West CYO Meet - Padua HS

Sunday, April 17, 2011
  Padua Franciscan HS, Parma - Map

  Field Events Start: 1:00 PM  Track Events Start: 1:00 PM
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - 4th - Finals
4Matthias Chmielewski15.39St Charles Borromeo
4Kevin Weber15.80St Charles Borromeo
4Jordan Walker15.99Incarnate Word Academy
4Ryan Hritsko16.1St Joseph Amherst
4Drew Engle16.4St Joseph Amherst
4Zachary Milko16.36St Charles Borromeo
4Devin Baumgartner16.6St Joseph Amherst
4Zachary Szafarski16.68St Charles Borromeo
4Danny Makruski17.2St Joseph Amherst
4Matthew Eads17.3St Joseph Amherst
4Sam Pike17.24St Albert the Great
4Benjamin Snyder17.75St Peter-North Ridge...
4Trevor Oxbrough18St Albert the Great
4Owen Murphy18.27Incarnate Word Academy
4Anthony LaPlaca18.33St Albert the Great
4Luke Gardner18.50Holy Trinity
4Ryan Lavish18.7St Joseph Amherst
4Ross Conforto19.08St Angela Merici
4Steven Riggle19.05St Charles Borromeo
4Danny Semancik19.74St Albert the Great
4Sean Patterson21.21Holy Trinity
4David Ryan21.42Incarnate Word Academy
4Jeremy Sassano22.02St Angela Merici
X 100 Meters - 5th - Finals
5Santino Pignatiello14.93St Charles Borromeo
5AJ Zubek15.38Incarnate Word Academy
5Nick Keron15.6St Joseph Amherst
5Zachary Antonio15.73St Albert the Great
5Alex Waters15.74Holy Trinity
5Max Pike15.79St Albert the Great
5Ian Keshock16.30Holy Trinity
5Eric Miranda16.27St Albert the Great
5Larry Prochko16.24St Charles Borromeo
5Nicholas Miller16.34St Angela Merici
5Jonah Kamnikar16.4St Joseph Amherst
5Nedas Semaska16.93Incarnate Word Academy
5Aidan McCaffrey17.05Incarnate Word Academy
5Daniel Peacock17.3St Joseph Amherst
5Kevin Hennie17.59Incarnate Word Academy
5Leo Minerd17.60St Angela Merici
5Jacob Mantle17.61St Albert the Great
5Anthony McCartney17.79St Albert the Great
5David Priebe17.76St Peter-North Ridge...
5Owen Anderson18.87Holy Trinity
5Nick Dougher19.59Holy Trinity
5Evan Ketz19.88St Albert the Great
5Peter Slezak20.66St Peter-North Ridge...
5Joe Molnar21.75St Angela Merici
5Liam Graham22.18St Charles Borromeo
5Evan Ketz42.62St Albert the Great
X 100 Meters - 6th - Finals
6Sebastian Fleckenstein14.46St Albert the Great
6Charles Jindra14.84St Charles Borromeo
6Brian O'Dell15.32aSt Mary-Elyria
6Jared Fote15.95aSt Mary-Elyria
6Nick Amato16.60Holy Trinity
6Spencer Costello16.52St Angela Merici
6Jacob Jaksic16.68St Charles Borromeo
6Jack Schaeffer16.68St Charles Borromeo
6Jason Sassano16.79St Angela Merici
6James Zassick16.95St Charles Borromeo
6Noah Schrader17.06St Albert the Great
6Andrew Lavish17.4St Joseph Amherst
6Thomas Jakubowski17.57St Charles Borromeo
X 100 Meters - 7th - Finals
7Justin Thomas12.86St Albert the Great
7Tyler McNichols13.53St Charles Borromeo
7Jacob Kuchta13.95aSt Mary-Elyria
7Iliya Bufogle14.26St Angela Merici
7Jermaine Francis15.06St Charles Borromeo
7Stephen Mendak15.2St Joseph Amherst
7Nick Shreckengast15.42St Albert the Great
7Matt Galla15.66St Charles Borromeo
7Tommy Hennie16.32Incarnate Word Academy
7Sean Martin16.98St Albert the Great
7Veto Lopez17.43aSt Mary-Elyria
7Brandon Short18.00Holy Trinity
7Kyle Moenich18.08St Charles Borromeo
7Kenny Ernst20.85St Angela Merici
X 100 Meters - 8th - Finals
8Devin Green13.09aSt Mary-Elyria
8Marcus Kiss-Benke12.84St Charles Borromeo
8Miles Flowers13.25aSt Mary-Elyria
8Andrew Norton13.38St Charles Borromeo
8Nicholas Ludwick13.43Incarnate Word Academy
8Tony Liana13.41St Charles Borromeo
8Jonathan Zedella13.89St Charles Borromeo
8Ethan Stencil13.9St Joseph Amherst
8Geno Oradini13.89St Peter-North Ridge...
8Brandon Phillips13.99St Charles Borromeo
8Casey Sobecks13.97St Albert the Great
8Robbie Holowecky14.08Holy Trinity
8Joseph Morell14.08St Charles Borromeo
8Steven Koblin14.35St Charles Borromeo
8David Dalton14.48St Albert the Great
8Jeff Eben14.52St Albert the Great
8Kevin Gilmore14.69St Albert the Great
8Armando Polizzi14.72St Albert the Great
8Jaxon Parrish14.75St Angela Merici
8Matt Dewerth14.89St Angela Merici
8Ben Novotny16.36St Albert the Great
X 200 Meters - 4th - Finals
4Jordan Walker34.68Incarnate Word Academy
4Drew Engle35.3St Joseph Amherst
4Matthew Kraynik35.89St Albert the Great
4Steven Leon36.62Holy Trinity
4Zachary Milko37.85St Charles Borromeo
4Benjamin Snyder37.94St Peter-North Ridge...
