Hines Middle School Inv.

Thursday, April 21, 2011
  Burns HS, Burns - Map
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Oregon - High Desert
dmsLakeview Daly
Oregon - Independent
mtvnMt Vernon
prciPrairie City
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Austin Fiest13.15aHines
2.8NIck Harlan13.75aLakeview Daly
3.8Joey Nicholl13.79aLakeview Daly
4.8Mason Powell13.83aBaker
5.8Keith Kramer14.15aBaker
6.8Triston Emmel14.16aPrairie City
7.8Steven Hedlund14.40aLakeview Daly
8.8Jordan Vermillion14.53aHines
9.7Morgan Scilacci14.67aBaker
10.7Ethan Pomeroy14.78aLakeview Daly
11.7John O'Toole14.87aCrane
12.8Garrett Blackburn14.89aHines
13.7Payton Jasper14.94aLakeview Daly
14.7Ty Reid15.47aHines
15.6Weaver Wyatt15.49aMt Vernon
16.8Tyler Manitsas15.62aMt Vernon
17.8Austin Roath15.66aCrane
18.6Hunter Freitag15.72aHines
19.7Teancum Taylor15.78aBaker
20.8Joe Davis16.06aCrane
21.6Wyatt Williams16.22aPrairie City
22.6Chris Hoefner16.53aPrairie City
23.7Skylar Jones16.59aBaker
24.6David Steeves16.73aCrane
25.7Woodrow McConnell16.78aHines
26.6Trejan Speth16.99aMt Vernon
27.7Jake Thompson17.15aMt Vernon
28.7James Obradovich17.24aHines
29.6Brandon Bingham18.31aHines
30.7Damien Polly18.88aBaker
31.7Brandon Gillihan20.63aPrairie City
7Kyle CookNTMt Vernon
7Feilen SayersNTMt Vernon
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Pierce Schreder25.88aLakeview Daly
2.8Mason Powell28.84aBaker
3.7Shane Conley29.22aBaker
4.7Ricky Weickium29.23aMt Vernon
5.8NIck Harlan29.31aLakeview Daly
6.8Steven Hedlund29.61aLakeview Daly
7.8Joey Nicholl30.33aLakeview Daly
8.7Ethan Pomeroy30.40aLakeview Daly
9.8Michael Parsons30.74aBaker
10.8Levi Ewing30.88aBaker
11.7Trace Tiller31.19aHines
12.8Austin Nickens31.41aBaker
13.8Conner Forbes31.46aLakeview Daly
13.7John O'Toole31.46aCrane
15.7Ty Reid32.46aHines
15.6Brandon Bingham32.46aHines
16.8Austin Roath32.93aCrane
17.6Hunter Freitag33.05aHines
18.8Eli Witham33.98aBaker
19.7Morgan Scilacci34.03aBaker
20.7Jake Thompson36.81aMt Vernon
21.7Taber Baldwin36.96aBaker
22.7James Obradovich37.00aHines
23.7Ty Hueckman37.01aHines
24.5Miles Maupin37.15aCrane
25.7Woodrow McConnell37.63aHines
26.6Sam Bentz37.97aMt Vernon
27.7Damien Polly43.69aBaker
7Jacob KeepNTLakeview Daly
7Feilen SayersNTMt Vernon
6Scott DaviesNTCrane
6Chris HoefnerNTPrairie City
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Pierce Schreder1:01.08aLakeview Daly
2.8NIck Harlan1:06.87aLakeview Daly
3.7Shane Conley1:06.96aBaker
4.8Jordan Vermillion1:07.72aHines
5.8Triston Emmel1:10.58aPrairie City
6.8Levi Ewing1:10.98aBaker
7.7Taber Baldwin1:11.98aBaker
