NB vs Siuslaw, Coquille

Wednesday, April 06, 2011
  North Bend, North Bend - Map

  Field Events Start: 3:30 PM  Track Events Start: 4:30 PM
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Team Scores
8th Grade Girls - Womens
1.North BendNB81
3.Coquille Valleycvs16.5
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - 7th Grade Boys - Finals
1.7Luke Lucero12.6hNorth Bend
2.7Zach Breitkreutz13.5hCoquille Valley
3.7Eli Dill13.6hCoquille Valley
4.7Heath Shanklin13.8hNorth Bend
5.7Brad Romine14.1hCoquille Valley
6.7Drae Stark14.3hNorth Bend
7.7Preston Mitchell14.3hSiuslaw
8.7Garrett Ereth14.9hNorth Bend
9.7Macen Howard16.4hCoquille Valley
10.7Ryan Swenson17.6hCoquille Valley
11.7Johnny Rowe17.6hCoquille Valley
7Skyler WhiteNTCoquille Valley
7Michael MasonNTSiuslaw
X 100 Meters - 8th Grade Boys - Finals
1.8Billy Jones12.7hSiuslaw
2.8Nick Ball13.7hSiuslaw
3.8Tyler Lundy14.0hCoquille Valley
4.8Cedric Sullivan14.0hCoquille Valley
5.8Andrew Tucker14.6hCoquille Valley
6.8Warren Andy15.0hCoquille Valley
7.8Jason Hight15.3hSiuslaw
8.8Jordan Isenhart16.6hCoquille Valley
8Daniel HodgeNTCoquille Valley
8William MahrNTNorth Bend
X 200 Meters - 7th Grade Boys - Finals
1.7Zach Breitkreutz28.3hCoquille Valley
2.7Eli Dill29.7hCoquille Valley
3.7Joe Scolari31.0hCoquille Valley
4.7James Jordan31.3hNorth Bend
5.7Drae Stark32.0hNorth Bend
6.7Allen Alletson32.4hSiuslaw
7.7Ryan Swenson37.3hCoquille Valley
7Brad RomineNTCoquille Valley
X 200 Meters - 8th Grade Boys - Finals
1.8Cedric Sullivan28.8hCoquille Valley
2.8Brandon Bowen29.9hCoquille Valley
3.8Jack Dailey31.1hNorth Bend
8Jason HightNTSiuslaw
X 400 Meters - 7th Grade Boys - Finals
1.7Grayson Maggard1:04.7hCoquille Valley
2.7Wyatt Yates1:07.8hCoquille Valley
3.7Brad Romine1:09.4hCoquille Valley
4.7Stewart Lyons1:11.1hNorth Bend
7Luke LuceroNTNorth Bend
X 400 Meters - 8th Grade Boys - Finals
1.8Cameron Lucero57.6hNorth Bend
2.8Seth Campbell1:00.9hSiuslaw
3.8Jack Dailey1:10.0hNorth Bend
4.8Evan Schreiber1:13.1hNorth Bend
5.8David Johnston1:15.6hSiuslaw
8Tyler LundyNTCoquille Valley
8Kenneth StiennonNTNorth Bend
X 800 Meters - 7th Grade Boys - Finals
1.7Grayson Maggard2:41.3hCoquille Valley
2.7Kody Courtright2:41.5hCoquille Valley
3.7Tyler Williams3:31.5hSiuslaw
7Joe ScolariNTCoquille Valley
X 800 Meters - 8th Grade Boys - Finals
1.8Seth Campbell2:19.7hSiuslaw
2.8Joe Dotson2:32.4hSiuslaw
3.8Drake Chisholm2:36.8hNorth Bend
4.8Devin Olson2:42.0hNorth Bend
5.8Noah Langlie2:50.5hNorth Bend
6.8Kyle Jones2:55.2hSiuslaw
7.8TJ Cannon2:58.6hSiuslaw
8.8Evan Schreiber3:00.2hNorth Bend
9.8Andrew Dias3:01.3hSiuslaw
10.8David Johnston3:13.9hSiuslaw
11.8Bryson Bossley3:14.3hSiuslaw
8Jack DaileyNTNorth Bend
X 1500 Meters - 7th Grade Boys - Finals
1.7Joe Scolari5:41.4hCoquille Valley
2.7Gavin Clawson6:03.2hCoquille Valley
3.7Allen Alletson6:07.8hSiuslaw
