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Arthur Lydiard Invitational

Friday, April 29, 2011

South Point HS, South Point

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Ohio - Division III
West Virginia - AAA
Spring Valley
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jonathan Royster11.18aPortsmouth
2.11Travis Murphy11.54aGreenup County
3.11Tre Campbell11.68aSouth Point
4.12Tevin Mitchell11.70aSouth Point
1.12Patrick Cooper11.87aRussell
5.11Patrick Williams11.92aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
6.11Trey Wilds11.99aRock Hill
2.11Jesse Lane12.07aRock Hill
7.12Lucas Martin12.09aChesapeake
8.12Jordan Hamilton12.23aGreenup County
3.11Chase McDowell12.37aFairland
4.11Joe Colley12.73aDawson-Bryant
1.9Johnny McGuire12.87aRussell
5.10Kyle Brown12.91aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
2.11Shayne Reynolds13.32aDawson-Bryant
3.9Nick Ratliff13.61aIronton
4.9Adam Collins14.45aSouth Point
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jonathan Royster23.23aPortsmouth
2.12Grant McKenzie23.90aRussell
1.12Tres Wilks24.03aIronton
3.12Lucas Martin24.12aChesapeake
2.11Aaron Harrison24.25aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
4.11Patrick Williams24.57aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
3.12Jordan Hamilton24.92aGreenup County
5.11Tre Campbell24.95aSouth Point
4.12Brian Warner25.59aIronton
1.10Sam Nelson26.03aFairland
2.9Garrett Schultz26.72aDawson-Bryant
3.11Shayne Reynolds28.16aDawson-Bryant
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jonathan Royster50.99aPortsmouth
2.12Tres Wilks52.73aIronton
1.11Josh Payne54.89aSouth Point
3.11Jake Jewell55.36aDawson-Bryant
2.12Brian Warner55.89aIronton
3.11Jalen Brooks57.06aFairland
4.11Patrick Williams57.18aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
4.10Jacob Porter57.84aRussell
5.10Kyle Estep58.76aDawson-Bryant
5.11Nathan Sowards58.91aGreenup County
6.11Tanner Willis59.68aGreenup County
1.9Charles Adkins1:01.69aSpring Valley
2.10BJ Adkins1:02.66aFairland
3.9Levi Stewart1:04.98aRock Hill
4.9Austin Bradley1:06.59aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
5.11Jordan Lynd1:12.36aSouth Point
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Tres Wilks52.2Ironton
12Dustin Moritz54.6Ironton
11Robert Bishop54.8Ironton
12Brian Warner56.2Ironton
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Raine Wireman2:04.87aFairland
2.12Dustin Moritz2:05.62aIronton
3.11Jacob Pauley2:05.97aDawson-Bryant
4.11Austin Porter2:09.16aPortsmouth
5.11Ryan Stewart2:11.11aFairland
6.11Dylan Harman2:13.54aRussell
7.10Ryan Ashworth2:15.62aChesapeake
8.11Michael Lawson2:15.69aPortsmouth
9.12Stephen Welch2:18.19aChesapeake
10.10Andrew Zabrieszack2:24.95aGreenup County
11.10Nick Bishop2:26.56aIronton
12.10Henry Quillen2:29.65aGreenup County
13.10Jon Campbell2:43.90aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
14.10Codi Matney2:48.98aDawson-Bryant
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Gary Monroe2:04.7Ironton
12Pierce Reeves2:05.6Ironton
12Dustin Moritz2:09.3Ironton
12Adam Stumbo2:11.5Ironton
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jacob Pauley4:37.15aDawson-Bryant
2.11Tanner Mattie4:39.46aFairland
3.10Raine Wireman4:42.94aFairland
