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100 Meters  4th - Finals

4Ryan Hritsko15.9St Joseph Amherst
4Devin Baumgartner16.1St Joseph Amherst
4Drew Engle16.2St Joseph Amherst
4Jack Mott16.65Sts Joseph and John
4Jordan Walker16.61Incarnate Word Academy
4Kevin Lawler16.64Sts Joseph and John
4Patrick Quallich16.8Sts Joseph and John
4Danny Makruski16.9St Joseph Amherst
4Cory Penter17.29St Anthony of Padua-...
4Ryan Sulic17.31St Anthony of Padua-...
4Sean Wallace17.47St Columbkille
4Ryan Profancik17.59St Anthony of Padua-...
4Ricky Sammon17.68St Columbkille
4Jack Miscencik17.65Sts Joseph and John
4Ryan Drlik17.77St Anthony of Padua-...
4Mason Kubasak17.8St Joseph Amherst
4Declan Boldy17.93Sts Joseph and John
4Zach Nestor18.05Sts Joseph and John
4Owen Murphy18.84Incarnate Word Academy
4Ryan Lavish18.9St Joseph Amherst
4Ross Conforto19.28St Angela Merici
4Matthew Eads19.4St Joseph Amherst
4Michael Tatarowicz21.42St Anthony of Padua-...
4David Ryan23.72Incarnate Word Academy

100 Meters  5th - Finals

5Donovan Warfield14.4St Joseph Amherst
5Nick Keron15.5St Joseph Amherst
5Jonah Kamnikar15.9St Joseph Amherst
5Kevin Peterson15.91St Columbkille
5Danny Roberge16.13Sts Joseph and John
5AJ Zubek16.21Incarnate Word Academy
5Matthew Thomas16.25St Anthony of Padua-...
5Nicholas Miller16.21St Angela Merici
5Daniel Peacock16.5St Joseph Amherst
5Timothy Wallace16.55St Columbkille
5Justin Swartz16.6Sts Joseph and John
5Matthew Golonka16.6Sts Joseph and John
5Francisco Montanez16.62St Anthony of Padua-...
5Matt Gaebelein16.72Sts Joseph and John
5Max Zawodny17.02St Angela Merici
5Sal Hargis17.86Sts Joseph and John
5Aidan McCaffrey18.12Incarnate Word Academy
5Leo Minerd18.26St Angela Merici
5Dan Doherty18.73St Mary of the Falls
5Sean Little18.85Incarnate Word Academy
5Chris Litwinowicz18.89St Anthony of Padua-...
5Bryan Dunbrack19.05Sts Joseph and John
5Sean McCarthy19.08St Anthony of Padua-...
5Joe Molnar21.21St Angela Merici
5Andrew Boldy25.14Sts Joseph and John

100 Meters  6th - Finals

6Patrick Weaver15.12St Angela Merici
6Michael Dighero15.22St Columbkille
6Aaron Tomson15.37St Columbkille
6Ben Revay15.75St Anthony of Padua-...
6Dominic Durdella15.88St Columbkille
6Tommy Patacca16.08St Columbkille
6Riley Baumbick16.20St Angela Merici
6Owen Zubek16.18Incarnate Word Academy
6Tommy Schemer16.17Sts Joseph and John
6Seamus O'Malley16.3St Columbkille
6Spencer Costello16.56St Angela Merici
6Allen Morinec16.67St Columbkille
6Jason Sassano17.28St Angela Merici
6Andrew Lavish17.4St Joseph Amherst
6Jacob Wilde17.53Incarnate Word Academy
6Michael Revilock17.91Sts Joseph and John
6Joey Horne17.96St Anthony of Padua-...
6Daniel Rush18.37St Columbkille
6Sam Dempsey19.1St Joseph Amherst
6Brendan Parish20.66Sts Joseph and John

