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Friday, May 06, 2011

Glenville State College, Gilmer, Co

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Cory Aichele11.52aDoddridge County      
2.11Derek Renner11.72aSt. Marys      
3.10Alex Doak11.87aTyler Consolidated      
4.12Isaac Graham11.91aTyler Consolidated      
5.11Cameron Litviak11.95aCalhoun County      
6.12Aaron Jones12.23aWilliamstown      
7.12Joseph Semple12.24aTyler Consolidated      
8.11Chazz Jones12.30aRitchie County      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Cory Aichele11.50aDoddridge County      
2.10Alex Doak11.70aTyler Consolidated      
3.11Derek Renner11.71aSt. Marys      
4.12Isaac Graham11.88aTyler Consolidated      
5.11Cameron Litviak12.01aCalhoun County      
6.12Aaron Jones12.07aWilliamstown      
7.11Chazz Jones12.16aRitchie County      
8.12Joseph Semple12.19aTyler Consolidated      
9.11Benjamin McDivitt12.20aBraxton County      
10.11Nathan Cosgrove12.24aCalhoun County      
11.12Mark Bedree12.26aCalhoun County      
12.10Jarrick Hoskins12.30aWilliamstown      
13.10Ben Aylestock12.41aSouth Harrison      
13.11Austin Mear12.41aDoddridge County      
15.9Noah Spitzer12.53aSt. Marys      
15.12Matt Hendrickson12.53aWilliamstown      
17.12Daniel McFarland12.56aSt. Marys      
18.12Joey Abramovich12.71aRitchie County      
18.11Dustin DeRito12.71aRavenswood      
20.10Elijah Onwuka12.74aRoane County      
21.11Dallas Totten12.76aRavenswood      
22.12Randy Lawson12.86aRoane County      
23.10James Murray12.91aWirt County      
24.9Austin McVey12.94aWirt County      
25.-Ryan Hubbard12.97aClay County      
26.12James Tinnel12.98aBraxton County      
27.10Donovan Blemings13.23aDoddridge County      
28.9Matt Renta13.26aWirt County      
28.12Ben Jackson13.26aRitchie County      
30.-Trevor McCLAIN13.31aClay County      
31.9Joel McDonough13.67aBraxton County      
--10Bradley ReichardDQRoane County      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Derek Renner23.69aSt. Marys      
2.11Cory Aichele23.73aDoddridge County      
3.10Jon Cain25.32aWirt County      
4.11Michael Bates25.49aRoane County      
5.12Issac Ratliff25.70aGilmer County      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Cory Aichele23.49aDoddridge County      
2.11Derek Renner23.56aSt. Marys      
3.10Alex Doak23.94aTyler Consolidated      
4.11Benjamin McDivitt24.52aBraxton County      
5.11Michael Bates24.93aRoane County      
6.12Issac Ratliff24.98aGilmer County      
7.10Jon Cain25.10aWirt County      
8.11Nathan Cosgrove25.14aCalhoun County      
9.11Jordan Coen25.15aBraxton County      
10.11Austin Nichols25.38aRoane County      
11.9Noah Spitzer25.53aSt. Marys      
12.11Sam Young25.81aWilliamstown      
13.11Dallas Totten26.24aRavenswood      
14.10Austin Rought26.28aDoddridge County      
15.11Austin Mear26.33aDoddridge County      
16.9Josh Ruble26.65aTyler Consolidated      
17.9Matt Zlatkind26.67aWilliamstown      
18.9Matt Renta26.84aWirt County      
19.12Ben Jackson27.13aRitchie County      
20.10Elijah Onwuka27.18aRoane County      
21.10Ricky Hammon27.28aBraxton County      
22.10James Murray27.31aWirt County      
23.10Mitch Cronin27.57aSt. Marys      
24.10Patrick Watson28.63aRavenswood      
25.12Caleb Moore28.75aGilmer County      
26.10Andy Cottrille29.38aRitchie County      
27.9Andrew Anderson30.30aSouth Harrison      
28.10Curtis Ledsome30.49aRitchie County      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Derek Renner51.77aSt. Marys      
2.12Jeffery Britton52.59aRitchie County      
3.12Issac Gaines53.46aSouth Harrison      
4.12Cody Masters54.65aRitchie County      
5.11Derek Bayless55.05aSt. Marys      
6.10Ben Aylestock55.68aSouth Harrison      
7.11Michael Bates56.05aRoane County      
8.12Calvin McCune56.28aTyler Consolidated      
9.11James Taylor56.64aSt. Marys      
10.11Josh Quinn57.18aWirt County      
11.-Ryan Hubbard57.99aClay County      
12.12Quinton Hinzman58.10aDoddridge County      
13.9Blake Williams59.18aWilliamstown      
14.9Jon Hayman59.88aRavenswood      
15.10Austin Sloan59.96aRoane County      
16.11Frederik Krause1:00.08aTyler Consolidated      
17.10Austin Rought1:00.39aDoddridge County      
18.10Casey Smith1:00.92aGilmer County      
19.-Zackery Bawcum1:01.53aCalhoun County      
20.9Thomas Elliot1:02.48aRitchie County      
21.10Kevin Hill1:04.50aBraxton County      
22.9Marshall Tallman1:05.17aTyler Consolidated      
23.9Deke Westbrook1:06.12aWilliamstown      
24.11Doug Hennen1:06.37aWirt County      
25.10Nathan Cook1:07.73aBraxton County      
26.9Tyler Bess1:15.83aBraxton County      
--9Matt RentaDQWirt County      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jeffery Britton2:03.84aRitchie County      
2.12Cody Masters2:06.96aRitchie County      
3.11Clint Hardman2:07.00aRitchie County      
