Panther Relays

Friday, April 29, 2011
  Mound City HS, Mound City - Map
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kylynn Sisk11.98aSouth Holt R-1
2.11Thauan Andrade12.42aCraig R-3
3.11Josh Leroy12.50aDekalb
4.11Chris Niles12.57aTarkio
5.10Justin Mays12.83aSt Joseph Christian
6.9Thomas Shiflett13.05aMound City R-2
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Thauan Andrade12.48aCraig R-3
2.11Kylynn Sisk12.49aSouth Holt R-1
3.11Chris Niles12.89aTarkio
4.11Josh Leroy12.92aDekalb
5.10Justin Mays13.15aSt Joseph Christian
5.9Thomas Shiflett13.15aMound City R-2
7.11Brandon Saxton13.17aNodaway Holt R-7
8.12Alex Kier13.24aNorth Andrew R-6
9.9Tim Chester13.25aSt Joseph Christian
10.12Blake Shamberger13.49aNodaway Holt R-7
11.10Pat Hurst13.60aMound City R-2
12.10Duncan Parker13.78aPolo
13.9Steven Gibbons13.99aCraig R-3
14.10Jesse Pope14.05aRock Port
15.10Charles Johnson14.08aDekalb
16.9Clay Mitchell14.32aWest Nodaway R-1
17.10Alec Eggers14.85aPolo
18.9Kirby Filley15.10aWest Nodaway R-1
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Josh Leroy24.90aDekalb
2.10Justin Mays25.63aSt Joseph Christian
3.11Chase White25.96aNorth Andrew R-6
4.9Jack Pile26.05aPolo
5.9Chris Fry26.35aSt Joseph Christian
6.11Brandon Saxton32.69aNodaway Holt R-7
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Josh Leroy25.47aDekalb
2.10Justin Mays26.24aSt Joseph Christian
3.11Chase White26.56aNorth Andrew R-6
4.9Jack Pile26.87aPolo
5.9Chris Fry26.91aSt Joseph Christian
6.11Brandon Saxton27.09aNodaway Holt R-7
7.10Duncan Parker27.25aPolo
8.12Montana Schawang27.39aMound City R-2
9.9Jayden McMahon27.55aRock Port
10.11Zach Kahle27.81aMound City R-2
11.10Charles Johnson28.37aDekalb
12.9Kirby Filley29.49aWest Nodaway R-1
13.11Cody Miller30.02aCraig R-3
14.10Brock Ferguson30.20aSouth Nodaway R-4
15.10Collin Salsbury31.40aSouth Nodaway R-4
16.10Quincy Hensley32.22aSouth Holt R-1
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Josh Owens54.28aMound City R-2
2.11Josh Leroy54.80aDekalb
3.10Daniel Boruch56.18aPolo
4.9Gregory Allison56.37aSt Joseph Christian
5.9Dayne Messer58.01aMound City R-2
6.11Matt Dahlgren58.39aSt Joseph Christian
7.10Sage DeLong1:00.65aNortheast Nodaway
8.9Clay Mitchell1:02.04aWest Nodaway R-1
9.10Kenny Atkins1:03.08aNorth Andrew R-6
10.10Tanner Adkins1:03.99aWest Nodaway R-1
11.9Foster White1:04.62aTarkio
12.10Brock Ferguson1:05.54aSouth Nodaway R-4
13.10Derreck Tate1:05.70aPolo
14.10Collin Salsbury1:06.56aSouth Nodaway R-4
15.11Cody Miller1:06.59aCraig R-3
16.9Trev Martin1:07.04aTarkio
17.9Steve Schulte1:12.10aNortheast Nodaway
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kolby Reagan2:11.13aDekalb
2.12James Taylor2:13.75aPolo
3.10Spencer Staples2:16.05aMound City R-2
4.10Brett Johnson2:16.70aMound City R-2
5.12Aric Gazaway2:18.13aNodaway Holt R-7
6.11Tyler Davison2:19.80aSt Joseph Christian
--10Dakota Weese2:42West Nodaway R-1
--10Dakota WeeseDNFWest Nodaway R-1
--11Matt McConkeyDNFSouth Nodaway R-4
--10Brandon KehlDNFCraig R-3