100 Meters  7th - Finals

7Brandan Bizzi13.54St Anthony of Padua-...
7Iliya Bufogle14.65St Angela Merici
7Dylan Page14.76St Anthony of Padua-...
7Matt Walcutt14.77Sts Joseph and John
7Stephen Mendak14.9St Joseph Amherst
7Nicholas Moss14.99St Anthony of Padua-...
7Jimmy John15.02St Anthony of Padua-...
7Tommy Hennie15.43Incarnate Word Academy
7James Mihalek15.67St Anthony of Padua-...
7Michael Mindyas16.67Sts Joseph and John
7Veto Lopez17.42aSt Mary-Elyria
7Jacob Bean17.36St Anthony of Padua-...
7Kenny Ernst21.38St Angela Merici

100 Meters  8th - Finals

8Miles Flowers13.13aSt Mary-Elyria
8Michael Spilker12.98St Anthony of Padua-...
8Michael Profancik13.23St Anthony of Padua-...
8Nicholas Ludwick13.33Incarnate Word Academy
8Ethan Stencil13.6St Joseph Amherst
8Anthony Donofrio13.91St Angela Merici
8Brendan Hall14.00St Anthony of Padua-...
8Tommy Papotto14.18St Angela Merici
8Austin Perkins14.29Sts Joseph and John
8Dean Supelak14.57Sts Joseph and John
8Jaxon Parrish14.73St Angela Merici
8Nick Tarnowski14.81St Mary of the Falls
8Steven Fernandez15.54St Anthony of Padua-...
8Teddy Nichols15.94St Columbkille
8Joey Lagzdins17.76St Anthony of Padua-...
8Matt Dewerth18.13St Angela Merici
8Ryan Young18.73St Anthony of Padua-...

200 Meters  4th - Finals

4Ryan Hritsko34.9St Joseph Amherst
4Kevin Lawler36.49Sts Joseph and John
4Ryan Sulic37.0St Anthony of Padua-...
4Sean Wallace37.49St Columbkille
4Owen Murphy39.58Incarnate Word Academy
4Ryan Drlik40.22St Anthony of Padua-...
4Ryan Lavish40.9St Joseph Amherst
4Jack Miscencik41.23Sts Joseph and John
4Ross Conforto42.75St Angela Merici
4Matthew Eads43.9St Joseph Amherst
4David Ryan50.92Incarnate Word Academy

200 Meters  5th - Finals

5Nick Keron32.1St Joseph Amherst
5Eddie Savoy35.18aSt Mary-Elyria
5Danny Roberge35.00Sts Joseph and John
5Nicholas Miller35.80St Angela Merici
5Daniel Peacock36St Joseph Amherst
5Robby Beal36.4St Joseph Amherst
5Aidan McCaffrey37.79Incarnate Word Academy
5AJ Zubek37.78Incarnate Word Academy
5Leo Minerd39.06St Angela Merici
5Max Zawodny39.99St Angela Merici
5Sean Little41.25Incarnate Word Academy
5Joe Molnar46.33St Angela Merici
5Andrew Boldy57.17Sts Joseph and John

200 Meters  6th - Finals

6Brad Hall32.14St Anthony of Padua-...
6Patrick Weaver32.46St Angela Merici
6Tim McDonough33.95St Angela Merici
6Dominic Durdella34.03St Columbkille
6Riley Baumbick34.30St Angela Merici
6Aaron Tomson34.62St Columbkille
6Brian O'Dell34.99aSt Mary-Elyria
6Alec Nayder34.75Sts Joseph and John
6George Kasunic34.93St Angela Merici
6Spencer Costello35.70St Angela Merici
6Michael Gallagher35.79St Angela Merici
6Owen Zubek36.41Incarnate Word Academy
6Jared Fote38.49aSt Mary-Elyria
6Anthony Herrera38.25Sts Joseph and John
6Jason Sassano38.48St Angela Merici
6Jacob Wilde38.81Incarnate Word Academy
6Andrew Lavish39.4St Joseph Amherst
6Zachary Maxwell42.45Sts Joseph and John
6Michael Revilock42.86Sts Joseph and John

