.10Christopher Morales11:40.34aBravo Medical Magnet
11.10Gerardo Navarro11:56.05aAbraham Lincoln
12.9Christian Barreto11:56.99aBravo Medical Magnet
13.9Felix Ruano12:00.68aRobert F. Kennedy
14.9Alejandro Cano12:01.71aEagle Rock
15.9Richard Holin12:03.60aEagle Rock
16.10Joseph Montanez12:12.06aWilson
17.10Mike Calel12:26.37aWilson
18.10Dong Shin12:41.30aRobert F. Kennedy
19.10Alejandro Molina13:31.08aRobert F. Kennedy
20.-Fernando Quintenilla14:04.71aRobert F. Kennedy
21.9Jorge Tabora14:13.06aAbraham Lincoln
10Oswaldo MartinezSCRFranklin
9Jonathan FuentesSCRFranklin
9Jason CruzSCRMarshall
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Charence Lander15.65aEagle Rock
2.12Andrew Madrano15.90aAbraham Lincoln
3.12Oscar Valle16.21aFranklin
4.11Leang Ngoy16.71aMarshall
5.11Jordan Hayes17.34aEagle Rock
6.12Dean Ramos17.50aBravo Medical Magnet
7.12Andrew Castellon18.45aEagle Rock
8.12Roger Chen19.09aBravo Medical Magnet
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Luis Hernandez18.15aFranklin
2.9Jose Ferro18.21aEagle Rock
3.9Juan Arciniega18.47aWilson
4.10Brian Tom19.53aBravo Medical Magnet
5.9Nelson Ayala19.86aMarshall
6.10Robert Villalobos20.40aFranklin
7.10Woo Sung Choi20.44aBravo Medical Magnet
8.9Christopher Reyes21.36aRobert F. Kennedy
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Andrew Madrano16.29aAbraham Lincoln
2.12Charence Lander16.84aEagle Rock
3.11Leang Ngoy16.90aMarshall
4.12Oscar Valle17.35aFranklin
5.11Jordan Hayes17.40aEagle Rock
6.12Dean Ramos17.52aBravo Medical Magnet
7.12Andrew Castellon17.78aEagle Rock
8.12Roger Chen18.81aBravo Medical Magnet
9.11Mathew Rodriguez18.82aFranklin
10.11Alexander Silva19.28aEagle Rock
11.10Alexander Cervantez19.36aAbraham Lincoln
12.11Gordon Huang20.08aFranklin
13.11Daniel Ruiz-Camacho20.18aAbraham Lincoln
14.11Brian Lee20.55aMarshall
15.12Juan Bernardino22.23aBravo Medical Magnet
11Daniel HerreraSCRMarshall
12Johnny BelmontezSCRAbraham Lincoln
12Daniel BuenrostoSCRWilson
11Seul Woe LeeSCRMarshall
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Frosh/Soph - Prelims
1.9Jose Ferro18.35aEagle Rock
2.10Luis Hernandez18.96aFranklin
4.9Nelson Ayala18.98aMarshall
3.9Juan Arciniega19.40aWilson
5.10Woo Sung Choi20.12aBravo Medical Magnet
6.10Brian Tom20.22aBravo Medical Magnet
7.10Robert Villalobos20.77aFranklin
8.9Christopher Reyes21.07aRobert F. Kennedy
9.9Victor Robledo21.16aBravo Medical Magnet
10.9Gabriel Silva21.50aEagle Rock
11.10Brian Chang21.77aBravo Medical Magnet
12.10Euan Tan21.92aMarshall
13.10Alexander Guillen22.17aMarshall
14.9Arnel Mariano22.56aEagle Rock
15.10Andrew Le23.54aWilson
16.10Kevin Hernandez24.09aRobert F. Kennedy
17.9Emilio Collins24.78aEagle Rock
10Guillermo HernandezSCRAbraham Lincoln
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Charence Lander42.13aEagle Rock
2.11Jordan Hayes42.59aEagle Rock
3.12Dean Ramos43.18aBravo Medical Magnet
4.12Andrew Madrano43.56aAbraham Lincoln
5.11Mathew Rodriguez44.70aFranklin
6.12Andrew Castellon47.14aEagle Rock
7.12Oscar Valle48.19aFranklin
8.11Leang Ngoy57.67aMarshall
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.9Jose Ferro45.36aEagle Rock
2.10Luis Hernandez46.46aFranklin
3.10Woo Sung Choi46.97aBravo Medical Magnet
4.10Juan Dominguez47.35aMarshall
5.9Christopher Reyes48.70aRobert F. Kennedy
6.10Robert Villalobos49.22aFranklin
7.10Alexander Guillen50.53aMarshall
9Nelson AyalaSCRMarshall
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Dean Ramos42.22aBravo Medical Magnet
2.11Jordan Hayes43.06aEagle Rock
3.12Charence Lander43.25aEagle Rock
4.11Leang Ngoy43.81aMarshall
5.12Andrew Madrano44.43aAbraham Lincoln
7.11Mathew Rodriguez44.49aFranklin
6.12Andrew Castellon44.72aEagle Rock
8.12Oscar Valle46.18aFranklin
9.12Johnny Belmontez46.38aAbraham Lincoln
10.11Daniel Ruiz-Camacho47.47aAbraham Lincoln
11.12Roger Chen47.48aBravo Medical Magnet
12.10Alexander Cervantez47.98aAbraham Lincoln
13.11Chris Paidimukkala48.27aEagle Rock
14.11Cristian Quintanilla50.49aMarshall
12Juan BernardinoSCRBravo Medical Magnet
11Daniel HerreraSCRMarshall
12Daniel BuenrostoSCRWilson
11Gordon HuangSCRFranklin
11Brian LeeSCRMarshall
11Martin GranadosSCRBravo Medical Magnet
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Frosh/Soph - Prelims
1.9Jose Ferro46.62aEagle Rock
1.10Juan Dominguez46.62aMarshall
4.9Nelson Ayala47.98aMarshall
10Brian Tom48.35aBravo Medical Magnet
3.10Luis Hernandez48.41aFranklin
5.10Woo Sung Choi48.88aBravo Medical Magnet
7.10Robert Villalobos49.03aFranklin
6.9Christopher Reyes49.90aRobert F. Kennedy
8.10Alexander Guillen51.59aMarshall
9.10Kevin Hernandez51.97aRobert F. Kennedy
10.9Gabriel Silva52.78aEagle Rock
11.10Andrew Le52.91aWilson
12.9Luis Navarrete53.58aBravo Medical Magnet
13.9Arnel Mariano54.27aEagle Rock
14.9Victor Robledo54.59aBravo Medical Magnet
15.9Emilio Collins58.75aEagle Rock
10Euan TanSCRMarshall
10Guillermo HernandezSCRAbraham Lincoln
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Maurice Escallon
Peter Huynh
Cristian Quintanilla
Golf Sabprasong
2.-Kyle Quan
Marcos Cousineau
David Anaya
Brian Camonayan
45.22aEagle Rock
3.-Relay Team 45.51aWilson
4.-Relay Team 48.49aFranklin
5.-Juan Bernardino
Dean Ramos
Roger Chen
Myles Legaspi
50.47aBravo Medical Magnet
5.-Brian Tom
Brian Chang
Woo Sung Choi
Eddie Angeles
50.47aBravo Medical Magnet
6.-Andrew Madrano
Erick Guzman
Tyler Smith
Alfredo Rodriguez