4.11Taylor Stacy4:55.43aSpring Valley
5.10Zack Kammler5:03.66aPortsmouth
6.11Tyler McComas5:28.11aChesapeake
7.9James Bailey5:31.00aSpring Valley
8.11Jared Hollingsworth5:31.29aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
9.Josh Harris5:35.60aTri-State At
10.11Nathaniel Shuler5:58.90aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
11.10Tyler Cotton6:09.06aRussell
12.10Jacob Call6:17.68aPortsmouth
13.9Christian Ruddman6:20.41aRock Hill
14.9Blake Liles6:25.55aGreenup County
15.10Jimmy Thornton6:48.66aGreenup County
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tanner Mattie10:36.65aFairland
2.10Logan Rowe10:38.64aFairland
3.11Taylor Stacy11:04.11aSpring Valley
4.10Zack Kammler11:11.20aPortsmouth
5.11Tyler McComas11:22.24aChesapeake
6.10John Archambault11:23.24aSouth Point
7.11Jared Hollingsworth12:06.56aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
8.12Jamil Stepney12:09.59aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
9.10Paul Brisson12:25.16aDawson-Bryant
10.9Cody Melvin12:41.10aDawson-Bryant
11.9Blake Liles14:36.85aGreenup County
12.9Patrick Motimaya14:43.87aRussell
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Grant McKenzie16.69aRussell
2.12Brad Gross16.74aRussell
3.11Kenny Smith16.90aFairland
4.12Aaron Adkins16.93aFairland
5.11Aaron Harrison17.45aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
6.10Kyle Estep17.52aDawson-Bryant
7.10Brandon Clagg18.03aChesapeake
8.11Shawn Morrison18.08aDawson-Bryant
1.11Trenton Rowe18.58aGreenup County
2.10Nick Lucas19.03aChesapeake
3.12Andrew Chabot19.98aPortsmouth
4.11Dakota Dalton20.08aGreenup County
5.11Romaine Mills20.93aPortsmouth
6.10Jacob Perdue21.51aSouth Point
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Grant McKenzie40.46aRussell
2.12Aaron Adkins42.83aFairland
3.11Aaron Harrison42.90aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
4.11Kenny Smith43.99aFairland
1.11TJ Barrett44.68aDawson-Bryant
2.9Garrett Schultz45.11aDawson-Bryant
5.11Trenton Rowe45.73aGreenup County
6.10Nick Lucas46.07aChesapeake
3.12Brad Gross47.42aRussell
4.12Andrew Chabot50.11aPortsmouth
1.11Jared Hollingsworth51.78aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
2.9Audric Harlow52.90aSouth Point
5.10Jacob Perdue54.52aSouth Point
--10Hayden EutonDNFRock Hill
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jordan Hamilton
Dustin Linthicum
Bo Osman
Travis Murphy
44.74aGreenup County
2.-Tevin Mitchell
Tre Campbell
Blake Barnes
Dillon Saxton
45.77aSouth Point
1.-Robert Bishop
Drew Wells
Patrick Lewis
Casey Mace
3.-Brandon Clagg
Jacob Collins
Josh Browning
Nick Lucas
4.-Alex Bare
Aaron Wilson
Shawn Morrison
Joe Colley
2.-Austin Porter
Andrew Chabot
Michael Lawson
L.J. Adams
3.-Chase McDowell
Bailey Manns
Sam Nelson
Tyree Caesar
4.-Olcay Cuskun
Puri Apipan
Austin Bradley
Will Smith
52.42aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
5.-Corey Sagraves
Todd Runyon
Sean Gambill
Jacob Perdue
52.64aSouth Point
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jordan Hamilton
Dustin Linthicum
Bo Osman
Travis Murphy
1:33.95aGreenup County
2.-Austin Porter
L.J. Adams
Michael Lawson
Jonathan Royster
1.-Robert Bishop
Drew Wells
Casey Mace
Patrick Lewis
2.-Brandon Clagg
Lucas Martin
Jacob Collins
Jon Pinson
3.-Jacob Perdue