200 Meters  7th - Finals

7Brandan Bizzi27.06St Anthony of Padua-...
7Jacob Kuchta30.30aSt Mary-Elyria
7Iliya Bufogle30.03St Angela Merici
7Jimmy John31.66St Anthony of Padua-...
7Stephen Mendak32.2St Joseph Amherst
7Jimmy Papotto32.84St Angela Merici
7Dylan Page33.55St Anthony of Padua-...
7Nicholas Moss33.79St Anthony of Padua-...
7Kyle Aerni34.44Sts Joseph and John
7Stephen Cartier34.92St Angela Merici
7Michael Mindyas36.12Sts Joseph and John
7Veto Lopez39.09aSt Mary-Elyria
7Kenny Ernst47.53St Angela Merici

200 Meters  8th - Finals

8Ethan Stencil28.0St Joseph Amherst
8Devin Green28.64aSt Mary-Elyria
8Austin Perkins28.5Sts Joseph and John
8Reno Spanulo29.5Sts Joseph and John
8Dean Supelak30.18Sts Joseph and John
8Connor Farrell31.20St Anthony of Padua-...
8Tom Heisterkamp31.89St Angela Merici
8Peter Velasquez32.50aSt Mary-Elyria
8Teddy Nichols32.74St Columbkille
8Spencer Mahon32.92St Anthony of Padua-...
8Matt Dewerth40.77St Angela Merici

400 Meters  4th - Finals

4Jack Mott1:16.28Sts Joseph and John
4Devin Baumgartner78.7St Joseph Amherst
4Jordan Walker1:20.22Incarnate Word Academy
4Nicholas Saul1:26.01Incarnate Word Academy
4Drew Engle87.4St Joseph Amherst
4Zach Nestor1:27.85Sts Joseph and John
4Mason Kubasak88.3St Joseph Amherst
4Danny Makruski88.5St Joseph Amherst
4Michael Tatarowicz1:34.30St Anthony of Padua-...

400 Meters  5th - Finals

5Donovan Warfield72.8St Joseph Amherst
5Kevin Peterson1:13.84St Columbkille
5Jonah Kamnikar76.5St Joseph Amherst
5Timothy Wallace1:16.80St Columbkille
5Paul Miles1:17.04St Angela Merici
5Matt Gaebelein1:17.95Sts Joseph and John
5Matthew Thomas1:22.98St Anthony of Padua-...
5Chris Litwinowicz1:29.08St Anthony of Padua-...
5Dan Doherty1:34.65St Mary of the Falls
5Caleb Stalder1:37.47Sts Joseph and John
5Sean McCarthy1:40.36St Anthony of Padua-...

400 Meters  6th - Finals

6Chris Szado1:13.44St Angela Merici
6Ben Revay1:23.02St Anthony of Padua-...
6Kevin Ennis1:23.23St Columbkille
6Allen Morinec1:26.77St Columbkille
6Daniel Rush1:30.61St Columbkille
6Sam Dempsey98.8St Joseph Amherst
6Matthew Cardello130.84Sts Joseph and John

400 Meters  7th - Finals

7Tom Sulllivan1:04.09St Angela Merici
7Tommy Hennie74.07Incarnate Word Academy
7James Mihalek1:17.37St Anthony of Padua-...

400 Meters  8th - Finals

8Michael Spilker1:04.04St Anthony of Padua-...
8Nicholas Ludwick64.56Incarnate Word Academy
8Tommy Papotto1:05.16St Angela Merici
8Anthony Donofrio1:05.37St Angela Merici
8Jaxon Parrish1:05.37St Angela Merici
8Tyler Terbrack1:06.41St Anthony of Padua-...
8Brendan Hall1:07.43St Anthony of Padua-...
8Patrick McCarthy1:09.06St Columbkille
8Zac Tomko71.58Incarnate Word Academy
8Joseph Iannelli1:11.66St Anthony of Padua-...
8Mason Mocho1:16.07Incarnate Word Academy
8Ben Mayo96.47Incarnate Word Academy

