Rocky Mtn, Timberline @ Borah

Friday, April 08, 2011
  Borah, Boise - Map

  Field Events Start: 4:30 PM  Track Events Start: 4:30 PM
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dallas Burroughs11.26aRocky Mountain
2.11Demetrius Oliver11.43aRocky Mountain
3.12David Bennett11.95aBorah
4.11Ryan Emry12.23aBorah
4.11Tanner Kauffman12.23aRocky Mountain
6.11Sky Begin12.35aBorah
7.10Austin Waters12.45aTimberline (Boise)
8.11John Hodge12.53aRocky Mountain
9.12Serafin Camacho12.69aTimberline (Boise)
10.10Colton Streufert12.74aBorah
11.9Brandon Phanmaha12.75aTimberline (Boise)
12.10Hunter Kenyon12.77aBorah
13.9Christian Keetch12.85aTimberline (Boise)
14.10Seror Jasim12.90aTimberline (Boise)
15.9Dominik Huffield12.93aBorah
16.12Brian Toronto13.00aTimberline (Boise)
17.10Kadeem Torgeson13.05aBorah
18.9Nick Black13.12aTimberline (Boise)
19.12Brayden Robinson13.14aTimberline (Boise)
20.10Bryen Harris13.20aBorah
21.10Marko Ribar13.36aRocky Mountain
22.12Andrew Satterlee13.40aTimberline (Boise)
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dallas Burroughs22.07aRocky Mountain
2.12Ryan Dodson24.00aBorah
3.10Brady Jones24.71aTimberline (Boise)
4.11Tanner Kauffman24.74aRocky Mountain
5.12David Palmer25.05aBorah
6.9Don Hill25.06aTimberline (Boise)
7.12Caleb Danley25.13aBorah
8.9Brandon Phanmaha25.16aTimberline (Boise)
9.11Tyler Baldwin25.35aRocky Mountain
10.10Stuart Gagnon25.37aBorah
11.10Chandler Marchello25.76aRocky Mountain
12.11John Hodge25.98aRocky Mountain
13.10Payton Lewis26.03aRocky Mountain
14.9Christian Keetch26.29aTimberline (Boise)
15.10Brehnan Jones27.01aBorah
10Bryen HarrisDNSBorah
10David DuranDNSBorah
11Sky BeginDNSBorah
11Parker HymasFSRocky Mountain
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Josh Wallin51.75aRocky Mountain
12Jay Iuliano53.16aTimberline (Boise)
2.11Nicholas Arnold53.97aTimberline (Boise)
3.12Adrian Davis55.35aRocky Mountain
4.12Conner Farley56.90aTimberline (Boise)
5.12Dillon Lee57.33aBorah
6.10Charlie Newbill57.95aRocky Mountain
7.9Jonah Thedorff58.21aTimberline (Boise)
8.10Brehnan Jones1:00.51aBorah
9.11Morgan Crawley1:00.57aRocky Mountain
10.11Brandon Gross1:00.58aRocky Mountain
11.12Dylan Colwell1:01.25aBorah
12.12Quinn Moore1:10.58aBorah
12Caleb DanleyDNSBorah
12Justin WeeksDNSRocky Mountain
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
12Joe McFadden2:03.46aTimberline (Boise)
1.10Josh Wallin2:04.22aRocky Mountain
2.9Elijah Benson2:07.22aTimberline (Boise)
3.12Justin Warner2:07.30aTimberline (Boise)
4.10Ian Cavey2:07.40aRocky Mountain
5.12Tim Rohr2:10.30aBorah
6.12Camden DeBruler2:16.13aTimberline (Boise)
7.11Jordan Kofoed2:20.78aBorah
8.9Jonah Thedorff2:21.36aTimberline (Boise)
9.12Brandon Guerra2:22.97aRocky Mountain
10.12Alec Churchill2:26.46aTimberline (Boise)
11.12James Gutierrez2:27.88aTimberline (Boise)
12.11Robert Gonzalez2:28.41aTimberline (Boise)
13.11Scott Khuu2:31.96aBorah
14.11Van George2:50.63aBorah
15.12Arik Revelle2:56.41aTimberline (Boise)
11Riley TidmarshDNSBorah
9Joe AshDNSBorah
12Cody BirdDNSBorah
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Justin Ross4:33.69aRocky Mountain
2.11Nate Powell4:44.98aBorah
