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OK White EGR vs GR Christian

Thursday, April 14, 2011


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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Willie Sawyer11.52aGrand Rapids Christian      
2.12Nate Thompson11.58aGrand Rapids Christian      
3.11David Drummond11.76aEast Grand Rapids      
4.10Jahaan Brown11.92aEast Grand Rapids      
5.11Christian Benn11.96aGrand Rapids Christian      
6.9Sam Kuiper12.15aGrand Rapids Christian      
7.12Jaylin Staten12.38aGrand Rapids Christian      
7.11Aziz Ellis12.38aEast Grand Rapids      
9.9Isaiah Jones-Chambliss12.76aGrand Rapids Christian      
10.11DeAndre Grady12.78aEast Grand Rapids      
11.9Grant Gauger13.18aEast Grand Rapids      
12.10Leo Minkkinen13.19aEast Grand Rapids      
13.10Will Hartwell13.33aGrand Rapids Christian      
14.10Jake Carter13.34aEast Grand Rapids      
15.10Carson Noordyk13.52aGrand Rapids Christian      
16.9Jared Versluis13.66aGrand Rapids Christian      
17.9Erik Molenaar13.71aEast Grand Rapids      
18.10Michael Meekhof13.83aGrand Rapids Christian      
19.11Kendall Blanchard14.17aEast Grand Rapids      
20.9Alex Powers14.24aGrand Rapids Christian      
10Luke TilmaDNSGrand Rapids Christian      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Blake Gauger24.53aEast Grand Rapids      
2.10Jahaan Brown24.96aEast Grand Rapids      
3.12Bryce Byker25.42aEast Grand Rapids      
4.9Jordan Walsh25.60aEast Grand Rapids      
5.9Nick Vinals25.68aEast Grand Rapids      
6.11Adam Jennings26.01aEast Grand Rapids      
7.10Collin DeNooyer26.18aGrand Rapids Christian      
8.11Wes Johnson26.46aGrand Rapids Christian      
9.9Cruz Garcia26.72aEast Grand Rapids      
10.9Isaiah Jones-Chambliss26.92aGrand Rapids Christian      
11.10Reitsma Mpindi27.02aGrand Rapids Christian      
12.10Luke Tilma27.08aGrand Rapids Christian      
13.10Jake Carter27.27aEast Grand Rapids      
14.10Will Hartwell27.59aGrand Rapids Christian      
15.10Mykal Spoelstra28.14aEast Grand Rapids      
16.11Kendall Blanchard29.30aEast Grand Rapids      
17.9Alex Powers29.55aGrand Rapids Christian      
18.9Samuel Angok30.67aGrand Rapids Christian      
19.9Tyler Blevins32.28aEast Grand Rapids      
10Eian BadgerDNSGrand Rapids Christian      
9Jared VersluisDNSGrand Rapids Christian      
10Zach CrouchDNSGrand Rapids Christian      
12Jonathon DeBoerDNSGrand Rapids Christian      
12Nick MeekhofDNSGrand Rapids Christian      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Wuoi Mach52.86aGrand Rapids Christian      
2.12Nick Meekhof54.46aGrand Rapids Christian      
3.11David Drummond57.47aEast Grand Rapids      
4.12Brett Henderson57.90aGrand Rapids Christian      
5.11Adam Jennings57.92aEast Grand Rapids      
6.12Joel Bulthuis1:00.14aGrand Rapids Christian      
6.11Chris Slamp1:00.14aEast Grand Rapids      
8.10Michael Meekhof1:00.70aGrand Rapids Christian      
9.9Charlie DeJonge1:01.69aEast Grand Rapids      
10.9David Southwell1:02.05aEast Grand Rapids      
11.10Carson Noordyk1:03.21aGrand Rapids Christian      
12.9Tyler Blevins1:13.02aEast Grand Rapids      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Robbie Smith2:05.60aEast Grand Rapids      
2.11Andre Otte2:08.65aGrand Rapids Christian      
