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Lewis Co. Meet

Friday, April 08, 2011

Lewis Co. HS, Weston, WV

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West Virginia - A
Tucker County
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Charles Hython11.48aRobert C Byrd
2.10Christopher Gum11.87aLewis County
3.10Jermodd Garrett11.95aRobert C Byrd
4.12Luis Lopez12.20aBuckhannon-Upshur
5.11Jerry Harrison12.29aLincoln
5.10Jon Jerden12.29aLewis County
7.11Andrew Nuzum12.39aEast Fairmont
8.11Tyler Benton12.43aLincoln
9.10Caleb Butcher12.52aLewis County
10.11Chris May12.63aLiberty (Harrison)
11.12Chad Smith12.81aBuckhannon-Upshur
--10Wilson Harvey13.10aLewis County
12.11Johnathan Fitzwater13.27aBuckhannon-Upshur
13.9Joel McDonough13.47aBraxton County
14.11Tyler Goodwin13.64aLiberty (Harrison)
15.11Devyn Rose13.67aLiberty (Harrison)
--11Ty CollinsNTLincoln
--11Theron DavisNTBraxton County
--9Austin ZirkNTTucker County
--11Andrew WillsNTEast Fairmont
--10Zachary GravesNTEast Fairmont
--9Nathaniel GoldsteinNTTucker County
--10Mike AdkinsNTTucker County
--10Hee Jae WeonNTBraxton County
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jermodd Garrett23.99aRobert C Byrd
2.12Forrest Walker24.51aTucker County
3.10Christopher Gum24.56aLewis County
4.11Jerry Harrison24.63aLincoln
5.11Tyler Benton24.95aLincoln
6.10Cameron Golden25.18aLewis County
7.10Austin Sayre25.31aBuckhannon-Upshur
8.11Jordan Coen25.35aBraxton County
9.12James Moody25.57aLewis County
10.11Chris May25.62aLiberty (Harrison)
11.10Drew Arnett25.90aEast Fairmont
12.10Stetson West25.98aBuckhannon-Upshur
13.10Cody Wilson26.47aEast Fairmont
--10Wilson Harvey26.50aLewis County
14.11Andrew Wills27.09aEast Fairmont
14.10Isaac Murrell27.09aBuckhannon-Upshur
16.11Devyn Rose27.72aLiberty (Harrison)
17.9Jordan Thomas27.76aBuckhannon-Upshur
18.11Tyler Goodwin28.01aLiberty (Harrison)
19.9Corey Kelley28.03aTucker County
20.10Kevin Hill28.11aBraxton County
21.12Ben Male30.04aLincoln
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jordan Coen55.32aBraxton County
2.12Forrest Walker55.75aTucker County
3.12Anthony Montgomery56.34aLewis County
4.10Chad Ball57.87aBuckhannon-Upshur
5.10Austin Sayre58.53aBuckhannon-Upshur
6.10Cody Wilson59.27aEast Fairmont
7.9Brett Metheny1:00.90aEast Fairmont
8.10Mycal Owens1:01.99aRobert C Byrd
9.9Brandon Butcher1:02.25aLewis County
10.9Austin Zirk1:03.14aTucker County
11.11Devyn Rose1:05.48aLiberty (Harrison)
12.9Keenan Conrad1:05.64aLewis County
13.12Jonathan Brager1:07.32aRobert C Byrd
14.10Ricky Hammon1:07.43aBraxton County
15.10Chris Hays1:07.45aLiberty (Harrison)
16.12Logan Morlan1:11.23aBraxton County
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12River Huffman2:06.88aBuckhannon-Upshur
2.12Russell Nuckles2:11.48aBraxton County
3.11William Anderson2:19.54aLincoln
4.11Jacob Cutright2:20.49aBuckhannon-Upshur
5.11Todd Rundle2:20.53aEast Fairmont