8.7Chase Brister1:13.33aBaker
9.8Robert Lusk1:18.19aBaker
10.7Andrew Kilby1:20.08aMt Vernon
11.7Simon Ballaine1:20.62aLakeview Daly
12.6Sam Bentz1:21.82aMt Vernon
13.7Koby Hansen1:33.72aBaker
6Brandon BinghamNTHines
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Nick Wiebelhaus2:42.52aLakeview Daly
2.8Tyson Nelson2:49.57aHines
3.7Taylor Hawes2:51.84aBaker
4.8Bo Cook2:55.59aMt Vernon
5.8Josh Fledderjohann2:58.37aLakeview Daly
6.7Dustin Ramge3:02.60aCrane
7.8Harsh Patel3:04.26aMt Vernon
8.7William Clark3:05.29aCrane
9.7James Phillips3:10.60aMt Vernon
10.6Brandon Bingham3:16.55aHines
11.6Trejan Speth3:17.00aMt Vernon
8Robert LuskSCRBaker
8Tynan CallahanSCRMt Vernon
7Chase BristerSCRBaker
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Nick Wiebelhaus5:34.38aLakeview Daly
2.7Taylor Hawes6:01.88aBaker
3.7Dustin Ramge6:06.52aCrane
4.7Andrew Kilby6:11.85aMt Vernon
5.7William Clark6:17.33aCrane
6.7Kyle Cook6:33.83aMt Vernon
8Tynan CallahanNTMt Vernon
7Chase BristerNTBaker
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Jeff Davies18.86aCrane
2.8Tyson Nelson20.20aHines
3.7Taylor Hawes20.78aBaker
4.7Trace Tiller20.90aHines
5.8Conner Forbes21.06aLakeview Daly
6.7Jack Bentz21.70aCrane
7.6Hunter Freitag21.84aHines
8.8Eli Witham21.88aBaker
9.8Austin Roath22.05aCrane
10.7Simon Ballaine22.27aLakeview Daly
11.8Austin Nickens22.40aBaker
12.7Ricky Weickium22.43aMt Vernon
13.7Ty Hueckman22.50aHines
14.7Colton Witzel23.57aCrane
7Garrett HitzNTPrairie City
7Skylar JonesNTBaker
7Taber BaldwinNTBaker
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Steven Hedlund
Joey Nicholl
Nick Harlan
Pierce Schreder
54.09aLakeview Daly
2.-Michael Parsons
Mason Powell
Keith Kramer
Austin Nickens
3.-Tyson Nelson
Garrett Blackburn
Trace Tiller
Austin Fiest
4.-Bo Cook
Kyle Cook
Tyler Manitsas
Andrew Kilby
1:01.02aMt Vernon
5.-Teancum Taylor
Taber Baldwin
Skylar Jones
Morgan Scilacci
6.-Garrett Hitz
Triston Emmel
Ethan Camerena
Wyatt Williams
1:03.19aPrairie City
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Josh Fledderjohann
Jacob Keep
Simon Ballaine
Nick Wiebelhaus
5:03.10aLakeview Daly
2.-Andrew Houghton
Andrew Kilby
Kyle Cook
Bo Cook
5:13.65aMt Vernon
3.-Ricky Weickium
Tynan Callahan
James Phillips
Harsh Patel
5:14.03aMt Vernon
-Relay Team SCRBaker
X Shot Put - 8lb - Varsity - Finals
1.8Austin Fiest37-01.00Hines
2.7Braden Staebler35-04.50Baker
3.8Colton Madden34-08.00Mt Vernon
4.8Garrett Blackburn33-08.00Hines
5.8Mason Powell33-00.00Baker
6.8Michael Parsons32-00.00Baker
7.8Jordan Vermillion31-10.00Hines
8.7Ty Reid31-02.00Hines
