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Middle School

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cottage Grove, Cottage Grove

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Oregon - Willamette Valley Youth League
Fern Ridge
St Paul/O'Hara
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Chandler Potter12.30St Paul/O'Hara
2.8Alex Crisp12.90Fern Ridge
3.8Spencer Quimby13.00Lincoln
4.8Broc Beach13.10Lincoln
4.7Reily Boyce13.10Lincoln
6.7Nicholas Boykin13.20Fern Ridge
7.7Brenden Babcock13.30Fern Ridge
7.8Sam Meakins13.30St Paul/O'Hara
9.6Lucas Wilson13.40St Paul/O'Hara
9.7Jason Park13.40St Paul/O'Hara
11.7Clayton Oilar13.50Fern Ridge
11.7Chase Heitman13.50St Paul/O'Hara
13.7Brynden Howell14.10Lincoln
14.6Levi Oilar14.20Fern Ridge
15.8Ian Johnson14.30Lincoln
16.7Evan Canizares14.70St Paul/O'Hara
16.7Kai Harper14.70St Paul/O'Hara
18.7Brody Cooper14.80St Paul/O'Hara
19.6Devin Vestal15.10Fern Ridge
20.8David Cruz-Barnes15.20Fern Ridge
21.6Kory Parent15.50Lincoln
22.7Tony Stefano15.60St Paul/O'Hara
23.7Brendan Gescher15.90St Paul/O'Hara
24.6Reed Tiehen16.00St Paul/O'Hara
25.8Lars Sundahl16.10St Paul/O'Hara
26.6Patrick Braunger16.20Fern Ridge
27.7Kameron Lajoie16.30St Paul/O'Hara
28.6Ben Thompson16.80St Paul/O'Hara
28.6Jeran Coffey16.80Fern Ridge
30.7Rylan Knepler16.90St Paul/O'Hara
31.7Tosten Peterson17.00St Paul/O'Hara
31.6Jaeden Keele17.00Lincoln
33.7Tristan DeChateau17.40St Paul/O'Hara
34.8Will Dodge17.60St Paul/O'Hara
7Diego DaytonDNSSt Paul/O'Hara
7Micheal TharpeDNSLincoln
7Yuri CoelhoDNSFern Ridge
8Kolton BaldreeDNSFern Ridge
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Chandler Potter25.70St Paul/O'Hara
2.7Cody Gay26.70Fern Ridge
3.8Ramses Labastida28.30Fern Ridge
3.7Brenden Babcock28.30Fern Ridge
5.7Henry Rear28.40St Paul/O'Hara
6.6Levi Oilar28.90Fern Ridge
6.7Kendrick Murphy28.90Lincoln
8.7Sam Nelson29.00St Paul/O'Hara
9.7Chase Heitman29.10St Paul/O'Hara
9.7Micheal Tharpe29.10Lincoln
11.8Wayde Crawford30.60Lincoln
12.7Michael Henderson31.10St Paul/O'Hara
13.7Conner Lindstrom32.00St Paul/O'Hara
14.6Nolan Moore33.60Fern Ridge
15.8Logan Crawford34.50Lincoln
16.6Reed Tiehen35.20St Paul/O'Hara
17.6Jeran Coffey36.40Fern Ridge
18.7Tosten Peterson37.10St Paul/O'Hara
7Diego DaytonDNSSt Paul/O'Hara
6Kory ParentDNSLincoln
7Rodney ChamberlainDNSLincoln
7Clayton OilarDNSFern Ridge
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Cody Gay1:00.90Fern Ridge
2.7Kendrick Murphy1:01.10Lincoln
3.8Sergio Gomez1:01.40Lincoln
4.8Ramses Labastida1:03.20Fern Ridge
5.7Henry Rear1:04.00St Paul/O'Hara
6.7Jack Bartram1:04.20Lincoln
7.7Connor Howard1:10.90Lincoln
8.7Trevor Shaw1:15.00Fern Ridge
8.7Michael Henderson1:15.00St Paul/O'Hara
10.7Chris Clure1:18.10Lincoln
11.6Liam Elliott1:23.10St Paul/O'Hara
12.6Hans Elliott1:25.70St Paul/O'Hara