3.10Brennen Keen4:47.00aTimberline (Boise)
4.10David Covert4:54.28aRocky Mountain
5.10Camron Pearce4:55.15aRocky Mountain
6.12Garret Hook5:01.72aRocky Mountain
7.10Reuben Mulhern5:01.91aBorah
8.11Jordan Kofoed5:09.37aBorah
9.11Scott Khuu5:09.98aBorah
10.10Nate Quist5:10.98aRocky Mountain
11.12Cody Bird5:12.56aBorah
12.10Alec Sigston5:12.62aRocky Mountain
13.11Dylan Sawyer5:16.48aRocky Mountain
14.10Andrew Bienapfl5:17.43aRocky Mountain
15.12Ben Wolstenholme5:17.80aTimberline (Boise)
16.9Sam Powell5:19.04aBorah
17.11Brandon Gross5:19.56aRocky Mountain
18.10James Crawford5:20.60aRocky Mountain
19.10Geoff Miller5:23.00aBorah
20.9Jimmy Lee5:28.98aBorah
21.12Dylan Colwell5:33.93aBorah
22.9Alex Lanza5:36.01aTimberline (Boise)
23.10Carl Breidenbach5:37.10aTimberline (Boise)
24.10Nick Re5:37.82aRocky Mountain
25.9Joe Ash5:38.21aBorah
26.11Van George5:49.74aBorah
27.10Scott Squire6:42.88aRocky Mountain
10Mitch RasmisenDNSRocky Mountain
11Riley TidmarshDNSBorah
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Justin Ross9:59.07aRocky Mountain
2.10Brennen Keen10:02.13aTimberline (Boise)
3.12Patrick Estberg10:08.91aTimberline (Boise)
4.12Ben Shields10:14.93aTimberline (Boise)
5.11Nate Powell10:21.63aBorah
6.10David Covert10:30.78aRocky Mountain
7.11Chris Frank10:38.49aTimberline (Boise)
8.10Camron Pearce10:48.35aRocky Mountain
9.10Nate Quist11:11.94aRocky Mountain
10.10Alec Sigston11:18.48aRocky Mountain
11.11Jordan Kofoed11:25.98aBorah
12.9Sam Powell11:26.00aBorah
13.11Bryant Quinn11:27.48aRocky Mountain
14.10Andrew Bienapfl11:34.32aRocky Mountain
15.11Scott Khuu12:13.80aBorah
16.11Morgan Crawley12:14.08aRocky Mountain
17.10Nick Re13:38.68aRocky Mountain
10Mitch RasmisenDNSRocky Mountain
10Scott SquireDNSRocky Mountain
11Dylan SawyerDNSRocky Mountain
10Reuben MulhernDNSBorah
9Jimmy LeeDNSBorah
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alex Ashworth15.54aTimberline (Boise)
2.12Matt Szobonya16.08aRocky Mountain
3.9Khalil Oliver17.14aRocky Mountain
4.12Wyatt Lisk17.77aBorah
5.10James Packwood18.83aBorah
6.9Matt Bramble19.31aTimberline (Boise)
7.10Weston Piersol19.51aTimberline (Boise)
8.9Dominik Huffield19.73aBorah
-Jeff HymasDNSRocky Mountain
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Matt Szobonya41.18aRocky Mountain
2.12Casey Persons43.38aTimberline (Boise)
3.9Dominik Huffield46.54aBorah
4.12Wyatt Lisk47.10aBorah
5.10James Packwood48.20aBorah
6.9Matt Bramble48.47aTimberline (Boise)
7.12Brian Toronto51.33aTimberline (Boise)
8.-Jeff Hymas53.79aRocky Mountain
9.10Carl Breidenbach55.90aTimberline (Boise)
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 42.66aRocky Mountain
2.-Grant Darrington
Cody McKague
Kevin Sheperd
David Bennett
3.-Serafin Camacho
Jordan Smith
Casey Persons
DJ Albert
45.83aTimberline (Boise)
4.-Colton Streufert
Hunter Kenyon
Davis Bitton
Kadeem Torgeson
5.-Relay Team 47.38aRocky Mountain
6.-Dominik Huffield
Brandon Owsely
Cameron LaTuilippe
Ryan Dodson
7.-Hayden Powell
Gomane Boller
Ryan Emry
Sky Begin
8.-Brandon Phanmaha
Michael Nsabimana
Seror Jasim
Nick Black
48.82aTimberline (Boise)
9.-Andrew Satterlee
Kenny Mauer
Greg Griffin
Austin Waters
