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Quince Orchard Quad Meet

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Quince Orchard HS, Gaithersburg, MD

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Maryland - Class 3A
Albert Einstein
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Elijah Thomas11.30Albert Einstein
2.11Anthony Wuya11.44Col. Zadok Magruder
3.11Marcus Moore11.60Col. Zadok Magruder
4.11Ato Pinkrah11.62Col. Zadok Magruder
5.10Stephen Ucheomumu11.64Albert Einstein
6.11Peter Ngoh11.69Albert Einstein
7.12Robert Ramey11.94Albert Einstein
8.10Marcus Townsend12.00Albert Einstein
9.9Kenny Oxman12.17Col. Zadok Magruder
10.10Kieran Gregory12.21Quince Orchard
11.11Keith Gaye12.27Albert Einstein
12.10Mark Brewer12.38Quince Orchard
13.9Jonathan Kim12.42Col. Zadok Magruder
14.9Kyle Gregory12.47Quince Orchard
15.10Josh Hong12.49Quince Orchard
16.11Hyun Jo Choi12.63Col. Zadok Magruder
17.9Alex Roomets12.72Quince Orchard
18.10Bailey Avissar12.75Quince Orchard
19.10Anthony Justus12.91Sherwood
20.10Evan Margelos12.97Quince Orchard
21.10Bruno Frigerio13.54Albert Einstein
22.10James Williams13.64Albert Einstein
23.9Seungsoo Hong13.82Quince Orchard
24.9Johnny Jung13.92Quince Orchard
25.9Terry Oxedine14.85Col. Zadok Magruder
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Devin Haywood23.08Quince Orchard
2.11Elijah Thomas23.12Albert Einstein
3.11Anthony Wuya23.38Col. Zadok Magruder
4.11Marcus Moore23.82Col. Zadok Magruder
5.11Wesley Pulley24.29Col. Zadok Magruder
6.11Peter Ngoh24.38Albert Einstein
7.10Marcus Townsend24.45Albert Einstein
8.10Sean Burke24.49Albert Einstein
9.12Jakub Lizon24.50Col. Zadok Magruder
10.12Robert Ramey24.69Albert Einstein
11.11Matthew Minor25.32Sherwood
12.9Jonathan Kim25.43Col. Zadok Magruder
13.9Kyle Gregory25.60Quince Orchard
14.10Mark Brewer25.67Quince Orchard
15.11Keith Gaye25.71Albert Einstein
16.10Daniel Kinman25.78Quince Orchard
17.9Alex Roomets26.05Quince Orchard
18.10Alberto Weeks26.35Col. Zadok Magruder
19.10Bruno Frigerio26.59Albert Einstein
20.10Josh Hong26.80Quince Orchard
21.10James Williams27.63Albert Einstein
22.9Terry Oxedine27.67Col. Zadok Magruder
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Devin Haywood52.91Quince Orchard
2.12Jakub Lizon52.96Col. Zadok Magruder
3.10Sean Burke54.05Albert Einstein
4.10Kieran Gregory54.92Quince Orchard
5.10Nicholas Parlanti55.78Quince Orchard
6.10Mark Brewer56.05Quince Orchard
7.11Matthew Minor56.26Sherwood
8.10Daniel Kinman58.65Quince Orchard
9.10Alberto Weeks59.84Col. Zadok Magruder
10.10Bruno Frigerio1:00.94Albert Einstein
11.10Fares Hossein1:01.75Quince Orchard
12.11Michael Wagner1:01.78Sherwood
13.10Evan Margelos1:02.65Quince Orchard
14.9Johnny Jung1:04.41Quince Orchard
15.9Terry Oxedine1:05.63Col. Zadok Magruder
16.10Justin Vernick1:06.89Quince Orchard
17.10Bryan Ortiz1:08.88Quince Orchard