6Jeran CoffeyDNSFern Ridge
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Will Knowlton2:26.10St Paul/O'Hara
2.7Nicholas Boykin2:26.30Fern Ridge
3.6Jake Christian2:58.00St Paul/O'Hara
4.8Logan Crawford3:01.60Lincoln
5.6Nolan Moore3:04.50Fern Ridge
6.6Blaine Loftis3:17.60Fern Ridge
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Ben Douthit5:27.50Fern Ridge
2.8Jarett Raade5:38.80Lincoln
3.7Jack Bartram5:52.20Lincoln
4.7Shane Orme6:01.00Fern Ridge
5.7Kaiden Ramsey6:13.60Lincoln
6.8Kolby Owens6:18.50Lincoln
7.7Garrette Antoine6:29.40Lincoln
8.8Michael Baird6:30.10St Paul/O'Hara
9.6Liam Elliott6:32.50St Paul/O'Hara
10.6Alan Brann6:34.80St Paul/O'Hara
6Robby SonzaDNSSt Paul/O'Hara
8Josh ChristianDNSSt Paul/O'Hara
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Cody Gay11:10.35Fern Ridge
2.7Ben Douthit11:39.45Fern Ridge
3.8Jarett Raade11:55.86Lincoln
4.7Connor Howard12:22.46Lincoln
5.7Finn King12:24.60Fern Ridge
6.7Kaiden Ramsey12:41.61Lincoln
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Alex Crisp15.90Fern Ridge
2.7Jordan Pifer17.70St Paul/O'Hara
3.8Cliff Noonan17.80St Paul/O'Hara
4.6Lucas Wilson19.10St Paul/O'Hara
5.8Jeff Linn19.70Fern Ridge
6.6Ben Thompson22.20St Paul/O'Hara
7.8Will Dodge22.50St Paul/O'Hara
8.6Travis Sweet23.60Fern Ridge
8.6Alan Brann23.60St Paul/O'Hara
10.7Trevor Shaw24.20Fern Ridge
11.6Jacob Harwood24.30St Paul/O'Hara
12.6Hans Elliott25.60St Paul/O'Hara
13.6Blaine Loftis26.20Fern Ridge
8Spencer QuimbyDNFLincoln
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Alex Crisp29.90Fern Ridge
2.7Reily Boyce30.60Lincoln
3.8Ian Johnson31.10Lincoln
4.7Nicholas Boykin32.10Fern Ridge
5.7Jordan Pifer32.50St Paul/O'Hara
6.8Cliff Noonan33.60St Paul/O'Hara
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kolton Baldree
Alex Crisp
Cody Gay
Nicholas Boykin
52.00Fern Ridge
2.-Jack Bartram
Brynden Howell
Spencer Quimby
Kendrick Murphy
3.-Jason Park
Brody Cooper
Evan Canizares
Cliff Noonan
56.90St Paul/O'Hara
4.-Sam Meakins
Chase Heitman
Jordan Pifer
Lucas Wilson
57.10St Paul/O'Hara
5.-Broc Beach
Sergio Gomez
Reily Boyce
Ian Johnson
6.-David Dunn
Ryan Westerkamp
Kolby Owens
Micheal Tharpe
7.-Nolan Moore
Levi Oilar
Devin Vestal
Pat Braunger
1:04.90Fern Ridge
8.-Ben Thompson
Diego Dayton
Brendan Gescher
Conner Lindstrom
1:06.00St Paul/O'Hara
9.-Tony Stefano
Tosten Peterson
Lars Sundahl
Michael Baird
1:06.80St Paul/O'Hara
10.-Jacob Harwood
Hans Elliott
Liam Elliott
Alan Brann
1:09.60St Paul/O'Hara
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sam Meakins
Sam Nelson
Henry Rear
Chandler Potter
1:54.40St Paul/O'Hara
2.-Brenden Babcock
Trey Hackett
Mason Beebe
Ramses Labastida
1:55.40Fern Ridge
3.-Rodney Chamberlain
Chris Clure
Wayde Crawford
Logan Crawford
4.-Kaiden Ramsey
Conner Howard
Garrette Antoine
Kory Parent
