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Holy Spirit, St John (LC), FACES, KCMS, St John Neumann

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

UW-Oshkosh Alumni Track, Oshkosh

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Wisconsin - Independent
Lourdes Academy
St Mary's Springs
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Middle School - Finals
2.8Zach Hintze13.35aSt Mary's Springs
4.7Tanner Baird13.64aLourdes Academy
7.8Alan Burkart13.84aSt Mary's Springs
8.7Tyler Wiza14.00aSt Mary's Springs
11.8Philip Gruber14.18aLourdes Academy
12.6Jack Macy14.43aLourdes Academy
13.6Jordan Duwe14.46aLourdes Academy
14.8Zach Weiher14.52aLourdes Academy
15.8Dom Belisle14.60aSt Mary's Springs
16.7Patrick Treichel14.70aSt Mary's Springs
17.7Ricky Stoegbauer14.71aSt Mary's Springs
18.7Noah Ahlswede14.82aSt Mary's Springs
20.6Jerard Stoegbauer14.94aSt Mary's Springs
22.7Alex Kroll15.03aLourdes Academy
23.7Jesse Boehm15.11aLourdes Academy
24.7Skyler Minkin15.17aSt Mary's Springs
26.6Blake Bauer15.27aSt Mary's Springs
26.8Anthony Grebe15.27aSt Mary's Springs
28.7Luke Holzman15.28aSt Mary's Springs
28.8Evan Degler15.28aLourdes Academy
30.6Ben Seibold15.30aLourdes Academy
31.6Grant Pecore15.31aLourdes Academy
32.7Ryan McBride15.38aLourdes Academy
33.7Neel Burman15.40aSt Mary's Springs
34.7David Hoffmman15.43aLourdes Academy
37.6Jake Butzen15.62aSt Mary's Springs
38.8Noah Leib15.90aLourdes Academy
39.8Richie Swanson15.91aLourdes Academy
40.8Cody Mielke16.03aSt Mary's Springs
41.6Patrick Barhouse16.06aLourdes Academy
42.6Topher Hopper16.14aSt Mary's Springs
45.6Wesley Scheik16.32aLourdes Academy
46.6Peter Streblow16.67aSt Mary's Springs
47.7Teddy Kraus16.81aLourdes Academy
50.7Ryan BartowLuepke17.29aLourdes Academy
52.6Christian McGalloway17.79aSt Mary's Springs
53.7Seamus McDermott17.99aLourdes Academy
54.8Peter Shireman18.04aSt Mary's Springs
55.7Egan Ahern18.05aSt Mary's Springs
56.7Jon Glowcheski18.06aLourdes Academy
59.6Nicholas Rau20.24aSt Mary's Springs
6Tony BednarekDNSSt Mary's Springs
X 200 Meters - Middle School - Finals
4.7Tyler Wiza28.23aSt Mary's Springs
9.8Zach Weiher30.06aLourdes Academy
11.8Alan Burkart30.62aSt Mary's Springs
12.6Jack Macy30.89aLourdes Academy
13.7Neel Burman31.30aSt Mary's Springs
16.6Jake Butzen31.95aSt Mary's Springs
17.6Blake Bauer32.15aSt Mary's Springs
18.6Topher Hopper32.71aSt Mary's Springs
22.8Cody Mielke34.43aSt Mary's Springs
24.6Jerard Stoegbauer35.38aSt Mary's Springs
26.7Kurt Mueller36.32aSt Mary's Springs
28.7Egan Ahern38.92aSt Mary's Springs
7Jacob BakerDNSSt Mary's Springs
6Tony BednarekDNSSt Mary's Springs
7Luke HolzmanDNSSt Mary's Springs
6Austin KennebeckDNSLourdes Academy
X 400 Meters - Middle School - Finals
1.8Nick Bauer1:01.09aLourdes Academy
5.7Brady Sarauer1:09.46aSt Mary's Springs
6.7Skyler Minkin1:11.03aSt Mary's Springs
7.6Jake Butzen1:11.48aSt Mary's Springs
8.8Ben Leib1:18.31aLourdes Academy