--11Justin HazelmanDNFPolo
--12Chris RoushDNFNorth Andrew R-6
--11Tyler MitchellDNFTarkio
--12Jacob SturtzDNFRock Port
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kolby Reagan4:53.49aDekalb
2.11Colton Blay5:01.53aWest Nodaway R-1
3.10Gage Lemmon5:03.24aRock Port
4.12Aric Gazaway5:05.72aNodaway Holt R-7
5.9Michael McMahon5:14.43aTarkio
6.10Rhea Rardon5:22.97aPolo
--10Hayston WilsonDNFMound City R-2
--10Dalton MillsDNFPolo
--9Robert CurtisDNFRock Port
--9Seth DittemoreDNFNorth Andrew R-6
--11Tyler DavisonDNFSt Joseph Christian
--11Tyler MitchellDNFTarkio
--9Justin WindsorDNFNorth Andrew R-6
--10Derek LemonDNFNodaway Holt R-7
--9Josh JohnsonDNFMound City R-2
--10Brandon KehlDNFCraig R-3
--9Aaron SchmidtDNFSt Joseph Christian
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Colton Blay10:56.08aWest Nodaway R-1
2.11Jeremy Booher11:14.64aTarkio
3.12Aric Gazaway11:50.04aNodaway Holt R-7
4.10Dustin Winter11:54.39aWest Nodaway R-1
5.12Ethan Olson11:58.58aSt Joseph Christian
6.9John Lang12:04.82aTarkio
--9Corbin MinterDNFRock Port
--10Jacob RasmussenDNFPolo
--10Rhea RardonDNFPolo
--12Edmund RunionDNFNodaway Holt R-7
--9Aaron SchmidtDNFSt Joseph Christian
--10Dalton HoneaDNFMound City R-2
--11Trevor BoydDNFMound City R-2
--10Paul BarclayDNFSouth Holt R-1
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Chase White17.18aNorth Andrew R-6
2.12Blake Shamberger17.68aNodaway Holt R-7
3.12Austin Rice17.97aRock Port
4.12Landon Wood18.35aWest Nodaway R-1
5.10Robbie Kaufman18.74aSt Joseph Christian
6.9Dalton Dreher18.82aMound City R-2
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Blake Shamberger18.52aNodaway Holt R-7
2.12Landon Wood19.21aWest Nodaway R-1
3.11Chase White19.29aNorth Andrew R-6
4.12Austin Rice19.44aRock Port
5.9Dalton Dreher19.84aMound City R-2
6.10Robbie Kaufman20.34aSt Joseph Christian
7.11Dillon James21.31aPolo
8.9Chris Harris22.47aDekalb
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Austin Rice44.39aRock Port
2.11Thauan Andrade45.05aCraig R-3
3.12Landon Wood45.34aWest Nodaway R-1
4.10Tony Utt45.42aPolo
5.11Jordan Morrison46.25aSt Joseph Christian
6.9Dalton Dreher47.40aMound City R-2
7.10Robbie Kaufman47.73aSt Joseph Christian
8.9Chandler Farmer48.54aRock Port
9.11Ian Flannigan50.05aSouth Nodaway R-4
10.11Dillon James50.20aPolo
11.9Max Graves50.45aTarkio
12.9Chris Harris51.65aDekalb
13.11Andrew Sloop52.51aTarkio
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Josh Owens
Thomas Shiflett
Kase Newcomb
Lucas Schawang
47.32aMound City R-2
2.-Alex Toben
J.D. Walter
Brice Lambert
Chris Niles
3.-Relay Team 47.61aRock Port
4.-Tim Chester
Kaleb Ramseier
Justin Mays
Robbie Kaufman
48.60aSt Joseph Christian
5.-Zach Freeman
Jack Pile
Duncan Parker
Logan Dixon
6.-Billy Brock
Mitch Mueller
Jake McCully
Quincy Hensley
49.37aSouth Holt R-1
7.-Tanner Adkins
Brent Barnett
Kirby Filley
Heath Harris
54.23aWest Nodaway R-1
8.-Sky Lux
Chris Harris
Charles Johnson
Colton Couch
9.-Zach Callow
Aaron Saxton
Nick Patterson