1:03.76aAbraham Lincoln
-Relay Team SCRRobert F. Kennedy
X 4x100 Relay - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.-Landon Quan
Adrian Gonzalez
Andrew Gonzalez
Benny Macias
46.19aEagle Rock
2.-Alexander Guillen
Juan Dominguez
Mark Pineda
Nelson Ayala
3.-Joseph Godina
Derrick Mosley
Luis Gonzalez
Eric Benitez
4.-Rudy Lagunas
Bryan Flores
Christian Garcia
William Hernandez
49.94aRobert F. Kennedy
5.-Brian Tom
Brian Chang
Woo Sung Choi
Eddie Angeles
50.18aBravo Medical Magnet
5.-Juan Bernardino
Dean Ramos
Roger Chen
Myles Legaspi
50.18aBravo Medical Magnet
-Roger Lemus
Guillermo Hernandez
Ciro Olaque
Ricardo Paniague
SCRAbraham Lincoln
X 4x100 Relay - AA Division - Finals
1.-Relay Team 59.80aWilson
2.-Relay Team 1:07.67aRobert F. Kennedy
3.-Jason Navarro
Simon Chow
Garfield Su
Edwin Briseno
1:07.98aAbraham Lincoln
4.-Relay Team 1:19.00aWilson
5.-Antonio Reyes
Roberto Grande
Carlo Chavez
Noah Park
1:19.97aEagle Rock
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Yusoph Ombra
Marcus Streeter
Darryl Ponce
Mufid Taha
2.-Eloy Jordan
Alejandro Sosa
Manuel Villegas
Jordan Hayes
3:31.76aEagle Rock
3.-Erick Guzman
Ernesto Gonzalez
Alfredo Rodriguez
Tyler Smith
3:42.26aAbraham Lincoln
4.-Carlos Samaniego
Edgar Orellana
Jose Ambrosio
Christopher Florencio
3:46.49aBravo Medical Magnet
5.-Relay Team 3:47.28aFranklin
-Relay Team SCRWilson
-Relay Team SCRRobert F. Kennedy
X 4x400 Relay - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.-Adrian Gonzalez
Jerico Perlas
Jose Ferro
Benny Macias
3:39.91aEagle Rock
2.-Andrew Jasmine
Israel Nolasco
Andrew Figueroa
Juan Dominguez
3.-Oscar Magana
Brian Tom
Woo Sung Choi
Carlos Samaniego
3:40.92aBravo Medical Magnet
4.-Juan Arciniega
Eric Benitez
Luis Gonzalez
Henry Hernandez
5.-Christian Garcia
William Hernandez
Milton Carballo
Kevin Hernandez
3:58.07aRobert F. Kennedy
-Angel Robles
Gerardo Navarro
Ciro Olaque
Patrick Pagaduan
SCRAbraham Lincoln
X Shot Put - 4kg - AA Division - Finals
1.12Eduart Arellano34-05.50Abraham Lincoln
2.9Antonio Reyes24-10.00Eagle Rock
3.9Carlo Chavez22-06.00Eagle Rock
4.12Roberto Grande19-02.00Eagle Rock
5.11Daniel Lerma17-09.50Abraham Lincoln
6.10Noah Park14-09.50Eagle Rock
7.12Alex Medina10-02.00Eagle Rock
12Harry NavaSCRAbraham Lincoln
X Shot Put - 10lb - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Jesus Cardoza42-08.00Eagle Rock
2.10Ricardo Palma39-10.00Eagle Rock
3.10Anthony Huezo39-04.50Eagle Rock
4.10Roger Lemus39-03.00Abraham Lincoln
5.10Namien Canche37-05.50Wilson
6.10Joseph Lucey35-11.50Eagle Rock
7.10Jesus Calderon33-10.00Franklin
8.10Manny Matierena32-01.00Abraham Lincoln
X Shot Put - 10lb - Frosh/Soph - Prelims
1.10Roger Lemus40-05.00Abraham Lincoln
2.10Jesus Cardoza38-02.00Eagle Rock
3.10Ricardo Palma37-03.50Eagle Rock
4.10Anthony Huezo37-01.50Eagle Rock
5.10Joseph Lucey35-02.00Eagle Rock
6.10Namien Canche34-09.00Wilson
7.10Jesus Calderon34-03.00Franklin
8.10Manny Matierena34-01.00Abraham Lincoln
9.10David Verdin32-06.00Franklin
10.10Edwin Perez30-10.00Robert F. Kennedy
11.10Daniel Ureno30-07.50Franklin
12.10Christopher Morales30-06.00Bravo Medical Magnet
13.10Daren Su30-04.00Wilson
14.10Salvador DelaCruz28-06.00Marshall
15.9Kantin Lam28-04.00Abraham Lincoln
16.10Luis Guardado28-00.00Franklin
17.9Franky Bernal27-04.00Bravo Medical Magnet
18.10Milton Carbajal25-10.00Bravo Medical Magnet
19.9Andrew Flores20-07.50Bravo Medical Magnet
10Daniel MercadoSCRMarshall
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Emmanuel Solorzano44-00.50Eagle Rock
2.12David Renteria41-07.00Eagle Rock
3.12Matthew Osherow40-09.00Eagle Rock
4.12Orbel Alvarado39-07.00Franklin
5.11Robert Villafan35-09.00Abraham Lincoln
6.12Jesus Martinez34-09.00Eagle Rock
7.11Ricardo Fuentes33-02.50Franklin
8.11Joel Herrera32-01.00Wilson
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Emmanuel Solorzano41-11.00Eagle Rock
2.12David Renteria40-01.00Eagle Rock
3.12Matthew Osherow39-11.50Eagle Rock
4.12Orbel Alvarado39-02.50Franklin
5.11Robert Villafan36-04.00Abraham Lincoln
6.11Ricardo Fuentes36-03.50Franklin
7.11Joel Herrera34-05.50Wilson
8.12Jesus Martinez34-04.50Eagle Rock
9.12Julian Padilla33-03.00Abraham Lincoln
10.12Jacob Angulo33-01.00Abraham Lincoln
11.11Devin Bonilla29-00.00Bravo Medical Magnet
10Pablo VelasquezSCRMarshall
12Joel PalaciosSCRMarshall
12Joseph AlvaradoSCRAbraham Lincoln
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Anthony Parada5-10.00Abraham Lincoln
2.10Marcus Streeter5-10.00Marshall
3.11Brian Camonayan5-06.00Eagle Rock
4.10Yusoph Ombra5-04.00Marshall
5.11Elijah Hill5-04.00Marshall
6.12Jason Shang5-02.00Abraham Lincoln
7.12Johnny Belmontez5-02.00Abraham Lincoln
8.12Tramell Gaines5-00.00Franklin
X High Jump - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Stewart McKenzie5-06.00Eagle Rock
2.10Devin Chang5-04.00Abraham Lincoln
3.10Derrick Mosley5-00.00Wilson
4.10Solomon Kim4-10.00Marshall
5.10Daniel Quezada4-08.00Eagle Rock
6.10Milton Carballo4-06.00Robert F. Kennedy
9Ahmad WatsonSCRFranklin
10Stacy CarterSCRFranklin
X High Jump - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Marcus Streeter5-02.00Marshall
1.11Elijah Hill5-02.00Marshall
1.12Anthony Parada5-02.00Abraham Lincoln
1.12Tramell Gaines5-02.00Franklin
5.11Brian Camonayan5-00.00Eagle Rock
5.10Yusoph Ombra5-00.00Marshall
5.12Johnny Belmontez5-00.00Abraham Lincoln
5.12Jason Shang5-00.00Abraham Lincoln