Josh Payne
Blake Barnes
Dillon Saxton
1:38.74aSouth Point
4.-Garrett Schultz
Aaron Wilson
Alex Bare
Joe Colley
3.-Chase McDowell
Aaron Adkins
Tyree Caesar
Sam Nelson
4.-Corey Sagraves
Todd Runyon
Sean Gambill
Caleb Jones
1:48.37aSouth Point
5.-Puri Apipan
Brody Lookadoo
Austin Bradley
Stephen Brown
1:55.38aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Robert Bishop
Brian Warner
Tres Wilks
Dustin Moritz
2.-Raine Wireman
Jalen Brooks
Aaron Adkins
Tanner Mattie
3.-Stephen Welch
Ryan Ashworth
Josh Browning
Lucas Martin
1.-Nathan Sowards
Tanner Willis
Matt Lawson
Bo Osman
4:00.52aGreenup County
2.-Patrick Williams
Jon Campbell
Olcay Cuskun
Puri Apipan
4:19.63aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
---Jake Jewell
TJ Barrett
Alex Bare
Jacob Pauley
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Pierce Reeves
Adam Stumbo
Dustin Moritz
Gary Monroe
2.-Raine Wireman
Tanner Mattie
Jalen Brooks
Logan Rowe
3.-Ryan Ashworth
Tyler McComas
Stephen Welch
Chris Lively
4.-Henry Quillen
Nathan Sowards
Dustin Dalton
Andrew Zabrieszack
10:16.50aGreenup County
5.-John Archambault
Dakota Wilburn
Tim Vance
Jacob Perdue
10:23.84aSouth Point
6.-Jon Campbell
Nathaniel Shuler
Chey Eblin
Jamil Stepney
10:35.34aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
7.-Paul Brisson
Codi Matney
Chris Camp
Cody Melvin
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Greg Bender47-06.50Dawson-Bryant
2.11Steven Carey45-08.00Rock Hill
3.12Cody Pruitt45-06.50Fairland
1.11Brady Burton45-01.00Dawson-Bryant
4.12Ben Wells44-04.50Ironton
5th12Ben Wells44' 4"Ironton
5.10T.J. McCoy43-08.00Chesapeake
2.12Chris Noble42-00.25Chesapeake
3.12Tyler Gad41-09.00Fairland
4.11Tom Saul39-04.00Ironton
1.10Kyle Brown37-02.75River Valley (Bidwell)
2.12Taylor Brown36-03.50Portsmouth
5.11Kyle Ratcliff35-09.00Portsmouth
6.12Trenton Fyffe35-08.50Russell
7.11Nick Tackett34-11.00Greenup County
3.12Cole Potter32-09.50Greenup County
4.11Zach Roberts31-10.00River Valley (Bidwell)
--12Chris BurgeNDSouth Point
--12Wyatt HallFOULSouth Point
--12Travis EdwardsNDRussell
--12Luke KirkpatrickNDRock Hill
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Greg Bender140-02Dawson-Bryant
2.12Ben Wells138-02Ironton
1.11Brian Zirkle128-10Fairland
3.12Luke Kirkpatrick128-08Rock Hill
1.10Aaron Wilson119-03Dawson-Bryant
4.12Adam Lee116-07Fairland
2.10T.J. McCoy115-09Chesapeake
2.11Tom Saul113-00Ironton
3.10Shane Harper112-09Rock Hill
3.11Taylor Banaei107-08Chesapeake
4.12Trenton Fyffe104-07Russell
5.11Kyle Ratcliff104-02Portsmouth
6.11Rancie Hannah99-09Greenup County
4.12Taylor Brown98-09Portsmouth
5.12Zach Bailey97-05Russell
5.10Jacob Marcum93-07River Valley (Bidwell)
7.11Stephen Brown85-07River Valley (Bidwell)
6.12Wyatt Hall17-00South Point
--11Nick TackettFOULGreenup County
--12Chris BurgeNDSouth Point
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Dustin Linthicum6-04.00Greenup County
2.11Kenny Smith6-04.00Fairland
3.9Johnny McGuire5-08.00Russell
4.11Chase McDowell5-04.00Fairland
5.11Tanner Willis5-04.00Greenup County
6.9James Bailey5-02.00Spring Valley
7.11TJ Barrett5-02.00Dawson-Bryant
8.11Romaine Mills5-00.00Portsmouth
--9Kenny KesselNHSpring Valley
--12Brody LookadooNHRiver Valley (Bidwell)
--10Logan WhittakerNHRussell