4.11Charlie Drazba2:08.82aSt. Marys      
5.10Jordan Whitehair2:10.50aSt. Marys      
6.12Daniel Clevenger2:11.60aDoddridge County      
7.10Jason Lockhart2:13.19aWilliamstown      
8.12Russell Nuckles2:14.19aBraxton County      
9.10Newt Cottrill2:16.00aSt. Marys      
10.10Caleb Moore2:16.71aDoddridge County      
11.11Josh Quinn2:18.28aWirt County      
12.12Ryan Lockhart2:22.80aRavenswood      
13.11Josef Greene2:23.97aWilliamstown      
14.10William Schindler2:26.95aRavenswood      
15.12Nathan Bolin2:29.80aTyler Consolidated      
16.9Austin McVey2:29.94aWirt County      
17.10Kevin Hill2:30.56aBraxton County      
18.10Adam Palmer2:31.62aRavenswood      
19.10Connor Ferguson2:32.92aGilmer County      
20.10James Murray2:35.22aWirt County      
21.9Anthony Jones2:35.65aDoddridge County      
22.9Andrew Anderson2:45.23aSouth Harrison      
23.9Hunter Miller2:53.15aRoane County      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Russell Nuckles4:39.93aBraxton County      
2.11Charlie Drazba4:42.90aSt. Marys      
3.10Caleb Moore4:47.82aDoddridge County      
4.12Aaron Lockhart4:49.44aWilliamstown      
5.11Derek Bayless4:55.77aSt. Marys      
6.9Johnny Hogue5:00.80aRitchie County      
7.10Luke Sadecky5:09.39aRavenswood      
8.11Josef Greene5:09.73aWilliamstown      
9.12Caleb Cade5:13.67aDoddridge County      
10.10Matt Zorn5:16.41aDoddridge County      
11.10Jesse Anderson5:17.48aSouth Harrison      
12.11Josh James5:18.61aRitchie County      
13.9Kalob Bell5:21.48aWirt County      
14.11Johnathan Schiefer5:24.48aRavenswood      
15.10Shane Hinzman5:27.03aWirt County      
16.11Doug Hennen5:28.89aWirt County      
17.10William Schindler5:37.29aRavenswood      
18.10Mitch Cronin5:40.53aSt. Marys      
19.9Ryan Dalrymple5:42.11aTyler Consolidated      
20.10Raymond Ruckman5:43.29aSouth Harrison      
21.10Connor Ferguson5:45.95aGilmer County      
22.-Alex Suite5:48.57aClay County      
23.12Logan Morlan5:49.66aBraxton County      
24.11Jeffrey Buchannan5:54.26aTyler Consolidated      
25.12Ben Jackson5:58.63aRitchie County      
26.9Andrew Anderson6:06.95aSouth Harrison      
27.-Clifford Heidebrecht6:27.19aClay County      
28.9Hunter Miller6:37.20aRoane County      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Charlie Drazba10:06.81aSt. Marys      
2.10Caleb Moore10:22.35aDoddridge County      
3.9Johnny Hogue10:26.20aRitchie County      
4.10Jordan Whitehair10:36.41aSt. Marys      
5.12Daniel Clevenger10:48.25aDoddridge County      
6.12Caleb Cade11:03.63aDoddridge County      
7.9Kalob Bell11:08.33aWirt County      
8.10Adam Palmer11:27.14aRavenswood      
9.10Isaiah Mitchell11:30.07aClay County      
10.10Shane Hinzman11:38.96aWirt County      
11.9Jonathan Haddox11:39.38aSt. Marys      
12.11Doug Hennen11:51.01aWirt County      
13.9Ryan Dalrymple12:09.93aTyler Consolidated      
14.10Jack Folwell12:23.28aWilliamstown      
15.12Logan Morlan12:40.67aBraxton County      
16.9Ryder Deem13:23.27aWilliamstown      
17.11Nathan Napier14:21.90aRitchie County      
18.11Carson Poling14:50.06aRitchie County      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Daniel Plaugher15.76aDoddridge County      
2.11Brett Wright15.91aSt. Marys      
3.12Dylan McNutt16.04aWilliamstown      
4.12Jordan Smith16.65aTyler Consolidated      
5.11Luke Hottle16.99aRoane County      
6.10Dillon Muhly-Alexander17.32aDoddridge County      
7.11Matt Roberts17.58aWirt County      
8.10Brandon Frey19.84aTyler Consolidated      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Daniel Plaugher15.95aDoddridge County      
2.11Brett Wright16.10aSt. Marys      
3.12Dylan McNutt16.46aWilliamstown      
4.11Luke Hottle17.25aRoane County      
5.10Dillon Muhly-Alexander17.50aDoddridge County      
6.12Jordan Smith17.51aTyler Consolidated      
7.11Matt Roberts18.00aWirt County      
8.10Brandon Frey19.30aTyler Consolidated      
9.12Samuel Dennison19.44aGilmer County      
10.-Zackery Bawcum19.83aCalhoun County      
11.-Vince White21.41aClay County      
12.-Jamie Ramsey22.90aClay County      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Isaac Graham41.80aTyler Consolidated      
2.12Dylan McNutt42.13aWilliamstown      
3.10Jessie Hilvers43.12aRitchie County      
4.11Luke Hottle43.24aRoane County      
5.12Matt Knowlton44.16aRavenswood      
6.10Josh Lowther44.42aGilmer County      
7.11Jeremy Smith45.13aTyler Consolidated      
8.10Hunter Lemasters45.28aTyler Consolidated      
9.10Dillon Muhly-Alexander46.26aDoddridge County      
10.11Grant DeLancey46.27aSt. Marys      
11.11Matt Roberts46.68aWirt County      
12.12Samuel Dennison48.58aGilmer County      
13.9Skyler Arbogast50.99aGilmer County      
14.10Hee Jae Weon52.02aBraxton County      
15.-Chad Bragg59.73aClay County      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 45.88aDoddridge County      
2.-Dirk Fletcher
