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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Catlin Gabel, Portland

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Middle School - Finals
1.8Alexander Anderson12.42aOregon Episcopal
2.8Joel Baeza12.59aLife Christian
8Alexander Anderson12.42Oregon Episcopal
2.8Joel Baeza12.59Life Christian
3.8Cameron Kemper13.49aEmmaus Christian
3.8Cameron Kemper13.49Emmaus Christian
4.-Simon McMurchie13.87aCatlin Gabel
5.6Jerin Baeza13.96aLife Christian
6.8Philip Weiss13.99aOregon Episcopal
8Philip Weiss13.99Oregon Episcopal
7.6Elon Grobey14.29aC S Lewis Academy
8.8Jacob Case14.37aCatlin Gabel
9.7Quinn McDonnell14.56aOregon Episcopal
10.8Isaac Schneider14.68aFaith Bible Christian
7Quinn McDonnell14.56Oregon Episcopal
10.8Isaac Schneider14.68Faith Bible Christian
11.8Matt Atkinson15.06aForest Hills Lutheran
12.7Max Rougier15.41aGilkey International
13.8James Schneider15.47aFaith Bible Christian
14.7Noah Drewrey15.66aEmmaus Christian
7Max Rougier15.41Gilkey International
13.8James Schneider15.47Faith Bible Christian
15.6Aaron Leng15.93aGilkey International
14.7Noah Drewrey15.66Emmaus Christian
6Aaron Leng15.93Gilkey International
16.6Sam Vieira16.29aLife Christian
X 200 Meters - Middle School - Finals
1.8Joel Baeza26.26aLife Christian
2.8Kayden Echols27.60aLife Christian
3.6Jerin Baeza29.03aLife Christian
4.8Conner Hansen29.98aCatlin Gabel
5.8Jackson VanVuren30.33aFaith Bible Christian
5.8Jackson VanVuren30.33Faith Bible Christian
6.7Quinn McDonnell30.65aOregon Episcopal
7Quinn McDonnell30.65Oregon Episcopal
7.7Cole Evans31.15aC S Lewis Academy
8.7Garret Hoaglin31.45aEmmaus Christian
8.7Garret Hoaglin31.45Emmaus Christian
9.7Nicolas Chabert32.05aOregon Episcopal
10.7Noah Drewrey33.09aEmmaus Christian
11.6Aaron Leng33.19aGilkey International
10.7Noah Drewrey33.09Emmaus Christian
6Aaron Leng33.19Gilkey International
X 400 Meters - Middle School - Finals
1.8Kayden Echols59.92aLife Christian
2.8Connor Dionne1:01.19aEmmaus Christian
3.7Jefferson Kiyasu1:01.35aCatlin Gabel
4.7Lucas Stiffarm1:01.50aCatlin Gabel
5.8Chris Junn1:08.86aGilkey International
6.6Adam Knox-Warshaw1:14.38aGilkey International
7.7Nicolaus Gill1:25.04aLife Christian
8.7Alex Garten1:26.21aOregon Episcopal
X 800 Meters - Middle School - Finals
1.7Jefferson Kiyasu2:29.61aCatlin Gabel
2.8Garet Neal2:33.89aCatlin Gabel
3.8Noah McDaniel2:39.87aLife Christian
4.8Grant Ballard2:41.00aFaith Bible Christian
5.7Cameron Slovic2:44.59aOregon Episcopal
6.6Devin Darling2:59.19aLife Christian
7.6Taylor Brizendine3:00.90aLife Christian
8.6Brandon Yang3:17.42aLife Christian
9.6Moses Dillon3:25.83aLife Christian
X 1500 Meters - Middle School - Finals
1.7Jefferson Kiyasu5:03.79aCatlin Gabel
2.8Garet Neal5:08.31aCatlin Gabel
3.7Lucas Stiffarm5:30.65aCatlin Gabel
4.7John Ped5:32.00aGilkey International
5.7Braam Beresford6:17.14aGilkey International
6.6Nicolas Chu6:25.58aGilkey International
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Middle School - Finals
1.8James Graybeal17.67aOregon Episcopal
2.8Jacob Case17.88aCatlin Gabel
8James Graybeal17.67Oregon Episcopal
3.8Troy Maslen17.95aFaith Bible Christian
3.8Troy Maslen17.95Faith Bible Christian
4.7Austin Friedrich19.57aC S Lewis Academy