4Sam Pike38.60St Albert the Great
4Owen Murphy39.16Incarnate Word Academy
4Steven Riggle39.81St Charles Borromeo
4Matthew Leon40.19Holy Trinity
4Isaac Zidar41.38Holy Trinity
4Anthony LaPlaca41.59St Albert the Great
4Sean Patterson45.94Holy Trinity
4Kyle Judge46.22Holy Trinity
X 200 Meters - 5th - Finals
5Nick Keron32.4St Joseph Amherst
5Jonah Kamnikar32.9St Joseph Amherst
5Paul Miles32.84St Angela Merici
5Ian Keshock33.28Holy Trinity
5Eddie Savoy34.81aSt Mary-Elyria
5Joey Ferenchak34.79Holy Trinity
5Troye Sas35.74Holy Trinity
5Eric Miranda36.34St Albert the Great
5Will Deucher36.59Incarnate Word Academy
5Daniel Peacock36.7St Joseph Amherst
5Leo Minerd36.73St Angela Merici
5David Baraona39.33St Albert the Great
5Anthony McCartney40.57St Albert the Great
5Jacob Mantle41.44St Albert the Great
5Joe Molnar41.50St Angela Merici
5Nick Dougher43.09Holy Trinity
X 200 Meters - 6th - Finals
6Patrick Weaver31.91St Angela Merici
6Chris Szado32.31St Angela Merici
6Connor McKiernan34.00Holy Trinity
6Owen Zubek34.39Incarnate Word Academy
6George Kasunic34.41St Angela Merici
6Max Shreckengast34.69St Albert the Great
6Patrick Bergen35.85Holy Trinity
6Jason Sassano35.84St Angela Merici
6Jacob Jaksic35.89St Charles Borromeo
6Thomas Jakubowski38.86St Charles Borromeo
X 200 Meters - 7th - Finals
7Jermaine Francis29.66St Charles Borromeo
7Tom Sulllivan29.62St Angela Merici
7Nick Shreckengast31.85St Albert the Great
7Jimmy Papotto32.04St Angela Merici
7Tommy Hennie33.68Incarnate Word Academy
7Veto Lopez35.96aSt Mary-Elyria
7Kyle Moenich35.88St Charles Borromeo
7Sean Martin37.29St Albert the Great
7Ben Takitch38.91St Albert the Great
7Brandon Short41.14Holy Trinity
7Kenny Ernst43.72St Angela Merici
X 200 Meters - 8th - Finals
8Tony Liana26.64St Charles Borromeo
8Nicholas Ludwick26.94Incarnate Word Academy
8Miles Flowers28.01aSt Mary-Elyria
8Ethan Stencil28.8St Joseph Amherst
8Kevin Gilmore29.32St Albert the Great
8Drew Dudukovich29.57Holy Trinity
8Joseph Morell29.75St Charles Borromeo
8Peter Velasquez30.17aSt Mary-Elyria
8Steven Koblin30.03St Charles Borromeo
8Andrew Flynn30.47Holy Trinity
8Casey Sobecks30.84St Albert the Great
8Armando Polizzi30.95St Albert the Great
8Jeff Eben31.03St Albert the Great
8David Basch32.72St Albert the Great
8Steven Wright33.43St Albert the Great
8Alec Battistoni33.51Holy Trinity
8Matt Dewerth39.61St Angela Merici
X 400 Meters - 4th - Finals
4Ryan Hritsko77.9St Joseph Amherst
4Zachary Szafarski1:21.31St Charles Borromeo
4Devin Baumgartner81.7St Joseph Amherst
4Matthew Kraynik1:25.97St Albert the Great
4Luke Gardner1:26.66Holy Trinity
4Danny Makruski90.9St Joseph Amherst
4Trevor Oxbrough1:31.32St Albert the Great
4Ryan Lavish93.2St Joseph Amherst
4Matthew Leon1:36.00Holy Trinity
4Ross Conforto1:36.87St Angela Merici
4Danny Semancik1:48.20St Albert the Great
4David Ryan1:50.19Incarnate Word Academy
4Jeremy Sassano1:54.76St Angela Merici
X 400 Meters - 5th - Finals
5Santino Pignatiello1:12.94St Charles Borromeo
5Alex Waters1:16.84Holy Trinity
5Nicholas Miller1:22.24St Angela Merici
5Max Pike1:22.65St Albert the Great
5Nedas Semaska1:22.79Incarnate Word Academy
5AJ Zubek1:23.76Incarnate Word Academy
5Aidan McCaffrey1:25.37Incarnate Word Academy
5David Priebe1:27.37St Peter-North Ridge...
5Larry Prochko1:31.36St Charles Borromeo
5Owen Anderson1:40.33Holy Trinity
5David Baraona1:41.61St Albert the Great
5Justyn Spanksi1:43.67Incarnate Word Academy
5Kevin Hennie1:59.96Incarnate Word Academy
X 400 Meters - 6th - Finals
6Brian O'Dell1:15.89aSt Mary-Elyria
6Sebastian Fleckenstein1:16.54St Albert the Great
6Charles Jindra1:19.14St Charles Borromeo
6Michael Gallagher1:21.71St Angela Merici
6Patrick McKee1:22.70St Albert the Great
6Nick Amato1:25.19Holy Trinity
6Spencer Costello1:27.06St Angela Merici
6Jared Fote1:30.88aSt Mary-Elyria
6Andrew Lavish94.8St Joseph Amherst
X 400 Meters - 7th - Finals
7Justin Thomas1:04.79St Albert the Great
7Tyler McNichols1:08.40St Charles Borromeo
7Jacob Kuchta1:10.14aSt Mary-Elyria
7Iliya Bufogle1:10.84St Angela Merici
7Stephen Mendak73.4St Joseph Amherst
X 400 Meters - 8th - Finals
8Devin Green1:02.03aSt Mary-Elyria
8Marcus Kiss-Benke1:03.73St Charles Borromeo
8David Basch1:05.98St Albert the Great
8Tommy Papotto1:06.01St Angela Merici
8Jaxon Parrish1:06.92St Angela Merici
8Ben Amato1:08.17Holy Trinity
8Andrew Norton1:09.92St Charles Borromeo
8David Dalton1:12.60St Albert the Great
8Maximillian Caliguire-Maier1:14.97Incarnate Word Academy
8Jason Prijatel1:15.46St Albert the Great
8Steven Wright1:18.40St Albert the Great
8Mark Fleming1:22.44St Albert the Great
X 800 Meters - 4th - Finals
4Matthias Chmielewski3:08.87St Charles Borromeo
4Nicholas Saul3:16.43Incarnate Word Academy
4Isaac Zidar3:45.65Holy Trinity
4Kyle Judge3:46.74Holy Trinity
X 800 Meters - 5th - Finals
5Paul Miles2:59.68St Angela Merici
5Joey Ferenchak3:01.00Holy Trinity
5Eddie Savoy3:11.12aSt Mary-Elyria
5Joseph Juda3:13.36Incarnate Word Academy
5Will Deucher3:14.36Incarnate Word Academy
5Troye Sas3:15.39Holy Trinity
X 800 Meters - 6th - Finals
6Chris Szado2:39.54St Angela Merici
6George Kasunic2:49.61St Angela Merici
6Patrick Weaver2:55.99St Angela Merici
6Connor McKiernan3:15.04Holy Trinity
6James Zassick3:15.40St Charles Borromeo
X 800 Meters - 7th - Finals
7Tom Sulllivan2:30.55St Angela Merici
7Jimmy Papotto2:45.73St Angela Merici
7Matt Galla3:03.72St Charles Borromeo
X 800 Meters - 8th - Finals
8Brandon Phillips2:27.11St Charles Borromeo
8Geno Oradini2:29.27St Peter-North Ridge...