Joseph Semple
Isaac Graham
Alex Doak
45.94aTyler Consolidated      
3.-Mark Bedree
Nathan Cosgrove
Zachary Hanshaw
Cameron Litviak
47.04aCalhoun County      
4.-Relay Team 48.18aRitchie County      
4.-Chazz Jones
Jessie Hilvers
Justin Sage
Joey Abramovich
48.18aRitchie County      
5.-Relay Team 48.84aBraxton County      
6.-Relay Team 49.08aRoane County      
7.-Alex Suite
Jamie Ramsey
Ryan Hubbard
Trevor McCLAIN
51.81aClay County      
---Anthony Aviles
Issac Ratliff
Josh Lowther
Samuel Dennison
DQGilmer County      
---James Taylor
Noah Spitzer
Tyler Cox
Daniel McFarland
DNFSt. Marys      
---Aaron Jones
Jarrick Hoskins
Matt Hendrickson
Michael Shawver
---Relay Team DQWilliamstown      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:36.03aDoddridge County      
1.-Zack Cottrill
Franklin Crouch
Jeffrey Bonnell
Cory Aichele
1:36.03aDoddridge County      
2.-Jarrick Hoskins
Ben Petty
Dylan McNutt
Michael Shawver
3.-Mark Bedree
Nathan Cosgrove
Zachary Hanshaw
Cameron Litviak
1:39.36aCalhoun County      
4.-Relay Team 1:40.18aRitchie County      
4.-Chazz Jones
Jessie Hilvers
Justin Sage
Joey Abramovich
1:40.18aRitchie County      
5.-James Taylor
Noah Spitzer
Tyler Cox
Grant DeLancey
1:40.55aSt. Marys      
6.-Michael Bates
Kyle Raines
Bradley Reichard
Austin Nichols
1:41.57aRoane County      
7.-Jordan Coen
Benjamin McDivitt
James Tinnel
Ricky Hammon
1:45.11aBraxton County      
7.-Relay Team 1:45.11aBraxton County      
8.-Chad Bragg
Isaiah Mitchell
Alex Suite
Trevor McCLAIN
1:56.11aClay County      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jessie Hilvers
Jeffery Britton
Clint Hardman
Cody Masters
3:38.45aRitchie County      
2.-Derek Bayless
Derek Renner
Dylan Fetty
Jordan Whitehair
3:40.10aSt. Marys      
3.-Hunter Barton
Trevor Anderson
Jarrick Hoskins
Aaron Lockhart
4.-Jesse Anderson
Ben Aylestock
Issac Gaines
Raymond Ruckman
3:48.64aSouth Harrison      
5.-Will Thaxton
Austin Rought
Quinton Hinzman
Zack Cottrill
3:53.38aDoddridge County      
6.-Calvin McCune
Waylon Rosenlieb
Brandon Frey
Nathan Bolin
3:58.67aTyler Consolidated      
7.-Josh Quinn
Matt Roberts
Kalob Bell
Jon Cain
4:02.67aWirt County      
8.-Randy Lawson
Austin Sloan
JC Nichols
Bradley Reichard
4:02.81aRoane County      
9.-Jon Hayman
Wesley Marcum
Damian Morriston
Johnathan Schiefer
10.-Nathan Cook
Seth Jackson
James Acord
Kevin Hill
4:34.32aBraxton County      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Clint Hardman
Johnny Hogue
Josh James
Jeffery Britton
8:35.77aRitchie County      
2.-Derek Bayless
Newt Cottrill
Grant DeLancey
Jordan Whitehair
8:47.56aSt. Marys      
3.-Zack Cottrill
Will Thaxton
Quinton Hinzman
Daniel Clevenger
9:01.07aDoddridge County      
4.-Matt Knowlton
Ryan Lockhart
Luke Sadecky
William Schindler
5.-Andrew Anderson
Jesse Anderson
Issac Gaines
Raymond Ruckman
9:29.88aSouth Harrison      
6.-Calvin McCune
Brandon Frey
Nathan Bolin
Ryan Dalrymple
9:32.56aTyler Consolidated      
7.-Kalob Bell
Shane Hinzman
Jon Cain
Josh Quinn
9:45.41aWirt County      
8.-Blake Williams
Brandon Root
Jacob Hively
Andrew Bondi
9.-Cody Bostic
Nathan Cook
Hee Jae Weon
Kevin Hill
11:11.36aBraxton County      
X 4x110 Shuttle Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jordan Smith
Jeremy Smith
Brandon Frey
Isaac Graham
1:02.62aTyler Consolidated      
2.-Jeffrey Bonnell
Will Thaxton
Franklin Crouch
Daniel Plaugher
1:03.75aDoddridge County      
3.-Garret Butler
Matt Hendrickson
Dylan McNutt
Michael Shawver
3.-Relay Team 1:04.04aWilliamstown      
4.-Dylan Fetty
Grant DeLancey
Tyler Cox
Brett Wright
1:04.35aSt. Marys      
5.-Samuel Dennison
Tristan Sparks
Skyler Arbogast
Josh Lowther
1:10.19aGilmer County      
6.-Luke Hottle
Tyler Lee
Austin Sloan
JC Nichols
1:10.61aRoane County      
7.-Jon Cain
Austin McVey
Doug Hennen
Matt Roberts
1:11.30aWirt County      
8.-Relay Team 1:12.21aBraxton County      
8.-Hee Jae Weon
James Acord
Ricky Hammon
James Tinnel
1:12.21aBraxton County      
9.-Dustin DeRito
Wesley Marcum
Dallas Totten
Patrick Watson
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mark Britton51-01.00Ritchie County      
2.12Hayden Ullman49-09.00St. Marys      
3.12Jared Shipe46-02.00Ritchie County      
4.10Evan Smith45-10.00Williamstown      
5.12Chadrick Small44-11.00Ravenswood      
6.12Carrol Baker42-08.00Ritchie County      
7.10Drew Casey39-10.50Tyler Consolidated      
8.10Logan Raines39-05.00Williamstown      
9.12Chuck Self38-02.00Gilmer County      
10.10Clayton Yeager37-08.50Doddridge County      
11.12John Turner37-08.00South Harrison      
12.11Slade Dillon37-05.00Tyler Consolidated      
13.11Theron Davis36-08.50Braxton County      
14.12Tom Collins36-06.50Williamstown      
15.12Tyler Rhodes35-09.00Roane County      
16.10Marty Lipscomb35-00.00Doddridge County      
16.12Christian Brock35-00.00Wirt County      
18.10Reed Ratliff34-11.00Gilmer County      