5.8Isaac Schneider19.58aFaith Bible Christian
6.7Cole Evans19.69aC S Lewis Academy
5.8Isaac Schneider19.58Faith Bible Christian
7.8Bryce Meltebeke20.25aForest Hills Lutheran
8.8Chris Junn20.42aGilkey International
9.8Matt Atkinson20.43aForest Hills Lutheran
8Chris Junn20.42Gilkey International
10.7Quinn McDonnell20.89aOregon Episcopal
7Quinn McDonnell20.89Oregon Episcopal
11.6Sam Vieira21.20aLife Christian
12.6Aaron Leng21.30aGilkey International
13.8Moss Hardman21.44aCatlin Gabel
14.6Adam Knox-Warshaw21.67aGilkey International
6Adam Knox-Warshaw21.67Gilkey International
15.7Alex Garten22.70aOregon Episcopal
X 4x100 Relay - Middle School - Finals
1.-Alex Anderson
James Graybeal
Quinn McDonnell
Philip Weiss
52.12aOregon Episcopal
2.-Relay Team 52.61aCatlin Gabel
3.-Mason Childers
Connor Dionne
Garret Hoaglin
Cameron Kemper
53.56aEmmaus Christian
4.-Troy Maslen
Isaac Schneider
Jackson VanVuren
Grant Ballard
55.66aFaith Bible Christian
5.-Relay Team 56.34aForest Hills Lutheran
6.-Relay Team 57.75aGilkey International
X 4x400 Relay - Middle School - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:31.57aCatlin Gabel
2.-Relay Team 4:43.56aLife Christian
3.-Mason Childers
Shad Mont
Jake Olson
Connor Dionne
4:46.80aEmmaus Christian
4.-Relay Team 4:59.76aGilkey International
X Shot Put - 4kg - Middle School - Finals
1.8Mason Childers32'07.00"Emmaus Christian
2.8Steven Lynch32'01.50"Life Christian
3.7Lucas Marty31'11.00"Faith Bible Christian
4.8Will Williams31'07.00"Forest Hills Lutheran
5.-Zac Torng31'04.50"Catlin Gabel
6.8Will Rosch29'08.00"Oregon Episcopal
7.8James Schneider29'06.50"Faith Bible Christian
8.8Isaac Schneider29'06.50"Faith Bible Christian
8Chris Junn26'08.00"Gilkey International
9.7Cole Evans26'08.00"C S Lewis Academy
11.8Ryan Werner26'02.00"Life Christian
12.8JR Rawlson26'01.50"Life Christian
13.7Noah Drewrey18'11.00"Emmaus Christian
14.6Ben Thigpen15'05.00"Gilkey International
15.6Tristan Hoefer15'00.00"Emmaus Christian
16.7Logan Kitzhaber13'06.50"Gilkey International
X Discus - 1kg - Middle School - Finals
1.-Simon McMurchie108'05.00"Catlin Gabel
2.8Conner Hansen100'05.00"Catlin Gabel
3.8Cole Waibel86'09.00"Forest Hills Lutheran
4.8Will Rosch80'08.00"Oregon Episcopal
5.7Caleb Armstrong73'10.00"Emmaus Christian
6.8Steven Lynch70'07.00"Life Christian
7.7Austin Friedrich65'07.00"C S Lewis Academy
8.8Ryan Werner64'11.00"Life Christian
9.7Lucas Marty63'02.00"Faith Bible Christian
10.6Zach Mahan60'05.00"Life Christian
11.8Troy Maslen58'01.00"Faith Bible Christian
12.6Elon Grobey47'09.00"C S Lewis Academy
13.6Tristan Hoefer38'00.00"Emmaus Christian
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Middle School - Finals
1.8Mason Childers152'09.00"Emmaus Christian
2.8Cameron Kemper138'09.00"Emmaus Christian
3.8Jacob Case119'04.50"Catlin Gabel
4.8Alexander Anderson118'02.00"Oregon Episcopal
5.8Troy Maslen117'10.00"Faith Bible Christian
6.8Garet Neal110'11.00"Catlin Gabel
7.8Grant Ballard102'03.00"Faith Bible Christian
8.8Chris Junn98'00.50"Gilkey International
9.6Zach Mahan91'10.00"Life Christian
10.7Alex LeBlond89'00.00"Gilkey International
11.8Noah McDaniel86'11.00"Life Christian
12.6Moses Dillon65'03.00"Life Christian
13.7Nicolas Chabert62'09.00"Oregon Episcopal
14.7Logan Kitzhaber52'07.00"Gilkey International