9.6Joshua Moul1:19.25aSt Mary's Springs
10.6Alex Palmer1:19.55aSt Mary's Springs
11.6Lane Hable1:20.01aLourdes Academy
12.7Jacob Baker1:21.24aSt Mary's Springs
13.6Austin Kennebeck1:21.81aLourdes Academy
14.6Andrew Petersen1:25.25aSt Mary's Springs
8Anthony GrebeDNSSt Mary's Springs
6Eddie MuenchDNSLourdes Academy
6Josh LeibDNSLourdes Academy
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Middle School - Finals
6Jordan Duwe77.80Lourdes Academy
6Austin Kennebeck80.39Lourdes Academy
6Jack Brooks84.53Lourdes Academy
6Lane Hable91.97Lourdes Academy
X 800 Meters - Middle School - Finals
1.7Sam Spranger2:25.43aSt Mary's Springs
2.8Adam Trofka2:30.52aLourdes Academy
6.6Austin Macy2:40.25aLourdes Academy
8.6Ben Seibold2:55.56aLourdes Academy
10.7Aaron Klysen2:59.05aLourdes Academy
13.6Joshua Moul3:12.65aSt Mary's Springs
14.6Andrew Petersen3:12.96aSt Mary's Springs
16.6Alex Trofka3:35.34aLourdes Academy
6Ryan JansenDNSLourdes Academy
7Eddie SweetDNSLourdes Academy
X 1600 Meters - Middle School - Finals
2.8Nick Bauer5:27.45aLourdes Academy
3.7Sam Spranger5:28.27aSt Mary's Springs
5.7Brady Sarauer5:55.96aSt Mary's Springs
8.6Wesley Scheik6:11.21aLourdes Academy
9.7Christian Pecore6:11.82aLourdes Academy
9.7Christian Pecore6:18.79aLourdes Academy
12.6Alex Palmer6:49.71aSt Mary's Springs
13.6Peter Streblow7:14.37aSt Mary's Springs
15.8Joe Karrmann7:49.03aSt Mary's Springs
6Evan GantherDNSLourdes Academy
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Middle School - Finals
2.8Austin Stacey18.56aSt Mary's Springs
3.7Ricky Stoegbauer19.13aSt Mary's Springs
4.7Christian Pecore19.35aLourdes Academy
5.7Jesse Boehm19.38aLourdes Academy
6.6Brent Keifer19.59aLourdes Academy
7.7Miles Yokom19.71aLourdes Academy
9.7Noah Ahlswede19.84aSt Mary's Springs
11.8Josh Becker20.22aLourdes Academy
13.7Zach Hoepfner20.71aSt Mary's Springs
16.6Wesley Scheik21.69aLourdes Academy
19.6Alex Palmer24.50aSt Mary's Springs
20.6Jerard Stoegbauer24.86aSt Mary's Springs
6Patrick BarhouseDNSLourdes Academy
6Eddie MuenchDNSLourdes Academy
8Kurt KrollDNSLourdes Academy
X 4x100 Relay - Middle School - Finals
2.-Alan Burkart
Dom Belisle
Anthony Grebe
Zach Hintze
55.84aSt Mary's Springs
3.-Brady Sarauer
Sam Spranger
Ricky Stoegbauer
Patrick Treichel
55.97aSt Mary's Springs
4.-Grant Pecore
Austin Macy
Brent Keifer
Jack Macy
58.21aLourdes Academy
5.-Neel Burman
Matt Busse
Peter Shireman
Cody Mielke
58.41aSt Mary's Springs
6.-Richie Swanson
Evan Degler
Noah Leib
Philip Gruber
1:00.08aLourdes Academy
7.-Christian Pecore
Jesse Boehm
Jordan Duwe
Ryan McBride
1:00.46aLourdes Academy
9.-Blake Bauer
Joshua Moul
Tony Bednarek
Peter Streblow
1:02.68aSt Mary's Springs
10.-Alex Kroll
Eddie Sweet
Ryan BartowLuepke
Seamus McDermott
1:02.82aLourdes Academy
12.-Relay Team 1:03.69aLourdes Academy
13.-Josh Leib
Jack Brooks
David Hoffmman
Miles Yokom
1:04.75aLourdes Academy
14.-Topher Hopper
Christian McGalloway
Alex Palmer
Andrew Petersen
