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Umatilla, Athena-Weston, Stanfield, Boardman

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Umatilla, Umatilla

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 50 Meter Dash - 7-8 - Finals
13-14Christerpher Self9.68Big River Track      
8UBrody Sowards10.72Big River Track      
X 50 Meter Dash - 5-6 - Finals
9-10Emmanuel Mendoza10Stanfield Elementary...      
-Cameron Reich11.18Tigerscot Youth      
Keagen Stiffler12.00Tigerscot Youth      
Caiden Dennis15.76Tigerscot Youth      
Dylan Monaco16.00Tigerscot Youth      
X 100 Meters - 11-12 - Finals
13-14Marco Madrigal15.0Big River Track      
13-14Alexis Mercado15.02Big River Track      
13-14Anthony Lemus15.40Big River Track      
13-14Isaac Estrada15.38Big River Track      
13-14Carson Robinson16.50Big River Track      
8UKolten Marble16.94Stanfield Elementary...      
13-14Justin Iveson17.31Big River Track      
8UWyatt Moss17.78Stanfield Elementary...      
9-10Anthony Mendoza18.43Stanfield Elementary...      
13-14Keegan Krogh20.35Big River Track      
X 100 Meters - 9-10 - Finals
13-14Trent Durfey16.0Big River Track      
4Parker Munck15.93Tigerscot Youth      
9-10Ti Abney16.12Stanfield Elementary...      
8UMario Sanchez16.22Stanfield Elementary...      
13-14Anthony Ibarra17.0Big River Track      
4Khai Robertson17.04Tigerscot Youth      
9-10Cody Griffin17.28Stanfield Elementary...      
8URyan Coffelt17.5Stanfield Elementary...      
8UJustin Waybright18.28Stanfield Elementary...      
9-10Julio Bernal18.69Big River Track      
9-10Jordan Waybright19Stanfield Elementary...      
4Blair Rudolph19.37Tigerscot Youth      
4Cade Bryan20.00Tigerscot Youth      
13-14Riley Jorgenson20.66Big River Track      
4Billy Muilenburg22.12Tigerscot Youth      
13-14Trevor Linnell26.22Big River Track      
X 100 Meters - 7-8 - Finals
13-14Christerpher Self19.09Big River Track      
8UAnthony Keeney19.25Stanfield Elementary...      
3Wyatt Wahl20.00Tigerscot Youth      
8UKeagan Brown20.03Stanfield Elementary...      
8UJaiden Ruloph20.38Stanfield Elementary...      
9-10Dylan Ditchen21Stanfield Elementary...      
8UBrody Sowards21.18Big River Track      
8UNathan Valencia24.63Stanfield Elementary...      
13-14Dysen Wilson26.9Big River Track      
X 100 Meters - 5-6 - Finals
Keagen Stiffler26.59Tigerscot Youth      
X 200 Meters - 11-12 - Finals
13-14Marco Madrigal32.54Big River Track      
13-14Alexis Mercado34.81Big River Track      
6Wyatt Mays45.5Tigerscot Youth      
X 200 Meters - 9-10 - Finals
13-14Anthony Ibarra31.59Big River Track      
-Andrew Gambill38.16Tigerscot Youth      
13-14Roberto Lugo53.19Big River Track      
X 200 Meters - 7-8 - Finals
13-14Christerpher Self43.63Big River Track      
8UKeagan Brown43.91Stanfield Elementary...      
8UBrody Sowards44.8Big River Track      
13-14Anthony Campos45.12Big River Track      
8UCade Irby50.4Stanfield Elementary...      
8UNathan Valencia58.53Stanfield Elementary...      
X 200 Meters - Straight - 9-10 - Finals
8URyan Coffelt1'31.22Stanfield Elementary...      
X 400 Meters - 11-12 - Finals
13-14Marco Madrigal1:19Big River Track      
8UKolten Marble1'22Stanfield Elementary...      
13-14Noah Lawson1:24.65Big River Track      
13-14Isaac Estrada1"26Big River Track      
13-14Kevin Nino1:37.38Big River Track      
6Wyatt Mays1:44Tigerscot Youth      
13-14Colby Krogh1:47.03Big River Track      
X 400 Meters - 9-10 - Finals
13-14Trevor Linnell1:11.31Big River Track      
4Logan Wahl1:23Tigerscot Youth      
8UMario Sanchez1'24.1Stanfield Elementary...      