19.12Zachary Hanshaw34-05.50Calhoun County      
20.12Bobby Lane34-01.00Braxton County      
21.12Wylie Ford33-01.00Doddridge County      
22.10Jimmy Jemison32-11.00St. Marys      
23.12Mike Ludle32-07.00Roane County      
24.11Frederik Krause32-05.00Tyler Consolidated      
24.-Vince White32-05.00Clay County      
26.12Alex Myers31-01.50Wirt County      
27.-Erik Johnson29-03.00Calhoun County      
28.9Tyler Hammack29-02.00Roane County      
29.10Owen Yoke28-05.00South Harrison      
30.-Joshua Summers28-01.00Calhoun County      
31.9Asa Timmons24-09.00St. Marys      
32.9Joe Green20-07.00Braxton County      
33.12Brian Freeland19-11.00Wirt County      
--11Quintin NicholsonFOULSouth Harrison      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mark Britton181-04Ritchie County      
2.12Jared Shipe135-07.50Ritchie County      
3.10Jimmy Jemison131-00St. Marys      
4.12Alex Myers125-01Wirt County      
5.12Carrol Baker123-10Ritchie County      
6.9Isaac Britton121-01Doddridge County      
7.11Slade Dillon114-06.50Tyler Consolidated      
8.12Chuck Self114-02Gilmer County      
9.12Chadrick Small113-07Ravenswood      
10.12Hayden Ullman112-05St. Marys      
11.12Aaron Jones109-07Williamstown      
12.12Wylie Ford105-08Doddridge County      
13.10Drew Casey102-05Tyler Consolidated      
14.10Brandon Cogar102-03Williamstown      
15.12Tom Collins99-04Williamstown      
16.10Reed Ratliff93-03Gilmer County      
17.12Bobby Lane93-00Braxton County      
18.11Frank Stenger92-09.50South Harrison      
19.12Tyler Rhodes87-02Roane County      
20.11Theron Davis85-00Braxton County      
21.12Mike Ludle81-05Roane County      
22.12Christian Brock79-02.50Wirt County      
23.10Nathan Cook79-01Braxton County      
24.10Owen Yoke78-08South Harrison      
25.10TJ Metzger78-07Roane County      
26.9Asa Timmons77-02St. Marys      
27.-Joshua Summers73-09Calhoun County      
28.-William Newhouse70-04Clay County      
29.-Jamie Ramsey68-05Clay County      
30.-Zackery Bawcum58-04Calhoun County      
25.9Alex Carper51-10Wirt County      
31.-Erik Johnson51-08Calhoun County      
32.12Brian Freeland51-07Wirt County      
--10Clayton YeagerFOULDoddridge County      
--12John TurnerFOULSouth Harrison      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Matt Knowlton6-02.00Ravenswood      
2.10Anthony Aviles6-02.00Gilmer County      
3.12Issac Gaines6-00.00South Harrison      
4.11Brett Wright6-00.00St. Marys      
5.10Dillon Muhly-Alexander5-10.00Doddridge County      
6.12Joel Roberts5-08.00Gilmer County      
7.11Jordan Coen5-04.00Braxton County      
7.10Hunter Lemasters5-04.00Tyler Consolidated      
7.10Dylan Fetty5-04.00St. Marys      
--12Caleb MooreNHGilmer County      
---Ryan HubbardNHClay County      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Cody Masters14-04.00Ritchie County      
2.11Franklin Crouch12-06.00Doddridge County      
3.10Mitchell Goertler11-06.00Williamstown      
4.11Paige Haught11-06.00Ritchie County      
5.10Hunter Lemasters11-06.00Tyler Consolidated      
6.11Cody Hall11-06.00Ritchie County      
7.10Kyle Raines11-06.00Roane County      
8.11Luke Hottle11-00.00Roane County      
8.9Dalton George11-00.00Williamstown      
10.10Ian Spencer10-06.00Doddridge County      
10.10Josh Lowther10-06.00Gilmer County      
--10James AcordNHBraxton County      
--9Tristan SparksNHGilmer County      
--9Josh RubleNHTyler Consolidated      
--9Marshall TallmanNHTyler Consolidated      
--10Ben AylestockNHSouth Harrison      
--11Alex MarchettiNHWilliamstown      
--9Joel McDonoughNHBraxton County      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Aaron Jones20-02.50Williamstown      
2.10Dylan Fetty20-00.00St. Marys      
3.10Patrick Watson19-06.00Ravenswood      
4.10Dillon Muhly-Alexander19-03.00Doddridge County      
5.10Anthony Aviles18-09.50Gilmer County      
6.10Brandon Cogar18-04.50Williamstown      
7.10Justin Sage17-09.50Ritchie County      
8.12Calvin McCune17-04.00Tyler Consolidated      
9.11Frederik Krause16-09.00Tyler Consolidated      
10.11Austin Mear16-06.00Doddridge County      
11.10Austin Sloan15-10.00Roane County      
12.9Jon Hayman15-05.50Ravenswood      
13.-Alex Suite15-03.00Clay County      
14.-Vince White14-01.00Clay County      
15.10James Acord13-11.00Braxton County      
16.9Tyler Bess10-01.00Braxton County      
--11Cameron LitviakNDCalhoun County      
--10Kyle RainesNDRoane County      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Andrea Chidester13.00aWilliamstown      
2.12Rheanna Foley13.44aTyler Consolidated      
3.12Jessica Montgomery13.49aGilmer County      
4.11Rachel Taylor13.56aSt. Marys      
5.10Hunter Sodaro13.67aBraxton County      
6.11Kylie Hammer13.71aWilliamstown      
7.10Emily Ohrn13.73aWirt County      
8.12Michelle Cottrill13.87aBraxton County      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Andrea Chidester13.08aWilliamstown      