6.12Cullen Kelley2:20.77aTucker County
7.9Bryce Cook2:21.54aRobert C Byrd
8.11Cody Smith2:21.56aLewis County
9.10Matthew Bellamy2:28.07aBuckhannon-Upshur
10.11Chris Bonner2:28.98aTucker County
11.11Jason Meaaanotte2:29.34aEast Fairmont
12.10Tyler Kline2:45.45aEast Fairmont
13.10Floyd Friend2:45.85aLewis County
14.9Jerry Cox2:48.08aLincoln
15.12Logan Morlan2:51.52aBraxton County
16.10Robert Horn3:06.15aLewis County
--12Austin Clark3:13.36aLewis County
--11Ryan Jackson3:34.23aLewis County
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Russell Nuckles4:48.05aBraxton County
2.12Adam Brumley4:48.25aBuckhannon-Upshur
3.12Keefe Kiser4:49.06aLewis County
4.9Bryce Cook4:52.84aRobert C Byrd
5.10Drew Arnett4:56.76aEast Fairmont
6.11William Anderson4:58.90aLincoln
7.11Chris Bonner5:09.55aTucker County
8.9Connor Fitz5:12.39aEast Fairmont
9.10Matthew Bellamy5:16.70aBuckhannon-Upshur
10.11Zachary Wright5:20.43aEast Fairmont
11.9Kyle Stutler5:28.92aLincoln
12.9Chris Freeman5:30.39aTucker County
13.11Joseph Helmick5:57.15aLewis County
14.12Logan Morlan6:06.15aBraxton County
15.10Hee Jae Weon6:13.80aBraxton County
16.-Dillon Yeager6:18.02aLewis County
17.9Jerry Cox6:24.18aLincoln
18.12Logan Lemon6:36.57aTucker County
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Keefe Kiser10:37.43aLewis County
2.12Jared Rock10:42.48aBuckhannon-Upshur
3.11Cody Smith11:50.62aLewis County
4.9Connor Fitz11:55.60aEast Fairmont
5.11Jason Meaaanotte12:24.25aEast Fairmont
6.9Kyle Stutler12:42.24aLincoln
7.11Jacob McDonald13:20.04aLewis County
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Luke Brockleman17.39aBuckhannon-Upshur
2.9Ty Seibel18.10aLincoln
3.12Logan Snyder18.36aTucker County
4.10Chris Hays18.51aLiberty (Harrison)
5.10Braden Montgomery18.94aLewis County
6.9Dillon O'Dell19.06aLincoln
7.10Seth Shaver19.16aBuckhannon-Upshur
8.10Trevor Kidwell19.74aTucker County
9.11Ty Collins20.25aLincoln
10.11Reuben Heath20.73aTucker County
11.9Alexander Cayton22.36aLewis County
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Anthony Abston42.22aRobert C Byrd
2.12Anthony Werner43.72aLewis County
3.10David Boyles45.70aBuckhannon-Upshur
4.10Tyler Snyder46.96aTucker County
5.12Luke Brockleman47.03aBuckhannon-Upshur
6.9Dillon O'Dell47.05aLincoln
7.12Connor Swisher47.40aLewis County
8.10James Acord48.93aBraxton County
9.10Chris Hays49.17aLiberty (Harrison)
10.11Gary Nedrow49.41aTucker County
11.10Braden Montgomery49.46aLewis County
12.10Stetson West49.60aBuckhannon-Upshur
13.9Tyler Freeman49.74aLincoln
14.10Trevor Kidwell51.11aTucker County
15.10John Bowman55.56aEast Fairmont
--9Alexander Cayton56.96aLewis County
--10Daniel Pascasio57.37aLewis County
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Christopher Gum
James Moody
Dustin Martin
Caleb Butcher
46.56aLewis County
2.-Tyler Benton
Jerry Harrison
Jeremy Parsons
Ty Seibel
3.-Jon Fitzwater
Kade Johnston
Luis Lopez
Dylan Newcome
4.-Andrew Nuzum