4Parker Munck1:25Tigerscot Youth      
13-14Trent Durfey1:25Big River Track      
X 400 Meters - 7-8 - Finals
8UAnthony Keeney1'37.5Stanfield Elementary...      
3Wyatt Wahl1:43Tigerscot Youth      
8UGriffin Cappello1:46.69Big River Track      
13-14Dominick Nino1:47.37Big River Track      
3Bryce Fairchild2:05Tigerscot Youth      
X 800 Meters - 11-12 - Finals
13-14Kevin Nino3:33.0Big River Track      
X 800 Meters - 9-10 - Finals
4Logan Wahl3:11Tigerscot Youth      
8UHugo Hernandez3:24Stanfield Elementary...      
13-14Aden Capello3:34.85Big River Track      
8UMario Sanchez3:37Stanfield Elementary...      
X 800 Meters - 7-8 - Finals
13-14Roberto Lugo3:35.1Big River Track      
X 1500 Meters - 11-12 - Finals
11-12Alex Ibarra5:44Big River Track      
9-10Aaron Wipplinger6:13Stanfield Elementary...      
13-14Kevin Nino6:45Big River Track      
9-10Jordan Waybright7:22Stanfield Elementary...      
8UKolten Marble8:04Stanfield Elementary...      
X 1500 Meters - 9-10 - Finals
4Logan Wahl6:03Tigerscot Youth      
4Blair Rudolph6:53Tigerscot Youth      
8UJustin Waybright7:17Stanfield Elementary...      
X 1500 Meters - 7-8 - Finals
Theodore White7:18Tigerscot Youth      
13-14Dominick Nino7:37Big River Track      
3Bryce Fairchild8:19Tigerscot Youth      
X 4x100 Relay - 9-10 - Finals
-Andrew Gambill
Parker Munck
Logan Wahl
Khai Robertson
1:10Tigerscot Youth      
-Ti Abney
Jordan Waybright
Justin Waybright
Kolten Marble
1'13Stanfield Elementary...      
X 4x100 Relay - 7-8 - Finals
-Bryce Fairchild
Theodore White
Wyatt Wahl
Blair Rudolph
1:23Tigerscot Youth      
X 4x100 Relay - 5-6 - Finals
-Caiden Dennis
Dylan Monaco
Keegan Stiffler
Cameron Reich
1:55Tigerscot Youth      
X Shot Put - 6lb - 11-12 - Finals
13-14Alexis Mercado23'10"Big River Track      
13-14Carson Robinson23'3.5"Big River Track      
13-14Colby Krogh23'.5"Big River Track      
13-14Noah Lawson23'.5"Big River Track      
13-14Kevin Nino20Big River Track      
9-10Anthony Mendoza20Stanfield Elementary...      
13-14Keegan Krogh19'7"Big River Track      
11-12Alex Ibarra17'7"Big River Track      
X Shot Put - 6lb - 9-10 - Finals
13-14Anthony Ibarra16'Big River Track      
-Andrew Gambill12'9Tigerscot Youth      
13-14Trevor Linnell11'6"Big River Track      
X Shot Put - 6lb - 7-8 - Finals
9-10Dylan Ditchen12'5Stanfield Elementary...      
8UGriffin Cappello11'3"Big River Track      
13-14Dominick Nino11'1"Big River Track      
8UNathan Valencia10'6Stanfield Elementary...      
13-14Dysen Wilson10'2"Big River Track      
3Bryce Fairchild10'0Tigerscot Youth      
X Shot Put - 6lb - 5-6 - Finals
8UJose Pena11'5Stanfield Elementary...      
Keagen Stiffler8'3Tigerscot Youth      
Caiden Dennis7'3Tigerscot Youth      
Dylan Monaco6'11Tigerscot Youth      
-Cameron Reich5'9Tigerscot Youth      
X Javelin - 300g TJ - 11-12 - Finals
13-14Colby Krogh72'Big River Track      
13-14Kevin Nino68'10"Big River Track      
13-14Keegan Krogh49'2"Big River Track      
X Javelin - 300g TJ - 9-10 - Finals
13-14Aden Capello64'7"Big River Track      
13-14Trent Durfey61'9"Big River Track      
13-14Anthony Ibarra58'7"Big River Track      
X Javelin - 300g TJ - 7-8 - Finals
8UKeagan Brown51'1Stanfield Elementary...      