5.-Jake Christian
Kameron Lajoie
Rylan Knepler
Michael Henderson
2:17.50St Paul/O'Hara
X Shot Put - 8lb - Varsity - Finals
1.8Broc Beach38-07.00Lincoln
2.8Zane Wardwell35-11.00Fern Ridge
3.8Cullyn Blum31-00.00Fern Ridge
4.7David Dunn27-07.00Lincoln
5.8Wayde Crawford27-03.00Lincoln
5.8Tate Rupp27-03.00St Paul/O'Hara
7.6Levi Oilar26-00.00Fern Ridge
8.7Ryan Westerkamp25-00.00Lincoln
9.7Seth Green23-05.00Lincoln
10.7Chris Clure23-03.00Lincoln
11.7Edgar Solano20-09.00St Paul/O'Hara
12.6Jacob Harwood19-02.00St Paul/O'Hara
13.6Ben Thompson19-01.00St Paul/O'Hara
14.7Trevor Shaw18-10.00Fern Ridge
15.6Jaeden Keele18-08.00Lincoln
16.6Miles Parr18-00.00Fern Ridge
17.7Yuri Coelho16-10.00Fern Ridge
18.6Travis Sweet16-07.00Fern Ridge
6Michael McDonaldNDLincoln
8Will DodgeNDSt Paul/O'Hara
7Clayton OilarNDFern Ridge
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Zane Wardwell102-10Fern Ridge
2.8Spencer Quimby86-09Lincoln
3.8Mason Beebe83-04Fern Ridge
4.8Cullyn Blum71-09Fern Ridge
5.8Broc Beach71-08Lincoln
6.8Wayde Crawford71-06Lincoln
7.7David Dunn69-09Lincoln
8.7Seth Green69-07Lincoln
9.7Chris Clure66-06Lincoln
10.7Edgar Solano62-01St Paul/O'Hara
11.8Michael Baird61-05St Paul/O'Hara
12.7Ryan Westerkamp60-07Lincoln
13.7Ben Douthit60-06Fern Ridge
14.7Rylan Knepler58-11St Paul/O'Hara
15.7Sam Nelson58-06St Paul/O'Hara
16.7Brendan Gescher47-06St Paul/O'Hara
17.8Tate Rupp42-09St Paul/O'Hara
18.7Tristan DeChateau37-10St Paul/O'Hara
7Kai HarperNDSt Paul/O'Hara
6Michael McDonaldNDLincoln
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Varsity - Finals
1.8Mason Beebe146-08Fern Ridge
2.7Jordan Pifer119-07St Paul/O'Hara
3.7Jason Park110-10St Paul/O'Hara
4.8Trey Hackett105-07Fern Ridge
5.8Zane Wardwell101-04Fern Ridge
6.7Brynden Howell100-08Lincoln
7.8Cliff Noonan100-06St Paul/O'Hara
8.7Micheal Tharpe95-07Lincoln
8.8Ramses Labastida95-07Fern Ridge
10.7Brody Cooper94-08St Paul/O'Hara
11.7Yuri Coelho88-00Fern Ridge
12.7Diego Dayton74-03St Paul/O'Hara
13.7Garrette Antoine73-10Lincoln
14.7Michael Henderson72-07St Paul/O'Hara
15.7Edgar Solano71-02St Paul/O'Hara
16.7Tony Stefano69-06St Paul/O'Hara
17.7Finn King68-06Fern Ridge
18.7Kameron Lajoie67-05St Paul/O'Hara
19.6Jacob Harwood67-04St Paul/O'Hara
20.8Cullyn Blum66-11Fern Ridge
21.6Jaeden Keele64-01Lincoln
22.8Ian Johnson63-07Lincoln
23.6Nolan Moore63-01Fern Ridge
24.7Tristan DeChateau63-00St Paul/O'Hara
25.7Brendan Gescher60-00St Paul/O'Hara
26.7David Dunn59-05Lincoln
27.7Ryan Westerkamp57-07Lincoln
28.7Kaiden Ramsey56-04Lincoln
29.6Travis Sweet55-08Fern Ridge
30.7Seth Green53-02Lincoln
31.6Alan Brann52-07St Paul/O'Hara
32.6Miles Parr52-05Fern Ridge
33.8Lars Sundahl52-04St Paul/O'Hara
34.7Evan Canizares50-00St Paul/O'Hara
35.7Rylan Knepler48-06St Paul/O'Hara
36.7Conner Lindstrom48-04St Paul/O'Hara
8Tate RuppNDSt Paul/O'Hara