Derek Lemon
56.20aNodaway Holt R-7
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Montana Schawang
Lucas Schawang
Kase Newcomb
Josh Owens
1:38.52aMound City R-2
2.-Tim Chester
Kaleb Ramseier
Matt Dahlgren
Justin Mays
1:39.95aSt Joseph Christian
3.-Brent Bush
Jaden Foulk
Colton Couch
Austen Hall
4.-Relay Team 1:43.26aRock Port
5.-Zach Freeman
Jack Pile
Daniel Boruch
Logan Dixon
6.-Billy Brock
Jerimiah Bragg
Jake McCully
Mitch Mueller
1:46.93aSouth Holt R-1
7.-Tanner Adkins
Landon Wood
Kirby Filley
Billy Knarr
1:47.46aWest Nodaway R-1
8.-Cody Miller
Brandon Kehl
Keifer Nemyer
Steven Gibbons
1:54.06aCraig R-3
9.-Andrew Sloop
Jordan Riley
Max Graves
Cavin Joesting
10.-Zach Callow
Aaron Saxton
Nick Patterson
Edmund Runion
1:57.48aNodaway Holt R-7
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Dalton Dreher
Kase Newcomb
Lucas Schawang
Josh Owens
3:43.80aMound City R-2
2.-Zach Freeman
Austin Bowley
James Taylor
Daniel Boruch
3.-Relay Team 3:49.13aRock Port
4.-Gregory Allison
Tyler Davison
Matt Dahlgren
Jordan Morrison
3:52.96aSt Joseph Christian
5.-J.D. Walter
Alex Toben
Brice Lambert
Chris Niles
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Brett Johnson
Dayne Messer
Kase Newcomb
Spencer Staples
9:18.42aMound City R-2
2.-Austen Hall
Jaden Foulk
Kolby Reagan
Jordan Paulno
3.-Zach Freeman
Dalton Mills
Austin Bowley
James Taylor
4.-Jeremy Booher
Michael McMahon
Tyler Mitchell
John Lang
5.-Ethan Olson
Aaron Schmidt
Gregory Allison
Tyler Davison
10:00.79aSt Joseph Christian
6.-Relay Team 10:14.46aRock Port
7.-Aric Gazaway
Derek Lemon
Nick Patterson
Zach Callow
10:17.58aNodaway Holt R-7
8.-Tanner Adkins
Heath Harris
George Farmer
Dustin Winter
10:51.56aWest Nodaway R-1
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12James Schoonover43-06.75Mound City R-2
2.12Winston Norris42-10.00Rock Port
3.11Zane Cozad41-07.75Rock Port
4.12Trey Graves37-11.25Tarkio
5.12Taylor Sampson37-04.00Dekalb
6.9Travis McIntyre37-01.50West Nodaway R-1
7.9Colton Couch36-07.75Dekalb
8.12Daniel Bowness36-03.00South Holt R-1
9.10James Walker36-02.00Mound City R-2
10.11Brandon Whittington33-02.00West Nodaway R-1
11.11Austin Bowley32-06.50Polo
12.10Kevin Stoll31-08.75Northeast Nodaway
13.10Keaton Shaw31-06.00Tarkio
14.9Cutler Derr31-03.75South Holt R-1
15.10Johnathan Poppa31-01.50Nodaway Holt R-7
16.9Trenton. Stewart31-00.50North Andrew R-6
17.11Dakota Mercer30-03.50North Andrew R-6
18.9Brian Juhl29-11.50St Joseph Christian
19.10Brady McCaskey28-01.50Polo
20.9Steven Gibbons26-06.00Craig R-3
21.9Chase Ford26-02.00St Joseph Christian
22.9Devin Albertson22-03.00Nodaway Holt R-7
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jonathan Baxley116-08Rock Port
2.10James Walker107-00.50Mound City R-2
3.10Dakota Sonderegger106-03Dekalb
4.11Brandon Whittington102-05West Nodaway R-1
5.12Brent Barnett97-04West Nodaway R-1
6.12Winston Norris93-03.50Rock Port
7.10Duncan Parker87-03Polo
8.10Johnathan Poppa86-06.50Nodaway Holt R-7
9.12Jimmy Hurst85-06.50Mound City R-2
