League Meet at Lakewood

Wednesday, May 04, 2011
  Lakewood HS, Lakewood - Map

  Field Events Start: 3:00 PM  Track Events Start: 3:30 PM
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Washington - Cascade
GFMSGranite Falls
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Sean Dawson12.56Lakewood
7Jared Helmstader13.13Coupeville
7Lathom Kelley13.22Coupeville
2.7Jared Helmstader13.41Coupeville
3.7Lathom Kelley13.56Coupeville
7Daniel Thornley13.78Coupeville
4.7Joseph McNeil13.72Granite Falls
5.7Daniel Thornley13.84Coupeville
6.7Jon Smith13.94Granite Falls
7.7Sebastian Davis14.19Coupeville
8.7Ryan Griggs14.34Coupeville
9.7Romualdo Trejo14.50Granite Falls
7Ryan Griggs14.563Coupeville
10.7Jacob Bates14.69Granite Falls
7Dalton Martin14.88Coupeville
11.7Matthew Studzinski14.85Lakewood
12.7Keegan Boris15.22Lakewood
13.7Justin Porter15.59Lakewood
8Geoffery McClarin15.69Coupeville
14.7Ryan Knapp16.37Lakewood
15.7Mitchell Losey16.72Coupeville
16.7Austin Hudson16.75Lakewood
7Mitchell Losey17.15Coupeville
17.7Jakob Hoveland17.37Granite Falls
7Arlyss JenkinsNTGranite Falls
7Michael SchloeNTLakewood
X 100 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Matthew Hamilton12.00Granite Falls
2.8Brett Bustad13.04Lakewood
3.8Blake Watts13.06Lakewood
4.8Drake Chaves13.37Lakewood
5.8Austin Vancleave13.56Lakewood
6.8Tristin Larsen13.85Granite Falls
7.8Geoffery McClarin15.07Coupeville
8.8Daniel Matalomani15.19Granite Falls
9.8Jon Glynn Del Mar15.22Granite Falls
8Gavin SitterNTLakewood
X 200 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Sean Dawson26.03Lakewood
2.7Jared Helmstader28.16Coupeville
3.7Joseph McNeil29.06Granite Falls
4.7Simon Angel29.56Granite Falls
5.7Bradley Hills29.82Granite Falls
6.7Jacob Bates30.50Granite Falls
7.7Brandon Van Mechelen30.66Granite Falls
8.7Jon Smith32.31Granite Falls
9.7Conor White36.66Granite Falls
7Ryan GriggsNTCoupeville
7Justin PorterNTLakewood
X 200 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Matthew Hamilton25.72Granite Falls
2.8Hunter Fritz27.53Lakewood
3.8Dakota Herrington27.71Lakewood
4.8Jon Gayle Del Mar30.35Granite Falls
5.8Daniel Matalomani31.03Granite Falls
6.8Chandler Walker31.18Granite Falls
8Chance SchuellerNTLakewood
8Gavin SitterNTLakewood
X 400 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Sebastian Davis1:11.44Coupeville
2.7Keegan Boris1:17.75Lakewood
3.7Jeffrey Lozensky1:19.31Granite Falls
4.7Ryan Knapp1:24.47Lakewood
5.7Jakob Hoveland1:32.25Granite Falls
X 400 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Matthew Hamilton1:00.75Granite Falls
2.8Trevor Parenteau1:06.37Lakewood
3.8Andrew Dunn1:18.13Lakewood
8George EusticeNTLakewood
8Matt HamptonNTCoupeville
X 800 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Dante Gadbois2:38.18Granite Falls
2.7Tanner Avila2:44.28Lakewood
3.7Dawson D'almaida2:56.76Coupeville
4.7Jeffrey Lozensky2:57.00Granite Falls
5.7Brody Scott3:21.30Granite Falls
6.7Sebastian Wurzrainer3:41.00Coupeville
7Gareth BrewerNTLakewood