1.8Mason Childers152' 9"Emmaus Christian
X High Jump - Middle School - Finals
1.8Kayden Echols5'02.00"Life Christian
2.8Noah McDaniel4'11.50"Life Christian
2.8Noah McDaniel4'11Life Christian
3.7David Gehlen4'10.00"Forest Hills Lutheran
4.7Martin Agrimis4'06.00"Catlin Gabel
7Alex Hyland4'03.00"Gilkey International
5.8Ryan Werner4'03.00"Life Christian
7.-Simon McMurchie4'03.00"Catlin Gabel
8.7Braam Beresford4'00.00"Gilkey International
X Long Jump - Middle School - Finals
1.8Alexander Anderson15'11.50"Oregon Episcopal
2.8Cameron Kemper15'05.00"Emmaus Christian
3.8Philip Weiss15'03.00"Oregon Episcopal
4.8Joel Baeza14'09.50"Life Christian
5.8Simon Kachmarek14'02.50"Forest Hills Lutheran
6.8James Graybeal13'06.50"Oregon Episcopal
7.8Bryce Meltebeke13'05.00"Forest Hills Lutheran
8.7Nathan Bloomster13'03.50"Life Christian
8.7Nathan Bloomster13'03Life Christian
9.6Elon Grobey13'03.00"C S Lewis Academy
10.-Zac Torng13'02.00"Catlin Gabel
11.8Jackson VanVuren12'10.50"Faith Bible Christian
12.8Jack Cavenaugh12'03.50"Catlin Gabel
13.8James Schneider12'02.50"Faith Bible Christian
14.6Adam Knox-Warshaw11'11.00"Gilkey International
15.6Devin Darling11'07.00"Life Christian
16.7Noah Drewrey10'07.00"Emmaus Christian
17.8Moss Hardman9'06.50"Catlin Gabel
18.7Logan Kitzhaber8'06.50"Gilkey International

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Middle School - Finals
1.8Chloe Smith13.50Catlin Gabel
2.7Hadley Wilhoite14.38aGilkey International
3.8Holly Bory14.45aEmmaus Christian
2.7Hadley Wilhoite14.38Gilkey International
3.8Holly Bory14.45Emmaus Christian
4.8Maya Banitt14.78aCatlin Gabel
6.7Leah Grant14.80aLife Christian
4.8Maya Banitt14.78Catlin Gabel
5.7Amelia Aaron14.80Oregon Episcopal
6.7Leah Grant15.13aLife Christian
6.7Leah Grant15.13Life Christian
8.6Aili Hauptman15.44aGilkey International
7.-Hannah Alomar15.33Catlin Gabel
8.6Aili Hauptman15.44Gilkey International
9.7Mattia Carbonaro15.89aFaith Bible Christian
10.8Alex Barlow16.08aFaith Bible Christian
11.7Emmy Daigle16.09aOregon Episcopal
9.7Mattia Carbonaro15.89Faith Bible Christian
12.7Natasha Webb16.33aEmmaus Christian
10.8Alex Barlow16.08Faith Bible Christian
11.7Emmy Daigle16.09Oregon Episcopal
13.8Rachel Schultz16.34aC S Lewis Academy
12.7Natasha Webb16.33Emmaus Christian
13.8Rachel Schultz16.34C S Lewis Academy
14.7Rachel Wagner16.77aFaith Bible Christian
15.7Clara Collins16.81aOregon Episcopal
16.7Alli Fellger16.91aForest Hills Lutheran
14.7Rachel Wagner16.77Faith Bible Christian
15.7Clara Collins16.81Oregon Episcopal
16.7Alli Fellger16.91Forest Hills Lutheran
17.8Summer Huber18.27aC S Lewis Academy
17.8Summer Huber18.27C S Lewis Academy
18.6Rakhi Grant21.73aC S Lewis Academy
18.6Rakhi Grant21.73C S Lewis Academy
X 200 Meters - Middle School - Finals
1.8Chloe Smith28.09aCatlin Gabel
1.8Chloe Smith28.09Catlin Gabel
2.7Hadley Wilhoite29.21aGilkey International
2.7Hadley Wilhoite29.21Gilkey International
3.8Lauren Ninkovich29.69aOregon Episcopal
3.8Lauren Ninkovich29.69Oregon Episcopal
4.7Ashton Carow30.56aForest Hills Lutheran
5.8Holly Bory30.76aEmmaus Christian
4.7Ashton Carow30.56Forest Hills Lutheran
5.8Holly Bory30.76Emmaus Christian
6.7Leah Grant31.23aLife Christian
6.7Leah Grant31.23Life Christian
