Regional D2

Friday, May 20, 2011
  Houseman Field, Grand Rapids - Map
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Michigan - Division 1
GROHGrand Rapids Ottawa Hills
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Bronson Hill10.42Grand Rapids Catholi...
2.12Willie Sawyer10.52Grand Rapids Christian
3.12Jeshurun Washington10.64Forest Hills Eastern
4.11Connor Vanderhyde10.67Howard City-Tri-County
5.12Alex Hemry10.73Cedar Springs
6.12Nate Thompson10.93Grand Rapids Christian
7.12Eric Jones10.94Grand Rapids Creston
8.10Austin Otterbridge11.14Grand Rapids Creston
11David Drummond11.34East Grand Rapids
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.12Jeshurun Washington10.89Forest Hills Eastern
2.11Connor Vanderhyde10.91Howard City-Tri-County
3.12Bronson Hill10.93Grand Rapids Catholi...
4.12Eric Jones11.03Grand Rapids Creston
1.12Nate Thompson11.24Grand Rapids Christian
2.12Willie Sawyer11.28Grand Rapids Christian
3.12Alex Hemry11.29Cedar Springs
5.11David Drummond11.26East Grand Rapids
4.10Austin Otterbridge11.33Grand Rapids Creston
5.12Zac Cross11.34Byron Center
6.12Ryan Austin11.41Cedar Springs
6.10Sam Freeman11.56Grand Rapids Creston
7.11Evan Davies11.56Grand Rapids South C...
7.12James Putnam11.57Cedar Springs
8.11Christian Benn11.70Grand Rapids Christian
8.12Marcel Wadley11.76Comstock Park
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Jeshurun Washington11.02Forest Hills Eastern
2.12Bronson Hill11.03Grand Rapids Catholi...
1.12Alex Hemry11.18Cedar Springs
1.12Zac Cross11.12Byron Center
2.12Nate Thompson11.16Grand Rapids Christian
3.11Connor Vanderhyde11.19Howard City-Tri-County
2.12Willie Sawyer11.23Grand Rapids Christian
3.10Sam Freeman11.24Grand Rapids Creston
3.10Austin Otterbridge11.32Grand Rapids Creston
4.11David Drummond11.34East Grand Rapids
4.12Marcel Wadley11.38Comstock Park
4.12James Putnam11.34Cedar Springs
5.10Chad Sterk11.37Grand Rapids South C...
1.12Eric Jones11.48Grand Rapids Creston
5.11Ryan Ashbaugh11.50Byron Center
5.11Cody Lenhart11.44Byron Center
2.12Ryan Austin11.57Cedar Springs
3.11Evan Davies11.58Grand Rapids South C...
4.11Christian Benn11.60Grand Rapids Christian
5.10Brendan Zuver11.70Belding
6.11Albert Logwood11.74Grand Rapids Ottawa ...
6.-Seth Macintosh11.77Forest Hills Eastern
6.10Garret Cross11.90Byron Center
6.10Carson Uecker-Herman11.96Comstock Park
7.10Michael Spica12.03Grand Rapids Forest ...
7.10Nate Hollern12.32Grand Rapids Catholi...
7.11Andre Brown12.84Belding
7.10Matthew KettnerNFGrand Rapids Forest ...
X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Colin Brock10.4Belding
12Ray Bordeaux10.9Belding
10Carson Uecker-Herman11.2Comstock Park
10Brendan Zuver11.3Belding
11Scott Foote11.3Belding
12Marcel Wadley11.7Comstock Park
12Kyle Macklin11.7Comstock Park
11Afa Madza12.1Comstock Park
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Bronson Hill21.80Grand Rapids Catholi...
2.12Willie Sawyer21.92Grand Rapids Christian
3.12Nate Thompson22.47Grand Rapids Christian
4.12Eric Jones22.64Grand Rapids Creston
5.12Jason Parnell22.66Byron Center
6.12Alex Hemry22.70Cedar Springs
7.11Donte Carey23.14Grand Rapids Ottawa ...
8.12Garrison Gaddy23.49Grand Rapids South C...
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.12Nate Thompson22.40Grand Rapids Christian
2.12Willie Sawyer22.47Grand Rapids Christian
3.12Bronson Hill22.64Grand Rapids Catholi...
4.12Alex Hemry22.65Cedar Springs
1.12Jason Parnell22.79Byron Center
2.11Donte Carey23.16Grand Rapids Ottawa ...
5.11Ryan Ashbaugh23.12Byron Center
3.12Garrison Gaddy23.30Grand Rapids South C...
4.12Eric Jones23.48Grand Rapids Creston
5.11Christian Benn23.86Grand Rapids Christian
6.11Brandon Skeel23.87Howard City-Tri-County
6.12Brad Cash24.20Byron Center
7.11Tyler Suing24.21Forest Hills Eastern
7.-Nate Belt24.47Forest Hills Eastern
8.11Tom O'CallaghanNFGrand Rapids Catholi...
8.9Jeffrey HudginsNFGrand Rapids Ottawa ...
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Nate Thompson23.13Grand Rapids Christian
1.12Eric Jones23.29Grand Rapids Creston
1.12Jason Parnell23.28Byron Center
2.12Willie Sawyer23.35Grand Rapids Christian
2.12Brad Cash23.47Byron Center
2.11Ryan Ashbaugh23.43Byron Center
3.12Garrison Gaddy23.54Grand Rapids South C...
3.12Bronson Hill23.62Grand Rapids Catholi...
