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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.12Rick Caldwell11.10Eau Claire Memorial
2.11Tyler Cran11.40New Richmond
2.12Clint Larsen11.40Eau Claire Memorial
4.12Kenny Ginder11.60Eau Claire North
5.9Allen Marcus Smith11.70Menomonie
5.12Shaun Peper11.70New Richmond
5.11Kelly O'Leary11.70Eau Claire Memorial
8.9Chiafukum Okoroji11.90Eau Claire Memorial
8.11Alex Bohl11.90Chippewa Falls
8.10Turner Borgstrom11.90Menomonie
8.10Brady Skifstad11.90Eau Claire North
12.11Jason Fashingbauer12.00Chippewa Falls
12.9Connor O'Loughlin12.00New Richmond
14.10Nathan Sylte12.10Chippewa Falls
14.10Addison Basurto12.10Menomonie
16.12Flavio Martins12.20New Richmond
17.10Garrett Nelson12.30Chippewa Falls
17.9Anthony Miloszewich12.30Eau Claire North
17.9Cooper Barth12.30Chippewa Falls
20.10Caleb Goettl12.50Menomonie
20.9Robert Walls12.50Menomonie
20.10Travis Germain12.50New Richmond
23.12Josh Crowell12.60New Richmond
24.10Darren Anderson12.70Eau Claire Memorial
24.9Allan Wollenberg12.70New Richmond
26.11Peter Ault12.80Eau Claire Memorial
27.9Kurt Petricka13.00Eau Claire North
27.9Grant Comte13.00Eau Claire North
27.12Jason Thurber13.00Menomonie
27.9Trey Graphner13.00Chippewa Falls
31.10Kyle Hangartner13.20Eau Claire North
32.9Madison Schaeffer13.30Eau Claire North
32.11Jake Rhody13.30Eau Claire North
34.10Sam Moskal13.50Eau Claire Memorial
35.9Mitchel Hoffman13.60Chippewa Falls
35.10Collin Garcia13.60Eau Claire Memorial
37.9Trevor Lauer13.90Chippewa Falls
38.12Jacob Rapp14.10Chippewa Falls
39.9Clark Benson14.20Chippewa Falls
39.9Dustin Anderson14.20New Richmond
41.9Eduardo Ortiz14.60Eau Claire Memorial
42.10Alex Carney15.70Eau Claire Memorial
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Elijah Kelley23.20New Richmond
2.11Tyler Cran23.30New Richmond
3.12Kenny Ginder23.40Eau Claire North
4.11Mitchell Martenson24.10Eau Claire Memorial
5.11Nate Jones24.50New Richmond
5.11Richie Stafford24.50Chippewa Falls
5.11John Endres24.50Eau Claire Memorial
8.12Eric Johnson24.70Eau Claire North
9.12Blake Bauer24.80Menomonie
9.9Connor O'Loughlin24.80New Richmond
11.10Deion Sonsalla25.00Eau Claire North
12.11Alex Bohl25.10Chippewa Falls
13.9Mandela Cronk25.20Eau Claire Memorial
13.11Ian Smith25.20Eau Claire Memorial
15.11Matt Knapp25.30Eau Claire Memorial
16.10Eric Peissig25.80Menomonie
16.12Josh Wemmer25.80Menomonie
18.12Ryan Valk26.00Eau Claire Memorial
19.11Jake Rhody26.10Eau Claire North
19.9Dalton West26.10Chippewa Falls
19.12Justin Knight26.10Eau Claire Memorial
19.9Dylan Harmston26.10Menomonie
23.9Robert Walls26.20Menomonie
24.9Allan Wollenberg26.30New Richmond
25.10Caleb Goettl26.50Menomonie
26.10Davis Walsh26.70Eau Claire North
27.9Grant Comte27.50Eau Claire North
28.9Doug Schneider27.90Chippewa Falls
29.9Madison Schaeffer28.10Eau Claire North
29.12Jason Thurber28.10Menomonie
31.9Dylan Goettle28.80Chippewa Falls
32.11Nick Wells29.10Chippewa Falls
33.9Nate Maskevich29.20Eau Claire Memorial
34.9Dustin Anderson29.40New Richmond
35.12Jacob Rapp31.00Chippewa Falls
36.9Kaileb Larson31.80Menomonie
37.10Alex Carney32.80Eau Claire Memorial
9Mitchel HoffmanDNSChippewa Falls
9Clark BensonDNSChippewa Falls
12Zach StalheimDNSEau Claire Memorial
12Flavio MartinsDNSNew Richmond
10Garrett NelsonDNSChippewa Falls
12Aaron WhiteDNSMenomonie
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Elijah Kelley50.70New Richmond
2.11Jason Fashingbauer54.20Chippewa Falls
3.9Cooper Barth54.90Chippewa Falls
4.9Marshall Ohvall55.20Menomonie
5.11Lucas Arras55.30Eau Claire North
6.11Matt Knapp55.70Eau Claire Memorial
7.12Eric Johnson55.80Eau Claire North
8.10Chase Matter56.50Menomonie
9.10Joey Miller56.60New Richmond
10.10Eric Peissig57.90Menomonie
11.9Cole Olson58.00New Richmond
12.10Deion Sonsalla58.10Eau Claire North
13.11Tom Zook58.30Eau Claire North
14.12Josh Crowell58.80New Richmond
15.12Ryan Valk59.20Eau Claire Memorial
16.10Taylor Strand59.30Menomonie
17.11Peter Ault59.50Eau Claire Memorial
17.11Lucas Emmerich59.50Eau Claire Memorial
19.12Justin Knight1:00.00Eau Claire Memorial
20.10Jacob Huffcutt1:00.70Chippewa Falls
21.10Mackenzie Boldon1:01.00Menomonie
22.10Darren Anderson1:01.40Eau Claire Memorial
23.9Trey Graphner1:03.80Chippewa Falls
24.9Preston Heikkinen1:04.50Chippewa Falls
25.10Collin Garcia1:04.90Eau Claire Memorial
26.10Matthew Mikelson1:05.20Eau Claire Memorial
27.10Ian McCallister1:07.20Chippewa Falls
28.9James Gartmann1:07.50Menomonie
29.9Nate Maskevich1:07.90Eau Claire Memorial