6Jake ChristianNDSt Paul/O'Hara
6Dustin SlayNDLincoln
8Will DodgeNDSt Paul/O'Hara
7Tosten PetersonNDSt Paul/O'Hara
6Reed TiehenNDSt Paul/O'Hara
6Michael McDonaldNDLincoln
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Trey Hackett4-10.00Fern Ridge
2.8Sergio Gomez4-08.00Lincoln
2.7Brody Cooper4-08.00St Paul/O'Hara
4.7Jack Bartram4-06.00Lincoln
4.8Kolton Baldree4-06.00Fern Ridge
6.7Brenden Babcock4-02.00Fern Ridge
6.8Sam Meakins4-02.00St Paul/O'Hara
6.7Finn King4-02.00Fern Ridge
9.7Connor Howard4-00.00Lincoln
9.8Kolby Owens4-00.00Lincoln
7Reily BoyceNHLincoln
7Garrette AntoineNHLincoln
8David Cruz-BarnesNHFern Ridge
6Devin VestalNHFern Ridge
6Patrick BraungerNHFern Ridge
6Dustin SlayNHLincoln
6Robby SonzaNHSt Paul/O'Hara
7Kendrick MurphyNHLincoln
8Chandler PotterNHSt Paul/O'Hara
7Rodney ChamberlainNHLincoln
6Kory ParentNHLincoln
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.8Kolton Baldree7-06.00Fern Ridge
2.8Mason Beebe7-00.00Fern Ridge
3.8Jeff Linn6-06.00Fern Ridge
4.7Shane Orme5-06.00Fern Ridge
6Miles ParrNHFern Ridge
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.6Lucas Wilson15-01.50St Paul/O'Hara
2.7Henry Rear14-04.00St Paul/O'Hara
3.8Michael Baird13-02.00St Paul/O'Hara
4.7Sam Nelson12-06.00St Paul/O'Hara
5.7Evan Canizares12-04.50St Paul/O'Hara
6.8Sergio Gomez12-01.00Lincoln
7.8Trey Hackett12-00.00Fern Ridge
8.8Jeff Linn11-11.00Fern Ridge
9.7Shane Orme11-09.00Fern Ridge
10.7Chase Heitman11-08.00St Paul/O'Hara
11.8David Cruz-Barnes11-05.50Fern Ridge
12.8Kolby Owens11-05.00Lincoln
12.8Logan Crawford11-05.00Lincoln
12.7Tony Stefano11-05.00St Paul/O'Hara
15.6Blaine Loftis11-02.50Fern Ridge
16.6Devin Vestal10-08.50Fern Ridge
17.7Conner Lindstrom10-06.00St Paul/O'Hara
18.8Jarett Raade10-05.00Lincoln
19.6Jake Christian10-02.00St Paul/O'Hara
20.6Patrick Braunger9-10.00Fern Ridge
21.6Liam Elliott9-09.00St Paul/O'Hara
22.6Hans Elliott9-01.00St Paul/O'Hara
23.6Dustin Slay9-00.00Lincoln
6Robby SonzaNDSt Paul/O'Hara

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Claire Farrington14.00St Paul/O'Hara
2.7Kennedy Sundberg14.30St Paul/O'Hara
3.6Jessica Strahon14.40St Paul/O'Hara
4.7Alex Olsen14.50Fern Ridge
4.7Chelsey Bottorff14.50Lincoln
6.6Jane Stevens14.80Fern Ridge
7.8Emily Foreman15.00Lincoln
8.7Shelby Miotke15.10Lincoln
9.6Hailey Lilly15.20Lincoln
9.7Grace Cummings15.20St Paul/O'Hara
11.7Colleen Peterson15.30St Paul/O'Hara
12.8Shania Schueller15.40Lincoln
12.7Nicole Spellman15.40St Paul/O'Hara
14.6Kalea Borrelli15.50Lincoln
15.7Lindsey Chapman15.70St Paul/O'Hara
16.8Jana Heitzman15.80Fern Ridge
16.6Savanna Christman15.80Lincoln
18.8Kacy Cross15.90Lincoln
18.8Courtney Hammel15.90Lincoln
20.6Tiffany Chambers16.20Lincoln
20.8Kayla Tellez16.20Fern Ridge
22.6Madi Potter16.30St Paul/O'Hara
23.8Skylee Moore16.40Lincoln
