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VarsityJunior Varsity
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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

9Kenzel Martin11.6hYoungker
12Terrence Taylor11.78h PRYoungker
11Kevin Sloan11.8hYoungker
9Vu Tran12.3hYoungker
10Carlos Marquez12.6hYoungker
9Justin Szakacs12.8h PRYoungker
9Travis Cooper12.9hYoungker
9D'Angelo Calderon13.0hYoungker
9Michael Vazquez14.0hYoungker
9Cody McCarroll13.99hYoungker
9Gerrardo Leon14.2h PRYoungker
9Brendan Yesenski14.3h PRYoungker
9Jose Rios14.3hYoungker

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

11Kevin Sloan24.3hYoungker
11Dylan Laing24.6h PRYoungker
12Terrence Taylor24.8hYoungker
12Nick Arkills24.9hYoungker
9Vu Tran25.7h SRYoungker
9Dantae Gadsden26.2h PRYoungker
9Brendan Yesenski26.2hYoungker
9Travis Cooper26.2h SRYoungker
10Arthur Gadsden26.2hYoungker
10Carlos Marquez26.7hYoungker
9Keaton Delmundo26.62h PRShadow Ridge
9Austin Weyker28.0h SRShadow Ridge
9Michael Vazquez28.9hYoungker
9Jose Rios29.6hYoungker
9Derrick Shepard30.0h PRShadow Ridge

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Nick Clark54.4hShadow Ridge
3.10Matthew Lyons57.5hShadow Ridge
11Jordan Schulze58.3hYoungker
9Dantae Gadsden60.4hYoungker
9D'Angelo Calderon61.6hYoungker
9Hunter Floyd1:02.1h PRShadow Ridge
11Nairobi Berkley65.6h PRYoungker
10Arthur Gadsden66.1hYoungker

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

12Steven Vidal2:14h PRYoungker
9Emilio Ybarra2:17h SRYoungker
3.9Anthony King2:22.1hShadow Ridge
10Ramon Arellano2:24hYoungker
12Thomas Dunklin2:24h PRYoungker
12George Reyes2:24hYoungker
9Victor Valadez2:25h PRYoungker
10John Davis2:26h SRYoungker
10Kasey Butler2:28hShadow Ridge
10Mike Lopez2:31hYoungker
10Rigoberto Pacheco2:33hYoungker
9Austin Phillipi2:35h PRShadow Ridge
9Sebastian Carranza2:37hYoungker
12Daniel Navarrete2:41hYoungker
9Dommonic Fenton2:45hYoungker
10Caleb Carr2:49hYoungker
11Joey Roggelin2:49hShadow Ridge
9Nathanial Porto2:50h SRShadow Ridge
9Matthew Steber2:56h PRShadow Ridge
9Edward Ulibarri2:56hYoungker
9Cody Hardman2:56hYoungker
10Sean Feeler2:58hYoungker
10Wesley Harris3:07hYoungker
9Adrian Gonzalez3:35hYoungker
9Gerrardo Leon3:35hYoungker

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

11Rosendo Gonzalez5:13hYoungker
9Emilio Ybarra5:17hYoungker
12George Reyes5:20hYoungker
10Robby Hutchison5:21hYoungker
10Mike Lopez5:21h PRYoungker
10Ryan Winje5:22hShadow Ridge
12Nikko Cabrera5:24h SRYoungker
10John Davis5:26hYoungker
9Anthony King5:30hShadow Ridge
10Ethan Palmer5:34hYoungker
12Thomas Dunklin5:39h PRYoungker
10Kasey Butler5:40hShadow Ridge
10Caleb Carr5:48h SRYoungker
9Dommonic Fenton5:48h PRYoungker
9Tyler Butler5:51hShadow Ridge
12Daniel Navarrete5:56hYoungker
10Sean Feeler6:08h PRYoungker
10Wesley Harris6:22h PRYoungker
9Edward Ulibarri6:26hYoungker
9Nathanial Porto6:28hShadow Ridge
9Adrian Gonzalez6:38h SRYoungker