X 800 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Douglas Davis2:30.20Lakewood
2.8Antino Bellizzi2:35.20Lakewood
3.8Trevor Parenteau2:42.19Lakewood
4.8Adam Gibson2:47.98Granite Falls
5.8Chris Cervarich2:51.63Granite Falls
6.8Donald Janda2:57.87Granite Falls
7.8Brenden Follett3:00.19Granite Falls
8.8Jesse Read3:01.57Lakewood
8Andrew DunnNTLakewood
8George EusticeNTLakewood
X 1600 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Dante Gadbois5:45.53Granite Falls
2.7Jeffrey Lozensky6:07.59Granite Falls
3.7Brody Scott6:17.28Granite Falls
4.7Dawson D'almaida7:03.69Coupeville
5.7Zane Bundy7:12.56Coupeville
6.7Sebastian Wurzrainer7:35.55Coupeville
X 1600 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Douglas Davis5:22.24Lakewood
2.8Tristin Larsen5:40.90Granite Falls
3.8Trevor Parenteau5:44.63Lakewood
4.8Antino Bellizzi5:44.94Lakewood
5.8Adam Gibson5:48.44Granite Falls
6.8Chris Cervarich6:24.46Granite Falls
7.8Sage Williamson6:31.40Lakewood
8.8Michael Kelley7:03.11Coupeville
9.8Andrew Dunn7:11.73Lakewood
8Brendan HallNTLakewood
8Matt HamptonNTCoupeville
8Ethan ShortNTGranite Falls
X 110m Hurdles - 30" - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Kelson Brewer19.60Lakewood
2.7Romualdo Trejo20.69Granite Falls
3.7Keegan Boris21.03Lakewood
4.7Tanner Avila21.50Lakewood
5.7Ryan Knapp22.91Lakewood
7Zane Bundy25.6Coupeville
6.7Zane Bundy26.97Coupeville
7.7Austin Hudson28.22Lakewood
7Arlyss JenkinsNTGranite Falls
7Gareth BrewerNTLakewood
X 110m Hurdles - 30" - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Alex Cooper18.56Lakewood
2.8Antino Bellizzi18.88Lakewood
3.8Austin Vancleave19.69Lakewood
4.8Donald Janda19.78Granite Falls
5.8Brenden Follett20.81Granite Falls
6.8Sean Reeves21.16Granite Falls
7.8Ryley Repenn21.25Granite Falls
8.8Ethan Short21.35Granite Falls
9.8Jon Gayle Del Mar21.40Granite Falls
10.8Sage Williamson21.53Lakewood
11.8Austin Wold21.65Granite Falls
12.8Adam Gibson21.94Granite Falls
13.8Jon Glynn Del Mar22.25Granite Falls
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - 7th Grade - Finals
7Jared Helmstader28.03Coupeville
X 4x100 Relay - 7th Grade - Finals
1.-Justin Porter
Matthew Studzinski
Kelson Brewer
Sean Dawnson
2.-Ryan Griggs
Jared Helmstader
Dalton Martin
Daniel Thornley
3.-Bradley Hills
Simon Angel
Dante Gadbois
Brandon Van Mechelen
1:00.31Granite Falls
4.-Lathom Kelley
Mitchell Losey
Dawson D'almaida
Sebastian Davis
X 4x100 Relay - 8th Grade - Finals
1.-Brett Bustad
Austin Vancleave
Blake Watts
Drake Chaves
2.-Tristin Larsen
Sean Reeves
Ethan Short
Jon Glynn Del Mar
1:04.44Granite Falls
X 4x200 Relay - 7th Grade - Finals
1.-Brandon Van Mechelen
Conor White
Dante Gadbois
Simon Angel
2:04.94Granite Falls
X 4x200 Relay - 8th Grade - Finals
1.-Blake Watts
Brett Bustad
Dakota Herrington
Drake Chaves
2.-Chandler Walker
Chris Cervarich
Donald Janda
Ethan Short
2:02.09Granite Falls
X Shot Put - 8lb - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Romualdo Trejo36-04.00Granite Falls
2.7Simon Angel27-02.00Granite Falls
