OK Green Conference Meet

Friday, May 08, 2009
  Hamilton HS, Hamilton - Map
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Michigan - Division 1
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Zach Heerspink11.11aHamilton
2.10Ricco Hall11.172aWyoming Park
3.12John Koppenaal11.176aZeeland West
4.-Lonnie Fields11.33aWyoming Park
5.12Austin Schild11.43aHamilton
6.11Sean Riley11.52aWyoming
7.-Tyler Sharkey11.63aByron Center
8.-Jeremiah Filker12.12aByron Center
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.12Zach Heerspink11.30aHamilton
2.12John Koppenaal11.45aZeeland West
3.10Ricco Hall11.48aWyoming Park
4.-Lonnie Fields11.49aWyoming Park
5.11Sean Riley11.52aWyoming
6.-Tyler Sharkey11.67aByron Center
7.12Austin Schild11.70aHamilton
8.-Jeremiah Filker11.73aByron Center
9.-Mitch Doolaard11.97aHamilton
10.10Brad Kunz12.03aHudsonville Unity Ch...
11.-Austin Sale12.07aZeeland West
12.12Terell Tovar12.08aZeeland West
13.-Andrew Ruhland12.15aByron Center
14.-Abdul McKinnon12.34aWyoming
15.-Mike Taylor12.34aByron Center
16.10Reid Compagner12.48aHolland Christian
17.10Caleb Ellens12.50aHudsonville Unity Ch...
18.-Roger Sackey12.55aHudsonville Unity Ch...
19.-Christian Arias12.56aWyoming Park
20.9Ross Ebels12.64aZeeland East
21.11Cody Mihm12.64aHamilton
22.-Jon McCleery12.69aZeeland East
23.-Dontarye Carlisle12.91aWyoming
24.12Rakeyme Banks14.96aWyoming
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Ricco Hall22.55aWyoming Park
2.12David Ptacek22.68aHamilton
3.12Eric Slenk22.88aHolland Christian
4.11Brad Dempsey23.23aWyoming Park
5.12Austin Schild23.48aHamilton
6.12John Koppenaal23.63aZeeland West
7.12Ross Kelsey24.18aZeeland West
8.-Lonnie Fields29.07aWyoming Park
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.12David Ptacek22.72aHamilton
2.10Ricco Hall22.94aWyoming Park
3.-Lonnie Fields23.23aWyoming Park
4.12Eric Slenk23.24aHolland Christian
5.11Brad Dempsey23.26aWyoming Park
6.12John Koppenaal23.53aZeeland West
7.12Austin Schild23.67aHamilton
8.-Kelsey Ross23.73aZeeland West
9.-Jeremiah Filker23.75aByron Center
10.12Matt Tyink24.26aHamilton
11.-Mitch Doolaard24.35aHamilton
12.11Sean Riley24.53aWyoming
13.10Brad Horling25.13aZeeland East
14.11Bakker Alex25.17aHolland Christian
15.-Andrew Ruhland25.52aByron Center
16.12Jamahal Hill25.77aWyoming
17.-Dontarye Carlisle26.03aWyoming
18.-Abdul McKinnon26.07aWyoming
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Marcus Lade49.56aZeeland West
2.12David Ptacek49.84aHamilton
3.10Ricco Hall50.72aWyoming Park
4.12Aris. Melton51.19aZeeland East
5.11Conlin Britton51.87aHolland Christian
6.10Christian Stratton53.73aZeeland East
7.11Jared Van Dyke54.38aHudsonville Unity Ch...
8.-Ivan Navarrete55.12aWyoming
9.11Donnell Blaylock55.43aWyoming
10.-Mike Hoffman55.50aHamilton
11.-Nate Bultman55.52aWyoming Park
12.-Rashod Jenkins55.66aWyoming
13.10Josh Burley56.39aHamilton
14.10Zach Beyer56.68aHamilton
15.-William Peneda57.21aWyoming
16.9Derek Veltema57.29aZeeland East
17.-Hudnell DeVonte57.41aWyoming Park
18.10Andrew Ringling57.44aZeeland East
19.9Justin Dykema57.47aHudsonville Unity Ch...
20.-Mike Ball57.62aByron Center
21.-Christian Arias57.97aWyoming Park
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Chris Schulist2:01.17aZeeland West
2.10Daniel Pung2:02.98aZeeland West
3.11Jeff VanderMolen2:03.62aHudsonville Unity Ch...