9.7Kody Stoddard29-11.00Mt Vernon
10.8Joe Davis25-03.00Crane
11.7Nathan Gehley23-07.00Mt Vernon
12.7Andrew Kilby23-04.00Mt Vernon
13.7Damien Polly21-10.50Baker
14.6Scott Davies21-10.00Crane
15.7Payton Jasper21-07.00Lakeview Daly
16.6Devin Packard21-02.00Prairie City
17.7Mitchell Steinbeck20-06.00Hines
18.7Ethan Camerena20-01.00Prairie City
19.7Morgan Scilacci19-09.00Baker
20.7Woodrow McConnell18-11.00Hines
21.5Miles Maupin18-07.50Crane
22.7L.J. Burke18-06.50Prairie City
23.7Austin Webb18-05.50Lakeview Daly
8Josh FledderjohannNDLakeview Daly
8Nick WiebelhausNDLakeview Daly
8Conner ForbesNDLakeview Daly
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.7Braden Staebler93-00Baker
2.7Ty Reid88-02Hines
3.8Colton Madden78-02Mt Vernon
4.8Michael Parsons76-06Baker
5.8Garrett Blackburn75-03Hines
6.7Simon Ballaine72-08Lakeview Daly
7.8Jordan Vermillion70-06Hines
8.6David Steeves65-10Crane
9.8Joe Davis62-00Crane
10.6Devin Packard60-05Prairie City
11.7Ethan Camerena57-09Prairie City
12.6Chris Hoefner56-05Prairie City
13.6Scott Davies56-00Crane
14.8Eli Witham55-00Baker
15.7Ty Hueckman54-10Hines
16.7Kody Stoddard54-00Mt Vernon
17.7Austin Webb52-10Lakeview Daly
18.7Damien Polly49-11Baker
19.7Mitchell Steinbeck49-10Hines
20.6Hunter Freitag49-08Hines
21.7L.J. Burke48-00Prairie City
22.7Nathan Gehley45-11Mt Vernon
23.6Sam Bentz45-08Mt Vernon
24.7Brandon Gillihan43-07Prairie City
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Austin Fiest5-03.00Hines
2.8Jeff Davies5-01.00Crane
3.8Bo Cook4-04.00Mt Vernon
4.7Jacob Keep4-02.00Lakeview Daly
5.6Weaver Wyatt4-02.00Mt Vernon
7Payton JasperNHLakeview Daly
8Conner ForbesNHLakeview Daly
8Eli WithamNHBaker
7Pierce SchrederNHLakeview Daly
6Nick SpringerNHMt Vernon
7William ClarkNHCrane
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Keith Kramer15-02.00Baker
2.7Ethan Pomeroy13-10.00Lakeview Daly
3.8Jeff Davies13-07.00Crane
4.7Trace Tiller12-08.00Hines
5.7Payton Jasper12-06.00Lakeview Daly
5.7Jacob Keep12-06.00Lakeview Daly
5.7Teancum Taylor12-06.00Baker
8.7Koby Hansen12-03.00Baker
9.7John O'Toole12-02.00Crane
9.7James Obradovich12-02.00Hines
9.6Chris Hoefner12-02.00Prairie City
12.8Austin Roath11-11.00Crane
13.6Wyatt Williams11-10.00Prairie City
14.8Robert Lusk11-09.00Baker
15.7Ty Hueckman11-08.00Hines
16.8Levi Ewing11-06.00Baker
17.7Skylar Jones11-03.00Baker
18.7Shane Conley11-01.00Baker
19.6Nick Springer11-00.00Mt Vernon
19.6Scott Davies11-00.00Crane
21.7Colton Witzel10-10.00Crane
21.8Tyler Manitsas10-10.00Mt Vernon
23.7Taber Baldwin10-04.00Baker
24.6Trejan Speth8-09.00Mt Vernon
25.7Brandon Gillihan6-10.00Prairie City