--11Will McCollisterNHRock Hill
--10Jon CampbellNHRiver Valley (Bidwell)
--10Mario PallidinoNHSouth Point
--9Bracken PatrickNHSouth Point
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.9Alex Workman11-06.00Chesapeake
2.12Dustin Moritz11-00.00Ironton
3.10Brandon Nyland10-00.00Fairland
4.9Darren Bishop9-06.00Fairland
5.11Dakota Dalton8-00.00Greenup County
5.12Ramon Urbanez8-00.00South Point
7.11Trenton Rowe7-06.00Greenup County
7.10Nathan Stewart7-06.00South Point
7.9Tim Vance7-06.00South Point
--9Lucas BranhamNHRussell
--10Michael LienNHSouth Point
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tre Campbell20-11.25South Point
1.11Dustin Linthicum20-06.50Greenup County
2.11Aaron Harrison19-10.00River Valley (Bidwell)
3.10Casey Mace19-03.00Ironton
2.11Adam Dalton19-00.00Rock Hill
4.11Kenny Smith18-11.00Fairland
3.10Sam Nelson18-02.00Fairland
4.12Jacob Adkins16-08.50South Point
5.10Alex Bare16-05.75Dawson-Bryant
5.9Johnny McGuire16-05.50Russell
6.10Kyle Estep16-03.75Dawson-Bryant
6.10Logan Whittaker16-00.50Russell
7.9Austin Bradley14-11.25River Valley (Bidwell)
--10Patrick LewisNDIronton
--9Josh BrowningNDChesapeake
--11Trey WildsNDRock Hill
--11Austin NewsomeNDGreenup County

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Daylon Smith13.27aPortsmouth
2.12Kayla Fletcher13.27aSouth Point
3.10Elaine Gore13.71aSouth Point
4.11JaiNai Fields13.71aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
4.10Amber Pappas13.86aFairland
5.10Bailey Harrison13.94aDawson-Bryant
2.11Morgan Weisgarber14.32aIronton
6.9Lindsey Blake14.45aChesapeake
3.9Kaitlynn Murphy14.49aDawson-Bryant
4.9Taylor Martin14.57aChesapeake
1.9Rachel McDade14.62aRussell
7.10Dasia Kennedy14.65aPortsmouth
5.12Casey Gullet14.71aGreenup County
6.9Allison Sites14.72aRock Hill
2.10Morgan Harris14.76aGreenup County
3.9Jenine Hain14.96aRussell
4.11Alli Neville15.31aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
5.9Shayna Garrett15.93aFairland
6.9Tiffany Akers16.52aIronton
9Tiffany Akers16.52Ironton
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jessica Brooke Hager26.62aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
2.12Daylon Smith27.82aPortsmouth
3.11Shae Cartee28.58aPortsmouth
4.10Bailey Harrison29.30aDawson-Bryant
1.11Kimberly Short29.62aDawson-Bryant
5.12Kelsey Sands29.69aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
6.12Casey Gullet29.86aGreenup County
6.12Kelsey Sands29.69River Valley (Bidwell)
7.11Morgan Weisgarber30.01aIronton
2.10Emily Stump30.24aRussell
3.9Rachel McDade30.69aRussell
4.10Morgan Harris31.12aGreenup County
5.10Haley Ferguson31.17aSouth Point
6.10Kaylyn Montano31.56aRock Hill
1.11Sierra Knight32.31aFairland
2.9Taylor McCoy33.46aChesapeake
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11JaiNai Fields1:02.43aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
2.11Amber Stewart1:02.94aSpring Valley
3.11Shae Cartee1:04.76aPortsmouth
4.11Haley Johnson1:06.80aDawson-Bryant
5.11Darion Sperry1:08.02aSpring Valley
1.10Kaylyn Montano1:09.44aRock Hill
2.11Hollie Spotts1:09.48aFairland
3.12Kanissa Carrico1:10.94aFairland
4.11Amanda Collins1:11.98aDawson-Bryant
1.9Tarique Lewis1:12.06aRock Hill
6.9Keyana Ward1:14.69aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
2.9Shannon Reynolds1:16.93aChesapeake