10.10Keaton Shaw82-07Tarkio
11.10Kevin Stoll82-05Northeast Nodaway
12.10Brady McCaskey77-05Polo
13.9Quayde Bauman74-02North Andrew R-6
14.9Steven Gibbons72-03Craig R-3
15.12Jackson Girdner71-00North Andrew R-6
16.9Brian Juhl69-07.50St Joseph Christian
17.9Chase Ford65-06.75St Joseph Christian
18.11Jacob Allen65-02South Holt R-1
19.9Devin Albertson55-11Nodaway Holt R-7
20.9Chris Christgen51-10Dekalb
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Eric Duncan6-00.00Rock Port
2.11Lucas Schawang5-10.00Mound City R-2
2.12Spencer Pierpoint5-10.00Rock Port
4.11Brent Bush5-08.00Dekalb
5.11James Taylor5-06.00Polo
6.10Zachary Officer5-06.00North Andrew R-6
7.9Gregory Allison5-02.00St Joseph Christian
7.11Jordan Morrison5-02.00St Joseph Christian
7.9Keifer Nemyer5-02.00Craig R-3
--9Dalton DreherFAILMound City R-2
--9Jaden FoulkFAILDekalb
--10Brice LambertFAILTarkio
--11Toby PojeFAILPolo
--12Ross. RutherfordFAILNorth Andrew R-6
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kaleb Ramseier11-06.00St Joseph Christian
2.11Kylynn Sisk11-06.00South Holt R-1
3.10Brett Johnson9-00.00Mound City R-2
3.10Elijah Poe9-00.00Mound City R-2
5.10Jerimiah Bragg9-00.00South Holt R-1
6.10Kenny Atkins8-00.00North Andrew R-6
7.10Danny Atkins8-00.00North Andrew R-6
--9Keifer NemyerFAILCraig R-3
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brent Bush19-01.25Dekalb
2.9Eric Duncan17-11.00Rock Port
3.12Logan Dixon17-08.00Polo
4.9Thomas Shiflett17-01.50Mound City R-2
5.11Thauan Andrade16-09.75Craig R-3
6.12Alex Kier16-08.50North Andrew R-6
7.9Jack Pile16-08.00Polo
8.11Llogan Kunkel15-08.00South Holt R-1
9.10Sage DeLong15-05.00Northeast Nodaway
10.12Montana Schawang15-03.00Mound City R-2
11.9Miles Rutherford14-01.00North Andrew R-6
12.9Jordan Riley13-10.50Tarkio
13.9Steve Schulte13-08.50Northeast Nodaway
14.10Jake McCully13-07.75South Holt R-1
15.10Brock Ferguson13-01.50South Nodaway R-4
16.12Heath Harris12-11.75West Nodaway R-1
17.9Zach Callow12-07.00Nodaway Holt R-7
18.9Aaron Saxton11-09.50Nodaway Holt R-7
--11Cody MillerFOULCraig R-3
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Logan Dixon42-10.75Polo
2.11Brent Bush42-10.00Dekalb
3.10Zachary Officer40-01.25North Andrew R-6
4.10Daniel Boruch38-07.25Polo
5.9Chandler Farmer38-05.50Rock Port
6.12Spencer Pierpoint37-11.00Rock Port
7.11Jordan Morrison37-02.00St Joseph Christian
7.11Thauan Andrade37-02.00Craig R-3
9.10Mitch Mueller36-08.75South Holt R-1
10.10Sage DeLong36-08.50Northeast Nodaway
11.10Hayston Wilson35-11.50Mound City R-2
12.9Dayne Messer35-11.00Mound City R-2
13.9Steve Schulte33-06.00Northeast Nodaway
14.11Andrew Sloop31-05.00Tarkio
15.11Ian Flannigan30-06.00South Nodaway R-4
16.12Edmund Runion30-00.50Nodaway Holt R-7
17.9Trev Martin30-00.00Tarkio
18.10Collin Salsbury29-03.00South Nodaway R-4
19.9Keifer Nemyer28-04.25Craig R-3
--9Dylan PierceFOULDekalb
--10George FarmerFOULWest Nodaway R-1
--10Tanner AdkinsFOULWest Nodaway R-1
--12Chris RoushFOULNorth Andrew R-6