Christian Nester
Cody Palmer
Brett Metheny
49.08aEast Fairmont
5.-Zach Armstrong
Cory DiBartolomeo
Mitchell Mason
Josh Sharp
51.00aTucker County
6.-Tyler Goodwin
Chris Hays
Chris May
Devyn Rose
52.38aLiberty (Harrison)
7.-Joel McDonough
Kevin Hill
Seth Jackson
Nathan Cook
54.36aBraxton County
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tyler Benton
Jerry Harrison
Jeremy Parsons
Ty Seibel
2.-Jon Jerden
Christopher Gum
Cameron Golden
Anthony Werner
1:37.25aLewis County
3.-Jon Fitzwater
Luis Lopez
Dylan Newcome
Dakota Tenney
4.-Andrew Nuzum
Christian Nester
Cody Palmer
Brett Metheny
1:42.11aEast Fairmont
5.-Zach Armstrong
Cory DiBartolomeo
Mitchell Mason
Gary Nedrow
1:43.69aTucker County
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Adam Brumley
River Huffman
Dakota Tenney
Dowry Synder
2.-Brett Metheny
Cody Palmer
Todd Rundle
Drew Arnett
3:56.51aEast Fairmont
3.-Cameron Golden
Anthony Montgomery
James Moody
Connor Swisher
3:58.90aLewis County
4.-Cullen Kelley
Mitchell Mason
Forrest Walker
Cory DiBartolomeo
3:58.91aTucker County
5.-Russell Nuckles
Jordan Coen
James Acord
Ricky Hammon
3:59.68aBraxton County
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jacob Cutright
Adam Brumley
River Huffman
Jared Rock
2.-Chris Bonner
Cullen Kelley
Chris Freeman
Forrest Walker
9:26.90aTucker County
3.-Connor Fitz
Drew Arnett
Todd Rundle
Zachary Wright
9:26.96aEast Fairmont
4.-Joshua White
Cody Smith
Floyd Friend
Travis Cochran
9:27.37aLewis County
5.-Austin Clark
Robert Horn
Joseph Helmick
Ryan Jackson
10:11.44aLewis County
6.-Kevin Hill
Joe Green
Nevin Rollyson
Bobby Lane
11:55.98aBraxton County
X 4x55 Shuttle Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jon Jerden
Dustin Martin
Braden Montgomery
Anthony Werner
1:04.24aLewis County
2.-David Boyles
Kade Johnston
Luke Brockleman
Dakota Tenney
3.-Anthony Abston
Bryce Cook
Charles Hython
Michael McGahan
1:07.85aRobert C Byrd
4.-Trevor Kidwell
Tyler Snyder
Logan Snyder
Gary Nedrow
1:08.34aTucker County
5.-Hee Jae Weon
James Acord
Ricky Hammon
Seth Jackson
1:16.04aBraxton County
6.-John Bowman
Trevor Edge
Christian Nester
Cody Wilson
1:17.84aEast Fairmont
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jason Rock46-04.75Buckhannon-Upshur
2.12Chad Smith43-04.75Buckhannon-Upshur
3.12Steven Bates41-09.50Lincoln
4.12Hunter McWhorter41-06.00Lewis County
5.11Theron Davis37-05.75Braxton County
6.10Joseph Butcher36-09.50Lewis County
7.10Jarrell Tonkin36-06.00Buckhannon-Upshur
8.9Amoni Brown36-01.00Robert C Byrd
9.12Bobby Lane35-04.00Braxton County
10.12Joseph Perry35-02.75Lewis County
11.12Tenney Geldbaugh34-06.50East Fairmont
12.11Ethan Long34-02.25Tucker County
13.11Bo Snider33-11.75Lincoln
14.12Dusty McCauley33-09.00Tucker County
15.9Zach Everly33-07.50Tucker County
--10Hunter Sherwoodr31-06.75Lewis County
16.12Broden Ramsey29-06.75East Fairmont
17.11Trevor Edge29-04.75East Fairmont