30.9Nate Schwartz1:09.60Eau Claire Memorial
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Junior Varsity - Finals
10Parker Burkard56.4Menomonie
9Marshall Ohvall56.8Menomonie
9Cody Whirry58.8Menomonie
10Taylor Strand60.2Menomonie
12Joey Evenson60.9Menomonie
12Blake Bauer61.3Menomonie
11Ari Basurto62.1Menomonie
10Mackenzie Boldon63.1Menomonie
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Alec Heacox2:09.00Eau Claire North
2.10Nick Uthe2:09.50Eau Claire Memorial
3.9Lucas Printz2:12.30Eau Claire Memorial
4.11Alec Knox2:15.00New Richmond
5.10Connor Hillert2:15.60Chippewa Falls
6.11Logan Scheppke2:16.00Eau Claire Memorial
7.10Sabyn Warrick2:17.90Chippewa Falls
8.11Jared Walters2:18.30Menomonie
9.12Nathan Reckard2:18.50Menomonie
10.9Preston Heikkinen2:18.80Chippewa Falls
11.12Brad Bischof2:18.90New Richmond
12.9Cody Whirry2:19.20Menomonie
13.10Parker Burkard2:20.10Menomonie
14.12Henrik Tengberg2:20.90Eau Claire Memorial
15.12Isaiah Rozich2:21.70Eau Claire Memorial
16.11Kory Larson2:23.10Eau Claire North
17.9Cole Olson2:24.30New Richmond
18.9Jordan White2:25.40Menomonie
19.11Aaron Bishop2:25.70Chippewa Falls
20.9Kai Rasmussen2:26.10Eau Claire Memorial
21.10Taylor Kleist2:28.20Eau Claire North
22.12Daniel Kubiatowicz2:28.50Eau Claire North
23.9Alex Glittenberg2:29.00Eau Claire Memorial
24.10Logan Nicolet2:31.10Eau Claire Memorial
25.10Jacob Huffcutt2:32.20Chippewa Falls
26.9Marshall Breneman2:32.40Eau Claire Memorial
27.9Charlie Whittlinger2:32.60Eau Claire Memorial
28.10Eric Marshall2:40.60Chippewa Falls
29.11Bryan Bedford2:41.80Chippewa Falls
30.10Lucas Tisol2:43.70Chippewa Falls
31.10Ian McCallister2:43.80Chippewa Falls
32.12Jonas Schneider2:46.10Chippewa Falls
32.11Alex Anderson2:46.10New Richmond
34.9Brendan Blok2:47.20Menomonie
35.10Ryan Subera2:49.70Chippewa Falls
36.12Daren Bibeau2:52.50New Richmond
37.12Miguel Tenorio2:58.70Menomonie
38.9Ryan Baker3:12.10Menomonie
10Chris OlsonDNSEau Claire North
9Christian MartinDNSNew Richmond
9Colin TrimbleDNSMenomonie
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Junior Varsity - Finals
11Nathan Mollan2:14.1Menomonie
9Henry Zold2:16.2Menomonie
10Shane Miller2:20.5Menomonie
11Ari Basurto2:21.8Menomonie
X 1600 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Andrew Farris4:41.70Chippewa Falls
2.10Alec Heacox4:46.80Eau Claire North
3.10Alex Charbonneau5:02.30New Richmond
4.10Jacob Wittmershaus5:03.40Menomonie
5.9J.P. Nelson5:07.00Eau Claire Memorial
6.12Isaiah Rozich5:07.40Eau Claire Memorial
7.9Geoff Carter5:10.70Eau Claire Memorial
8.12Nathan Reckard5:12.90Menomonie
9.10Logan Nicolet5:20.20Eau Claire Memorial
10.9Colton Schlosser5:23.20Eau Claire North
11.10Eric Huse5:25.30Eau Claire North
12.9Kai Rasmussen5:26.70Eau Claire Memorial
13.9Luke Miller5:27.40New Richmond
14.10Mackinze Nutzman5:28.00Chippewa Falls
15.10Bryan Gaffer5:28.80New Richmond
16.9Marshall Breneman5:30.60Eau Claire Memorial
17.10Tyler Christianson5:32.30Chippewa Falls
18.9Charlie Whittlinger5:45.40Eau Claire Memorial
19.10Lucas Tisol5:46.90Chippewa Falls
20.11Alex Anderson5:58.70New Richmond
21.9Chris Reckin6:00.20Menomonie
22.11Bryan Bedford6:01.30Chippewa Falls
23.10Ryan Subera6:03.20Chippewa Falls
24.12Jonas Schneider6:06.40Chippewa Falls
25.10Brandon Zertler6:08.80Menomonie
26.9Lucas Lehman6:12.30Eau Claire Memorial
27.9Kyle Miller6:13.50Eau Claire Memorial
28.12Daren Bibeau6:15.90New Richmond
29.9Jake Abel6:28.50Eau Claire Memorial
12Leonard DeutschDNSEau Claire North
9Christian MartinDNSNew Richmond
10Chris OlsonDNSEau Claire North
X 3200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Andrew Farris9:53.20Chippewa Falls
2.10Jacob Wittmershaus10:55.70Menomonie
3.10Shane Miller10:55.90Menomonie
4.9Adam Fitzpatrick10:56.80Eau Claire North
5.11Nathan Mollan10:59.90Menomonie
6.10Alex Charbonneau11:11.10New Richmond
7.10Wesley Hartkemeyer11:37.20Eau Claire Memorial
8.10Fletcher Gilbertson11:41.20Eau Claire Memorial
9.9Nick Richards11:41.40Eau Claire Memorial
10.9Devin Warnick11:42.40Eau Claire Memorial
11.12Mitchell Miller11:49.60Eau Claire Memorial
12.10Bryan Gaffer11:56.30New Richmond
13.9Luke Miller12:01.70New Richmond
14.10Phillip Upchurch12:11.80Menomonie
15.10Alec Baca12:30.40Eau Claire Memorial
16.10Tyler Christianson12:33.30Chippewa Falls
9Joe BrenemanDNSEau Claire Memorial
12Robbie BarnesDNSEau Claire North
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.12Colin Jacott15.30Menomonie
1.12Cody Taubman15.30New Richmond
3.12Patrick Hailey16.10New Richmond
4.11Austin Birch16.70Chippewa Falls