3.11Cody Powers2:09.96aGrand Rapids Christian      
4.12Grant Ludema2:11.57aGrand Rapids Christian      
5.10Stephen Collins2:18.24aEast Grand Rapids      
6.12Brett Henderson2:20.04aGrand Rapids Christian      
7.11Alek Molenaar2:25.26aEast Grand Rapids      
8.9Adam Fethke2:25.72aGrand Rapids Christian      
9.11Conner Luymes2:26.01aGrand Rapids Christian      
10.9Alex Clark2:27.16aEast Grand Rapids      
11.9Peter Mack2:33.08aEast Grand Rapids      
12.9Max Gaegauf2:46.24aEast Grand Rapids      
13.10Karl Schneider2:50.45aEast Grand Rapids      
12Joel BulthuisDNSGrand Rapids Christian      
12Brandon QuistDNSGrand Rapids Christian      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jacob Kuyvenhoven4:44.30aGrand Rapids Christian      
2.12Seth Koetje4:46.80aGrand Rapids Christian      
3.11Eric Veldkamp4:47.20aGrand Rapids Christian      
4.12Aaron Bunker4:49.54aEast Grand Rapids      
5.12Mike Vandenheuvel4:57.52aGrand Rapids Christian      
6.9Jamey Cunningham4:59.68aEast Grand Rapids      
7.10Greyson Schultz5:10.52aEast Grand Rapids      
8.10Matt Plantinga5:16.24aGrand Rapids Christian      
9.10Kyler Byker5:18.86aEast Grand Rapids      
10.11Micah Warners5:19.70aGrand Rapids Christian      
11.12Nate Buteyn5:23.99aGrand Rapids Christian      
12.9Peter Mack5:26.28aEast Grand Rapids      
13.11Alek Molenaar5:29.59aEast Grand Rapids      
14.9Paul Zamarripa5:32.78aEast Grand Rapids      
15.11Johnny Risch5:34.31aEast Grand Rapids      
16.10Nathaniel Ford5:37.24aEast Grand Rapids      
17.10Tyler Larabel5:47.90aEast Grand Rapids      
18.9Keegan Bee5:48.17aEast Grand Rapids      
19.9Nate Griffioen5:52.31aGrand Rapids Christian      
20.10Cameron Bunker6:03.55aEast Grand Rapids      
21.9Ryan VanderWoude6:04.56aGrand Rapids Christian      
22.9Max Gaegauf6:06.58aEast Grand Rapids      
23.11Julian Dianpour6:07.58aEast Grand Rapids      
24.9Johan Lee6:16.19aGrand Rapids Christian      
25.9Niko Adamopoulos6:16.56aEast Grand Rapids      
12Joel DeJongDNSGrand Rapids Christian      
11Andre OtteDNSGrand Rapids Christian      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jacob Kuyvenhoven10:17.60aGrand Rapids Christian      
2.9Jamey Cunningham10:38.52aEast Grand Rapids      
3.12Mike Vandenheuvel10:44.74aGrand Rapids Christian      
4.12Aaron Bunker10:48.46aEast Grand Rapids      
5.11Andrew Pruim10:51.03aGrand Rapids Christian      
6.12Seth Koetje10:56.34aGrand Rapids Christian      
7.10Greyson Schultz10:57.78aEast Grand Rapids      
8.12Andrew Jo11:10.29aGrand Rapids Christian      
9.9Zak Longo11:47.88aEast Grand Rapids      
10.9Mark DeJong11:56.63aGrand Rapids Christian      
11.11Johnny Risch12:23.10aEast Grand Rapids      
12.9Jake Gunnoe13:05.09aGrand Rapids Christian      
13.9Daniel Burke13:17.04aEast Grand Rapids      
9Hadley GainesDNSEast Grand Rapids      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nathan Dills17.96aEast Grand Rapids      
2.11Jordan Daley18.11aGrand Rapids Christian      
3.11Joel Norman19.89aGrand Rapids Christian      
4.11Michael Reese20.26aGrand Rapids Christian      
5.10Eian Badger21.47aGrand Rapids Christian      
6.12Danny Chappell22.59aEast Grand Rapids      
7.11Ben Lefebre23.43aEast Grand Rapids      
