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60 Meter Dash  Red - Finals

1.9DJ Pope7.34Lincoln
2.11Zach Vandehey7.47Lincoln
4.10Joey Schweinfurth7.91Lincoln
7.9Ting Lee8.20Lincoln
8.9Trevor Cheadle8.31Lincoln
9.10Tim Koh8.35Lincoln
11.9Walker Stewart8.45Lincoln
13.9Madison Butler8.51Lincoln

60 Meter Dash  White - Finals

3.11Michael Ferguson7.53Lincoln
5.12Josh Hamilton8.13Lincoln
6.10Jeff Locke8.16Lincoln
10.9Thomas Rice8.36Lincoln
12.9Colin Young8.50Lincoln
14.9Henry Kim9.19Lincoln
15.9Tanner Hyland9.40Lincoln

150 Meters  Red - Finals

1.11Zach Vandehey17.06Lincoln
2.12Matt Sheldon17.97Lincoln
3.9DJ Pope18.56Lincoln
4.11Caius Castro18.97Lincoln
6.10Joey Schweinfurth19.62Lincoln
6.9Ryan Fujita19.62Lincoln
7.9Ting Lee19.71Lincoln
9.12Guy Scherzer19.94Lincoln
11.9Walker Stewart20.63Lincoln

150 Meters  White - Finals

5.11Michael Ferguson19.05Lincoln
8.11Dylan Gattey19.75Lincoln
10.12Josh Hamilton20.09Lincoln
12.9Colin Young20.65Lincoln
13.10Frederick Engelhardt22.03Lincoln

300 Meters  Red - Finals

2.12Alex Bittner38.88Lincoln
4.9Madison Butler44.62Lincoln
5.10Abh Sahu45.25Lincoln

300 Meters  White - Finals

1.12Walter Stern38.58Lincoln
3.11Dylan Gattey43.97Lincoln

600 Meters  Red - Finals

1.9Ryan Fujita1:31.43Lincoln
6.9Kai Wise1:50.77Lincoln
7.10Nicholas Wong2:04.62Lincoln

600 Meters  White - Finals

2.12Nathan VanDomelen1:31.92Lincoln
3.11Evan Martin1:33.14Lincoln
4.9Liam Burke1:43.93Lincoln
5.9Jaxom Moore1:49.60Lincoln

1200 Meters  Red - Finals

1.12Matt Sheldon3:28.51Lincoln
3.10Tanner Smith3:30.25Lincoln
7.11Braden Lambert3:44.54Lincoln
8.9Ethan Takla3:45.18Lincoln
9.12Jacob Lampi3:53.21Lincoln
14.11Malcolm Montero3:59.16Lincoln
15.9Kai Wise4:06.42Lincoln
16.9Divin Namegabe4:09.09Lincoln

1200 Meters  White - Finals

2.12Walter Stern3:28.88Lincoln
5.11Nick Reeve3:40.81Lincoln
6.10Ben Campbell3:43.25Lincoln
10.9Teddy Kortenhof3:54.26Lincoln
11.9Jaxom Moore3:54.26Lincoln
12.9Liam Burke3:55.11Lincoln
13.9Angelo Sampson3:58.22Lincoln
17.12Tim Jeffers4:11.63Lincoln

2000 Meters  Red - Finals

1.10Tanner Smith6:19.84Lincoln
3.11Braden Lambert6:39.52Lincoln
5.9Ethan Takla7:03.19Lincoln

2000 Meters  White - Finals

2.10Nico Banks6:31.56Lincoln
4.11Nick Reeve6:40.15Lincoln
6.9Teddy Kortenhof7:07.85Lincoln
7.12Tim Jeffers7:28.26Lincoln

200m Hurdles - 36"  Red - Finals

3.9Trevor Cheadle44.60Lincoln

200m Hurdles - 36"  White - Finals

1.12Nathan VanDomelen33.87Lincoln
2.9Steve Kennedy43.50Lincoln

Shot Put - 12lb  Red - Finals

3.11Caius Castro23'6"Lincoln
11Ben Cavagnaro23'5"Lincoln
9Ryan Kelley19'2"Lincoln

Shot Put - 12lb  White - Finals

1.12Patrick Haneberg37'9"Lincoln
2.9Karl Sanft30'11"Lincoln

Javelin - 800g  Red - Finals

2.9Trevor Cheadle101'11"Lincoln

Javelin - 800g  White - Finals

1.12Patrick Haneberg132'10"Lincoln
3.9Karl Sanft77'2"Lincoln

High Jump  Red - Finals

2.9Trevor Cheadle4'9"Lincoln
3.9Will Catania4'4"Lincoln

High Jump  White - Finals

1.9Steve Kennedy5'4"Lincoln

Long Jump  Red - Finals

11.9Will Catania13'11"Lincoln

Long Jump  White - Finals

1.9Steve Kennedy17'2"Lincoln
2.12Guy Scherzer15'10"Lincoln
3.10Jeff Locke15'6"Lincoln
4.10Tim Koh15'Lincoln
5.9Thomas Rice14'8"Lincoln
6.10Abh Sahu14'7"Lincoln
7.10Frederick Engelhardt13'11"Lincoln
8.9Tanner Hyland13'7"Lincoln
9.9Jeff Wang13'6"Lincoln
10.9Seby Hall13'4"Lincoln
12.9Jaxom Moore12'9"Lincoln
13.9Daniel He10'3"Lincoln


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