SW Conference Meet

Thursday, May 19, 2011
  Luverne Track, Luverne - Map

  Field Events Start: 4:00 PM  Track Events Start: 4:00 PM
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Minnesota - AA
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Beau Bofferding11.11aMarshall
2.12BG Xaisongkham11.33aLuverne
3.12Casey Kooiker11.41aPipestone Area
4.9Jon Ehde11.47aLuverne
5.12Rudy Ramirez11.93aWorthington
6.12Tyler Evans12.02aPipestone Area
7.12Steven Salzwedel12.03aJackson County Central
8.12JaVonn Taylor12.22aRedwood Valley
9.9Izaac Lucht12.23aJackson County Central
10.11Douglas Tabb12.24aWindom Area
11.9Jessie Guerra12.24aWorthington
12.11Joe Lilleberg12.27aMarshall
13.12Freddy Barajas12.30aWorthington
14.8Jackson Winter12.41aLuverne
15.9Evan Broitzman12.58aJackson County Central
16.9Jacob Angermeyer12.88aRedwood Valley
17.9Nick Raverty13.21aWindom Area
18.10Luke Schroeder13.54aMarshall
19.11Jesse Hinricher13.65aPipestone Area
20.10Hunter Breidenbach13.86aRedwood Valley
21.9Austin Ewing14.25aWindom Area
X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Ethan Spittle10.88Worthington
9Will Dudley11.04Worthington
12Nathan Mejia12.16Worthington
9Jessie Guerra12.74Worthington
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Beau Bofferding22.53aMarshall
2.10Jason Vongsavanh22.96aJackson County Central
3.12Casey Kooiker23.19aPipestone Area
4.12Jacob Moe23.68aMarshall
5.12Eric Hansen23.76aRedwood Valley
6.11Aaron Kozlowski24.00aPipestone Area
7.12Rudy Ramirez24.25aWorthington
7.9Darnell Taylor-Breck24.25aJackson County Central
9.10Randy Juell24.53aRedwood Valley
10.12Travis Mattson24.58aWindom Area
11.10Morgan Traylor24.63aWorthington
12.9Jessie Guerra24.76aWorthington
13.10Josh Panitzke26.37aRedwood Valley
14.9Evan Broitzman26.46aJackson County Central
15.11Colton Peterson26.71aLuverne
16.8Mason Reynolds27.33aPipestone Area
17.11Scott Nemmers28.47aMarshall
18.9Austin Ewing29.52aWindom Area
11Douglas TabbDNSWindom Area
9Jon EhdeDNSLuverne
10Ethan RustDNSLuverne
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Morgan Traylor23.06Worthington
12Will Collin23.21Worthington
12Jeremy Clark23.92Worthington
12Rudy Ramirez25.15Worthington
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Beau Bofferding50.43aMarshall
2.12Jeremy Clark51.23aWorthington
3.12Will Collin53.23aWorthington
4.10Sawyer Pals55.78aPipestone Area
5.9Marcus Potter56.71aWorthington
6.10Bo Biever56.95aLuverne
7.9Darnell Taylor-Breck57.18aJackson County Central
8.11Eli Louwagie58.86aMarshall
9.10Avery Johnson59.31aJackson County Central
10.10Tanner Post1:00.03aJackson County Central
11.10Eli Stevens1:01.35aPipestone Area
12.9Josiah Passe1:02.29aRedwood Valley
13.9Jacob Angermeyer1:04.06aRedwood Valley
14.11Vladimir Wogen1:05.87aPipestone Area
15.10Ryan Helmoski1:06.80aWindom Area
16.9Austin Ewing1:11.77aWindom Area
17.11Vincent Raia1:11.94aWindom Area
8Jackson WinterDNSLuverne
11Matt HansenDNSMarshall
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Jeremy Clark52.09Worthington
12Brandon Berger53.12Worthington
12OJ Ojullu53.18Worthington
12Will Collin53.32Worthington
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12OJ Ojullu2:00.50aWorthington
2.11Grant Vankuelen2:02.38aMarshall
3.12Justin Cook2:02.88aJackson County Central
4.12John Curley2:08.07aWindom Area