9.11Jose Godinez4-10.00Eagle Rock
9.12Felix Acosta4-10.00Wilson
11.12Randel Mancilla4-08.00Eagle Rock
11.12Oscar Valle4-08.00Franklin
11Daniel GarciaSCREagle Rock
12Daniel BuenrostoSCRWilson
12Myles LegaspiSCRBravo Medical Magnet
X High Jump - Frosh/Soph - Prelims
1.10Daniel Quezada4-04.00Eagle Rock
1.10Devin Chang4-04.00Abraham Lincoln
1.10Stewart McKenzie4-04.00Eagle Rock
1.10Milton Carballo4-04.00Robert F. Kennedy
1.10Solomon Kim4-04.00Marshall
1.10Derrick Mosley4-04.00Wilson
1.10Stacy Carter4-04.00Franklin
1.9Ahmad Watson4-04.00Franklin
10Jerico PerlasSCREagle Rock
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Randel Mancilla11-06.00Eagle Rock
2.11Jordan Hayes10-06.00Eagle Rock
3.10Reece Melendrez10-06.00Marshall
4.12Michael Matienzo10-00.00Marshall
5.10Nicola Celada10-00.00Marshall
6.11Chris Paidimukkala7-06.00Eagle Rock
7.11Robert Villafan7-06.00Abraham Lincoln
11Eduardo SanchezNHAbraham Lincoln
X Pole Vault - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Solomon Kim8-00.00Marshall
2.9Jose Ferro7-06.00Eagle Rock
3.10Devin Chang7-06.00Abraham Lincoln
4.10Cody Lizarraga6-06.00Eagle Rock
10Owen SmithSCRMarshall
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tramell Gaines21-06.00Franklin
2.10Marcus Streeter20-11.00Marshall
3.11Robert Villafan18-07.00Abraham Lincoln
4.12Carlos Tejeda18-05.00Bravo Medical Magnet
5.11Leang Ngoy18-01.00Marshall
6.12Roger Chen17-09.50Bravo Medical Magnet
7.11Melvin Valencia16-07.50Abraham Lincoln
12Kyle QuanSCREagle Rock
11Brian CamonayanSCREagle Rock
X Long Jump - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Devin Chang20-03.00Abraham Lincoln
2.10Stewart McKenzie19-06.00Eagle Rock
3.9Paul Gandara18-04.00Eagle Rock
4.10Daniel Nota17-10.50Eagle Rock
5.10Landon Quan17-07.50Eagle Rock
6.10Daren Su16-07.00Wilson
7.9Eddy Angeles16-05.50Bravo Medical Magnet
10Stacy CarterSCRFranklin
X Long Jump - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Tramell Gaines20-04.50Franklin
2.10Marcus Streeter20-01.25Marshall
3.11Leang Ngoy19-04.00Marshall
4.11Brian Camonayan19-03.50Eagle Rock
5.12Kyle Quan18-02.00Eagle Rock
6.11Robert Villafan17-07.00Abraham Lincoln
7.12Roger Chen16-08.50Bravo Medical Magnet
8.12Carlos Tejeda16-07.00Bravo Medical Magnet
8.11Melvin Valencia16-07.00Abraham Lincoln
10.12David Anaya15-09.50Eagle Rock
11.11Daniel Garcia15-01.75Eagle Rock
12Andrew MadranoNDAbraham Lincoln
12Michael MatienzoNDMarshall
11Rudy VasquezSCRWilson
12Jason ShangSCRAbraham Lincoln
X Long Jump - Frosh/Soph - Prelims
1.10Devin Chang19-09.50Abraham Lincoln
2.10Stewart McKenzie19-04.00Eagle Rock
3.9Paul Gandara17-11.50Eagle Rock
4.10Landon Quan17-08.50Eagle Rock
5.10Daniel Nota17-05.00Eagle Rock
6.10Stacy Carter16-10.00Franklin
7.9Eddy Angeles16-04.25Bravo Medical Magnet
8.10Daren Su16-03.50Wilson
9.10Eric Benitez16-00.00Wilson
10.10Ricardo Paniagua15-10.00Abraham Lincoln
11.9Victor Robledo9-09.00Bravo Medical Magnet
9Dorian GreySCRBravo Medical Magnet
10Luis GonzalezSCRWilson
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Michael Matienzo41-06.00Marshall
2.12Jason Shang38-11.00Abraham Lincoln
3.11Leang Ngoy37-11.00Marshall
4.11Melvin Valencia35-08.00Abraham Lincoln
5.12Jonathan Woods35-05.00Marshall
6.12Carlos Tejeda35-00.00Bravo Medical Magnet
11Brian CamonayanSCREagle Rock
11Eduardo IbarraSCRAbraham Lincoln
X Triple Jump - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Stewart McKenzie40-07.00Eagle Rock
2.10Devin Chang38-01.00Abraham Lincoln
3.10Daniel Nota37-03.00Eagle Rock
4.9Eddy Angeles35-06.00Bravo Medical Magnet
5.9Arden Camonayan35-01.00Eagle Rock
6.9Ivan Palomino34-11.00Eagle Rock
9Joseph GodinaSCRWilson
9Henry HernandezSCRWilson
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Michael Matienzo41-04.00Marshall
2.11Brian Camonayan39-11.00Eagle Rock
3.12Jason Shang37-03.50Abraham Lincoln
4.11Leang Ngoy37-01.00Marshall
5.11Melvin Valencia35-10.50Abraham Lincoln
6.11Eduardo Ibarra35-06.00Abraham Lincoln
7.12Jonathan Woods34-10.50Marshall
8.12Carlos Tejeda34-05.50Bravo Medical Magnet
9.11Gordon Huang34-05.00Franklin
10.11Sergio Carrillo30-01.00Eagle Rock
12Anthony ParadaSCRAbraham Lincoln
11Daniel GarciaSCREagle Rock
12Felix AcostaSCRWilson
12Tramell GainesSCRFranklin
12Juan BernardinoSCRBravo Medical Magnet
X Triple Jump - Frosh/Soph - Prelims
1.10Stewart McKenzie39-09.50Eagle Rock
2.10Devin Chang37-08.00Abraham Lincoln
3.10Daniel Nota37-06.50Eagle Rock
4.9Eddy Angeles35-02.00Bravo Medical Magnet
5.9Arden Camonayan35-00.50Eagle Rock
6.9Ivan Palomino34-06.00Eagle Rock
7.9Henry Hernandez28-04.50Wilson
8.9Joseph Godina27-00.50Wilson
10Namien CancheSCRWilson
9Oscar CardenasSCRBravo Medical Magnet
10Ciro OlaqueSCRAbraham Lincoln

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Latasha Collins12.43aMarshall
2.12Vanessa Capra13.33aEagle Rock
3.9Amy Guirola13.65aEagle Rock
4.12Terri Jackson14.02aFranklin
5.10Ashley Ramos14.06aMarshall
6.12Valencia Bernard14.07aWilson
7.12Linda Doan14.10aMarshall
8.12Peiln Yang14.16aFranklin
X 100 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Darrika Tripp13.64aAbraham Lincoln
2.10Adriana Aceves13.66aEagle Rock
3.9Genesis Soto14.08aMarshall
4.9Karen Ramos14.42aEagle Rock
5.10Elaine Wu14.46aAbraham Lincoln
6.10Francis Tang14.52aAbraham Lincoln
7.10Sharon Pham14.55aMarshall
8.9Jacquelin Guitierrrez15.40aRobert F. Kennedy
X 100 Meters - AA Division - Finals