7Garrett HitzNDPrairie City
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.6Weaver Wyatt28-03.00Mt Vernon
2.7Jack Bentz27-07.00Crane
3.7Colton Witzel26-04.00Crane
4.7Teancum Taylor26-02.00Baker
5.8Tyler Manitsas26-01.00Mt Vernon
6.6Nick Springer25-02.00Mt Vernon
7.6David Steeves24-01.00Crane
8.7John O'Toole22-04.00Crane
9.5Miles Maupin21-08.00Crane
10.6Trejan Speth19-00.00Mt Vernon

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Taylor Watts14.56aLakeview Daly
2.8Jenna Davis14.69aLakeview Daly
3.8Delaney Hall14.80aLakeview Daly
4.8Amanda Arcularius14.96aLakeview Daly
5.7Dailon Sherman15.03aBaker
6.7Emmalee Hettinga15.05aDayville
7.7Dolli Alexander15.10aLakeview Daly
8.7Rory Scilacci15.15aBaker
9.8Hannah Moore15.25aHines
10.7Mickayla Thompson15.26aLakeview Daly
11.7Amy Wong15.30aBaker
12.8Alea King15.51aMt Vernon
12.8Riley Fleming15.51aHines
14.8Samantha Amacker15.53aLakeview Daly
15.7Bryanna Dunn15.56aCrane
16.8Maddy Richards15.60aBaker
17.8Lucinda Harper15.93aMt Vernon
18.6Lexi Mace15.96aHines
19.7Mariah Boyd16.00aMt Vernon
19.8Kimberlee Pettit16.00aBaker
21.7Anna Fledderjohann16.03aLakeview Daly
22.8Rose Barry16.08aLakeview Daly
23.8Farrell Linscott16.11aBaker
24.7Rheanna Cartner16.16aMt Vernon
25.8Maia Adams16.21aMt Vernon
26.7Avery Lenz16.23aMt Vernon
27.6Sadie O'Toole16.32aCrane
27.6Cynthia Griego16.32aPrairie City
29.7Carly Larson16.33aLakeview Daly
30.7Hannah Peterson16.40aLakeview Daly
31.7Tenysen Patzke16.63aLakeview Daly
32.7Makayla Lafferty16.71aBaker
33.7Taylor Johnston16.74aBaker
34.7Kaylea Friedrickson16.80aHines
35.8Kya Gabbard16.85aMt Vernon
35.7Jacquelynn Kirby16.85aBaker
37.7Kaitin Galbraith16.90aBaker
38.7Baylee Hamrick17.04aLakeview Daly
39.6Emma Winn17.07aHines
40.7Ashlie Pullerio17.11aMt Vernon
41.7Melanie Creager17.41aLakeview Daly
42.7Amanda Brandon17.60aMt Vernon
43.7Jaylyyn Bishop17.73aMt Vernon
44.7Taylor McCluskey17.77aMt Vernon
45.6Gina Pullerio17.82aMt Vernon
46.7Kaylyn Joslin17.92aMt Vernon
47.7Alora McIntosh17.95aBaker
48.6Aimee Brandon18.34aMt Vernon
49.6Cassidy Reid18.63aHines
49.6Ieasha Nelson18.63aHines
51.6Sarah Ennis18.68aPrairie City
52.6Cassie Patterson18.75aHines
53.8Stephanie Soliz19.12aBaker
7Journey GerardNTBaker
7Mikayla SpringerNTLakeview Daly
8Katelyn AndersonNTBaker
7Jonna FerrarioNTLakeview Daly
8Amelia WentzNTBaker
7Katelin ScottNTBaker
6Bayley HarperNTMt Vernon
8Riley SharpNTMt Vernon
6Claire HammondSCRCrane
5Mary DriskellSCRCrane
8Alix CulpNTCrane
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Hannah Maupin29.28aCrane
2.8Taylor Watts30.13aLakeview Daly