53.67aTimberline (Boise)
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Grant Darrington
Kevin Sheperd
Braden Corpus
Cody McKague
2.-Relay Team 1:34.85aRocky Mountain
3.-Hayden Powell
Ryan Dodson
Davis Bitton
Stuart Gagnon
4.-Jason Hine
Michael Nsabimana
Brady Jones
Don Hill
1:42.67aTimberline (Boise)
5.-Relay Team 1:43.87aRocky Mountain
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:38.00aRocky Mountain
2.-Justin Warner
Jay Iuliano
Trevor Cleveland
Alec Churchill
3:41.99aTimberline (Boise)
3.-Conner Farley
Elijah Benson
Ben Shields
Casey Persons
3:44.43aTimberline (Boise)
4.-Relay Team 3:52.68aRocky Mountain
5.-Jason Hine
Serafin Camacho
Brady Jones
Don Hill
3:56.46aTimberline (Boise)
6.-Relay Team 4:02.31aRocky Mountain
7.-James Gutierrez
Robert Gonzalez
Ben Wolstenholme
Alex Lanza
4:04.44aTimberline (Boise)
-Cody McKague
Kevin Sheperd
Tim Rohr
David Bennett
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 8:36.15aRocky Mountain
2.-Mason Miles
Trevor Cleveland
Jay Iuliano
Justin Warner
8:48.57aTimberline (Boise)
3.-Relay Team 9:35.75aRocky Mountain
4.-Sam Powell
Joe Ash
Geoff Miller
Rueben Mulhern
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.10Eli McCullough47-05.00Rocky Mountain
2.12Brett McCutchen45-02.00Borah
3.9Jake Knight44-11.00Rocky Mountain
4.11Nathan Gaul44-08.50Rocky Mountain
5.11Konnor Moden44-08.50Borah
6.11Logan Wright41-10.50Borah
7.10Austin Waters41-08.00Timberline (Boise)
8.10James Tucker40-04.00Rocky Mountain
9.-Justin Kynaston39-04.00Rocky Mountain
10.11Brock Holubetz38-09.00Borah
11.10Adam Lewis38-07.00Rocky Mountain
12.12Blake Harshman37-11.00Borah
13.10Justin Tucker37-08.00Rocky Mountain
14.-Andrew Belnap37-06.00Rocky Mountain
14.11Cole Rogers37-06.00Borah
16.12Kip Schwisow37-05.00Borah
17.12Andrew Satterlee37-04.00Timberline (Boise)
18.11Greg Griffin35-09.00Timberline (Boise)
19.12Chris Nutt32-02.00Timberline (Boise)
20.11Alex Fisher29-06.00Borah
21.9Esra Mullner29-05.00Timberline (Boise)
22.10Michael Vasquez28-01.00Rocky Mountain
11Ben GarciaSCRBorah
10Spencer EsmondSCRBorah
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10James Tucker129-09Rocky Mountain
2.10Adam Lewis123-09Rocky Mountain
3.10Payton Lewis120-10Rocky Mountain
4.12Brett McCutchen120-01Borah
5.9Jake Knight118-06Rocky Mountain
6.11Nathan Gaul117-02Rocky Mountain
7.10Justin Tucker115-07Rocky Mountain
8.12Blake Harshman113-03Borah
9.11Logan Wright113-00Borah
10.10Austin Waters110-05Timberline (Boise)
11.11Konnor Moden108-02Borah
12.10Spencer Esmond106-08Borah
13.-Justin Kynaston106-01Rocky Mountain
14.11Greg Griffin96-04Timberline (Boise)
15.-Andrew Belnap96-02Rocky Mountain
16.12Kip Schwisow92-02Borah
17.11Cole Rogers89-08Borah
18.12Chris Nutt88-05Timberline (Boise)
19.10Eli McCullough78-07Rocky Mountain
20.10Michael Vasquez77-04Rocky Mountain
21.9Esra Mullner69-09Timberline (Boise)
22.11Alex Fisher60-06Borah
11Ben GarciaSCRBorah
11Brock HolubetzSCRBorah
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alex Ashworth6-04.00Timberline (Boise)
2.12Andrew Walker5-06.00Rocky Mountain
3.11Gomane Boller5-06.00Borah
4.10Michael Greenwell5-06.00Rocky Mountain
5.9Christian Keetch5-04.00Timberline (Boise)