800 Meters  5th - Finals

5Luke Fulop2:53.81St Mary of the Falls
5Jared Meyer3:02.72Sts Joseph and John
5Eddie Savoy3:08.05aSt Mary-Elyria
5Joseph Juda3:10.84Incarnate Word Academy
5Jacob Walcutt3:14.31Sts Joseph and John
5Justyn Spanksi3:27.73Incarnate Word Academy
5Caleb Stalder3:31.6Sts Joseph and John

800 Meters  6th - Finals

6George Kasunic2:50.24St Angela Merici
6Michael Gallagher3:04.43St Angela Merici
6Alec Nayder3:06.72Sts Joseph and John
6Jacob Drlik3:06.92St Columbkille
6Brian O'Dell3:12.46aSt Mary-Elyria
6Jared Fote3:24.98aSt Mary-Elyria
6Christopher Dombrosky3:52.05Incarnate Word Academy

800 Meters  7th - Finals

7Jimmy Papotto2:42.67St Angela Merici
7Jacob Kuchta2:51.20aSt Mary-Elyria
7Bobby Farrell3:06.98St Anthony of Padua-...

800 Meters  8th - Finals

8Reno Spanulo2:28.87Sts Joseph and John
8Devin Green2:29.58aSt Mary-Elyria
8Derek Smith2:40.17St Anthony of Padua-...
8Nicholas Stahl2:43.86St Columbkille
8Max Pivonka2:46.71St Columbkille
8Peter Velasquez2:57.57aSt Mary-Elyria
8Nick Tarnowski3:03.58St Mary of the Falls

1600 Meters  4th - Finals

4Patrick Quallich6:39.18Sts Joseph and John
4Nicholas Saul6:47.23Incarnate Word Academy
4Ricky Sammon7:08.18St Columbkille
4Ryan Profancik7:08.87St Anthony of Padua-...
4Cory Penter7:27.07St Anthony of Padua-...

1600 Meters  5th - Finals

5Paul Miles6:32.0St Angela Merici
5Luke Fulop6:43.42St Mary of the Falls
5Matthew Golonka6:57.18Sts Joseph and John
5Justyn Spanksi7:02Incarnate Word Academy

1600 Meters  6th - Finals

6Chris Szado5:44.08St Angela Merici
6Tim McDonough6:17.71St Angela Merici
6Zachary Litwinowicz6:31.45St Anthony of Padua-...
6Colin Kern6:38.14Sts Joseph and John

1600 Meters  7th - Finals

7Tom Sulllivan5:17.76St Angela Merici
7Stephen Cartier5:52.76St Angela Merici

1600 Meters  8th - Finals

8Zac Tomko5:49.43Incarnate Word Academy
8Spencer Mahon5:53.06St Anthony of Padua-...
8Nicholas Stahl5:53.30St Columbkille
8Grant Powers5:56.38Sts Joseph and John
8Mason Mocho5:56.57Incarnate Word Academy
8Tom Heisterkamp6:03.46St Angela Merici
8Mark Bischof6:03.67Sts Joseph and John
8Ben Mayo6:31.13Incarnate Word Academy

4x100 Relay  4th - Finals

-Devin Baumgartner
Ryan Lavish
Drew Engle
Ryan Hritsko
66.2St Joseph Amherst
-Jack Mott
Kevin Lawler
Jack Miscencik
Patrick Quallich
1:06.35Sts Joseph and John
-Robby Beal
Matthew Eads
Mason Kubasak
Danny Makruski
71.0St Joseph Amherst
-Owen Murphy
David Ryan
Nicholas Saul
Jordan Walker
1:14.57Incarnate Word Academy
-Zach Nestor
Andrew Boldy
Declan Boldy
Caleb Stalder
1:18.08Sts Joseph and John
-Michael Tatarowicz
Cory Penter
Ryan Sulic
Ryan Profancik
1:35.88St Anthony of Padua-...