3.12Alex Hemry23.75Cedar Springs
4.11Christian Benn23.75Grand Rapids Christian
4.11Donte Carey23.90Grand Rapids Ottawa ...
5.11Brandon Skeel24.00Howard City-Tri-County
5.11Tyler Suing24.11Forest Hills Eastern
4.-Nate Belt24.40Forest Hills Eastern
5.9Jeffrey Hudgins24.44Grand Rapids Ottawa ...
6.11Tom O'Callaghan24.79Grand Rapids Catholi...
6.11Casey VanEss24.90Cedar Springs
6.11Kyle Cole27.90Grand Rapids Ottawa ...
7.11Connor VanderhydeNFHoward City-Tri-County
7.12Kyle MacklinNFComstock Park
7.12Marcel WadleyNFComstock Park
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Nate Thompson21.4Grand Rapids Christian
12Willie Sawyer21.5Grand Rapids Christian
12Nick Meekhof23.0Grand Rapids Christian
12Kyle Macklin23.4Comstock Park
11Christian Benn24.0Grand Rapids Christian
11Afa Madza24.1Comstock Park
10Carson Uecker-Herman24.9Comstock Park
12Marcel Wadley26.2Comstock Park
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ray Bordeaux49.59Belding
2.12Jason Parnell49.79Byron Center
3.12Jay Churchwell50.10Grand Rapids Forest ...
4.12Max Teune50.98Grand Rapids South C...
5.12Ishmael Wilson51.61Grand Rapids Forest ...
6.12Ron Fisk52.65Cedar Springs
7.-Josh Brander52.66Grand Rapids South C...
1.-Nate Belt53.72Forest Hills Eastern
2.10Rashard Bivins53.74Grand Rapids Ottawa ...
8.-Nate Belt53.72Forest Hills Eastern
3.11Afa Madza54.26Comstock Park
4.10Reitsma Mpindi54.51Grand Rapids Christian
5.10Tyrell Tolliver55.33Byron Center
1.11Tom O'Callaghan56.30Grand Rapids Catholi...
6.10Tom Haley56.31Grand Rapids Catholi...
2.11Adam Jennings56.87East Grand Rapids
3.10Asad Jones57.36Grand Rapids Ottawa ...
4.9Charlie DeJonge58.16East Grand Rapids
5.11Markeith Bowens58.32Grand Rapids Creston
6.10Eddy Rivas58.51Forest Hills Eastern
1.9Maico Rocha1:01.24Grand Rapids Creston
2.11Kyle Cole1:01.26Grand Rapids Ottawa ...
7.9Eli Groendal1:02.88Howard City-Tri-County
3.9Russ HodderNFComstock Park
7.12Brandon StriegleNFHoward City-Tri-County
8.12Frazier FirovichNFHoward City-Tri-County
8.9Maico RochaNFGrand Rapids Creston
8.12Aaron LealNFCedar Springs
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Wuoi Mach49.4Grand Rapids Christian
12Ray Bordeaux50.8Belding
12Phil Recker52.4Grand Rapids Christian
12Nick Meekhof52.5Grand Rapids Christian
11Scott Foote53.1Belding
11Cody Powers53.2Grand Rapids Christian
10Brendan Zuver53.3Belding
12Colin Brock53.9Belding
11Afa Madza55.0Comstock Park
12Kyle Macklin55.8Comstock Park
10Carson Uecker-Herman62.0Comstock Park
9Jim Whalen62.0Comstock Park
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jeff Sattler1:59.47Byron Center
2.10Wuoi Mach2:00.11Grand Rapids Christian
3.12Jesus Alvarado2:00.53Grand Rapids Creston
4.11William Trice2:00.91Grand Rapids Forest ...
5.11Keegan Brewster2:03.28Howard City-Tri-County
6.11Grant Cook2:03.63Grand Rapids Forest ...
7.12Robbie Smith2:04.18East Grand Rapids
8.-Grant Morren2:07.55Grand Rapids South C...
10Hannes Malcha2:17.0Belding
10Nathan Smith2:28Comstock Park
10Travis Taylor2:33Comstock Park
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Eric Veldkamp2:02Grand Rapids Christian
11Cody Powers2:02Grand Rapids Christian
11Andre Otte2:03Grand Rapids Christian
12Grant Ludema2:06Grand Rapids Christian
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jeff Sattler4:18.47Byron Center
2.10Connor Mora4:18.52Cedar Springs
3.12Spencer Ferris4:21.18Forest Hills Eastern
4.11Eric Veldkamp4:27.92Grand Rapids Christian
5.11Andre Otte4:29.37Grand Rapids Christian
6.10Mowgli Crosby4:35.93Forest Hills Eastern
7.11Grant Cook4:38.34Grand Rapids Forest ...
8.11Chris Guikema4:43.43Grand Rapids South C...
12Tate Baker4:50Comstock Park
11Colton Klapko4:50.0Belding
14.11Alek Molenaar4:50.82East Grand Rapids
10Mitchell Jenks4:52.0Belding
12Shane Mooney4:55Comstock Park
17.10Kyler Byker4:54.96East Grand Rapids
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Connor Mora9:35.88Cedar Springs
2.12Zach Stepanovich9:37.20Grand Rapids Forest ...
3.11Jacob Towne9:39.99Grand Rapids Forest ...