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Taya Lewis14.33aRock Port
2.10Megan Knutter14.60aPolo
3.11Shadie Beeson14.86aTarkio
4.9Lily Grant14.96aMound City R-2
5.9Katie Beck15.10aCraig R-3
6.11Melissa Shelby15.55aDekalb
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Taya Lewis14.98aRock Port
2.11Shadie Beeson15.23aTarkio
3.10Megan Knutter15.47aPolo
4.9Katie Beck15.53aCraig R-3
5.9Lily Grant15.72aMound City R-2
6.11Melissa Shelby15.78aDekalb
7.9Sara Murphy15.84aMound City R-2
8.10Katie Stevens16.35aTarkio
9.9Loren Wagner16.83aPolo
10.10Jeanna Terrell16.94aCraig R-3
11.11Collyn Christgen17.14aDekalb
12.11Kasey Hall17.17aSt Joseph Christian
13.9Brandi Walker17.24aNodaway Holt R-7
14.9Margaret Guss17.26aSouth Nodaway R-4
15.9Salena Hines17.80aSouth Nodaway R-4
16.10Chandlar Smith21.89aWest Nodaway R-1
--10Kareena ShumanFSSouth Holt R-1
--9Lacie LeeDQRock Port
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Megan Rosenbohm29.77aNodaway Holt R-7
2.9Emily Cordell30.65aWest Nodaway R-1
3.10Shelbie White30.87aTarkio
4.9Ashley Adams31.34aPolo
5.9Lily Grant31.87aMound City R-2
6.10Kareena Shuman32.07aSouth Holt R-1
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Megan Rosenbohm28.89aNodaway Holt R-7
2.10Kareena Shuman30.76aSouth Holt R-1
3.9Emily Cordell30.79aWest Nodaway R-1
4.9Ashley Adams30.88aPolo
5.9Lily Grant31.17aMound City R-2
6.10Shelbie White31.45aTarkio
7.9Brinsley Oliver31.59aNorth Andrew R-6
8.11Melissa Shelby31.70aDekalb
9.10Carina Metzger31.73aMound City R-2
10.11Merissa Felix31.76aRock Port
11.10Megan Knutter31.81aPolo
12.11Darian Burke32.00aCraig R-3
13.10Alexis Nielson32.20aSouth Nodaway R-4
14.11Blair Million33.67aSouth Holt R-1
15.11Josie Crow33.75aRock Port
16.9Tori Bretz34.57aDekalb
17.9Blaze Erickson34.84aTarkio
18.9Salena Hines35.47aSouth Nodaway R-4
19.10Chandlar Smith45.85aWest Nodaway R-1
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alexa Taff1:01.33aSt Joseph Christian
2.9Megan Rosenbohm1:04.85aNodaway Holt R-7
3.9Emily Cordell1:05.28aWest Nodaway R-1
4.11Melissa Shelby1:09.89aDekalb
5.11Darian Burke1:11.00aCraig R-3
6.9Madison Reagan1:11.25aDekalb
7.9Lily Grant1:11.48aMound City R-2
8.9Stephaney Ferguson1:12.73aSt Joseph Christian
9.10Rachael Kurtz1:13.57aSouth Holt R-1
10.9Loren Wagner1:14.60aPolo
11.10Alexis Nielson1:15.58aSouth Nodaway R-4
12.10Katrina Freemyer1:17.20aNortheast Nodaway
13.9Alyssa Lewis1:17.47aCraig R-3
14.9Kerrigan Adwell1:18.54aNortheast Nodaway
15.11Erin Mulvania1:18.68aRock Port
16.11Sydney Markt1:19.51aSouth Holt R-1
17.9Nicole Blea1:28.45aTarkio
18.9Kayla. Coulter1:29.68aNorth Andrew R-6
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Emilee Messer2:31.15aMound City R-2
2.12Hannah Morrey2:39.09aSt Joseph Christian
3.11Michelle Schulte2:41.00aNortheast Nodaway
4.11Jordyn Pankau2:43.57aMound City R-2
5.9Madison Reagan2:46.30aDekalb
6.11Blair Million2:52.84aSouth Holt R-1
--11Erin MulvaniaDNFRock Port
--9Emily HerronDNFRock Port
--9Aerin RennakerDNFTarkio
--9Lauryn SchmitzDNFSt Joseph Christian