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

9Gustavo Loustaunau11:32h PRYoungker
10Robby Hutchison11:54h SRYoungker
10Ryan Winje11:56hShadow Ridge
10Kasey Butler12:22h PRShadow Ridge
10Ethan Palmer12:30h PRYoungker
9Tyler Butler12:54hShadow Ridge
9Austin Phillipi13:50h PRShadow Ridge
11Joey Roggelin14:11h PRShadow Ridge
11Dominic Orso14:12h PRShadow Ridge
9Matthew Steber14:13h PRShadow Ridge
9Levi Ervin15:34h PRShadow Ridge

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

12Shane Hunt15.33hYoungker
12Taylor Wall17.91hYoungker
12Christian Jarvis17.92hYoungker
10Tyler Bond18.14hYoungker
10John Crowder18.87hYoungker

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

12Shane Hunt42.9hYoungker
12Christian Jarvis43.66h PRYoungker
12Taylor Wall46.0hYoungker
10Tyler Bond48.36hYoungker
9Cody McCarroll53.5h SRYoungker

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Nick Clark
Julian Torres
Josh Kindred
Elijah McCorkle
44.5hShadow Ridge
-Nick Arkills
Kenzel Marting
Christian Jarvis
Kevin Sloan
-Nairobi Berkley
Arthur Gadsden
Dantae Gadsden
Steven Vidal

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

-Steven Vidal
James Jarman
Christian Schofield
Shane Hunt
-Relay Team 3:54.4hYoungker
-Relay Team 4:05.9hYoungker
-Relay Team 4:19.9hYoungker
-Relay Team 4:21.8hYoungker
-Relay Team 4:29.7hYoungker
-Relay Team 5:20hYoungker

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

-Rosendo Gonzalez
Brian Warnick
Victor Valadez
Gustavo Loustanau
3.-King Anthony
Butler Kasey
Butler Tyler
Ryan Winje
9:49hShadow Ridge

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

11Dylan Laing38'8.5Youngker
11Bryce Smith34'4.5Youngker
10Dustin Ackley31'11Youngker
10James Jarman31'06Youngker
11Leonel Archila29'06 PRYoungker
9Cyrus Steele28'06Youngker
9Salvador Vela26'5Youngker
12Nestor Morales26'0Youngker
9Corey Derho24'11Youngker
12Gauderic Foulon24'07Youngker
10Bradley Lavalette21'11.5Youngker
9Arrio Porras21'10 PRYoungker
10Cody Boldt21'05Youngker
9Travis Nicolai17'01Youngker

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

11Dylan Laing96'8Youngker
10James Jarman84'7Youngker
11Leonel Archila82'03Youngker
12Nestor Morales72'3Youngker
9Salvador Vela71'03Youngker
11Bryce Smith67'0Youngker
9Cyrus Steele67'0Youngker
12Gauderic Foulon63'10Youngker
9Corey Derho61'3Youngker
9Arrio Porras59'07 PRYoungker
10Bradley Lavalette58'5Youngker
10Cody Boldt44'11Youngker
9Travis Nicolai43'0 PRYoungker

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

12Shane Hunt6'0 PRYoungker

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

9Justin Szakacs8'06Youngker
11Jordan Stage8'0 PRYoungker
9Colton Rodgers8'0Shadow Ridge
9Hunter Floyd7'6" PRShadow Ridge
9Daviont Hammon6'08 PRYoungker

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

10Tyler Bond17'02Youngker
12Nick Arkills17'0.5Youngker
12Taylor Wall16'10 PRYoungker
10John Crowder15'05Youngker
9D'Angelo Calderon13'11Youngker
9Brendan Yesenski0'0Youngker

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

10Tyler Bond38'01Youngker
11Kevin Sloan37'3.5Youngker
9Kenzel Martin35'5.5Youngker
11Jordan Schulze33'10.5Youngker
10John Crowder33'7.5Youngker
12Taylor Wall0'0 SRYoungker


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