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Prospect, Shady Cove, Hanby

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Eagle Point HS, Eagle Point

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Middle School - Finals
1.7John Shipley14.03Shady Cove      
7Garret Dey14.34Hanby      
2.7Bryan O'Neil14.34Shady Cove      
5.7Garrett Webb14.41Shady Cove      
6.7Thorin Wigen14.62Shady Cove      
8Samual Herberger14.85Hanby      
7.8Zach Oliver14.90Shady Cove      
8.7Dalton James15.63Shady Cove      
7Tim McCree17.0Hanby      
9.7Garrett Logue17.00Shady Cove      
1.8Darrin Stillwagon13:18Prospect      
4.7Devin Shiele14:38Prospect      
X 200 Meters - Middle School - Finals
1.7John Shipley28.15Shady Cove      
7Travis Watson28.66Hanby      
3.7Daniel Everitt30.47Shady Cove      
4.7Thorin Wigen33.40Shady Cove      
7Alex Bitterling38.15Hanby      
X 400 Meters - Middle School - Finals
1.6Takoda Richardson1:3:19Prospect      
1.8Daniel Forgy1:06:00Prospect      
8Devan Ellis1:09.56Hanby      
3.8Jared Dabel1:10.12Shady Cove      
7Travis Watson1:11.65Hanby      
4.8Travis Kyle1:14.38Shady Cove      
7Jordan Gerhard1:16.13Hanby      
3.7Jared Wolf1:19.5Shady Cove      
8Daniel Kelly1:22.94Hanby      
7Tim McCree1:29.28Hanby      
X 800 Meters - Middle School - Finals
7Zakary VanWey2:36.84Hanby      
7Jake Vail3:01.59Hanby      
8Tanner Vanwey3:06.18Hanby      
2.8Travis Kyle3:14.03Shady Cove      
3.7Devin Shiele3:15:66Prospect      
1.7Josh Jones3:31:34Prospect      
2.6Robert T3:33:22Prospect      
3.5Mason Keller3:38:59Prospect      
X 1500 Meters - Middle School - Finals
7Zakary VanWey5:36.38Hanby      
2.7Brandon Yoeman6:20.12Shady Cove      
1.6Bryan DeBerry6:27.62Shady Cove      
1.8Mikey Johnson6:32.78Shady Cove      
3.7Jacob Myers6:54.50Shady Cove      
2.6Ethen Crowl6:55.21Shady Cove      
X 3000 Meters - Middle School - Finals
6Nate McShane12:28.09Hanby      
1.8Darrin Stillwagon12:57:69Prospect      
7Travis Watson13:58.87Hanby      
1.7Jacob Myers14:04.00Shady Cove      
6Mondo Archuletta16:41.80Hanby      
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Middle School - Finals
8Wyatt Haas18.78Hanby      
2.8Michael Macedo18.97Shady Cove      
1.7Michael Hammond19.87Shady Cove      
2.7Ben Cantrel20.25Shady Cove      
8Tanner Vanwey20.71Hanby      
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Middle School - Finals
8Wyatt Haas33.03Hanby      
1.7Michael Hammond35.12Shady Cove      
2.7Ben Cantrel38.47Shady Cove      
3.7Brandon Yoeman39.44Shady Cove      
2.6Will Hernlein41.19Shady Cove      
8Tanner Vanwey42.16Hanby      
X 4x100 Relay - Middle School - Finals
1.-Daniel Everitt
Garrett Webb
Bryan O'Neil
John Shipley
55.43Shady Cove      
-Samual Herberger
Nate McShane
Devan Ellis
Wyatt Haas
-Relay Team 1:02.62Hanby      
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - Middle School - Finals
1.-Michael Macedo
Mikey Johnson
Travis Kyle
Jared Dabel
2:19.03Shady Cove      
-Relay Team 2:24.38Hanby      
1.-Thorin Wigen
Tanner Bacon
Michael Hammond
Jacob Myers
2:42.00Shady Cove      
1.-Will Hernlein
Bryan DeBerry
Ethen Crowl
Sean Derr
2:57.37Shady Cove      
3.-Kevin Anderson
Takoda Richardson
Aaron Prader
Mason Keller
X Shot Put - 8lb - Middle School - Finals
8Ryan Davis38'4"Hanby      
8Samual Herberger30'4"Hanby      
8Devan Ellis27'11.5"Hanby      
1.7Bryan O'Neil25'Shady Cove      
8Daniel Kelly24'11"Hanby      
6JT Gill22'9.5"Hanby      
3.7Garrett Logue21'5.5"Shady Cove      
6Troy Adams20'3.5"Hanby      
4.6Will Hernlein17'10.5"Shady Cove      
6Sean Derr17'8"Shady Cove      
6Brian Gerke17'Shady Cove      
6Bryan DeBerry16'4"Shady Cove      
6Tyler Carson15'Hanby      
X Discus - 1kg - Middle School - Finals