5.10Ethan Spittle2:12.52aWorthington
6.11Tanner Bukowski2:15.36aMarshall
7.12Nick Anderson2:16.35aRedwood Valley
8.12Omot Othowo2:16.89aWorthington
9.11Benjamin Kocak2:17.46aJackson County Central
10.11Austin Stroeh2:17.63aLuverne
11.9Wes Peyerl2:17.83aRedwood Valley
12.12Brannon Peterson2:17.96aWindom Area
13.10Tylan Vanderwal2:18.35aPipestone Area
14.10Kaleb Stevens2:22.33aPipestone Area
15.12Nathan Fields2:25.80aJackson County Central
16.10Brett Olsen2:26.49aRedwood Valley
17.11Brandon VanderZiel2:33.79aLuverne
18.10Ethan Hart2:38.75aMarshall
19.7Spencer Wolter2:44.70aWindom Area
20.9Erickson Chayse2:48.01aPipestone Area
10Eli DooyemaDNSLuverne
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Ethan Spittle2:06Worthington
12Omot Othowo2:08Worthington
12Nathan Mejia2:15Worthington
9Marcus Potter2:15Worthington
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Justin Cook4:30.35aJackson County Central
2.11Chad DeAustin4:39.54aMarshall
3.12Marc Strom4:41.98aJackson County Central
4.12John Curley4:51.86aWindom Area
5.9Ryan Phillips4:54.31aRedwood Valley
6.9Andrew Berg4:56.33aPipestone Area
7.12Nick Anderson5:03.99aRedwood Valley
8.10Nick VonMosch5:09.11aRedwood Valley
9.9Blaine Moran5:09.52aMarshall
10.10Jacob Derby5:10.08aPipestone Area
11.10Kaleb Stevens5:14.26aPipestone Area
12.10Gordy Moore5:14.96aWorthington
13.9Spencer Grafing5:21.73aWorthington
14.11Luke Sanders5:22.10aMarshall
15.10Ian Stewart5:23.44aWorthington
16.9Jordan Ringgenberg5:25.45aJackson County Central
17.11Ryan Oye5:25.54aLuverne
18.8Drew Weis5:48.21aLuverne
19.7Spencer Wolter5:58.00aWindom Area
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Mubarik Musa10:14.59aWorthington
2.10Andrew Bell10:23.22aMarshall
3.9Ryan Phillips10:50.30aRedwood Valley
4.10Alex Amunrud10:54.95aRedwood Valley
5.10Dillon Thooft10:59.49aRedwood Valley
6.9Andrew Berg11:05.11aPipestone Area
7.9Wade DeAustin11:10.54aMarshall
8.9Cody Hess11:17.76aLuverne
9.10Nathan Landwehr11:22.27aWorthington
10.10Ryan Helmoski11:23.81aWindom Area
11.10Matt Hammersma11:46.44aPipestone Area
12.11Vincent Raia13:31.33aWindom Area
13.10Thomas Burns13:43.53aWorthington
9Blaine MoranSCRMarshall
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brandon Berger14.99aWorthington
2.12Eric Hansen15.23aRedwood Valley
3.12Gathin Veldhuizen15.44aPipestone Area
4.10Omot Okello16.31aWorthington
5.12Jordan Balster17.13aWorthington
6.11Daniel Muller17.19aLuverne
7.11Dallas Goslar18.01aMarshall
8.9Matthew Schmit18.47aJackson County Central
9.9Danny West18.56aMarshall
10.9Jon Harmening18.67aJackson County Central
11.8Parker Scott19.17aWindom Area
12.9Macius Schroeder19.34aRedwood Valley
13.10Matt Duerr20.01aLuverne
14.9Blake Warner20.73aWindom Area
15.10Nick Evans20.86aMarshall
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brandon Berger40.40aWorthington
2.12Gathin Veldhuizen40.66aPipestone Area
3.12Eric Hansen42.15aRedwood Valley
4.10Omot Okello42.52aWorthington
5.11Daniel Muller44.83aLuverne
6.11John Isaacson45.38aJackson County Central
7.11Landon Hazelton45.86aPipestone Area
8.11Dallas Goslar46.72aMarshall
9.11Tyler Hunt46.98aWorthington
10.9Macius Schroeder47.03aRedwood Valley
11.8Trenton Rops47.67aLuverne
12.9Danny West48.46aMarshall
13.10Nick Evans48.53aMarshall
14.9Jeremy Ringgenberg48.75aJackson County Central
