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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

8Alexander Gamble12.93Sidwell Friends
8Walter English13.6McLean
8Sam Hymes13.7McLean
7Nicholas Suardiaz Boitel14.39Sidwell Friends
7Matthew Brown14.78Sidwell Friends
8Brendan Reynolds16.9McLean
7Zach Sosland16.9McLean
7Liam Butler18.6McLean

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

8Kiare Ford28.1The Seed School of W...
8Ryan Alexander28.16Sidwell Friends
8Scott Kimmel28.78Sidwell Friends
8Sam Hymes29.4McLean
7Nicholas Suardiaz Boitel30.39Sidwell Friends
6George Anderson32.2The Seed School of W...
7JD Cahill33.8McLean
7Jack Sherlock34.3McLean
7Zach Sosland40.7McLean
7Liam Butler43.0McLean

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

8Kiare Ford1:02The Seed School of W...
8Cana Anduze1:05.2Sidwell Friends
7Austin Warner70.4McLean
6George Anderson1:13The Seed School of W...
7Jack Sherlock75.9McLean
8Alex Rivkin1:18Sidwell Friends
8Adam Shah1:21Sidwell Friends
8Nico de Toledo1:24Sidwell Friends

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

8Ian Oberbillig2:43Sidwell Friends
8Ryan Hoang2:49Sidwell Friends
7Walter Ellis3:02Sidwell Friends
6Ahmad Hassan3:07The Seed School of W...
7Chris Dudley3:14Sidwell Friends
7William Choi3:18Sidwell Friends
7Lucas Sheldon3:20McLean
6Christopher Smith3:21The Seed School of W...
7Jacob Honn3:22Sidwell Friends
7Ravi Ehrbeck-Malhotra3:22Sidwell Friends

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

8Ian Oberbillig5:56Sidwell Friends
8Giri Srinivasan6:18Sidwell Friends
8Sam Hymes6:20McLean
8Nico de Toledo6:27Sidwell Friends
8Ara Kharazian6:38Sidwell Friends
6Ahmad Hassan6:44The Seed School of W...
8Brendan Reynolds6:50McLean

100m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

7JD Cahill22.2McLean
7Jack Sherlock22.6McLean
8Noah Werner-Winslow22:90Sidwell Friends

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

-Relay Team 53.33Sidwell Friends
-Austin Warner
Gideon Crawford
Walter English
Sam Hymes

Shot Put - 8lb  Varsity - Finals

8Brad Greenbaum29'6"McLean

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

8Sam Rosenfeld35'2Sidwell Friends
8Wesley Harris26'5Sidwell Friends
8James Sams25'2.5Sidwell Friends
8Ben Magliato23'8Sidwell Friends
6Michael Akosile23'5.5"The Seed School of W...
8Andrew Hodges21'9Sidwell Friends
7Walter Ellis21'1Sidwell Friends
8Benjamin Ogden-Lord20'5Sidwell Friends

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

8Alexander Gamble16'1Sidwell Friends
8Ryan Alexander13'5Sidwell Friends
8Scott Kimmel12'7.5Sidwell Friends
7Tucker Ward12'2Sidwell Friends
8Walter English12'2"McLean
7Matthew Brown12'1Sidwell Friends
7Devin Ohlson9'9Sidwell Friends


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Meet Schedule

Track Finals
V1600 Meters3:00 PM
V100m Hurdles3:15 PM
V4x100 Relay3:35 PM
V400 Meters3:50 PM
V100 Meters4:00 PM
V800 Meters4:35 PM
V200 Meters4:55 PM
V4x400 Relay5:10 PM
Field Finals
VShot Put
VLong Jump
VTriple Jump
Track Finals
V1600 Meters2:50 PM
V100m Hurdles3:10 PM
V4x100 Relay3:30 PM
V400 Meters3:40 PM
V100 Meters3:55 PM
V800 Meters4:25 PM
V200 Meters4:40 PM
V4x400 Relay5:00 PM
Field Finals
VShot Put
VLong Jump
VTriple Jump