13-14Roberto Lugo39'10"Big River Track      
13-14Christerpher Self39'7"Big River Track      
13-14Matthew Barrows35Big River Track      
8UAnthony Keeney33'2Stanfield Elementary...      
8UNathan Valencia32'3Stanfield Elementary...      
13-14Anthony Campos31'4"Big River Track      
8UBrody Sowards27'2"Big River Track      
9-10Dylan Ditchen26'1Stanfield Elementary...      
13-14Dysen Wilson25'1"Big River Track      
X Javelin - 300g TJ - 5-6 - Finals
9-10Anthony Mendoza42'6Stanfield Elementary...      
X Javelin - 300g - 11-12 - Finals
-Chance Wells61'4Tigerscot Youth      
9-10Anthony Mendoza43'10Stanfield Elementary...      
X Javelin - 300g - 9-10 - Finals
4Parker Munck67'3Tigerscot Youth      
-Andrew Gambill58'5Tigerscot Youth      
9-10Ti Abney51'3Stanfield Elementary...      
8URyan Coffelt47'2Stanfield Elementary...      
9-10Cody Griffin43'2Stanfield Elementary...      
4Khai Robertson41'3Tigerscot Youth      
8UMario Sanchez39'11Stanfield Elementary...      
8UHugo Gomez36'6Stanfield Elementary...      
4Cade Bryan35'9Tigerscot Youth      
4Billy Muilenburg23'3Tigerscot Youth      
X Javelin - 300g - 7-8 - Finals
Theodore White46'9Tigerscot Youth      
8UKeagan Brown45'7.5Stanfield Elementary...      
8UAnthony Keeney42'6Stanfield Elementary...      
8UNatividad Sanchez36'4Stanfield Elementary...      
3Wyatt Wahl27'9Tigerscot Youth      
8UGrayson Henning25'11Stanfield Elementary...      
8UCade Irby25'4Stanfield Elementary...      
8UJaiden Ruloph24'5Stanfield Elementary...      
9-10Dylan Ditchen20Stanfield Elementary...      
3Bryce Fairchild10'4Tigerscot Youth      
X Javelin - 300g - 5-6 - Finals
-Cameron Reich25'11Tigerscot Youth      
Caiden Dennis18'4Tigerscot Youth      
Dylan Monaco14'5Tigerscot Youth      
X Long Jump - 11-12 - Finals
13-14Alexis Mercado13'4"Big River Track      
13-14Isaac Estrada12'6"Big River Track      
13-14Carson Robinson12'5"Big River Track      
13-14Marco Madrigal11'10"Big River Track      
13-14Anthony Lemus11'8"Big River Track      
13-14Justin Iveson10'10"Big River Track      
9-10Aaron Wipplinger10'6Stanfield Elementary...      
11-12Alex Ibarra9'11".5Big River Track      
13-14Colby Krogh9'5"Big River Track      
-Chance Wells8'5Tigerscot Youth      
13-14Keegan Krogh8"'1.5"Big River Track      
6Wyatt Mays7'7Tigerscot Youth      
X Long Jump - 9-10 - Finals
4Parker Munck11'6Tigerscot Youth      
9-10Ti Abney11'5"Stanfield Elementary...      
4Khai Robertson11'1Tigerscot Youth      
13-14Trent Durfey11'.4"Big River Track      
-Andrew Gambill9'10Tigerscot Youth      
'9-10Cody Griffin9'10Stanfield Elementary...      
4Blair Rudolph9'6Tigerscot Youth      
9-10Julio Bernal9'3.5"Big River Track      
13-14Aden Capello9'.2"Big River Track      
8UHugo Gomez8'10"Stanfield Elementary...      
8UJustin Waybright8'3"Stanfield Elementary...      
4Cade Bryan7'8Tigerscot Youth      
4Billy Muilenburg6'9Tigerscot Youth      
13-14Trevor Linnell5'5"Big River Track      
X Long Jump - 7-8 - Finals
8UGriffin Cappello9'5"Big River Track      
Theodore White9'4Tigerscot Youth      
8UKeagan Brown8'10.5Stanfield Elementary...      