1.8Kevin Anderson108 2.25Prospect      
8Ryan Davis99'1.5"Hanby      
3.8Travis Kyle73'3"Shady Cove      
1.7Devin Shiele64 5.75Prospect      
8Daniel Kelly60'10"Hanby      
2.7Josh Jones53 10Prospect      
5.8Jacob Dovel53'.75"Shady Cove      
3.8Zach Oliver52'5.5"Shady Cove      
1.6Sean Derr49'8.5"Shady Cove      
7Alex Bitterling49'2.5"Hanby      
2.6Aaron Prater47 1Prospect      
6Troy Adams47'Hanby      
4.6Bryan DeBerry46'7.5"Shady Cove      
5.7Dalton James44'11"Shady Cove      
6JT Gill44'9.5"Hanby      
6.8Mikey Johnson44'6.5"Shady Cove      
6Trenton Joseph42'7.5"Hanby      
6Josh Saenz41'10.5"Shady Cove      
6.7Garrett Logue39'1.5"Shady Cove      
6Ethen Crowl32'6.75"Shady Cove      
6Tyler Carson30'3.25"Hanby      
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Middle School - Finals
2.8Darrin Stillwagon146'6"Prospect      
1.7Michael Hammond116' 3"Shady Cove      
3.8Michael Macedo99'8"Shady Cove      
3.7Garrett Webb95' 2"Shady Cove      
7Jared Wolf86' 4.5"Shady Cove      
7Dalton James83'Shady Cove      
8Zach Oliver81'Shady Cove      
7Dylan Thompson77'7.5"Shady Cove      
7Brandon Yoeman75'.05"Shady Cove      
2.6Brian Gerke72'1.5"Shady Cove      
7John Shipley72'Shady Cove      
7Tanner Bacon70'5"Shady Cove      
7Jake Vail68'3.5"Hanby      
7Ben Cantrel65'10.5"Shady Cove      
8Tanner Vanwey61'0.5"Hanby      
7Zakary VanWey59'6"Hanby      
3.6Josh Saenz55'6"Shady Cove      
7Alex Bitterling47'9"Hanby      
6Mondo Archuletta44'Hanby      
6Trenton Joseph40'3"Hanby      
1.8Kevin Anderson164'1"Prospect      
X High Jump - Middle School - Finals
7Garret Dey4'6"Hanby      
2.8Michael Macedo4'4"Shady Cove      
X Long Jump - Middle School - Finals
7Garret Dey14'5.5"Hanby      
2.7Bryan O'Neil13'3.5"Shady Cove      
7Jordan Gerhard12'8"Hanby      
8Devan Ellis12'2"Hanby      
6Nate McShane11'9"Hanby      
7Jake Vail11'0"Hanby      
7Tim McCree9'8"Hanby      
4.6Sean Derr8'6"Shady Cove      
X Triple Jump - Middle School - Finals
1.7Garrett Webb22'0"Shady Cove      
2.7Jared Wolf21'5"Shady Cove      
3.7Tanner Bacon21'1"Shady Cove      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Middle School - Finals
1.7Kirsten Pariani13.97Shady Cove      
2.7Becca Ash14.50Shady Cove      
1.8Anna Evans14.84Shady Cove      
8Nicole Beck15.06Hanby      
3.8Jennifer Ohlund15.09Shady Cove      
4.8Brooke Fowler15.17Shady Cove      
3.7Jenica Edwards15.35Shady Cove      
1.6Jazzmynn Kiefer15.50Shady Cove      
4.7Mary Bollinger16.46Shady Cove      
8Hannah King16.6Hanby      
5.7Amber Wahala-Fogel16.65Shady Cove      
8Emilee Loptien17.14Hanby      
7.8Indy Furster17.25Shady Cove      
3.6Emma Dabel18.00Shady Cove      
4.6Elyse Crowl18.09Shady Cove      
2.5Hailey Govenor16:59Prospect      
X 200 Meters - Middle School - Finals
1.7Kirsten Pariani29.37Shady Cove      
1.8Tianna Alexander32.75Shady Cove      
7Amanda Leonard33.18Hanby      
8Nicole Beck33.53Hanby      
3.8Brenna Blankenship34.72Shady Cove      
6Aiyanna Brown37.9Hanby      
4.6Elyse Crowl38.09Shady Cove      
8Miranda Archuletta45.12Hanby      
6Theresa Fernandez46.85Hanby      
1.6Bailey VanWormer33:84Prospect      
2.5Hailey Govenor36:93Prospect      
X 400 Meters - Middle School - Finals
1.8Tianna Alexander1:15.97Shady Cove      
1.6Bailey VanWormer1:18:29Prospect      
8Mariah Music1:19.78Hanby      
8Tesla Walker1:23.15Hanby      
8Breanna Winsbury1:26.71Hanby      
6Micah Herberger1:37.87Hanby      
X 800 Meters - Middle School - Finals
8Cady Morris3:00.0Hanby      
2.8Lakota Sizemore3:10:96Prospect      
3.8Sam Sauer3:15:31Prospect      
6Kayla Gilsdorf3:18.25Hanby      
8Emilee Loptien3:23.38Hanby      
8Miranda Archuletta3:51.09Hanby      
X 1500 Meters - Middle School - Finals
