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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Tere' Calloway11.72a PRSeattle Prep
2.11Brett Frank-Looney12.02aSeattle Prep
11Jacob Walsh12.17aSeattle Prep
12Terence Looi12.18a SRSeattle Prep
3.9Marquise Givens12.47aChief Sealth
4.11Terry Jeffries12.48aChief Sealth
10Steven Andersen12.96aSeattle Prep
11Joe Neuzil13.07aSeattle Prep
5.11Nikko Emm13.12aWest Seattle
10Giovanni Collins13.21aChief Sealth
11Niel Kee13.24aSeattle Prep
11Joren Clowers13.51aSeattle Prep
10Brandon Turner13.74aSeattle Prep
9Jason Ko13.79aSeattle Prep
9Marques Friend13.80aSeattle Prep
9Omar Mussehl13.83aSeattle Prep
9Alex Bautista14.35aSeattle Prep
11Bryce Birchfield14.83a PRSeattle Prep
10De Shawn Aitkens14.90aChief Sealth
11Andrew Russell15.03aSeattle Prep
9Nate Crawford16.9hSeattle Prep
9Taylor Butler-Hawkins17.7hSeattle Prep
11Eric StuppardSCRSeattle Prep

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

11Parker Mays23.47aSeattle Prep
1.12Bruce Shields23.47aRainier Beach
2.11Brett Frank-Looney24.05aSeattle Prep
11Jacob Walsh24.39aSeattle Prep
9Carlo Pastores24.72a PRChief Sealth
3.12Devante' Meullion25.44a PRChief Sealth
9Laurence Hicks25.53a PRSeattle Prep
12Terence Looi25.73a SRSeattle Prep
10Steven Andersen25.77aSeattle Prep
11Joren Clowers26.19a PRSeattle Prep
11Joe Neuzil26.26aSeattle Prep
10Giovanni Collins26.30a SRChief Sealth
12Tre Smith26.45aWest Seattle
4.11Isaac Johnson26.64a SRWest Seattle
9Omar Mussehl27.10aSeattle Prep
9Ivan Picinic27.39a PRWest Seattle
10De Shawn Aitkens27.74aChief Sealth
10Tere' Calloway27.99a SRSeattle Prep
9Jason Ko28.14aSeattle Prep
10Brandon Turner28.62aSeattle Prep
9Alex Bautista28.96aSeattle Prep
9Moni Ioane30.16aChief Sealth
10Marquis Keenan30.27a PRChief Sealth
9Nate Crawford33.38aSeattle Prep

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.9Laurence Hicks57.36a PRSeattle Prep
2.12Antonio Russell58.02a PRChief Sealth
3.10Brennan Newquist1:04.31aWest Seattle
4.9Jacob Pascua1:06.73aChief Sealth
5.10Ahmed Ali1:11.42a PRWest Seattle
6.9Jack Carballo1:11.74aChief Sealth
9Yonas AmbayeSCRWest Seattle

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Michael Corr2:06.16aSeattle Prep
2.10Connor Howard2:08.65aSeattle Prep
3.11Mike Sauvage2:11.13aSeattle Prep
4.12Cameron Breen2:14.03aSeattle Prep
5.10Baxter Black2:15.75aSeattle Prep
6.11Chad Miller2:16.07aWest Seattle
7.12Antonio Russell2:26.93aChief Sealth
8.9Micheal Cannon2:32.79aChief Sealth
9.11Brendan Larson2:32.80a PRSeattle Prep
10.9Yonas Ambaye2:40.61aWest Seattle
11.11Joseph Blatner2:45.33aSeattle Prep
12.9Joseph Eusebio2:49.39a PRSeattle Prep
13.9Charles Shafer2:54.89aSeattle Prep
12Daniel PerrineSCRChief Sealth
10Garrett MichaelSCR SRSeattle Prep

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Keenan Piper4:38.50aSeattle Prep
2.9Joe Hardy4:44.34aSeattle Prep
3.12David Strand4:45.87aSeattle Prep
4.9Keegan Boehm4:57.02aSeattle Prep
5.12Joey Walker5:01.25aSeattle Prep
6.11Chad Miller5:07.73aWest Seattle
7.9Keenan Leary5:07.76aSeattle Prep
8.12Daniel Perrine5:11.30aChief Sealth
9.10Cory Lee-Ways5:27.77aSeattle Prep
10.10Gabe Coluccio5:30.77aSeattle Prep
11.10Payton Quinn5:31.30aSeattle Prep
12.10Jack Reinhardt5:31.70aSeattle Prep
13.11Daniel Thiel5:42.20aSeattle Prep
14.11Alex Smith5:45.22aSeattle Prep
15.11Logan Stillings5:45.27aSeattle Prep
16.10Joey Gavin5:45.87a PRSeattle Prep
17.10Andrew Herman5:46.28aSeattle Prep
9Spencer DuncanSCR PRChief Sealth
10Connor OpieSCRSeattle Prep
10Garrett MichaelSCR SRSeattle Prep