1.12Knyleanna Mathis18.26aEagle Rock
2.9Analina Kowalksi19.58aMarshall
3.12Melinda Lu19.69aAbraham Lincoln
4.11mirna Jimenez19.73aRobert F. Kennedy
5.-Gabriel Moreno19.96aRobert F. Kennedy
6.10Maribel Sedano23.65aWilson
7.12Angela Alvarez24.22aAbraham Lincoln
8.12Kristin Ong26.63aEagle Rock
9.9Taira Amato27.15aEagle Rock
10.12Ruoshi Liu28.14aAbraham Lincoln
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Latasha Collins12.44aMarshall
2.12Vanessa Capra13.46aEagle Rock
4.9Amy Guirola13.49aEagle Rock
7.12Terri Jackson13.82aFranklin
5.10Ashley Ramos13.83aMarshall
3.12Valencia Bernard14.04aWilson
6.12Linda Doan14.08aMarshall
8.12Peiln Yang14.28aFranklin
9.12Liliana De Los Santos14.91aAbraham Lincoln
10.11Katerina Levitsky14.98aEagle Rock
11.11Gina Gonzalez15.18aEagle Rock
12.11Monica Rangel15.39aBravo Medical Magnet
13.12Ana Sierra15.81aBravo Medical Magnet
14.12Ana Vasquez15.94aBravo Medical Magnet
15.11Jasmin Romero16.36aFranklin
16.12Lizvette Flores17.26aBravo Medical Magnet
11Alana MirandaSCRMarshall
11Gloria GarciaSCRRobert F. Kennedy
11Monica CruzSCRRobert F. Kennedy
11Destiny ZunigaSCRWilson
12Cindy ReyesSCRFranklin
11Brenda GalanSCRWilson
X 100 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Prelims
1.10Darrika Tripp13.68aAbraham Lincoln
2.9Genesis Soto13.99aMarshall
4.10Adriana Aceves14.13aEagle Rock
5.10Sharon Pham14.36aMarshall
7.10Francis Tang14.45aAbraham Lincoln
8.9Karen Ramos14.48aEagle Rock
3.10Elaine Wu14.50aAbraham Lincoln
9.10Taylor Hoverson14.76aEagle Rock
10.10Amy Nguyen15.10aWilson
6.9Jacquelin Guitierrrez15.29aRobert F. Kennedy
11.10Mervelin Aviles15.48aMarshall
12.10Lisa Lu15.68aWilson
13.10Kimberly Arciniega15.85aWilson
14.10Stephanie Patin15.89aEagle Rock
15.10Maria Morales16.28aBravo Medical Magnet
16.9Rocio Del Cid17.51aRobert F. Kennedy
10Jocelyn MartinezSCRBravo Medical Magnet
9Nancy TangSCRFranklin
9Lindsay JoseSCRFranklin
11Emily LinaresSCRWilson
10Jasmin RamosSCRBravo Medical Magnet
10Melissa RiveraSCRMarshall
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Latasha Collins26.23aMarshall
2.10Couger Jaramillo27.96aEagle Rock
3.12Nancy Andrade28.40aMarshall
4.9Amy Guirola28.58aEagle Rock
5.12Cindy Reyes29.10aFranklin
6.12Terri Jackson29.27aFranklin
7.12Robin Estrada29.61aWilson
8.12Peiln Yang29.98aFranklin
X 200 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Darrika Tripp27.37aAbraham Lincoln
2.10Adriana Aceves28.62aEagle Rock
3.9Judith Espinoza29.52aEagle Rock
4.9Genesis Soto29.57aMarshall
5.10Cassandra Sanchez29.82aEagle Rock
6.9Karen Ramos29.84aEagle Rock
7.10Megan Culp30.17aBravo Medical Magnet
10Zhi QiuSCRMarshall
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Latasha Collins26.20aMarshall
2.12Nancy Andrade28.31aMarshall
3.10Couger Jaramillo28.37aEagle Rock
4.9Amy Guirola28.65aEagle Rock
7.12Cindy Reyes29.18aFranklin
5.12Terri Jackson29.38aFranklin
8.12Robin Estrada29.55aWilson
9.11Laurel Hogue29.72aEagle Rock
6.12Peiln Yang29.73aFranklin
10.11Jacky Lizaola30.67aEagle Rock
11.12Liliana De Los Santos31.40aAbraham Lincoln
12.12Ana Vasquez33.16aBravo Medical Magnet
13.12Sheyla Alarcon38.57aBravo Medical Magnet
12Tania AmarillasSCRWilson
11Alana MirandaSCRMarshall
11Jasmin RomeroSCRFranklin
12Linda DoanSCRMarshall
11Corina ZamoranoSCRAbraham Lincoln
X 200 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Prelims
1.10Darrika Tripp27.59aAbraham Lincoln
2.10Adriana Aceves29.00aEagle Rock
3.9Genesis Soto29.40aMarshall
4.10Megan Culp29.61aBravo Medical Magnet
5.10Cassandra Sanchez29.88aEagle Rock
7.9Judith Espinoza30.06aEagle Rock
8.9Karen Ramos30.15aEagle Rock
9.10Vicki Guan30.17aMarshall
6.10Zhi Qiu30.32aMarshall
10.10Elaine Wu30.35aAbraham Lincoln
11.10Amy Nguyen31.32aWilson
12.9Jacquelin Guitierrrez31.68aRobert F. Kennedy
13.10Lisa Lu32.27aWilson
14.10Jennifer Zaragoza32.44aBravo Medical Magnet
15.10Melisa Espinoza34.27aMarshall
16.10Paulina Rubio36.82aWilson
10Jennifer AyalaSCRWilson
9Nancy TangSCRFranklin
10Jocelyn MartinezSCRBravo Medical Magnet
9Lindsay JoseSCRFranklin
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nandi Watson59.68aMarshall
2.12Nancy Andrade1:02.76aMarshall
3.11Stephanie Colomes1:04.33aMarshall
4.11Laurel Hogue1:04.53aEagle Rock
5.11Victoria Pimentel1:06.67aEagle Rock
6.12Robin Estrada1:09.20aWilson
7.11Karen Mayorga1:10.19aFranklin
8.11Jacky Lizaola1:10.95aEagle Rock
X 400 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.9Judith Espinoza1:05.95aEagle Rock
2.9Caroline Roncalli1:06.10aEagle Rock
3.10Vicki Guan1:06.54aMarshall
4.10Zhi Qiu1:08.76aMarshall
5.10Cassandra Sanchez1:09.40aEagle Rock
6.10Megan Culp1:09.99aBravo Medical Magnet
7.10Aurora Trejo1:11.64aEagle Rock
8.9Kristy Wong1:13.56aFranklin
X 400 Meters - AA Division - Finals
1.-Gabriel Moreno1:37.24aRobert F. Kennedy
2.9Honeyruby Aguillon1:43.93aEagle Rock
3.9Angelica Davis1:54.45aRobert F. Kennedy
4.9Analina Kowalksi2:11.55aMarshall
5.12Tuoshi Liu2:14.64aAbraham Lincoln
12Angela AlvarezSCRAbraham Lincoln
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Nandi Watson1:00.79aMarshall
2.12Nancy Andrade1:03.26aMarshall
3.11Stephanie Colomes1:05.99aMarshall
4.11Laurel Hogue1:06.52aEagle Rock
5.11Victoria Pimentel1:07.44aEagle Rock
6.11Karen Mayorga1:08.34aFranklin
7.12Robin Estrada1:10.18aWilson
8.11Jacky Lizaola1:10.39aEagle Rock
9.12Darcy Cotto1:11.69aEagle Rock
10.11Emily Pineda1:13.03aFranklin