15.8Parker Scott50.52aWindom Area
16.9Blake Warner51.48aWindom Area
17.9Bradley Gustafson52.37aJackson County Central
18.7Quinton Siebenahler53.81aLuverne
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jessie Guerra
Nathan Mejia
Will Dudley
Ethan Spittle
2.-Evan Koep
Steven Salzwedel
Zachary Post
John Isaacson
47.42aJackson County Central
3.-Jackson Winter
Ethan Rust
Darrien Jones
Bo Biever
4.-Colton Citrowski
Joe Lilleberg
Steve Womack
Jeremiah Barker
5.-Cole Huhnerkoch
Taylor Barnes
Jacob Hansen
Jacob Prouty
49.35aRedwood Valley
6.-Andrew Baker
Jesse Hinricher
Mason Reynolds
Aaron Thompson
51.22aPipestone Area
7.-Parker Scott
Aaron Axford
Nicholas Wolter
Nick Raverty
54.64aWindom Area
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Casey Kooiker
Gathin Veldhuizen
Griffin Veldhuizen
Aaron Kozlowski
1:35.52aPipestone Area
2.-Rudy Ramirez
Will Collin
Jeremy Clark
Morgan Traylor
3.-BG Xaisongkham
Daniel Muller
Bo Biever
Jon Ehde
4.-Steven Salzwedel
Zachary Post
Taylor Freeman
Jason Vongsavanh
1:39.22aJackson County Central
5.-Douglas Taab
Brannon Peterson
John Curley
Travis Mattson
1:43.27aWindom Area
6.-Cole Huhnerkoch
Taylor Barnes
Jacob Hansen
Jacob Prouty
1:43.47aRedwood Valley
-Relay Team DQMarshall
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Will Collin
Brandon Berger
OJ Ojullu
Jeremy Clark
2.-Jason Vongsavanh
Justin Cook
Zachary Post
Taylor Freeman
3:36.51aJackson County Central
3.-Sawyer Pals
Griffin Veldhuizen
Jacob Derby
Landon Hazelton
3:45.95aPipestone Area
4.-Chad DeAustin
Grant Vankuelen
Eli Louwagie
Tanner Bukowski
5.-Nick Anderson
Jacob Prouty
JaVonn Taylor
Cole Huhnerkoch
3:52.55aRedwood Valley
6.-Darrien Jones
Payton Stemper
Trenton Rops
Ethan Rust
7.-Nick Raverty
Nicholas Wolter
Aaron Axford
Ryan Vesey
4:14.80aWindom Area
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Chad DeAustin
Grant Vankuelen
Andrew Bell
Tanner Bukowski
2.-Marcus Potter
Ethan Spittle
Nathan Mejia
Omot Othowo
3.-Taylor Freeman
Benjamin Kocak
Tanner Post
Marc Strom
9:08.94aJackson County Central
4.-Alex Amunrud
Wes Peyerl
Dillon Thooft
Nick VonMosch
9:17.01aRedwood Valley
5.-Landon Hazelton
Matt Hammersma
Jacob Derby
Tylan Vanderwal
9:19.91aPipestone Area
6.-Austin Stroeh
Cody Hess
Ryan Oye
Payton Stemper
7.-Brannon Peterson
Ryan Helmoski
John Turner
Aaron Axford
10:07.47aWindom Area
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jordon Bents49-00.00Worthington
2.12Ryhn Myhrberg47-10.50Marshall
3.12Casey Kooiker45-00.00Pipestone Area
4.12Jalen Voss44-06.00Worthington
5.12Jacob Moe43-10.50Marshall
6.11Andre Kack43-00.00Marshall
7.9Cody Rofshus42-10.50Luverne
8.12Thomas Rohlik40-08.50Redwood Valley
9.11Brady Ysker-Giefer40-02.00Windom Area
10.10Randy Traylor39-05.00Worthington
11.11Jamie Hartke38-05.00Pipestone Area
12.11Alex Tewes37-11.00Jackson County Central
13.12Zach Holt35-08.00Windom Area
14.10Kyle Viland32-01.00Pipestone Area
15.12Adam Olson31-09.50Redwood Valley
16.10Avery Johnson30-05.00Jackson County Central
17.12Caleb Bedner28-05.50Windom Area
18.12Jacob Kremin28-04.50Redwood Valley
19.11Keegan Schoenfelder28-02.00Luverne
20.11Marcus Emery27-09.50Luverne
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ryhn Myhrberg131-03Marshall
2.12Jalen Voss130-06Worthington
3.12Jacob Moe125-00Marshall