8.9Conner Carrico23.84aEast Grand Rapids      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nathan Dills45.48aEast Grand Rapids      
2.12Phil Recker46.77aGrand Rapids Christian      
3.11Joel Norman47.83aGrand Rapids Christian      
4.11Ben Lefebre48.93aEast Grand Rapids      
5.10Eian Badger50.37aGrand Rapids Christian      
6.11Michael Reese50.46aGrand Rapids Christian      
7.12Danny Chappell51.71aEast Grand Rapids      
8.9Conner Carrico54.89aEast Grand Rapids      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sam Kuiper
Nate Thompson
Christian Benn
Willie Sawyer
44.68aGrand Rapids Christian      
2.-Bryce Byker
Aziz Ellis
DeAndre Grady
Jahaan Brown
47.62aEast Grand Rapids      
3.-Ben Lefebre
Leo Minkkinen
Cruz Garcia
Mykal Spoelstra
50.16aEast Grand Rapids      
4.-Grant Gauger
Danny Hunt
Jordan Walsh
Sawyer Sterling
51.20aEast Grand Rapids      
5.-Julian Dianpour
Conor Conaboy
Miles Bower
Nick Steers
1:11.88aEast Grand Rapids      
-Zack Wiener
Luke Elias
Mark Nelson
Steve Conrad
DNSEast Grand Rapids      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Christian Benn
Wuoi Mach
Willie Sawyer
Zack Crouch
1:38.88aGrand Rapids Christian      
2.-Grant Gauger
Danny Hunt
Adam Jennings
Sawyer Sterling
1:45.69aEast Grand Rapids      
3.-Erik Molenaar
Mykal Spoelstra
Nick Vinals
Charlie DeJonge
1:47.16aEast Grand Rapids      
4.-Blake Gauger
Bryce Byker
DeAndre Grady
Robbie Smith
1:48.66aEast Grand Rapids      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Blake Gauger
Robbie Smith
Bryce Byker
David Drummond
3:44.57aEast Grand Rapids      
2.-Michael Reese
Jonathon DeBoer
Cody Powers
Wuoi Mach
3:44.88aGrand Rapids Christian      
3.-Chris Slamp
Erik Molenaar
Leo Minkkinen
Nathan Dills
4:12.99aEast Grand Rapids      
4.-Conner Carrico
Danny Chappell
David Southwell
Jordan Walsh
4:21.44aEast Grand Rapids      
5.-Charlie DeJonge
Max Gaegauf
Stephen Collins
Alex Clark
4:22.14aEast Grand Rapids      
6.-Nathaniel Ford
Tyler Larabel
Peter Mack
Paul Zamarripa
4:30.18aEast Grand Rapids      
7.-Fernando Vicente
Karl Schneider
Charlie Sanders
Julian Dianpour
4:49.24aEast Grand Rapids      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Cody Powers
Grant Ludema
Andre Otte
Eric Veldkamp
8:41.73aGrand Rapids Christian      
2.-Kyler Byker
Stephen Collins
Alex Molenaar
Zak Longo
9:36.35aEast Grand Rapids      
3.-Charlie Sanders
Karl Schneider
Fernando Vicente
Paul Zamarripa
10:56.24aEast Grand Rapids      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Robert Cuba39-07.00Grand Rapids Christian      
2.11Juwan Taylor37-06.50Grand Rapids Christian      
3.11Omar Brown37-00.00Grand Rapids Christian      
4.10Nick Hein36-04.00Grand Rapids Christian      
5.12Zack Wiener35-04.00East Grand Rapids      
6.12Steve Conrad34-00.00East Grand Rapids      
7.9Conor Conaboy33-08.50East Grand Rapids      
8.11Blair Washington33-05.50Grand Rapids Christian      
9.12Joel DeJong32-08.50Grand Rapids Christian      
10.11Luke Elias32-08.00East Grand Rapids      
11.12Mark Nelson30-09.50East Grand Rapids      
12.10Miles Bower30-07.00East Grand Rapids      
13.10Jerod Muilenberg30-05.50Grand Rapids Christian      
14.11Charlie Gendron28-02.00Grand Rapids Christian      
15.12Will VanderPols27-00.00Grand Rapids Christian      