8Drew Dudukovich2:34.29Holy Trinity
8Anthony Donofrio2:36.40St Angela Merici
8Michael Kraft2:37.07St Charles Borromeo
8Mason Mocho2:49.20Incarnate Word Academy
8Jason Prijatel2:52.94St Albert the Great
8Zac Tomko2:53.34Incarnate Word Academy
8Ben Novotny3:13.05St Albert the Great
8Ben Mayo3:44.42Incarnate Word Academy
X 1600 Meters - 4th - Finals
4Kevin Weber6:33.37St Charles Borromeo
4Steven Leon7:44.14Holy Trinity
X 1600 Meters - 5th - Finals
5Zachary Antonio6:57.29St Albert the Great
5Justyn Spanksi7:03.94Incarnate Word Academy
X 1600 Meters - 6th - Finals
6Jack Schaeffer6:40.38St Charles Borromeo
6Patrick McKee6:41.35St Albert the Great
6Patrick Bergen6:50.37Holy Trinity
6Adam Broadbent6:51.59Holy Trinity
6Max Shreckengast6:54.75St Albert the Great
X 1600 Meters - 7th - Finals
7Tyler Zeigler6:30.60St Peter-North Ridge...
7Ben Takitch7:46.84St Albert the Great
X 1600 Meters - 8th - Finals
8Michael Kraft5:36.90St Charles Borromeo
8Ben Amato5:40.28Holy Trinity
8Kevin Keaton5:43.79St Albert the Great
8Alec Battistoni5:54.85Holy Trinity
8Mason Mocho5:55.21Incarnate Word Academy
8Zac Tomko5:56.28Incarnate Word Academy
8Tommy Papotto5:58.33St Angela Merici
8Ben Mayo6:28.11Incarnate Word Academy
8Peter Velasquez6:53.68aSt Mary-Elyria
X 4x100 Relay - 4th - Finals
-Relay Team 1:07.00St Charles Borromeo
-Danny Semancik
Trevor Oxbrough
Sammy Pike
Anthony LaPlaca
1:13.66St Albert the Great
-Devin Baumgartner
Danny Makruski
Drew Engle
Ryan Hritsko
75.8St Joseph Amherst
-Relay Team 1:18.58Holy Trinity
-Nicholas Saul
David Ryan
Kevin Hennie
Owen Murphy
1:21.16Incarnate Word Academy
X 4x100 Relay - 5th - Finals
-Relay Team 1:04.20St Angela Merici
-Jordan Walker
Nedas Semaska
Aidan McCaffrey
AJ Zubek
1:06.57Incarnate Word Academy
-Relay Team 1:12.29St Albert the Great
-Relay Team 1:12.60Holy Trinity
-Relay Team 1:13.28St Albert the Great
-Relay Team 1:14.21St Charles Borromeo
-Relay Team 1:19.57St Charles Borromeo
-Will Deucher
Joseph Juda
Kevin Hennie
Justyn Spanksi
1:20.98Incarnate Word Academy
X 4x100 Relay - 6th - Finals
-Relay Team 1:07.76St Charles Borromeo
-Relay Team 1:08.56Holy Trinity
X 4x100 Relay - 7th - Finals
-Relay Team 1:00.17St Charles Borromeo
-Relay Team 1:04.24St Angela Merici
X 4x100 Relay - 8th - Finals
-Relay Team 53.73St Charles Borromeo
-Miles Flowers
Peter Velasquez
Jacob Kuchta
Devin Green
54.95aSt Mary-Elyria
-Relay Team 56.20St Charles Borromeo
-Casey Sobecks
David Basch
Armando Polizzi
David Dalton
1:01.92St Albert the Great
-Owen Zubek
Maximillian Caliguire-Maier
Tommy Hennie
Zac Tomko
1:02.77Incarnate Word Academy
-Steven Wright
Mark Fleming
Jeff Eben
Kevin Gilmore
1:04.35St Albert the Great
-Relay Team 1:05.21Holy Trinity
X Shot Put - 6lb - 4th - Finals
4Matthias Chmielewski21'10St Charles Borromeo
4Anthony LaPlaca20'2St Albert the Great
4Danny Semancik20'1St Albert the Great
4Trevor Oxbrough19'6"St Albert the Great
4Zachary Milko16'8St Charles Borromeo
4Zachary Szafarski15'6St Charles Borromeo
4Kyle Judge15'2"Holy Trinity
4Owen Murphy14'7"Incarnate Word Academy
4Matthew Eads14'4St Joseph Amherst
4Sean Patterson12'11"Holy Trinity
X Shot Put - 6lb - 5th - Finals
5Jacob Mantle26'4"St Albert the Great
5Eddie Savoy24'7"St Mary-Elyria
5Troye Sas23'0"Holy Trinity
5Nedas Semaska19'10"Incarnate Word Academy
5Will Deucher19'9"Incarnate Word Academy
5Leo Minerd18' 10St Angela Merici
5David Priebe18'4"St Peter-North Ridge...
5Anthony McCartney17'St Albert the Great
5Evan Ketz16'9"St Albert the Great
5Joe Molnar16' 5St Angela Merici
5Owen Anderson16'2"Holy Trinity
5Peter Slezak15'6"St Peter-North Ridge...
5David Baraona15'3"St Albert the Great
5Justyn Spanksi11'11"Incarnate Word Academy
X Shot Put - 8lb - 6th - Finals
6Michael Gallagher22' 0St Angela Merici
6Thomas Jakubowski20'2St Charles Borromeo
6Noah Schrader18'1"St Albert the Great
6Spencer Costello18' 0St Angela Merici
6James Zassick17'3St Charles Borromeo
X Shot Put - 8lb - 7th - Finals
7Kenny Ernst14' 7St Angela Merici
X Shot Put - 8lb - 8th - Finals
8Geno Oradini33'1"St Peter-North Ridge...
8Devin Green32'5"St Mary-Elyria
8Zac Tomko31'11"Incarnate Word Academy
8Ben Amato29'10"Holy Trinity
8Matt Dewerth26' 1St Angela Merici
8Jaxon Parrish25' 1St Angela Merici
8Peter Velasquez24'8"St Mary-Elyria
8Kyle Bopp23'8"St Peter-North Ridge...
X Discus - 1kg - 7th - Finals
7Tyler McNichols66'4St Charles Borromeo
7Jimmy Papotto53' 9St Angela Merici
7Sean Martin49'9"St Albert the Great
X Discus - 1kg - 8th - Finals
8Jonathan Zedella153'6St Charles Borromeo
8Robbie Holowecky84'6"Holy Trinity
8Alec Battistoni66'11"Holy Trinity
8Mason Mocho55'6"Incarnate Word Academy
8Ben Novotny40'3"St Albert the Great
X High Jump - 5th - Finals
5AJ Zubek3'8"Incarnate Word Academy
X High Jump - 6th - Finals
6Charles Jindra4'0St Charles Borromeo
6Brian O'Dell4'0"St Mary-Elyria
6Jared Fote3'10"St Mary-Elyria
6Patrick Bergen3'10"Holy Trinity
6Adam Broadbent3'8"Holy Trinity
X High Jump - 7th - Finals
7Jermaine Francis5'0St Charles Borromeo
X High Jump - 8th - Finals
8David Dalton5St Albert the Great
8Marcus Kiss-Benke4'10St Charles Borromeo
8Casey Sobecks4'4"St Albert the Great
X Long Jump - 4th - Finals
4Jordan Walker11"5"Incarnate Word Academy
4Nicholas Saul11'2"Incarnate Word Academy
4Kevin Weber10'6St Charles Borromeo
4Ryan Hritsko10'4St Joseph Amherst
4Matthew Kraynik9'10St Albert the Great
4Matthew Leon9'6"Holy Trinity
4Devin Baumgartner9'5St Joseph Amherst
4Drew Engle8'1St Joseph Amherst
4Luke Gardner8'0"Holy Trinity
4Isaac Zidar7'6"Holy Trinity
4Benjamin Snyder6'0"St Peter-North Ridge...