--9Korinne ColeDNFNorth Andrew R-6
--9Katie ChristgenDNFDekalb
--11Nicole HeitsDNFCraig R-3
--11Rebecca GeibDNFCraig R-3
--9Kelsey GallionDNFPolo
--10Amanda GurwellDNFPolo
--12Marissa McConkeyDNFSouth Nodaway R-4
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Lacy Kirkland-Larsen6:03.41aRock Port
2.11Michelle Schulte6:14.31aNortheast Nodaway
3.11Hannah Olson6:31.06aSt Joseph Christian
4.11Rebecca Geib6:41.49aCraig R-3
5.10Madison Hagey6:48.11aWest Nodaway R-1
6.9Jade McAdams6:58.12aTarkio
7.9Korinne Cole7:02.62aNorth Andrew R-6
8.9Emily Herron7:12.88aRock Port
--11Josie BomarDNFMound City R-2
--9Stephaney FergusonDNFSt Joseph Christian
--10Amanda GurwellDNFPolo
--9Kelsey GallionDNFPolo
--9Krynn PraterDNFCraig R-3
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Taylor Miles12:53.36aMound City R-2
2.10Lacy Kirkland-Larsen13:05.39aRock Port
3.9Stephaney Ferguson14:08.92aSt Joseph Christian
4.10Ohrt Baleigh14:32.46aTarkio
5.12Courtney Arthur14:36.81aPolo
6.10Madison Hagey14:40.13aWest Nodaway R-1
--9Chey Marrison16:07West Nodaway R-1
--9Chey MarrisonDNFWest Nodaway R-1
--9Katherine SharpDNFDekalb
--11Josie BomarDNFMound City R-2
--10Monica FickessDNFPolo
--11Michelle McEnaneyDNFTarkio
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Tiffany Bomberger18.64aDekalb
2.11Kayley Pyles19.34aDekalb
3.12Ashton Lewis19.68aCraig R-3
4.10Ashley Critchfield20.70aSt Joseph Christian
5.12Kassie Jones20.90aWest Nodaway R-1
--9Amber AdamsFSPolo
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Tiffany Bomberger18.70aDekalb
2.9Amber Adams19.45aPolo
3.11Kayley Pyles19.77aDekalb
4.12Ashton Lewis20.32aCraig R-3
5.10Ashley Critchfield21.12aSt Joseph Christian
6.12Kassie Jones21.22aWest Nodaway R-1
7.9Shayna Dougan21.49aNortheast Nodaway
8.10Marissa Perkins21.52aWest Nodaway R-1
9.12Erin Hook21.60aSt Joseph Christian
10.11Abby Athen21.78aTarkio
11.12Emily Graham21.80aRock Port
12.9Darcie Gallagher21.92aNodaway Holt R-7
13.9Abby McEnaney22.82aTarkio
14.10Katrina Freemyer23.00aNortheast Nodaway
15.9Kayla. Coulter23.22aNorth Andrew R-6
16.10Payton Lair23.29aRock Port
--11Holly HowardDQCraig R-3
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Avery Snodgrass50.61aPolo
2.9Amber Adams51.94aPolo
3.10Tiffany Bomberger52.19aDekalb
4.12Ashton Lewis54.15aCraig R-3
5.12Jodi Holmes54.21aNodaway Holt R-7
6.9Sara Murphy55.62aMound City R-2
7.11Kayley Pyles56.46aDekalb
8.9Abby McEnaney57.44aTarkio
9.10Marissa Perkins58.06aWest Nodaway R-1
10.11Allyson Kerr58.15aRock Port
11.9Kamden Poppa58.20aTarkio
12.9Andrea Henggeler59.93aSouth Nodaway R-4
13.9Shayna Dougan1:01.39aNortheast Nodaway
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Haylee Clifton
Carina Metzger
Alex Philips
Emilee Messer
55.83aMound City R-2
2.-Megan Knutter
Amber Adams
Ashley Adams
Avery Snodgrass
3.-Abby Athen
Shadie Beeson
Sarah Brought
Katie Stevens
4.-Darian Burke
Jill Riley
Katie Beck
Ashton Lewis
58.15aCraig R-3
5.-Relay Team 59.52aRock Port
6.-Sydney Markt
Blair Million