4.10Jeff Sattler2:05.44aByron Center
5.12Zac Bigelow2:05.93aByron Center
6.10Andrew Roelofs2:06.45aZeeland East
7.12Colin McCasland2:06.68aWyoming
8.-Caleb Krikke2:08.57aHudsonville Unity Ch...
9.12Will VanderWal2:08.92aHudsonville Unity Ch...
10.9Brad Mesbergen2:09.05aZeeland West
11.11Jordan VanDeWalker2:09.38aHolland Christian
12.9Matt Rouwhorst2:09.47aHamilton
13.10Austin Werley2:10.50aHolland Christian
14.-Sean Blourne2:11.69aHamilton
15.12Josiah Samy2:14.35aZeeland East
16.-Cris Goree2:18.64aWyoming
17.-Ivan Navarrete2:19.25aWyoming
18.-Trevor Genther2:19.58aHamilton
19.12Cody Braendle2:20.10aWyoming Park
20.-Courtney Johnson2:20.82aHamilton
21.9Viet Nguyen2:37.77aWyoming Park
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Chris Schulist4:32.62aZeeland West
2.10Jeff Sattler4:33.66aByron Center
3.12Devon Scott4:37.51aHolland Christian
4.12David Vandebunte4:37.94aByron Center
5.9Matt Rouwhorst4:38.81aHamilton
6.11Jeff VanderMolen4:38.91aHudsonville Unity Ch...
7.11Joe Niemiec4:44.03aZeeland East
8.-Derick Sackey4:44.13aHudsonville Unity Ch...
9.-Luis Lopez4:51.18aWyoming
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12David Vandebunte9:58.61aByron Center
2.11Tyler Bos10:02.63aZeeland West
3.11Chris Schulist10:06.42aZeeland West
4.10Taylor Compton10:13.13aHamilton
5.12Devon Scott10:19.32aHolland Christian
6.12Austin Swanson10:19.40aZeeland West
7.11Joe Niemiec10:19.82aZeeland East
8.10Calvin Nitz10:34.25aZeeland East
9.12Nathan Scripps10:35.45aHolland Christian
10.-Alex VanHaitsma10:39.89aHudsonville Unity Ch...
11.9James Niemiec10:45.64aZeeland East
12.11Kaden Nesky10:46.57aHudsonville Unity Ch...
13.10Zak Vruwink10:49.54aHudsonville Unity Ch...
14.9Mitch Tiethof10:51.76aZeeland East
15.10Alex Martinez11:16.20aWyoming
16.12Nathan Harkema11:24.84aHudsonville Unity Ch...
17.12Christian Suero11:28.89aWyoming
18.11Henry Ochoa11:33.28aWyoming Park
19.11Troy Hammond11:39.23aZeeland West
20.10Clay Campbell11:53.55aHamilton
21.10Irving Hernandez14:02.96aWyoming
22.-Luis Lopez14:05.52aWyoming
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Justin Casarez15.00aWyoming
2.12Troy Sneller15.64aHamilton
3.12Kevin Dempsey15.69aWyoming Park
4.12Dakota Sale15.86aHamilton
5.11Brandon Arndt15.93aZeeland West
6.12Matt Daugherty16.21aZeeland West
7.11Jordan Mast16.92aHolland Christian
8.11James Folkert16.93aHamilton
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.12Justin Casarez15.89aWyoming
2.11Brandon Arndt16.08aZeeland West
3.12Troy Sneller16.12aHamilton
4.12Dakota Sale16.27aHamilton
5.12Kevin Dempsey16.41aWyoming Park
6.12Matt Daugherty16.70aZeeland West
7.11Jordan Mast17.06aHolland Christian
8.11James Folkert17.09aHamilton
9.11Ray Russell17.28aWyoming Park
10.11Matt. Hoeksema17.45aZeeland East
11.11Gabe Stille17.51aHamilton
12.10Christian Doyle17.68aWyoming
13.11Joe Kraker17.73aHolland Christian
14.11Kham Kittirath18.62aZeeland West
15.10LaQuan Smith18.89aWyoming
16.11Nick Petroelje18.92aHolland Christian
17.-Keith Adkins19.45aZeeland West
18.10Andrew Ringling20.34aZeeland East
19.12SPENCER DeYOUNG21.22aWyoming
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Troy Sneller40.13aHamilton
2.12Dakota Sale41.34aHamilton
3.12Matt Daugherty42.10aZeeland West
4.10Christian Doyle42.81aWyoming
5.11Jordan Mast43.24aHolland Christian
6.12Kevin Dempsey43.33aWyoming Park
7.10Cody Westfield43.59aHamilton
8.11Matt. Hoeksema43.62aZeeland East
9.11Joe Kraker43.70aHolland Christian
10.9Joe Gaiser43.74aZeeland West
11.11Brandon Arndt44.16aZeeland West
12.11Tyler Wiersma44.26aHudsonville Unity Ch...