1:06.05aSt Mary's Springs
X 4x200 Relay - Middle School - Finals
-Lane Hable
Eddie Sweet
Alex Kroll
Patrick Barhouse
DNSLourdes Academy
X 4x400 Relay - Middle School - Finals
3.-Austin Kennebeck
Jack Brooks
Jordan Duwe
Lane Hable
5:35.13aLourdes Academy
X Shot Put - 8lb - Middle School - Finals
1.7Tanner Baird34-06.50Lourdes Academy
2.8Brady Schneider33-09.00Lourdes Academy
5.8Dom Belisle30-02.00St Mary's Springs
6.8Matt Busse29-07.50St Mary's Springs
8.8Brian Dowling29-04.00Lourdes Academy
9.8Jordan James28-10.50Lourdes Academy
10.8Austin Stacey28-06.00St Mary's Springs
11.7Skyler Minkin26-09.00St Mary's Springs
12.7Noah Ahlswede26-07.00St Mary's Springs
13.8Luke Barfknecht26-04.50Lourdes Academy
14.7Kurt Mueller25-11.00St Mary's Springs
15.8Joe Karrmann24-11.50St Mary's Springs
17.6Peter Streblow24-01.50St Mary's Springs
19.6Jack Brooks23-11.00Lourdes Academy
20.8Hobey Kraus23-06.50Lourdes Academy
23.7Zach Hoepfner20-05.00St Mary's Springs
24.6Ryan Jansen20-01.00Lourdes Academy
25.8Joe Dolan19-01.00Lourdes Academy
X Discus - 1.5kg - Middle School - Finals
1.7Tanner Baird87-04Lourdes Academy
4.8Matt Busse81-02St Mary's Springs
5.8Luke Barfknecht75-09Lourdes Academy
6.8Austin Stacey71-10St Mary's Springs
7.8Kurt Kroll71-06Lourdes Academy
9.8Brian Dowling69-10Lourdes Academy
10.7Kurt Mueller69-09St Mary's Springs
11.8Jordan James66-05Lourdes Academy
12.8Hobey Kraus63-06Lourdes Academy
13.8Dom Belisle59-10St Mary's Springs
16.8Joe Karrmann53-00St Mary's Springs
17.8Joe Dolan50-11Lourdes Academy
19.7Neel Burman49-10St Mary's Springs
20.6Jack Brooks49-05Lourdes Academy
21.6Nicholas Rau47-08St Mary's Springs
25.7Zach Hoepfner35-05St Mary's Springs
X High Jump - Middle School - Finals
1.8Zach Hintze5-04.00St Mary's Springs
2.8Brady Schneider5-00.00Lourdes Academy
3.8Kurt Kroll5-00.00Lourdes Academy
5.7Sam Spranger5-00.00St Mary's Springs
6.8Tony Posorske4-10.00Lourdes Academy
7.8Philip Gruber4-08.00Lourdes Academy
7.7Tyler Wiza4-08.00St Mary's Springs
12.7Patrick Treichel4-02.00St Mary's Springs
12.8Luke Barfknecht4-02.00Lourdes Academy
12.8Adam Trofka4-02.00Lourdes Academy
16.6Andrew Petersen4-00.00St Mary's Springs
16.6Joshua Moul4-00.00St Mary's Springs
16.8Austin Stacey4-00.00St Mary's Springs
16.7Luke Holzman4-00.00St Mary's Springs
22.6Jerard Stoegbauer3-10.00St Mary's Springs
23.7Brady Sarauer3-08.00St Mary's Springs
23.8Matt Busse3-08.00St Mary's Springs
7Jacob BakerDNSSt Mary's Springs
6Jordan DuweDNSLourdes Academy
X Long Jump - Middle School - Finals
1.8Zach Hintze15-06.00St Mary's Springs
7.8Philip Gruber13-01.25Lourdes Academy
8.8Anthony Grebe13-00.25St Mary's Springs
9.7Patrick Treichel12-11.50St Mary's Springs
13.8Tony Posorske12-07.25Lourdes Academy
14.7Eddie Sweet12-05.00Lourdes Academy
15.6Patrick Barhouse12-04.50Lourdes Academy
16.8Zach Weiher12-00.50Lourdes Academy
17.8Alan Burkart12-00.00St Mary's Springs
18.6Austin Kennebeck11-11.75Lourdes Academy