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Sean McDonald10:07.95aSeattle Prep
2.10Thomas Kovacs13:21.16aWest Seattle

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Bruce Shields15.94aRainier Beach
12John Delany16.52aSeattle Prep
2.11Max Bubar17.59aSeattle Prep
3.10Sam Robertson19.93aSeattle Prep
9Bimal Sandhu21.84aSeattle Prep
11Simon MackowickiSCRSeattle Prep

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.12John Delany46.24aSeattle Prep
2.11Max Bubar46.96aSeattle Prep
3.9Bimal Sandhu52.66aSeattle Prep
4.9Marques Friend53.33aSeattle Prep
5.11Niel Kee55.03aSeattle Prep
6.10Sam Robertson55.30aSeattle Prep
7.11Andrew Russell1:02.16a SRSeattle Prep

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Parker Mays
Jacob Walsh
Brett Frank-Looney
Tere' Calloway
45.03aSeattle Prep
-Marquise Givens
Terry Jeffries
De Shawn Aitkens
Giovanni Collins
SCRChief Sealth
-Chris Helmon
Charlie Brennan
Gill Biesold-McGee
Andrew Carrosino
SCRSeattle Prep
-Niel Kee
Sam Robertson
John Delany
Max Bubar
SCRSeattle Prep

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Antonio Russell
Jacob Pascua
Jack Carballo
Micheal Cannon
4:36.80aChief Sealth

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.12Devante' Meullion44-07.50Chief Sealth
2.12Mataeo Strothers40-01.50 PRChief Sealth
3.10Gill Biesold-McGee38-09.00Seattle Prep
4.11Darryl Trotter37-04.00 PRRainier Beach
5.10Leo Keilani35-01.50Rainier Beach
6.12Peter Huynh33-10.50 PRChief Sealth
7.11Riki Iaulualo32-10.00Chief Sealth
8.11Motufau Tupuola32-09.00Chief Sealth
9.10Charlie Brennan32-08.00Seattle Prep
10.12Taufoga Sauni32-07.00Chief Sealth
11.10Marquis Keenan32-06.00Chief Sealth
12.10Thomas Tuong32-05.00 SRWest Seattle
13.11Chris Helmon32-00.00Seattle Prep
14.10Clint Hewitt31-05.50 SRChief Sealth
15.9Moni Ioane30-03.50Chief Sealth
16.10Steven Andersen30-00.00Seattle Prep
17.10Brayden Porter26-00.50West Seattle
11Eric StuppardSCR PRSeattle Prep
10Andrew CarrosinoSCRSeattle Prep

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.12Devante' Meullion116-09Chief Sealth
2.12Mataeo Strothers97-09Chief Sealth
3.11Chris Helmon90-04Seattle Prep
4.12Taufoga Sauni89-04Chief Sealth
5.10Charlie Brennan86-03Seattle Prep
6.11Riki Iaulualo81-09Chief Sealth
7.12Peter Huynh81-00Chief Sealth
8.10Clint Hewitt80-05Chief Sealth
9.10Gill Biesold-McGee76-02Seattle Prep
10.10Will Delaney73-02Seattle Prep
11.11Motufau Tupuola70-05Chief Sealth
12.10Thomas Tuong65-08 PRWest Seattle
13.10Brayden Porter59-08West Seattle
14.9Moni Ioane59-07Chief Sealth
15.11Joseph Blatner49-06 PRSeattle Prep
10Andrew CarrosinoSCRSeattle Prep
10Cole FlinnSCRSeattle Prep

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

9Jason KoNHSeattle Prep
9Bimal SandhuNH PRSeattle Prep
9Omar MussehlNH PRSeattle Prep

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Terry Jeffries20-05.75 PRChief Sealth
2.11Isaac Johnson17-11.00West Seattle
3.11Joe Neuzil17-07.50Seattle Prep
4.12Terence Looi17-06.50Seattle Prep
5.9Marquise Givens16-11.50 PRChief Sealth
6.10De Shawn Aitkens16-10.00 SRChief Sealth
7.12Tre Smith16-09.00West Seattle
8.11Nikko Emm16-07.50West Seattle
9.9Ivan Picinic16-01.00West Seattle
10.10Ahmed Ali15-06.00 PRWest Seattle
11.10Brennan Newquist14-03.00West Seattle
12.9Yonas Ambaye11-09.75West Seattle
9Carlo PastoresSCRChief Sealth
11Simon MackowickiSCR PRSeattle Prep
10Vidal Griffin IISCR SRWest Seattle

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Terry Jeffries38-11.00Chief Sealth
2.11Nikko Emm38-04.00West Seattle
3.11Isaac Johnson36-04.75West Seattle
4.10Giovanni Collins35-08.00Chief Sealth
5.12Tre Smith32-09.00West Seattle
6.10Brennan Newquist28-04.50West Seattle


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