24.6Alyssa Stevenson16.50Fern Ridge
24.8Taylor Anson16.50Lincoln
26.6Briana Glynn16.80Fern Ridge
26.6Reanna Way16.80St Paul/O'Hara
28.7Tori Murphy16.90St Paul/O'Hara
28.6Allie Harris16.90Lincoln
30.6Madison Johnson17.00Fern Ridge
31.6Olivia Franssen17.10St Paul/O'Hara
32.7Rebecca Genovese17.20St Paul/O'Hara
33.6Allison Thomas17.30Lincoln
33.7Katie Dennis17.30Lincoln
33.6Annika Faris17.30Fern Ridge
36.6Megan Schneider17.40Fern Ridge
37.6Lacie Anson17.70Lincoln
38.6Roxanne Glynn18.10Fern Ridge
39.6Julie Becker18.80Fern Ridge
40.7Jillian Caulfield18.90Lincoln
41.6Magnolia Pickens19.00Lincoln
42.6Lauren Allen-Fields19.60Lincoln
6James BerryDNSLincoln
8Libby LaddDNSLincoln
8Carley WeixelmanDNSSt Paul/O'Hara
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Abby Crowell29.50St Paul/O'Hara
2.7Chelsey Bottorff29.60Lincoln
3.7Idgie Glynn31.90Fern Ridge
4.7Nicole Spellman33.00St Paul/O'Hara
4.8Shania Schueller33.00Lincoln
6.8Jana Heitzman33.70Fern Ridge
7.6Sara Witty33.80Lincoln
8.6Madi Potter35.20St Paul/O'Hara
9.8Carley Weixelman36.20St Paul/O'Hara
10.7Tori Murphy38.10St Paul/O'Hara
11.7Jillian Caulfield40.50Lincoln
8Libby LaddDNSLincoln
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.6Hannah Albrecht1:12.90Lincoln
2.7Lucia Ianuzzo1:17.80St Paul/O'Hara
3.8Amanda Boechler1:19.30St Paul/O'Hara
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Alex Olsen2:45.00Fern Ridge
2.7Natalie Hakala2:50.40St Paul/O'Hara
3.6Victoria Boechler3:01.20St Paul/O'Hara
4.6Estrella Spencer3:04.70Lincoln
5.8Sara Gardner3:22.90Lincoln
6.6Abigail Bunce3:30.50Lincoln
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Selene Konyn6:03.30St Paul/O'Hara
2.6Natalie Nowatzke6:22.40St Paul/O'Hara
3.6Dale Helvoigt6:30.00St Paul/O'Hara
4.6Victoria Boechler6:32.50St Paul/O'Hara
5.7Alessa Giansante6:38.10St Paul/O'Hara
6.7Caedyn Kimble6:38.40St Paul/O'Hara
7.6Destiny Durest6:41.50Lincoln
8.6Torie Raade7:04.20Lincoln
9.6Anna Rochon7:05.00St Paul/O'Hara
10.6Rose Whistle7:07.90Lincoln
7Erin SwansonDNSSt Paul/O'Hara
8Grace MitchellDNSLincoln
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.7Kennedy Sundberg19.80St Paul/O'Hara
2.7Idgie Glynn19.90Fern Ridge
3.6Jessica Strahon21.30St Paul/O'Hara
4.6Allison Blyton21.90St Paul/O'Hara
5.8Taylor Anson22.30Lincoln
6.7Taylor Gorham22.70St Paul/O'Hara
6.8Kacy Cross22.70Lincoln
8.6Caitlian Stuner25.20Lincoln
9.6Celeste Pelham26.10Lincoln
10.6Magnolia Pickens27.90Lincoln
11.6Abigail Bunce28.80Lincoln
7Shelby MiotkeDNSLincoln
7Lindsey ChapmanDNSSt Paul/O'Hara
7Emily BlyDNSSt Paul/O'Hara
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.6Allison Blyton38.00St Paul/O'Hara
2.7Taylor Gorham39.30St Paul/O'Hara
3.6Cyan Schwabrow41.60Lincoln
4.6Kaiden Rounsaville42.20Lincoln
5.6Lacie Anson48.20Lincoln
6Briana GlynnDNSFern Ridge