4x100 Relay  5th - Finals

5Nick Keron
Jonah Kamnikar
Daniel Peacock
Donovan Warfield
63.7St Joseph Amherst
-Sean Wallace
Ricky Sammon
Timothy Wallace
Kevin Peterson
1:04.59St Columbkille
5Jacob Walcutt
Matthew Golonka
Jared Meyer
Danny Roberge
1:05.33Sts Joseph and John
-Relay Team 1:07.66St Angela Merici
5Aidan McCaffrey
Sean Little
Justyn Spanksi
AJ Zubek
1:10.20Incarnate Word Academy
5Matt Gaebelein
Bryan Dunbrack
Sal Hargis
Justin Swartz
1:10.17Sts Joseph and John
5Matthew Thomas
Francisco Montanez
Sean McCarthy
Chris Litwinowicz
1:11.85St Anthony of Padua-...
5Will Deucher
Kevin Hennie
Nedas Semaska
Joseph Juda
1:12.16Incarnate Word Academy
5Owen Egan
Dan Doherty
Tommy McNamara
Luke Fulop
1:20.96St Mary of the Falls

4x100 Relay  6th - Finals

6Tim McDonough
Patrick Weaver
George Kasunic
Chris Szado
1:01.47St Angela Merici
6Michael Dighero
Seamus O'Malley
Jacob Drlik
Dominic Durdella
1:03.22St Columbkille
6Joey Horn
Brad Hall
Zachary Litwinowicz
Ben Revay
1:03.56St Anthony of Padua-...
6Michael Dighero
Kevin Ennis
Aaron Tomson
Allen Morinec
1:04.65St Columbkille
-Relay Team 1:05.19St Angela Merici
6Colin Kern
Alec Nayder
Michael Revilock
Tommy Schemer
1:07.44Sts Joseph and John
6Anthony Herrera
Matthew Cardello
Brendan Parish
Zachary Maxwell
1:16.59Sts Joseph and John

4x100 Relay  7th - Finals

7Stephen Cartier
Tom Sulllivan
Jimmy Papotto
Iliya Bufogle
58.71St Angela Merici
7Bobby Farrell
Brandan Bizzi
Nicholas Moss
Jimmy John
1:00.82St Anthony of Padua-...
-Relay Team 1:02.44Sts Joseph and John
-Dylan Page
James Mihalek
Jacob Bean
Spencer Mahon
1:05.13St Anthony of Padua-...
-Mason Mocho
Jacob Wilde
Christopher Dombrosky
Ben Mayo
1:17.11Incarnate Word Academy

4x100 Relay  8th - Finals

8Derek Smith
Michael Spilker
Brendan Hall
Michael Profancik
52.96St Anthony of Padua-...
8Reno Spanulo
Grant Powers
Austin Perkins
Dean Supelak
57.17Sts Joseph and John
8Connor Farrell
Joseph Iannelli
Patrick Breen
Tyler Terbrack
58.35St Anthony of Padua-...
-Veto Lopez
Peter Velasquez
Jacob Kuchta
Devin Green
58.73aSt Mary-Elyria
-Owen Zubek
Tommy Hennie
Zac Tomko
Nicholas Ludwick
1:00.47Incarnate Word Academy
-Relay Team 1:03.90St Angela Merici

Shot Put - 6lb  4th - Finals

5Robby Beal19'3St Joseph Amherst
4Declan Boldy18'Sts Joseph and John
4Ryan Drlik16'9"St Anthony of Padua-...
4Owen Murphy16'6"Incarnate Word Academy
4Matthew Eads14'2St Joseph Amherst
4Ryan Sulic13'3"St Anthony of Padua-...
4Ryan Profancik10'9"St Anthony of Padua-...

Shot Put - 6lb  5th - Finals

5Eddie Savoy23'9"St Mary-Elyria
5Leo Minerd20' 1St Angela Merici
5Andrew Boldy19'7Sts Joseph and John
5Max Zawodny17' 10St Angela Merici
5Joe Molnar16' 9St Angela Merici
5Joseph Juda15'1"Incarnate Word Academy

Shot Put - 8lb  6th - Finals

6Tommy Patacca23' 1"St Columbkille
6Seamus O'Malley21' 9"St Columbkille
6Michael Gallagher20' 3St Angela Merici
6Joey Horne19'10"St Anthony of Padua-...
6Jason Bianco19'St Anthony of Padua-...
6Christopher Dombrosky19'Incarnate Word Academy
6Michael Revilock17'10Sts Joseph and John
6Riley Baumbick17' 6St Angela Merici
6Spencer Costello16' 7St Angela Merici
6Brendan Parish16'4Sts Joseph and John