4.12Jacob Kuyvenhoven9:45.68Grand Rapids Christian
5.12Jeff Sattler9:56.00Byron Center
6.11Jack Stephan10:01.64Forest Hills Eastern
7.11Aaron Brooks10:12.57Cedar Springs
8.12Seth Koetje10:28.32Grand Rapids Christian
10.12Aaron Bunker10:30.59East Grand Rapids
12.10Greyson Schultz10:36.21East Grand Rapids
11Dan Macalka10:37Comstock Park
11Colton Klapko10:54.0Belding
10Darrick Arnold11:19.0Belding
10Dylan Fink12:15Comstock Park
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Justin Balczak14.50Cedar Springs
2.12Vincent Veldink15.09Wyoming Park
3.12Michael Prins15.10Grand Rapids Catholi...
4.12John Brooks Jr15.32Grand Rapids Ottawa ...
5.11David Washington15.71Grand Rapids Forest ...
6.12Young-ha Choi15.91Grand Rapids South C...
7.12Micah Zylstra16.06Grand Rapids South C...
8.10Aaron Dault16.86Cedar Springs
12Nathan Dills17.01East Grand Rapids
12Danny Chappell18.54aEast Grand Rapids
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.12Justin Balczak14.45Cedar Springs
1.12Michael Prins15.31Grand Rapids Catholi...
2.12Vincent Veldink15.46Wyoming Park
2.12John Brooks Jr15.59Grand Rapids Ottawa ...
3.12Micah Zylstra15.82Grand Rapids South C...
3.10Aaron Dault15.84Cedar Springs
4.11David Washington15.86Grand Rapids Forest ...
4.12Young-ha Choi16.05Grand Rapids South C...
5.11Scott Foote16.04Belding
5.11Ryan Pelak16.65Grand Rapids Catholi...
6.12Nathan Dills16.80East Grand Rapids
6.10Tyrell Tolliver17.26Byron Center
7.10Eian Badger17.67Grand Rapids Christian
7.11Joel Norman17.87Grand Rapids Christian
8.9Jim Whalen17.95Comstock Park
8.12Nico Mitchell-GarciaNFGrand Rapids Creston
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Justin Balczak14.80Cedar Springs
1.12Michael Prins15.60Grand Rapids Catholi...
1.12Vincent Veldink15.55Wyoming Park
2.12John Brooks Jr15.60Grand Rapids Ottawa ...
2.11David Washington15.85Grand Rapids Forest ...
3.12Young-ha Choi15.96Grand Rapids South C...
2.12Micah Zylstra16.24Grand Rapids South C...
3.10Aaron Dault16.39Cedar Springs
3.11Scott Foote16.51Belding
4.11Ryan Pelak16.91Grand Rapids Catholi...
4.12Nathan Dills17.01East Grand Rapids
5.10Eian Badger17.52Grand Rapids Christian
4.10Tyrell Tolliver17.62Byron Center
5.9Jim Whalen17.82Comstock Park
5.11Joel Norman17.92Grand Rapids Christian
6.12Nico Mitchell-Garcia18.26Grand Rapids Creston
6.12Danny Chappell18.54East Grand Rapids
7.10Justin Bauman19.53Byron Center
6.12Colin BrockNFBelding
7.10Tyler FinkNFComstock Park
7.12Tyler BarryNFHoward City-Tri-County
8.10David ChuolNFGrand Rapids Forest ...
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Justin Balczak38.08Cedar Springs
2.12Michael Prins40.00Grand Rapids Catholi...
3.11David Washington40.95Grand Rapids Forest ...
4.10Nick Robbins41.24Forest Hills Eastern
5.12Vincent Veldink41.30Wyoming Park
1.12John Brooks Jr41.74Grand Rapids Ottawa ...
6.12John Brooks Jr41.74Grand Rapids Ottawa ...
7.12Young-ha Choi42.23Grand Rapids South C...
8.12Colin Brock42.71Belding
3.12Nathan Dills43.50East Grand Rapids
4.10Eian Badger43.81Grand Rapids Christian
1.9Josh Owen44.04Grand Rapids South C...
7.10Aaron Dault44.12Cedar Springs
2.9Chory Pope44.46Forest Hills Eastern
5.12Brian Ausberger44.86Grand Rapids Catholi...
3.11Ben Lefebre45.85East Grand Rapids
8.12Phil Recker46.31Grand Rapids Christian
6.12Nico Mitchell-Garcia46.43Grand Rapids Creston
4.9Erik Chard46.61Byron Center
5.11Alex Hyzer48.23Howard City-Tri-County
6.10Justin Bauman48.50Byron Center
7.11Jake Dagley48.67Wyoming
7.10Tyler Fink51.15Comstock Park
8.10David ChuolNFGrand Rapids Forest ...
8.9Jim WhalenNFComstock Park
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Michael Prins
Tyler Sander
Mitchell Cavanaugh
Bronson Hill
42.69Grand Rapids Catholi...
2.-Christian Benn
Sam Kuiper
Nate Thompson
Willie Sawyer
43.23Grand Rapids Christian
3.-Relay Team 43.71Cedar Springs
4.-Relay Team 43.90Grand Rapids South C...
5.-Scott Foote
Brendan Zuver
Colin Brock
Ray Bordeaux
6.-Austin Otterbridge
Sam Freeman
Jesus Alvarado
Eric Jones
44.55Grand Rapids Creston
7.-Ryan Ashbaugh
Derek Grit
Garret Cross
Brad Cash
44.90Byron Center
8.-Blake Gauger
Jordan Walsh
Jahaan Brown
David Drummond
45.08East Grand Rapids
1.-Marcel Wadley
Carson Uecker-Herman
Kyle Macklin
Afa Madza
46.38Comstock Park
2.-Matthew Kettner
Yun-Jae Hwang
Brendan Nee
Michael Spica
47.35Grand Rapids Forest ...