3.8Adina Thomas30.18aHines
4.6Catherine Clemens31.18aHines
5.8Delaney Hall31.65aLakeview Daly
6.8Riley Sharp32.00aMt Vernon
7.7Emmalee Hettinga32.41aDayville
8.8Jenna Davis32.62aLakeview Daly
9.7Rylee Lemmon32.84aBaker
10.8Maddy Richards32.95aBaker
11.8Mariah Ribeiro33.08aHines
11.7Bryanna Dunn33.75aCrane
12.6Olivia Hanson34.01aMt Vernon
13.8Riley Fleming34.02aHines
14.6Sadie O'Toole34.31aCrane
15.8Caroline Dudley34.55aBaker
16.6Bayley Harper34.78aMt Vernon
17.8Christine Williams35.40aBaker
18.6Lexi Mace35.43aHines
19.7Katelin Scott35.60aBaker
20.8Kelsey Long35.99aMt Vernon
21.8Mariah Ribeiro36.08aHines
22.7Taylor Johnston36.23aBaker
23.8Karina Lee36.27aLakeview Daly
24.7Mikayla Springer36.58aLakeview Daly
25.7Kaylea Friedrickson36.89aHines
26.6Emma Winn36.92aHines
27.7Makayla Lafferty36.99aBaker
28.5Savannah Maupin38.03aCrane
29.7Alora McIntosh38.43aBaker
30.8Jessica Theall38.68aLakeview Daly
31.6Claire Hammond38.95aCrane
32.6Cassidy Reid39.95aHines
33.6Rebecca Batease40.25aMt Vernon
33.8Sasha Juarez40.25aMt Vernon
34.7Journey Colton42.26aBaker
35.6Cassie Patterson43.71aHines
36.6Jennifer Jennings53.25aHines
8Glennie MilburnNTCrane
7Journey GerardNTBaker
8Samantha AmackerNTLakeview Daly
8Kimberlee PettitNTBaker
8Farrell LinscottNTBaker
7Dailon ShermanSCRBaker
8Michelle LehmanNTBaker
7Amy WongNTBaker
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Hannah Maupin1:05.61aCrane
2.8Hannah Moore1:11.40aHines
3.8Tanya O'Neal1:13.70aBaker
4.8Simmone Landau1:13.84aLakeview Daly
5.7Mckenzie Wilson1:15.85aMt Vernon
6.7MacKenzie Woodcock1:16.25aMt Vernon
7.7Mickayla Thompson1:17.72aLakeview Daly
8.7Summer Phillips1:18.07aBaker
9.7Lindsay Livingston1:18.74aBaker
10.7Anna Fledderjohann1:19.19aLakeview Daly
11.8Caroline Dudley1:19.82aBaker
12.7Amy Wong1:22.79aBaker
13.6Chelsie Kodesh1:23.73aMt Vernon
14.6Kaylee Cunningham1:24.26aHines
15.6Grace Johnston1:24.71aHines
16.6Gina Pullerio1:26.22aMt Vernon
17.8Angelee Calder1:27.71aBaker
18.5Savannah Maupin1:34.24aCrane
19.7Kaylyn Joslin1:38.83aMt Vernon
20.7Dallas Olson1:40.57aMt Vernon
7Jocelynn SmithNTMt Vernon
7Keila QualNTMt Vernon
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Mckenzie Wilson3:08.03aMt Vernon
2.7Madison Carson3:23.01aHines
3.8Tanya O'Neal3:27.65aBaker
4.8Amy Lallatin3:28.58aMt Vernon
5.8Bea Ribeiro3:29.06aHines
6.8Simmone Landau3:36.02aLakeview Daly
7.7Keila Qual3:42.51aMt Vernon
8.7Jaylyyn Bishop3:43.76aMt Vernon
7Dallas OlsonNTMt Vernon
7Tenysen PatzkeNTLakeview Daly
6Skylar PowellNTDayville
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.6Skylar Powell6:23.37aDayville