4.7Johnny Rowe6:35.6hCoquille Valley
5.7Tyler Williams7:00.7hSiuslaw
X 1500 Meters - 8th Grade Boys - Finals
1.8Seth Campbell4:42.0hSiuslaw
2.8Trenton Berrian5:08.5hNorth Bend
3.8Nick Hossley5:14.9hNorth Bend
4.8Noah Langlie5:32.5hNorth Bend
5.8Matthew Stewart5:37.7hNorth Bend
6.8Bryson Bossley6:25.9hSiuslaw
7.8David Johnston6:29.8hSiuslaw
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - 7th Grade Boys - Finals
1.7James Jordan20.72North Bend
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - 8th Grade Boys - Finals
1.8Cameron Lucero16.7hNorth Bend
2.8Joe Dotson17.9hSiuslaw
3.8Nick Hossley19.3hNorth Bend
4.8Chris Seldon21.6hNorth Bend
5.8Brant Hamner22.7hNorth Bend
6.8Noah Langlie22.8hNorth Bend
7.8Justin Pallo23.8hNorth Bend
8Keoni CastroNTSiuslaw
8Tayler DiasNTSiuslaw
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - 7th Grade Boys - Finals
1.7Kody Courtright35.2hCoquille Valley
2.7Lane Crismon36.7hNorth Bend
7Tyler WilliamsNTSiuslaw
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - 8th Grade Boys - Finals
1.8Evan Schreiber37.9hNorth Bend
8Tim ReevesNTCoquille Valley
8Keoni CastroNTSiuslaw
8Levi RiderNTNorth Bend
8Cameron LuceroNTNorth Bend
X 4x100 Relay - 7th Grade Boys - Finals
1.-Allen Alletson
Ryan Denning
Preston Mitchell
Scott Jordan
X 4x100 Relay - 8th Grade Boys - Finals
1.-Relay Team 57.0hNorth Bend
1.-William Mahr
Drake Chisholm
Levi Rider
Cameron Lucero
57.0hNorth Bend
2.-Nicholas Dodson
Jason Hight
Kyle Jones
Nick Ball
X 4x400 Relay - 8th Grade Boys - Finals
1.-Evan Schreiber
Devin Olson
Nick Hossley
Trenton Berrian
4:44.42North Bend
2.-Kenneth Stiennon
Matthew Stewart
Noah Langlie
Jack Dailey
4:48.56North Bend
3.-Seth Campbell
Keenan McClellan
Bryson Bossley
Kyle Jones
X Shot Put - 4kg - 7th Grade Boys - Finals
1.7Josh Kimble35-03.00North Bend
2.7Dylan Jennings27-11.00Siuslaw
3.7James Bright22-11.00North Bend
4.7Connor Napier22-03.00North Bend
5.7Michael Mason21-05.00Siuslaw
6.7Cody Brannon20-07.00North Bend
7.7Derek Brannon20-05.00North Bend
7Skyler WhiteNDCoquille Valley
7Macen HowardNDCoquille Valley
X Shot Put - 4kg - 8th Grade Boys - Finals
1.8Chase Russell37-10.00Siuslaw
2.8Kenneth Stiennon35-09.00North Bend
3.8Brandon Bowen35-00.00Coquille Valley
4.8Lester Pruett32-06.00Siuslaw
5.8Chris Seldon31-07.00North Bend
6.8Warren Andy31-05.00Coquille Valley
7.8Rhett Strode31-03.00Coquille Valley
8.8Cedric Sullivan29-01.00Coquille Valley
9.8Tyler Muchmore24-10.00North Bend
10.8Grant Crim22-10.00Coquille Valley
11.8Tim Reeves21-01.00Coquille Valley
12.8Jordan Isenhart20-11.00Coquille Valley
8Daniel HodgeDQCoquille Valley
8Tommy BoylesDQCoquille Valley
X Discus - 1kg - 7th Grade Boys - Finals
1.7Brad Romine82-06Coquille Valley
2.7Josh Kimble82-00North Bend
3.7Scott Gordan69-05Siuslaw
4.7Dylan Jennings57-00Siuslaw
4.7James Bright57-00North Bend