18.10Jerry Luzader24-09.00Robert C Byrd
19.9Nevin Rollyson22-02.75Braxton County
20.9Joe Green20-06.00Braxton County
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Hunter McWhorter120-09Lewis County
2.12Jason Rock119-01Buckhannon-Upshur
3.12Steven Bates113-08Lincoln
4.12Joseph Perry111-08Lewis County
5.10Isaac Johnson106-01.50Buckhannon-Upshur
6.12Marcus Miller101-08Buckhannon-Upshur
7.9Amoni Brown100-08.50Robert C Byrd
8.12Tenney Geldbaugh100-07East Fairmont
9.11Theron Davis94-07.50Braxton County
10.12Bobby Lane91-11Braxton County
11.9Zach Everly88-05Tucker County
--11Brycen Williams85-09Lewis County
12.10Nathan Cook84-09Braxton County
13.10Hunter Sherwoodr84-00Lewis County
14.12Broden Ramsey83-02East Fairmont
--10Joseph Butcher80-00Lewis County
15.12Dusty McCauley74-07Tucker County
16.9Cory Hanlin73-06Tucker County
17.12Joseph Wyer72-00East Fairmont
--10Cameron Golden70-05Lewis County
18.10Jerry Luzader65-04Robert C Byrd
19.9Nevin Rollyson63-07Braxton County
20.9Joe Green56-06Braxton County
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Charles Hython6-00.00Robert C Byrd
2.12Connor Swisher5-06.00Lewis County
2.12Jeremy Parsons5-06.00Lincoln
4.9Ty Seibel5-06.00Lincoln
5.10Tyler Snyder5-06.00Tucker County
6.9Dustin Martin5-04.00Lewis County
7.12Anthony Werner5-04.00Lewis County
7.10Jacob Davisson5-04.00Lewis County
7.10Cory DiBartolomeo5-04.00Tucker County
7.12Logan Snyder5-04.00Tucker County
11.11Jordan Coen5-02.00Braxton County
11.9Tyler Freeman5-02.00Lincoln
13.11Kade Johnston5-00.00Buckhannon-Upshur
13.9Bryce Cook5-00.00Robert C Byrd
--10Stetson WestNHBuckhannon-Upshur
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Mycal Owens10-06.00Robert C Byrd
2.10James Acord10-00.00Braxton County
3.10Jacob Davisson10-00.00Lewis County
4.11Jacob Cutright9-06.00Buckhannon-Upshur
4.11John Skidmore9-06.00Robert C Byrd
6.12River Huffman9-00.00Buckhannon-Upshur
7.11Elbert Rohrbough8-06.00Lewis County
8.9Joel McDonough8-00.00Braxton County
--10Nathan CookNHBraxton County
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Anthony Abston20-07.00Robert C Byrd
2.11Charles Hython19-08.00Robert C Byrd
3.12Anthony Montgomery19-02.00Lewis County
4.12Dakota Tenney18-09.00Buckhannon-Upshur
5.10Tyler Snyder17-02.00Tucker County
6.12Logan Snyder16-10.00Tucker County
7.11Gary Nedrow16-07.00Tucker County
8.10Dowry Synder16-00.00Buckhannon-Upshur
8.10Caleb Butcher16-00.00Lewis County
10.11Chris May15-07.00Liberty (Harrison)
11.9Brandon Butcher15-00.00Lewis County
11.10Ricky Hammon15-00.00Braxton County
13.11Ty Collins14-09.00Lincoln
14.9Joel McDonough13-09.00Braxton County
15.12Ben Male13-02.00Lincoln
--12Keim HuynhNDBuckhannon-Upshur

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Abby Lantz13.41aBuckhannon-Upshur
2.10Madison Cunningham13.78aLincoln
3.9Makayla Edwards13.82aBuckhannon-Upshur
4.12Michelle Cottrill13.92aBraxton County
5.10Nicole Licata14.02aEast Fairmont