2.7Madison Carson6:53.08aHines
3.8Amy Lallatin6:58.97aMt Vernon
4.8Rebekah Rushton7:46.20aBaker
5.7Eliza Rushton7:47.92aBaker
6.8Samantha Molt9:16.31aPrairie City
8Michel HitzNTPrairie City
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.7Samantha Brock18.48aMt Vernon
2.6Catherine Clemens19.19aHines
3.7Dolli Alexander20.47aLakeview Daly
4.8Mariah Ribeiro20.80aHines
5.8Amanda Arcularius20.83aLakeview Daly
6.8Celina Fuzi20.90aBaker
7.7Avery Lenz21.23aMt Vernon
8.7Mickayla Thompson21.35aLakeview Daly
9.8Michelle Lehman21.41aBaker
10.8Farrell Linscott21.47aBaker
11.8Jenna Davis21.63aLakeview Daly
12.8Katherine Oglesbee21.74aBaker
13.7Rheanna Cartner21.85aMt Vernon
14.8Bea Ribeiro21.91aHines
15.7Madison Carson22.00aHines
16.7Makayla Lafferty22.17aBaker
17.8Christine Williams22.28aBaker
18.7Kayla Mims22.44aCrane
19.7Mariah Boyd22.54aMt Vernon
20.7Summer Phillips22.59aBaker
21.7Anna Fledderjohann22.60aLakeview Daly
22.7Amanda Brandon22.78aMt Vernon
23.7Hannah Peterson22.94aLakeview Daly
24.7Lindsay Livingston22.96aBaker
25.8Angelee Calder23.34aBaker
26.6Gina Pullerio23.47aMt Vernon
26.7Ashlie Pullerio23.47aMt Vernon
28.7Carly Thayer23.66aBaker
29.8Kelsey Long23.94aMt Vernon
30.7Katelin Scott24.27aBaker
31.7Eliza Rushton24.34aBaker
32.7Tenysen Patzke25.17aLakeview Daly
33.7Kaitin Galbraith25.52aBaker
34.8Tanya O'Neal25.73aBaker
8Jennifer HibbardNTBaker
7Jaylyyn BishopSCRMt Vernon
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Catherine Clemens
Hannah Moore
Adina Thomas
Mariah Ribeiro
2.-Mickayla Thompson
Simmone Landau
Samantha Amacker
Amanda Arcularius
58.81aLakeview Daly
3.-Maddy Richards
Amy Wong
Michelle Freese
Celina Fuzi
4.-Relay Team 1:00.58aBaker
5.-Sasha Juarez
Alea King
Carli Gardner
Riley Sharp
1:00.84aMt Vernon
6.-Kaylea Friedrickson
Emma Winn
Bea Ribeiro
Lexi Mace
7.-Amaya Zweygardt
Michel Hitz
Cynthia Griego
Sarah Ennis
1:06.08aPrairie City
8.-Hannah Petterson
Tenysen Patzke
Carly Larson
Jonna Ferrario
1:06.35aLakeview Daly
9.-Chelsie Kodesh
Bayley Harper
Rebecca Batease
Olivia Hanson
1:06.93aMt Vernon
-Dolli Alexander
Jenna Davis
Delaney Hall
Taylor Watts
SCRLakeview Daly
-Rheanna Cartner
Ashlie Pullerio
Taylor McCluskey
Kia Gabbard
DQMt Vernon
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Mckenzie Wilson
Avery Lenz
Jocelynn Smith
Samanth Brock
5:26.23aMt Vernon
2.-Carli Gardner
Sasha Juarez
Alea King
Riley Sharp
5:30.30aMt Vernon
-Tanya O'Neal
Michelle Lehman
Katherine Oglesbee
Kimberlee Pettit
X Shot Put - 6lb - Varsity - Finals
1.8Miranda Conley32-04.00Lakeview Daly
2.8Michelle Freese31-03.00Baker
3.8Kayla Davis30-09.00Baker