8UJaiden Ruloph8'5"Stanfield Elementary...      
13-14Christerpher Self7'9"Big River Track      
8UBrody Sowards7'9"Big River Track      
13-14Dysen Wilson7'4"Big River Track      
8UCade Irby7'4"Stanfield Elementary...      
8UAnthony Keeney6'11"Stanfield Elementary...      
13-14Anthony Campos6'11"Big River Track      
9-10Dylan Ditchen6'9Stanfield Elementary...      
8UGrayson Henning5'2Stanfield Elementary...      
X Long Jump - 5-6 - Finals
Keagen Stiffler6'5Tigerscot Youth      
9-10Emmanuel Mendoza5'1"Stanfield Elementary...      
Dylan Monaco4'9Tigerscot Youth      
Caiden Dennis3'11Tigerscot Youth      

Womens Results

X 50 Meter Dash - 7-8 - Finals
Ellie Scheibner9.16Tigerscot Youth      
13-14Hunterlyn Lafferty10.50Big River Track      
8UJacqueline Brown10.49Big River Track      
13-14Lila Loveland11.20Big River Track      
13-14Emma Hermans11.21Big River Track      
8UCaralee Shurtz11.69Tigerscot Youth      
X 50 Meter Dash - 5-6 - Finals
8UJalaya Burns10.28Stanfield Elementary...      
8UElena Castellanos10.87Stanfield Elementary...      
Genna Robinson11.56Tigerscot Youth      
7Martina Monson12.01Tigerscot Youth      
-Faith Shurtz14.00Tigerscot Youth      
8UAlyssa Waybright15.3Stanfield Elementary...      
8UKourtney Krogah16.59Big River Track      
X 100 Meters - 11-12 - Finals
9-10Callie Bailey16.47Stanfield Elementary...      
13-14Celest Rodriguez17.35Big River Track      
9-10Heather Julio18.08Stanfield Elementary...      
8UShyane Smith18.1Stanfield Elementary...      
9-10Melissa Evans18.22Stanfield Elementary...      
13-14Sonia Coria18.69Big River Track      
8UJada Burns18.72Stanfield Elementary...      
11Christina Monson20.32Tigerscot Youth      
13-14Julene Brown20.65Big River Track      
13-14Heidy Mejia20.85Big River Track      
9-10Jessica Wallace23.1Stanfield Elementary...      
X 100 Meters - 9-10 - Finals
9-10Allison Griffin16.3Stanfield Elementary...      
9-10Gracie Hathaway16.29Stanfield Elementary...      
11Katie Vescio16.56Tigerscot Youth      
9-10Nicole Lee16.65Big River Track      
8UEmily Collinsworth16.97Stanfield Elementary...      
13-14Page McMillan-Picker17.44Big River Track      
9-10Maria Aguilera17.62Big River Track      
9-10Jaycee Iveson18.65Big River Track      
9-10Chelsea Lemmon18.63Stanfield Elementary...      
13-14Nancy Ochoa18.66Big River Track      
9Kyleen Stahancyk18.91Tigerscot Youth      
9-10Taylor Blackman18.93Big River Track      
9-10Miah Goff19.37Stanfield Elementary...      
8UCourtney Pollick19.75Stanfield Elementary...      
13-14Lilee Roggow19.72Big River Track      
13-14Deanna Self19.87Big River Track      
4Emma Olson19.84Tigerscot Youth      
9-10Tara Goff20.21Stanfield Elementary...      
3Jasmine Cogswell20.38Tigerscot Youth      
9Kaylee Cope20.57Tigerscot Youth      
13-14Aileen Mercado21.12Big River Track      
X 100 Meters - 7-8 - Finals
8USydney Julio16.87Stanfield Elementary...      
Ellie Scheibner17.85Tigerscot Youth      
8UTaylor Durfey17.82Big River Track      
3Bailey Munck18.5Tigerscot Youth      
8UJacqueline Brown18.60Big River Track      
13-14Aaliyah Sanguino19.35Big River Track      
8UTaylor Longhorn19.97Stanfield Elementary...      