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Daniel Abdool2:05.94Col. Zadok Magruder
2.10Ryan Merrell2:08.07Albert Einstein
3.12Andrew Ceruzzi2:08.90Albert Einstein
4.12Dagmawi Abebe2:09.90Col. Zadok Magruder
5.10Roberto Andaya2:15.36Albert Einstein
6.12Tenji Tembo2:15.59Col. Zadok Magruder
7.10Barry Liang2:16.09Col. Zadok Magruder
8.10Dereje Wondima Alemu2:16.49Sherwood
9.11Amit Vij2:16.92Quince Orchard
10.11Michael Borten2:17.32Quince Orchard
11.12Christian Larsen2:17.88Sherwood
12.9Bradley Shawen2:18.64Quince Orchard
13.12Ziv Dreyfuss2:21.37Albert Einstein
14.11James Ryan2:22.31Quince Orchard
15.12Sebastian Arrazola2:25.48Col. Zadok Magruder
16.11Alejandro Paz2:26.73Col. Zadok Magruder
17.12William Makabenta2:28.02Quince Orchard
18.10Daniel Wang2:28.44Quince Orchard
19.12Sean Reidy2:29.70Quince Orchard
20.9Teddy Gelman2:30.47Quince Orchard
21.12Joey Chan2:31.69Col. Zadok Magruder
22.10Evan Margelos2:34.39Quince Orchard
23.10Fares Hossein2:35.23Quince Orchard
24.10Julian Erville2:36.50Albert Einstein
25.9Stephen Jacobson2:37.50Sherwood
26.9Eduardo Adum2:38.13Col. Zadok Magruder
27.9Tyler Dunmyer2:38.36Quince Orchard
28.10Marcus Gordon2:39.13Albert Einstein
29.10Justin Vernick2:39.71Quince Orchard
30.9Cade McCormick2:40.43Albert Einstein
31.10Gabriel Perkins2:40.75Quince Orchard
32.12Jerry Gu2:41.26Quince Orchard
33.10Bryan Piedramartel2:46.16Col. Zadok Magruder
34.9Lucas Almeida2:47.50Col. Zadok Magruder
35.10Teddy Ahishakiye2:48.97Col. Zadok Magruder
36.9Michael Nguyen2:49.71Col. Zadok Magruder
37.10Elmer Martinez2:51.20Albert Einstein
38.10Haitham Kuraishi2:55.24Col. Zadok Magruder
39.10Bryan Ortiz3:00.68Quince Orchard
40.10Christian Bowman3:07.90Col. Zadok Magruder
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Dagmawi Abebe4:49.15Col. Zadok Magruder
2.11Michael Borten4:51.02Quince Orchard
3.9Bradley Shawen4:53.30Quince Orchard
4.12Patrick Ochoa4:54.12Col. Zadok Magruder
5.11James Ryan4:55.17Quince Orchard
6.10Dereje Wondima Alemu4:56.74Sherwood
7.12Ziv Dreyfuss4:57.35Albert Einstein
8.10Roberto Andaya5:03.45Albert Einstein
9.11Elijah Dejesus5:08.31Quince Orchard
10.11Jeffrey Berger5:09.03Sherwood
11.10Jesse Leissa5:09.73Sherwood
12.12Sebastian Arrazola5:10.87Col. Zadok Magruder
13.9Teddy Gelman5:11.14Quince Orchard
14.11Amit Vij5:12.83Quince Orchard
15.12Sean Reidy5:15.06Quince Orchard
16.11Michael Wagner5:18.24Sherwood
17.9John Weeks5:19.60Col. Zadok Magruder
18.9Tyler Dunmyer5:25.37Quince Orchard
19.11Alejandro Paz5:30.62Col. Zadok Magruder
20.10Julian Erville5:35.00Albert Einstein
21.12Joey Chan5:35.68Col. Zadok Magruder
22.9Michael Nguyen5:36.91Col. Zadok Magruder
23.11Taylor Montgomery5:37.43Quince Orchard
24.10Marcus Gordon5:38.02Albert Einstein
25.10Nicholas Lutschaunig5:39.37Sherwood
26.9Lucas Almeida5:39.68Col. Zadok Magruder
27.12William Makabenta5:41.33Quince Orchard
28.9Cade McCormick5:41.71Albert Einstein
29.9Eduardo Adum5:43.75Col. Zadok Magruder