4.11Tyler Durand16.70New Richmond
6.12Adam Karr17.00Eau Claire Memorial
6.12Cody Chouinard17.00New Richmond
8.11Grant Jordahl18.60Eau Claire Memorial
9.12Matt Hoffman18.90Chippewa Falls
10.12Brent Stout19.00Menomonie
11.12Tyler Hutchinson19.50Chippewa Falls
12.10Will Carhuff19.80Eau Claire Memorial
13.9Cole Werner19.90Menomonie
14.10Mike Coyle20.90Eau Claire North
15.11Ben Paffel21.60Eau Claire North
15.9Edward Dresel21.60Chippewa Falls
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.12Patrick Hailey41.50New Richmond
2.12Clint Larsen41.80Eau Claire Memorial
3.11Austin Birch42.80Chippewa Falls
4.11Tyler Durand44.50New Richmond
5.12Adam Karr45.10Eau Claire Memorial
6.12Colin Jacott45.20Menomonie
7.11Grant Jordahl46.10Eau Claire Memorial
8.12Cody Chouinard46.70New Richmond
9.12Austen Miller51.40Eau Claire Memorial
10.10Will Carhuff51.70Eau Claire Memorial
11.11Ben Paffel52.30Eau Claire North
12.10Mike Coyle52.60Eau Claire North
13.12Matt Hoffman53.00Chippewa Falls
14.9Cole Werner54.20Menomonie
15.9Edward Dresel55.10Chippewa Falls
16.12Tyler Hutchinson55.50Chippewa Falls
17.11Alex Tillotson55.60Chippewa Falls
12Macade PloedererDNSChippewa Falls
12Cody TaubmanDNSNew Richmond
9Mark FieldDNSMenomonie
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Nate Jones
Michael Kroll
Shaun Peper
Tyler Wilson
45.40New Richmond
2.-Zach Brown
Rick Caldwell
Mitchell Martenson
Ian Smith
45.60Eau Claire Memorial
3.-Turner Borgstrom
Addison Basurto
Cale Bauer
Marcus Smith
4.-Dalton West
Nathan Sylte
Alex Bohl
Grant Evans
49.00Chippewa Falls
5.-Chiafukum Okoroji
Vaughn Riebe
Chas Nicolet
David Feller
49.60Eau Claire Memorial
6.-Ben Riebe
Devin Smetana
Connor Peterson
William Steahr
50.80Eau Claire Memorial
7.-Zach Ritter
Josh Crowell
Flavio Martins
Brendan Maki
51.00New Richmond
8.-Grant Comte
Tim Knutson
Kyle Hangartner
Madison Schaeffer
51.10Eau Claire North
9.-Carl Eithun
Alex Tillotson
Seth Erickson
Nick Wells
54.10Chippewa Falls
10.-Joe Gardner
Dylan Goettle
Doug Scneider
Lucas Gont
54.30Chippewa Falls
X 4x200 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Tyler Cran
Patrick Hailey
Tyler Wilson
Nate Jones
1:33.70New Richmond
2.-Zach Brown
Rick Caldwell
Mitchell Martenson
Ian Smith
1:37.40Eau Claire Memorial
3.-Joey Evenson
Blake Bauer
Aaron White
Josh Wemmer
4.-Chas Nicolet
Chiafukum Okoroji
William Steahr
Jake Folz
1:40.40Eau Claire Memorial
5.-Richie Stafford
Cole Schindler
Derek Mueller
Macade Ploederer
1:41.50Chippewa Falls
6.-Travis Germain
Gabe Harvieux
Allan Wollenberg
Connor O'Loughlin
1:41.90New Richmond
7.-Connor Peterson
Devin Smetana
Ben Riebe
Vaughn Riebe
1:45.00Eau Claire Memorial
8.-Grant Evans
Lucas Gont
Joe Gardner
Seth Erickson
1:55.90Chippewa Falls
X 4x400 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Elijah Kelley
Alec Knox
Tyler Wilson
Cody Taubman
3:40.00New Richmond
2.-Zach Brown
Kelly O'Leary
Clint Larsen
Evan Humphreys
3:42.90Eau Claire Memorial
3.-Cooper Barth
Austin Birch
Jason Fashingbauer
Richie Stafford
3:45.70Chippewa Falls
4.-Brad Bischof
Joey Miller
Cody Chouinard
Tyler Durand
3:52.80New Richmond
5.-Joey Evenson
Blake Bauer
Marshall Ohvall
Parker Burkard
6.-Mandela Cronk
William Steahr
Jake Folz
Henrik Tengberg
4:03.50Eau Claire Memorial
7.-Cody Whirry
Mackenzie Bolden
Ari Basurto
Taylor Strand
8.-Garrett Berg
Alex Glittenberg
Austen Miller
Devin Smetana
4:07.90Eau Claire Memorial
9.-Mike Coyle
Taylor Kleist
Chris Olson
Kory Larson
4:08.90Eau Claire North
X 4x800 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Lucas Printz
Joe Breneman
Nick Uthe
Mitchell Miller
9:01.40Eau Claire Memorial
2.-Lucas Arras
Tom Zook
Robbie Barnes
Adam Fitzpatrick
9:03.90Eau Claire North
3.-Brad Bischof
Bryan Gaffer
Alex Charbonneau
Alec Knox
9:12.40New Richmond
4.-Henry Zold
Shane Miller
Ari Basurto
Nathan Mollan
5.-Jacob Huffcutt
Aaron Bishop
Sabyn Warrick
Connor Hillert
9:39.70Chippewa Falls
6.-Relay Team 9:52.50Eau Claire Memorial
X Shot Put - 12lb - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.12Shaun Peper43-05.00New Richmond
2.12Brent Stout42-04.00Menomonie
3.12Bryan Greene41-01.00New Richmond
4.11Braeden Jensen40-02.00Chippewa Falls
5.12Chase Paulson40-01.00New Richmond
6.11Alastair Keys39-00.00Eau Claire Memorial
6.10TaSawn Burton39-00.00Eau Claire Memorial
8.12Brandon Clark38-11.00Chippewa Falls
8.12Jason Falteisek38-11.00Menomonie
10.12Tyler Hutchinson38-01.00Chippewa Falls
11.11Andrew Steinberger38-00.00Menomonie
12.12Casey Boatman36-11.00Eau Claire North
