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Gotheburg Quad

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gothenburg HS, Gothenburg

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Nebraska - Class B
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - - Finals
3.8Mason Ackerman12.7Gothenburg
6.8Jake Buhring13.3Gothenburg
8Jacob Franzen13.5Gothenburg
8Brennan Spencer13.6Gothenburg
8Konner Barnes14.2Gothenburg
8Tyler Brass14.9Gothenburg
X 100 Meters - - Finals
2.7Mathiel Martinez13.7Gothenburg
4.7Alex Jorgenson13.8Gothenburg
4.7Matthew Bruntz13.8Gothenburg
7Jayden Miller15.0Gothenburg
7Cameron Geiger15.8Gothenburg
X 200 Meters - - Finals
1.8Mason Ackerman27.0Gothenburg
3.8Brennan Spencer28.7Gothenburg
4.8Jake Buhring28.8Gothenburg
8Tyler Brass32.4Gothenburg
X 200 Meters - - Finals
1.7Mathiel Martinez28.4Gothenburg
4.7Alex Jorgenson29.3Gothenburg
5.7Drake Langley30.1Gothenburg
7Brandon Stevens35.0Gothenburg
X 400 Meters - - Finals
1.8Zach Wolf58.4Gothenburg
6.8Sam Lafuze75.1Gothenburg
X 400 Meters - - Finals
5.7Iziekial Brian71.6Gothenburg
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - - Finals
1.8Zach Wolf59.0Gothenburg
1.8Seth Eggleston59.7Gothenburg
1.8Jacob Clark62.6Gothenburg
1.8Mason Ackerman63.4Gothenburg
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - - Finals
2.7Mathiel Martinez65.2Gothenburg
2.7Quinn Haynes69.3Gothenburg
2.7Jayden Miller71.8Gothenburg
2.7Ryan Rehbach74.7Gothenburg
X 800 Meters - - Finals
2.8Jacob Franzen2:36.2Gothenburg
X 800 Meters - - Finals
5.7Marcus Fritton2:49.4Gothenburg
6.7Ryan Rehbach2:51.8Gothenburg
X 1600 Meters - - Finals
2.8Jordan Lauer6:04.2Gothenburg
X 1600 Meters - - Finals
7Aaron Kreushcher6:42.1Gothenburg
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - - Finals
2.8Connor Schwartz18.3Gothenburg
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - - Finals
2.7Hayden Hubbard19.6Gothenburg
3.7Marcus Fritton19.8Gothenburg
5.7Ryan Rehbach20.8Gothenburg
7Skyler Schwanz22.5Gothenburg
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - - Finals
1.8Connor Schwartz30.9Gothenburg
8Trevor Matson31.0McCook
2.8Jacob Clark31.0Gothenburg
4.8Dalton Sylvan33.2Gothenburg
8Colton Sis33.8McCook
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - - Finals
1.7Braeden Brundage33.3Gothenburg
2.7Quinn Haynes33.8Gothenburg
3.7Hayden Hubbard33.9Gothenburg
X 4x100 Relay - - Finals
4.-Jake Buhring
Jacob Franzen
Conner McKenney
Brennan Spencer
X 4x100 Relay - - Finals
2.-Braeden Brundage
Matthew Bruntz
Alex Jorgenson
Hayden Hubbard
X 4x400 Relay - - Finals
1.-Seth Eggleston
Mason Ackerman
Jacob Clark
Zach Wolf
X 4x400 Relay - - Finals
2.-Jayden Miller
Quinn Haynes
Ryan Rehbach
Mathiel Martinez
X Shot Put - 4kg - - Finals
1.8Tanner Borchardt47'8.75Gothenburg
8Drew Fassler40'2.50"McCook
8Dylan Folkers33'3.75Gothenburg
8Konner Barnes32'7Gothenburg
8Dalton Sylvan32'3Gothenburg
8Levi Tripp26'10.5Gothenburg
8Justin Sabin26'5.5Gothenburg
8Remmy Rocha21'10Gothenburg
X Shot Put - 4kg - - Finals
1.7Roman Schmidt33'7.75Gothenburg