19.7Henry Killiliea11-11.50Lourdes Academy
20.8Peter Shireman11-11.00St Mary's Springs
22.6Grant Pecore11-10.00Lourdes Academy
24.6Ben Seibold11-07.00Lourdes Academy
26.8Josh Becker11-03.75Lourdes Academy
28.6Wesley Scheik11-01.75Lourdes Academy
29.6Topher Hopper11-01.50St Mary's Springs
31.6Blake Bauer10-10.75St Mary's Springs
32.7Luke Holzman10-07.00St Mary's Springs
33.6Ryan Jansen10-06.00Lourdes Academy
33.6Ben Honsinger10-06.00Lourdes Academy
35.7Miles Yokom10-02.25Lourdes Academy
36.7Ryan BartowLuepke10-02.00Lourdes Academy
37.6Jake Butzen9-10.25St Mary's Springs
38.6Christian McGalloway9-09.50St Mary's Springs
38.6Lane Hable9-09.50Lourdes Academy
40.6Nicholas Rau9-09.00St Mary's Springs
41.7Egan Ahern9-07.50St Mary's Springs
42.7Aaron Klysen9-06.00Lourdes Academy
43.7Seamus McDermott9-05.50Lourdes Academy
44.7Jon Glowcheski9-03.00Lourdes Academy
45.6Josh Leib8-11.00Lourdes Academy
46.6Alex Trofka8-05.50Lourdes Academy
47.8Joe Dolan7-08.00Lourdes Academy
48.7Teddy Kraus7-01.00Lourdes Academy
6Evan GantherDNSLourdes Academy
6Brent KeiferDNSLourdes Academy
7Jacob BakerDNSSt Mary's Springs
6Tony BednarekDNSSt Mary's Springs

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Middle School - Finals
1.8Kelley Hollmaier14.83aLourdes Academy
2.8Katie Nett14.94aSt Mary's Springs
3.6Mary Blando14.98aLourdes Academy
5.7Julia Dudenas15.06aLourdes Academy
6.6Ellie DeGroot15.09aLourdes Academy
8.7Claire Zacherl15.45aSt Mary's Springs
11.7Morgan Genal15.71aLourdes Academy
12.6Emily Foley15.76aLourdes Academy
13.6Emily O'Leary15.80aSt Mary's Springs
15.8Jackie Galazka15.87aLourdes Academy
17.7Lindsay Schmitz15.92aSt Mary's Springs
18.8Calyn Wolfgram16.00aLourdes Academy
20.7Sara Weber16.01aLourdes Academy
21.7Kristina Moul16.19aSt Mary's Springs
23.8Kaylie Edwards16.30aLourdes Academy
24.7Lesley Kutnink16.31aLourdes Academy
25.7Cassie Buelow16.37aLourdes Academy
27.8Sofia Machak16.42aLourdes Academy
32.6Anja Ozols16.73aSt Mary's Springs
36.6Aby Lau17.23aSt Mary's Springs
40.8Christina Pearlman17.56aLourdes Academy
41.8Bridget Butzen17.74aSt Mary's Springs
42.8Amber Combs17.81aLourdes Academy
43.7Makita Riehl17.87aSt Mary's Springs
44.7Meghan Lamb18.27aSt Mary's Springs
45.6Mckenzie Hoepfner18.29aSt Mary's Springs
46.7Alana Rucks18.44aSt Mary's Springs
47.6Morgan Krupp18.66aSt Mary's Springs
48.7Reyna Jimenez18.75aSt Mary's Springs
49.6Ally Schrieber18.81aSt Mary's Springs
50.7Sydney Brusky18.84aSt Mary's Springs
51.7Emma Rieder19.02aSt Mary's Springs
52.7Maggie Ford19.26aSt Mary's Springs
8Meghan RyanDNSLourdes Academy
7Maggie ScharfDNSLourdes Academy
X 200 Meters - Middle School - Finals
1.8Melanie Schneider29.87aSt Mary's Springs
2.7Maggie Kelly31.39aSt Mary's Springs
4.8Kelli Calkins31.54aLourdes Academy
5.6Mary Blando31.74aLourdes Academy
6.6Ellie DeGroot31.80aLourdes Academy
9.6Emily O'Leary33.01aSt Mary's Springs
12.8Megan McGovern33.77aSt Mary's Springs
13.7Sara Weber33.88aLourdes Academy