3.9Kyla Patrick1:18.13aSouth Point
4.10Megan Johnson1:32.39aSouth Point
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Morgan Weisgarber66.9Ironton
9Katie Barron69.2Ironton
11Johnna Seward73.9Ironton
10Tessa Wilkes75.1Ironton
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Emily Hanson2:31.89aRussell
2.12Julie Artrip2:41.67aSpring Valley
3.10Megan Ashton2:42.74aFairland
4.10Julia Sturgill2:48.41aPortsmouth
5.10Katie Erwin2:48.42aDawson-Bryant
6.11Katie Coldiron2:54.13aGreenup County
7.10Virginia Sturgill2:57.16aPortsmouth
8.9Haley Waldo2:58.61aIronton
9.9Beth Clapp2:59.63aFairland
10.10Hannah Cassady3:08.92aGreenup County
11.10Rylie Hollingsworth3:10.03aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
12.10Stephanie Gray3:10.78aDawson-Bryant
13.9Taryn Snodgrass3:21.50aSouth Point
14.9Rebecca Welch3:34.72aChesapeake
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Katie Blodgett2:35River Valley (Bidwell)
10Ariel Schweickart2:39.4Ironton
12Taylor Hacker2:39.4Ironton
10Sheyan McGrath2:45River Valley (Bidwell)
9Maggie Thomas2:46.6Ironton
11Shannon Walker2:49.7Ironton
9Keyana Ward2:51River Valley (Bidwell)
10Rylie Hollingsworth3:05River Valley (Bidwell)
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Katie Blodgett5:44.68aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
2.10Sarah Letchford5:49.93aSouth Point
3.Amanda Harris5:54.32aTri-State At
4.10Megan Ashton5:55.50aFairland
5.10Julia Sturgill6:08.28aPortsmouth
6.11Katie Coldiron6:10.06aGreenup County
7.10Sheyan McGrath6:30.45aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
8.8Kara Coldiron6:36.02aGreenup County
9.11Colleen Walker6:38.00aIronton
10.9Beth Clapp6:39.08aFairland
11.9Samantha Stormes6:56.04aDawson-Bryant
12.10Abbie Lambert6:56.84aRussell
13.10Devon Hendrickson7:09.71aRussell
14.10Ashley Thibodaux7:11.60aRock Hill
15.10Ashlyn Loveless8:03.90aPortsmouth
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Katie Blodgett12:05.61aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
2.10Sarah Letchford12:41.51aSouth Point
3.9Amy Stewart12:58.82aSpring Valley
4.11Katie Coldiron13:33.11aGreenup County
5.10Sydney Pettit13:43.29aFairland
6.8Kara Coldiron14:16.67aGreenup County
7.10Julia Sturgill14:36.86aPortsmouth
8.9Samantha Stormes14:50.85aDawson-Bryant
9.9Ashton McMackin15:51.40aIronton
10.12Hannah Moniger17:37.98aPortsmouth
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jessica Brooke Hager16.46aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
1.12Jessica Brooke Hager16.46River Valley (Bidwell)
2.10Amber Pappas17.07aFairland
3.10Paige McKnight17.91aDawson-Bryant
4.9Elaini Jackson18.19aPortsmouth
5.9Brooklyn Massie18.68aRock Hill
1.10Hannah Cronacher19.76aIronton
6.11Ashley Goad20.40aDawson-Bryant
2.9Brittany Hales20.57aGreenup County
3.9Mia Wilson20.79aIronton
4.7Angel Logan20.94aGreenup County
1.10Kari Pruim21.12aSouth Point
2.9Tyarra Barnes21.27aPortsmouth
5.10Beth Bates21.54aRussell
3.9Caitlin Piazza21.75aChesapeake
6.9Alicia Little21.83aRussell
4.9Desiree Plymale22.11aSouth Point
5.9Kasey Pearl Eblin23.03aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
--9Sammie PetrieDQChesapeake
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jessica Brooke Hager47.18aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