3.7Jeremy Miller25-04.00Granite Falls
4.7Dietrick Kooyman25-00.00Lakewood
5.7Tyler Arp19-00.00Granite Falls
7Jason MushlitNDLakewood
7Lathom KelleyNDCoupeville
X Shot Put - 8lb - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Kalan Knott33-06.00Lakewood
2.8Austin Wold32-00.00Granite Falls
3.8Curtis Patton30-08.00Lakewood
4.8Daniel Matalomani27-09.00Granite Falls
5.8Caleb Smith24-00.00Lakewood
6.8Geoffery McClarin21-01.00Coupeville
8Matt HamptonNDCoupeville
8Gavin SitterNDLakewood
X Discus - 1kg - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Romualdo Trejo122-01Granite Falls
2.7Jeremy Miller83-09Granite Falls
3.7Daniel Thornley82-11Coupeville
4.7Lathom Kelley82-09Coupeville
5.7Dalton Martin74-02Coupeville
6.7Tyler Arp62-00Granite Falls
7.7Dietrick Kooyman61-02Lakewood
8.7Ryan Knapp55-03Lakewood
9.7Keegan Boris52-05Lakewood
10.7Mitchell Losey49-04Coupeville
11.7Conor White45-06Granite Falls
12.7Jon Smith44-08Granite Falls
13.7Brody Scott44-07Granite Falls
14.7Jeffrey Lozensky42-03Granite Falls
15.7Austin Hudson39-10Lakewood
7Jason MushlitNDLakewood
7Gareth BrewerNDLakewood
X Discus - 1kg - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Tristin Larsen100-06Granite Falls
2.8Curtis Patton86-02Lakewood
3.8Kalan Knott77-00Lakewood
4.8Daniel Matalomani76-05Granite Falls
5.8Austin Wold70-04Granite Falls
6.8Caleb Smith65-09Lakewood
7.8Douglas Davis62-07Lakewood
8.8Brenden Follett60-07Granite Falls
9.8Ryley Repenn54-06Granite Falls
10.8Jon Glynn Del Mar53-10Granite Falls
11.8Bruce Englehardt51-03Lakewood
8Brendan HallNDLakewood
8Jesse ReadNDLakewood
8Alex CooperNDLakewood
X High Jump - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Sean Dawson4-04.00Lakewood
2.7Kelson Brewer4-04.00Lakewood
3.7Jon Smith4-02.00Granite Falls
4.7Dante Gadbois4-02.00Granite Falls
5.7Ryan Griggs4-00.00Coupeville
7Sebastian DavisNHCoupeville
7Dalton MartinNHCoupeville
7Zane BundyNHCoupeville
X High Jump - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Hunter Fritz4-10.00Lakewood
2.8Chris Cervarich4-06.00Granite Falls
3.8Chance Schueller4-06.00Lakewood
4.8Antino Bellizzi4-06.00Lakewood
5.8Dakota Herrington4-06.00Lakewood
6.8Ryley Repenn4-04.00Granite Falls
7.8Sean Reeves4-02.00Granite Falls
8Michael KelleyNHCoupeville
8Matt HamptonNHCoupeville
X Long Jump - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Jacob Bates13-06.00Granite Falls
2.7Joseph McNeil13-05.00Granite Falls
3.7Kelson Brewer12-05.00Lakewood
4.7Justin Porter12-04.00Lakewood
5.7Jared Helmstader12-04.00Coupeville
6.7Dawson D'almaida10-10.00Coupeville
7.7Mitchell Losey10-07.00Coupeville
7.7Matthew Studzinski10-07.00Lakewood
9.7Jeremy Miller9-09.00Granite Falls
10.7Austin Hudson9-04.50Lakewood
11.7Sebastian Wurzrainer9-02.00Coupeville
12.7Tyler Arp9-01.00Granite Falls
13.7Conor White7-09.00Granite Falls
14.7Jakob Hoveland7-08.00Granite Falls
15.7Dietrick Kooyman6-08.50Lakewood
7Michael SchloeNDLakewood
7Gareth BrewerNDLakewood
7Daniel ThornleyNDCoupeville
7Zane BundyNDCoupeville