4.6Claire Hammond29-02.00Crane
5.8Amber Hesley27-10.00Mt Vernon
6.8Tiffani Fisher27-02.00Baker
7.8Rebekah Rushton26-00.00Baker
7.8Riley Fleming26-00.00Hines
9.8Jenny McCluskey25-05.00Mt Vernon
9.8Katherine Oglesbee25-05.00Baker
11.8Glennie Milburn25-03.00Crane
12.7Kayla Mims25-02.00Crane
13.8Adina Thomas24-00.00Hines
13.7Katelin Scott24-00.00Baker
15.7Eliza Rushton23-04.00Baker
15.8Alix Culp23-04.00Crane
17.8Charli Bowden22-09.50Mt Vernon
18.6Skylar Powell21-07.00Dayville
19.7River Colton21-06.00Baker
20.8Angelee Calder21-05.00Baker
21.6Cassie Patterson20-10.00Hines
22.6Chelsie Kodesh20-07.50Mt Vernon
23.6Mykee Coalwell19-09.00Mt Vernon
24.7Tamarra Dexter19-00.00Baker
24.8Samantha Molt19-00.00Prairie City
26.6Aimee Brandon18-11.00Mt Vernon
26.7Mikayla Springer18-11.00Lakeview Daly
28.8Amelia Wentz18-10.00Baker
29.6Rebecca Batease18-00.00Mt Vernon
29.7Baylee Hamrick18-00.00Lakeview Daly
31.7Sunnie Moore17-08.00Mt Vernon
31.8Hannah Willey17-08.00Mt Vernon
33.8Stephanie Soliz17-02.00Baker
34.7Melanie Creager16-02.00Lakeview Daly
35.7Rylee Lemmon16-01.00Baker
36.7Dana Norland15-01.00Mt Vernon
37.6Ieasha Nelson14-04.00Hines
38.6Kaylee Cunningham14-00.00Hines
8Michel HitzNDPrairie City
5Mary DriskellNDCrane
7Bryanna DunnNDCrane
8Katelyn AndersonNDBaker
7Journey GerardNDBaker
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Miranda Conley84-00Lakeview Daly
2.8Amber Hesley75-08Mt Vernon
3.8Rebekah Rushton57-03Baker
4.8Alix Culp56-01Crane
5.8Glennie Milburn54-05Crane
5.8Jenny McCluskey54-05Mt Vernon
7.7Carly Thayer53-00Baker
8.7Emmalee Hettinga52-08Dayville
9.6Olivia Hanson50-02Mt Vernon
10.8Tiffani Fisher48-06Baker
11.6Chelsie Kodesh47-09Mt Vernon
12.8Charli Bowden46-01Mt Vernon
13.7River Colton44-02Baker
14.8Samantha Molt43-09Prairie City
15.6Aimee Brandon41-10Mt Vernon
16.8Amelia Wentz41-03Baker
17.6Emma Winn40-02Hines
18.8Rose Barry40-00Lakeview Daly
19.7Mikayla Springer39-10Lakeview Daly
19.6Skylar Powell39-10Dayville
21.8Stephanie Soliz39-09Baker
22.7Sunnie Moore39-07Mt Vernon
23.8Hannah Willey39-05Mt Vernon
24.6Mykee Coalwell38-10Mt Vernon
25.6Bayley Harper38-02Mt Vernon
26.8Christine Williams37-05Baker
27.6Grace Johnston33-11Hines
28.7Dana Norland31-09Mt Vernon
28.6Rebecca Batease31-09Mt Vernon
30.7Tamarra Dexter30-05Baker
31.6Cassidy Reid25-00Hines
32.6Jennifer Jennings17-06Hines
8Katherine OglesbeeNDBaker
8Katelyn AndersonNDBaker
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Taylor Watts4-04.00Lakeview Daly
2.8Michelle Freese4-02.00Baker
2.7Mariah Boyd4-02.00Mt Vernon
4.7Rheanna Cartner4-00.00Mt Vernon