3.-Relay Team 48.17Howard City-Tri-County
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ryan Ashbaugh
Brad Cash
Zac Cross
Jason Parnell
1:29.76Byron Center
2.-Christian Benn
Willie Sawyer
Michael Meekhof
Nate Thompson
1:29.91Grand Rapids Christian
3.-Relay Team 1:31.97Cedar Springs
1.-Relay Team 1:32.85Grand Rapids South C...
4.-Relay Team 1:32.85Grand Rapids South C...
5.-Anthony Ignatov
Ishmael Wilson
David Washington
Jay Churchwell
1:33.15Grand Rapids Forest ...
5.-Blake Gauger
Jordan Walsh
Jahaan Brown
David Drummond
1:33.80East Grand Rapids
7.-Relay Team 1:34.34Grand Rapids Ottawa ...
8.-Tom Haley
Ben Balke
Mitchell Cavanaugh
Bronson Hill
1:35.27Grand Rapids Catholi...
7.-Austin Otterbridge
Sam Freeman
Jesus Alvarado
Eric Jones
1:35.64Grand Rapids Creston
3.-Relay Team 1:35.77Forest Hills Eastern
4.-Marcel Wadley
Carson Uecker-Herman
Kyle Macklin
Afa Madza
1:38.36Comstock Park
5.-Relay Team 1:39.11Howard City-Tri-County
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Nick Meekhof
Cody Powers
Phil Recker
Wuoi Mach
3:27.49Grand Rapids Christian
2.-Jay Churchwell
William Trice
Anthony Ignatov
Ishmael Wilson
3:27.91Grand Rapids Forest ...
3.-Matt Lennon
John Rizik
David VanderZee
Michael Prins
3:28.20Grand Rapids Catholi...
4.-Relay Team 3:29.58Cedar Springs
5.-Relay Team 3:30.51Grand Rapids South C...
6.-Scott Foote
Brendan Zuver
Colin Brock
Ray Bordeaux
1.-Jason Parnell
Tyrell Tolliver
Daniel Vandebunte
Jeff Sattler
3:33.81Byron Center
7.-Jason Parnell
Tyrell Tolliver
Daniel Vandebunte
Jeff Sattler
3:33.81Byron Center
7.-Relay Team 3:38.96Howard City-Tri-County
8.-Relay Team 3:38.96Howard City-Tri-County
2.-Relay Team 3:40.77Forest Hills Eastern
8.-Blake Gauger
Bryce Byker
Adam Jennings
Ben Lefebre
3:43.44East Grand Rapids
3.-Relay Team 3:44.19Grand Rapids Ottawa ...
4.-Jesus Alvarado
Chris Schipper
Nico Mitchell-Garcia
Markeith Bowens
3:50.88Grand Rapids Creston
5.-Kyle Macklin
Afa Madza
Carson Uecker-Herman
Jim Whalen
3:53.83Comstock Park
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Zach Stepanovich
Grant Cook
Jacob Towne
William Trice
8:04.24Grand Rapids Forest ...
2.-Matt Lennon
Brad Perschbacher
John Rizik
David VanderZee
8:11.72Grand Rapids Catholi...
3.-Relay Team 8:12.17Forest Hills Eastern
4.-Eric Veldkamp
Grant Ludema
Cody Powers
Andre Otte
8:13.24Grand Rapids Christian
5.-Aaron Bunker
Bryce Byker
Stephen Collins
Robbie Smith
8:16.96East Grand Rapids
6.-Relay Team 8:31.61Grand Rapids South C...
7.-Relay Team 8:36.48Cedar Springs
8.-Daniel Vandebunte
Colin Ludema
John Sattler
Phil Sattler
8:42.55Byron Center
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Derek Sievers61'05.25"Byron Center
2.11Chad Burnside52'01.00"Byron Center
3.12Ryan Stankey49'07.00"Byron Center
4.12Tyler Schauer49'01.00"Byron Center
5.12Justin Balczak48'06.25"Cedar Springs
6.12Rae Sneed46'09.00"Forest Hills Eastern
7.-Joe Sukup43'06.00"Forest Hills Eastern
8.11Tyler Gruszka42'03.25"Comstock Park
12Gil Corder39' 6"Belding
15.9Conor Conaboy39'East Grand Rapids
12Matt Pokora38'3Comstock Park
19.12Steve Conrad36' 2"East Grand Rapids
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Derek Sievers183'05.00"Byron Center
2.12Ryan Stankey164'03.00"Byron Center
3.11Derek Ash145'09.00"Cedar Springs
4.-Dennis Johnson143'10.00"Grand Rapids South C...
5.11Dan Sagorski141'08.00"Cedar Springs
6.11Chad Burnside138'02.00"Byron Center
7.11Josh Sugiyama136'03.00"Forest Hills Eastern
8.12Jack Kraushaar128'06.00"Grand Rapids Creston
10.11Luke Elias120' 5"East Grand Rapids
12Sean Heffron117' 10"Belding
12Judah Weeks117' 6"Belding
15.12Zack Wiener112' 3"East Grand Rapids
11Travis Szubinski83Comstock Park
10Jesse Moore80Comstock Park
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Josh Brand6'02.00"Grand Rapids Forest ...