7Dalton MartinNDCoupeville
7Arlyss JenkinsNDGranite Falls
7Bradley HillsNDGranite Falls
X Long Jump - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Matthew Hamilton16-10.50Granite Falls
2.8Brett Bustad16-00.50Lakewood
3.8Hunter Fritz15-08.00Lakewood
4.8Dakota Herrington15-01.50Lakewood
5.8Alex Cooper14-03.00Lakewood
6.8Austin Vancleave13-08.00Lakewood
7.8Douglas Davis13-00.00Lakewood
8.8Brenden Follett12-09.00Granite Falls
9.8Jon Gayle Del Mar12-08.00Granite Falls
10.8Chance Schueller12-06.00Lakewood
11.8Geoffery McClarin12-03.00Coupeville
12.8Adam Gibson12-00.00Granite Falls
13.8Sage Williamson11-08.00Lakewood
14.8Chandler Walker11-01.50Granite Falls
15.8Ethan Short11-01.00Granite Falls
16.8Michael Kelley10-06.00Coupeville
17.8Andrew Dunn9-08.00Lakewood
18.8Jesse Read9-05.00Lakewood
19.8Bruce Englehardt9-03.00Lakewood
8Blake WattsNDLakewood
8Gavin SitterNDLakewood
8Sean ReevesNDGranite Falls

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Kelsey Bechtholdt14.28Granite Falls
2.7Sylvia Hurlburt14.41Coupeville
3.7Makana Stone14.69Coupeville
4.7Tommie Mosteller14.87Lakewood
5.7Cyera Charles14.90Lakewood
6.7Ali Eastman14.96Lakewood
7.7Kaylee Parks15.03Lakewood
8.7Hunter Clark15.13Lakewood
9.7Rachel Alfred15.14Lakewood
10.7Kirsten Pelroy15.47Coupeville
11.7Maddie DeYoung15.65Lakewood
12.7Hayley Senyitko15.69Lakewood
13.7Emily Hodges15.72Granite Falls
14.7Talisa Whittaker16.09Granite Falls
15.7Alicia Callanan16.31Lakewood
16.7Jalyn Rutledge16.50Lakewood
17.7Emily Evenson16.56Lakewood
18.7Jessica Goodsell16.97Lakewood
19.7Katy Phillips17.03Granite Falls
20.7Mackenzie London17.16Granite Falls
21.7Samantha Martin17.25Coupeville
22.7Savannah Dumas17.35Granite Falls
23.7Makayla Durrant17.41Granite Falls
24.7Rachel Steichen17.50Lakewood
25.7Lorena Espindola17.70Granite Falls
26.7Emily Fitzgerald18.00Granite Falls
27.7Jessica Sargerser18.06Granite Falls
28.7Julia Jones18.09Coupeville
29.7Mckenzie Meyer18.46Granite Falls
30.7Selena Flegel18.66Granite Falls
31.7Mandi Cook18.72Granite Falls
32.7Shania Klinnert18.75Granite Falls
33.7Rylie Spitzer20.65Granite Falls
7Alexis ShirleyNTGranite Falls
7Bailey BrownNTGranite Falls
7Micaelah BakerNTGranite Falls
7Laura RachalNTGranite Falls
7Rebecca FavorsNTLakewood
X 100 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8De'Asia Seegars14.44Lakewood
2.8Terah Barrio14.53Lakewood
3.8Kendall Stewart14.72Granite Falls
4.8Peyton Cook14.97Lakewood
5.8Haily Malakowski15.06Lakewood
6.8Chase Gormley15.28Lakewood
7.8Ariana Wyatt15.34Granite Falls
8.8Faith Shinn15.63Coupeville
9.8Hailey Prater16.07Granite Falls
10.8Wynter Thorne16.22Coupeville
11.8Jackie Ginnings16.25Coupeville
12.8Hailey Arndt16.75Granite Falls
13.8Allie Gauslow16.78Coupeville
14.8Sabrina Best17.06Granite Falls
15.8Rebecca Van Tassel17.40Granite Falls
16.8Brehanna Meigs17.50Lakewood
17.8Maureen Rice17.64Coupeville
18.8Diana Cortes17.88Granite Falls
19.8Sabrina Wells20.35Granite Falls
8Anna StreetNTGranite Falls
8Cassidy FryNTLakewood
8Kendal HurdNTLakewood