4.12Thomas Rohlik122-01Redwood Valley
5.11Brady Ysker-Giefer120-01Windom Area
6.11Aaron Kozlowski115-10Pipestone Area
7.9Cody Rofshus113-06Luverne
8.11Jamie Hartke109-09Pipestone Area
9.11Luke Bock104-07Marshall
10.12Zach Holt104-01Windom Area
11.12Nathan Fields91-04Jackson County Central
12.10Kyle Viland86-00Pipestone Area
13.10Jordan Geiger85-11Redwood Valley
14.12Miguel Jimenez83-03Worthington
15.11Alex Tewes82-11Jackson County Central
16.9Matthew Schmit82-05Jackson County Central
17.12Caleb Bedner82-03Windom Area
18.11TJ Johansen82-01Redwood Valley
19.11Marcus Emery81-00Luverne
12Jordon BentsNDWorthington
11Keegan SchoenfelderNDLuverne
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Randy Juell6-02.00Redwood Valley
2.10Matt Duerr5-10.00Luverne
3.12Griffin Veldhuizen5-08.00Pipestone Area
4.12JaVonn Taylor5-08.00Redwood Valley
5.11Mitch Weg5-08.00Worthington
6.10Morgan Traylor5-06.00Worthington
7.12Colin Hoover5-04.00Marshall
7.11Landon Hazelton5-04.00Pipestone Area
9.11Nate DeRuyck5-04.00Marshall
10.9Ryan Schultz5-02.00Marshall
10.10Dylan Gravenhof5-02.00Worthington
10.12Travis Mattson5-02.00Windom Area
9Blake WarnerNHWindom Area
11Douglas TabbNHWindom Area
9Jeremy RinggenbergSCRJackson County Central
9Matthew SchmitNHJackson County Central
9Bradley GustafsonNHJackson County Central
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Randy Juell13-00.00Redwood Valley
2.9Will Dudley12-06.00Worthington
3.12Junior Nguyen12-06.00Worthington
4.11Daniel Muller11-00.00Luverne
5.12Evan Koep10-06.00Jackson County Central
6.10Austin Leek10-00.00Marshall
7.10Josh Panitzke9-06.00Redwood Valley
8.10Eli Dooyema9-06.00Luverne
9.9Jacob Prouty9-00.00Redwood Valley
10.11Austin Lucht9-00.00Jackson County Central
11.9Joe Mills8-06.00Worthington
11.12Ryan Vesey8-06.00Windom Area
11.12Brannon Peterson8-06.00Windom Area
10Manny OlsonNHLuverne
11Eli LouwagieSCRMarshall
10Nicholas WolterNHWindom Area
9Drew TykwinskiSCRMarshall
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jacob Moe20-00.50Marshall
2.12Gathin Veldhuizen19-09.50Pipestone Area
3.12BG Xaisongkham19-03.00Luverne
4.10Randy Juell18-10.50Redwood Valley
5.10Sawyer Pals18-07.00Pipestone Area
6.8Warren Darling18-05.50Jackson County Central
7.10Morgan Traylor18-04.50Worthington
8.11Eli Louwagie17-05.75Marshall
9.10Matt Duerr17-05.50Luverne
10.10Ethan Spittle17-05.25Worthington
11.9Jon Harmening17-03.50Jackson County Central
12.11Nate DeRuyck17-03.00Marshall
13.12Taylor Barnes17-00.50Redwood Valley
14.12Travis Mattson16-06.25Windom Area
15.-Aaron Thompson16-05.00Pipestone Area
16.9Jessie Guerra16-01.50Worthington
17.12JaVonn Taylor15-10.75Redwood Valley
18.10Tanner Post15-08.75Jackson County Central
19.9Nick Raverty14-07.00Windom Area
20.7Quinton Siebenahler14-02.75Luverne
21.10Nicholas Wolter11-10.50Windom Area
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brandon Berger41-07.50Worthington
2.12BG Xaisongkham40-02.50Luverne
3.12Nathan Mejia39-02.00Worthington
4.11Mitch Weg38-11.75Worthington
5.12Griffin Veldhuizen38-03.75Pipestone Area
6.9Jon Harmening37-03.75Jackson County Central
7.10Sawyer Pals36-10.25Pipestone Area
8.12Mitch Patzer35-10.50Marshall
9.11Benjamin Kocak35-06.50Jackson County Central
10.11Chad DeAustin35-04.00Marshall
11.10Colton Citrowski35-03.75Marshall
12.12Taylor Barnes34-02.75Redwood Valley