16.9Nick Steers24-01.50East Grand Rapids      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Zach Crouch105-08Grand Rapids Christian      
2.12Steve Conrad101-01East Grand Rapids      
3.11Luke Elias99-00East Grand Rapids      
4.12Zack Wiener96-00East Grand Rapids      
5.12Joel DeJong88-11Grand Rapids Christian      
6.11Juwan Taylor86-03Grand Rapids Christian      
7.10Nick Hein84-10Grand Rapids Christian      
8.10Miles Bower80-08East Grand Rapids      
9.10Jerod Muilenberg80-07Grand Rapids Christian      
10.11Omar Brown80-04Grand Rapids Christian      
11.11Blair Washington79-08Grand Rapids Christian      
12.9Conor Conaboy78-02East Grand Rapids      
13.11Robert Cuba76-01Grand Rapids Christian      
14.11Charlie Gendron72-05Grand Rapids Christian      
15.12Will VanderPols70-07Grand Rapids Christian      
16.9Nick Steers58-03East Grand Rapids      
17.12Mark Nelson53-05East Grand Rapids      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11DeAndre Grady5-09.00East Grand Rapids      
2.11Jon Cok5-08.00Grand Rapids Christian      
3.10Wuoi Mach5-08.00Grand Rapids Christian      
4.11Jordan Daley5-06.00Grand Rapids Christian      
4.12Nate Thompson5-06.00Grand Rapids Christian      
4.12Zach Buth5-06.00Grand Rapids Christian      
7.11Joel Norman5-04.00Grand Rapids Christian      
7.10Jahaan Brown5-04.00East Grand Rapids      
9.9Charlie DeJonge5-02.00East Grand Rapids      
9.12Robbie Smith5-02.00East Grand Rapids      
9.11Adam Jennings5-02.00East Grand Rapids      
11Ben LefebreNHEast Grand Rapids      
10Eian BadgerSCRGrand Rapids Christian      
11Kendall BlanchardNHEast Grand Rapids      
10Mykal SpoelstraNHEast Grand Rapids      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Chris Slamp9-00.00East Grand Rapids      
2.10Keaton Safar8-06.00Grand Rapids Christian      
2.9Adam Fethke8-06.00Grand Rapids Christian      
2.10Case Vollink8-06.00Grand Rapids Christian      
5.9Alex Clark8-00.00East Grand Rapids      
10Troy EldersNHGrand Rapids Christian      
11Charlie GendronNHGrand Rapids Christian      
11Blake GaugerNHEast Grand Rapids      
12Vincent RyuSCRGrand Rapids Christian      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jaylin Staten20-07.50Grand Rapids Christian      
2.11David Drummond20-05.50East Grand Rapids      
3.11Jon Cok19-02.00Grand Rapids Christian      
4.12Nathan Dills18-08.50East Grand Rapids      
5.11Aziz Ellis17-11.50East Grand Rapids      
6.10Reitsma Mpindi17-07.50Grand Rapids Christian      
7.9Sam Kuiper17-05.00Grand Rapids Christian      
8.11Wes Johnson16-10.50Grand Rapids Christian      
9.12Zach Buth16-02.50Grand Rapids Christian      
10.9Erik Molenaar16-01.50East Grand Rapids      
11.9Cruz Garcia15-05.75East Grand Rapids      
12.9Nick Vinals15-05.00East Grand Rapids      
13.11Charlie Gendron15'01.50Grand Rapids Christian      
14.9David Southwell14-03.00East Grand Rapids      
15.9Sawyer Sterling13-03.50East Grand Rapids      
16.9Jordan Walsh13-02.50East Grand Rapids      
17.11Nathan Mitogo12-06.00Grand Rapids Christian      
9Danny HuntNDEast Grand Rapids      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Daeja Marzette13.34aEast Grand Rapids      
2.9Sierra Castleberry13.71aEast Grand Rapids      
3.12Dana Veen14.13aGrand Rapids Christian      