13-14Alexa Canstanon20.82Big River Track      
13-14Hunterlyn Lafferty21.56Big River Track      
13-14Lila Loveland21.72Big River Track      
13-14Emma Hermans22.56Big River Track      
7Madie Jensen29.43Tigerscot Youth      
X 100 Meters - 5-6 - Finals
8UElena Castellanos20.25Stanfield Elementary...      
8UJalaya Burns20.25Stanfield Elementary...      
Genna Robinson20.6Tigerscot Youth      
8UKatelyn Griffin20.62Stanfield Elementary...      
X 200 Meters - 11-12 - Finals
9-10Melissa Evans35.47Stanfield Elementary...      
13-14Celest Rodriguez39.5Big River Track      
13-14Sonia Coria40.8Big River Track      
X 200 Meters - 9-10 - Finals
9-10Nicole Lee35.15Big River Track      
13-14Page McMillan-Picker39.56Big River Track      
9-10Maria Aguilera40.44Big River Track      
9Hailey Fehrenbacker45.47Tigerscot Youth      
8URebecca Reynolds47.84Stanfield Elementary...      
X 200 Meters - 7-8 - Finals
8UTaylor Durfey37.19Big River Track      
8UJacqueline Brown42.78Big River Track      
8UMckenzie Leggett1'32Stanfield Elementary...      
X 400 Meters - 11-12 - Finals
9-10Callie Bailey1'33.37Stanfield Elementary...      
6Adrienne Olson1:34Tigerscot Youth      
9-10Heather Julio1'36.93Stanfield Elementary...      
13-14Celest Rodriguez1:37.53Big River Track      
13-14Sonia Coria1:38Big River Track      
13-14Heidy Mejia1:48Big River Track      
X 400 Meters - 9-10 - Finals
9-10Nicole Lee1:24.533Big River Track      
13-14Nancy Ochoa1:26.90Big River Track      
9-10Gracie Hathaway1'28.19Stanfield Elementary...      
11Bryce Thul1:29Tigerscot Youth      
9-10Allison Griffin1'31Stanfield Elementary...      
9-10Maria Aguilera1:34.22Big River Track      
9-10Taylor Blackman1:45.19Big River Track      
13-14Deanna Self1:49.50Big River Track      
8UCourtney Pollick1'55.16Stanfield Elementary...      
8URebecca Reynolds1'55.75Stanfield Elementary...      
9-10Jaycee Iveson19:79Big River Track      
X 400 Meters - 7-8 - Finals
8UJacqueline Brown1:44.47Big River Track      
8UTaylor Longhorn1'56.84Stanfield Elementary...      
13-14Hunterlyn Lafferty2:06.25Big River Track      
13-14Lila Loveland2:34.88Big River Track      
13-14Alexa Canstanon3:21Big River Track      
X 400 Meters - 5-6 - Finals
8UKourtney Krogah2:25Big River Track      
X 800 Meters - 9-10 - Finals
9-10Brianna Cornejo3'24Stanfield Elementary...      
X 800 Meters - 7-8 - Finals
8UMiah Keeney3'24Stanfield Elementary...      
8UCora McCann3:47Stanfield Elementary...      
3Bailey Munck3:50Tigerscot Youth      
8UCaralee Shurtz4:08Tigerscot Youth      
3Jubilee Taylor4:48Tigerscot Youth      
X 1500 Meters - 11-12 - Finals
6Adrienne Olson7:18Tigerscot Youth      
X 1500 Meters - 9-10 - Finals
8UMiah Keeney6'58Stanfield Elementary...      
3Jasmine Cogswell8:05Tigerscot Youth      
X 1500 Meters - 7-8 - Finals
13-14Lila Loveland6:53Big River Track      
X 4x100 Relay - 11-12 - Finals
-Adrienne Olson
Katie Vescio
Katie Cogswell
Christina Monson
1:19Tigerscot Youth      
X 4x100 Relay - 9-10 - Finals
-Allison Griffin
Gracie Hathaway
Chelsea Lemmon
Tara Goff
1'12.46Stanfield Elementary...      