X Long Jump - 5th - Finals
5Zachary Antonio12St Albert the Great
5Santino Pignatiello11'9St Charles Borromeo
5Max Pike11St Albert the Great
5Aidan McCaffrey10'10"Incarnate Word Academy
5Nick Keron10'10St Joseph Amherst
5Nicholas Miller10' 6St Angela Merici
5Paul Miles10' 2St Angela Merici
5Jonah Kamnikar9'7St Joseph Amherst
5Ian Keshock9'6"Holy Trinity
5Daniel Peacock7'3St Joseph Amherst
5Nick Dougher7'0"Holy Trinity
5Joseph Juda6'10"Incarnate Word Academy
5Peter Slezak6'2"St Peter-North Ridge...
5Kevin HenniefoIncarnate Word Academy
X Long Jump - 6th - Finals
6Owen Zubek12'10"Incarnate Word Academy
6Sebastian Fleckenstein12'6"St Albert the Great
6Patrick McKee10'7"St Albert the Great
6Nick Amato10'5"Holy Trinity
6Connor McKiernan10'2"Holy Trinity
6Patrick McKee9'2"St Albert the Great
X Long Jump - 7th - Finals
7Matt Galla13'5St Charles Borromeo
7Iliya Bufogle13' 2St Angela Merici
7Tom Sulllivan12' 5St Angela Merici
7Tommy Hennie11'2"Incarnate Word Academy
7Tyler Zeigler11'0"St Peter-North Ridge...
7Veto Lopez8'7"St Mary-Elyria
X Long Jump - 8th - Finals
8Tony Liana17'0St Charles Borromeo
8Tommy Papotto16' 0St Angela Merici
8Nicholas Ludwick15'8"Incarnate Word Academy
8Andrew Norton15'2St Charles Borromeo
8Drew Dudukovich15'1"Holy Trinity
8Joseph Morell14'3St Charles Borromeo
8Ethan Stencil13'1St Joseph Amherst
8Jason Prijatel11'3"St Albert the Great
8David Basch10'11"St Albert the Great
8Anthony Donofrio10' 5St Angela Merici
8Maximillian Caliguire-Maier9'11"Incarnate Word Academy
X Standing Long Jump - 4th - Finals
4Sam Pike5'8.5St Albert the Great
4Steven Leon5'8"Holy Trinity
4Steven Riggle5'2.5St Charles Borromeo
4Ryan Lavish5'1.5St Joseph Amherst
4Ross Conforto4' 6St Angela Merici
4David Ryan4"3.5"Incarnate Word Academy
X Standing Long Jump - 5th - Finals
5Eric Miranda6'1.5St Albert the Great
5Alex Waters5'6"Holy Trinity
5Joey Ferenchak4'6"Holy Trinity
X Standing Long Jump - 6th - Finals
6Brian O'Dell6'5"St Mary-Elyria
6Patrick Weaver6' 2St Angela Merici
6Jacob Jaksic6'0.5St Charles Borromeo
6Chris Szado5' 9.5St Angela Merici
6Jack Schaeffer5'9St Charles Borromeo
6Andrew Lavish5'8St Joseph Amherst
6George Kasunic5' 7.5St Angela Merici
6Jared Fote5'4.5"St Mary-Elyria
X Standing Long Jump - 7th - Finals
7Justin Thomas7'2"St Albert the Great
7Tommy Hennie6'5"Incarnate Word Academy
7Stephen Mendak5'10St Joseph Amherst
7Brandon Short5'10"Holy Trinity
7Ben Takitch5'8St Albert the Great
7Jacob Kuchta5'6.5"St Mary-Elyria
7Kyle Moenich5'5St Charles Borromeo
X Standing Long Jump - 8th - Finals
8Armando Polizzi7'7St Albert the Great
8Jeff Eben7'3"St Albert the Great
8Brandon Phillips7'0St Charles Borromeo
8Steven Wright6'9"St Albert the Great
8Michael Kraft6'2St Charles Borromeo
8Steven Koblin6'1St Charles Borromeo
8Mark Fleming5'11"St Albert the Great
8Ben Mayo5'9"Incarnate Word Academy
8Andrew Flynn5'8"Holy Trinity

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - 4th - Finals
4Jordyn Kuchta16.30aSt Mary-Elyria
4Taylor Hooks16.3St Joseph Amherst
4Amy Urban16.47St Albert the Great
4Jessica Krusinski16.68St Charles Borromeo
4Alex Pillin16.95St Charles Borromeo
4Ariel Kelley17.0St Joseph Amherst
4Erin Ashdown17.11St Angela Merici
4Madeleine Ramicone17.37St Albert the Great
4Andrea Snyder17.55Incarnate Word Academy
4Michaela O'Hara17.69Holy Trinity
4Frankie Burns17.72Incarnate Word Academy
4Julia McNamara17.87St Charles Borromeo
4Isabel Veloso17.96St Albert the Great
4Allison Lampert18.12St Charles Borromeo
4Kara McKiernan18.18Holy Trinity
4Alyssa Dedinsky18.70St Charles Borromeo
4Grace Jarzabek18.69St Albert the Great
4Sophia Dasko18.78St Angela Merici
4Bailey Anderson18.78Incarnate Word Academy
4Kathrine Raynor19.57St Angela Merici
4Miranda Zangara19.62Incarnate Word Academy
4Sylvia Zeller19.65Incarnate Word Academy
4Carly Soreo19.92St Charles Borromeo
4Mary-Elizabeth Durichko20.36St Charles Borromeo
4Kaitlyn Klotzbach21.15St Angela Merici
4Sidney Willis21.74aSt Mary-Elyria
4Kayleigh Wallenhorst23.89St Albert the Great
X 100 Meters - 5th - Finals
5Gracen Siegenthaler14.5St Joseph Amherst
5Ashlynn Uzl15.55St Charles Borromeo
5Amanda Crisler15.8St Joseph Amherst
5Elise Chojnacki15.88St Albert the Great
5Samantha LaPlaca16.11St Albert the Great
5Julia Ludwick16.12Incarnate Word Academy
5Sydnie Firment16.38Holy Trinity
5Megan Konopka16.75St Charles Borromeo
5Erica Kriausky16.83St Charles Borromeo
5Erika Eischen17.1St Joseph Amherst
5Abigail Robejsek17.13St Peter-North Ridge...