7.6Aili Hauptman31.69aGilkey International
7.6Aili Hauptman31.69Gilkey International
8.7Regina Logan32.08aOregon Episcopal
8.7Regina Logan32.08Oregon Episcopal
9.7Claire Pinger33.37aOregon Episcopal
10.7Mattia Carbonaro33.46aFaith Bible Christian
9.7Claire Pinger33.37Oregon Episcopal
10.7Mattia Carbonaro33.46Faith Bible Christian
11.8Annie Loduca33.96aCatlin Gabel
11.8Annie Loduca33.96Catlin Gabel
12.7Hannah Mathewson34.24aLife Christian
12.7Hannah Mathewson34.24Life Christian
13.7Jamie Graham35.59aC S Lewis Academy
13.7Jamie Graham35.59C S Lewis Academy
14.7Natasha Webb36.77aEmmaus Christian
14.7Natasha Webb36.77Emmaus Christian
X 400 Meters - Middle School - Finals
1.8Lauren Ninkovich1:09.62Oregon Episcopal
2.8Nikita Swinnen-Galbraith1:09.65Gilkey International
3.8Holly Bory1:12.34Emmaus Christian
4.8Lily Samiee1:14.06Oregon Episcopal
5.8Annalise Helm1:14.36Gilkey International
6.8Hanna Sheitkh1:16.37Catlin Gabel
7.6Cecelia Hartge1:17.13Gilkey International
8.8Nora Finley1:17.92Catlin Gabel
9.7Nikki Leighton1:18.45Faith Bible Christian
10.7Alli Fellger1:19.10Forest Hills Lutheran
11.7Rosa Mallorson1:20.70Oregon Episcopal
12.7Natasha Webb1:21.22Emmaus Christian
13.7Jamie Graham1:22.31C S Lewis Academy
14.7Esther Harris1:22.39Emmaus Christian
15.7Rachel Wagner1:23.96Faith Bible Christian
X 800 Meters - Middle School - Finals
1.7Jessi Beyer2:50.50Forest Hills Lutheran
2.8Jillian Rix2:52.86Catlin Gabel
3.8Lauren Fogelstrom2:53.26Catlin Gabel
4.8Lauren Kinnucan2:55.42Catlin Gabel
5.8Maddie Nicoloff2:57.04Gilkey International
6.7Esther Harris3:05.20Emmaus Christian
7.7Maile Kam3:09.16Faith Bible Christian
8.7Sophia Prince3:17.48Gilkey International
9.6Lara Rix3:17.96Gilkey International
10.7Alex Boxberger3:21.22Oregon Episcopal
11.7Ellie Ward3:21.68Oregon Episcopal
12.7Allison Quinn3:34.98Oregon Episcopal
X 1500 Meters - Middle School - Finals
1.8Jillian Rix5:53.26Catlin Gabel
2.8Nora Finley5:55.47Catlin Gabel
3.8Lauren Kinnucan6:04.19Catlin Gabel
4.8Maddie Nicoloff6:13.43Gilkey International
5.7Hannah Mathewson7:24.17Life Christian
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Middle School - Finals
1.7Jessi Beyer19.03aForest Hills Lutheran
2.8Annie Loduca19.15aCatlin Gabel
3.8Maya Banitt19.23aCatlin Gabel
1.7Jessi Beyer19.03Forest Hills Lutheran
4.8Bryanna Hanson19.35aForest Hills Lutheran
2.8Annie Loduca19.15Catlin Gabel
3.8Maya Banitt19.23Catlin Gabel
4.8Bryanna Hanson19.35Forest Hills Lutheran
6.8Emma Marcus19.71aCatlin Gabel
5.8Nikita Swinnen-Galbraith19.58Gilkey International
6.8Emma Marcus19.71Catlin Gabel
7.7Emmy Daigle20.90Oregon Episcopal
8.7Maile Kam21.96aFaith Bible Christian
8.7Maile Kam21.96Faith Bible Christian
9.6Cecelia Hartge22.25aGilkey International
9.6Cecelia Hartge22.25Gilkey International
10.8Legend Bayles22.55aLife Christian
10.8Legend Bayles22.55Life Christian
11.6Petra Flemmer23.95aForest Hills Lutheran
11.6Petra Flemmer23.95Forest Hills Lutheran
12.7Rosa Mallorson24.42aOregon Episcopal
12.7Rosa Mallorson24.42Oregon Episcopal
13.7Georgia Romine-Black25.13aOregon Episcopal
13.7Georgia Romine-Black25.13Oregon Episcopal
X 4x100 Relay - Middle School - Finals
1.-Relay Team 55.99Catlin Gabel
2.-Amelia Aaron
Lauren Ninkovich
Regina Logan
Marie Fernandez
57.71Oregon Episcopal