4.9Alicia Dills14.14aEast Grand Rapids      
5.12Kia Frazier14.31aGrand Rapids Christian      
6.10Paris Madison14.47aGrand Rapids Christian      
7.12Angela Flowers14.93aGrand Rapids Christian      
8.12Adrienne Veenstra15.01aGrand Rapids Christian      
9.9Micaela Cole15.17aEast Grand Rapids      
10.11Shanntelle McElwee15.27aEast Grand Rapids      
11.10Lindsay Oosterhouse15.35aEast Grand Rapids      
12.9Mia Wackley15.43aEast Grand Rapids      
13.11Bren Becker15.54aEast Grand Rapids      
14.11Janel DeGraaf15.79aGrand Rapids Christian      
15.10Melissa Flowers15.90aGrand Rapids Christian      
16.11Tessa Sterling16.23aEast Grand Rapids      
17.10Meggie MacGregor16.66aEast Grand Rapids      
18.9Katie Cannon16.85aEast Grand Rapids      
19.11Gretchen Wiegerink17.23aEast Grand Rapids      
9Madison MachiorlattiDNSEast Grand Rapids      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lily Clifford27.25aEast Grand Rapids      
2.9Sierra Castleberry28.86aEast Grand Rapids      
3.12Destiney Robinson29.77aGrand Rapids Christian      
4.11Jayla Warfield30.14aGrand Rapids Christian      
5.9Alicia Dills30.22aEast Grand Rapids      
6.11Catherine Uglietta30.37aEast Grand Rapids      
7.10Mary Kate Davis31.14aEast Grand Rapids      
8.12Adrienne Veenstra31.63aGrand Rapids Christian      
9.9Stephanie Sharif31.65aEast Grand Rapids      
10.11Becca Raines31.78aGrand Rapids Christian      
11.9Mia Wackley31.85aEast Grand Rapids      
12.9Brittany Spearman31.98aGrand Rapids Christian      
13.12Angela Flowers32.02aGrand Rapids Christian      
14.9Ade Ayoola32.60aGrand Rapids Christian      
15.10Lindsay Oosterhouse32.81aEast Grand Rapids      
16.10Melissa Flowers33.51aGrand Rapids Christian      
17.11Tessa Sterling34.12aEast Grand Rapids      
18.9Ade Ayoola34.58aGrand Rapids Christian      
19.9Madison Machiorlatti35.01aEast Grand Rapids      
20.10Meggie MacGregor35.54aEast Grand Rapids      
21.9Katie Cannon36.35aEast Grand Rapids      
22.11Gretchen Wiegerink37.33aEast Grand Rapids      
9Dakota ClarkDNSEast Grand Rapids      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lily Clifford1:02.09aEast Grand Rapids      
2.9Mckayley Gourley1:04.51aEast Grand Rapids      
3.12Dana Veen1:07.25aGrand Rapids Christian      
4.10Annaka Vaandrager1:08.43aGrand Rapids Christian      
5.10Mary Kate Davis1:10.54aEast Grand Rapids      
6.10Erica Brown1:12.52aGrand Rapids Christian      
7.11Becca Raines1:12.77aGrand Rapids Christian      
11Janel DeGraaf1:13.21aGrand Rapids Christian      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jessie Baloga2:31.72aEast Grand Rapids      
2.12Liza Gunnink2:37.24aGrand Rapids Christian      
3.12Emily Long2:40.77aGrand Rapids Christian      
4.10Susan Hoffman2:45.81aEast Grand Rapids      
5.11Alison Reilly2:47.84aEast Grand Rapids      
6.12Taylor Gruner2:56.63aEast Grand Rapids      
7.12Molli Walstra2:58.46aEast Grand Rapids      
8.11Carolyn Wilcox3:00.48aGrand Rapids Christian      
9.10Hannah Dear3:04.04aEast Grand Rapids      
10.12Kellee Flemming3:08.47aEast Grand Rapids      
11.12Tori Shook3:23.51aEast Grand Rapids      
12.12Lily Aman3:37.32aEast Grand Rapids      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jessie Baloga5:24.26aEast Grand Rapids      
2.10Julia Bos5:29.12aGrand Rapids Christian      