2.12Rheanna Foley13.12aTyler Consolidated      
3.12Jessica Montgomery13.27aGilmer County      
4.11Kylie Hammer13.29aWilliamstown      
5.11Rachel Taylor13.57aSt. Marys      
6.10Hunter Sodaro13.69aBraxton County      
7.10Emily Ohrn13.78aWirt County      
8.12Michelle Cottrill13.96aBraxton County      
9.10Destinee Starcher14.10aRoane County      
10.9Ashley Hicks14.19aRoane County      
11.9Elania White14.36aGilmer County      
12.9Graceann Westfall14.57aRoane County      
13.11Haley Parks14.71aSt. Marys      
14.12Morgan Settlage14.74aRavenswood      
15.11Lexy Greenlief14.93aBraxton County      
16.9Miranda Britton15.09aRitchie County      
17.10Jessica Armes15.64aClay County      
18.-Athena Wagoner15.91aCalhoun County      
19.10Abbie Coe15.99aSouth Harrison      
20.-Maria Klingshirn16.00aCalhoun County      
21.9Callie Anderson16.20aWirt County      
22.10Hope Zellny16.39aDoddridge County      
23.9Shealyn DeLancey16.43aSt. Marys      
24.11Zoey Yang16.92aSouth Harrison      
25.9Samantha Williams17.01aRavenswood      
26.9Laura Beth Evans18.29aWirt County      
27.9Samantha Lamp18.45aRitchie County      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Madelin Gardner27.52aWilliamstown      
2.12Rheanna Foley28.27aTyler Consolidated      
3.9Tanya Jones28.33aRitchie County      
4.10Hunter Sodaro28.77aBraxton County      
5.11Rachel Taylor29.18aSt. Marys      
6.12Jessica Montgomery29.20aGilmer County      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Madelin Gardner27.45aWilliamstown      
2.12Megan Roberts27.67aWilliamstown      
3.12Rheanna Foley28.02aTyler Consolidated      
4.12Jessica Montgomery28.15aGilmer County      
5.10Hunter Sodaro28.19aBraxton County      
6.9Hillary Casteel28.47aTyler Consolidated      
7.11Rachel Taylor28.51aSt. Marys      
8.9Tanya Jones28.70aRitchie County      
9.9Emily Strickler29.23aSt. Marys      
10.9Ashley Hicks29.53aRoane County      
11.10Anne Golinsky30.03aBraxton County      
12.10Destinee Starcher30.70aRoane County      
13.12Morgan Settlage30.97aRavenswood      
14.10Dani Moore31.80aSt. Marys      
15.9Graceann Westfall32.68aRoane County      
16.10Amber Adams32.84aRitchie County      
17.-Micah Knopp33.11aClay County      
18.10Abbie Coe33.52aSouth Harrison      
19.9Keturah Cowling33.77aBraxton County      
20.-Athena Wagoner34.17aCalhoun County      
21.10Chasity Schoolcraft34.28aCalhoun County      
22.10Hope Zellny34.75aDoddridge County      
23.9Ciara Bell35.34aRitchie County      
24.9Laura Beth Evans39.51aWirt County      
25.11Hannah Kerby39.71aWirt County      
26.11Isabela Maia41.80aSouth Harrison      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Gretchen Lantz1:01.51aSouth Harrison      
2.12Rheanna Foley1:01.76aTyler Consolidated      
3.10Mykayla Garrett1:03.58aRitchie County      
4.10Ciara Flowers1:03.95aWilliamstown      
5.12Bethany Earley1:04.18aWilliamstown      
6.10Chelsea Moore1:07.14aRoane County      
7.9Carly Fletcher1:07.25aTyler Consolidated      
8.12Emily Ramezan1:07.53aGilmer County      
9.12Megan Roberts1:07.76aWilliamstown      
10.10Anne Golinsky1:08.36aBraxton County      
11.10Emily Ohrn1:08.82aWirt County      
12.10Dani Moore1:09.37aSt. Marys      
13.10Caitlin Rhodes1:09.66aBraxton County      
14.10Asia Mann1:10.13aGilmer County      
15.11Rene Miller1:10.69aSt. Marys      
16.11Morgan Webb1:12.64aRavenswood      
17.9Kourtney Carroll1:13.46aTyler Consolidated      
18.10Sarah Adkins1:13.70aClay County      
19.9Erika Drake1:15.01aRoane County      
20.10Megan Cooper1:15.57aBraxton County      
21.11Elaine Ashman1:16.37aRoane County      
22.10Ashley Moore1:17.53aWirt County      
23.9Callie Anderson1:17.57aWirt County      
24.10Sarah Petitto1:17.78aSouth Harrison      
25.10Jessica Armes1:18.93aClay County      
26.10Tomi Dennison1:18.98aBraxton County      
27.9Alison Edwards1:19.86aRitchie County      
28.-Samantha Johnson1:21.11aClay County      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Maggie Drazba2:28.95aSt. Marys      
2.9Cami Mossor2:33.98aWilliamstown      
3.11Bethany Carroll2:36.14aDoddridge County      
4.11Beverly Knight2:37.58aSt. Marys      
5.10Brooke Cieslewski2:39.31aWilliamstown      
6.10Carley Ellison2:40.37aWilliamstown      
7.11Jenny Brewer2:41.71aSt. Marys      
8.10Morgan Litton2:42.03aWirt County      
9.10Asia Mann2:50.22aGilmer County      
10.10Caitlin Rhodes2:50.32aBraxton County      
11.9Melissa Ashman2:51.02aRoane County      
12.9Anna Cokeley2:55.46aRitchie County      
13.9Kirsten Gateless2:59.33aBraxton County      
14.9Caroline Bantug2:59.40aTyler Consolidated      
15.9Mariah Curry3:02.97aRavenswood      
16.10Jessica Jones3:05.40aGilmer County      
17.11Alaina McCoy3:06.19aTyler Consolidated      
18.9Brittany Smith3:11.55aRitchie County      