6.11Haven Harman14.03aLiberty (Harrison)
7.12Danielle Licata14.10aEast Fairmont
8.10Amber Evans14.14aTucker County
9.10Hunter Sodaro14.15aBraxton County
10.11Ashley Kilgen14.17aLewis County
11.10Erin Walters14.38aLewis County
12.9Hannah Layman14.46aLincoln
13.9Hannah Stankus14.49aBuckhannon-Upshur
14.9Johnna Akers14.57aLincoln
15.11Kaylea Nuzum14.65aEast Fairmont
16.-Shay Holsten14.98aLiberty (Harrison)
17.11Lexy Greenlief15.16aBraxton County
18.10Jessica Kincaid15.50aTucker County
19.9Jessica Hefner15.66aLewis County
20.11Melissa Carr16.02aTucker County
21.9Alexis Rebrook16.83aLiberty (Harrison)
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Madison Cunningham27.11aLincoln
2.10Abby Lantz27.54aBuckhannon-Upshur
3.11Haven Harman28.57aLiberty (Harrison)
4.10Hunter Sodaro29.11aBraxton County
5.12Rhea Deuser29.20aTucker County
6.12Megan Gains29.27aLiberty (Harrison)
7.12Michelle Cottrill29.58aBraxton County
8.9Makayla Edwards29.61aBuckhannon-Upshur
9.10Anne Golinsky29.64aBraxton County
10.10Nicole Licata29.76aEast Fairmont
11.9Alexandra Allen30.21aLiberty (Harrison)
12.9Kylie Moore31.49aTucker County
13.10Alexa Bennett31.57aBuckhannon-Upshur
14.9Demi Smith31.58aLewis County
15.9Kiley Westfall31.63aEast Fairmont
16.10Jessica Kincaid32.00aTucker County
17.10Morgan Cox32.37aLincoln
18.9Allison Ramsey32.40aBraxton County
19.9Jessica Hefner32.69aLewis County
20.9Catherine Fox34.07aRobert C Byrd
21.10Jade Carey35.70aLewis County
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Emily Godwin1:00.88aBuckhannon-Upshur
2.10Madison Cunningham1:01.51aLincoln
3.10Nicole Licata1:04.13aEast Fairmont
4.12Megan Gains1:06.25aLiberty (Harrison)
5.12Rhea Deuser1:06.91aTucker County
6.10Anne Golinsky1:07.39aBraxton County
7.9Karli Littler1:07.70aBuckhannon-Upshur
8.9Katy Riley1:11.04aBuckhannon-Upshur
9.10Caitlin Rhodes1:11.52aBraxton County
10.10Adrianna Bowley1:12.17aTucker County
11.10Morgan Cox1:12.85aLincoln
12.12Jessica Snider1:13.42aLiberty (Harrison)
13.11Darrian Hill1:13.81aEast Fairmont
14.9Catherine Fox1:15.66aRobert C Byrd
15.9Alexis Rebrook1:16.02aLiberty (Harrison)
--9Morgan Jackson1:19.63aLewis County
16.9Cayla Roles1:22.72aLewis County
17.9Jessica Woods1:24.89aRobert C Byrd
18.10Madison Jones1:28.34aLewis County
19.11Trinity Lowther1:36.47aLewis County
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tori Rohr2:42.57aBuckhannon-Upshur
2.11Shaina Kopelov2:44.18aBuckhannon-Upshur
3.12Shandel Bunnell2:44.67aLiberty (Harrison)
4.10Brenda Palmer2:47.73aEast Fairmont
5.9Shelby Williams2:48.33aBuckhannon-Upshur
6.10Sydney Moore2:52.75aEast Fairmont
7.10Ashley Cassidy2:52.82aTucker County
8.10Morgan Wagner2:52.87aLincoln
9.9Jasmine Flanigan2:54.79aLiberty (Harrison)
10.10Caitlin Rhodes2:58.32aBraxton County
11.9Catherine Fox3:00.18aRobert C Byrd
12.12Elizabeth Carr3:05.78aTucker County
13.9Lenae Cole3:09.40aTucker County
14.11Allison March3:24.37aBraxton County