30.9Stephen Jacobson5:45.33Sherwood
31.10Gabriel Perkins5:49.94Quince Orchard
32.12Jerry Gu5:58.59Quince Orchard
33.10Teddy Ahishakiye6:00.28Col. Zadok Magruder
34.10Elmer Martinez6:00.80Albert Einstein
35.10Haitham Kuraishi6:02.82Col. Zadok Magruder
36.10Christian Bowman6:19.16Col. Zadok Magruder
37.9Malachi Yeh6:20.45Col. Zadok Magruder
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Nick Simpson10:03.80Albert Einstein
2.12Pawlose Ketema10:51.85Albert Einstein
3.10Vikram Siberry10:52.77Sherwood
4.10Ryan Henderson11:03.35Albert Einstein
5.12Patrick Ochoa11:10.36Col. Zadok Magruder
6.11Jeffrey Berger11:13.07Sherwood
7.11Elijah Dejesus11:26.53Quince Orchard
8.10Bryan Piedramartel11:40.48Col. Zadok Magruder
9.9Teddy Gelman11:41.66Quince Orchard
10.10Andy Fleischer11:47.37Quince Orchard
11.11Taylor Montgomery12:25.22Quince Orchard
12.9Lucas Almeida12:28.33Col. Zadok Magruder
13.10Teddy Meyers12:45.56Quince Orchard
14.9John Weeks13:04.92Col. Zadok Magruder
15.11Alejandro Paz13:06.05Col. Zadok Magruder
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Eric Kaczmarek-Addison16.44Quince Orchard
2.11William Gavett17.21Sherwood
3.10Daniel Wang18.81Quince Orchard
4.10Andrew Sarver18.93Sherwood
5.11Eric Mazur19.55Sherwood
6.12Pankaj Agarwal20.86Quince Orchard
7.9Lorenzo Andaya22.24Albert Einstein
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Eric Kaczmarek-Addison42.93Quince Orchard
2.11William Gavett46.13Sherwood
3.10Andrew Sarver46.28Sherwood
4.12Jakub Lizon46.62Col. Zadok Magruder
5.12Pankaj Agarwal47.50Quince Orchard
6.10Daniel Wang48.10Quince Orchard
7.9Lorenzo Andaya52.04Albert Einstein
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Relay Team 45.92Col. Zadok Magruder
2.-Relay Team 50.13Quince Orchard
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Relay Team 1:34.88Col. Zadok Magruder
2.-Relay Team 1:39.68Col. Zadok Magruder
3.-Relay Team 1:40.30Quince Orchard
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Relay Team 3:40.25Quince Orchard
2.-Relay Team 3:40.69Col. Zadok Magruder
3.-Relay Team 3:58.54Quince Orchard
4.-Relay Team 4:04.56Sherwood
5.-Relay Team 4:05.01Albert Einstein
6.-Relay Team 4:05.54Albert Einstein
7.-Relay Team 4:16.24Albert Einstein
8.-Relay Team 4:19.17Quince Orchard
9.-Relay Team 4:22.97Col. Zadok Magruder
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Relay Team 8:33.57Albert Einstein
2.-Relay Team 8:59.63Sherwood
3.-Relay Team 9:04.85Col. Zadok Magruder
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Rene Molinari42-03.00Albert Einstein
2.12Alex Palescandolo41-08.00Col. Zadok Magruder
3.12Wayne Henry36-00.00Quince Orchard
4.11Graeson Cully33-11.00Albert Einstein
5.9Donovan Tyler33-10.00Quince Orchard
6.9Bryan Velasco31-07.00Albert Einstein
7.9Bryan Angel31-05.00Albert Einstein
8.11Andy Grewel29-08.00Col. Zadok Magruder
9.10Griffin Shaer28-10.00Col. Zadok Magruder