13.10Vincent Veldink44.47aWyoming Park
14.11Kham Kittirath45.98aZeeland West
15.11Ray Russell46.70aWyoming Park
16.11James Folkert46.75aHamilton
17.-Seth Day47.08aZeeland East
18.11Nick Petroelje47.49aHolland Christian
19.-Keith Adkins48.20aZeeland East
20.10LaQuan Smith48.31aWyoming
21.-Henry Kimberlin48.69aZeeland East
22.11Greg Bird49.83aByron Center
23.12Rakeyme Banks50.03aWyoming
2.10Lorenzo Vega51.10aWyoming Park
3.12SPENCER DeYOUNG52.27aWyoming
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 44.02aHamilton
2.-Relay Team 44.52aZeeland West
3.-Relay Team 45.21aWyoming Park
4.-Relay Team 45.77aByron Center
5.-Relay Team 45.95aHolland Christian
6.-Relay Team 47.33aHudsonville Unity Ch...
7.-Relay Team 47.51aWyoming
8.-Relay Team 48.85aZeeland East
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:30.83aZeeland West
2.-Relay Team 1:31.62aHamilton
3.-Relay Team 1:33.75aHolland Christian
4.-Relay Team 1:34.25aWyoming Park
5.-Relay Team 1:34.52aWyoming
6.-Relay Team 1:35.12aZeeland East
7.-Relay Team 1:38.92aHudsonville Unity Ch...
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:26.12aHamilton
2.-Relay Team 3:30.27aZeeland West
3.-Relay Team 3:33.60aHolland Christian
4.-Relay Team 3:34.68aWyoming Park
5.-Relay Team 3:36.91aHudsonville Unity Ch...
6.-Relay Team 3:39.74aZeeland East
7.-Relay Team 3:47.30aWyoming
8.-Relay Team 3:58.26aByron Center
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 8:14.66aZeeland West
2.-Relay Team 8:20.60aHudsonville Unity Ch...
3.-Relay Team 8:25.54aByron Center
4.-Brad Rietveld
Devon Scott
Nathan Scripps
Conlin Britton
8:36.85aHolland Christian
5.-Relay Team 8:39.93aZeeland East
6.-Relay Team 8:43.17aHamilton
7.-Relay Team 8:58.73aWyoming
8.-Relay Team 10:59.96aWyoming Park
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11John. Kamps54-06Zeeland East
2.10Derek Sievers51-09.5Byron Center
3.12Adam DeYoung49-03Hudsonville Unity Ch...
4.-Sean Marcus49-02Byron Center
5.12Tanner Hardester48-06.5Zeeland East
6.11Lee. VanKampen47-00Zeeland East
7.12Nic Veldkamp46-09.5Holland Christian
8.-Nate Reimink46-00Hamilton
9.11Josh Villanueva45-06.5Zeeland West
10.9Tj Beelen43-09.5Zeeland East
11.12Nathan Bazan42-00Zeeland West
12.10Ryan Stankey41-10.5Byron Center
13.10Jon Norris41-07.25Hamilton
14.11Kyle Little41-04.25Wyoming
15.9Drew Lopez40-01.5Zeeland West
16.10Joe Coeling39-10.25Zeeland West
17.-Dan Bosch39-10Hamilton
18.10Pierce Velderman38-01.5Hamilton
19.12Jason Nyhof38-00.5Holland Christian
20.11Camron Kiekintveld38-00Holland Christian
21.11Isaac VanDam37-11Hudsonville Unity Ch...
22.11Jake Faber37-11Wyoming Park
23.12Allan Malfroid37-08.5Wyoming
24.-Anthony Inman34-10.5Wyoming Park
25.-KC Beckett34-03.25Wyoming Park
26.11Nick Robbins33-00.5Wyoming
27.-Jake Savage32-07.5Wyoming Park
28.-Roger Sackey31-09Hudsonville Unity Ch...