15.10Megan Cooper3:26.32aBraxton County
16.9Tori Pittman3:32.12aRobert C Byrd
17.9Jessica Woods3:32.66aRobert C Byrd
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Reba Cutright5:54.60aBuckhannon-Upshur
2.12Rebecca Haught5:59.08aEast Fairmont
3.11Ashley Peters6:10.09aLiberty (Harrison)
4.9Shelby Williams6:11.71aBuckhannon-Upshur
5.10Ashley Cassidy6:12.47aTucker County
6.10Brenda Palmer6:18.03aEast Fairmont
7.10Sydney Moore6:23.37aEast Fairmont
8.10Morgan Wagner6:24.81aLincoln
9.12Elizabeth Carr6:26.28aTucker County
10.9Jasmine Flanigan6:27.75aLiberty (Harrison)
11.11Liana Kopelov6:30.57aBuckhannon-Upshur
12.11Gabriela Bonazzo6:37.11aBraxton County
13.9Lenae Cole6:55.03aTucker County
14.9Jessica Woods7:21.08aRobert C Byrd
15.10Brittany Powell7:44.54aLiberty (Harrison)
16.9Tori Pittman8:03.26aRobert C Byrd
17.12Valerie Nestor8:11.45aLiberty (Harrison)
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Reba Cutright12:51.02aBuckhannon-Upshur
2.12Rebecca Haught13:13.76aEast Fairmont
3.11Ashley Peters13:27.18aLiberty (Harrison)
4.9Kirsten Gateless13:49.65aBraxton County
5.11Liana Kopelov14:22.84aBuckhannon-Upshur
6.9Jasmine Flanigan14:28.73aLiberty (Harrison)
7.9Miranda Siler16:08.22aTucker County
8.9Chelsie Browning16:12.14aBraxton County
--11Shaina KopelovDNFBuckhannon-Upshur
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Emily Godwin15.40aBuckhannon-Upshur
2.10Lauren Cvechko17.20aBuckhannon-Upshur
3.11Corri Phillips17.61aBraxton County
4.11Lindsey Williams17.61aLewis County
5.12Courtney Ricer17.79aEast Fairmont
6.11Katie Clevenger18.42aTucker County
7.10Caroline Miller18.85aTucker County
8.12Amy Barnes19.18aLiberty (Harrison)
9.9Hannah Layman19.36aLincoln
10.9Brittany Shapiro19.74aBuckhannon-Upshur
11.9Stephanie Betler20.29aTucker County
12.12Crystal Barrow20.61aBraxton County
13.9Allison Ramsey20.80aBraxton County
14.9Micah Ford21.78aLewis County
15.9Kiley Westfall21.89aEast Fairmont
16.9Mary Beth Sarsfield22.00aEast Fairmont
17.11Amanda Rivera22.81aLewis County
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Abby Lantz49.23aBuckhannon-Upshur
2.11Lindsey Williams50.04aLewis County
3.10Lauren Cvechko50.17aBuckhannon-Upshur
4.10Amber Evans53.11aTucker County
5.11Katie Clevenger54.31aTucker County
6.12Amanda Boyce54.54aEast Fairmont
7.12Courtney Ricer55.47aEast Fairmont
8.12Jennifer Fabbricatore56.36aBuckhannon-Upshur
9.9Rachel Ramage56.92aEast Fairmont
10.10Caroline Miller58.74aTucker County
11.9Allison Ramsey59.88aBraxton County
12.11Marianna White1:01.95aBraxton County
13.-Shay Holsten1:02.98aLiberty (Harrison)
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Amy Barnes
Alexandra Allen
Shandel Bunnell
Haven Harman
55.02aLiberty (Harrison)
2.-Lindsey Williams
Ashley Kilgen
Erin Walters
Brianna Henderson
55.60aLewis County
3.-Jennifer Fabbricatore
Makayla Edwards
Karli Littler
Katy Riley
4.-Danielle Licata
Kaylea Nuzum
Courtney Ricer
Nicole Licata