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kennedy Sundberg
Abby Crowell
Grace Cummings
Claire Farrington
56.90St Paul/O'Hara
2.-Chelsey Bottorff
Emily Foreman
Kalea Borrelli
Shelby Miotke
3.-Kayla Tellez
Jessica Glynn
Jana Heitzman
Alex Olsen
1:00.90Fern Ridge
4.-Lindsey Chapman
Nicole Spellman
Taylor Gorham
Jessica Strahon
1:01.80St Paul/O'Hara
5.-Lucia Ianuzzo
Natalie Hakala
Selene Konyn
Colleen Peterson
1:03.50St Paul/O'Hara
6.-Celeste Pelham
Tiffany Chamber
savanna Christman
Hailey Lilly
7.-Roxanne Glynn
Briana Glynn
Megan Schneider
Jane Stevens
1:05.10Fern Ridge
8.-Rebecca Genovese
Alessa Giansante
Tori Murphy
Caedyn Kimble
1:07.20St Paul/O'Hara
9.-Olivia Franssen
Victoria Boechler
Anna Rochon
Reanna Way
1:09.10St Paul/O'Hara
-Skylee Moore
Mellisa Powers
Katie Dennis
Libby Ladd
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kennedy Sundberg
Grace Cummings
Claire Farrington
Abby Crowell
2:06.90St Paul/O'Hara
2.-Natalie Hakala
Lucia Ianuzzo
Allison Blyton
Amanda Boechler
2:17.50St Paul/O'Hara
3.-Estrella Spencer
Shania Schueller
Sara Witty
Destiny Durest
4.-Taylor Anson
Hannah Albrect
Lacie Anson
Kacy Cross
5.-Allie Harris
Rose Witt
Torie Raade
Elizabeth Poe
X Shot Put - 6lb - Varsity - Finals
1.8Amanda Boechler27-04.00St Paul/O'Hara
2.8Courtney Hammel26-11.00Lincoln
3.6Savanna Christman22-11.00Lincoln
4.7Katie Dennis21-08.00Lincoln
5.6Kaitlyn Brooks20-01.00Lincoln
6.6Elizabeth Poe19-07.00Lincoln
7.8Kayla Tellez18-09.00Fern Ridge
7.7Emily Bly18-09.00St Paul/O'Hara
9.6Melissa Powers18-05.00Lincoln
10.6Aurora Garcia14-06.00Fern Ridge
11.6Julie Becker14-01.00Fern Ridge
12.6Lauren Allen-Fields13-11.00Lincoln
6Kaiden RounsavilleNDLincoln
8Sara GardnerNDLincoln
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Amanda Boechler72-03St Paul/O'Hara
2.8Courtney Hammel61-06Lincoln
3.6Jane Stevens53-00Fern Ridge
4.8Kacy Cross52-10Lincoln
5.6Hailey Lilly47-10Lincoln
6.6Kalea Borrelli46-02Lincoln
7.6Savanna Christman45-04Lincoln
8.6Cyan Schwabrow44-05Lincoln
9.6Allison Thomas44-02Lincoln
10.6Melissa Powers42-11Lincoln
11.6Kaitlyn Brooks42-05Lincoln
12.6Elizabeth Poe41-06Lincoln
13.7Katie Dennis41-04Lincoln
14.6Tiffany Chambers40-09Lincoln
15.7Caedyn Kimble39-08St Paul/O'Hara
16.7Emily Bly39-02St Paul/O'Hara
17.6Allie Harris37-04Lincoln
18.6Celeste Pelham36-04Lincoln
19.6Izzy Shepherd25-11Lincoln
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Varsity - Finals
1.7Grace Cummings76-09St Paul/O'Hara
2.8Abby Crowell71-10St Paul/O'Hara
3.6Melissa Powers68-07Lincoln
4.6Briana Glynn55-06Fern Ridge
5.7Lucia Ianuzzo54-06St Paul/O'Hara
6.7Colleen Peterson51-02St Paul/O'Hara
7.8Grace Mitchell48-06Lincoln
8.6Alyssa Stevenson46-06Fern Ridge
9.6Kaitlyn Brooks46-01Lincoln
10.6Hailey Lilly45-03Lincoln
11.8Kayla Tellez44-04Fern Ridge
12.6Elizabeth Poe42-06Lincoln