6.7Herschel Foster27'11.5Gothenburg
7Drake Langley25'8.75Gothenburg
7Iziekial Brian24'7.5Gothenburg
7Chadwick Schmiett21'2Gothenburg
7Cameron Geiger20'4Gothenburg
7Tyler Miller19'9Gothenburg
X Discus - 1kg - - Finals
1.8Tanner Borchardt121'5Gothenburg
8Dalton Goodenberger109'1"McCook
6.8Dylan Folkers91'6Gothenburg
8Dalton Sylvan78'4Gothenburg
8Conner McKenney73'1Gothenburg
8Levi Tripp62'3Gothenburg
8Remmy Rocha55'10Gothenburg
8Justin Sabin46'Gothenburg
X Discus - 1kg - - Finals
3.7Alex Jorgenson80'Gothenburg
5.7Roman Schmidt74'6Gothenburg
7Herschel Foster66'10Gothenburg
7Iziekial Brian61'3Gothenburg
7Cameron Geiger58'1Gothenburg
7Drake Langley56'9Gothenburg
7Tyler Miller47'9Gothenburg
7Chadwick Schmiett42'8Gothenburg
X High Jump - - Finals
1.8Seth Eggleston5'8Gothenburg
8Tyler Brass4'Gothenburg
8Sam Lafuze4'Gothenburg
X High Jump - - Finals
7Caleb Sheets5'4"McCook
3.7Skyler Schwanz4'6Gothenburg
5.7Dylan France4'4Gothenburg
6.7Marcus Fritton4'4Gothenburg
X Pole Vault - - Finals
1.8Seth Eggleston8'6Gothenburg
8Mitchell Reitz7'6"McCook
X Pole Vault - - Finals
2.7Brandon Stevens6'6Gothenburg
7Dylan France6'Gothenburg
X Long Jump - - Finals
3.8Jacob Clark16'2.75Gothenburg
8Dalton Koetter15'1.25McCook
8Conner McKenney14'11Gothenburg
8Jordan Lauer13'8.5Gothenburg
X Long Jump - - Finals
7Joe Schlager15'6.25"McCook
3.7Braeden Brundage14'1.75Gothenburg
7Matthew Bruntz12'3.5Gothenburg
7Bryce Kowalewski11'5Gothenburg
7Riley Ostendorf10'10Gothenburg
X Triple Jump - - Finals
8Lance Garcia35'6.75McCook
3.8Connor Schwartz31'4Gothenburg
X Triple Jump - - Finals
3.7Dylan France27'9.5Gothenburg
6.7Bryce Kowalewski25'10.5Gothenburg
7Zach Kolbo24'2.5Gothenburg
7Riley Ostendorf22'7.25Gothenburg

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - - Finals
1.8Tiani Reeves12.9Gothenburg
2.8Joslyn Baker14.1Gothenburg
3.8Jordan Baker14.1Gothenburg
5.8Haley Cline14.4Gothenburg
8Bailey Aden14.7Gothenburg
8Mary Cardenas14.9Gothenburg
7Paige Terry15.0McCook
8Kati Mannel15.3Gothenburg
8Martina Mayers15.6Gothenburg
X 100 Meters - - Finals
2.7Sarah Brown14.9Gothenburg
3.7Kylee Beyea14.9Gothenburg
4.7Keely Lecher15.0Gothenburg
6.7Kendra Humphrey15.3Gothenburg
7Blaire Gibbens15.5Gothenburg
7Brianna Richey16.4Gothenburg
7Bailey Morton16.8Gothenburg
X 200 Meters - - Finals
1.8Tiani Reeves26.7Gothenburg
6.8Jordan Baker32.0Gothenburg
7Taylor Farr32.1McCook
8Tylour Marshall32.6Gothenburg
8Martina Mayers33.4Gothenburg
8Kati Mannel33.5Gothenburg
X 200 Meters - - Finals
2.7Kylee Beyea31.6Gothenburg
6.7Katlin Harm32.9Gothenburg
7Shae Brown33.9Gothenburg
7Kendra Humphrey33.9Gothenburg
7Brianna Richey34.1Gothenburg
7Macey Reeves35.3Gothenburg
7Emmalee Furse35.9Gothenburg
7Makayla Linnemeyer38.0Gothenburg
7Sydney Gruber39.1Gothenburg
X 400 Meters - - Finals
1.8Joslyn Baker66.9Gothenburg
3.8Kerry Wellmann68.4Gothenburg
7Madisyn Garcia1:13.7McCook
7Taylor Lovci1:17.6McCook
7Bethany Atkins1:18.3McCook
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - - Finals
1.8Kerry Wellmann70.1Gothenburg
1.8Alayna Collins73.3Gothenburg
1.8McKinley Harm74.2Gothenburg