56.37aEast Fairmont
5.-Stephanie Betler
Melissa Carr
Jessica Kincaid
Kylie Moore
59.52aTucker County
6.-Marianna White
Crystal Barrow
Lexy Greenlief
Michelle Cottrill
59.58aBraxton County
7.-Maranda Bosley
Keturah Cowling
Megan James
Tomi Dennison
1:08.50aBraxton County
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Haven Harman
Alexandra Allen
Megan Gains
Shandel Bunnell
1:55.15aLiberty (Harrison)
2.-Karli Littler
Tori Rohr
Katy Riley
Makayla Edwards
3.-Relay Team 1:58.66aBraxton County
4.-Ashley Kilgen
Allison Rogers
Erin Walters
Lindsey Williams
1:58.95aLewis County
5.-Stephanie Betler
Adrianna Bowley
Amber Evans
Jessica Kincaid
2:03.77aTucker County
6.-Danielle Licata
Kaylea Nuzum
Nina Nicoletti
Mary Beth Sarsfield
2:04.39aEast Fairmont
7.-Crystal Barrow
Megan Cooper
Megan James
Marianna White
2:20.10aBraxton County
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Alayna Wright
Tori Rohr
Karli Littler
Lauren Cvechko
2.-Jessica Snider
Kayla Crabtree
Megan Gains
Shandel Bunnell
4:44.41aLiberty (Harrison)
3.-Michaela Luckey
Nina Nicoletti
Rachel Ramage
Rebecca Haught
4:46.52aEast Fairmont
4.-Caitlin Rhodes
Abbey White
Brittany White
Chelsie Browning
5:33.80aBraxton County
5.-Megan Cooper
Allison March
Megan James
Tomi Dennison
5:44.88aBraxton County
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tori Rohr
Shelby Williams
Reba Cutright
Shaina Kopelov
2.-Amanda Boyce
Michaela Luckey
Rebecca Haught
Rachel Ramage
10:45.68aEast Fairmont
3.-Adrianna Bowley
Elizabeth Carr
Ashley Cassidy
Caroline Miller
11:36.86aTucker County
4.-Alexis Rebrook
Jessica Snider
Kayla Crabtree
Ashley Peters
12:11.51aLiberty (Harrison)
5.-Caitlin Rhodes
Abbey White
Brittany White
Chelsie Browning
12:40.56aBraxton County
6.-Megan Cooper
Tomi Dennison
Megan James
Allison March
14:19.30aBraxton County
X 4x55 Shuttle Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.-Katie Clevenger
Amber Evans
Caroline Miller
Kylie Moore
1:13.71aTucker County
2.-Nina Nicoletti
Rachel Ramage
Courtney Ricer
Mary Beth Sarsfield
1:16.26aEast Fairmont
3.-Katy Riley
Chantelle Leggett
Brittany Shapiro
Jennifer Fabbricatore
4.-Crystal Barrow
Lexy Greenlief
Allison Ramsey
Marianna White
1:18.77aBraxton County
5.-Micah Ford
Brianna Henderson
Ashley Kilgen
Amanda Rivera
1:22.61aLewis County
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Karissa Knabenshue40-04.75Buckhannon-Upshur
2.10Mercedes Dowell35-01.00Buckhannon-Upshur
3.12Jessica Starcher31-05.75Lincoln
4.9Mackenzie Leigh29-07.00Buckhannon-Upshur
5.11Cassidy James29-06.50Braxton County
6.12Chasity Skinner29-05.50Lincoln
7.12Allison Rogers29-05.00Lewis County
8.10Breanna Efaw27-01.75East Fairmont
9.12Kendra Shultz26-01.50Lewis County
10.10Christy Carson25-05.75Lincoln
11.11Briana Lewis25-05.00Robert C Byrd
12.10Brittany Powell24-04.00Liberty (Harrison)
13.10Vanessa Rose24-02.50Braxton County
14.9Melissa Seabolt24-00.00Lewis County