3.12Jill McLain5:51.71aEast Grand Rapids      
4.10Melanie Fox6:03.82aGrand Rapids Christian      
5.12Taylor Gruner6:03.86aEast Grand Rapids      
6.11Alison Reilly6:24.19aEast Grand Rapids      
7.10Hannah Dear6:27.99aEast Grand Rapids      
8.12Molli Walstra6:29.40aEast Grand Rapids      
9.11Carolyn Wilcox6:36.42aGrand Rapids Christian      
10.12Tori Shook7:11.88aEast Grand Rapids      
11.12Lily Aman7:39.11aEast Grand Rapids      
12.11Ashley Vanwyk8:31.46aGrand Rapids Christian      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Julia Bos11:30.71aGrand Rapids Christian      
2.9Mckayley Gourley12:09.33aEast Grand Rapids      
3.12Kimby Penning12:12.84aGrand Rapids Christian      
4.12Jill McLain12:15.76aEast Grand Rapids      
5.9Kat Jonker13:06.46aGrand Rapids Christian      
6.10Melanie Fox13:17.54aGrand Rapids Christian      
7.11Mary Creswell13:26.13aEast Grand Rapids      
8.10Shelby Tuthill13:46.19aEast Grand Rapids      
9.9Anna Bair14:20.46aEast Grand Rapids      
10.12Margaret Kromminga14:27.26aGrand Rapids Christian      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jessica Homrich18.47aEast Grand Rapids      
2.11Nicki Jager18.74aGrand Rapids Christian      
3.9Cassie Jager19.31aGrand Rapids Christian      
4.10Carlie Penning19.58aGrand Rapids Christian      
5.11AnneMarie Byl19.96aGrand Rapids Christian      
6.10Lauren Gallagher20.06aEast Grand Rapids      
7.9Stephanie Sharif20.14aEast Grand Rapids      
8.9Sophie Jones20.72aEast Grand Rapids      
9.12Chelsea Carpenter20.77aGrand Rapids Christian      
10.10Julia VanDyke20.89aGrand Rapids Christian      
11.10Stephanie Meyer22.90aGrand Rapids Christian      
X 300m Hurdles - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jessica Homrich53.58aEast Grand Rapids      
2.10Lauren Gallagher53.80aEast Grand Rapids      
3.11AnneMarie Byl54.28aGrand Rapids Christian      
4.10Carlie Penning54.59aGrand Rapids Christian      
5.9Cassie Jager55.59aGrand Rapids Christian      
6.9Sophie Jones57.60aEast Grand Rapids      
7.11Nicki Jager58.44aGrand Rapids Christian      
8.10Julia VanDyke59.16aGrand Rapids Christian      
9.10Stephanie Meyer1:04.60aGrand Rapids Christian      
12Chelsea CarpenterDNSGrand Rapids Christian      
9Stephanie SharifDQEast Grand Rapids      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sierra Castleberry
Daeja Marzette
Catherine Uglietta
Carley Morris
53.62aEast Grand Rapids      
2.-Paris Madison
Destiney Robinson
Kia Frazier
Ahmyere Hollinsworth
53.96aGrand Rapids Christian      
3.-Bren Becker
Stephanie Sharif
Dakota Clark
Micaela Cole
58.87aEast Grand Rapids      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Carley Morris
Catherine Uglietta
Mckayley Gourley
Daeja Marzette
1:54.57aEast Grand Rapids      
2.-Krista DeVries
Brittany Spearman
Jayla Warfield
Shakira Booker
1:58.83aGrand Rapids Christian      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jessie Baloga
Daeja Marzette
Lily Clifford
Lauren Gallagher
4:24.96aEast Grand Rapids      
2.-Ahmyere Hollinsworth
Krista DeVries
Liza Gunnink
Annaka Vaandrager
4:41.81aGrand Rapids Christian      
3.-Alicia Dills
Alison Reilly
Kassidy Clark
Dakota Clark
4:43.07aEast Grand Rapids      
4.-Paris Madison
Shakira Booker