2.10Lauren Fuller50.43aSpring Valley
3.10Paige McKnight51.09aDawson-Bryant
4.10Amber Pappas53.34aFairland
5.9Elaini Jackson55.37aPortsmouth
6.12Alyssa Vaughn55.77aPortsmouth
7.7Angel Logan56.06aGreenup County
1.9Brooklyn Massie58.02aRock Hill
8.10Beth Bates58.97aRussell
2.9Desiree Plymale1:00.23aSouth Point
3.9Mia Wilson1:00.50aIronton
4.10Kari Pruim1:02.53aSouth Point
5.11Ashley Goad1:04.05aDawson-Bryant
6.11Sonja Rankin1:13.66aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Paige McKnight
Kimberly Short
Kayla Suitor
Bailey Harrison
2.-Emily Norris
Elaine Gore
Brianna Bacon
Kayla Fletcher
55.07aSouth Point
3.-Daylon Smith
Tyarra Barnes
Virginia Sturgill
Dasia Kennedy
4.-Lindsey Blake
Meredith Cravens
Vanessa Handley
Taylor Martin
5.-Hollie Spotts
Sierra Knight
Kanissa Carrico
Shayna Garrett
6.-Brooklyn Massie
Kaylyn Montano
Tarique Lewis
Allison Sites
59.52aRock Hill
7.-Kelsey Sands
Alli Neville
Kasey Eblin
Kaitie Roberts
1:00.29aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
8.-Tessa Wilkes
Katie Barron
Katelyn Thompson
Tiffany Akers
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Alyssa Vaughn
Elaini Jackson
Daylon Smith
Shae Cartee
2.-Paige McKnight
Haley Johnson
Katie Erwin
Bailey Harrison
3.-Emily Norris
Elaine Gore
Brianna Bacon
Kayla Fletcher
1:57.27aSouth Point
4.-Jai Nai Fields
Rylie Hollingswort
Keyana Ward
Kelsey Sands
1:58.53aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
5.-Hollie Spotts
Sierra Knight
Kanissa Carrico
Carrie Tanner
6.-Taylor Martin
Vanessa Handley
Lindsey Hawthorne
Jackie Nelson
7.-Mia Wilson
Tessa Wilkes
Katie Barron
Emma Scherer
8.-Kaylyn Montano
Ashley Thibodaux
Tarique Lewis
Allison Sites
2:07.39aRock Hill
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jai Nai Fields
Kelsey Sands
Sheyan McGrath
Jessica Brooke Hager
4:23.78aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
2.-Darion Sperry
Amber Stewart
Lauren Fuller
Julie Artrip
4:31.94aSpring Valley
1.-Kanissa Carrico
Carrie Tanner
Hollie Spotts
Megan Ashton
3.-Haley Johnson
Amanda Collins
Kimberly Short
Katie Erwin
4.-Tessa Wilkes
Katie Barron
Johnna Seward
Morgan Weisgarber
5.-Alyssa Vaughn
Virginia Sturgill
Re-chiel McGraw
Dasia Kennedy
2.-Emily Norris
Kyra Carter
Erin Freese
Haley Ferguson
4:52.92aSouth Point
3.-Jackie Nelson
Lindsey Hawthorne
Amanda Ruffner
Meredith Cravens
4.-Alexis Sammons
Julia Williams
Hannah Cassady
Brittany Hales
5:10.75aGreenup County
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Lauren Fuller
Julie Artrip
Amy Stewart
Amber Stewart
10:48.11aSpring Valley
2.-Maggie Thomas
Shannon Walker
Ariel Schweickart
Taylor Hacker
3.-Megan Ashton
Beth Clapp
Kennon Clarkson
Sydney Pettit
4.-Katie Blodgett
Keyana Ward
Sheyan McGrath
Rylie Hollingswort
11:20.41aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
5.-Kara Coldiron
Katie Coldiron
Allison Rowe
Hannah Cassady
12:34.31aGreenup County
6.-Kandace Crabtree
Ashlyn Loveless
Hannah Moniger
Ali Carroll
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Beth McWhorter37-07.25Chesapeake
1.11Shanice Rollins36-07.50Portsmouth
2.12Doni Winters33-11.25Dawson-Bryant
1.11Samantha Ferguson32-10.00Dawson-Bryant
2.Sam Lutz31-05.75Green
2.12Samantha Gibson30-04.25Fairland