5Nina Ruiz17.2St Joseph Amherst
5Melanie Ellingson17.50aSt Mary-Elyria
5Grace Mocho17.22Incarnate Word Academy
5Leah Proctor17.37St Angela Merici
5Sophia Kuhar17.34St Albert the Great
5Christine Ammar17.60St Albert the Great
5Emily Eischen17.6St Joseph Amherst
5Christine Kelley18.0St Joseph Amherst
5Brittany Dienes18.07St Charles Borromeo
5Brittney Hageman18.19St Charles Borromeo
5Jordan Saliba18.54St Charles Borromeo
5Samantha Kachure18.7St Joseph Amherst
5Megan McDonald19.24St Charles Borromeo
5Molly Sponseller19.74St Angela Merici
X 100 Meters - 6th - Finals
6Claire Plageman14.46St Albert the Great
6Katie Pellegrino14.92St Charles Borromeo
6Alyssa Matthias15.54Incarnate Word Academy
6Cate Schmiedl15.52St Angela Merici
6Molly Chambers15.53St Angela Merici
6Mercedeez Francis15.66St Charles Borromeo
6Mackenzie Fyock15.78St Charles Borromeo
6Kendall Willard15.93St Peter-North Ridge...
6Britta Eldrige16.32Holy Trinity
6Emma Plageman16.32St Albert the Great
6Maya Cundiff16.55Incarnate Word Academy
6Maggie Sullivan17.08Holy Trinity
6Annie Alten17.30Holy Trinity
6Megan Wyrock17.39St Charles Borromeo
6Kayla Joherl17.42Holy Trinity
6Jackie Walborn17.42St Angela Merici
6Abbey Jarzabeck17.57St Albert the Great
6Lauren Walter18.05aSt Mary-Elyria
6Melanie Riggle17.86St Charles Borromeo
6Juliana Butchko18.2St Joseph Amherst
6Rebecca Semancik18.78St Albert the Great
6Liz Renner18.84St Albert the Great
X 100 Meters - 7th - Finals
7Caelin McManis14.52St Charles Borromeo
7Madison Eis15.1St Joseph Amherst
7Sara Giffin15.29St Charles Borromeo
7Meghan Foster15.80St Peter-North Ridge...
7Emma Adkins15.88Holy Trinity
7Kayla Braude16.10St Charles Borromeo
7Sarrah Arendash16.13St Peter-North Ridge...
7Arianna Pignatiello16.19St Charles Borromeo
7Erin Theile16.39St Peter-North Ridge...
7Ashley Rosado16.60St Peter-North Ridge...
7Kendra Cundiff17.63Incarnate Word Academy
7Meredith Nortz18.98St Angela Merici
X 100 Meters - 8th - Finals
8Ellie Dougher13.80Holy Trinity
8Madison Baker14.28Holy Trinity
8Alex Poblete14.31Holy Trinity
8Christina Finnegan14.88aSt Mary-Elyria
8Autumn Francis14.62St Charles Borromeo
8Brittany Morrison14.61St Peter-North Ridge...
8Taylor O'Dell15.03aSt Mary-Elyria
8Emily Relic14.85St Charles Borromeo
8Mackenzie Pelesky14.84St Charles Borromeo
8Danielle Kelly15.00St Charles Borromeo
8Nora Bonifas15.08St Angela Merici
8Olivia D'Amico15.20St Albert the Great
8Natalie Kelly15.40St Angela Merici
8Stephanie Wyrock15.40St Charles Borromeo
8Julie Hansen15.37St Peter-North Ridge...
8Annmarie Rosa15.68St Charles Borromeo
8Mary Beth Ibos15.66St Charles Borromeo
8Michelle Lee15.74Incarnate Word Academy
8Elise Ketz15.97St Albert the Great
8Madeline Johnson16.97aSt Mary-Elyria
8Katherine Franko17.35St Albert the Great
X 200 Meters - 4th - Finals
4Taylor Hooks33.5St Joseph Amherst
4Teresa Fayen34.58St Angela Merici
4Alex Pillin34.89St Charles Borromeo
4Ariel Kelley35.5St Joseph Amherst
4Delaney Baumbick35.84St Angela Merici
4Amy Urban36.78St Albert the Great
4Grace Lucarelli37.68St Angela Merici
4Emily Dugan38.17aSt Mary-Elyria
4Cecilia Guye38.34St Angela Merici
4Shea Kane38.49Holy Trinity
4Julia McNamara38.74St Charles Borromeo
4Grace Jarzabek39.59St Albert the Great
4Gianna Foisy40.46aSt Mary-Elyria
4Anna Spear40.27St Angela Merici
4Lillian Brogan40.51St Angela Merici
4Bridget Marks40.66St Angela Merici
4Alyssa Dedinsky40.62St Charles Borromeo
4Frankie Burns40.74Incarnate Word Academy
4Carly Soreo41.33St Charles Borromeo
4Sophia Dasko41.44St Angela Merici
4Isabel Veloso41.49St Albert the Great
4Emma Davis41.96Holy Trinity
4Audrey Walsh42.06St Angela Merici
4Kaitlyn Klotzbach43.76St Angela Merici
4Miranda Zangara44.06Incarnate Word Academy
4Lily Lucarelli44.82St Angela Merici
4Kayleigh Wallenhorst44.98St Albert the Great
4Lena Gargiuolo45.38St Angela Merici
4Katie Gerberry45.69Holy Trinity
4Autumn Fultz46.31Holy Trinity
X 200 Meters - 5th - Finals
5Gracen Siegenthaler30.7St Joseph Amherst
5Isabella Pignatiello32.39St Charles Borromeo
5Amanda Crisler33.6St Joseph Amherst
5Samantha LaPlaca33.97St Albert the Great
5Keri McDermott34.25St Albert the Great
5Elise Chojnacki34.41St Albert the Great
5Lexie Firment34.47Holy Trinity
5Julia Ludwick34.8Incarnate Word Academy
5Delia Lowry35.99St Angela Merici
5Laurin McNulty36.02Holy Trinity
5Grace Spear36.28St Angela Merici
5Erika Eischen36.36St Joseph Amherst
5Mary Dempsey36.62St Angela Merici
5Meghan Allegretto37.20aSt Mary-Elyria
5Abigail Robejsek36.95St Peter-North Ridge...
5Claudia Hermann36.94Holy Trinity
5Sophia Kuhar37.06St Albert the Great
5Leah Proctor37.64St Angela Merici
5Emily Eischen38.1St Joseph Amherst
5Christine Kelley38.4St Joseph Amherst
5Natalie Barendt38.44St Angela Merici
5Brittney Hageman38.75St Charles Borromeo
5Brittany Dienes38.86St Charles Borromeo
5Elizabeth Jira39.45St Angela Merici
5Katie Barlow40.07St Peter-North Ridge...