6.7Michael Mason56-02Siuslaw
7.7Lane Crismon52-04North Bend
8.7Cody Brannon50-09North Bend
9.7Derek Brannon48-08North Bend
10.7Ryan Denning46-00Siuslaw
11.7Tyler Williams41-05Siuslaw
7Connor NapierNDNorth Bend
X Discus - 1kg - 8th Grade Boys - Finals
1.8Rhett Strode91-07Coquille Valley
2.8Chase Russell88-08Siuslaw
3.8Keenan McClellan78-01Siuslaw
4.8Brandon Bowen71-10Coquille Valley
5.8Tyler Muchmore58-10North Bend
6.8Kenneth Stiennon58-01North Bend
7.8Lester Pruett53-10Siuslaw
8.8TJ Cannon53-01Siuslaw
9.8Kyle Zomerschoe50-08North Bend
10.8Grant Crim34-00Coquille Valley
8Sam TaylorDQNorth Bend
X Javelin - 300g TJ - 7th Grade Boys - Finals
1.7Lane Crismon92-01North Bend
2.7Stewart Lyons86-03North Bend
3.7Wyatt Yates84-01Coquille Valley
4.7Josh Kimble82-06North Bend
5.7Grayson Maggard79-09Coquille Valley
6.7Scott Gordan77-09Siuslaw
7.7Zach Breitkreutz66-00Coquille Valley
8.7Connor Napier64-07North Bend
9.7Reese Siegel62-02Siuslaw
10.7Ryan Denning60-08Siuslaw
11.7Derek Brannon58-08North Bend
12.7Gavin Clawson39-11Coquille Valley
13.7McKenzie Gibson39-01Coquille Valley
7Skyler WhiteDQCoquille Valley
X Javelin - 300g TJ - 8th Grade Boys - Finals
1.8Warren Andy111-05Coquille Valley
2.8Tyler Lundy105-07Coquille Valley
3.8Kyle Zomerschoe95-05North Bend
4.8Tommy Boyles87-09Coquille Valley
5.8Brant Hamner85-10North Bend
6.8Rhett Strode80-10Coquille Valley
7.8Tayler Dias79-08Siuslaw
8.8Keenan McClellan74-04Siuslaw
9.8Tim Reeves68-00Coquille Valley
10.8Matthew Stewart66-11North Bend
11.8Lester Pruett54-05Siuslaw
12.8Levi Rider52-00North Bend
13.8TJ Cannon50-00Siuslaw
14.8Sam Taylor47-10North Bend
15.8Andrew Dias47-04Siuslaw
16.8Tyler Muchmore45-05North Bend
17.8Jordan Isenhart40-00Coquille Valley
X High Jump - 7th Grade Boys - Finals
1.7James Jordan4-06.00North Bend
2.7James Bright4-02.00North Bend
3.7Grayson Maggard4-02.00Coquille Valley
4.7Joe Scolari4-00.00Coquille Valley
4.7Drae Stark4-00.00North Bend
4.7Preston Mitchell4-00.00Siuslaw
7Scott GordanNHSiuslaw
7Reese SiegelNHSiuslaw
7Kody CourtrightNHCoquille Valley
7McKenzie GibsonNHCoquille Valley
7Wyatt YatesNHCoquille Valley
X High Jump - 8th Grade Boys - Finals
1.8Billy Jones5-04.00Siuslaw
2.8Joe Dotson4-10.00Siuslaw
3.8Nicholas Dodson4-08.00Siuslaw
3.8William Mahr4-08.00North Bend
5.8Tayler Dias4-06.00Siuslaw
6.8Chris Seldon4-04.00North Bend
7.8Jeremy Vigue4-04.00Coquille Valley
8.8Nick Ball4-04.00Siuslaw
8Andrew DiasNHSiuslaw
8Andrew TuckerNHCoquille Valley
8Justin PalloNHNorth Bend
8Keoni CastroNHSiuslaw
X Long Jump - 7th Grade Boys - Finals
1.7Luke Lucero16-11.00North Bend
2.7Eli Dill14-04.00Coquille Valley
3.7Drae Stark13-08.50North Bend
4.7James Jordan13-02.00North Bend
5.7Heath Shanklin12-11.00North Bend
6.7Reese Siegel12-02.50Siuslaw
7.7Garrett Ereth11-04.50North Bend
7Cody BrannonNDNorth Bend
7Gavin ClawsonNDCoquille Valley