Shot Put - 8lb  7th - Finals

7Dylan Page23'1"St Anthony of Padua-...
7Jimmy John22'St Anthony of Padua-...
7Kenny Ernst15' 6St Angela Merici

Shot Put - 8lb  8th - Finals

8Michael Profancik35'4"St Anthony of Padua-...
8Zac Tomko31'6"Incarnate Word Academy
8Joey Lagzdins28'10"St Anthony of Padua-...
8Steven Fernandez28'9"St Anthony of Padua-...
8Ryan Young27'4"St Anthony of Padua-...
8Matt Dewerth26' 6St Angela Merici
8Jaxon Parrish26' 2St Angela Merici
8Peter Velasquez25'4"St Mary-Elyria
8Patrick Breen23'7"St Anthony of Padua-...

Discus - 1kg  7th - Finals

7Dylan Page52'1".5St Anthony of Padua-...
7Scout Aswad41'11Sts Joseph and John

Discus - 1kg  8th - Finals

8Joey Lagzdins86'8"St Anthony of Padua-...
8Tommy Papotto78' 9St Angela Merici
8Patrick Breen75'5".5St Anthony of Padua-...
8Michael Profancik72'.5"St Anthony of Padua-...
8Tyler Terbrack57'4"St Anthony of Padua-...
8Anthony Donofrio54' 5St Angela Merici
8Mason Mocho52'8.5"Incarnate Word Academy

High Jump  5th - Finals

5AJ Zubek4'Incarnate Word Academy
5Chris Litwinowicz3'4"St Anthony of Padua-...
5Timothy Wallace3' 2"St Columbkille

High Jump  6th - Finals

6Zachary Litwinowicz4'2"St Anthony of Padua-...
6Jacob Drlik4' 2"St Columbkille
6Daniel Rush3' 10"St Columbkille
6Brian O'Dell3'10"St Mary-Elyria
6Jared Fote3'10"St Mary-Elyria
6Owen Zubek3'8"Incarnate Word Academy
6Colin Kern3'8Sts Joseph and John

High Jump  7th - Finals

7Jimmy Papotto4' 6St Angela Merici
7Jacob Kuchta4'6"St Mary-Elyria
7James Mihalek4'4"St Anthony of Padua-...

High Jump  8th - Finals

8Patrick McCarthy4' 8"St Columbkille
8Max Pivonka0St Columbkille

Long Jump  4th - Finals

4Ryan Sulic11'8"St Anthony of Padua-...
4Jack Mott11'5Sts Joseph and John
4Jordan Walker10'11"Incarnate Word Academy
4Ryan Hritsko9'11St Joseph Amherst
4Kevin Lawler9'10"Sts Joseph and John
4Ricky Sammon9' 6"St Columbkille
4Devin Baumgartner9'4St Joseph Amherst
4Sean Wallace9' 2"St Columbkille
4Drew Engle8'7St Joseph Amherst
4Danny Makruski8'2St Joseph Amherst
4Declan Boldy7'9"Sts Joseph and John
4Cory Penter6'10"St Anthony of Padua-...
4Michael Tatarowicz6'St Anthony of Padua-...

Long Jump  5th - Finals

5Kevin Peterson11' 11"St Columbkille
5Nick Keron11'7St Joseph Amherst
5Aidan McCaffrey10'10"Incarnate Word Academy
5Danny Roberge10'10Sts Joseph and John
5Jacob Walcutt10'10Sts Joseph and John
5Jared Meyer10'9Sts Joseph and John
5Jonah Kamnikar10'3St Joseph Amherst
5Justin Swartz10'2Sts Joseph and John
5Francisco Montanez9'10"St Anthony of Padua-...
5Matthew Thomas9'9"St Anthony of Padua-...
6Sam Dempsey8'9St Joseph Amherst
5Daniel Peacock7'5St Joseph Amherst
5Justyn Spanksi7'5"Incarnate Word Academy
5Sean Little7'Incarnate Word Academy