13.10Matt Duerr34-01.00Luverne
14.8Parker Scott32-06.50Windom Area
15.7Quinton Siebenahler31-11.00Luverne
16.7Daniel Larson31-03.50Pipestone Area
17.9Blake Warner31-02.50Windom Area
18.9Macius Schroeder30-03.00Redwood Valley

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Sarah Buysse12.80aMarshall
2.10Sydnee Donnelli12.90aJackson County Central
3.8Tayla Peterson13.39aLuverne
4.10Tara Svalland13.40aWorthington
5.12Evan Buysse13.55aRedwood Valley
6.8Julia Schumann13.57aJackson County Central
7.7Claire Femrite13.72aPipestone Area
8.10Alina Keodouangsy13.75aWorthington
9.10Megan Muller13.78aWindom Area
10.11Tess Cooper13.81aPipestone Area
11.7Erin Sietsema13.87aLuverne
12.11Amber Amick14.05aMarshall
13.10Kelsey Saugstad14.14aMarshall
14.10Emilie Baartman14.31aLuverne
15.12Samantha Thuringer14.35aWorthington
16.12Katelyn Prouty14.47aRedwood Valley
17.8Charli Miller14.49aRedwood Valley
18.7Amy Muller14.53aWindom Area
19.9Amanda Fikse14.72aPipestone Area
20.7Emily Hentges14.78aWindom Area
21.10Taylor Dunker17.56aJackson County Central
X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Samantha Thuringer12.77Worthington
10Tara Svalland14.28Worthington
10Alina Keodouangsy14.35Worthington
12Cassie Landgaard14.43Worthington
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Bree Woelber26.23aPipestone Area
2.9Sarah Buysse26.29aMarshall
3.12Katlyn Sawtelle26.77aLuverne
4.8Tayla Peterson27.37aLuverne
5.12Sarah Cham27.49aWorthington
6.7Claire Femrite27.66aPipestone Area
7.12Evan Buysse28.10aRedwood Valley
8.12Courtney Donnelli28.11aJackson County Central
9.12Cassie Landgaard28.23aWorthington
10.7Maria Spanier28.99aPipestone Area
11.10Alex Stanley29.13aLuverne
12.11Amber Amick29.22aMarshall
13.9Kendra Goblirsch29.47aRedwood Valley
14.12Ellen Dudley29.90aWorthington
15.11Shelby Maes30.44aMarshall
16.12Katelyn Prouty30.67aRedwood Valley
17.7Emily Hentges31.63aWindom Area
18.10Caitlyn Stevens31.82aJackson County Central
19.10JaDee Janssen32.09aWindom Area
20.10Sarah Libra35.01aJackson County Central
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Sarah Cham24.73Worthington
10Lydia Kemper26.23Worthington
12Cassie Landgaard28.15Worthington
10Whitney Coriolan29.18Worthington
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sarah Cham1:01.05aWorthington
2.9Sarah Buysse1:01.46aMarshall
3.11Paige Nath1:02.22aLuverne
4.12Alexis Boyd1:03.96aMarshall
5.12Evan Buysse1:04.81aRedwood Valley
6.8Mary Fixsen1:04.89aRedwood Valley
7.11Katie Ellingworth1:05.17aRedwood Valley
8.11Melinda Mumme1:06.56aLuverne
9.11Sarah Anderson1:07.10aMarshall
10.8Kathryn Nasby1:07.82aJackson County Central
11.8Faith Hansen1:08.41aJackson County Central
12.11Kayla Stout1:08.64aPipestone Area
13.8Naomi Dooyema1:09.29aLuverne
14.12Emily Turner1:10.30aWindom Area
15.10Mariah Smith1:12.42aJackson County Central
16.10Erin Peterson1:14.86aPipestone Area
17.9Emily Axford1:19.05aWindom Area
18.9Matti Boomgarden1:21.08aPipestone Area
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Lydia Kemper62.00Worthington
10Alina Keodouangsy64.47Worthington
12Ellen Dudley68.35Worthington
11Megan Juber69.25Worthington
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Kayla Huhnerkoch2:24.20aRedwood Valley
2.11Meredith Hentges2:30.80aWindom Area
3.11Madi Verschaestse2:33.30aMarshall