1.8Mary Cardenas77.4Gothenburg
X 800 Meters - - Finals
3.8McKinley Harm2:55.9Gothenburg
4.8Shelby Loostrom2:57.1Gothenburg
8Brenda Aguirre3:04.4McCook
8Holly Hudson3:08.8Gothenburg
7Mackenzie Esch3:10.9McCook
X 800 Meters - - Finals
3.7Emily Keiser3:10.4Gothenburg
6.7Destiny McVay3:14.1Gothenburg
7Samantha Tiedemann3:31.1Gothenburg
X 1600 Meters - - Finals
3.8Alayna Collins6:23.7Gothenburg
8Kenzie Wick6:56.1McCook
6.8Kyann Leviner7:08.8Gothenburg
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - - Finals
7Taylor Farr20.3McCook
8Kaylee Paz21.3McCook
7Bethany Atkins21.5McCook
8Kyann Leviner21.7Gothenburg
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - - Finals
4.7Blaire Gibbens21.8Gothenburg
5.7Natalie Mazour22.0Gothenburg
7Mady Vogel23.2Gothenburg
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - - Finals
3.8Amanda Kowalewski35.4Gothenburg
7Paige Terry35.7McCook
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - - Finals
1.7Lauren Andres35.0Gothenburg
3.7Keely Lecher36.2Gothenburg
4.7Kim Whiting36.3Gothenburg
6.7Sarah Brown38.0Gothenburg
7Natalie Mazour40.2Gothenburg
X 4x100 Relay - - Finals
2.-Jordan Baker
Joslyn Baker
Bailey Aden
Haley Cline
X 4x100 Relay - - Finals
1.-Kylee Beyea
Sarah Brown
Blaire Gibbens
Keely Lecher
X 4x400 Relay - - Finals
1.-Alayna Collins
Mary Cardenas
McKinley Harm
Kerry Wellmann
X Shot Put - 4kg - - Finals
1.8Ashley Eskew29'6.5Gothenburg
8Mikinzy Packard21'4McCook
7Madison Snyder20'8.5McCook
7Corinne Bortner20'4.5McCook
8Kelsey Wlasiuk20'1Gothenburg
8Britney Hicken19'3Gothenburg
8Jakie Martinez16'4Gothenburg
X Shot Put - 4kg - - Finals
1.7Samantha Tiedemann23'1Gothenburg
5.7Morgan Cardenas20'6.5Gothenburg
7Mady Vogel20'Gothenburg
X Discus - 1kg - - Finals
4.8Ashley Eskew66'7Gothenburg
6.8Kelsey Wlasiuk65'10Gothenburg
7Kory Janousek54'3McCook
7Corinne Bortner52'3McCook
8Jakie Martinez38'6Gothenburg
8Britney Hicken36'10Gothenburg
X Discus - 1kg - - Finals
2.7Mady Vogel55'7Gothenburg
7Samantha Tiedemann47'10Gothenburg
7Morgan Cardenas44'10Gothenburg
7Emily Keiser36'10Gothenburg
X High Jump - - Finals
7Madisyn Garcia4'6McCook
7Bethany Atkins4'4McCook
2.8Shelby Loostrom4'4Gothenburg
8Faith Johnson4'0McCook
5.8Tylour Marshall3'10Gothenburg
7Kristen Burns3'6McCook
X High Jump - - Finals
5.7Destiny McVay3'10Gothenburg
7Bailey Morton3'6Gothenburg
X Pole Vault - - Finals
2.8Hailey Maline5'6Gothenburg
3.8Amanda Kowalewski5'6Gothenburg
X Long Jump - - Finals
1.8Tiani Reeves18'4Gothenburg
3.8Haley Cline13'.25Gothenburg
8Bailey Aden12'9.75Gothenburg
7Alexa Harpham12'5McCook
7Paige Terry12'.25McCook
8Martina Mayers11'8Gothenburg
7Kory Janousek11'6.75McCook
7Mackenzie Esch11'6.25McCook
8Mary Cardenas11'4Gothenburg
8Jessica Boehle11'3Gothenburg
X Long Jump - - Finals
4.7Bailey Morton11'9Gothenburg
7Macey Reeves10'5.5Gothenburg
X Triple Jump - - Finals
3.8Alayna Collins28'2.75Gothenburg
5.8Amanda Kowalewski27'10.75Gothenburg
8McKinley Harm26'3.25Gothenburg
8Jessica Boehle23'1.75Gothenburg
8Hailey Maline22'2.25Gothenburg
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