14.8Savannah Prehn34.82aLourdes Academy
18.6Aby Lau37.40aSt Mary's Springs
19.7Meghan Lamb37.54aSt Mary's Springs
21.6Morgan Krupp38.20aSt Mary's Springs
22.7Emma Rieder39.14aSt Mary's Springs
23.7Maggie Ford39.27aSt Mary's Springs
6Meghan SchneiderDNSLourdes Academy
6Emily FoleyDNSLourdes Academy
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Middle School - Finals
6Emily Foley31.74Lourdes Academy
8Savannah Prehn34.20Lourdes Academy
6Mara Resop36.43Lourdes Academy
6Anna Smits37.61Lourdes Academy
X 400 Meters - Middle School - Finals
1.8Melanie Schneider1:05.92aSt Mary's Springs
2.7Angela Moore1:07.24aLourdes Academy
4.8Evlyn Noone1:13.81aLourdes Academy
5.8Megan McGovern1:14.21aSt Mary's Springs
6.6Emily Foley1:14.82aLourdes Academy
8.7Annika Hintze1:18.69aSt Mary's Springs
9.7Lesley Kutnink1:18.85aLourdes Academy
11.6Emma Bittner1:20.36aSt Mary's Springs
12.6Anja Ozols1:22.41aSt Mary's Springs
13.7Alana Rucks1:26.86aSt Mary's Springs
14.6Ally Schrieber1:26.88aSt Mary's Springs
16.6Mara Resop1:28.42aLourdes Academy
17.6Alex Masini1:29.37aLourdes Academy
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Middle School - Finals
7Angela Moore73.60Lourdes Academy
8MacKenzie McDonald73.77Lourdes Academy
8Evlyn Noone77.61Lourdes Academy
8Molly Rudd83.71Lourdes Academy
X 800 Meters - Middle School - Finals
1.7Angela Moore2:48.31aLourdes Academy
4.8Nora Keller3:03.61aLourdes Academy
5.8Cecily Vandenhouten3:03.83aLourdes Academy
9.6Emma Bittner3:13.02aSt Mary's Springs
10.6Maggie Hamman3:15.54aLourdes Academy
12.6Alex Masini3:18.94aLourdes Academy
13.6Kendall Prehn3:39.16aLourdes Academy
X 1600 Meters - Middle School - Finals
1.8MacKenzie McDonald6:22.21aLourdes Academy
2.8Nora Keller6:23.84aLourdes Academy
4.8Cecily Vandenhouten6:32.42aLourdes Academy
8.6Kendall Prehn7:12.58aLourdes Academy
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Middle School - Finals
1.6Ellie DeGroot19.41aLourdes Academy
2.8Molly Rudd19.71aLourdes Academy
5.7Vanessa Buyarski20.52aLourdes Academy
7.8Maddy McDonald21.32aLourdes Academy
8.6Anja Ozols21.50aSt Mary's Springs
9.6Emily O'Leary22.05aSt Mary's Springs
11.6Aby Lau22.53aSt Mary's Springs
12.6Jade Verburgt22.90aLourdes Academy
14.8Cecily Vandenhouten23.15aLourdes Academy
15.6Emily Ransom23.83aSt Mary's Springs
16.7Makita Riehl23.97aSt Mary's Springs
6Mara ResopDNSLourdes Academy
6Meghan SchneiderDNSLourdes Academy
X 4x100 Relay - Middle School - Finals
1.-Kristina Moul
Megan McGovern
Katie Nett
Melanie Schneider
59.69aSt Mary's Springs
2.-Kelli Calkins
Kelley Hollmaier
Jackie Galazka
Molly Rudd
1:00.46aLourdes Academy
3.-Mary Blando
Sara Weber
Cassie Buelow
Julia Dudenas
1:00.69aLourdes Academy
5.-Lindsay Schmitz
Annika Hintze
Maggie Kelly
Claire Zacherl
1:01.13aSt Mary's Springs
7.-Aby Lau
Ally Schrieber
Anja Ozols
Emily O'Leary
1:05.86aSt Mary's Springs
9.-Lesley Kutnink
Ellie Noone
Maddie Foord
Morgan Genal
1:07.73aLourdes Academy