Long Jump  6th - Finals

6Brad Hall12"4"St Anthony of Padua-...
6Allen Morinec11' 9"St Columbkille
6Ben Revay11'3"St Anthony of Padua-...
6Tommy Schemer11'2Sts Joseph and John
6Aaron Tomson11' 0"St Columbkille
6Dominic Durdella10' 9"St Columbkille
6Tim McDonough10' 0St Angela Merici
6George Kasunic9' 11St Angela Merici
6Alec Nayder9'7Sts Joseph and John
6Zachary Maxwell9'6Sts Joseph and John
6Anthony Herrera8'8Sts Joseph and John
6Jacob Wilde8'Incarnate Word Academy
6Joey Horne7"11"St Anthony of Padua-...

Long Jump  7th - Finals

7Iliya Bufogle14' 5St Angela Merici
7Brandan Bizzi13'9"St Anthony of Padua-...
7Tom Sulllivan13' 5St Angela Merici
7Kyle Aerni12'4Sts Joseph and John
7Tommy Hennie11'4"Incarnate Word Academy
7Matt Walcutt11'Sts Joseph and John
7Michael Mindyas7'10Sts Joseph and John

Long Jump  8th - Finals

8Michael Spilker15'8"St Anthony of Padua-...
8Nicholas Ludwick14'8"Incarnate Word Academy
8Tom Heisterkamp12' 9St Angela Merici
8Nicholas Stahl12' 6"St Columbkille
8Reno Spanulo11'9Sts Joseph and John
8Mark Bischof11'8Sts Joseph and John
8Nick Tarnowski10'7St Mary of the Falls
8Teddy Nichols10' 6"St Columbkille
8Joseph Iannelli9'3"St Anthony of Padua-...

Standing Long Jump  4th - Finals

4Patrick Quallich5'8Sts Joseph and John
4Jack Miscencik5'7Sts Joseph and John
4Mason Kubasak5'6St Joseph Amherst
4Nicholas Saul5'3"Incarnate Word Academy
4Ryan Lavish5'2St Joseph Amherst
4Zach Nestor5'Sts Joseph and John
4Ryan Profancik4'10"St Anthony of Padua-...
4Ryan Drlik4'9"St Anthony of Padua-...
4Ross Conforto4' 8St Angela Merici
4David Ryan4'2.5"Incarnate Word Academy

Standing Long Jump  5th - Finals

5Nicholas Miller5' 11St Angela Merici
5Matthew Golonka5'11Sts Joseph and John
5Donovan Warfield5'11St Joseph Amherst
5Paul Miles5' 7St Angela Merici
5Caleb Stalder5'6Sts Joseph and John
5Matt Gaebelein5'2Sts Joseph and John
5Sal Hargis4'11Sts Joseph and John
5Bryan Dunbrack4'9Sts Joseph and John
5Dan Doherty4'8.5St Mary of the Falls
5Luke Fulop4'6St Mary of the Falls

Standing Long Jump  6th - Finals

6Brian O'Dell5'9.5"St Mary-Elyria
6Matthew Cardello5'9Sts Joseph and John
6Michael Dighero5' 8.5"St Columbkille
6Kevin Ennis5' 7.5"St Columbkille
6Jared Fote5'3"St Mary-Elyria

Standing Long Jump  7th - Finals

7Stephen Mendak6'2St Joseph Amherst
7Veto Lopez5'8"St Mary-Elyria
7Jacob Bean5'5"St Anthony of Padua-...

Standing Long Jump  8th - Finals

8Miles Flowers7'7"St Mary-Elyria
8Derek Smith7'5"St Anthony of Padua-...
8Devin Green7'3"St Mary-Elyria
8Ethan Stencil7'0.5St Joseph Amherst
8Dean Supelak6'11Sts Joseph and John
8Grant Powers6'7Sts Joseph and John
8Ben Mayo5'7.5"Incarnate Word Academy