5Samantha Kachure40.2St Joseph Amherst
5Carly Holowecky40.18Holy Trinity
5Jordan Saliba40.18St Charles Borromeo
5Bridgette Watkins40.33St Angela Merici
5Megan McDonald41.09St Charles Borromeo
5Molly Sponseller44.37St Angela Merici
5Lauren Bouhall44.87Holy Trinity
X 200 Meters - 6th - Finals
6Claire Plageman31.07St Albert the Great
6Alyssa Matthias31.99Incarnate Word Academy
6Emma Plageman33.56St Albert the Great
6Mackenzie Fyock34.55St Charles Borromeo
6Maria Velten35.03St Angela Merici
6Olivia Battistoni35.37Holy Trinity
6Kendall Willard35.37St Peter-North Ridge...
6Abbey Jarzabeck36.25St Albert the Great
6Polina Bufogle36.59St Angela Merici
6Lauren Walter37.89aSt Mary-Elyria
8Stephanie Wyrock38.17St Charles Borromeo
6Alyssa Matrona38.30Holy Trinity
6Melanie Riggle38.59St Charles Borromeo
6Rebecca Semancik38.71St Albert the Great
X 200 Meters - 7th - Finals
7Caelin McManis30.67St Charles Borromeo
7Julie Whitmore33.22St Angela Merici
7Arianna Pignatiello34.00St Charles Borromeo
7Sarrah Arendash35.4St Peter-North Ridge...
7Alyssa Szuch35.76St Charles Borromeo
7Emily Marshall35.79Holy Trinity
7Meredith Nortz41.00St Angela Merici
X 200 Meters - 8th - Finals
8Katie Whitmore30.84St Angela Merici
8Alex Poblete31.17Holy Trinity
8Olivia D'Amico31.27St Albert the Great
8Mackenzie Pelesky31.45St Charles Borromeo
8Mary Beth Ibos32.50St Charles Borromeo
8Kara Henjal32.50Holy Trinity
8Christina Finnegan32.74aSt Mary-Elyria
8Natalie Kelly32.59St Angela Merici
8Emily Relic32.53St Charles Borromeo
8Danielle Kelly32.96St Charles Borromeo
8Annmarie Rosa33.21St Charles Borromeo
8Mary Rose Bonifas35.07St Angela Merici
8Nora Bonifas35.70St Angela Merici
8Dominique Provencher36.08St Albert the Great
8Katherine Franko36.97St Albert the Great
X 400 Meters - 4th - Finals
4Madeleine Ramicone1:21.77St Albert the Great
4Andrea Snyder1:29.93Incarnate Word Academy
4Erin Ashdown1:30.41St Angela Merici
4Michaela O'Hara1:31.63Holy Trinity
4Sylvia Zeller1:32.96Incarnate Word Academy
4Kathrine Raynor1:33.02St Angela Merici
4Allison Lampert1:33.13St Charles Borromeo
4Kara McKiernan1:35.04Holy Trinity
4Mary-Elizabeth Durichko1:36.98St Charles Borromeo
4Jordyn Kuchta1:45.78aSt Mary-Elyria
4Sidney Willis1:47.94aSt Mary-Elyria
4Autumn Fultz1:51.80Holy Trinity
4Bailey Anderson1:55.32Incarnate Word Academy
X 400 Meters - 5th - Finals
5Sydnie Firment1:17.91Holy Trinity
5Ashlynn Uzl1:21.15St Charles Borromeo
5Erica Kriausky1:22.77St Charles Borromeo
5Elizabeth Jira1:25.02St Angela Merici
5Victoria Gavalya1:25.19St Albert the Great
5Lauren Kachure85.8St Joseph Amherst
5Megan Konopka1:26.35St Charles Borromeo
5Nina Ruiz88.9St Joseph Amherst
5Grace Mocho1:29.09Incarnate Word Academy
5Morgan Foutz1:29.56St Angela Merici
5Christine Ammar1:32.06St Albert the Great
5Elise Chojnacki1:32.18St Albert the Great
5Melanie Ellingson1:34.12aSt Mary-Elyria
X 400 Meters - 6th - Finals
6Mercedeez Francis1:12.96St Charles Borromeo
6Cate Schmiedl1:14.08St Angela Merici
6Megan Wyrock1:14.20St Charles Borromeo
6Molly Chambers1:18.62St Angela Merici
6Britta Eldrige1:20.59Holy Trinity
6Maggie Sullivan1:23.85Holy Trinity
6Maya Cundiff1:23.85Incarnate Word Academy
6Kayla Joherl1:27.28Holy Trinity
6Annie Alten1:27.69Holy Trinity
6Liz Renner1:29.95St Albert the Great
X 400 Meters - 7th - Finals
7Angela Graham1:10.17St Charles Borromeo
7Sara Giffin1:14.04St Charles Borromeo
7Madison Eis75.3St Joseph Amherst
7Meghan Foster1:16.05St Peter-North Ridge...
7Kendra Cundiff1:33.88Incarnate Word Academy
X 400 Meters - 8th - Finals
8Alexis Scharrer1:10.76St Albert the Great
8Sara Chmielewski1:11.30St Charles Borromeo
8Elizabeth Foisy1:15.62aSt Mary-Elyria
8Madison Baker1:15.56Holy Trinity
8Michelle Lee1:18.66Incarnate Word Academy
8Taylor O'Dell1:19.25aSt Mary-Elyria
8Madeline Johnson1:26.45aSt Mary-Elyria
X 800 Meters - 4th - Finals
4Audrey Walsh3:32.57St Angela Merici
4Delaney Baumbick3:33.48St Angela Merici
4Gianna Foisy3:33.59aSt Mary-Elyria
4Emily Dugan3:36.92aSt Mary-Elyria
4Lillian Brogan3:38.46St Angela Merici
4Teresa Fayen3:42.47St Angela Merici
4Lena Gargiuolo3:48.55St Angela Merici
4Anna Spear3:51.64St Angela Merici
4Grace Lucarelli3:53.91St Angela Merici
4Katie Gerberry3:57.58Holy Trinity
4Cecilia Guye3:58.35St Angela Merici
4Bridget Marks4:10.09St Angela Merici
X 800 Meters - 5th - Finals
5Lexie Firment3:09.39Holy Trinity
5Katie Barlow3:18.18St Peter-North Ridge...
5Mary Dempsey3:24.52St Angela Merici
5Laurin McNulty3:25.12Holy Trinity
5Meghan Allegretto3:25.49aSt Mary-Elyria
5Grace Spear3:27.68St Angela Merici
5Sydney Goetz3:36.20Holy Trinity
5Bridgette Watkins3:44.41St Angela Merici
5Natalie Barendt3:54.75St Angela Merici
X 800 Meters - 6th - Finals
6Katie Pellegrino3:04.71St Charles Borromeo
6Maria Velten3:13.34St Angela Merici
6Mary Hyland3:15.85St Angela Merici
6Maggie Schoen3:17.66Holy Trinity
6Brittany Cahill3:20.58Holy Trinity
6Polina Bufogle3:20.94St Angela Merici
X 800 Meters - 7th - Finals
7Julie Whitmore3:06.34St Angela Merici
7Alyssa Szuch3:12.32St Charles Borromeo
7Kayla Braude3:12.81St Charles Borromeo
X 800 Meters - 8th - Finals
8Katie Whitmore2:46.72St Angela Merici
8Rachel Flis2:48.60St Albert the Great
8Jamie Adams2:48.8Incarnate Word Academy
8Gianna Caroniti2:54.55St Albert the Great
8Kristen Konno2:57.49St Peter-North Ridge...