2.12Mitch Huisman6'02.00"Grand Rapids South C...
11Aaron DeLange6'00.00"Byron Center
3.11Jon Cok6'00.00"Grand Rapids Christian
5.11DeAndre Grady6'00.00"East Grand Rapids
6.12Zach Buth6'00.00"Grand Rapids Christian
7.11Nate Jones6'00.00"Cedar Springs
8.12Micah Zylstra5'10.00"Grand Rapids South C...
10Brendan Sutherland5' 7"Belding
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jaylin Staten21'08.50"Grand Rapids Christian
2.11Hank Porter21'03.00"Cedar Springs
3.12Zac Cross20'04.75"Byron Center
4.10Aaron Dault20'03.75"Cedar Springs
5.11Jon Cok20'01.25"Grand Rapids Christian
6.12Mitch Huisman20'00.00"Grand Rapids South C...
7.12Garrison Gaddy19'07.75"Grand Rapids South C...
8.10Andrew Hammond19'07.00"Forest Hills Eastern
12Tyler Higgs18'3.25Comstock Park
14.11David Drummond18' 2"East Grand Rapids
15.11Aziz Ellis17' 3"East Grand Rapids

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Kendell Jefferson12.61Wyoming Park
2.10Daeja Marzette12.73East Grand Rapids
3.10D'Asia Ingram12.80Grand Rapids Creston
4.9Sierra Castleberry12.95East Grand Rapids
5.12Kaitlin Susan12.98Byron Center
6.9Aly Hamilton13.05Cedar Springs
7.10Sam Reno13.07Forest Hills Eastern
8.9Aliea Thrash13.28Wyoming Park
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.9Kendell Jefferson12.59Wyoming Park
1.10D'Asia Ingram12.76Grand Rapids Creston
2.10Daeja Marzette12.86East Grand Rapids
2.12Kaitlin Susan12.90Byron Center
3.10Sam Reno12.98Forest Hills Eastern
3.9Aly Hamilton13.11Cedar Springs
4.9Sierra Castleberry13.13East Grand Rapids
4.9Aliea Thrash13.15Wyoming Park
5.10Sharnell James13.17Grand Rapids Ottawa ...
5.10Janelle Campbell13.21Grand Rapids Ottawa ...
6.10Angelique Gaddy13.23Grand Rapids South C...
6.9Alexandra Whitford13.28Grand Rapids South C...
7.11Danielle Brown13.30Grand Rapids Catholi...
7.9Maggie Dobberstein13.31Forest Hills Eastern
8.10Rachel Orzechowski13.33Grand Rapids Catholi...
8.11Rhiannon Bowen13.38Belding
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Kendell Jefferson12.60Wyoming Park
2.12Kaitlin Susan12.75Byron Center
3.10D'Asia Ingram12.77Grand Rapids Creston
1.10Sam Reno13.04Forest Hills Eastern
1.10Daeja Marzette13.12East Grand Rapids
2.9Aliea Thrash13.19Wyoming Park
2.9Sierra Castleberry13.13East Grand Rapids
3.10Janelle Campbell13.16Grand Rapids Ottawa ...
4.10Sharnell James13.12Grand Rapids Ottawa ...
5.9Maggie Dobberstein13.19Forest Hills Eastern
6.9Alexandra Whitford13.20Grand Rapids South C...
3.10Rachel Orzechowski13.24Grand Rapids Catholi...
4.10Angelique Gaddy13.29Grand Rapids South C...
4.9Aly Hamilton13.31Cedar Springs
5.11Danielle Brown13.40Grand Rapids Catholi...
5.11Rhiannon Bowen13.48Belding
6.-Risa Brooks13.51Wyoming Park
7.12Aaliyah Edwards13.61Grand Rapids Creston
7.9Sammy Lopez13.74Comstock Park
6.11Shannon Beezhold13.93Grand Rapids Christian
8.10Allison Barr14.34Howard City-Tri-County
7.-Molly Spaak14.89Byron Center
8.9Morgan Towers16.70Comstock Park
X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
9Sammy Lopez12.3Comstock Park
12Stephanie Hamacher13.5Comstock Park
12Olivia Obetts13.5Comstock Park
10Samantha Parker13.6Belding
11Haily Silvernail13.9Belding
9Ashley Ross14.1Belding
9Janay Woodward14.4Comstock Park
11Mercedes Settlemyre14.5Belding
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lily Clifford25.46East Grand Rapids
2.12Arielle Byl25.73Forest Hills Eastern
3.9Kendell Jefferson26.23Wyoming Park
4.10Kenzie Haley26.38Forest Hills Eastern
5.12Kaitlin Susan26.80Byron Center
6.9Maggie Dobberstein27.45Forest Hills Eastern
7.9Sierra Castleberry27.70East Grand Rapids
8.10Raven Haywood28.22Grand Rapids Creston
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.12Arielle Byl26.33Forest Hills Eastern
2.12Kaitlin Susan26.85Byron Center
3.9Kendell Jefferson26.97Wyoming Park
1.11Lily Clifford27.37East Grand Rapids
4.9Maggie Dobberstein27.44Forest Hills Eastern
5.12Molly Morren27.86Grand Rapids South C...
2.10Kenzie Haley27.91Forest Hills Eastern
3.10Raven Haywood28.28Grand Rapids Creston
6.10Johanna Samson28.22Grand Rapids Catholi...