13.11Andy Kryshak36-10.00Menomonie
14.11Gage Birkel36-08.00Chippewa Falls
15.10Kyle Hangartner36-03.00Eau Claire North
16.9Thomas Oakland35-04.50Menomonie
17.10Taner Hoppe35-01.00New Richmond
18.12Zack Mueller34-08.00Chippewa Falls
19.11Austin Goodrich33-09.50Menomonie
20.11Tanner Wik32-07.00Menomonie
21.10Lucas Gont32-06.50Chippewa Falls
22.10Lars Nelson32-05.00Eau Claire Memorial
23.11Curtiss Scott32-03.00Chippewa Falls
24.11David Feller32-02.00Eau Claire Memorial
25.11Doly Rakotomahenina32-01.00Eau Claire Memorial
25.9Erik Sylte32-01.00Chippewa Falls
27.11John Endres31-04.00Eau Claire Memorial
28.9Tristan Wallace30-06.50Menomonie
29.10Tim Haakana30-03.00Chippewa Falls
30.11Jake Church30-02.00Menomonie
31.10Darren Fredrickson29-07.50Chippewa Falls
32.12Dillon Quist28-09.50New Richmond
33.10Mike Sandager28-05.00Chippewa Falls
34.11Mitchell Kern27-03.00New Richmond
35.9Doug Schneider26-08.50Chippewa Falls
36.10John Kraus26-07.00Chippewa Falls
37.10Michael Gauger26-04.00Chippewa Falls
38.12Hayden Stone26-03.00Chippewa Falls
38.10Ivan Thull26-03.00Chippewa Falls
40.11Justin Zeller26-02.00New Richmond
41.9Adam Carlisle25-08.00Menomonie
42.10Blake LaPointe25-07.00Eau Claire Memorial
43.9Gabe Solberg25-06.00Chippewa Falls
43.9Kyril Kiutukcief25-06.00Chippewa Falls
45.10Matt Breneman25-01.00Eau Claire Memorial
46.10Logan Everson23-05.00Eau Claire North
47.9Corey Thompson23-02.00Menomonie
12Joe PerryDNSChippewa Falls
9Abe BonnevilleDNSMenomonie
12Brandon DemarsDNSChippewa Falls
10Nathan SylteDNSChippewa Falls
10Caleb GoettlDNSMenomonie
11Dominik GoyetteDNSChippewa Falls
11Tim KnutsonDNSEau Claire North
9Michael OlsonDNSEau Claire Memorial
X Discus - 1.6kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.12Shaun Peper143-11New Richmond
2.11Andy Kryshak132-04Menomonie
3.11Andrew Steinberger125-03Menomonie
4.12Bryan Greene124-02New Richmond
5.12Brent Stout121-05Menomonie
6.11Alastair Keys111-11Eau Claire Memorial
7.12Casey Boatman101-06Eau Claire North
8.11Gage Birkel101-02Chippewa Falls
9.11Austin Goodrich98-05Menomonie
10.11Tyler Durand98-02New Richmond
11.10Kyle Hangartner96-03Eau Claire North
12.11Curtiss Scott92-04Chippewa Falls
13.12Tyler Hutchinson89-07Chippewa Falls
14.11Jake Church87-09Menomonie
15.10Taner Hoppe87-07New Richmond
16.11Tim Knutson85-07Eau Claire North
17.12Chase Paulson83-11New Richmond
18.12Zack Mueller81-08Chippewa Falls
19.10Tim Haakana80-08Chippewa Falls
20.10TaSawn Burton80-05Eau Claire Memorial
20.9Adam Carlisle80-05Menomonie
22.9Thomas Oakland77-07Menomonie
23.9Tristan Wallace77-03Menomonie
23.11John Endres77-03Eau Claire Memorial
25.9Erik Sylte77-02Chippewa Falls
26.11David Feller76-03Eau Claire Memorial
27.10Blake LaPointe76-00Eau Claire Memorial
28.10Lars Nelson75-08Eau Claire Memorial
29.9Corey Thompson74-05Menomonie
30.10Darren Fredrickson74-00Chippewa Falls
31.10John Kraus71-10Chippewa Falls
32.9Kyril Kiutukcief71-00Chippewa Falls
33.10Mike Sandager69-10Chippewa Falls
34.12Hayden Stone69-08Chippewa Falls
35.10Matt Breneman68-03Eau Claire Memorial
35.10Ivan Thull68-03Chippewa Falls
37.11Doly Rakotomahenina68-00Eau Claire Memorial
38.9Doug Schneider67-03Chippewa Falls
39.9Anthony Miloszewich67-02Eau Claire North
40.10Michael Gauger66-06Chippewa Falls
41.11Justin Zeller64-09New Richmond
42.11Carl Eithun64-04Chippewa Falls
42.9Kurt Petricka64-04Eau Claire North
44.11Mitchell Kern62-07New Richmond
45.10Lucas Gont60-05Chippewa Falls
46.10Nathan Sylte59-10Chippewa Falls
47.10Logan Everson56-00Eau Claire North
48.9Gabe Solberg53-03Chippewa Falls
12Jason FalteisekDNSMenomonie
12Joe PerryDNSChippewa Falls
11Tanner WikNDMenomonie
12Brandon DemarsDNSChippewa Falls
11Dominik GoyetteDNSChippewa Falls
11Elijah KelleyDNSNew Richmond
9Abe BonnevilleDNSMenomonie
9Michael OlsonDNSEau Claire Memorial
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.12Evan Humphreys5-08.00Eau Claire Memorial
1.9Dalton West5-08.00Chippewa Falls
3.9Cole Werner5-04.00Menomonie
3.9Marshall Ohvall5-04.00Menomonie
3.11Nate Jones5-04.00New Richmond
3.11Lucas Emmerich5-04.00Eau Claire Memorial
3.9Anthony Miloszewich5-04.00Eau Claire North
8.11Tom Zook5-02.00Eau Claire North
8.9Dylan Harmston5-02.00Menomonie
10.10Deion Sonsalla5-00.00Eau Claire North
10.12Ryan Valk5-00.00Eau Claire Memorial
12.9Mandela Cronk4-10.00Eau Claire Memorial
12.9Jordan White4-10.00Menomonie
10Gabe HarvieuxDNSNew Richmond
9Cole OlsonNHNew Richmond
9Kurt PetrickaDNSEau Claire North
10Dylan ClarkNHChippewa Falls