10.12Juyong Kim27-00.00Quince Orchard
11.9Timmy Chong26-05.00Col. Zadok Magruder
12.12Elijah Winborne26-02.00Quince Orchard
13.11Wes Castellanos25-07.00Albert Einstein
14.9Stephen Jacobson17-11.00Sherwood
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Alex Palescandolo119-06Col. Zadok Magruder
2.12Walter Gray113-05Quince Orchard
3.11Rene Molinari111-06Albert Einstein
4.9Donovan Tyler101-02Quince Orchard
5.12Juyong Kim91-02Quince Orchard
6.10Griffin Shaer82-11Col. Zadok Magruder
7.12Wayne Henry79-10Quince Orchard
8.9Bryan Angel78-05Albert Einstein
9.9Bryan Velasco77-02Albert Einstein
10.11Andy Grewel75-08Col. Zadok Magruder
11.9Timmy Chong71-11Col. Zadok Magruder
12.11Graeson Cully67-03Albert Einstein
13.12Elijah Winborne64-06Quince Orchard
14.11Wes Castellanos60-01Albert Einstein
X High Jump - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Eric Kaczmarek-Addison5-06.00Quince Orchard
2.9Elliott Davis5-04.00Quince Orchard
3.11Wesley Pulley5-04.00Col. Zadok Magruder
4.9Zavae Johnson5-00.00Col. Zadok Magruder
X Long Jump - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Elliott Davis20-03.00Quince Orchard
2.11Elijah Thomas18-11.00Albert Einstein
3.12Robert Ramey17-09.00Albert Einstein
4.11Hyun Jo Choi17-03.00Col. Zadok Magruder
5.11William Gavett16-11.00Sherwood
6.10Andrew Sarver16-07.00Sherwood
7.11Eric Mazur16-06.00Sherwood
8.9Kenny Oxman16-01.00Col. Zadok Magruder
9.10Anthony Justus15-11.00Sherwood
10.10Alexander Shoop15-07.00Sherwood
11.10Alberto Weeks15-03.75Col. Zadok Magruder
12.9Jonathan Kim15-02.00Col. Zadok Magruder
13.10Ryan Mercado12-11.00Sherwood
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Elliott Davis40-02.00Quince Orchard
2.12Pankaj Agarwal36-04.50Quince Orchard
3.10Andrew Sarver35-07.00Sherwood
4.10Barry Liang35-00.00Col. Zadok Magruder
5.9Malcolm Brown33-09.75Quince Orchard
6.11Hyun Jo Choi33-09.00Col. Zadok Magruder
7.9Kenny Oxman32-01.00Col. Zadok Magruder
8.10Alexander Shoop32-01.00Sherwood
9.9Eduardo Adum26-00.00Col. Zadok Magruder

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Zionna Scott12.61Col. Zadok Magruder
2.9Bethany White12.69Col. Zadok Magruder
3.11Rachel Watkins12.83Col. Zadok Magruder
4.9Monique Hanniford13.39Col. Zadok Magruder
5.9Juanita Craig14.01Quince Orchard
6.10Yancie Desnoyers14.29Col. Zadok Magruder
7.10Caitlin Whiteis14.42Sherwood
8.11Rungano Kaiyo14.54Albert Einstein
9.9Kelly Reid14.57Quince Orchard
10.12Simone Brown14.59Sherwood
11.9Haroula Tzamaras14.98Sherwood
12.9Ameerat Olatunde15.12Sherwood
13.9Cara Sperbeck15.23Quince Orchard
14.9Asha Antoine15.40Sherwood
15.12Nichelle Sumner15.46Sherwood
16.9Kristine Opoku-Arhin15.52Quince Orchard
17.10Nakiso Mgodi15.59Albert Einstein
18.9Nicole Tarloff15.75Sherwood
19.9Natalia Churchman16.86Quince Orchard
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Rachel Watkins26.49Col. Zadok Magruder
2.9Bethany White26.99Col. Zadok Magruder