19.10Megan Cooper3:17.10aBraxton County      
20.9Kaitlyn Titus3:17.58aRavenswood      
21.11Allison March3:23.53aBraxton County      
22.10Darryan Ward3:27.49aSouth Harrison      
23.9Callie Anderson3:27.50aWirt County      
24.11Brittany Ellington3:31.49aSouth Harrison      
25.10Emily Cade3:32.90aDoddridge County      
26.11Melanie Jett3:49.91aDoddridge County      
27.10Allison Morris4:30.05aClay County      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Maggie Drazba5:41.79aSt. Marys      
2.11Bethany Carroll5:52.81aDoddridge County      
3.11Beverly Knight6:05.46aSt. Marys      
4.11Brittani Gaskins6:10.89aWirt County      
5.11Heather Gray6:17.26aWilliamstown      
6.11Kristen Bowe6:18.74aSt. Marys      
7.9Kirsten Gateless6:21.37aBraxton County      
8.11Gabriela Bonazzo6:28.28aBraxton County      
9.9Kaitlyn Fulks6:35.92aWilliamstown      
10.10Becca Cokeley6:38.79aRitchie County      
11.10Jessica Jones6:45.10aGilmer County      
12.10Taylor Norman6:47.80aRoane County      
13.12Sarah Williams6:51.78aWilliamstown      
14.9Kelly Rice6:56.64aTyler Consolidated      
15.9Rachel McCoy7:03.12aTyler Consolidated      
16.10Courtney Emerson7:04.33aGilmer County      
17.10Darryan Ward7:12.65aSouth Harrison      
18.10Lexi Farmer7:13.89aRoane County      
19.9Mariah Heflin7:14.76aDoddridge County      
20.10Emily Bolinger7:15.31aRavenswood      
21.9Rachel Casteel7:33.68aDoddridge County      
22.11Brittany Ellington7:35.62aSouth Harrison      
23.10Brittani Anfenson8:02.14aGilmer County      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Maggie Drazba11:06.87aSt. Marys      
2.11Bethany Carroll12:52.83aDoddridge County      
3.11Heather Gray13:20.30aWilliamstown      
4.11Brittani Gaskins13:22.26aWirt County      
5.10Amanda Davis13:39.80aRitchie County      
6.11Gabriela Bonazzo13:43.83aBraxton County      
7.11Kristen Bowe14:33.75aSt. Marys      
8.9Emma Ehle14:43.90aWilliamstown      
9.9Kelly Rice15:05.39aTyler Consolidated      
10.9Rachel McCoy15:49.29aTyler Consolidated      
11.10Emily Bolinger16:03.41aRavenswood      
12.9Rachel Casteel16:24.40aDoddridge County      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Sarah Ferguson16.35aDoddridge County      
2.10Lincoln Postlewaite16.51aWilliamstown      
3.11Kylie Hammer16.74aWilliamstown      
4.10Jessica Kerns16.79aWilliamstown      
5.10Mikayla Clegg17.11aTyler Consolidated      
6.12Malee McGill17.18aSt. Marys      
7.11Ali Johnson17.29aSt. Marys      
8.10Haylea LeMasters17.53aTyler Consolidated      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Kylie Hammer16.54aWilliamstown      
2.9Sarah Ferguson16.67aDoddridge County      
3.11Ali Johnson16.88aSt. Marys      
4.12Malee McGill17.02aSt. Marys      
5.10Jessica Kerns17.10aWilliamstown      
6.10Lincoln Postlewaite17.19aWilliamstown      
7.10Haylea LeMasters17.36aTyler Consolidated      
8.10Mikayla Clegg17.37aTyler Consolidated      
9.11Pagie Barker17.64aRitchie County      
10.11Corri Phillips17.76aBraxton County      
11.11Sydney Pettit17.90aGilmer County      
12.9Andre Lamp17.95aRitchie County      
12.11Sami Jones17.95aTyler Consolidated      
14.11Catlin Goodwin18.23aRoane County      
15.10Mileena Beatty18.42aSouth Harrison      
16.11Holly Curtis18.64aDoddridge County      
17.11Hannah Simmons19.11aGilmer County      
18.9Hannah Roberts19.41aGilmer County      
19.10Katie Snodgrass19.54aRoane County      
20.9Miriam Smith19.69aWirt County      
21.9Allison Ramsey19.97aBraxton County      
22.10Sarah Hennen22.21aWirt County      
23.11Krystyn Foster22.65aRitchie County      
24.-Shay Williams24.83aClay County      
25.-Holly Cogar25.19aClay County      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Gretchen Lantz47.98aSouth Harrison      
2.11Ali Johnson48.59aSt. Marys      
3.10Kathleen Cornell51.78aWilliamstown      
4.11Corri Phillips52.21aBraxton County      
5.10Jessica Kerns52.91aWilliamstown      
6.10Chelsea Moore53.10aRoane County      
7.10Ciara Flowers54.00aWilliamstown      
8.9Caroline Bantug54.08aTyler Consolidated      
9.10Haylea LeMasters54.14aTyler Consolidated      
10.9Hannah Roberts56.86aGilmer County      
11.9Miriam Smith57.55aWirt County      
12.11Hannah Simmons57.82aGilmer County      
13.11Sydney Pettit58.23aGilmer County      
14.9Allison Ramsey59.54aBraxton County      
15.9Meghan Young59.96aClay County      
16.9Erika Drake1:00.41aRoane County      
17.-Micah Knopp1:00.99aClay County      
18.11Marianna White1:01.88aBraxton County      
19.10Sami Shimer1:05.02aWirt County      
20.10Sarah Hennen1:07.87aWirt County      
21.-Ashley Taylor1:17.30aClay County      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 51.89aWilliamstown      
2.-Hillary Casteel
Jackie Clark
Rheanna Foley
Madeline Schlabowski
52.94aTyler Consolidated      
3.-Rachel Clemmons
Jamie Conrad
Hannah Roberts
Jessica Montgomery