X Pole Vault - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11David Herro10-06.00Eau Claire Memorial
1.9Brendan Kwick10-06.00Eau Claire Memorial
3.12Cole Schindler10-00.00Chippewa Falls
4.10Mackinze Nutzman9-00.00Chippewa Falls
4.11Mitchell Kent9-00.00Eau Claire Memorial
4.12Brandt Tharp9-00.00Menomonie
4.11Wes Lenz9-00.00Menomonie
8.12Zach Ritter8-00.00New Richmond
8.10Eric Marshall8-00.00Chippewa Falls
8.12Derek Mueller8-00.00Chippewa Falls
8.9Brendan Maki8-00.00New Richmond
8.11Grant Jordahl8-00.00Eau Claire Memorial
8.10Davis Walsh8-00.00Eau Claire North
8.9Trevor Lauer8-00.00Chippewa Falls
8.12Dillon Quist8-00.00New Richmond
16.10Kyle Hangartner7-00.00Eau Claire North
16.9Edward Dresel7-00.00Chippewa Falls
16.12Macade Ploederer7-00.00Chippewa Falls
16.11Matt Boelter7-00.00Eau Claire Memorial
16.9Sean Whitney7-00.00Eau Claire Memorial
16.11Alex Cripe7-00.00Eau Claire Memorial
22.12Jacob Rapp6-00.00Chippewa Falls
22.9Kaileb Larson6-00.00Menomonie
22.9Andy Hillestad6-00.00Menomonie
12Jack HarknessDNSEau Claire Memorial
11Colton SimpsonDNSNew Richmond
9Mark FieldDNSMenomonie
9Colin TrimbleDNSMenomonie
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.12Patrick Hailey20-06.00New Richmond
2.12Michael Kroll19-11.00New Richmond
3.12Cody Taubman19-06.00New Richmond
4.12Clint Larsen19-03.00Eau Claire Memorial
5.10Cale Bauer18-09.00Menomonie
6.10Turner Borgstrom18-06.00Menomonie
7.9Robert Walls18-05.00Menomonie
8.10Travis Germain18-00.00New Richmond
8.11Kelly O'Leary18-00.00Eau Claire Memorial
10.9Anthony Miloszewich17-09.00Eau Claire North
11.9Connor O'Loughlin17-01.00New Richmond
12.10Joey Miller16-09.00New Richmond
12.12Cole Schindler16-09.00Chippewa Falls
14.9Dalton West16-07.00Chippewa Falls
14.12Flavio Martins16-07.00New Richmond
14.10Taylor Strand16-07.00Menomonie
17.12Josh Crowell16-04.00New Richmond
18.9Mandela Cronk15-11.00Eau Claire Memorial
18.10Tyler Christianson15-11.00Chippewa Falls
18.11Lucas Emmerich15-11.00Eau Claire Memorial
21.10Deion Sonsalla15-10.00Eau Claire North
22.9Allan Wollenberg15-09.00New Richmond
23.10Joe Gardner15-03.00Chippewa Falls
24.11Devin Smetana15-01.00Eau Claire Memorial
25.12Justin Knight14-11.00Eau Claire Memorial
25.9Allen Marcus Smith14-11.00Menomonie
27.11Ari Basurto14-06.00Menomonie
28.11Jake Folz14-01.00Eau Claire Memorial
29.10Collin Garcia14-00.00Eau Claire Memorial
30.9Mitchel Hoffman13-11.00Chippewa Falls
31.9Dustin Anderson13-04.00New Richmond
32.12Hayden Stone12-11.50Chippewa Falls
33.9Grant Comte12-11.00Eau Claire North
33.9James Gartmann12-11.00Menomonie
35.10Alex Carney11-01.00Eau Claire Memorial
12Seth EricksonNDChippewa Falls
10Dylan ClarkNDChippewa Falls
10Addison BasurtoNDMenomonie
11Richie StaffordNDChippewa Falls
11Austin BirchNDChippewa Falls
X Triple Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.12Evan Humphreys43-06.00Eau Claire Memorial
2.12Michael Kroll40-04.00New Richmond
3.12Derek Mueller39-07.50Chippewa Falls
4.12Cody Chouinard39-04.00New Richmond
5.9Dylan Harmston37-03.00Menomonie
6.11Lucas Emmerich36-02.00Eau Claire Memorial
7.12Cole Schindler35-11.00Chippewa Falls
8.10Joey Miller34-06.00New Richmond
8.12Macade Ploederer34-06.00Chippewa Falls
10.10Dylan Clark33-06.50Chippewa Falls
11.9Cody Whirry33-02.00Menomonie
12.11Carl Eithun33-01.00Chippewa Falls
9Kurt PetrickaNDEau Claire North
10Travis GermainNDNew Richmond
11Matt KnappNDEau Claire Memorial

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.12Meagan Ward12.90Eau Claire North
2.12Jordan Burrell13.00Eau Claire Memorial
3.9Nicole Hedlund13.40New Richmond
3.10Anna McShane13.40New Richmond
5.10Rose Smith13.80New Richmond
6.11Carley Brotzler13.90New Richmond
7.10Heidi Germain14.00New Richmond
8.10Mallory Moen14.10Eau Claire Memorial
9.11Katrina Gonzales14.20Eau Claire Memorial
9.9Kenzie Thornton14.20Eau Claire North
11.9Gretchen Scott14.40Eau Claire Memorial
12.10Leah Pronschinske14.50Eau Claire Memorial
13.11Ali Kollross14.60Eau Claire Memorial
14.11Rhiannon Lee15.00Eau Claire North
15.10Shannon Wieting15.20Eau Claire North
16.9Danielle Thompson15.30Menomonie
16.10Liz Zawacki15.30Eau Claire North
18.10Stevie Fadness15.50Eau Claire North
18.10Vicky Talmage15.50New Richmond
20.12Shelby Johnson15.80Eau Claire Memorial
21.10Amber Steele15.90Menomonie
21.10Paige Cramer15.90Eau Claire Memorial
21.10Laura Gross15.90Eau Claire Memorial
10Camille HerzogDNSEau Claire Memorial
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Kat Keller25.90New Richmond
2.10Alicia Bur28.30Eau Claire Memorial
2.10Anna McShane28.30New Richmond