4.11Haley VanKeulen2:34.03aMarshall
5.10Lydia Kemper2:36.60aWorthington
6.10Cassandra Krogen2:40.66aMarshall
7.12Ashlie Hess2:42.10aLuverne
8.7Meredith Moore2:42.97aWorthington
9.10McKayla Schilling2:46.82aLuverne
10.8Olivia Ebbers2:47.79aWorthington
11.-Alexis Kodet2:51.50aRedwood Valley
12.7Madilyn Oye2:53.44aLuverne
13.8Amanda Kooiker2:55.26aPipestone Area
14.10Tessa Heiling2:57.91aRedwood Valley
15.9Kaitlyn Stark2:58.69aPipestone Area
16.10Michelle VanEpps3:00.16aJackson County Central
17.9Miranda Timko3:00.19aJackson County Central
18.12Rachael Buresch3:01.35aJackson County Central
7Klara PerkinsDNSPipestone Area
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Megan Juber2:35Worthington
7Meredith Moore2:35Worthington
8Alicia Darling2:53Worthington
9Ariana Lopez2:58Worthington
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Kayla Huhnerkoch5:09.17aRedwood Valley
2.12Gabi Swoboda5:15.50aRedwood Valley
3.11Meredith Hentges5:29.10aWindom Area
4.11Rebecca Fedde5:39.86aMarshall
5.11Megan Juber5:44.29aWorthington
6.9Anna Tofteland5:51.56aLuverne
7.7Rose Andersen5:51.75aMarshall
8.8Jade Holthe5:51.83aJackson County Central
9.10Cassandra Krogen6:11.16aMarshall
10.10Stacy Liebl6:17.50aRedwood Valley
11.7Morgan Hazelton6:24.71aPipestone Area
12.10Stephanie Jaycox6:27.07aWorthington
13.7Madilyn Oye6:28.08aLuverne
14.12Megan Johnson6:29.07aJackson County Central
15.-Madison Stearns6:30.56aLuverne
16.7Klara Perkins6:39.93aPipestone Area
17.9Kari Foss7:13.14aPipestone Area
18.11Kinzie Myrom7:38.03aWorthington
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Gabi Swoboda11:34.66aRedwood Valley
2.9Makayla Hohn11:58.67aLuverne
3.11Rebecca Fedde12:13.22aMarshall
4.12Emily Turner12:25.46aWindom Area
5.12Kara Thul12:56.50aRedwood Valley
6.7Rose Andersen13:06.88aMarshall
7.8Alicia Darling13:32.97aWorthington
8.11Sydney Prorok14:05.17aMarshall
9.10Megan Riley14:18.84aRedwood Valley
10.11Kaitlin Van Meeteren14:28.12aLuverne
11.9Emily Axford14:40.83aWindom Area
12.11Hailey Timko16:07.56aJackson County Central
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Katlyn Sawtelle15.12aLuverne
2.12Bree Woelber15.15aPipestone Area
3.12Katie Shearer16.88aLuverne
4.9Tia Muller17.41aPipestone Area
5.11Jessica Baker17.54aMarshall
6.11Shelby Maes18.10aMarshall
7.9Mariah Boomgaarden18.54aLuverne
8.9Jessica Oaxaca18.66aMarshall
9.11Tracey Steffen19.23aJackson County Central
10.10Whitney Coriolan19.28aWorthington
11.7Lexi Carstensen19.31aPipestone Area
12.8Carsen Wetzel19.73aWorthington
13.8Danyel Post19.92aWindom Area
14.8Jessica Jandera20.59aJackson County Central
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Bree Woelber46.34aPipestone Area
2.8Kynzie Smedsrud50.86aLuverne
3.8Danyel Post52.82aWindom Area
4.7Jaidyn Elbers53.07aLuverne
5.9Tia Muller53.27aPipestone Area
6.10Claire Buysse53.42aMarshall
7.11Jessica Baker53.67aMarshall
8.9Megan Vogl54.00aMarshall
9.11Kelcey Olson54.60aWindom Area
10Whitney Coriolan54.69aWorthington
10.9Mariah Boomgaarden55.63aLuverne
11.11Tracey Steffen55.68aJackson County Central
12.7Lexi Carstensen56.34aPipestone Area
13.8Carsen Wetzel56.36aWorthington
14.8Jessica Jandera56.63aJackson County Central
15.12Brooke Bitker58.19aRedwood Valley
16.11Kirsten Ringgenberg59.68aJackson County Central