X 200 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Kelsey Bechtholdt28.97Granite Falls
2.7Stephanie Smith30.34Lakewood
3.7Sylvia Hurlburt30.37Coupeville
4.7Ali Eastman30.94Lakewood
5.7Morgan Shimkus31.87Lakewood
6.7Kirsten Pelroy31.93Coupeville
7.7Rachel Alfred32.22Lakewood
8.7Hunter Clark32.44Lakewood
9.7Megan Fenton33.35Lakewood
10.7Erin Espeland34.72Lakewood
11.7Mackenzie London35.25Granite Falls
12.7McKenzie Winegar36.35Lakewood
13.7Emily Evenson36.50Lakewood
14.7Kara Blackwood36.66Lakewood
15.7Rachel Steichen37.90Lakewood
16.7Syela Ransom38.32Granite Falls
17.7Lorena Espindola38.37Granite Falls
18.7Savannah Dumas38.53Granite Falls
19.7Selena Flegel41.78Granite Falls
7Abigail BurkNTGranite Falls
7Katerina HegnesNTLakewood
7Lyudmila SolopNTLakewood
7McKenzie RiceNTCoupeville
X 200 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Lauren Harding29.97Granite Falls
2.8De'Asia Seegars30.56Lakewood
3.8Jackie Ginnings34.53Coupeville
4.8Allie Gauslow36.62Coupeville
5.8Sabrina Best37.28Granite Falls
6.8Hannah Eadie40.25Granite Falls
8Sammi ConawayNTGranite Falls
8Faith ShinnNTCoupeville
8Cassidy FryNTLakewood
8Kendal HurdNTLakewood
8Lindsay KerneyNTLakewood
8Paige CookNTLakewood
X 400 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Makana Stone1:08.37Coupeville
2.7Cyera Charles1:16.72Lakewood
3.7Laura Gilbertson1:17.54Granite Falls
4.7Katerina Hegnes1:18.04Lakewood
5.7Hunter Clark1:19.29Lakewood
6.7Jalyn Rutledge1:22.94Lakewood
7.7Hailey Tollefson1:25.47Granite Falls
8.7Kara Blackwood1:27.06Lakewood
9.7Emily Evenson1:29.00Lakewood
10.7Rachel Steichen1:30.44Lakewood
11.7Katy Phillips1:43.87Granite Falls
12.7Samantha Miner-Ball1:44.28Granite Falls
7Abigail BurkNTGranite Falls
X 400 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Kendal Hurd1:08.28Lakewood
2.8Faith Shinn1:11.97Coupeville
3.8Chloe McCann1:13.22Lakewood
4.8Hailey Teter1:18.69Granite Falls
5.8Ariana Wyatt1:19.93Granite Falls
6.8Riley Miller1:22.53Lakewood
7.8Nicol Mugrage1:29.97Lakewood
8.8Brehanna Meigs1:37.72Lakewood
X 800 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Taylor Weitzel3:12.34Granite Falls
2.7Lilly Whitehead3:23.50Lakewood
3.7Shania Klinnert3:26.04Granite Falls
4.7Mckenzie Meyer3:46.64Granite Falls
5.7Jessica Sargerser4:10.67Granite Falls
7Laura GilbertsonNTGranite Falls
X 800 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Darby Throndsen2:42.70Lakewood
2.8Chase Gormley3:10.00Lakewood
3.8Ciera Briggs3:36.81Granite Falls
4.8Ella Brooks3:37.85Coupeville
5.8Rebecca Van Tassel3:42.11Granite Falls
6.8Elizabeth Hargraves5:01.81Granite Falls
7.8Mikaela Edwards5:02.00Granite Falls
X 1600 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Morgan Shimkus6:39.72Lakewood
2.7Anna King6:45.01Coupeville
3.7Taylor Weitzel6:53.87Granite Falls
4.7Laura Gilbertson7:03.93Granite Falls
5.7Lilly Whitehead7:32.05Lakewood
X 1600 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Darby Throndsen5:41.17Lakewood
2.8Hailey Teter6:21.17Granite Falls
3.8Ellen Knowles7:30.10Lakewood