4.11Emmarie Heacox28.60Eau Claire North
5.11Carley Brotzler28.90New Richmond
6.12Jordan Burrell29.20Eau Claire Memorial
7.10Heidi Germain29.70New Richmond
8.10Rachel Eierman30.00Eau Claire Memorial
8.9Kenzie Thornton30.00Eau Claire North
10.11Katrina Gonzales30.10Eau Claire Memorial
11.12Carlee Gobler30.20Eau Claire North
12.11Nicole Gostomski30.30Eau Claire North
12.11Amanda Poquette30.30Eau Claire North
14.10Bria Norton31.00New Richmond
15.9Rachel Pride31.10Eau Claire Memorial
15.10Mallory Moen31.10Eau Claire Memorial
17.9Andrea Greer31.40New Richmond
18.11Jackie Chilsen31.70New Richmond
19.10Vicky Talmage32.00New Richmond
19.10Leah Pronschinske32.00Eau Claire Memorial
21.11Rhiannon Lee32.40Eau Claire North
21.10Stevie Fadness32.40Eau Claire North
23.10Hannah Hagen32.50New Richmond
24.10Liz Zawacki32.90Eau Claire North
25.9Maria Pozharsky33.00Eau Claire North
26.10Paige Cramer33.40Eau Claire Memorial
27.10Amber Steele33.80Menomonie
28.12Xenia Obias34.10Eau Claire Memorial
28.9Danielle Thompson34.10Menomonie
30.9Kaia Lund34.20Eau Claire Memorial
9Mikayla OlsonDNSEau Claire North
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Kat Keller59.60New Richmond
2.9Maddie Kelly1:02.80New Richmond
3.9Lauran Novak1:04.10Eau Claire Memorial
4.12Julia Turner1:05.10Eau Claire Memorial
5.12Carlee Gobler1:07.80Eau Claire North
6.11Nicole Gostomski1:10.10Eau Claire North
7.12Elizabeth Richter1:12.60Menomonie
8.9Jaylin Carlson1:13.50Eau Claire Memorial
9.9Mackayla John1:14.10Eau Claire Memorial
10.12Xenia Obias1:16.30Eau Claire Memorial
11.9Kaia Lund1:17.50Eau Claire Memorial
12.10Brittany Bertsch1:18.00Eau Claire Memorial
13.10Nikki Martinez1:18.70Eau Claire Memorial
14.9Leslie Berlin1:21.40Eau Claire Memorial
15.9Ella Strei1:22.10Eau Claire Memorial
9Bethany HaagDNSNew Richmond
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Junior Varsity - Finals
10Nicole Schmidt62.6Menomonie
10Leah Lindberg66.7Menomonie
11Moriah Harmston67.3Menomonie
9Gabrielle Olson69.2Menomonie
12Rachel Stark70.2Menomonie
12Abbie Jensen71.3Menomonie
11Kayla Descamps71.5Menomonie
10Ciara Terry71.6Menomonie
11Gabby Lehman72.6Menomonie
12Marie Meyer74.1Menomonie
11Allison Siler74.2Menomonie
10Brenna Utphall75.1Menomonie
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Nicole Schmidt2:24.30Menomonie
2.10Marissa Steffens2:28.80Eau Claire North
3.12Julia Turner2:33.70Eau Claire Memorial
4.11Morgan Kelly2:36.50New Richmond
5.11Josie Swanson2:37.20Eau Claire Memorial
6.10Heidi Hujik2:38.00Eau Claire Memorial
7.9Hallie Hancock2:40.90Eau Claire North
8.10Anne Frank2:41.70New Richmond
9.11Alyssa Harp2:43.00Eau Claire Memorial
10.12Marie Meyer2:46.80Menomonie
11.10Shauna Staam2:48.00Eau Claire North
12.11Rachel Wilson2:50.30Eau Claire Memorial
13.9Marah Kays2:51.90Eau Claire North
14.10Megan Kieffer2:52.40Menomonie
15.12Jenna Jasicki2:55.30Menomonie
16.11Allison Siler2:56.00Menomonie
17.11Katie Cable2:59.80Eau Claire North
18.12Kali Hayden3:00.70Menomonie
19.11Katelyn Lokrantz3:04.60Menomonie
20.9Grace Pankratz3:13.70Eau Claire Memorial
21.9Breanna Buxrude3:17.10Menomonie
22.10Sydney Risen3:33.90Eau Claire Memorial
10Elaine AndersonDNSEau Claire Memorial
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Junior Varsity - Finals
12Courtney Sawle2:30.8Menomonie
10Kristen Bischel2:38.1Menomonie
11Rachel Stairs2:39.6Menomonie
10Brenna Utphall2:52.0Menomonie
X 1600 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Heidi Hujik5:36.40Eau Claire Memorial
2.9Ali Glassbrenner5:36.70Eau Claire Memorial
3.11Alyssa Harp5:47.90Eau Claire Memorial
4.10Megan Kieffer6:02.90Menomonie
5.10Ellen Meisner6:07.70New Richmond
6.12Jenna Jasicki6:13.30Menomonie
7.11Bailey Matthys6:14.80New Richmond
8.11Rachel Wilson6:22.10Eau Claire Memorial
9.9Sydney Vogler6:23.10Eau Claire Memorial
10.10Cassady Grabow6:24.20Eau Claire Memorial
11.11Katelyn Lokrantz6:24.60Menomonie
12.11Katie Cable6:27.90Eau Claire North
13.9Marah Kays6:28.80Eau Claire North
14.10Marissa Steffens6:37.00Eau Claire North
X 3200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.12Courtney Sawle11:47.60Menomonie
2.10Kristen Bischel12:15.60Menomonie
3.11Maria Smith12:49.30Eau Claire Memorial
4.11Molly Lindquist13:04.40Eau Claire Memorial
5.11Amanda Peterson13:10.30Eau Claire North
6.11Haley Watkins13:11.20Eau Claire North
7.11Bailey Matthys13:31.20New Richmond
8.10Ellen Meisner13:36.60New Richmond
9.11Malorie Casalegno14:45.70Eau Claire North
10.10Elena Montanye14:45.90Eau Claire Memorial
11.10Lillie Cox14:51.50Eau Claire Memorial