4.9Sierra Castleberry28.34East Grand Rapids
5.-Risa Brooks28.44Wyoming Park
6.10Daeja Marzette28.79East Grand Rapids
7.12Stephanie Hamacher29.04Comstock Park
8.9Janay Woodward29.19Comstock Park
7.12Laura Grimm29.34Grand Rapids South C...
8.10Jill Nickels29.59Byron Center
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Arielle Byl25.95Forest Hills Eastern
1.11Lily Clifford26.43East Grand Rapids
1.12Kaitlin Susan26.76Byron Center
2.10Kenzie Haley26.72Forest Hills Eastern
2.9Maggie Dobberstein27.05Forest Hills Eastern
3.10Daeja Marzette27.15East Grand Rapids
4.10Raven Haywood27.40Grand Rapids Creston
2.9Sierra Castleberry27.42East Grand Rapids
3.9Kendell Jefferson27.54Wyoming Park
3.10Johanna Samson27.64Grand Rapids Catholi...
4.-Risa Brooks27.82Wyoming Park
4.12Molly Morren28.01Grand Rapids South C...
5.12Stephanie Hamacher28.34Comstock Park
5.12Laura Grimm28.43Grand Rapids South C...
6.9Janay Woodward29.07Comstock Park
5.10Jill Nickels30.16Byron Center
6.9Jennings JenishaNFGrand Rapids Ottawa ...
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
9Janay Woodward27.2Comstock Park
12Stephanie Hamacher27.3Comstock Park
12Olivia Obetts29.2Comstock Park
10Mackenzie Rich29.9Comstock Park
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lily Clifford57.43East Grand Rapids
2.12Julie Oosterhouse59.04Byron Center
3.10Olivia Harrington1:01.47Grand Rapids Ottawa ...
4.10Jaclyn Goble1:01.86Forest Hills Eastern
5.11Rhiannon Bowen1:01.99Belding
6.9Mckayley Gourley1:03.09East Grand Rapids
7.11Mary Konsoer - Rose1:03.54Forest Hills Eastern
8.10Jerica Westveld1:03.67Forest Hills Eastern
1.11Mycah Hulst1:04.01Grand Rapids South C...
2.12Kari Scott1:04.87Grand Rapids Catholi...
3.9Madeline VanderPloeg1:06.20Grand Rapids South C...
4.12Annansia Fontanez1:06.25Grand Rapids Ottawa ...
5.10Annaka Vaandrager1:06.53Grand Rapids Christian
6.10Kendra Akins1:06.84Grand Rapids Ottawa ...
7.-Betsy Lake1:06.98Byron Center
8.12Joanna Bowditch1:07.17Comstock Park
1.10Allie Veltkamp1:08.75Cedar Springs
2.10Ashley ThornhillNFHoward City-Tri-County
3.9Janay WoodwardNFComstock Park
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Rhiannon Bowen64.2Belding
12Stephanie Hamacher65.0Comstock Park
12Olivia Obetts65.0Comstock Park
10Mackenzie Rich67.0Comstock Park
11Taylor Barger67.3Belding
12Joanna Bowditch67.5Comstock Park
9Rachael Warner69.3Belding
12Corynne LeBel71.6Belding
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11McKenzie Diemer2:18.79Grand Rapids South C...
2.11Trinity Hulst2:19.06Byron Center
3.11Addie Johnson2:19.56Grand Rapids Catholi...
4.11Jessie Baloga2:24.07East Grand Rapids
5.12Molly Longstreet2:26.37Grand Rapids South C...
6.10Angela Ottenwess2:26.97Forest Hills Eastern
7.9Mckayley Gourley2:27.14East Grand Rapids
8.10Sommer VanDyke2:27.28Cedar Springs
10Ana Dykstra2:52Comstock Park
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Jaclynn Haney2:36Comstock Park
12Kerisa Arnold2:39.0Belding
9Rachael Warner2:41.0Belding
10Mackenzie Rich2:43Comstock Park
12Corynne LeBel2:44.0Belding
12Tristin Miller2:45.0Belding
10Alaina Wier2:47Comstock Park
12Holly Hoover3:00Comstock Park
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ellen Junewick5:07.12Forest Hills Eastern
2.10Katie Weiler5:10.43Cedar Springs
3.11Jessie Baloga5:10.81East Grand Rapids
4.10Clara Cullen5:15.80Forest Hills Eastern
5.9Mary Kostielney5:18.14Forest Hills Eastern
6.10Sommer VanDyke5:29.60Cedar Springs
7.11Kassidy Clark5:33.93East Grand Rapids
8.11Briana Snyder5:35.94Howard City-Tri-County
9Kat Jonker5:45.8Grand Rapids Christian
12Jaclynn Haney5:49Comstock Park
12Kerisa Arnold5:51Belding
10Melanie Fox5:52Grand Rapids Christian
12Tristin Miller6:11Belding
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alyssa Dyer11:29.00Forest Hills Eastern
2.10Katie Weiler11:31.96Cedar Springs
3.12Cassie Peterson11:33.87Byron Center
4.10Julia Bos11:46.08Grand Rapids Christian
5.12Nina Cahill11:54.12Grand Rapids Creston
6.12Jill McLain12:08.20East Grand Rapids
7.9Bethany Bartlett12:13.46Forest Hills Eastern
8.12Kimby Penning12:17.06Grand Rapids Christian
10Alaina Wier13:03Comstock Park
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kasey Blank15.83Forest Hills Eastern
2.12Jessica Homrich15.97East Grand Rapids
3.11AnneMarie Byl16.84Grand Rapids Christian
4.11Taylor Barger17.17Belding
5.10Anna Newhof17.45Grand Rapids South C...