13.7Rebecca Genovese42-02St Paul/O'Hara
14.7Tori Murphy41-08St Paul/O'Hara
15.6Magnolia Pickens39-02Lincoln
16.6Julie Becker36-06Fern Ridge
17.6Tiffany Chambers35-07Lincoln
18.6Torie Raade35-05Lincoln
19.6Madison Johnson35-04Fern Ridge
20.7Alessa Giansante34-04St Paul/O'Hara
21.6Izzy Shepherd29-11Lincoln
22.6Rose Whistle29-01Lincoln
23.6Annika Faris28-11Fern Ridge
24.6Aurora Garcia28-01Fern Ridge
25.6Megan Schneider24-04Fern Ridge
6Lauren Allen-FieldsNDLincoln
6James BerryNDLincoln
6Natalie NowatzkeNDSt Paul/O'Hara
6Kaiden RounsavilleNDLincoln
6Sara WittyNDLincoln
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Grace Mitchell4-00.00Lincoln
1.8Emily Foreman4-00.00Lincoln
1.7Chelsey Bottorff4-00.00Lincoln
1.6Olivia Franssen4-00.00St Paul/O'Hara
1.6Allison Blyton4-00.00St Paul/O'Hara
6.6Estrella Spencer3-10.00Lincoln
6.6Caitlian Stuner3-10.00Lincoln
6.6Sara Witty3-10.00Lincoln
9.8Taylor Anson3-08.00Lincoln
9.6Hannah Albrecht3-08.00Lincoln
9.7Shelby Miotke3-08.00Lincoln
9.6Dale Helvoigt3-08.00St Paul/O'Hara
9.6Destiny Durest3-08.00Lincoln
14.6Alyssa Stevenson3-06.00Fern Ridge
7Rebecca GenoveseNHSt Paul/O'Hara
7Erin SwansonNHSt Paul/O'Hara
7Colleen PetersonNHSt Paul/O'Hara
6Natalie NowatzkeNHSt Paul/O'Hara
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.7Idgie Glynn6-00.00Fern Ridge
6Roxanne GlynnNHFern Ridge
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.6Jane Stevens13-00.00Fern Ridge
2.7Alex Olsen11-09.00Fern Ridge
3.7Taylor Gorham11-07.00St Paul/O'Hara
4.8Claire Farrington11-03.00St Paul/O'Hara
4.7Selene Konyn11-03.00St Paul/O'Hara
6.7Natalie Hakala11-02.00St Paul/O'Hara
6.6Jessica Strahon11-02.00St Paul/O'Hara
8.7Lindsey Chapman10-10.00St Paul/O'Hara
9.7Nicole Spellman10-05.00St Paul/O'Hara
10.6Cyan Schwabrow10-04.00Lincoln
11.8Sara Gardner10-03.00Lincoln
12.8Jana Heitzman10-01.00Fern Ridge
13.6Hannah Albrecht9-11.00Lincoln
14.6Abigail Bunce9-10.00Lincoln
14.6Briana Glynn9-10.00Fern Ridge
16.6Roxanne Glynn9-02.00Fern Ridge
17.6Victoria Boechler8-11.00St Paul/O'Hara
18.6Reanna Way8-10.00St Paul/O'Hara
19.6Kalea Borrelli8-08.00Lincoln
20.6Aurora Garcia8-07.00Fern Ridge
21.8Skylee Moore8-03.50Lincoln
22.6Caitlian Stuner8-03.00Lincoln
23.7Jillian Caulfield8-02.00Lincoln
23.6Celeste Pelham8-02.00Lincoln
25.6Anna Rochon7-10.00St Paul/O'Hara
26.6Megan Schneider7-09.00Fern Ridge
27.6Madi Potter7-06.00St Paul/O'Hara
28.6Allison Thomas7-04.00Lincoln
29.6Torie Raade7-00.00Lincoln
30.8Shania Schueller6-11.00Lincoln
31.6Madison Johnson6-09.00Fern Ridge
31.6Lacie Anson6-09.00Lincoln
33.6Izzy Shepherd6-03.00Lincoln
34.6Allie Harris5-03.00Lincoln
35.6Annika Faris4-09.00Fern Ridge
6Kaiden RounsavilleNDLincoln
8Emily ForemanNDLincoln
6James BerryNDLincoln
8Libby LaddNDLincoln
6Olivia FranssenNDSt Paul/O'Hara
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