X 75m Hurdles - 30" - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Kaylee Parks14.28Lakewood
2.7Kelsey Bechtholdt14.60Granite Falls
3.7Emily Hollis14.94Lakewood
4.7Cyera Charles15.00Lakewood
5.7Emily Hodges15.28Granite Falls
6.7Laura Rachal15.53Granite Falls
7.7Taylor Weitzel15.90Granite Falls
8.7Rachel Alfred16.06Lakewood
9.7Morgan Shimkus16.31Lakewood
10.7Megan Fenton16.72Lakewood
11.7Jalyn Rutledge17.16Lakewood
12.7Ruthann Fernandes17.25Lakewood
13.7Syela Ransom17.78Granite Falls
14.7Shania Klinnert18.34Granite Falls
15.7Makayla Wilbur21.35Lakewood
16.7Madison King21.50Lakewood
17.7Lorena Espindola23.12Granite Falls
7Mandi Cook23.88Granite Falls
7Mckenzie Meyer25.10Granite Falls
18.7Claire Flagg27.84Lakewood
7Lyudmila SolopNTLakewood
7Erin EspelandNTLakewood
7Patricia HaniganNTLakewood
7Micaelah BakerNTGranite Falls
7Makayla DurrantNTGranite Falls
X 75m Hurdles - 30" - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Darby Throndsen14.75Lakewood
2.8Lauren Harding14.85Granite Falls
3.8Kendall Stewart15.16Granite Falls
4.8Mikayla Engstrom15.50Granite Falls
5.8Riley Miller15.60Lakewood
6.8Sadie Klingman15.81Lakewood
7.8Lexi Zbiegien15.96Lakewood
8.8Mikaela Edwards15.97Granite Falls
9.8Nicol Mugrage16.06Lakewood
10.8Samantha Staab17.25Lakewood
11.8Rebecca Van Tassel17.37Granite Falls
8Erika McMathNTGranite Falls
8Anna StreetNTGranite Falls
8Hailey TeterNTGranite Falls
8Elizabeth HargravesNTGranite Falls
8Emily RiceNTGranite Falls
8Maureen RiceNTCoupeville
X 4x100 Relay - 7th Grade - Finals
1.-Cassidy Fry
Paige Cook
Terah Barrio
Lindsay Kerney
2.-Bailey Brown
Chloe Downs
Makayla Durrant
Emily Hodges
1:01.09Granite Falls
3.-Anna King
McKenzie Rice
Samantha Martin
Julia Jones
X 4x100 Relay - 8th Grade - Finals
1.-Stephanie Smith
Maddie DeYoung
Tommie Mosteller
Hayley Senyitko
2.-Kailey Larsen
Kendall Stewart
Anna Street
Ciera Briggs
1:05.53Granite Falls
3.-Ella Brooks
Elizabeth Bishop
Wynter Thorne
Maureen Rice
X 4x200 Relay - 7th Grade - Finals
1.-Maddie DeYoung
Ali Eastman
Tommie Mosteller
Stephanie Smith
2.-Laura Rachal
Micaelah Baker
Abigail Burk
Mackenzie London
2:19.22Granite Falls
X 4x200 Relay - 8th Grade - Finals
1.-Kendal Hurd
Paige Cook
Terah Barrio
Lindsay Kerney
2.-Mikayla Engstrom
Lauren Harding
Emily Rice
Hailey Teter
2:12.72Granite Falls
X Shot Put - 8lb - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Casey Ballard22-10.00Granite Falls
2.7Selena Flegel20-10.00Granite Falls
3.7Hailey Tollefson19-02.00Granite Falls
4.7McKenzie Winegar19-00.00Lakewood
5.7Zoe Ispas18-09.00Granite Falls
6.7Samantha Miner-Ball18-08.00Granite Falls
7.7Sonja Lunn18-03.00Lakewood
8.7Jessica Peterson17-03.00Lakewood
9.7Siera Jackson16-01.00Lakewood
10.7Jessica Goodsell15-03.00Lakewood
11.7Britney Albro14-09.00Lakewood
12.7Jynette Blanchard14-08.00Lakewood
13.7Syela Ransom14-07.00Granite Falls
14.7Shania Klinnert14-03.00Granite Falls
15.7Jessica Sargerser14-01.00Granite Falls
16.7Katy Phillips13-05.00Granite Falls
17.7Mckenzie Meyer13-02.00Granite Falls