11.11Gabriela Ayala1:13.25aFranklin
12Christina GuoSCRBravo Medical Magnet
12Stefania GarciaSCRAbraham Lincoln
11Grecia PerezSCRWilson
12Teresa McCarthyWhiteSCRAbraham Lincoln
11Jasmin RomeroSCRFranklin
11Gloria GarciaSCRRobert F. Kennedy
12Sasha BinderSCRMarshall
11Destiny ZunigaSCRWilson
X 400 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Prelims
1.9Caroline Roncalli1:05.92aEagle Rock
2.10Megan Culp1:06.97aBravo Medical Magnet
4.10Vicki Guan1:07.07aMarshall
3.9Judith Espinoza1:07.22aEagle Rock
5.10Zhi Qiu1:09.57aMarshall
6.10Cassandra Sanchez1:10.31aEagle Rock
7.10Aurora Trejo1:12.09aEagle Rock
8.9Kristy Wong1:13.08aFranklin
9.10Mervelin Aviles1:13.63aMarshall
10.10Jennifer Zaragoza1:14.07aBravo Medical Magnet
11.10Syliva Orozco1:14.17aBravo Medical Magnet
12.10Melisa Espinoza1:16.14aMarshall
13.9Gabriela Garcia1:18.67aBravo Medical Magnet
14.10Kimberly Arciniega1:19.02aWilson
15.10Liliana Murillo1:21.51aWilson
16.9Stephanie Cernas1:26.52aWilson
11Emily PinedaSCRFranklin
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nancy Andrade2:26.49aMarshall
2.11Vanessa Herrera2:28.33aMarshall
3.12Liz Gonzalez2:30.31aMarshall
4.12Karla Molina2:39.91aBravo Medical Magnet
5.11Esther Trevizo2:41.34aEagle Rock
6.11Ilse Garcia2:42.84aBravo Medical Magnet
7.11Anai Guardado2:43.45aBravo Medical Magnet
8.11Emily Dang2:44.80aEagle Rock
9.12Joceline Lugo2:46.64aFranklin
10.11Miranda Vendel2:53.90aEagle Rock
11.12Yanira Ajanal2:56.47aBravo Medical Magnet
12Leah BolañosSCRMarshall
X 800 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Amanda Davatolhagh2:39.05aEagle Rock
2.9Karen Cuencas2:39.44aEagle Rock
3.9Jacqueline Lopez2:41.00aBravo Medical Magnet
4.10Liillian Ruiz2:42.82aEagle Rock
5.9Socorro Cambero2:48.56aAbraham Lincoln
6.9Christine Mercado2:49.35aBravo Medical Magnet
7.10Arlene Guzman2:51.39aWilson
8.10Eve Mejia2:51.72aEagle Rock
9.9Brenda Velasquez2:52.14aRobert F. Kennedy
10.9Yozaima Escobar2:57.67aBravo Medical Magnet
11.9Ana Ortiz3:00.90aMarshall
10Vaness CastilloSCRFranklin
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Vanessa Herrera2:33.78aMarshall
2.12Nancy Andrade2:34.60aMarshall
3.12Liz Gonzalez2:35.85aMarshall
4.11Esther Trevizo2:41.47aEagle Rock
5.12Karla Molina2:42.18aBravo Medical Magnet
6.11Ilse Garcia2:42.91aBravo Medical Magnet
7.12Joceline Lugo2:43.94aFranklin
8.11Anai Guardado2:44.05aBravo Medical Magnet
9.12Leah Bolaños2:46.66aMarshall
10.11Emily Dang2:48.98aEagle Rock
11.11Miranda Vendel2:52.73aEagle Rock
12.12Yanira Ajanal2:55.38aBravo Medical Magnet
13.12Iliana Avila2:58.05aAbraham Lincoln
14.11Gabriela Ayala3:00.16aFranklin
15.11Emily Pineda3:04.69aFranklin
16.12Linda Nguyen3:06.90aAbraham Lincoln
17.12Leila Valle3:24.39aEagle Rock
18.12Michelle Flores3:47.02aAbraham Lincoln
12Guadalupe ValenzuelaSCRAbraham Lincoln
11Jennifer GutierrezSCRFranklin
X 800 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Prelims
1.9Jacqueline Lopez2:48.25aBravo Medical Magnet
2.9Karen Cuencas2:49.63aEagle Rock
3.9Socorro Cambero2:50.04aAbraham Lincoln
5.10Amanda Davatolhagh2:50.39aEagle Rock
4.10Liillian Ruiz2:52.91aEagle Rock
10Blanca Moreno2:53.55aRobert F. Kennedy
7.9Brenda Velasquez2:54.79aRobert F. Kennedy
6.9Christine Mercado2:58.40aBravo Medical Magnet
8.9Yozaima Escobar3:00.46aBravo Medical Magnet
9.9Ana Ortiz3:03.48aMarshall
10.10Arlene Guzman3:05.44aWilson
11.10Vaness Castillo3:05.60aFranklin
12.10Eve Mejia3:05.77aEagle Rock
13.10Monica De Leon3:06.69aWilson
14.10Liliana Murillo3:08.28aWilson
15.9Michelle Figueroa3:11.99aMarshall
16.10Brenda Yanez3:24.52aBravo Medical Magnet
10Karena MedinaSCRWilson
9Winny ChenSCRFranklin
10Dimetry NadineSCRFranklin
9Christine WuSCRFranklin
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Vanessa Herrera5:35.84aMarshall
2.12Liz Gonzalez5:43.79aMarshall
3.11Natalie Lenarduzzi5:45.35aMarshall
4.11Ilse Garcia5:49.38aBravo Medical Magnet
5.12Karla Molina5:51.74aBravo Medical Magnet
6.12Miriam Vasquez5:54.27aMarshall
7.12Joceline Lugo5:55.32aFranklin
8.11Miranda Vendel6:12.06aEagle Rock
9.11Maggie Hernandez6:18.40aRobert F. Kennedy
10.12Iliana Avila6:55.01aAbraham Lincoln
10Blanca MorenoSCRRobert F. Kennedy
12Linda NguyenSCRAbraham Lincoln
X 1600 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Amanda Davatolhagh5:57.66aEagle Rock
2.9Caroline Tan6:05.64aMarshall
3.9Jacqueline Lopez6:10.82aBravo Medical Magnet
4.9Christine Mercado6:14.73aBravo Medical Magnet
5.9Gabriella Cuevas6:18.72aEagle Rock
6.10Loren Escobedo6:20.47aEagle Rock
7.10Eve Mejia6:24.89aEagle Rock
8.10Katia Canseco6:28.87aRobert F. Kennedy
9.10Kimberly Guo6:28.91aBravo Medical Magnet
10.10Angelica Gil6:33.88aBravo Medical Magnet
11.9Ana Ortiz6:47.65aMarshall
12.10Marlin Espino6:48.22aWilson
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Vanessa Herrera5:31.37aMarshall
2.11Natalie Lenarduzzi5:49.35aMarshall
3.12Miriam Vasquez5:54.08aMarshall
5.12Liz Gonzalez5:57.63aMarshall
4.11Ilse Garcia6:00.72aBravo Medical Magnet
6.12Joceline Lugo6:06.11aFranklin
7.12Karla Molina6:08.51aBravo Medical Magnet
8.10Blanca Moreno6:10.79aRobert F. Kennedy
9.11Miranda Vendel6:16.61aEagle Rock
10.12Linda Nguyen6:32.49aAbraham Lincoln
11.11Maggie Hernandez6:39.69aRobert F. Kennedy
12.12Iliana Avila6:48.73aAbraham Lincoln
13.11Indira Kissoondyal6:49.36aBravo Medical Magnet
14.12Yvette Flores7:45.10aBravo Medical Magnet
15.12Michelle Flores7:52.18aAbraham Lincoln