7Johnny RoweNDCoquille Valley
7Ryan SwensonNDCoquille Valley
7McKenzie GibsonNDCoquille Valley
X Long Jump - 8th Grade Boys - Finals
1.8Billy Jones19-08.00Siuslaw
2.8Cameron Lucero18-08.50North Bend
3.8Levi Rider15'2.00North Bend
3.8Nick Ball15-00.00Siuslaw
4.8William Mahr14-11.50North Bend
5.8Nicholas Dodson14-07.00Siuslaw
6.8Brant Hamner13-10.00North Bend
7.8Cedric Sullivan13-06.50Coquille Valley
8.8Andrew Tucker13-00.00Coquille Valley
9.8Jeremy Vigue12-09.00Coquille Valley
10.8Levi Rider12-06.00North Bend
11.8Matthew Stewart12-01.00North Bend
8Daniel HodgeNDCoquille Valley
8Tommy BoylesNDCoquille Valley
8Justin PalloNDNorth Bend

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - 7th Grade Girls - Finals
1.7Brianna Cole14.6hNorth Bend
2.7Alexa Reed14.9hNorth Bend
3.7McKenzie Edwards15.1hNorth Bend
4.7Sara Frings16.7hNorth Bend
5.7Hailee Abraham16.9hSiuslaw
6.7Emily Hansen17.4hNorth Bend
6.7Haley Messner17.4hNorth Bend
7Aurora NeikirkNTNorth Bend
7Makala EdgarNTCoquille Valley
7McKailey LandmarkNTCoquille Valley
7Savannah SafiNTCoquille Valley
7Nicole GordanNTSiuslaw
8Maddie MarbasNTSiuslaw
X 100 Meters - 8th Grade Girls - Finals
1.8Alex Kelley14.7hNorth Bend
2.8Andi Ruede15.2hSiuslaw
3.8Sarrah Green15.3hCoquille Valley
4.8Mariah Chambers15.5hNorth Bend
5.8Bailey Lyon15.5hNorth Bend
6.8Cassandra Thies15.9hNorth Bend
7.8Edith Ayala18.0hNorth Bend
8Alysse HagaNTNorth Bend
8Stevie MillerNTSiuslaw
8Cheyanne AustinNTCoquille Valley
X 200 Meters - 7th Grade Girls - Finals
1.7Brianna Cole31.5hNorth Bend
2.7Alexa Reed32.7hNorth Bend
3.7Makala Edgar33.1hCoquille Valley
4.7Meghan Pickell33.3hSiuslaw
5.7McKailey Landmark34.0hCoquille Valley
6.7Kadie Forderer35.9hNorth Bend
7.7Rebeckah McCall35.9hCoquille Valley
8.7Taylor Flood36.1hCoquille Valley
X 200 Meters - 8th Grade Girls - Finals
1.8Alex Kelley31.4hNorth Bend
2.8Cassandra Thies32.7hNorth Bend
3.8Andi Ruede32.8hSiuslaw
4.8Bailey Lyon32.9hNorth Bend
5.8MacKenzie Matthews33.9hSiuslaw
6.8Alysse Haga34.1hNorth Bend
7.8Serena Erler35.8hCoquille Valley
8.8Caroline Newman43.3hCoquille Valley
8Edith AyalaNTNorth Bend
X 400 Meters - 7th Grade Girls - Finals
1.7Makala Edgar1:16.2hCoquille Valley
2.7Rebeckah McCall1:23.1hCoquille Valley
3.7Sara Frings1:29.0hNorth Bend
4.7Hailey Riley1:30.7hCoquille Valley
5.7Haley Messner1:39.5hNorth Bend
7Alexa ReedNTNorth Bend
X 400 Meters - 8th Grade Girls - Finals
1.8Caity Harless1:18.5hNorth Bend
2.8Sarrah Green1:32.5hCoquille Valley
3.8Jessica Schwerdtfeger1:33.2hCoquille Valley
X 800 Meters - 7th Grade Girls - Finals
1.7Taylor Flood3:10.9hCoquille Valley
2.7Rebeckah McCall3:15.9hCoquille Valley
3.7Anna Sweeny3:19.3hCoquille Valley
X 800 Meters - 8th Grade Girls - Finals
1.8Serena Erler3:11.1hCoquille Valley
X 1500 Meters - 7th Grade Girls - Finals
1.7Anna Sweeny6:27.3hCoquille Valley