-Hailey Fehrenbacker
Kyleen Stahancyk
Emma Olson
Kaylee Cope
1:21Tigerscot Youth      
X 4x100 Relay - 7-8 - Finals
-Scheibner Ellie
Bailey Munck
Jubilee Taylor
Caralee Shurtz
1:32Tigerscot Youth      
-Sydney Julio
Mia Keeney
Emily Collinsworth
Mckenzie Leggett
1'38.32Stanfield Elementary...      
X 4x100 Relay - 5-6 - Finals
-Martina Monson
Genna Robinson
Faith Shurtz
Ana Jensen
1:42Tigerscot Youth      
X Shot Put - 6lb - 11-12 - Finals
13-14Heidy Mejia18'1"Big River Track      
8UJada Burns17'7Stanfield Elementary...      
11Katie Cogswell17'4Tigerscot Youth      
8UShyane Smith15'9Stanfield Elementary...      
9-10Morgen Collinsworth14'4Stanfield Elementary...      
9-10Melissa Evans13'10Stanfield Elementary...      
13-14Julene Brown13'10"Big River Track      
6Rebekah Taylor13'6Tigerscot Youth      
9-10Jessica Wallace12'9Stanfield Elementary...      
11Christina Monson11'10Tigerscot Youth      
X Shot Put - 6lb - 9-10 - Finals
9-10Nicole Lee15'1"Big River Track      
9-10Tara Goff14'6Stanfield Elementary...      
13-14Page McMillan-Picker11'2"Big River Track      
13-14Lilee Roggow11'1"Big River Track      
13-14Deanna Self10'9.5"Big River Track      
8UKaitlyn Lemmon10'6Stanfield Elementary...      
13-14Aileen Mercado9'6"Big River Track      
3Jasmine Cogswell8'8Tigerscot Youth      
X Shot Put - 6lb - 7-8 - Finals
8UJacqueline Brown12'5"Big River Track      
8UKayla Gallo11Stanfield Elementary...      
7Ana Jensen11'0Tigerscot Youth      
8UCaralee Shurtz8'7Tigerscot Youth      
7Madie Jensen6'10Tigerscot Youth      
3Jubilee Taylor6'7Tigerscot Youth      
X Shot Put - 6lb - 5-6 - Finals
7Martina Monson12'2Tigerscot Youth      
Genna Robinson8'6Tigerscot Youth      
X Javelin - 300g TJ - 7-8 - Finals
8USydney Julio39'6Stanfield Elementary...      
8UMackenzie Cook19'9Stanfield Elementary...      
8UMckenzie Leggett3'Stanfield Elementary...      
X Javelin - 300g TJ - 5-6 - Finals
8UKatelyn Griffin31'2Stanfield Elementary...      
X Javelin - 300g - 11-12 - Finals
9-10Morgen Collinsworth44'8Stanfield Elementary...      
11Katie Cogswell36'1Tigerscot Youth      
6Rebekah Taylor35'6Tigerscot Youth      
11Christina Monson28'8Tigerscot Youth      
13-14Julene Brown28'8"Big River Track      
X Javelin - 300g - 9-10 - Finals
9-10Nicole Lee46'5"Big River Track      
9-10Brianna Cornejo45'7Stanfield Elementary...      
9-10Tara Goff45'1Stanfield Elementary...      
11Katie Vescio40'0Tigerscot Youth      
9-10Payton Henning33'5Stanfield Elementary...      
9Kaylee Cope33'3Tigerscot Youth      
9-10Miah Goff31'11Stanfield Elementary...      
9Kyleen Stahancyk29'6Tigerscot Youth      
9-10Jaycee Iveson29'1"Big River Track      
8UKaitlyn Lemmon28'5Stanfield Elementary...      
9-10Chelsea Lemmon27'8Stanfield Elementary...      
8URebecca Reynolds25Stanfield Elementary...      
9-10Taylor Blackman23'7"Big River Track      
9Hailey Fehrenbacker23'3Tigerscot Youth      
8UCourtney Pollick19'3Stanfield Elementary...      
X Javelin - 300g - 7-8 - Finals
8UCora McCann37Stanfield Elementary...      
13-14Emma Hermans32'7"Big River Track      
8UJacqueline Brown30'11"Big River Track      
8UKatelyn Griffin22'5Stanfield Elementary...      
8UKayla Gallo19'6Stanfield Elementary...      