16.12Linett Martinez7:53.56aFranklin
17.11Mayte Mora8:00.53aRobert F. Kennedy
18.12Leila Valle8:08.35aEagle Rock
19.11Socorro Angel10:06.11aRobert F. Kennedy
11Jennifer GutierrezSCRFranklin
12Guadalupe ValenzuelaSCRAbraham Lincoln
X 1600 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Prelims
1.9Caroline Tan6:08.57aMarshall
3.9Christine Mercado6:16.02aBravo Medical Magnet
5.9Gabriella Cuevas6:17.97aEagle Rock
2.9Jacqueline Lopez6:30.32aBravo Medical Magnet
4.10Amanda Davatolhagh6:36.18aEagle Rock
6.10Loren Escobedo6:38.46aEagle Rock
7.10Eve Mejia6:39.32aEagle Rock
8.10Kimberly Guo6:39.99aBravo Medical Magnet
9.10Angelica Gil6:40.17aBravo Medical Magnet
10.9Ana Ortiz6:41.32aMarshall
11.10Katia Canseco6:46.34aRobert F. Kennedy
12.10Marlin Espino6:53.16aWilson
13.10Arlene Guzman6:59.64aWilson
14.10Liliana Murillo7:00.60aWilson
15.10Dimetry Nadine7:22.41aFranklin
16.9Marilyn Lopez8:48.36aRobert F. Kennedy
10Karena MedinaSCRWilson
9Christine WuSCRFranklin
9Winny ChenSCRFranklin
9Socorro CamberoSCRAbraham Lincoln
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Vanessa Herrera11:52.35aMarshall
2.12Miriam Vasquez12:39.25aMarshall
3.11Natalie Lenarduzzi12:40.04aMarshall
4.12Denisse Ruiz13:04.71aBravo Medical Magnet
5.10Blanca Moreno13:20.94aRobert F. Kennedy
6.11Anai Guardado13:31.56aBravo Medical Magnet
7.12Sindy Mercado13:32.62aMarshall
8.11Indira Kissoondyal14:43.25aBravo Medical Magnet
9.12Tania Amarillas17:05.36aWilson
10.-Irasma Fabian17:22.76aRobert F. Kennedy
11.11Roxana Sierra17:36.90aBravo Medical Magnet
12Iliana AvilaSCRAbraham Lincoln
11Maggie HernandezSCRRobert F. Kennedy
12Linda NguyenSCRAbraham Lincoln
11Miranda VendelSCREagle Rock
12Guadalupe ValenzuelaSCRAbraham Lincoln
X 3200 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Amanda Davatolhagh12:53.55aEagle Rock
2.9Caroline Tan13:00.89aMarshall
3.9Gabriella Cuevas14:09.77aEagle Rock
4.10Angelica Gil14:25.04aBravo Medical Magnet
5.10Eve Mejia14:31.99aEagle Rock
6.10Loren Escobedo14:38.90aEagle Rock
7.9Dulce Morales14:51.68aBravo Medical Magnet
8.10Yessica Sanchez14:53.41aWilson
9.10Jennifer Lam15:14.51aBravo Medical Magnet
10.9Socorro Cambero15:18.65aAbraham Lincoln
11.9Sazi Coronel16:41.07aBravo Medical Magnet
10Katia CansecoSCRRobert F. Kennedy
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kimberly Orpinela17.68aEagle Rock
2.12Amanda Lopez18.31aBravo Medical Magnet
3.12Jessica Loya18.40aEagle Rock
4.10Jessica Tzvetanova18.89aMarshall
5.11Esther Trevizo18.94aEagle Rock
6.11Madeline Villatoro19.89aAbraham Lincoln
7.12Valencia Bernard20.58aWilson
8.12Irma Diaz Sierra20.95aAbraham Lincoln
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.9Chisom Onyea18.66aBravo Medical Magnet
2.10Joyee Luau18.80aBravo Medical Magnet
3.10Kimberly Alvarado19.96aEagle Rock
4.10Carla Torres20.00aBravo Medical Magnet
5.9Caitlin Ner20.38aEagle Rock
6.10Jasmine Alfaro20.76aBravo Medical Magnet
7.10Ysabel Caranto21.50aEagle Rock
10Nairobi OrellanaSCREagle Rock
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Kimberly Orpinela17.83aEagle Rock
2.12Amanda Lopez18.45aBravo Medical Magnet
4.10Jessica Tzvetanova18.47aMarshall
3.11Esther Trevizo18.62aEagle Rock
5.12Jessica Loya19.10aEagle Rock
7.12Irma Diaz Sierra19.73aAbraham Lincoln
8.11Madeline Villatoro20.37aAbraham Lincoln
9.11Emily Dang20.42aEagle Rock
6.12Valencia Bernard20.64aWilson
10.11Monica Rangel21.02aBravo Medical Magnet
11.12Monica Na21.16aMarshall
12.11Isamara Huerta21.38aBravo Medical Magnet
13.12Peiln Yang21.81aFranklin
14.12Marilyn Hernandez25.51aBravo Medical Magnet
12Tania AmarillasSCRWilson
11Nancy LinSCRMarshall
11Brenda GalanSCRWilson
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Frosh/Soph - Prelims
1.9Chisom Onyea18.86aBravo Medical Magnet
2.10Ysabel Caranto18.89aEagle Rock
3.10Joyee Luau19.54aBravo Medical Magnet
4.10Carla Torres20.26aBravo Medical Magnet
5.10Kimberly Alvarado20.27aEagle Rock
6.9Caitlin Ner20.95aEagle Rock
7.10Jasmine Alfaro21.00aBravo Medical Magnet
8.10Nairobi Orellana22.01aEagle Rock
9.9Vanessa Ramirez22.79aFranklin
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kimberly Orpinela52.00aEagle Rock
2.10Barbara Dibs52.04aMarshall
3.11Bethany Park53.04aEagle Rock
4.12Jessica Loya54.02aEagle Rock
5.12Amanda Lopez54.77aBravo Medical Magnet
6.10Jessica Tzvetanova55.11aMarshall
7.10Ashley Ramos55.99aMarshall
8.11Kaitlin Lord56.46aEagle Rock
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Joyee Luau52.35aBravo Medical Magnet
2.9Chisom Onyea53.21aBravo Medical Magnet
3.9Caitlin Ner53.82aEagle Rock
4.10Carla Torres57.55aBravo Medical Magnet
5.10Ysabel Caranto57.73aEagle Rock
6.10Jasmine Alfaro59.09aBravo Medical Magnet
7.10Nairobi Orellana1:01.01aEagle Rock
8.10Kimberly Alvarado1:01.53aEagle Rock
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Kimberly Orpinela51.96aEagle Rock
2.10Barbara Dibs52.26aMarshall
3.12Jessica Loya53.28aEagle Rock
4.11Bethany Park54.08aEagle Rock
5.12Amanda Lopez55.56aBravo Medical Magnet
6.10Ashley Ramos55.97aMarshall
7.10Jessica Tzvetanova56.58aMarshall
8.11Kaitlin Lord57.00aEagle Rock
9.12Irma Diaz Sierra57.61aAbraham Lincoln
10.12Sasha Binder1:01.13aMarshall
11.11Isamara Huerta1:01.74aBravo Medical Magnet
12.12Marilyn Hernandez1:11.71aBravo Medical Magnet
11Kimberly SanchezSCRFranklin
12Tania AmarillasSCRWilson
11Brenda GalanSCRWilson