8Kara Henjal3:00.49Holy Trinity
8Emily Milliken3:02.35St Peter-North Ridge...
8Bethany Doucette3:07.49St Charles Borromeo
8Olivia Jarzabeck3:24.28St Albert the Great
X 1600 Meters - 4th - Finals
4Shea Kane8:34.66Holy Trinity
4Emma Davis9:00.99Holy Trinity
X 1600 Meters - 5th - Finals
5Isabella Pignatiello6:39.11St Charles Borromeo
5Keri McDermott6:39.60St Albert the Great
5Claudia Hermann6:46.59Holy Trinity
5Victoria Gavalya7:06.19St Albert the Great
5Carly Holowecky8:12.77Holy Trinity
5Lauren Bouhall9:48.10Holy Trinity
X 1600 Meters - 6th - Finals
6Olivia Battistoni7:23.12Holy Trinity
6Alyssa Matrona7:50.98Holy Trinity
X 1600 Meters - 7th - Finals
7Emily Marshall6:51.14Holy Trinity
X 1600 Meters - 8th - Finals
8Jamie Adams5:59.97Incarnate Word Academy
8Sara Chmielewski6:00.37St Charles Borromeo
8Elizabeth Foisy6:42.61aSt Mary-Elyria
8Gabbi Rawlings7:38.17Holy Trinity
8Dominique Provencher7:40.28St Albert the Great
X 4x100 Relay - 4th - Finals
-Relay Team 1:10.11St Angela Merici
-Relay Team 1:10.69St Charles Borromeo
-Relay Team 1:12.11St Angela Merici
-Relay Team 1:13.57St Angela Merici
-Relay Team 1:16.89Holy Trinity
-Relay Team 1:19.42Incarnate Word Academy
-Sidney Willis
Emily Dugan
Jordyn Kuchta
Gianna Foisy
1:20.80aSt Mary-Elyria
-Relay Team 1:23.30St Angela Merici
X 4x100 Relay - 5th - Finals
-Taylor Hooks
Amanda Crisler
Lauren Kachure
Gracen Sigenthaler
65.9St Joseph Amherst
-Relay Team 1:07.19St Charles Borromeo
-Isabel Veloso
Keri McDermott
Samantha LaPlaca
Victoria Gavalya
1:12.07St Albert the Great
-Madeleine Ramicone
Christine Ammar
Elise Chojnacki
Sophia Kuhar
1:13.13St Albert the Great
-Relay Team 1:14.22Holy Trinity
-Samantha Kachure
Emily Eischen
Nina Ruiz
Erika Eischen
74.3St Joseph Amherst
-Relay Team 1:14.34St Angela Merici
-Relay Team 1:15.25Incarnate Word Academy
-Relay Team 1:17.65St Angela Merici
-Relay Team 1:19.82St Charles Borromeo
-Relay Team 1:22.21Holy Trinity
X 4x100 Relay - 6th - Finals
-Relay Team 1:03.42St Charles Borromeo
-Relay Team 1:06.42St Angela Merici
-Relay Team 1:10.77Holy Trinity
X 4x100 Relay - 7th - Finals
-Relay Team 1:01.78St Charles Borromeo
-Sarrah Arendash
Erin Theile
Ashley Rosado
Meghan Foster
1:05.88St Peter-North Ridge...
-Relay Team 1:07.87St Charles Borromeo
X 4x100 Relay - 8th - Finals
-Relay Team 1:00.30Holy Trinity
-Emily Milliken
Julie Hansen
Kristen Konno
Brittany Morrison
1:00.30St Peter-North Ridge...
-Relay Team 1:00.61St Charles Borromeo
-Relay Team 1:04.10St Charles Borromeo
-Christina Finnegan
Elizabeth Foisy
Madeline Johnson
Taylor O'Dell
1:04.67aSt Mary-Elyria
-Relay Team 1:07.88Holy Trinity
-Olivia D'Amico
Claire Plageman
Emma Plageman
Abbey Jarzabeck
1:07.94St Albert the Great
-Relay Team 1:08.88St Angela Merici
-Amy Urban
Elise Ketz
Katherine Franko
Olivia Jarzabeck
1:11.20St Albert the Great
-Michelle Lee
Maya Cundiff
Jamie Adams
Alyssa Matthias
1:12.7Incarnate Word Academy
-Alexis Scharrer
Dominique Provencher
Gianna Caroniti
Rachel Flis
1:12.80St Albert the Great
X Shot Put - 6lb - 4th - Finals
4Jessica Krusinski21'2St Charles Borromeo
4Julia McNamara16'9St Charles Borromeo
4Kayleigh Wallenhorst13'9St Albert the Great
4Alyssa Dedinsky13'7St Charles Borromeo
4Frankie Burns13'7"Incarnate Word Academy
4Bailey Anderson12'7"Incarnate Word Academy
4Autumn Fultz11'10"Holy Trinity
4Mary-Elizabeth Durichko11'6St Charles Borromeo
4Grace Jarzabek10'10St Albert the Great
4Katie Gerberry10'9"Holy Trinity
4Emma Davis9'11"Holy Trinity
4Andrea Snyder9'4"Incarnate Word Academy
X Shot Put - 6lb - 5th - Finals
5Leah Proctor20' 1St Angela Merici
5Jordan Saliba17'8St Charles Borromeo
5Meghan Allegretto15'10"St Mary-Elyria
5Natalie Barendt14' 10St Angela Merici
5Molly Sponseller14' 0St Angela Merici
5Lauren Bouhall13'5"Holy Trinity
5Bridgette Watkins12' 3St Angela Merici
5Katie Barlow12'2"St Peter-North Ridge...
5Delia Lowry12' 0St Angela Merici
X Shot Put - 6lb - 6th - Finals
6Juliana Butchko25'2St Joseph Amherst
6Rebecca Semancik22'4"St Albert the Great
6Alyssa Matrona20'8"Holy Trinity
6Olivia Battistoni19'8"Holy Trinity
6Polina Bufogle16' 4St Angela Merici
X Shot Put - 6lb - 7th - Finals
7Emma Adkins31'9"Holy Trinity
7Caelin McManis21'2St Charles Borromeo
7Kendra Cundiff18'Incarnate Word Academy
7Sara Giffin17'6St Charles Borromeo
X Shot Put - 6lb - 8th - Finals
8Brittany Morrison31'8"St Peter-North Ridge...