X 1500 Meters - 8th Grade Girls - Finals
1.8Courtney King6:22.9hSiuslaw
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - 7th Grade Girls - Finals
1.7McKenzie Edwards20.3hNorth Bend
2.7Makenna Crocker20.4hNorth Bend
3.7Shaina Adkins22.0hNorth Bend
7Abbey KnightNTNorth Bend
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - 8th Grade Girls - Finals
1.8Raegan Spence20.4hNorth Bend
2.8McKenzie Gauntz20.5hNorth Bend
3.8Sam Lucero21.2hNorth Bend
4.8Jasmine Barker21.2hNorth Bend
5.8Kelsea Kubli21.3hNorth Bend
6.8Kaitlyn Porter22.0hNorth Bend
7.8Cassie McCutcheon22.4hNorth Bend
8.8Emily Midyette22.8hNorth Bend
8Michaela BartonNTSiuslaw
8Sarrah GreenNTCoquille Valley
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - 7th Grade Girls - Finals
1.7Mikaela Siegel37.9hSiuslaw
2.7Krista Eubank45.0hNorth Bend
3.7Alexis Emmons49.3hNorth Bend
7Haley MessnerNTNorth Bend
7Sara FringsNTNorth Bend
7Meghan HillNTNorth Bend
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - 8th Grade Girls - Finals
1.8Alex Kelley37.0hNorth Bend
2.8McKenzie Gauntz38.1hNorth Bend
3.8Cassandra Thies38.9hNorth Bend
4.8Raegan Spence39.9hNorth Bend
5.8Brooklyn Dunham40.7hNorth Bend
6.8Stevie Miller41.0hSiuslaw
7.8Cassie McCutcheon42.9hNorth Bend
8.8Emily Midyette43.0hNorth Bend
8Kelsea KubliNTNorth Bend
8MacKenzie MatthewsNTSiuslaw
X 4x100 Relay - 7th Grade Girls - Finals
1.-Meghan Pickell
Sierra Potter
Nicole Gordan
Hailee Abraham
2.-Cassie Blum
Makenna Crocker
Emily Hansen
Krista Eubank
1:07.2hNorth Bend
X 4x100 Relay - 8th Grade Girls - Finals
1.-Courtney King
Stevie Miller
Andi Ruede
MacKenzie Matthews
2.-Alysse Haga
Edith Ayala
Brooklyn Dunham
McKenzie Gauntz
1:07.7hNorth Bend
X 4x400 Relay - 8th Grade Girls - Finals
1.-Alex Kelley
Raegan Spence
Jasmine Barker
Caity Harless
5:27.0hNorth Bend
X Shot Put - 6lb - 7th Grade Girls - Finals
1.7Taylor Dotson22-10.00Siuslaw
2.7Meghan Pickell21-01.00Siuslaw
3.7Sierra Potter20-07.00Siuslaw
3.7Makenna Crocker20-07.00North Bend
X Shot Put - 6lb - 8th Grade Girls - Finals
1.8Lindsey Bottensek30-07.00Siuslaw
2.8Dayna Ring27-07.00North Bend
2.8Jessica Schwerdtfeger27-07.00Coquille Valley
4.8Payton Smith27-04.00North Bend
5.8Baylie Huff26-02.00Siuslaw
6.8Brooklyn Dunham23-04.00North Bend
6.8Bailey Lyon23-04.00North Bend
8.8Cheyanne Austin22-10.00Coquille Valley
9.8Patience Cook20-11.00North Bend
10.8Kelli Long20-09.00North Bend
11.8Kelsey Hurt19-08.00Coquille Valley
12.8Caroline Newman19-03.00Coquille Valley
8Gabriela GonzalezDQCoquille Valley
X Discus - 1kg - 7th Grade Girls - Finals
1.7Taylor Dotson45-10Siuslaw
2.7Natalie Thielen33-06Siuslaw
3.7Savannah Safi33-03Coquille Valley
4.7Madeline Thielen29-04Siuslaw
X Discus - 1kg - 8th Grade Girls - Finals
1.8Lindsey Bottensek60-11Siuslaw
2.8Payton Smith56-03North Bend
3.8Dayna Ring55-09North Bend