Kareena Shuman
Ashley Graupman
1:00.23aSouth Holt R-1
7.-Krysta Beattie
Darcie Gallagher
Jodi Holmes
Brandi Walker
1:01.29aNodaway Holt R-7
-Chey Marrison
Claire Young
Deanna Harvey
Madison Hagey
1:03West Nodaway R-1
8.-Collyn Christgen
Sophie Matthews
Wanda Mattox
Jovie Ng
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Megan Knutter
Amber Adams
Ashley Adams
Avery Snodgrass
2.-Katie Beck
Nicole Heits
Darian Burke
Ashton Lewis
2:00.43aCraig R-3
3.-Emylee King
Hannah Morrey
Lauryn Schmitz
Courtlin Osborn
2:00.58aSt Joseph Christian
4.-Relay Team 2:00.65aRock Port
5.-Lily Grant
Carina Metzger
Sara Murphy
Jordyn Pankau
2:01.12aMound City R-2
6.-Shadie Beeson
Abby McEnaney
Katie Stevens
Shelbie White
7.-Kareena Shuman
Sydney Markt
Blair Million
Ashley Graupman
2:07.63aSouth Holt R-1
-Madison Hagey
Claire Young
Deanna Harvey
Kelsie Burson
2:08West Nodaway R-1
8.-Beth Christgen
Hunter Henderson
Jaycee Nurski
Tori Bretz
9.-Kerrigan Adwell
Shayna Dougan
Katrina Freemyer
Taryn Farnan
2:14.50aNortheast Nodaway
10.-Laurie Cecil
Margaret Guss
Salena Hines
Alexis Nielson
2:18.99aSouth Nodaway R-4
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Haylee Clifton
Emilee Messer
Alex Philips
Jordyn Pankau
4:31.77aMound City R-2
2.-Emylee King
Hannah Morrey
Lauryn Schmitz
Courtlin Osborn
4:41.65aSt Joseph Christian
3.-Relay Team 4:45.95aRock Port
4.-Tiffany Bomberger
Madison Reagan
Kayley Pyles
Melissa Shelby
5.-Emily Cordell
Kelsie Burson
Deanna Harvey
Marissa Perkins
4:55.13aWest Nodaway R-1
6.-Abby Athen
Shadie Beeson
Kamden Poppa
Shelbie White
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Haylee Clifton
Emilee Messer
Taylor Miles
Jordyn Pankau
10:47.58aMound City R-2
2.-Relay Team 11:30.53aRock Port
3.-Emily Cordell
Deanna Harvey
Madison Hagey
Marissa Perkins
11:44.59aWest Nodaway R-1
4.-Margaret Guss
Andrea Henggeler
Marissa McConkey
Alexis Nielson
12:16.20aSouth Nodaway R-4
5.-Ohrt Baleigh
Sarah Brought
Jade McAdams
Michelle McEnaney
6.-Kelsey Gallion
Ashley Allen
Monica Fickess
Courtney Arthur
7.-Holly Howard
Alyssa Lewis
Krynn Prater
Jeanna Terrell
14:00.28aCraig R-3
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Makayla Vette36-06.00Rock Port
2.10Krysta Beattie29-11.25Nodaway Holt R-7
3.11Danielle Beard29-06.00St Joseph Christian
4.10Sammie Copeland28-04.00Polo
5.11Nicole Heits27-11.25Craig R-3
6.11Ashley Bryant27-03.00Tarkio
7.9Eryn Acton26-07.00Mound City R-2
8.9Patti Lawson26-05.00Dekalb
9.9Scout Miller26-00.00South Nodaway R-4
10.12Jordan Thomas25-07.00Rock Port
11.12Nikki Junco24-08.00Polo
12.9Ali Fowler23-01.00St Joseph Christian
13.11Regan Erickson22-07.50Tarkio
14.9Merkin Karr22-05.50Mound City R-2
15.10Layne Beatte20-06.00South Nodaway R-4
16.10Erin Kelley19-11.25Dekalb
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Makayla Vette119-03Rock Port
2.11Nicole Heits94-06Craig R-3
3.10Krysta Beattie91-07Nodaway Holt R-7
4.9Taya Lewis86-04.50Rock Port
5.10Sammie Copeland80-05.50Polo
6.11Danielle Beard79-09St Joseph Christian