Ellie Scheibner19'2Tigerscot Youth      
8UMckenzie Leggett17'8Stanfield Elementary...      
X Javelin - 300g - 5-6 - Finals
8UJalaya Burns36'8Stanfield Elementary...      
8UElena Castellanos20Stanfield Elementary...      
7Ana Jensen17'8Tigerscot Youth      
7Madie Jensen15'6Tigerscot Youth      
8UKourtney Krogah12'7"Big River Track      
X Long Jump - 11-12 - Finals
9-10Callie Bailey11'9Stanfield Elementary...      
'9-10Melissa Evans10'10Stanfield Elementary...      
6Adrienne Olson10'1Tigerscot Youth      
13-14Sonia Coria9'7"Big River Track      
13-14Julene Brown9'6.5"Big River Track      
9-10Payton Henning9'4Stanfield Elementary...      
8UJada Burns8'11Stanfield Elementary...      
9-10Jessica Wallace8'9Stanfield Elementary...      
11Katie Cogswell8'9Tigerscot Youth      
8UJada Burns8'6Stanfield Elementary...      
6Rebekah Taylor8'5.5Tigerscot Youth      
9-10Morgen Collinsworth8'1.5Stanfield Elementary...      
9-10Heather Julio7'11Stanfield Elementary...      
8UShyane Smith6'4Stanfield Elementary...      
X Long Jump - 9-10 - Finals
11Bryce Thul11'4Tigerscot Youth      
9-10Gracie Hathaway11'1Stanfield Elementary...      
9-10Allison Griffin10'6Stanfield Elementary...      
11Katie Vescio10'4Tigerscot Youth      
13-14Nancy Ochoa9'5"Big River Track      
9-10Brianna Cornejo9'5Stanfield Elementary...      
8UEmily Collinsworth9'4"Stanfield Elementary...      
9-10Maria Aguilera9'3"Big River Track      
9-10Nicole Lee9'3"Big River Track      
13-14Page McMillan-Picker9'0"Big River Track      
9-10Jaycee Iveson9'0"Big River Track      
9-10Chelsea Lemmon9Stanfield Elementary...      
9-10Miah Goff8'10.5Stanfield Elementary...      
3Jasmine Cogswell8'7.5Tigerscot Youth      
9-10Taylor Blackman8'4.5"Big River Track      
4Emma Olson8'3Tigerscot Youth      
9Kyleen Stahancyk8'3Tigerscot Youth      
8URebecca Reynolds8'1Stanfield Elementary...      
9Hailey Fehrenbacker7'11Tigerscot Youth      
13-14Deanna Self7'8"Big River Track      
8UKaitlyn Lemmon7'4Stanfield Elementary...      
8UKaitlyn Lemmon7Stanfield Elementary...      
9Kaylee Cope6'9Tigerscot Youth      
8UCourtney Pollick6'.5Stanfield Elementary...      
X Long Jump - 7-8 - Finals
8UTaylor Durfey9'11"Big River Track      
8UMiah Keeney8'11Stanfield Elementary...      
8USydney Julio8'9"Stanfield Elementary...      
13-14Lila Loveland8'3.5"Big River Track      
3Bailey Munck8'3Tigerscot Youth      
8UCora McCann7'9"Stanfield Elementary...      
13-14Aaliyah Sanguino7'6"Big River Track      
13-14Hunterlyn Lafferty7'5.5"Big River Track      
8UJacqueline Brown6"11.5'Big River Track      
8UCaralee Shurtz6'6Tigerscot Youth      
8UMckenzie Leggett6'6"Stanfield Elementary...      
8UKatelyn Griffin6'Stanfield Elementary...      
3Jubilee Taylor5'9Tigerscot Youth      
13-14Alexa Canstanon5'6"Big River Track      
7Madie Jensen4'10Tigerscot Youth      
7Ana Jensen4'8Tigerscot Youth      
8UKayla Gallo3'9"Stanfield Elementary...      
X Long Jump - 5-6 - Finals
7Martina Monson5'10.5Tigerscot Youth      
8UElena Castellanos5'6"Stanfield Elementary...      
-Faith Shurtz4'3Tigerscot Youth      
8UAlyssa Waybright3'9.5Stanfield Elementary...      
8UKourtney Krogah3'9"Big River Track      
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