3.-Relay Team 59.16Gilkey International
4.-Ashton Carow
Petra Flemmer
Bryanna Hanson
Jessi Beyer
1:01.31Forest Hills Lutheran
5.-Nikki Leighton
Rachel Wagner
Mattia Carbonaro
Alex Barlow
1:02.13Faith Bible Christian
X 4x400 Relay - Middle School - Finals
1.-Relay Team 5:03.07Catlin Gabel
2.-Relay Team 5:11.71Gilkey International
3.-Amelia Aaron
Kailin Carter
Marie Fernandez
Allison Quinn
5:35.54Oregon Episcopal
X Shot Put - 6lb - Middle School - Finals
1.6Nicole Manning27'04.50"Life Christian
1.6Nicole Manning27'04Life Christian
2.8Larissa Banitt27'04.00"Catlin Gabel
3.7Georgia Romine-Black25'04.50"Oregon Episcopal
7Georgia Romine-Black25'04Oregon Episcopal
4.8Legend Bayles24'04.50"Life Christian
5.7McKenna Ely24'00.50"Life Christian
6.8Sarayu Caulfield22'03.50"Oregon Episcopal
8Sarayu Caulfield22'03Oregon Episcopal
7.7Anna Dodson22'03.00"Catlin Gabel
8.8Alex Barlow19'11.75"Faith Bible Christian
9.7Alyssa Leuvrey19'10.25"Gilkey International
10.8Rachel Schultz19'01.00"C S Lewis Academy
11.7Sophia Prince18'05.00"Gilkey International
12.7Sandra Hong18'03.75"Oregon Episcopal
13.-Mary Oakely17'11.75"Catlin Gabel
14.8Summer Huber17'01.00"C S Lewis Academy
15.7Laura Korngiebel16'03.00"Gilkey International
16.6Rakhi Grant14'00.00"C S Lewis Academy
X Discus - 1kg - Middle School - Finals
1.6Nicole Manning59'02.00"Life Christian
2.7Anna Dodson57'08.00"Catlin Gabel
3.8Claire Huffman54'02.00"Oregon Episcopal
4.-Maddy Bunnenberg-Ross53'07.00"Catlin Gabel
5.8Sarayu Caulfield51'03.00"Oregon Episcopal
6.7McKenna Ely47'05.00"Life Christian
7.-Mary Oakely44'09.00"Catlin Gabel
8.8Legend Bayles44'00.00"Life Christian
9.7Mark Fernandez38'06.00"Oregon Episcopal
10.8Rachel Schultz34'02.00"C S Lewis Academy
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Middle School - Finals
1.6Nicole Manning90'06.00"Life Christian
2.8Sarayu Caulfield78'08.00"Oregon Episcopal
3.8Maddie Nicoloff58'07.00"Gilkey International
4.7Mark Fernandez49'03.00"Oregon Episcopal
5.7Rosa Mallorson48'10.00"Oregon Episcopal
6.7McKenna Ely43'08.00"Life Christian
7.7Sophia Prince43'01.00"Gilkey International
8.7Alyssa Leuvrey40'10.00"Gilkey International
X High Jump - Middle School - Finals
1.8Bryanna Hanson4'04.00"Forest Hills Lutheran
2.7Leah Grant4'00.00"Life Christian
7Ellie Ward3'09.00"Oregon Episcopal
3.7McKenna Ely3'09.00"Life Christian
7Allison Quinn3'06.00"Oregon Episcopal
7Evelyne Maquelin3'06.00"Catlin Gabel
5.8Hanna Sheitkh3'06.00"Catlin Gabel
X Long Jump - Middle School - Finals
1.7Hadley Wilhoite16'02.75"Gilkey International
2.8Nikita Swinnen-Galbraith13'09.00"Gilkey International
3.8Maya Banitt13'00.25"Catlin Gabel
4.8Annalise Helm12'09.25"Gilkey International
5.7Evelyne Maquelin11'09.50"Catlin Gabel
6.7Leah Grant11'08.50"Life Christian
7.7Alex Boxberger11'02.50"Oregon Episcopal
8.7Kailin Carter10'07.50"Oregon Episcopal
7Kailin Carter10'07Oregon Episcopal
9.8Elayna Caron10'07.00"Catlin Gabel
10.7Carmen Ursachi10'01.00"Oregon Episcopal
11.6Opal Christian9'08.25"Life Christian
12.7Esther Harris9'08.00"Emmaus Christian
13.7Hannah Mathewson9'08.00"Life Christian
14.7Nikki Leighton9'07.00"Faith Bible Christian
15.7Madeleine Hood9'02.25"Faith Bible Christian
16.7Jamie Graham9'01.00"C S Lewis Academy
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