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Courtney Donnelli
Sydnee Donnelli
Riley Schneekloth
Julia Schumann
53.36aJackson County Central
2.-Alina Keodouangsy
Tara Svalland
Samantha Thuringer
Cassie Landgaard
3.-Hannah Baartman
Katie Shearer
Nicole Hoff
Kynzie Smedsrud
4.-Tess Cooper
Ashley Griebel
Maria Spanier
Amanda Fikse
55.94aPipestone Area
5.-Sydney Griffin
Jessica Oaxaca
Amber Amick
Kelsey Saugstad
6.-Katelyn Prouty
Sam Fischer
Ahnna Malacek
Alexis Kodet
57.33aRedwood Valley
7.-Miki Bolin
Amy Muller
Amanda Muller
Danyel Post
58.44aWindom Area
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Paige Nath
Kynzie Smedsrud
Tayla Peterson
Katlyn Sawtelle
2.-Whitney Coriolan
Lydia Kemper
Cassie Landgaard
Sarah Cham
3.-Courtney Donnelli
Riley Schneekloth
Sydnee Donnelli
Julia Schumann
1:52.82aJackson County Central
4.-Alexis Boyd
Claire Buysse
Sarah Anderson
Sydney Griffin
5.-Kendra Goblirsch
Sam Fischer
Alexis Kodet
Ahnna Malacek
1:59.03aRedwood Valley
6.-Ashley Griebel
Kayla Stout
Maria Spanier
Tia Muller
1:59.18aPipestone Area
7.-Miki Bolin
Amy Muller
Megan Muller
Kelcey Olson
2:02.28aWindom Area
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kayla Huhnerkoch
Mary Fixen
Katie Ellingworth
Gabi Swoboda
4:12.41aRedwood Valley
2.-Jenna Christianson
Claire Buysse
Sarah Anderson
Alexis Boyd
3.-Alina Keodouangsy
Megan Juber
Ellen Dudley
Lydia Kemper
4.-Hannah Baartman
Kaitlin Wohnoutka
McKayla Schilling
Naomi Dooyema
5.-Claire Femrite
Tess Cooper
Kayla Stout
Shanda Bogstad
4:30.37aPipestone Area
6.-Meredith Hentges
Megan Muller
Emily Turner
Kelcey Olson
4:36.92aWindom Area
7.-Jade Holthe
Kathryn Nasby
Faith Hansen
Jessica Jandera
4:41.06aJackson County Central
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Paige Nath
Kaitlin Wohnoutka
Makayla Hohn
Anna Tofteland
2.-Megan Vogl
Jenna Christianson
Madi Verschaestse
Haley VanKeulen
3.-Mary Fixen
Stacy Liebl
Kara Thul
Brooke Bitker
10:54.61aRedwood Valley
4.-Megan Juber
Meredith Moore
Alicia Darling
Ariana Lopez
5.-Jade Holthe
Megan Johnson
Hope Belknap
Sarah Voehl
11:22.33aJackson County Central
6.-Jadon Carlson
Amanda Kooiker
Kaitlyn Stark
Klara Perkins
11:49.83aPipestone Area
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Hannah Steele37-05.00Windom Area
2.12Trisha Sumption36-08.00Pipestone Area
3.12Taylor Swenson34-10.00Pipestone Area
4.12Courtney Donnelli34-10.00Jackson County Central
5.12Ashley Dohlmann33-10.00Luverne
6.12Aubrie Ford33-07.00Pipestone Area
7.12Danielle Antes33-05.00Windom Area
8.11Dani Crowell32-05.50Marshall
9.12Marin Korthals32-03.00Worthington
10.10Allison Dohlmann31-10.00Luverne
11.11Kelsey Gaffney31-03.00Redwood Valley
12.9Hannah Bennett30-06.50Marshall
13.10Katelyn Hart29-10.50Luverne
14.8Maer Abella29-04.50Worthington
15.12Taylor Welu29-02.00Marshall
16.10Jessica Voehl28-05.50Jackson County Central
17.10Tessa Heiling27-11.00Redwood Valley
18.10Holly Larson26-08.50Windom Area
19.8Lizzy Coriolan24-07.00Worthington
20.8Ahnna Malacek23-07.00Redwood Valley
21.11Hailey Timko21-09.50Jackson County Central
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Trisha Sumption120-02Pipestone Area
2.11Hannah Steele118-03Windom Area
3.12Ashley Dohlmann106-10Luverne
4.10Holly Larson103-10Windom Area
5.12Danielle Antes98-02Windom Area
6.12Aubrie Ford95-06Pipestone Area