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Frosh/Soph - Prelims
1.10Joyee Luau52.79aBravo Medical Magnet
2.9Chisom Onyea53.89aBravo Medical Magnet
3.9Caitlin Ner55.09aEagle Rock
4.10Ysabel Caranto55.62aEagle Rock
5.10Carla Torres58.42aBravo Medical Magnet
6.10Kimberly Alvarado1:00.52aEagle Rock
7.10Jasmine Alfaro1:01.28aBravo Medical Magnet
8.10Nairobi Orellana1:03.42aEagle Rock
9.9Vanessa Ramirez1:07.01aFranklin
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Latasha Collins
Linda Doan
Ashley Ramos
Nandi Watson
2.-Vanessa Capra
Katerina Levitsky
Amy Guirola
Nicole Hernandez
53.83aEagle Rock
3.-Relay Team 55.07aFranklin
4.-Ana Sierra
Monica Rangel
Amanda Lopez
Ana Vasquez
58.69aBravo Medical Magnet
-Amy Nguyen
Lisa Lu
Yessica Sanchez
Kimberly Arciniega
-Stefania Garcia
Madeline Villatoro
Liliana De Los Santos
Irma Diaz Sierra
SCRAbraham Lincoln
-Relay Team SCRRobert F. Kennedy
X 4x100 Relay - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.-Chisom Onyea
Megan Culp
Joyee Luau
Jasmine Alfaro
54.67aBravo Medical Magnet
2.-Relay Team 55.16aAbraham Lincoln
3.-Sharon Pham
Melissa Rivera
Zhi Qiu
Genesis Soto
4.-Jennifer Jimenez
Jacquelin Guitierrrez
Brenda Velasquez
Katia Canseco
1:00.08aRobert F. Kennedy
5.-Judith Espinoza
Adriana Aceves
Kimberly Alvarado
Ysabel Caranto
1:01.44aEagle Rock
-Brenda Galan
Valencia Bernard
Robin Estrada
Grecia Perez
X 4x100 Relay - AA Division - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:25.82aRobert F. Kennedy
2.-Taira Amato
Honeyruby Anguillon
Kristin Ong
Knyleanna Mathis
1:26.11aEagle Rock
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Nancy Andrade
Stephanie Colomes
Barbara Dibs
Nandi Watson
2.-Vanessa Capra
Laurel Hogue
Couger Jaramillo
Victoria Pimentel
4:24.14aEagle Rock
3.-Relay Team 4:42.41aFranklin
4.-Karla Molina
Amanda Lopez
Ilse Garcia
Anai Guardado
4:47.77aBravo Medical Magnet
-Teresa McCarthyWhite
Irma Diaz Sierra
Liliana De Los Santos
Stefania Garcia
SCRAbraham Lincoln
-Relay Team SCRRobert F. Kennedy
-Relay Team SCRWilson
X 4x400 Relay - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.-Judith Espinoza
Caroline Roncalli
Adriana Aceves
Karen Cuencas
4:30.76aEagle Rock
2.-Megan Culp
Chisom Onyea
Kimberly Guo
Joyee Luau
4:43.97aBravo Medical Magnet
3.-Sharon Pham
Zhi Qiu
Vicki Guan
Genesis Soto
4.-Yessica Sanchez
Marlin Espino
Amy Nguyen
Kimberly Arciniega
5.-Jennifer Jimenez
Katia Canseco
Brenda Velasquez
Jacquelin Guitierrrez
5:15.30aRobert F. Kennedy
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jaimmy Juarez32-06.50Abraham Lincoln
2.12Kimberly Orpinela30-06.00Eagle Rock
3.11Aaliyah Tihanyi28-03.50Eagle Rock
4.12Jennifer Arroyo25-11.00Abraham Lincoln
5.11Isamara Huerta24-09.50Bravo Medical Magnet
6.12Jovana Sanchez24-08.00Marshall
7.12Brenda Cazun23-11.00Robert F. Kennedy
8.-Crystal Sanchez22-09.00Franklin
X Shot Put - 4kg - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Jazmine Delos Santos27-01.50Eagle Rock
2.10Aurora Trejo26-01.00Eagle Rock
3.10Taylor Hoverson25-02.50Eagle Rock
4.10Paulina Rubio24-08.50Wilson
5.10Vanessa Morfin23-08.00Eagle Rock
6.10Ana Chavez21-06.00Bravo Medical Magnet
7.10Mervelin Aviles21-04.00Marshall
8.9Yulissa Garcia20-08.50Franklin
X Shot Put - 4kg - AA Division - Finals
1.9Honeyruby Aguillon15-05.00Eagle Rock
2.12Knyleanna Mathis13-10.00Eagle Rock
3.12Kristin Ong12-08.00Eagle Rock
4.12Ruoshi Liu9-03.00Abraham Lincoln
5.9Taira Amato9-01.00Eagle Rock
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Jaimmy Juarez33-06.50Abraham Lincoln
2.12Kimberly Orpinela31-06.00Eagle Rock
3.11Aaliyah Tihanyi26-10.00Eagle Rock
4.12Jennifer Arroyo24-07.00Abraham Lincoln
5.12Jovana Sanchez24-00.00Marshall
6.11Isamara Huerta23-04.00Bravo Medical Magnet
6.-Crystal Sanchez23-04.00Franklin
8.12Brenda Cazun23-02.00Robert F. Kennedy
9.11Katerina Levitsky21-11.00Eagle Rock
10.11Maria Velasquez21-04.00Robert F. Kennedy
11.12Wendy Ruiz20-11.00Eagle Rock
12.10Allison Coreas20-08.00Marshall
13.11Diana Hernandez19-06.00Bravo Medical Magnet
14.11Donaji Martinez19-01.00Bravo Medical Magnet
15.11Janet Flores17-08.50Franklin
16.12Charron George17-03.00Franklin
12Stefania GarciaSCRAbraham Lincoln
X Shot Put - 4kg - Frosh/Soph - Prelims
1.10Jazmine Delos Santos28-06.50Eagle Rock
2.10Aurora Trejo27-01.00Eagle Rock
3.10Taylor Hoverson25-09.00Eagle Rock
4.10Paulina Rubio23-11.50Wilson
5.10Mervelin Aviles23-05.00Marshall
6.10Vanessa Morfin23-01.50Eagle Rock
7.9Yulissa Garcia21-03.00Franklin
8.10Ana Chavez19-09.00Bravo Medical Magnet
9.10Dahlia Taha19-03.00Marshall
10.10Leslie Garcia18-07.00Wilson
11.9Jessica Cervantes17-11.00Bravo Medical Magnet
11.10Evelinn Garcia17-11.00Bravo Medical Magnet
13.9Christina Aguilara14-03.00Bravo Medical Magnet
11Emily LinaresSCRWilson
10Lisa LuSCRWilson
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Bailey Ramos4-08.00Marshall
2.12Claudia Chavez4-02.00Eagle Rock
3.12Cindy Reyes4-02.00Franklin
4.12Jessica Loya4-00.00Eagle Rock
5.11Kaitlin Lord4-00.00Eagle Rock
11Nicole HernandezNHEagle Rock
11Isamara HuertaNHBravo Medical Magnet
X High Jump - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.9Destiny Lea4-01.00Abraham Lincoln
2.10Syliva Orozco4-00.00Bravo Medical Magnet
3.10Mervelin Aviles3-10.00Marshall
4.10Cynthia Valadez3-10.00Bravo Medical Magnet
9Jacqueline LopezNHBravo Medical Magnet
10Ysabel CarantoNHEagle Rock