6.11Nicki Jager17.49Grand Rapids Christian
7.10Lauren Gallagher17.85East Grand Rapids
8.12Hannah Lanning34.10Grand Rapids South C...
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.12Hannah Lanning16.37Grand Rapids South C...
1.11Kasey Blank16.97Forest Hills Eastern
2.12Jessica Homrich17.12East Grand Rapids
2.11Taylor Barger17.43Belding
3.11AnneMarie Byl17.46Grand Rapids Christian
3.11Nicki Jager17.66Grand Rapids Christian
4.10Anna Newhof17.79Grand Rapids South C...
5.10Samantha Parker17.96Belding
4.10Lauren Gallagher18.09East Grand Rapids
5.10Olivia Mclean18.53Forest Hills Eastern
6.11Caitlin Ferderber19.03Grand Rapids Forest ...
6.12Shara Meredith19.86Howard City-Tri-County
7.-Betsy Lake21.21Byron Center
7.-Lyndsey Horner21.40Byron Center
8.10Ellie Eggleston23.30Grand Rapids Catholi...
8.9Jayla BranchNFWyoming Park
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Emily Prins48.14Grand Rapids Catholi...
2.12Kelley Tuinenga49.21Grand Rapids South C...
3.11Kasey Blank49.70Forest Hills Eastern
4.12Shara Meredith49.90Howard City-Tri-County
5.11AnneMarie Byl49.98Grand Rapids Christian
1.10Carlie Penning50.56Grand Rapids Christian
6.10Carlie Penning50.56Grand Rapids Christian
7.11Taylor Barger50.70Belding
7.10Anna Newhof50.83Grand Rapids South C...
8.10Anna Newhof50.83Grand Rapids South C...
8.12Jessica Homrich51.25East Grand Rapids
2.10Olivia Mclean51.83Forest Hills Eastern
3.9Sophie Jones52.23East Grand Rapids
4.12Olivia Obetts52.48Comstock Park
1.9Elise Chilcote53.96Grand Rapids Forest ...
5.11Caitlin Ferderber54.70Grand Rapids Forest ...
6.9Cindy Xiao57.14Grand Rapids Creston
2.-Lyndsey Horner57.69Byron Center
3.12Mary Nickels58.64Byron Center
4.9Keyiona GuydonNFGrand Rapids Ottawa ...
7.9Keyiona GuydonNFGrand Rapids Ottawa ...
8.10Ellie EgglestonNFGrand Rapids Catholi...
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Erika Bell
Aliea Thrash
Jayla Branch
Kendell Jefferson
49.90Wyoming Park
2.-Alicia Dills
Sierra Castleberry
Daeja Marzette
Catherine Uglietta
49.91East Grand Rapids
3.-Relay Team 51.06Forest Hills Eastern
4.-Relay Team 51.34Grand Rapids Ottawa ...
5.-Relay Team 51.37Grand Rapids Forest ...
6.-Johanna Samson
Danielle Brown
Kaitlyn Hoffman
Rachel Orzechowski
51.90Grand Rapids Catholi...
1.-Johanna Samson
Danielle Brown
Kaitlyn Hoffman
Rachel Orzechowski
51.94Grand Rapids Catholi...
6.-Relay Team 52.17Cedar Springs
7.-Relay Team 52.17Cedar Springs
8.-Kia Frazier
Jayla Warfield
Destiney Robinson
Dana Veen
52.22Grand Rapids Christian
8.-Morgan Herrema
Christie Benting
Hannah Lanning
Angelique Gaddy
53.06Grand Rapids South C...
2.-Janay Woodward
Sammy Lopez
Olivia Obetts
Stephanie Hamacher
53.43Comstock Park
3.-Nastacia Hammond
Raven Haywood
Aaliyah Edwards
D'Asia Ingram
53.53Grand Rapids Creston
4.-Natalie Siebers
Ginger Christie
Jill Nickels
Molly Spaak
56.12Byron Center
5.-Haily Silvernail
Samantha Parker
Ashley Ross
Mercedes Settlemyre
6.-Shara Meredith
Allison Barr
Catie Howe
Allie Cook
56.55Howard City-Tri-County
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:45.43Forest Hills Eastern
2.-Erika Bell
Aliea Thrash
Jayla Branch
Kendell Jefferson
1:46.34Wyoming Park
3.-Alicia Dills
Sierra Castleberry
Catherine Uglietta
Daeja Marzette
1:49.34East Grand Rapids
1.-Relay Team 1:50.61Grand Rapids Forest ...
4.-Relay Team 1:50.61Grand Rapids Forest ...
5.-Madeline VanderPloeg
Molly Morren
Christie Benting
Angelique Gaddy
1:51.37Grand Rapids South C...
-Relay Team 1:51.5Grand Rapids Christian
5.-Shakira Booker
Jayla Warfield
Krista DeVries
Ahmyere Hollingsworth
1:51.64Grand Rapids Christian
6.-Shakira Booker
Jayla Warfield
Krista DeVries
Ahmyere Hollingsworth
1:51.64Grand Rapids Christian
7.-Rachel Orzechowski
Johanna Samson
Addie Johnson
Emily Prins
1:52.88Grand Rapids Catholi...