18.7Mandi Cook11-10.00Granite Falls
19.7Sara DeWitt10-00.00Lakewood
7Alicia CallananNDLakewood
7Alexis ShirleyNDGranite Falls
7Shian WitherspoonNDLakewood
7Raelee YanceyNDLakewood
X Shot Put - 8lb - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Kaitlynn Walton24-02.00Granite Falls
2.8Monica Vidoni23-01.00Coupeville
3.8Kailey Larsen22-01.00Granite Falls
4.8Hannah Eadie21-06.00Granite Falls
5.8Jessica Postlethwaite20-06.00Lakewood
6.8Sammi Conaway17-07.00Granite Falls
7.8Jamie Cooper17-00.00Lakewood
8.8Maureen Rice16-10.00Coupeville
9.8Diana Cortes16-08.00Granite Falls
10.8Yasmine Perez16-04.00Lakewood
11.8Leia Groda15-07.00Lakewood
12.8Hailey Arndt15-03.00Granite Falls
13.8Sabrina Best15-02.00Granite Falls
14.8Sabrina Wells14-08.00Granite Falls
15.8Madison Udman13-00.00Lakewood
8Jackie StoverNDLakewood
8Ariana WyattNDGranite Falls
8Erika McMathNDGranite Falls
8Jamie SmithNDLakewood
8Ellen KnowlesNDLakewood
X Discus - 1kg - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Hailey Tollefson55-03Granite Falls
1.7Chloe Downs55-03Granite Falls
3.7Casey Ballard54-01Granite Falls
4.7Jynette Blanchard48-10Lakewood
5.7Samantha Martin45-10Coupeville
6.7Emily Fitzgerald41-10Granite Falls
7.7Zoe Ispas40-01Granite Falls
8.7Britney Albro39-09Lakewood
9.7Talisa Whittaker37-07Granite Falls
10.7Jessica Sargerser35-04Granite Falls
11.7Samantha Miner-Ball33-10Granite Falls
12.7Siera Jackson32-06Lakewood
13.7Makayla Wilbur31-07Lakewood
14.7Sara DeWitt27-07Lakewood
15.7Ruthann Fernandes24-00Lakewood
7Shian WitherspoonNDLakewood
7Syela RansomNDGranite Falls
X Discus - 1kg - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Mikayla Engstrom62-09Granite Falls
2.8Ciera Briggs60-08Granite Falls
3.8Kaitlynn Walton60-00Granite Falls
4.8Hannah Eadie51-10Granite Falls
5.8Hailey Teter50-10Granite Falls
6.8Monica Vidoni50-06Coupeville
7.8Haily Malakowski47-06Lakewood
8.8Ariana Wyatt43-07Granite Falls
9.8Leia Groda42-02Lakewood
10.8Mikaela Edwards41-10Granite Falls
11.8Jessica Postlethwaite38-03Lakewood
12.8Madison Udman33-03Lakewood
13.8Sabrina Wells32-06Granite Falls
14.8Jessica Crain32-03Lakewood
15.8Diana Cortes31-11Granite Falls
16.8Elizabeth Hargraves21-10Granite Falls
8Erika McMathNDGranite Falls
8Ellen KnowlesNDLakewood
X High Jump - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Lyudmila Solop4-01.00Lakewood
2.7Kelsey Bechtholdt4-00.00Granite Falls
3.7Kirsten Pelroy3-10.00Coupeville
4.7Emily Hollis3-08.00Lakewood
5.7Claire Flagg3-06.00Lakewood
7Jalyn RutledgeNHLakewood
7Annika BjorlingNHLakewood
7Erin EspelandNHLakewood
7Raelee YanceyNHLakewood
7Sara DeWittNHLakewood
7Jovanna FooteNHCoupeville
7Anna KingNHCoupeville
7Emily HodgesNHGranite Falls
7Abigail BurkNHGranite Falls
X High Jump - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Peyton Cook4-02.00Lakewood
2.8Chase Gormley4-01.00Lakewood
2.8Kaitlynn Walton4-01.00Granite Falls
2.8Kailey Larsen4-01.00Granite Falls
5.8Terah Barrio4-00.00Lakewood
6.8Wynter Thorne3-08.00Coupeville