7.10Allison Dohlmann95-03Luverne
8.11Kelsey Gaffney94-01Redwood Valley
9.10Tessa Heiling94-01Redwood Valley
10.11Dani Crowell88-10Marshall
11.9Yssi Cronquist88-09Luverne
12.11Lexy Teerink88-02Worthington
13.12Taylor Swenson77-04Pipestone Area
14.9Hannah Bennett76-09Marshall
15.9Jenna Hartzler76-05Jackson County Central
16.12Taylor Welu74-09Marshall
17.10Michelle VanEpps63-07Jackson County Central
18.8Lizzy Coriolan42-02Worthington
8Maer AbellaDNSWorthington
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brianna West4-10.00Marshall
2.11Courtney VanKeulen4-10.00Marshall
3.11Paige Nath4-10.00Luverne
4.10Tara Svalland4-10.00Worthington
5.11Morgan Jacobsma4-08.00Luverne
6.9Brooke Henning4-08.00Worthington
7.8Carsen Wetzel4-06.00Worthington
8.12Brooke Bitker4-06.00Redwood Valley
9.12Shanda Bogstad4-06.00Pipestone Area
10.10Jessica Voehl4-04.00Jackson County Central
11.10Jadon Carlson4-04.00Pipestone Area
11Kirsten RinggenbergNHJackson County Central
12Shelby SorumNHMarshall
9Jenna HartzlerNHJackson County Central
10JaDee JanssenNHWindom Area
11Melinda MummeNHLuverne
12Allyssa TinklenbergSCRPipestone Area
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Katlyn Sawtelle9-06.00Luverne
2.12Ellen Dudley9-00.00Worthington
3.12Sara Schmitt9-00.00Marshall
4.11Kelcey Olson8-06.00Windom Area
5.11Samantha Madden8-00.00Marshall
6.10Megan Muller8-00.00Windom Area
7.11Tracey Steffen7-00.00Jackson County Central
8.11Chelsea Curtis6-06.00Luverne
8.9Miki Bolin6-06.00Windom Area
8.9Kendra Goblirsch6-06.00Redwood Valley
11.10Tracy Prins6-06.00Worthington
12.10Wendy Lee6-00.00Marshall
12.10Jessica Voehl6-00.00Jackson County Central
10Stacy LieblNHRedwood Valley
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Bree Woelber18-01.00Pipestone Area
2.11Katie Ellingworth15-04.00Redwood Valley
3.11Sarah Anderson14-10.50Marshall
4.12Lauren Witte14-10.25Luverne
5.10Tara Svalland14-06.50Worthington
6.11Chelsea Curtis14-04.25Luverne
7.10Sydnee Donnelli14-04.00Jackson County Central
8.10Ashley Griebel14-01.75Pipestone Area
9.7Erin Sietsema13-11.50Luverne
10.11Madi Verschaestse13-10.50Marshall
11.9Megan Vogl13-05.50Marshall
12.8Charli Miller13-04.75Redwood Valley
13.11Kirsten Ringgenberg13-00.75Jackson County Central
14.10Whitney Coriolan13-00.00Worthington
15.10Alina Keodouangsy12-08.75Worthington
16.10Mariah Smith12-07.75Jackson County Central
17.7Amy Muller11-10.00Windom Area
18.7Emily Hentges11-04.00Windom Area
19.7Claire Femrite11-01.00Pipestone Area
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sarah Cham35-07.25Worthington
2.10Lydia Kemper32-11.75Worthington
3.12Chelsea Schmitz32-01.50Worthington
4.7Erin Sietsema31-07.75Luverne
5.12Katie Shearer30-10.75Luverne
6.12Shanda Bogstad30-10.75Pipestone Area
7.11Madi Verschaestse30-10.00Marshall
8.11Jenna Christianson30-07.25Marshall
9.12Lauren Witte30-01.25Luverne
10.9Miki Bolin29-10.00Windom Area
11.11Katie Ellingworth29-02.00Redwood Valley
12.12Evan Buysse28-11.25Redwood Valley
13.12Hope Belknap28-08.50Jackson County Central
14.11Shelby Maes27-11.75Marshall
15.8Danyel Post26-11.50Windom Area
16.10Erin Peterson26-01.00Pipestone Area
17.10Michelle VanEpps25-06.50Jackson County Central
11Amanda PohlsenNDJackson County Central
9Kari FossDNSPipestone Area
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