3.11Ashley Miller26-05.00Chesapeake
3.10Tommi Butler25-11.50Rock Hill
3.9Lexie Nelson25-10.25Rock Hill
4.11Mellisa Jenkins24-05.00Ironton
5.10Velsha West23-09.00Portsmouth
4.10Jessica Taubenheim23-05.50Fairland
5.12Lauren Thompson23-04.00Russell
6.10Akira Penn22-06.50South Point
7.11Peyton McDade22-00.50Russell
6.12Allison Rowe19-11.25Greenup County
4.10MacKenzie Dunaway19-03.75Greenup County
7.Abby Kidd15-01.25Green
--11Demi HardyNDSouth Point
--11Beth MisnerNDRiver Valley (Bidwell)
--10Tessa WilkesNDIronton
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kaitie Roberts110-00River Valley (Bidwell)
1.12Samantha Gibson103-00Fairland
1.10Darrien Hankins102-06Dawson-Bryant
2.12Barbie Plybon86-10Chesapeake
3.11Mellisa Jenkins84-05Ironton
2.11Shanice Rollins83-07Portsmouth
3.9Kaleigh VanHorn78-11Fairland
4.10Jillian Ellis78-10Chesapeake
4.10Tommi Butler69-09Rock Hill
5.Sam Lutz68-04Green
6.11Beth Misner62-03River Valley (Bidwell)
7.10Akira Penn39-09South Point
--9Lorna RoseNDGreenup County
--9Ashley CollinsNDDawson-Bryant
--11Savannah MorrisNDSouth Point
--12Samantha HigginsNDPortsmouth
--11Peyton McDadeNDRussell
--10MacKenzie DunawayNDGreenup County
--10Tessa WilkesNDIronton
--10Allison CasyNDRock Hill
--12Lauren ThompsonNDRussell
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Amanda Ruffner5-02.00Chesapeake
2.11Re-chiel McGraw4-08.00Portsmouth
3.12Amy Bowman4-08.00Fairland
4.10Emily Stump4-06.00Russell
4.9Cara Jorio4-06.00Greenup County
6.9Elaini Jackson4-06.00Portsmouth
7.12Kaitlyn Conley4-04.00Russell
7.10Alicia Murphy4-04.00Ironton
8.10Carly Riley4-04.00Fairland
10.9Allison Sites4-02.00Rock Hill
10.9Madison Stevens4-02.00South Point
12.9Brianna Bacon4-00.00South Point
--10Lauren FullerNHSpring Valley
--9Kayla SpearsNHDawson-Bryant
--9Emma SchererNHIronton
--10Katie ErwinNHDawson-Bryant
--11Sonja RankinNHRiver Valley (Bidwell)
--12Kelsey SandsNHRiver Valley (Bidwell)
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Hannah Cronacher7-06.00Ironton
2.11Destiny Shockley7-06.00Fairland
3.9Alexis Meadows7-06.00Chesapeake
4.12Kayla Suitor7-00.00Dawson-Bryant
5.11Ashley Goad6-06.00Dawson-Bryant
6.10Amber Pappas6-06.00Fairland
7.10Julia Sturgill6-00.00Portsmouth
7.11Peyton McDade6-00.00Russell
7.10Jackie Nelson6-00.00Chesapeake
8.12Casey Gullet6-00.00Greenup County
8.10Morgan Harris6-00.00Greenup County
--9Branham AllyNHSouth Point
--10Virginia SturgillNHPortsmouth
--11Electa RoyalNHIronton
--12Katelynn LeonardNHSouth Point
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kayla Fletcher15-01.50South Point
1.11Haley Johnson14-05.50Dawson-Bryant
2.11Shae Cartee14-03.50Portsmouth
4.10Lindsey Hawthorne13-11.00Chesapeake
5.9Kaitlynn Murphy13-11.00Dawson-Bryant
3.10Elaine Gore13-05.00South Point
3.9Jenine Hain13-01.25Russell
2.11Re-chiel McGraw13-01.00Portsmouth
3.9Brooklyn Massie12-11.50Rock Hill
4.10Alicia Murphy12-11.50Ironton
4.11Alli Neville12-10.00River Valley (Bidwell)
5.12Kennon Clarkson12-06.00Fairland
5.10Emily Stump12-06.00Russell
6.10Vanessa Handley11-08.75Chesapeake
6.9Keyana Ward11-06.75River Valley (Bidwell)
4.9Cara Jorio10-08.00Greenup County
5.10Celeste Blankenship10-06.75Fairland
--12Allison RoweNDGreenup County
--9Emma SchererNDIronton
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