X High Jump - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Claudia Chavez4-00.00Eagle Rock
1.12Cindy Reyes4-00.00Franklin
1.11Nicole Hernandez4-00.00Eagle Rock
1.11Kaitlin Lord4-00.00Eagle Rock
1.11Isamara Huerta4-00.00Bravo Medical Magnet
1.12Jessica Loya4-00.00Eagle Rock
1.12Bailey Ramos4-00.00Marshall
12Christina GuoSCRBravo Medical Magnet
11Nancy LinSCRMarshall
12Teresa McCarthyWhiteSCRAbraham Lincoln
11Gabriela AyalaNHFranklin
11Corina ZamoranoSCRAbraham Lincoln
X High Jump - Frosh/Soph - Prelims
1.9Destiny Lea3-00.00Abraham Lincoln
1.10Ysabel Caranto3-00.00Eagle Rock
1.9Jacqueline Lopez3-00.00Bravo Medical Magnet
2.10Syliva Orozco3-00.00Bravo Medical Magnet
3.10Mervelin Aviles3-00.00Marshall
4.10Cynthia Valadez3-00.00Bravo Medical Magnet
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Bailey Ramos8-09.00Marshall
2.12Darcy Cotto7-00.00Eagle Rock
3.12Claudia Chavez6-06.00Eagle Rock
4.12Kimberly Orpinela6-06.00Eagle Rock
5.11Katerina Levitsky6-00.00Eagle Rock
12Linda NguyenSCRAbraham Lincoln
12Michelle FloresSCRAbraham Lincoln
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Latasha Collins16-06.00Marshall
2.12Valencia Bernard14-04.00Wilson
3.11Nicole Hernandez13-10.00Eagle Rock
4.12Sasha Binder13-08.00Marshall
5.11Karen Mayorga13-05.00Franklin
6.11Gina Gonzalez12-09.00Eagle Rock
7.12Claudia Chavez12-02.00Eagle Rock
8.12Brenda Cazun12-00.00Robert F. Kennedy
X Long Jump - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Darrika Tripp16-02.00Abraham Lincoln
2.9Caroline Roncalli15-09.00Eagle Rock
3.10Francis Tang14-07.00Abraham Lincoln
4.10Kimberly Alvarado13-06.00Eagle Rock
5.9Sandy Hi13-03.00Eagle Rock
6.10Sharon Pham13-02.00Marshall
7.9Kristy Wong12-09.00Franklin
8.10Jazmine Delos Santos12-02.00Eagle Rock
X Long Jump - AA Division - Finals
1.12Knyleanna Mathis8-05.00Eagle Rock
2.9Honeyruby Aguillon7-02.00Eagle Rock
3.12Kristin Ong5-00.50Eagle Rock
4.9Taira Amato4-06.00Eagle Rock
4.12Ruoshi Liu4-06.00Abraham Lincoln
4.9Analina Kowalksi4-06.00Marshall
7.12Angela Alvarez3-10.00Abraham Lincoln
8.12Melinda Lu3-06.00Abraham Lincoln
X Long Jump - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Latasha Collins15-11.00Marshall
2.12Sasha Binder13-07.00Marshall
3.11Nicole Hernandez13-02.00Eagle Rock
4.12Valencia Bernard13-01.00Wilson
5.11Karen Mayorga12-09.00Franklin
6.12Claudia Chavez11-07.00Eagle Rock
7.11Gina Gonzalez11-04.00Eagle Rock
7.12Brenda Cazun11-04.00Robert F. Kennedy
9.11Jasmin Romero11-03.00Franklin
10.12Allison Moncada10-10.00Eagle Rock
10.12Yanira Ajanal10-10.00Bravo Medical Magnet
12Teresa McCarthyWhiteSCRAbraham Lincoln
11Nancy LinSCRMarshall
12Michelle FloresSCRAbraham Lincoln
12Christina GuoSCRBravo Medical Magnet
12Jessica E LopezSCRBravo Medical Magnet
12Ana SierraSCRBravo Medical Magnet
11Corina ZamoranoSCRAbraham Lincoln
X Long Jump - Frosh/Soph - Prelims
1.10Darrika Tripp15-01.00Abraham Lincoln
2.9Caroline Roncalli14-03.00Eagle Rock
3.10Kimberly Alvarado13-09.00Eagle Rock
4.9Sandy Hi12-11.00Eagle Rock
5.10Sharon Pham12-09.00Marshall
6.10Francis Tang12-07.00Abraham Lincoln
7.9Kristy Wong12-02.00Franklin
8.10Jazmine Delos Santos11-09.00Eagle Rock
9.9Christine Mercado11-07.00Bravo Medical Magnet
10.9Lyna To11-06.00Abraham Lincoln
11.10Vaness Castillo10-09.00Franklin
12.10Monica De Leon10-02.00Wilson
10Arlene GuzmanSCRWilson
10Yessica SanchezSCRWilson
10Marlin EspinoSCRWilson
10Jessica TzvetanovaSCRMarshall
9Destiny LeaSCRAbraham Lincoln
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Bailey Ramos32-03.00Marshall
2.11Nicole Hernandez29-08.00Eagle Rock
3.12Monica Na28-00.00Marshall
4.10Barbara Dibs27-02.00Marshall
5.11Monica Rangel27-00.00Bravo Medical Magnet
5.12Brenda Cazun27-00.00Robert F. Kennedy
7.12Jasmin Joya-Herrera25-01.00Bravo Medical Magnet
8.12Allison Moncada24-02.00Eagle Rock
X Triple Jump - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.10Francis Tang32-00.50Abraham Lincoln
2.9Caroline Roncalli30-10.00Eagle Rock
3.9Lyna To27-05.00Abraham Lincoln
4.10Hannah Binder26-00.00Marshall
5.10Kimberly Guo24-05.00Bravo Medical Magnet
6.10Jazmine Delos Santos23-10.00Eagle Rock
7.10Syliva Orozco23-09.00Bravo Medical Magnet
8.9Jasmine Quintana23-07.00Eagle Rock
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Bailey Ramos30-01.00Marshall
2.11Nicole Hernandez30-00.00Eagle Rock
3.10Barbara Dibs28-00.00Marshall
4.12Monica Na26-05.00Marshall
5.12Allison Moncada25-03.00Eagle Rock
6.11Monica Rangel25-02.00Bravo Medical Magnet
6.12Brenda Cazun25-02.00Robert F. Kennedy
8.12Jasmin Joya-Herrera24-08.00Bravo Medical Magnet
9.11Roxana Sierra24-02.00Bravo Medical Magnet
10.11Jacky Lizaola23-09.00Eagle Rock
11Diana HernandezSCRBravo Medical Magnet
11Grecia PerezSCRWilson
12Jessica LoyaSCREagle Rock
X Triple Jump - Frosh/Soph - Prelims
1.9Caroline Roncalli29-04.00Eagle Rock
2.10Francis Tang29-02.00Abraham Lincoln
3.10Hannah Binder25-04.00Marshall
4.10Jazmine Delos Santos25-02.00Eagle Rock
5.9Lyna To24-08.00Abraham Lincoln
6.10Kimberly Guo23-09.00Bravo Medical Magnet
7.10Syliva Orozco23-02.00Bravo Medical Magnet
8.9Jasmine Quintana22-05.00Eagle Rock
9.9Christine Mercado22-00.00Bravo Medical Magnet
10.10Angela Rodriguez21-05.00Bravo Medical Magnet
10Liliana MurilloSCRWilson
10Jennifer AyalaSCRWilson
10Monica De LeonSCRWilson
10Tina TranSCRMarshall
10Darrika TrippSCRAbraham Lincoln
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