7.-Nastacia Hammond
Aaliyah Edwards
Raven Haywood
D'Asia Ingram
1:53.03Grand Rapids Creston
8.-Nastacia Hammond
Aaliyah Edwards
Raven Haywood
D'Asia Ingram
1:53.03Grand Rapids Creston
2.-Olivia Obetts
Stephanie Hamacher
Janay Woodward
Mackenzie Rich
1:53.38Comstock Park
3.-Jill Nickels
Cassie Kuipers
Lyndsey Horner
Ginger Christie
1:59.99Byron Center
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Bren Becker
Kassidy Clark
Lily Clifford
Jessie Baloga
4:05.07East Grand Rapids
2.-Bren Becker
Kassidy Clark
Lily Clifford
Jessie Baloga
4:05.07East Grand Rapids
2.-Rachel Orzechowski
Kaitlyn Hoffman
Addie Johnson
Emily Prins
4:09.13Grand Rapids Catholi...
3.-Relay Team 4:13.83Forest Hills Eastern
4.-Relay Team 4:13.83Forest Hills Eastern
4.-Kelley Tuinenga
Alex Whitford
Molly Longstreet
McKenzie Diemer
4:14.47Grand Rapids South C...
5.-Liza Gunnink
Dana Veen
Ahmyere Hollingsworth
Krista DeVries
4:16.14Grand Rapids Christian
6.-Liza Gunnink
Dana Veen
Ahmyere Hollingsworth
Krista DeVries
4:16.14Grand Rapids Christian
1.-Relay Team 4:20.06Grand Rapids Ottawa ...
6.-Relay Team 4:20.06Grand Rapids Ottawa ...
7.-Olivia Obetts
Stephanie Hamacher
Joanna Bowditch
Mackenzie Rich
4:25.60Comstock Park
8.-Relay Team 4:28.63Byron Center
2.-Corynne LeBel
Rhiannon Bowen
Taylor Barger
Rachael Warner
1.-Relay Team 2:28.63Byron Center
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 9:32.69Forest Hills Eastern
2.-Relay Team 9:41.90Byron Center
3.-Kelley Tuinenga
Katie DeVries
Molly Longstreet
McKenzie Diemer
9:44.01Grand Rapids South C...
4.-Jill McLain
Susan Hoffman
Jessie Baloga
Kassidy Clark
9:47.89East Grand Rapids
5.-Relay Team 9:58Grand Rapids Christian
5.-Emily Long
Kimby Penning
Dana Veen
Liza Gunnink
9:58.10Grand Rapids Christian
6.-Relay Team 10:02.47Grand Rapids Forest ...
7.-Briana Synder
Bailey Meredith
Ivy Boden
Angela Gray
10:41.55Howard City-Tri-County
-Kerisa Arnold
Rachael Warner
Corynne LeBel
Tristin Miller
8.-Relay Team 10:56.48Cedar Springs
-Jaclynn Haney
Holly Hoover
Mackenzie Rich
Alaina Wier
11:07Comstock Park
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jabria Hill40'02.25"Grand Rapids Ottawa ...
2.12Amber TerHaar34'05.50"Cedar Springs
3.10MacKenzie Sievers32'08.00"Byron Center
4.11Julie Angell32'07.50"Byron Center
5.-Christie Benting30'11.50"Grand Rapids South C...
6.10Jeanette Sukstas30'05.00"Cedar Springs
7.11Stacie Mead29'01.75"Forest Hills Eastern
8.9Mariah Smith28'11.00"Grand Rapids Forest ...
11Amber Aspinwall28Comstock Park
9Morgan Towers27Comstock Park
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Amber TerHaar118'00.00"Cedar Springs
2.12Jasmine McAllester115'09.00"Grand Rapids Ottawa ...
3.11Julie Angell111'07.00"Byron Center
4.-Lauren Vandewege110'02.00"Byron Center
5.10MacKenzie Sievers108'09.00"Byron Center
6.12Katie Hamrs104'05.00"Wyoming
7.11Kyra Hull95'10.00"Forest Hills Eastern
8.12Amy Anema92'08.00"Grand Rapids South C...
12Holly Hoover76Comstock Park
11Amber Aspinwall67Comstock Park
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Arielle Byl5'03.00"Forest Hills Eastern
2.10Emily Prins5'02.00"Grand Rapids Catholi...
3.9Ade Ayoola5'02.00"Grand Rapids Christian
4.11Mycah Hulst4'09.00"Grand Rapids South C...
5.-Christina Shepard4'09.00"Byron Center
6.12Kelley Tuinenga4'09.00"Grand Rapids South C...
12Sara Idema4'06.00"Grand Rapids Forest ...
10Lexi Reiningar4'06.00"Forest Hills Eastern
7.10Ellie Eggleston4'06.00"Grand Rapids Catholi...
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
4.11Nicki Jager9'1"Grand Rapids Christian
5.12Adrienne Veenstra8'2"Grand Rapids Christian
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Angelique Gaddy17'00.00"Grand Rapids South C...
2.12Kaitlin Susan16'07.25"Byron Center
3.12Arielle Byl16'03.00"Forest Hills Eastern
4.9Ahmyere Hollingsworth16'02.50"Grand Rapids Christian
5.12Kia Frazier16'01.75"Grand Rapids Christian
6.10Sam Reno15'08.50"Forest Hills Eastern
7.12Hannah Lanning15'07.75"Grand Rapids South C...
8.10Bri Clonan15'07.50"Forest Hills Eastern
9Ashley Ross14' 1"Belding
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