6.8De'Asia Seegars3-08.00Lakewood
6.8Haily Malakowski3-08.00Lakewood
6.8Jackie Stover3-08.00Lakewood
6.8Lauren Harding3-08.00Granite Falls
6.8Hailey Prater3-08.00Granite Falls
12.8Hailey Arndt3-06.00Granite Falls
12.8Nicol Mugrage3-06.00Lakewood
8Samantha StaabNHLakewood
8Jessica CrainNHLakewood
8Chloe McCannNHLakewood
8Jessica PostlethwaiteNHLakewood
X Long Jump - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Stephanie Smith12-06.00Lakewood
2.7Makana Stone11-10.00Coupeville
3.7Tommie Mosteller11-09.00Lakewood
4.7Laura Rachal11-04.00Granite Falls
5.7Sylvia Hurlburt11-04.00Coupeville
6.7Hayley Senyitko11-02.00Lakewood
7.7Emily Hodges10-09.00Granite Falls
8.7Raelee Yancey10-05.00Lakewood
8.7Alicia Callanan10-05.00Lakewood
10.7Kaylee Parks10-03.00Lakewood
11.7Cyera Charles10-01.00Lakewood
12.7Kara Blackwood10-00.00Lakewood
13.7Megan Fenton9-07.00Lakewood
14.7Rachel Steichen9-06.00Lakewood
15.7Talisa Whittaker9-01.00Granite Falls
16.7Savannah Dumas9-00.00Granite Falls
17.7Jynette Blanchard8-10.00Lakewood
18.7Sonja Lunn8-08.00Lakewood
19.7Emily Evenson8-05.00Lakewood
20.7Julia Jones8-04.00Coupeville
21.7Madison King8-03.00Lakewood
22.7Ruthann Fernandes8-01.00Lakewood
23.7Katerina Hegnes8-00.00Lakewood
23.7Erin Espeland8-00.00Lakewood
23.7Anna King8-00.00Coupeville
26.7Emily Fitzgerald7-10.00Granite Falls
27.7Annika Bjorling7-08.00Lakewood
28.7Patricia Hanigan7-01.00Lakewood
29.7Tiana Lovelie7-00.00Granite Falls
30.7Jessica Goodsell6-08.00Lakewood
31.7Makayla Wilbur6-00.00Lakewood
32.7Rebecca Favors5-11.00Lakewood
32.7Rylie Spitzer5-11.00Granite Falls
34.7Britney Albro5-06.00Lakewood
35.7Jessica Peterson5-02.00Lakewood
36.7Claire Flagg4-08.00Lakewood
7McKenzie WinegarNDLakewood
7Lyudmila SolopNDLakewood
7Hunter ClarkNDLakewood
7Jovanna FooteNDCoupeville
7McKenzie RiceNDCoupeville
7Alexis ShirleyNDGranite Falls
7Lorena EspindolaNDGranite Falls
7Abigail BurkNDGranite Falls
X Long Jump - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Kendall Stewart12-03.00Granite Falls
1.8Ciera Briggs12-03.00Granite Falls
3.8Mikayla Engstrom12-01.00Granite Falls
4.8Riley Miller11-11.00Lakewood
5.8Haily Malakowski11-10.00Lakewood
6.8Cassidy Fry11-08.00Lakewood
7.8Sammi Conaway10-08.00Granite Falls
8.8Jamie Cooper10-07.00Lakewood
9.8Lexi Zbiegien10-05.00Lakewood
10.8De'Asia Seegars10-00.00Lakewood
11.8Sadie Klingman9-11.00Lakewood
12.8Yasmine Perez9-08.00Lakewood
13.8Faith Shinn9-07.00Coupeville
14.8Kailey Larsen9-05.00Granite Falls
15.8Jessica Crain8-11.00Lakewood
16.8Allie Gauslow8-06.00Coupeville
17.8Emily Rice8-02.00Granite Falls
18.8Jackie Ginnings7-03.00Coupeville
19.8Brehanna Meigs7-02.00Lakewood
20.8Ella Brooks6-08.00Coupeville
21.8Elizabeth Hargraves6-04.00Granite Falls
8Sabrina WellsNDGranite Falls
8Wynter ThorneNDCoupeville
8Peyton CookNDLakewood
8Chloe McCannNDLakewood
8Chase GormleyNDLakewood
8Jamie SmithNDLakewood
8Mikaela EdwardsNDGranite Falls
8Anna StreetNDGranite Falls
8Jackie StoverNDLakewood
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