12.10McKenna Vinall15:26.70Menomonie
13.12Marit Taylor19:36.00Eau Claire Memorial
9Annie YoungbloodDNSEau Claire Memorial
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.12Rachel Stark16.70Menomonie
2.10Crytal Bethke17.50Eau Claire North
3.12Nicole Nohelty17.70Eau Claire Memorial
4.12Paris Bassett18.30Eau Claire Memorial
4.10Bria Norton18.30New Richmond
6.12Katie Beaupre18.50Menomonie
7.10Hannah Hagen18.70New Richmond
8.9Alyse Passi18.80Eau Claire Memorial
9.10Sami Micek18.90Menomonie
9.11Amy Kukacka18.90New Richmond
11.9Satori Handley20.20Eau Claire Memorial
12.9Bailey Schneider20.50New Richmond
13.11Mariena Geary21.10Eau Claire Memorial
13.9Maria Pozharsky21.10Eau Claire North
15.9Onah Rongstad22.90Eau Claire North
16.9Sara Surges27.50Eau Claire North
9Mikayla OlsonDNSEau Claire North
9Katlyn HouseweartDNSEau Claire North
12Erica BeedeDNSEau Claire North
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Rachel Stairs51.20Menomonie
2.11Alexis Toenies53.50Eau Claire North
3.12Paris Bassett53.90Eau Claire Memorial
4.10Bria Norton55.80New Richmond
5.10Anna McShane56.00New Richmond
6.11Amanda Poquette57.10Eau Claire North
7.10Ciara Terry57.50Menomonie
8.9Gabrielle Olson58.00Menomonie
9.10Hannah Hagen58.80New Richmond
10.12Katie Beaupre59.10Menomonie
11.10Susan Fiser59.80Eau Claire Memorial
12.9Tina Montpetit59.90New Richmond
13.9Satori Handley1:00.20Eau Claire Memorial
14.11Ali Kollross1:00.50Eau Claire Memorial
15.10Sami Micek1:01.00Menomonie
16.9Alyse Passi1:01.40Eau Claire Memorial
17.9Maria Pozharsky1:03.00Eau Claire North
18.9Sara Surges1:09.80Eau Claire North
9Onah RongstadDNSEau Claire North
9Mikayla OlsonDNSEau Claire North
9Katlyn HouseweartDNSEau Claire North
12Erica BeedeDNSEau Claire North
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Kayla Descamps
Leah Lindberg
Moriah Harmston
Jami Darwin
2.-Emily Bischof
Heidi Germain
Rose Smith
Nicole Hedlund
55.30New Richmond
3.-Camille Herzog
Rachel Pride
Kendra Morgan
Shelby Johnson
58.80Eau Claire Memorial
4.-Stevie Fadness
Liz Zawacki
Kenzie Thornton
Shannon Wieting
59.20Eau Claire North
5.-Emily Kukacka
Ali Utgaard
Emma Renhelt
Lyndsay Watkins
1:04.50New Richmond
-Alicia Bur
Nicole Nohelty
Jordan Burrell
Taylor Kollross
DQEau Claire Memorial
X 4x200 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Moriah Harmston
Leah Lindberg
Rachel Stark
Jami Darwin
2.-Crytal Bethke
Emmarie Heacox
Meagan Ward
Alexis Toenies
1:57.80Eau Claire North
3.-Cailen Giese
Emily Bischof
Tina Montpetit
Abby Blader
1:58.90New Richmond
4.-Rachel Eierman
Gretchen Scott
Mallory Moen
Katrina Gonzales
2:00.60Eau Claire Memorial
5.-Kayla Descamps
Jenna Fuhrman
Abbie Jensen
Gabby Lehman
6.-Mariena Geary
Laura Gross
Micaela Volbrecht
Camille Herzog
2:08.60Eau Claire Memorial
7.-Andrea Greer
Emily Kukacka
Emma Renhelt
Bailey Schneider
2:08.90New Richmond
8.-Emily Benson
Sarah White
Heather Whitfield
Teresa Nicolet
2:17.60Eau Claire Memorial
X 4x400 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Ali Glassbrenner
Lauran Novak
Taylor Kollross
Julia Turner
4:18.00Eau Claire Memorial
2.-Anne Frank
Kat Keller
Morgan Kelly
Maddie Kelly
4:18.30New Richmond
3.-Moriah Harmston
Leah Lindberg
Rachel Stark
Nicole Schmidt
4.-Emily Bischof
Cailen Giese
Abby Blader
Tina Montpetit
4:40.40New Richmond
5.-Andrea Greer
Carley Brotzler
Hannah Swetlik
Nicole Hedlund
4:43.30New Richmond
6.-Abbie Jensen
Gabrielle Olson
Kayla Descamps
Gabby Lehman
7.-Allison Siler
Marie Meyer
Brenna Utphall
Ciara Terry
8.-Nikki Martinez
Susan Fiser
Sydney Vogler
Gretchen Scott
5:01.90Eau Claire Memorial
X 4x800 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Anne Frank
Morgan Kelly
Hannah Swetlik
Maddie Kelly
10:34.20New Richmond
2.-Molly Lindquist
Maria Smith
Josie Swanson
Annie Youngblood
10:39.30Eau Claire Memorial
3.-Brenna Utphall
Courtney Sawle
Kristen Bischel
Rachel Stairs
4.-Hallie Hancock
Shauna Staam
Amanda Peterson
Haley Watkins
11:24.10Eau Claire North
5.-Lillie Cox
Elena Montanye
Sydney Risen
Grace Pankratz
13:08.10Eau Claire Memorial
X Shot Put - 4kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.12Jami Darwin33-09.00Menomonie
2.11Serena Baker30-08.00Eau Claire Memorial
3.12Jenna Fuhrman30-00.00Menomonie
4.11Kate Taylor29-01.00Menomonie
5.12Abbie Jensen27-10.00Menomonie
6.11Mackenzie Corning27-00.00Menomonie
7.10Sarah Styer26-07.00Menomonie
8.11Anne Odero26-04.00Eau Claire Memorial
9.10Sanora Stout26-00.00Menomonie
10.10Shauna Staam25-11.00Eau Claire North
10.9Cheyenne Keyes25-11.00Menomonie