1.8Kiana Sweem6:10.10Shady Cove      
7Feather Walker7:25.71Hanby      
1.5Alexa Lehman8:16:88Prospect      
X 3000 Meters - Middle School - Finals
6Micah Herberger15:15.66Hanby      
6Theresa Fernandez16:05.03Hanby      
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Middle School - Finals
1.7Prissilla Greenmyer20.10Shady Cove      
8Cassie Bowen20.53Hanby      
2.8Dana Johnson20.91Shady Cove      
3.8Kiana Sweem21.19Shady Cove      
6Kayla Gilsdorf23.31Hanby      
8Katie Bowman24Hanby      
6.8Gina Rusnick24.25Shady Cove      
2.6Jazzmynn Kiefer27.16Shady Cove      
7Kate Gilworth30.35Hanby      
4.8Lakota Sizemore23:69Prospect      
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Middle School - Finals
1.7Becca Ash36.59Shady Cove      
8Cassie Bowen37.34Hanby      
2.7Prissilla Greenmyer39.78Shady Cove      
8Breanna Winsbury42.68Hanby      
8Katie Bowman44.47Hanby      
4.8Gina Rusnick46.28Shady Cove      
X 4x100 Relay - Middle School - Finals
-Cady Morris
Nicole Beck
Mariah Music
Cassie Bowen
2.-Jennifer Ohlund
Tianna Alexander
Anna Evans
Dana Johnson
58.82Shady Cove      
-Kate Gilworth
Hope Mahmood
Feather Walker
Amanda Leonard
1.-MaryAnne Whede
Jazzmynn Kiefer
Elyse Crowl
Emma Dabel
1:09:53Shady Cove      
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - Middle School - Finals
1.-Hailey Govenor
Bailey VanWormer
Megan Cheyne
Lakota Sizemore
2.-Brooke Fowler
Gina Rusnick
Emily Johnson
Kiana Sweem
2:34.81Shady Cove      
-Miranda Archuletta
Tesla Walker
Emilee Loptien
Katie Bowman
4.-Rosa Ruiz-Erickson
Amber Wahala-Fogel
Indy Furster
Mary Bollinger
2:45.87Shady Cove      
-Theresa Fernandez
Aiyanna Brown
Hannah King
Kayla Gilsdorf
X Shot Put - 6lb - Middle School - Finals
1.8Brenna Blankenship27'1.5"Shady Cove      
8Hannah King25'10"Hanby      
8Rebecca Martin23'4"Hanby      
7Hope Mahmood20'11.5"Hanby      
8Katie Bowman20'11"Hanby      
7Amanda Leonard20'8"Hanby      
6Aiyanna Brown20'6.5"Hanby      
3.7Amber Wahala-Fogel16'10.5Shady Cove      
X Discus - 1kg - Middle School - Finals
1.8Brenna Blankenship60'5"Shady Cove      
8Cassie Bowen59'9.5"Hanby      
3.8Megan Cheyne57 6.5Prospect      
4.8Lakota Sizemore56 8Prospect      
5.8Indy Furster56'3.5"Shady Cove      
1.7Ramona Lehman48 6Prospect      
2.7Rosa Ruiz-Erickson44'6"Shady Cove      
8Katie Bowman41'10.5"Hanby      
6Aiyanna Brown41'3.5"Hanby      
2.6Bailey VanWormer37 10Prospect      
8Brooke Fowler37'1.5"Shady Cove      
3.6Bailee Ramos36'10"Shady Cove      
8Rebecca Martin35'11"Hanby      
3.7Mary Bollinger34'5"Shady Cove      
7Hope Mahmood34'4"Hanby      
4.6Kristin Sweem31'11"Shady Cove      
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Middle School - Finals
1.8Tianna Alexander59'.5"Shady Cove      
2.8Anna Evans56'7.5"Shady Cove      
8Hannah King52'7"Hanby      
1.7Amber Wahala-Fogel52'3.5"Shady Cove      
8Breanna Winsbury51'9"Hanby      
8Miranda Archuletta51'4.5"Hanby      
1.6Kristin Sweem49'1"Shady Cove      
6Kayla Gilsdorf47'3"Hanby      
6Theresa Fernandez27'Hanby      
X High Jump - Middle School - Finals
1.8Dana Johnson4'4"Shady Cove      
8Cady Morris4'0"Hanby      
X Long Jump - Middle School - Finals
8Mariah Music11'8"Hanby      
1.7Becca Ash11'7"Shady Cove      
8Emilee Loptien11'6"Hanby      
3.8Dana Johnson11'5"Shady Cove      
8Tesla Walker10'7"Hanby      
8Nicole Beck10'7"Hanby      
8Cady Morris9'6"Hanby      
3.7Prissilla Greenmyer7'10"Shady Cove      
3.6MaryAnne Wehde7'4"Shady Cove      
7Kate Gilworth7'2"Hanby      
4.6Elyse Crowl7'1"Shady Cove      
5.6Bailee Ramos5'Shady Cove      
X Triple Jump - Middle School - Finals
1.7Jenica Edwards19'5"Shady Cove      
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