8Mary Beth Ibos21'11St Charles Borromeo
X Discus - 1kg - 7th - Finals
7Emma Adkins55.950Holy Trinity
X Discus - 1kg - 8th - Finals
8Sara Chmielewski75'9.5St Charles Borromeo
8Bethany Doucette52'0.5St Charles Borromeo
X High Jump - 5th - Finals
5Claudia Hermann3.4Holy Trinity
5Sydnie Firment3'2"Holy Trinity
5Morgan Foutz3' 2St Angela Merici
5Lexie Firment0Holy Trinity
X High Jump - 6th - Finals
6Mercedeez Francis4'4St Charles Borromeo
6Maria Velten4' 0St Angela Merici
6Lauren Walter3'8"St Mary-Elyria
6Cate Schmiedl3' 6St Angela Merici
X High Jump - 7th - Finals
7Emily Marshall3'8"Holy Trinity
X High Jump - 8th - Finals
8Jamie Adams4'4"Incarnate Word Academy
8Alex Poblete4'2"Holy Trinity
8Ellie Dougher4'2"Holy Trinity
8Danielle Kelly4'0St Charles Borromeo
8Elizabeth Foisy4'0"St Mary-Elyria
X Long Jump - 4th - Finals
4Teresa Fayen9' 0St Angela Merici
4Alex Pillin8'11St Charles Borromeo
4Erin Ashdown8' 10St Angela Merici
4Sophia Dasko7' 2St Angela Merici
4Gianna Foisy7'0"St Mary-Elyria
4Michaela O'Hara6'8"Holy Trinity
4Lena Gargiuolo6' 6St Angela Merici
4Sylvia Zeller6'4"Incarnate Word Academy
4Kathrine Raynor6' 1St Angela Merici
4Sidney Willis6'0"St Mary-Elyria
4Isabel Veloso5'10St Albert the Great
4Kara McKiernan5'5"Holy Trinity
4Kaitlyn Klotzbach4' 5St Angela Merici
X Long Jump - 5th - Finals
5Amanda Crisler10'4St Joseph Amherst
5Gracen Siegenthaler10'3St Joseph Amherst
5Isabella Pignatiello10'1St Charles Borromeo
5Abigail Robejsek9'11"St Peter-North Ridge...
5Ashlynn Uzl9'10St Charles Borromeo
5Christine Ammar9'3St Albert the Great
5Laurin McNulty9'2"Holy Trinity
5Erika Eischen8'9St Joseph Amherst
5Victoria Gavalya8'9St Albert the Great
5Lauren Kachure8'0St Joseph Amherst
5Grace Mocho7'9"Incarnate Word Academy
5Samantha LaPlaca7'6St Albert the Great
5Emily Eischen7'4St Joseph Amherst
5Mary Dempsey7' 1St Angela Merici
5Megan Konopka5'10St Charles Borromeo
5Julia LudwickfoIncarnate Word Academy
X Long Jump - 6th - Finals
6Liz Renner12'3St Albert the Great
6Annie Alten12'2"Holy Trinity
6Maya Cundiff11'10"Incarnate Word Academy
6Katie Pellegrino11'3St Charles Borromeo
6Alyssa Matthias10'5"Incarnate Word Academy
6Mackenzie Fyock9'6St Charles Borromeo
6Claire Plageman8'9"St Albert the Great
6Maggie Schoen7'11"Holy Trinity
6Abbey Jarzabeck7'8St Albert the Great
6Kayla Joherl7'6"Holy Trinity
6Liz Renner7'6St Albert the Great
6Maggie Sullivan7'5"Holy Trinity
6Emma Plageman5'11St Albert the Great
X Long Jump - 7th - Finals
7Madison Eis9'10St Joseph Amherst
7Meghan Foster9'2"St Peter-North Ridge...
7Sarrah Arendash8'8"St Peter-North Ridge...
7Ashley Rosado8'7"St Peter-North Ridge...
X Long Jump - 8th - Finals
8Alexis Scharrer13St Albert the Great
8Mackenzie Pelesky12'6St Charles Borromeo
8Bethany Doucette12'6St Charles Borromeo
8Elise Ketz12'4St Albert the Great
8Taylor O'Dell12'4"St Mary-Elyria
8Kristen Konno12'2"St Peter-North Ridge...
8Rachel Flis11'3St Albert the Great
8Annmarie Rosa11'1St Charles Borromeo
8Kara Henjal11'0"Holy Trinity
8Madison Baker10'6"Holy Trinity
8Emily Milliken10'1"St Peter-North Ridge...
8Gabbi Rawlings10'0"Holy Trinity
8Julie Hansen9'11"St Peter-North Ridge...
8Michelle Lee9'5"Incarnate Word Academy
8Christina Finnegan9'4"St Mary-Elyria
8Katherine Franko5'9St Albert the Great
X Standing Long Jump - 4th - Finals
4Shea Kane5'4"Holy Trinity
4Emily Dugan5'2"St Mary-Elyria
4Anna Spear4' 11St Angela Merici
4Taylor Hooks4'11St Joseph Amherst
4Lillian Brogan4' 10St Angela Merici
4Audrey Walsh4' 10St Angela Merici
4Bridget Marks4' 9St Angela Merici
4Amy Urban4'8St Albert the Great
4Jordyn Kuchta4'5.5"St Mary-Elyria
4Ariel Kelley4'3St Joseph Amherst
4Allison Lampert4'1St Charles Borromeo
4Grace Lucarelli4' 1St Angela Merici
4Carly Soreo3'10St Charles Borromeo
4Miranda Zangara3'10Incarnate Word Academy
X Standing Long Jump - 5th - Finals
5Elise Chojnacki6'2St Albert the Great
5Erica Kriausky5'11St Charles Borromeo
5Nina Ruiz4'9.5St Joseph Amherst
5Megan McDonald4'9St Charles Borromeo
5Elizabeth Jira4' 8.5St Angela Merici
5Brittany Dienes4'8St Charles Borromeo
5Melanie Ellingson4'7"St Mary-Elyria
5Sophia Kuhar4'5St Albert the Great
5Samantha Kachure4'5St Joseph Amherst
5Carly Holowecky4'0"Holy Trinity
5Christine Kelley3'10St Joseph Amherst
X Standing Long Jump - 6th - Finals
6Kendall Willard6'2.5"St Peter-North Ridge...
6Lauren Walter5'10.5"St Mary-Elyria
6Jackie Walborn5' 6St Angela Merici
6Britta Eldrige5'3"Holy Trinity
6Brittany Cahill4'11"Holy Trinity
6Megan Wyrock4'10St Charles Borromeo
X Standing Long Jump - 7th - Finals
7Erin Theile6'6.5"St Peter-North Ridge...
7Meredith Nortz6' 4.5St Angela Merici
X Standing Long Jump - 8th - Finals
8Natalie Kelly6' 10St Angela Merici
8Stephanie Wyrock6'4St Charles Borromeo
8Katie Whitmore6' 3.5St Angela Merici
8Dominique Provencher6St Albert the Great
8Emily Relic5'10St Charles Borromeo
8Mary Rose Bonifas5' 9St Angela Merici
8Nora Bonifas5' 7St Angela Merici
8Olivia D'Amico5'6St Albert the Great
8Madeline Johnson5'1"St Mary-Elyria
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