12.11Alex Bolstad24-11.00Eau Claire Memorial
13.10Lyndsay Watkins24-09.00New Richmond
14.11Jackie Chilsen23-10.00New Richmond
15.9Ils Van Hoof23-07.00Eau Claire North
16.11Kaylie Berlin23-06.00Eau Claire Memorial
17.11Katrina Johnson19-01.00Eau Claire Memorial
18.9Emma Renhelt18-00.00New Richmond
19.9Ali Utgaard17-10.00New Richmond
12Heidi SmithDNSEau Claire North
10Natalie JansenDNSNew Richmond
X Discus - 1kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.12Meagan Ward103-01Eau Claire North
2.12Jenna Fuhrman100-09Menomonie
3.12Abbie Jensen96-09Menomonie
4.10Sarah Styer85-06Menomonie
5.12Jami Darwin84-03Menomonie
6.11Kate Taylor74-10Menomonie
7.10Lyndsay Watkins70-07New Richmond
8.11Kaylie Berlin68-00Eau Claire Memorial
9.11Amy Kukacka67-07New Richmond
10.12Samantha Sveum64-01Eau Claire North
11.9Cheyenne Keyes64-00Menomonie
12.11Anne Odero63-09Eau Claire Memorial
13.9Ils Van Hoof61-03Eau Claire North
14.9Emily Kukacka60-10New Richmond
15.10Sanora Stout60-02Menomonie
16.9Emma Renhelt60-00New Richmond
17.10Anne Frank58-00New Richmond
18.11Serena Baker57-09Eau Claire Memorial
19.10Shauna Staam54-01Eau Claire North
20.9Ali Utgaard45-02New Richmond
21.11Alex Bolstad43-06Eau Claire Memorial
22.11Katrina Johnson41-00Eau Claire Memorial
12Heidi SmithDNSEau Claire North
11Mackenzie CorningNDMenomonie
10Natalie JansenDNSNew Richmond
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Maddie Kelly4-08.00New Richmond
2.11Cassie Takishita4-06.00Eau Claire Memorial
2.9Gabrielle Olson4-06.00Menomonie
2.9Emily Kukacka4-06.00New Richmond
2.11Amy Kukacka4-06.00New Richmond
6.10Ciara Terry4-04.00Menomonie
6.10Hannah Hagen4-04.00New Richmond
8.10Bria Norton4-00.00New Richmond
8.10Nikki Martinez4-00.00Eau Claire Memorial
10.11Ali Kollross3-10.00Eau Claire Memorial
10Liz ZawackiNHEau Claire North
10Claire SauermanNHEau Claire Memorial
9Colleen HarmerNHMenomonie
12Samantha SveumNHEau Claire North
12Meagan WardDNSEau Claire North
X Pole Vault - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Lizzie Peterson9-00.00Eau Claire North
2.10Shannon Wieting8-06.00Eau Claire North
3.11Moriah Harmston8-00.00Menomonie
3.10Rose Smith8-00.00New Richmond
5.10Kendra Morgan7-00.00Eau Claire Memorial
5.12Nicole Nohelty7-00.00Eau Claire Memorial
5.9Bailey Schneider7-00.00New Richmond
8.12Marit Taylor6-00.00Eau Claire Memorial
8.11Allison Siler6-00.00Menomonie
8.9Mackayla John6-00.00Eau Claire Memorial
9Kortney PlummerNHEau Claire Memorial
9Ella StreiNHEau Claire Memorial
9Sarah WhiteNHEau Claire Memorial
9Heather WhitfieldNHEau Claire Memorial
12Annika UtgaardDNSNew Richmond
12Shelby JohnsonNHEau Claire Memorial
9McKenzie RacineNHMenomonie
9Breanna BuxrudeNHMenomonie
11Teresa NicoletNHEau Claire Memorial
9Satori HandleyNHEau Claire Memorial
10Brittany BertschNHEau Claire Memorial
9Leslie BerlinNHEau Claire Memorial
9Emily BensonNHEau Claire Memorial
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.12Taylor Kollross15-06.00Eau Claire Memorial
2.9Nicole Hedlund14-11.00New Richmond
3.10Heidi Germain14-01.00New Richmond
4.9Abby Blader14-00.00New Richmond
5.9Andrea Greer13-11.00New Richmond
5.10Leah Lindberg13-11.00Menomonie
7.10Rose Smith13-10.00New Richmond
8.9Bailey Schneider12-11.00New Richmond
8.9Katlyn Houseweart12-11.00Eau Claire North
10.11Gabby Lehman12-10.00Menomonie
10.10Kendra Morgan12-10.00Eau Claire Memorial
12.9Tina Montpetit12-07.50New Richmond
13.11Ali Kollross12-04.00Eau Claire Memorial
14.9Danielle Thompson12-02.50Menomonie
15.9Hannah Swetlik12-01.00New Richmond
16.9Onah Rongstad12-00.00Eau Claire North
17.10Sami Micek11-11.00Menomonie
18.10Amber Steele11-05.50Menomonie
19.10Laura Gross11-00.00Eau Claire Memorial
20.11Mariena Geary10-08.00Eau Claire Memorial
10Camille HerzogNDEau Claire Memorial
10Vicky TalmageNDNew Richmond
9Cailen GieseNDNew Richmond
X Triple Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.12Taylor Kollross34-01.50Eau Claire Memorial
2.11Cassie Takishita33-01.00Eau Claire Memorial
3.9Abby Blader31-01.50New Richmond
4.10Anna McShane31-00.00New Richmond
5.11Morgan Kelly29-11.00New Richmond
6.12Katie Beaupre29-10.00Menomonie
7.10Crytal Bethke29-05.00Eau Claire North
8.9Cailen Giese28-08.50New Richmond
9.10Ciara Terry27-11.00Menomonie
9.11Amy Kukacka27-11.00New Richmond
11.11Jackie Chilsen27-09.50New Richmond
12.10Claire Sauerman27-06.00Eau Claire Memorial
13.12Elizabeth Richter26-10.00Menomonie
14.9Jaylin Carlson26-04.50Eau Claire Memorial
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