11.-Maggie Ford
Emma Rieder
Meghan Lamb
Reyna Jimenez
1:09.78aSt Mary's Springs
12.-Emma Bittner
Morgan Krupp
Mckenzie Hoepfner
Emily Ransom
1:13.39aSt Mary's Springs
-Maggie Hamman
Meghan Schneider
McKaylyn Williams
Anna Smits
DNSLourdes Academy
X 4x200 Relay - Middle School - Finals
1.-Maggie Kelly
Lindsay Schmitz
Katie Nett
Claire Zacherl
2:08.54aSt Mary's Springs
3.-Emily Foley
Anna Smits
Savannah Prehn
Mara Resop
2:20.30aLourdes Academy
-Maddie Foord
Julia Dudenas
Ellie Noone
Evie Noone
DNSLourdes Academy
X 4x400 Relay - Middle School - Finals
1.-Angela Moore
Molly Rudd
Mackenzie McDonald
Evie Noone
5:08.91aLourdes Academy
X Shot Put - 8lb - Middle School - Finals
2.6Mckenzie Hoepfner24-05.00St Mary's Springs
5.7Vanessa Buyarski21-10.00Lourdes Academy
6.7Sydney Brusky21-04.50St Mary's Springs
11.6Emily Dolan17-01.50Lourdes Academy
12.6Abby Litjens16-10.50Lourdes Academy
14.7Rachel Spanbauer12-04.50Lourdes Academy
15.7Erin Rose Flora11-11.00Lourdes Academy
X Discus - 1.5kg - Middle School - Finals
1.7Sydney Brusky61-02St Mary's Springs
2.7Alana Rucks52-10St Mary's Springs
3.7Annika Hintze52-08St Mary's Springs
4.7Kristina Moul51-05St Mary's Springs
8.6Mckenzie Hoepfner47-09St Mary's Springs
9.7Reyna Jimenez46-09St Mary's Springs
15.7Makita Riehl37-05St Mary's Springs
16.6Anna Smits35-11Lourdes Academy
18.6Abby Litjens35-05Lourdes Academy
19.7Rachel Spanbauer33-10Lourdes Academy
20.6Emily Dolan33-00Lourdes Academy
7Lesley KutninkDNSLourdes Academy
X High Jump - Middle School - Finals
1.8Kelli Calkins4-04.00Lourdes Academy
2.7Vanessa Buyarski4-02.00Lourdes Academy
6Abby LitjensNHLourdes Academy
6Emily RansomNHSt Mary's Springs
X Long Jump - Middle School - Finals
2.7Lindsay Schmitz13-08.00St Mary's Springs
3.6Ellie DeGroot13-05.50Lourdes Academy
5.7Maggie Kelly13-05.00St Mary's Springs
6.6Mary Blando12-03.00Lourdes Academy
7.8Melanie Schneider12-02.50St Mary's Springs
8.7Kristina Moul11-09.50St Mary's Springs
11.7Claire Zacherl11-03.00St Mary's Springs
12.8Katie Nett11-00.00St Mary's Springs
15.7Annika Hintze10-02.00St Mary's Springs
15.6Morgan Krupp10-02.00St Mary's Springs
17.8Bridget Butzen10-01.00St Mary's Springs
18.6Jade Verburgt10-00.00Lourdes Academy
19.7Alana Rucks9-11.00St Mary's Springs
21.8Megan McGovern9-09.00St Mary's Springs
21.7Morgan Genal9-09.00Lourdes Academy
23.6Emily Ransom9-06.00St Mary's Springs
25.6Maggie Hamman9-04.00Lourdes Academy
27.7Emma Rieder9-03.00St Mary's Springs
29.7Maggie Ford9-01.00St Mary's Springs
31.6Emma Bittner8-05.50St Mary's Springs
32.7Erin Rose Flora8-03.50Lourdes Academy
34.8Sofia Machak7-08.50Lourdes Academy
35.7Reyna Jimenez7-04.50St Mary's Springs
36.8Christina Pearlman7-02.50Lourdes Academy
37.6Ally Schrieber7-00.00St Mary's Springs
38.7Makita Riehl6-11.50St Mary's Springs
40.8Amber Combs6-09.50Lourdes Academy
8Darian KuglinDNSLourdes Academy
6Anna SmitsDNSLourdes Academy
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