3.11Karen Lemus28.14Col. Zadok Magruder
4.10Lindsey Andonian28.85Col. Zadok Magruder
5.9Juanita Craig29.03Quince Orchard
6.10Jeida Robertson29.51Col. Zadok Magruder
7.11Hope Zabronsky30.82Col. Zadok Magruder
8.9Florence Stevenson30.92Col. Zadok Magruder
9.9Haroula Tzamaras31.30Sherwood
10.9Cara Sperbeck31.61Quince Orchard
11.12Nichelle Sumner32.21Sherwood
12.9Asha Antoine32.44Sherwood
13.10Nakiso Mgodi33.14Albert Einstein
14.11Alexandra Jamison33.46Quince Orchard
15.9Nicole Tarloff33.97Sherwood
16.9Natalia Churchman37.36Quince Orchard
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Celine Antwi1:05.99Col. Zadok Magruder
2.9Cara Sperbeck1:11.26Quince Orchard
3.10Tori Galliani1:12.17Quince Orchard
4.10Kelly Whiteis1:14.14Quince Orchard
5.11Alexandra Jamison1:15.35Quince Orchard
6.11Laura Hayes1:16.96Quince Orchard
7.9Jayne Ritter1:18.92Quince Orchard
8.9Catherine Keenan1:18.98Quince Orchard
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Emma Poe-Yamagata2:43.94Sherwood
2.9Rachel Sonnenberg2:48.45Col. Zadok Magruder
3.11Julia Abramova2:56.27Col. Zadok Magruder
4.11Hayley Fahey2:57.74Col. Zadok Magruder
5.12Amy Frieder3:01.52Quince Orchard
6.11Laura Hayes3:02.09Quince Orchard
7.11Rebecca Murtha3:03.40Albert Einstein
8.9Hailey Hultquist3:04.55Col. Zadok Magruder
9.10Susana Molina3:05.25Albert Einstein
10.10Kelly Whiteis3:06.03Quince Orchard
11.12Jenna Meyer3:06.34Col. Zadok Magruder
12.9Florence Stevenson3:06.95Col. Zadok Magruder
13.9Irene Fletemeyer3:07.94Quince Orchard
14.9Catherine Keenan3:11.08Quince Orchard
15.11Jacqueline Price3:17.60Col. Zadok Magruder
16.10Nora Sands3:20.14Albert Einstein
17.11Hallie Whalen3:22.33Col. Zadok Magruder
18.11Molly Moses3:35.21Albert Einstein
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Lauren Logan5:44.59Albert Einstein
2.10Lindsey Andonian6:06.46Col. Zadok Magruder
3.10Ariel Mahlmann6:22.12Sherwood
4.10Susana Molina6:26.55Albert Einstein
5.11Hayley Fahey6:30.02Col. Zadok Magruder
6.9Hailey Hultquist6:30.48Col. Zadok Magruder
7.11Caroline Mc Cue6:31.06Sherwood
8.9Bianca Ruspi6:33.06Sherwood
9.10Nikki Golomb6:33.47Sherwood
10.9Irene Fletemeyer6:44.76Quince Orchard
11.11Rebecca Murtha6:46.37Albert Einstein
12.9Florence Stevenson6:51.97Col. Zadok Magruder
13.11Jacqueline Price6:56.59Col. Zadok Magruder
14.12Jenna Meyer7:09.95Col. Zadok Magruder
15.10Nora Sands7:19.42Albert Einstein
16.10Beverly Ochoa7:25.26Col. Zadok Magruder
17.12Tyler Barnard7:25.93Sherwood
18.11Molly Moses7:29.93Albert Einstein
19.11Sarah McCully7:41.06Albert Einstein
21.10Emma Poe-Yamagata10:24.75Sherwood
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Shannon Oleynik13:26.46Col. Zadok Magruder
2.9Lauren Logan13:30.92Albert Einstein
3.11Gabriela Arrazola13:34.52Col. Zadok Magruder
4.12Amy Frieder13:37.26Quince Orchard
5.11Hallie Whalen14:01.61Col. Zadok Magruder
6.11Julia Abramova14:07.35Col. Zadok Magruder
7.11Caroline Mc Cue14:24.40Sherwood