5.8Katherine Oglesbee3-10.00Baker
6.7Ashlie Pullerio3-10.00Mt Vernon
7.7Kayla Mims3-08.00Crane
8.8Kya Gabbard3-08.00Mt Vernon
9.6Claire Hammond3-08.00Crane
10.7Keila Qual3-06.00Mt Vernon
10.7Dallas Olson3-06.00Mt Vernon
10.8Christine Williams3-06.00Baker
10.8Jennifer Hibbard3-06.00Baker
7Carly ThayerNHBaker
8Rose BarryNHLakeview Daly
8Kelsey LongNHMt Vernon
7Taylor McCluskeyNHMt Vernon
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.6Catherine Clemens13-07.00Hines
2.8Adina Thomas13-04.00Hines
3.8Delaney Hall13-03.00Lakeview Daly
4.7Samantha Brock12-09.00Mt Vernon
5.8Amanda Arcularius12-08.00Lakeview Daly
6.7Amaya Zweygardt12-03.00Prairie City
7.8Celina Fuzi12-00.00Baker
8.7Bryanna Dunn11-09.00Crane
9.8Maddy Richards11-04.00Baker
10.7Madison Carson11-01.00Hines
11.7Eliza Rushton11-00.25Baker
12.8Kimberlee Pettit11-00.00Baker
13.7Carly Larson10-11.00Lakeview Daly
14.7Emmalee Hettinga10-09.00Dayville
14.7Kayla Mims10-09.00Crane
16.8Riley Fleming10-08.00Hines
16.7Dolli Alexander10-08.00Lakeview Daly
18.8Maia Adams10-07.00Mt Vernon
19.8Karina Lee10-05.00Lakeview Daly
20.7Avery Lenz10-04.00Mt Vernon
21.8Katherine Oglesbee10-03.00Baker
22.8Hannah Moore10-01.00Hines
23.7Mckenzie Wilson10-00.00Mt Vernon
24.6Sadie O'Toole9-10.00Crane
25.7Rory Scilacci9-09.00Baker
26.7Melanie Creager9-08.00Lakeview Daly
27.8Jennifer Hibbard9-07.00Baker
27.6Lexi Mace9-07.00Hines
29.7Jocelynn Smith9-06.00Mt Vernon
29.6Cynthia Griego9-06.00Prairie City
31.8Rose Barry9-05.00Lakeview Daly
32.7Kaitin Galbraith9-04.00Baker
33.6Kaylee Cunningham8-11.00Hines
34.7River Colton8-06.00Baker
34.7Baylee Hamrick8-06.00Lakeview Daly
34.8Tiffani Fisher8-06.00Baker
37.8Amelia Wentz8-05.00Baker
37.8Michel Hitz8-05.00Prairie City
39.7Jonna Ferrario8-04.00Lakeview Daly
39.8Jessica Theall8-04.00Lakeview Daly
41.7Lindsay Livingston8-02.00Baker
42.6Sarah Ennis7-08.00Prairie City
42.6Grace Johnston7-08.00Hines
45.7Tamarra Dexter7.50Baker
44.6Ieasha Nelson6-06.00Hines
7MacKenzie WoodcockNDMt Vernon
5Mary DriskellNDCrane
7Jacquelynn KirbyNDBaker
7Rylee LemmonNDBaker
7Alora McIntoshNDBaker
7Hannah PetersonNDLakeview Daly
7Journey ColtonNDBaker
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.7Samantha Brock28-07.00Mt Vernon
2.7Hannah Maupin28-00.00Crane
3.8Carli Gardner26-05.00Mt Vernon
4.7Kayla Mims25-06.00Crane
5.8Maia Adams25-03.00Mt Vernon
6.7Avery Lenz24-00.00Mt Vernon
7.7Jocelynn Smith22-01.00Mt Vernon
7.8Karina Lee22-01.00Lakeview Daly
9.5Savannah Maupin18-09.00Crane
10.8Jessica Theall16-07.00Lakeview Daly
7MacKenzie WoodcockNDMt Vernon
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