4.8Cheyanne Austin49-11Coquille Valley
5.8Caroline Newman47-04Coquille Valley
6.8Patience Cook40-01North Bend
7.8Kelli Long38-08North Bend
8.8Nikole Vorland37-09North Bend
8Baylie HuffNDSiuslaw
X Javelin - 300g TJ - 7th Grade Girls - Finals
1.7Alexis Emmons54-07North Bend
2.7Taylor Dotson43-07Siuslaw
3.7Madeline Thielen42-11Siuslaw
4.7Savannah Safi41-02Coquille Valley
5.7Emily Hansen38-06North Bend
6.8Maddie Marbas23-02Siuslaw
7.7Aurora Neikirk18-05North Bend
X Javelin - 300g TJ - 8th Grade Girls - Finals
1.8Mariah Chambers79-11North Bend
2.8Andi Ruede79-00Siuslaw
3.8Patience Cook75-10North Bend
4.8Dayna Ring63-02North Bend
5.8Lindsey Bottensek60-04Siuslaw
6.8Edith Ayala55-04North Bend
7.8Alysse Haga48-07North Bend
8.8Nikole Vorland45-06North Bend
9.8Jessica Schwerdtfeger44-04Coquille Valley
10.8Baylie Huff40-04Siuslaw
11.8Kelli Long34-01North Bend
X High Jump - 7th Grade Girls - Finals
1.7Makala Edgar4-04.00Coquille Valley
2.7Shaina Adkins3-10.00North Bend
2.7Hailee Abraham3-10.00Siuslaw
4.7Cassie Blum3-08.00North Bend
4.7McKenzie Edwards3-08.00North Bend
4.7Mikaela Siegel3-08.00Siuslaw
4.7Anna Sweeny3-08.00Coquille Valley
8.7Krista Eubank3-06.00North Bend
8.7Rebeckah McCall3-06.00Coquille Valley
8.7Abbey Knight3-06.00North Bend
8.7Kadie Forderer3-06.00North Bend
8.7Nicole Gordan3-06.00Siuslaw
7Natalie ThielenNHSiuslaw
7Taylor FloodNHCoquille Valley
X High Jump - 8th Grade Girls - Finals
1.8Kelsea Kubli4-02.00North Bend
1.8Stevie Miller4-02.00Siuslaw
3.8Caity Harless4-00.00North Bend
4.8Sam Lucero3-10.00North Bend
4.8Michaela Barton3-10.00Siuslaw
4.8Jasmine Barker3-10.00North Bend
6.8Kelsey Hurt3-08.00Coquille Valley
7.8Kaitlyn Porter3-08.00North Bend
8Gabriela GonzalezNHCoquille Valley
8Raegan SpenceNHNorth Bend
8Cassandra ThiesNHNorth Bend
X Long Jump - 7th Grade Girls - Finals
1.7Mikaela Siegel12-11.00Siuslaw
2.7Shaina Adkins11-11.00North Bend
3.7Hailee Abraham11-06.75Siuslaw
4.7Meghan Pickell11-06.00Siuslaw
5.7McKenzie Edwards11-05.50North Bend
6.7McKailey Landmark11-05.00Coquille Valley
7.7Brianna Cole11-04.00North Bend
8.7Anna Sweeny11-03.00Coquille Valley
9.7Makenna Crocker11-01.00North Bend
10.7Kadie Forderer9-09.75North Bend
11.7Alexis Emmons9-07.50North Bend
12.7Sierra Potter9-02.50Siuslaw
13.7Meghan Hill8-10.00North Bend
14.7Abbey Knight8-09.00North Bend
7Aurora NeikirkNDNorth Bend
8Maddie MarbasNDSiuslaw
X Long Jump - 8th Grade Girls - Finals
1.8Jasmine Barker12-05.50North Bend
2.8Sam Lucero11-09.75North Bend
3.8Mariah Chambers11-06.25North Bend
4.8Caity Harless11-05.50North Bend
5.8Emily Midyette11-05.25North Bend
6.8Sarrah Green11-01.00Coquille Valley
7.8Kaitlyn Porter10-07.25North Bend
8.8Gabriela Gonzalez10-06.50Coquille Valley
8Kelsey HurtNDCoquille Valley
8Serena ErlerNDCoquille Valley
8Brooklyn DunhamNDNorth Bend
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