6.11Taylor Sundquist5-04.00Rocky Mountain
7.11Tanner Kauffman5-02.00Rocky Mountain
7.12Chris Fries5-02.00Rocky Mountain
7.11Jackson Reed5-02.00Timberline (Boise)
10.11Brock Holubetz5-02.00Borah
11.10Brady Jones5-02.00Timberline (Boise)
12.9Matt Bramble5-00.00Timberline (Boise)
12.11TJ Armstrong5-00.00Rocky Mountain
12.10Tyler Vail5-00.00Rocky Mountain
15.9Colton Duran4-08.00Borah
16.9Kion Williams4-04.00Borah
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Payton Lewis13-06.00Rocky Mountain
2.11Sam Nelson13-06.00Timberline (Boise)
3.10Drake Hagood13-00.00Rocky Mountain
4.11Josh Bingaman12-06.00Rocky Mountain
5.12Matt Szobonya12-00.00Rocky Mountain
6.12Taylor Williams12-00.00Timberline (Boise)
7.11Sid Edwards11-06.00Rocky Mountain
8.12Cameron LaTuilippe11-00.00Borah
8.12Zack Moore11-00.00Rocky Mountain
10.10Austin Carter8-00.00Borah
11.10Alex Yellen7-00.00Timberline (Boise)
12Tynan O'NeilNHRocky Mountain
11Anthony FoxNHBorah
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alex Ashworth21-05.25Timberline (Boise)
2.12Dallas Burroughs21-03.50Rocky Mountain
3.11Grant Darrington20-00.00Borah
4.11Braden Corpus19-02.50Borah
5.11Jae Gale18-10.50Rocky Mountain
6.11Nicholas Arnold18-10.00Timberline (Boise)
7.12Caleb Danley18-09.00Borah
8.10Andrew Charlton18-02.75Rocky Mountain
9.12Chris Fries17-08.50Rocky Mountain
10.11Tyler Baldwin17-08.00Rocky Mountain
11.11Jacob Inman17-06.50Borah
12.9Kion Williams16-10.25Borah
13.11Taylor Sundquist16-09.00Rocky Mountain
14.12Alec Churchill16-08.50Timberline (Boise)
15.12Alex Jones16-05.50Rocky Mountain
16.10Bo Taylor16-04.50Rocky Mountain
17.12Brayden Robinson16-03.25Timberline (Boise)
18.11Cameron Spaulding16-02.00Timberline (Boise)
19.9Jonah Thedorff16-01.75Timberline (Boise)
20.12Andrew Walker16-00.00Rocky Mountain
21.10Marko Ribar15-08.25Rocky Mountain
22.12DJ Albert15-08.00Timberline (Boise)
23.9Colton Duran15-06.50Borah
24.12Dylan Colwell14-11.25Borah
25.9Jin Cho12-11.00Timberline (Boise)
10Payton LewisSCRRocky Mountain
10Jordan OwenSCRRocky Mountain
10Chance HamiltonSCRRocky Mountain
11Christian AragonSCRRocky Mountain
11Graycen WernerSCRRocky Mountain
10Tyler VailSCRRocky Mountain
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alex Ashworth48-08.25Timberline (Boise)
2.12Chris Fries41-06.25Rocky Mountain
3.11Braden Corpus41-05.50Borah
4.11Tyler Baldwin41-04.25Rocky Mountain
5.9Christian Keetch37-09.00Timberline (Boise)
6.9Don Hill37-03.75Timberline (Boise)
7.11Jae Gale36-11.50Rocky Mountain
8.10Tyler Vail35-08.50Rocky Mountain
9.11Cameron Spaulding33-09.75Timberline (Boise)
10.9Colton Duran32-02.50Borah
11.9Jin Cho29-07.75Timberline (Boise)
11Jacob InmanSCRBorah
11Grant DarringtonSCRBorah

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brittany Owens13.19aBorah
2.9Sofia Broadbent13.57aBorah
3.11Nicole Kennedy13.69aTimberline (Boise)
4.10Laura Russell-Smith13.91aBorah
5.10Anela Smajic13.99aBorah
6.11Taylor Fowers14.30aRocky Mountain
7.10Megan Waite14.37aTimberline (Boise)
8.10Justine Sheirbon14.45aRocky Mountain
9.9Kelsy Briggs14.55aBorah
10.10Ashley Snider14.84aBorah
11.11Saloma Muzaliwa14.84aRocky Mountain