29.10Irving Hernandez28-02Wyoming
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Derek Sievers156-03Byron Center
2.11Lee. VanKampen151-05Zeeland East
3.12Nic Veldkamp144-11Holland Christian
4.-Alex. Slagh144-07Zeeland East
5.11Jacob. Medendorp142-01Zeeland East
6.10Ryan Stankey138-09Byron Center
7.12Tanner Hardester138-00Zeeland East
8.-Dan Bosch128-11Hamilton
9.-Sean Marcus124-00Byron Center
10.11Tyler Koops123-05Hamilton
11.12Nathan Bazan120-02Zeeland West
12.12Allan Malfroid112-11Wyoming
13.11Isaac VanDam112-04Hudsonville Unity Ch...
14.11Kyle Little111-09Wyoming
15.11Nick Robbins111-02Wyoming
16.11Jake Faber110-02Wyoming Park
17.12Adam DeYoung109-03Hudsonville Unity Ch...
18.10Josh Littell107-07Hamilton
19.10Pierce Velderman107-06Hamilton
20.11Tyler Kujawa105-05Zeeland West
21.-KC Beckett104-07Wyoming Park
22.10Joe Coeling97-02Zeeland West
23.11Jake Maguire94-07Holland Christian
24.-Anthony Inman88-02Wyoming Park
25.10Sean Sloop87-05Wyoming Park
26.11Camron Kiekintveld85-11Holland Christian
27.10Irving Hernandez70-02Wyoming
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Zach Heerspink6'2''Hamilton
2.11Josh Gillett6'0''Zeeland West
3.12Justin Casarez6'0''Wyoming
4.-Dolgoon Agni5'10''Hamilton
5.9Joe Gaiser5'10''Zeeland West
6.-Bradon Arndt5'10''Zeeland West
7.9Kyle Kujawa5'7''Zeeland West
8.11Jordan VanDeWalker5'7''Holland Christian
9.-Mike Pando5'7''Hamilton
10.12David Ptacek5'7''Hamilton
11.12Jamahal Hill5'4''Wyoming
12.11Josh Voetberg5'4''Holland Christian
13.-Caleb Krikke5'4''Hudsonville Unity Ch...
14.-Aaron Reynolds5'4''Wyoming Park
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Justin Casarez13'6''Wyoming
2.12Chris Schurr13'''Byron Center
3.12Kevin Dempsey12''Wyoming Park
4.-Tate Rillema11''Hudsonville Unity Ch...
5.11Aric Spotts11''Hamilton
6.-Mike Ball11''Byron Center
7.-Miles Smith11''Zeeland East
8.11Ben Lemmen11''Holland Christian
9.10Christian Doyle10''Wyoming
10.11Tyler Wiersma10''Hudsonville Unity Ch...
11.11Brandon Arndt10''Zeeland West
12.12Will VanderWal10''Hudsonville Unity Ch...
13.11James Folkert10''Hamilton
14.-Ryan VanVels9'6''Hudsonville Unity Ch...
15.11Andrew Ferry9''Zeeland West
16.11Brad Rietveld9''Holland Christian
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Zach Heerspink21'6''Hamilton
2.12Matt Tyink21'4.5''Hamilton
3.12Marcus Lade20'10''Zeeland West
4.12AJ Westendorp20'3.25''Holland Christian
5.12Justin Tran19'2.5''Zeeland West
6.-Rashod Jenkins19'2.5''Wyoming
7.10Brad Horling18'10''Zeeland East
8.-Nate Bultman18'10''Wyoming Park
9.9Sam Lohman18'7.75''Hamilton
10.-Mike Hoffman18'5''Hamilton
11.12Jamahal Hill18'3''Wyoming
12.11Andrew Ferry18'1.75''Zeeland West
13.9Joe Gaiser17'11.25''Zeeland West
14.10Noah Snyder17'5.5''Zeeland East
15.12Rakeyme Banks17'3.5''Wyoming
16.-Travis Jackson17'1.5''Wyoming
17.11Ray Russell17'1''Wyoming Park
18.-Jon McCleery16'10.25''Zeeland East
19.12Drew Vugteveen16'9.75''Zeeland East
20.11Josh Voetberg16'5.25''Holland Christian
21.10Lorenzo Vega15'10.75''Wyoming Park
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