8.9Hailey Hultquist14:30.80Col. Zadok Magruder
9.9Florence Stevenson14:58.61Col. Zadok Magruder
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Jenaye Blackmon18.53Col. Zadok Magruder
2.11Elizabeth Scanlon18.70Sherwood
3.10Hope Fetty18.93Sherwood
4.11Rungano Kaiyo19.01Albert Einstein
5.11Brenda Santana19.81Col. Zadok Magruder
6.9Asha Antoine20.27Sherwood
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Brenda Santana57.47Col. Zadok Magruder
2.11Rungano Kaiyo1:02.81Albert Einstein
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Relay Team 49.37Col. Zadok Magruder
2.-Relay Team 59.71Quince Orchard
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Relay Team 1:44.47Col. Zadok Magruder
2.-Relay Team 1:51.51Col. Zadok Magruder
3.-Relay Team 1:56.22Col. Zadok Magruder
4.-Relay Team 2:03.93Sherwood
5.-Relay Team 2:05.84Quince Orchard
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Relay Team 4:32.10Col. Zadok Magruder
2.-Relay Team 5:02.84Quince Orchard
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Relay Team 10:58.35Sherwood
2.-Relay Team 11:02.68Col. Zadok Magruder
3.-Relay Team 11:40.81Col. Zadok Magruder
4.-Relay Team 12:22.83Sherwood
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Anna Ucheomumu32-06.00Albert Einstein
2.9Ameerat Olatunde29-09.50Sherwood
3.12Sam Appleby27-03.50Col. Zadok Magruder
4.9Adjowa Pinkrah24-09.50Col. Zadok Magruder
5.11Julie Ansorge21-00.00Sherwood
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Sam Appleby86-02Col. Zadok Magruder
2.9Ameerat Olatunde83-06Sherwood
3.11Anna Ucheomumu80-00Albert Einstein
4.9Adjowa Pinkrah76-10Col. Zadok Magruder
5.12Melody Engel66-01Quince Orchard
6.11Caroline Corbett65-08Sherwood
7.11Elizabeth Scanlon65-01Sherwood
8.9Irene Fletemeyer58-11Quince Orchard
9.11Julie Ansorge55-00Sherwood
X High Jump - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Jeida Robertson4-06.00Col. Zadok Magruder
2.12Jenaye Blackmon4-02.00Col. Zadok Magruder
3.10Hope Fetty4-00.00Sherwood
4.11Brenda Santana4-00.00Col. Zadok Magruder
X Long Jump - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Jeida Robertson15-09.00Col. Zadok Magruder
2.9Monique Hanniford13-09.00Col. Zadok Magruder
3.12Abigail Iacangelo13-03.00Sherwood
4.10Yancie Desnoyers12-11.00Col. Zadok Magruder
5.10Tori Galliani12-10.50Quince Orchard
6.10Kathleen Russell11-11.00Sherwood
7.10Lindzzi Ngati11-08.50Col. Zadok Magruder
8.11Julia Abramova11-07.00Col. Zadok Magruder
9.9Hailey Hultquist9-06.00Col. Zadok Magruder
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Anna Ucheomumu33-05.00Albert Einstein
2.10Yancie Desnoyers29-04.00Col. Zadok Magruder
3.12Simone Brown28-11.00Sherwood
4.10Kathleen Russell28-04.00Sherwood
5.10Lindzzi Ngati27-06.00Col. Zadok Magruder
6.10Tori Galliani26-11.00Quince Orchard
7.12Abigail Iacangelo25-06.00Sherwood
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