Shannon Beezhold
Erica Brown
4:55.83aGrand Rapids Christian      
5.-Bren Becker
Sierra Castleberry
Micaela Cole
Sophie Jones
5:08.89aEast Grand Rapids      
6.-Molli Walstra
Taylor Gruner
Lily Aman
Mary Kate Davis
5:13.03aEast Grand Rapids      
7.-Tori Shook
Susan Hoffman
Mia Wackley
Hannah Dear
5:16.23aEast Grand Rapids      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Dana Veen
Liza Gunnink
Emily Long
Kimby Penning
10:18.99aGrand Rapids Christian      
2.-Jessie Baloga
Jill McLain
Susan Hoffman
Shelby Tuthill
10:29.70aEast Grand Rapids      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Krista DeVries28-02.00Grand Rapids Christian      
2.11Megan Hoekzema27-06.00Grand Rapids Christian      
3.12Ally Bremer26-10.00East Grand Rapids      
4.12Bri Sylvester26-02.00Grand Rapids Christian      
5.11Katie Perez26-01.00East Grand Rapids      
6.11Nicki Jager25-01.00Grand Rapids Christian      
7.11Shanntelle McElwee22-09.50East Grand Rapids      
8.9Arnell Thompson21-03.00Grand Rapids Christian      
9.11Angela Harris19-08.50Grand Rapids Christian      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Megan Hoekzema96-00Grand Rapids Christian      
2.12Bri Sylvester75-06Grand Rapids Christian      
3.12Ally Bremer67-10East Grand Rapids      
4.11Katie Perez65-10East Grand Rapids      
5.12Krista DeVries62-04Grand Rapids Christian      
6.12Hannah Chapla58-09East Grand Rapids      
7.11Shanntelle McElwee53-11East Grand Rapids      
8.9Arnell Thompson53-06Grand Rapids Christian      
9.11Angela Harris47-05Grand Rapids Christian      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Ade Ayoola4-08.00Grand Rapids Christian      
2.12Hannah Chapla4-06.00East Grand Rapids      
3.9Ade Ayoola4-04.00Grand Rapids Christian      
3.11AnneMarie Byl4-04.00Grand Rapids Christian      
10Carlie PenningNHGrand Rapids Christian      
10Julia VanDykeNHGrand Rapids Christian      
12Kellee FlemmingNHEast Grand Rapids      
9Mckayley GourleyNHEast Grand Rapids      
11Gretchen WiegerinkNHEast Grand Rapids      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Carley Morris9-06.00East Grand Rapids      
2.11Nicki Jager8-00.00Grand Rapids Christian      
3.12Adrienne Veenstra6-06.00Grand Rapids Christian      
4.9Cassie Jager6-06.00Grand Rapids Christian      
5.10Mary Dekker6-00.00Grand Rapids Christian      
9Dakota ClarkNHEast Grand Rapids      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Carley Morris16-07.00East Grand Rapids      
2.11Catherine Uglietta15-04.00East Grand Rapids      
3.12Jessica Homrich15-02.00East Grand Rapids      
4.9Shanice Wallace15-01.00Grand Rapids Christian      
5.9Ahmyere Hollingsworth14-07.00Grand Rapids Christian      
6.9Alicia Dills14-00.00East Grand Rapids      
7.10Lauren Gallagher13-11.00East Grand Rapids      
7.10Julia VanDyke13-11.00Grand Rapids Christian      
9.12Kia Frazier13-10.00Grand Rapids Christian      
10.11Jayla Warfield13-09.00Grand Rapids Christian      
11.9Micaela Cole13-08.00East Grand Rapids      
12.12Angela Flowers13-04.00Grand Rapids Christian      
13.11Bren Becker11-08.00East Grand Rapids      
14.9Brittany Spearman9-03.00Grand Rapids Christian      
12Chelsea CarpenterNDGrand Rapids Christian      
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