7.11Regan Erickson78-09Tarkio
8.9Hunter Henderson75-01Dekalb
9.11Makenzie Prawl73-02St Joseph Christian
10.12Milli Johnson71-11Dekalb
11.11Abby Haer68-06.50Mound City R-2
12.11Ashley Bryant66-07Tarkio
13.9Scout Miller65-04South Nodaway R-4
14.9Darcie Gallagher59-03.50Nodaway Holt R-7
15.9Angel Singleton56-00North Andrew R-6
16.12Kassie Jones55-01West Nodaway R-1
17.9Jorden Miller54-06Mound City R-2
18.12Nikki Junco51-09Polo
19.10Layne Beatte48-00South Nodaway R-4
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jill Riley4-08.00Craig R-3
2.11Rebecca Geib4-08.00Craig R-3
3.9Madison Reagan4-06.00Dekalb
4.11Abby Haer4-06.00Mound City R-2
5.12Emily Graham4-06.00Rock Port
6.10Missy Cawthon4-06.00Polo
7.11Kasey Hall4-04.00St Joseph Christian
7.12Erin Hook4-04.00St Joseph Christian
9.9Taryn Farnan4-02.00Northeast Nodaway
9.9Blaze Erickson4-02.00Tarkio
9.12Courtney Arthur4-02.00Polo
9.12Jodi Holmes4-02.00Nodaway Holt R-7
--9Brandi WalkerFAILNodaway Holt R-7
--10Sophie MatthewsFAILDekalb
--9Shaylin MillerFAILMound City R-2
--9Abby McEnaneyFAILTarkio
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Alex Philips8-06.00Mound City R-2
2.10Shelbie White8-06.00Tarkio
3.9Angel Singleton7-06.00North Andrew R-6
4.11Abby Haer6-06.00Mound City R-2
5.10Missy Cawthon6-06.00Polo
6.12Jill Riley6-00.00Craig R-3
--11Hannah OlsonFAILSt Joseph Christian
--9Shania. ColeFAILNorth Andrew R-6
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Megan Rosenbohm15-01.75Nodaway Holt R-7
2.9Taya Lewis14-06.25Rock Port
3.9Ashley Adams14-01.00Polo
4.10Shaina Pittman14-00.50North Andrew R-6
5.11Abby Haer13-11.00Mound City R-2
6.11Michelle Schulte13-05.75Northeast Nodaway
7.9Brinsley Oliver13-05.75North Andrew R-6
8.12Jodi Holmes13-05.00Nodaway Holt R-7
9.12Erin Hook13-01.50St Joseph Christian
10.11Jonna Stottlemyre12-10.50Polo
11.12Kassie Jones12-04.75West Nodaway R-1
12.9Kamden Poppa12-04.00Tarkio
13.10Carina Metzger12-01.25Mound City R-2
13.9Kerrigan Adwell12-01.25Northeast Nodaway
15.9Hunter Henderson11-08.00Dekalb
16.12Jordan Thomas11-03.00Rock Port
17.11Laurie Cecil11-00.75South Nodaway R-4
18.11Holly Howard11-00.50Craig R-3
19.10Jeanna Terrell10-11.75Craig R-3
20.12Wanda Mattox10-06.25Dekalb
--10Layne BeatteFOULSouth Nodaway R-4
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Taylor Miles34-09.75Mound City R-2
2.9Megan Rosenbohm33-11.00Nodaway Holt R-7
3.11Michelle Schulte31-10.25Northeast Nodaway
4.10Tiffany Bomberger31-10.00Dekalb
5.12Erin Hook30-08.75St Joseph Christian
6.9Taryn Farnan30-05.25Northeast Nodaway
7.11Kayley Pyles30-03.00Dekalb
7.11Rebecca Geib30-03.00Craig R-3
9.9Kamden Poppa29-09.50Tarkio
10.11Abby Athen29-07.50Tarkio
11.10Avery Snodgrass29-03.00Polo
12.10Allison Lawrence29-00.00Rock Port
13.12Kassie Jones28-09.00West Nodaway R-1
14.12Emily Graham28-06.50Rock Port
14.11Jonna Stottlemyre28-06.50Polo
16.12Marissa McConkey26-08.00South Nodaway R-4
17.9Shaylin Miller23-11.75Mound City R-2
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