12.10Katy Shilling14.99aTimberline (Boise)
13.10Kendra Eidam15.25aTimberline (Boise)
14.11Avery Banks15.48aTimberline (Boise)
15.9Kelsey Richey17.48aTimberline (Boise)
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jacarei Echevarria27.29aRocky Mountain
2.10Maison O'Neill27.88aTimberline (Boise)
3.11Brittany Owens28.02aBorah
4.10Sierra Pontius29.56aRocky Mountain
5.10Justine Sheirbon29.62aRocky Mountain
6.11Taylor Fowers29.87aRocky Mountain
7.10Anela Smajic30.11aBorah
8.11Saloma Muzaliwa30.36aRocky Mountain
9.11Halie Raudenbush30.58aTimberline (Boise)
10.10Jessica Deboer30.78aRocky Mountain
11.10Megan Waite31.37aTimberline (Boise)
12.10Katy Shilling31.53aTimberline (Boise)
13.12Madisen Gerber32.97aBorah
14.11Aleesa Haylett34.29aBorah
9Anna BenaventeFSBorah
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jacarei Echevarria1:00.99aRocky Mountain
2.10Maison O'Neill1:01.73aTimberline (Boise)
3.10Mikayla Quarnberg1:01.81aRocky Mountain
4.11Halie Raudenbush1:08.98aTimberline (Boise)
5.9Sofia Broadbent1:09.23aBorah
6.9Anna Benavente1:10.23aBorah
7.12Madisen Gerber1:16.53aBorah
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Louisa Serpe2:29.68aTimberline (Boise)
2.11Elizabeth DeLeon2:31.09aTimberline (Boise)
3.10Dana Snell2:32.02aRocky Mountain
4.10MacKenzie Cummings2:37.70aTimberline (Boise)
5.11Becca Whipple2:40.50aBorah
6.11Nicole Daun2:40.98aBorah
7.12Aschlei Hook2:43.16aRocky Mountain
8.11Maria Kennedy2:49.95aTimberline (Boise)
9.10Savannah Buckley2:51.18aTimberline (Boise)
10.10Sierra Kross2:51.64aBorah
11.9Kourtney Armstrong2:52.55aTimberline (Boise)
12.11Sarah Ash3:05.94aBorah
13.9Sydney Chapman3:11.33aBorah
14.10Leslie Wilson3:18.18aBorah
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Louisa Serpe5:31.48aTimberline (Boise)
2.12Hailey Bradshaw5:40.41aRocky Mountain
3.11Elizabeth DeLeon5:46.38aTimberline (Boise)
4.11Maria Kennedy6:25.91aTimberline (Boise)
5.11Becca Holland6:40.02aRocky Mountain
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Hailey Bradshaw12:29.54aRocky Mountain
2.11Becca Holland13:39.39aRocky Mountain
10Dana SnellDNSRocky Mountain
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Erika Schneider17.15aRocky Mountain
2.12Natalie Fuller17.65aBorah
3.10Kylie Brede18.10aRocky Mountain
4.12Joelle Martin18.96aBorah
5.11Kayla Schlador19.07aRocky Mountain
6.10Skyler Stillings19.19aBorah
7.9Shanae Boully19.25aBorah
8.12Megan Hopkins21.02aTimberline (Boise)
-Harley McGilveryDNSRocky Mountain
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Lillian Ball47.46aTimberline (Boise)
2.12Erika Schneider50.19aRocky Mountain
3.12Natalie Fuller50.42aBorah
4.9Shanae Boully51.10aBorah
5.12Joelle Martin54.78aBorah
6.10Skyler Stillings55.30aBorah
7.10Nicole VerHalen1:08.71aTimberline (Boise)
11Kayla SchladorDNSRocky Mountain
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kayla Downs
Lillian Ball
Megan Waite
Nicole Kennedy
51.91aTimberline (Boise)
2.-Relay Team 54.90aRocky Mountain
3.-Laura Russell-Smith
Ashley Snider
Keltie Vance
Anela Smajic
4.-Avery Banks
Ariel Shilling
Katie Shilling
Janessa Bennett
57.03aTimberline (Boise)
5.-Carlie Robinson
Hayden Prince