54.76aGilmer County      
4.-Tanya Jones
Tristin Toman
Pagie Barker
Andre Lamp
55.01aRitchie County      
5.-Courtney Ryan
Katie Snodgrass
Catlin Goodwin
Destinee Starcher
56.54aRoane County      
6.-Relay Team 56.55aSt. Marys      
7.-Relay Team 56.73aRavenswood      
8.-Marianna White
Allison Ramsey
Lexy Greenlief
Michelle Cottrill
58.56aBraxton County      
9.-Justice Ingram
Holly Curtis
Kelsie Marple
Hope Zellny
59.98aDoddridge County      
10.-Mileena Beatty
Erica Eddy
Megan Kohl
Blake Louk
1:00.07aSouth Harrison      
11.-Chelsea Somerville
Brittani Gaskins
Callie Anderson
Haliegh Gaskins
1:00.46aWirt County      
12.-Holly Cogar
Jessica Armes
Meghan Young
Allison Taylor
1:03.59aClay County      
13.-Maria Klingshirn
Chasity Schoolcraft
Sharon VanSant
Athena Wagoner
1:04.27aCalhoun County      
13.-Relay Team 1:04.27aCalhoun County      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Megan Roberts
Madelin Gardner
Andrea Chidester
Bethany Earley
2.-Mykayla Garrett
Tristin Toman
Tanya Jones
Andre Lamp
1:54.21aRitchie County      
3.-Hillary Casteel
Jackie Clark
Carly Fletcher
Sami Jones
1:54.49aTyler Consolidated      
4.-Hunter Sodaro
Lexy Greenlief
Anne Golinsky
Michelle Cottrill
1:57.15aBraxton County      
5.-Emily Ohrn
Miriam Smith
Haliegh Gaskins
Morgan Litton
1:58.42aWirt County      
6.-Rachel Clemmons
Jamie Conrad
Emily Ramezan
Hannah DeMarino
1:58.99aGilmer County      
7.-Taylor Pickens
Lindsey West
Audra Clark
Emily Strickler
2:01.91aSt. Marys      
8.-Courtney Ryan
Courtney Cutlip
Katie Snodgrass
Destinee Starcher
2:02.34aRoane County      
9.-Justice Ingram
Holly Curtis
Kelsie Marple
Tori Stevens
2:04.21aDoddridge County      
10.-Mileena Beatty
Erica Eddy
Megan Kohl
Blake Louk
2:06.40aSouth Harrison      
11.-Relay Team 2:17.28aCalhoun County      
11.-Chasity Schoolcraft
Athena Wagoner
Sharon VanSant
Maria Klingshirn
2:17.28aCalhoun County      
12.-Micah Knopp
Samantha Boggs
Samantha Johnson
Shay Williams
2:22.60aClay County      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kathleen Cornell
Bethany Earley
Ciara Flowers
Megan Roberts
2.-Rachel Taylor
Beverly Knight
Jenny Brewer
Ali Johnson
4:30.45aSt. Marys      
3.-Amanda Davis
Mykayla Garrett
Tristin Toman
Tanya Jones
4:34.34aRitchie County      
4.-Caroline Bantug
Jackie Clark
Allison Wable
Carly Fletcher
4:38.74aTyler Consolidated      
5.-Emily Ohrn
Chelsea Somerville
Haliegh Gaskins
Morgan Litton
4:43.04aWirt County      
6.-Hannah DeMarino
Rachel Clemmons
Asia Mann
Emily Ramezan
4:49.62aGilmer County      
7.-Elaine Ashman
Morgan McMinn
Erika Drake
Chelsea Moore
5:01.87aRoane County      
8.-Kelsey Flinn
Morgan Webb
Mariah Curry
haley Snyder
9.-Caitlin Rhodes
Megan Cooper
Tomi Dennison
Keturah Cowling
5:28.25aBraxton County      
10.-Sarah Adkins
Amanda Moore
Adrian Bird
Ashley Taylor
5:54.08aClay County      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Beverly Knight
Jenny Brewer
Rene Miller
Maggie Drazba
10:24.24aSt. Marys      
2.-Cami Mossor
Kathleen Cornell
Ciara Flowers
Shealee Mossor
3.-Haliegh Gaskins
Chelsea Somerville
Brittani Gaskins
Morgan Litton
11:17.10aWirt County      
4.-Caroline Bantug
Alaina McCoy
Allison Wable
Logann Long
11:28.72aTyler Consolidated      
5.-Amanda Davis
Kylie Gump
Anna Cokeley
Becca Cokeley
11:34.78aRitchie County      
6.-Melissa Ashman
Sandra May
Taylor Norman
Amber Drake
11:49.29aRoane County      
7.-Morgan Webb
Kaitlyn Titus
haley Snyder
Mariah Curry
8.-Megan Cooper
Keturah Cowling
Tomi Dennison
Caitlin Rhodes
13:15.00aBraxton County      
9.-Mariah Heflin
Emily Cade
Melanie Jett
Rachel Casteel
13:58.23aDoddridge County      
X 4x102.5 Shuttle Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:07.41aWilliamstown      
1.-Kylie Hammer
Madelin Gardner
Jessica Kerns
Lincoln Postlewaite
2.-Mikayla Clegg
Sami Jones
Haylea LeMasters
Allison Wable
1:11.65aTyler Consolidated      
3.-Holly Curtis
Justice Ingram
Kelsie Marple
Sarah Ferguson
1:12.01aDoddridge County      
4.-Pagie Barker
Kylie Gump
Taylor VanScoy
Andre Lamp
1:13.81aRitchie County      
5.-Sydney Pettit
Hannah Roberts
Hannah Simmons
Elania White
1:13.86aGilmer County      
6.-Lindsey West
Jenny Brewer
Taylor Pickens
Malee McGill
1:14.51aSt. Marys      
7.-Courtney Runyon
Graceann Westfall
Katie Snodgrass
Catlin Goodwin
1:17.24aRoane County      
8.-Michelle Cottrill
Allison Ramsey
Lexy Greenlief
Marianna White
1:18.95aBraxton County      
9.-Kelley Bunner
Callie Anderson
Sarah Hennen
Miriam Smith
1:28.07aWirt County      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Shila Allman33-06.50Williamstown      
2.9Tessa Hickman33-05.00Roane County      
3.10Emily McClain32-08.00Roane County      
4.11Hunter House31-07.50Williamstown      
5.12Carlee Morris31-07.00Tyler Consolidated      
6.12Lynsay Casteel30-02.50Tyler Consolidated      
7.11Mikala Nicholson29-04.50Roane County      