15.12Valerie Nestor23-09.00Liberty (Harrison)
16.12Nicole Wymer23-02.75Braxton County
--9Micah Ford23-02.25Lewis County
17.11Alehandra Sylva22-05.25Robert C Byrd
18.10Kayla Crabtree22-02.50Liberty (Harrison)
--9Mariah Beam21-00.75Lewis County
--11Cierra Shultz19-01.75Lewis County
19.11Melissa Carr19-00.00Tucker County
20.-Trisha Bullard18-06.75Braxton County
21.11Heather Reese18-06.50East Fairmont
22.9Joannah Dyer14-06.75Tucker County
23.9Tereaza Stull13-09.00Tucker County
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Karissa Knabenshue128-09Buckhannon-Upshur
2.10Mercedes Dowell104-09.50Buckhannon-Upshur
3.11Cassidy James95-03.50Braxton County
4.12Chasity Skinner92-07.50Lincoln
5.12Jessica Starcher92-03.25Lincoln
6.9Mackenzie Leigh85-03Buckhannon-Upshur
7.11Briana Lewis84-04Robert C Byrd
8.10Breanna Efaw81-00.50East Fairmont
9.12Allison Rogers79-00.50Lewis County
10.10Christy Carson76-04Lincoln
11.11Melissa Carr68-10Tucker County
12.11Alehandra Sylva66-11Robert C Byrd
13.11Whitney Varner65-11.50Lewis County
14.12Nicole Wymer65-08Braxton County
15.10Kayla Crabtree60-08.50Liberty (Harrison)
16.11Heather Reese60-04East Fairmont
17.10Brittany Powell57-11Liberty (Harrison)
18.12Jessee Elliott56-02Lewis County
19.9Tori Pittman56-01Robert C Byrd
--12Kendra Shultz55-05.50Lewis County
--11Cierra Shultz53-09Lewis County
--9Melissa Seabolt53-08Lewis County
20.10Vanessa Rose53-03Braxton County
21.12Valerie Nestor49-00Liberty (Harrison)
22.-Trisha Bullard48-07.50Braxton County
23.9Joannah Dyer47-07Tucker County
24.9Tereaza Stull35-05Tucker County
--9Mariah Beam0.25Lewis County
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Emily Godwin5-10.00Buckhannon-Upshur
2.10Lauren Cvechko5-02.00Buckhannon-Upshur
3.12Rhea Deuser4-10.00Tucker County
4.9Johnna Akers4-08.00Lincoln
5.11Katie Clevenger4-06.00Tucker County
6.12Jessica Starcher4-06.00Lincoln
7.9Stephanie Betler4-06.00Tucker County
8.11Allison March4-00.00Braxton County
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.9Hannah Stankus8-02.00Buckhannon-Upshur
2.10Alessa Nalley8-00.00Robert C Byrd
3.12Amy Barnes8-00.00Liberty (Harrison)
4.9Allison Rohrbough6-06.00Lewis County
--9Kelly WeaverNHLewis County
--11Corri PhillipsNHBraxton County
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Emily Godwin17-09.00Buckhannon-Upshur
2.10Hunter Sodaro15-03.50Braxton County
3.10Madison Cunningham14-11.00Lincoln
4.9Alexandra Allen14-08.00Liberty (Harrison)
5.10Abby Lantz14-08.00Buckhannon-Upshur
6.12Amy Barnes14-01.00Liberty (Harrison)
7.9Johnna Akers13-09.00Lincoln
8.12Rhea Deuser13-05.50Tucker County
9.10Anne Golinsky12-10.50Braxton County
10.9Lenae Cole12-01.00Tucker County
11.10Jacquel Kirchberg11-11.00Buckhannon-Upshur
12.12Joslyn Swick11-01.00East Fairmont
13.9Cayla Roles11-00.00Lewis County
14.9Kiley Westfall10-02.00East Fairmont
15.9Morgan Jackson9-01.50Lewis County
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