Kendra Eidam
Azita Saleh
59.31aTimberline (Boise)
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:51.01aRocky Mountain
2.-Kayla Downs
Caitlin Strickling
Lillian Ball
Maison O'Neill
1:51.65aTimberline (Boise)
3.-Halie Raudenbush
Ariel Shilling
Janessa Bennett
Azita Saleh
2:05.60aTimberline (Boise)
4.-Madisen Gerber
Aleesa Haylett
Chaila Sanchez
Casandra Vanleuven
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:22.49aRocky Mountain
2.-Sofia Broadbent
Nicole Daun
Shanae Boully
Becca Whipple
3.-Halie Raudenbush
Elizabeth DeLeon
Maddi Ostberg
Louisa Serpe
4:30.81aTimberline (Boise)
4.-MacKenzie Cummings
Savannah Buckley
Kourtney Armstrong
Maria Kennedy
4:35.70aTimberline (Boise)
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sierra Kross
Sarah Ash
Sydney Chapman
Leslie Wilson
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Stacey Chand32-05.00Rocky Mountain
2.12Cassey Stone31-09.00Timberline (Boise)
3.9Jennah Price30-05.00Borah
4.10Ashley Snider29-05.00Borah
5.10Brittni Hanrahan27-00.00Borah
6.12Natasha Lang26-09.00Timberline (Boise)
7.12Hannah Barnett24-07.00Timberline (Boise)
8.10Tawni Johnson24-04.00Rocky Mountain
9.10Haley Danley23-10.00Borah
10.10Sophia Rupp13-03.00Borah
11Lindsey LutjensSCRRocky Mountain
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Stacey Chand111-11Rocky Mountain
2.11Megan Suitts105-01Borah
3.10Tawni Johnson94-11Rocky Mountain
4.12Natasha Lang83-01Timberline (Boise)
5.12Cassey Stone77-01Timberline (Boise)
6.9Jennah Price71-01Borah
7.12Hannah Barnett70-11Timberline (Boise)
8.10Haley Danley69-05Borah
9.10Brittni Hanrahan63-09Borah
10.10Sophia Rupp45-01Borah
11Lindsey LutjensSCRRocky Mountain
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Caitlin Strickling5-00.00Timberline (Boise)
2.11Megan Suitts4-10.00Borah
3.10Kendall Berrier4-10.00Rocky Mountain
4.10Jessica Deboer4-10.00Rocky Mountain
5.12Kirsten Burkholder4-08.00Rocky Mountain
9Mandy DarringtonNHBorah
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nicole Kennedy10-00.00Timberline (Boise)
2.10Keltie Vance9-06.00Borah
3.11Kyla Waldo9-00.00Timberline (Boise)
4.11Gina Hampton9-00.00Rocky Mountain
5.11Megan Fox7-06.00Rocky Mountain
6.11Brooke Powell7-06.00Borah
7.11Mychaela Parker6-06.00Rocky Mountain
8.10Charity Brady6-00.00Rocky Mountain
10Maria EscaleraNHRocky Mountain
10Bekah WhitneyNHBorah
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brittany Owens18-10.00Borah
2.12Natalie Fuller16-00.00Borah
3.10Lillian Ball15-10.00Timberline (Boise)
4.9Kelsy Briggs14-02.50Borah
5.10Ashley Snider13-05.00Borah
6.11Saloma Muzaliwa13-03.50Rocky Mountain
7.9Kourtney Armstrong12-07.25Timberline (Boise)
8.9Sydney Giacomazzi11-07.75Timberline (Boise)
9.9Mandy Darrington11-04.25Borah
10.10Megan Waite10-04.25Timberline (Boise)
10Justine SheirbonSCRRocky Mountain
-Harley McGilverySCRRocky Mountain
10Kylie BredeSCRRocky Mountain
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brittany Owens37-07.50Borah
2.12Natalie Fuller33-02.75Borah
3.9Kelsy Briggs27-06.25Borah
4.9Mandy Darrington27-03.50Borah
5.9Sydney Giacomazzi26-01.25Timberline (Boise)
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