8.10Audra Clark28-04.50St. Marys      
9.11Cassidy James27-11.50Braxton County      
10.10Lauren Amos27-09.00Williamstown      
11.9Evelyn Bunner26-10.50Ritchie County      
12.12Kelley Bunner26-07.00Wirt County      
12.12Madeline Schlabowski26-07.00Tyler Consolidated      
14.10Alexis Cayton26-05.50Doddridge County      
15.11Kimber Odle25-03.50Doddridge County      
16.12Aimee Graham25-03.00South Harrison      
17.9Mikayla Little24-10.50Ritchie County      
18.10Larisa Gordon24-08.50Gilmer County      
19.10Emily Cade24-04.00Doddridge County      
20.12Nicole Wymer24-03.00Braxton County      
21.9Kendra Walker23-11.00St. Marys      
22.11Ruthellen Prah23-03.50Wirt County      
23.10Ashley Moore22-10.00Wirt County      
24.11Jesse Smith21-09.50Gilmer County      
25.10Sharon VanSant21-05.00Calhoun County      
26.11Tanya Buckhannon20-09.50Gilmer County      
27.9Maranda Bosley20-02.00Braxton County      
28.9Taylor Russell19-09.50St. Marys      
29.-Bethany Woods19-07.00Clay County      
30.-Allison Taylor19-04.00Clay County      
--10Vanessa RoseNDBraxton County      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Audra Clark100-02.50St. Marys      
2.9Tessa Hickman94-04Roane County      
3.12Shila Allman93-04Williamstown      
4.10Alexis Cayton92-06.50Doddridge County      
5.12Madeline Schlabowski92-04Tyler Consolidated      
6.12Carlee Morris91-04.50Tyler Consolidated      
7.11Cassidy James89-10Braxton County      
8.11Mikala Nicholson89-00Roane County      
9.11Kimber Odle88-04Doddridge County      
10.12Lynsay Casteel87-10Tyler Consolidated      
11.9Mikayla Little85-04Ritchie County      
12.12Shannon Cieslweski83-06Williamstown      
13.10Larisa Gordon82-04.50Gilmer County      
14.11Hunter House82-04Williamstown      
15.10Tori Stevens78-08.50Doddridge County      
16.9Ashley Parsons74-08Roane County      
17.12Kelley Bunner72-07Wirt County      
18.12Nicole Wymer71-09Braxton County      
19.9Kendra Walker71-01St. Marys      
20.10Sami Shimer61-08Wirt County      
21.11Tanya Buckhannon60-06Gilmer County      
22.9Evelyn Bunner60-00Ritchie County      
23.11Jesse Smith56-10Gilmer County      
24.12Aimee Graham54-10South Harrison      
26.9Maranda Bosley48-10Braxton County      
27.9Meghan Young48-09Clay County      
28.9Taylor Russell40-08St. Marys      
29.10Sarah Adkins39-02Clay County      
30.-Samantha Boggs32-02Clay County      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Megan Steele5-00.00Williamstown      
2.12Gretchen Lantz4-10.00South Harrison      
2.10D'andra Swiger4-10.00Doddridge County      
4.10Brooke Cieslewski4-10.00Williamstown      
5.9Anna Cokeley4-10.00Ritchie County      
6.12Kelley Bunner4-10.00Wirt County      
7.10Mikayla Clegg4-08.00Tyler Consolidated      
7.11Taylor Pickens4-08.00St. Marys      
9.11Breanna Hafer4-06.00Ritchie County      
9.10Katie Mckown4-06.00Roane County      
9.11Liz Flowers4-06.00Williamstown      
12.12Hannah DeMarino4-04.00Gilmer County      
12.11Erica Eddy4-04.00South Harrison      
--11Sami JonesNHTyler Consolidated      
--11Allison MarchNHBraxton County      
---Amber CampbellNHClay County      
--10Allison MorrisNHClay County      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Lincoln Postlewaite10-00.00Williamstown      
2.11Liz Flowers9-00.00Williamstown      
3.12Jackie Clark8-06.00Tyler Consolidated      
4.10McKenzie Smith8-06.00Williamstown      
5.10Tristin Toman8-00.00Ritchie County      
6.11Kelsie Marple7-06.00Doddridge County      
7.10Haylea LeMasters7-06.00Tyler Consolidated      
8.9Shania Lloyd7-00.00Roane County      
8.11Haley Parks7-00.00St. Marys      
10.9Emily Strickler6-06.00St. Marys      
10.12Kelsey Flinn6-06.00Ravenswood      
10.11Natasha Sellers6-06.00Doddridge County      
--11Morgan WebbNHRavenswood      
--11Corri PhillipsNHBraxton County      
--9Kaitlyn TitusNHRavenswood      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Gretchen Lantz16-06.00South Harrison      
2.10D'andra Swiger16-05.00Doddridge County      
3.9Sarah Ferguson15-11.50Doddridge County      
4.10Hunter Sodaro15-09.50Braxton County      
5.12Jessica Montgomery15-08.50Gilmer County      
6.11Ali Johnson15-06.50St. Marys      
7.11Corri Phillips15-02.00Braxton County      
8.9Hillary Casteel15-01.00Tyler Consolidated      
9.11Liz Flowers14-11.50Williamstown      
9.10Kathleen Cornell14-11.50Williamstown      
11.10Mikayla Clegg14-07.50Tyler Consolidated      
12.11Courtney Taylor14-04.00Williamstown      
13.10Mykayla Garrett13-11.00Ritchie County      
14.10Anne Golinsky13-07.00Braxton County      
14.9Courtney Ryan13-07.00Roane County      
16.12Morgan Settlage13-04.00Ravenswood      
17.9Miranda Britton12-09.50Ritchie County      
18.-Allison Taylor11-01.00Clay County      
19.10Kenzie Clark11-00.00Roane County      
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