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Wolverine Conference Mini-Jamboree @ Plainwell

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Andrew Buskirk11.49aPaw Paw
2.12Josh Carter11.80aSouth Haven
3.11Marcus Palmer11.93aThree Rivers
4.12Kevonte Wilder11.94aThree Rivers
5.11Patrick Spain12.00aThree Rivers
6.12Takudzwa Kubvoruno12.01aRichland Gull Lake
7.11Ahmad Mohammed12.15aRichland Gull Lake
8.10Matthew Pelyhes12.64aRichland Gull Lake
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Marcus Palmer11.84aThree Rivers
3.12Andrew Buskirk11.88aPaw Paw
5.11Patrick Spain12.04aThree Rivers
7.12Takudzwa Kubvoruno12.20aRichland Gull Lake
2.12Kevonte Wilder12.21aThree Rivers
4.12Josh Carter12.26aSouth Haven
6.11Ahmad Mohammed12.30aRichland Gull Lake
9.11James Deyoung12.41aPaw Paw
8.10Matthew Pelyhes12.59aRichland Gull Lake
10.10Chase Black12.78aPlainwell
11.11Patrick Allen12.80aSouth Haven
12.12Anthony Wrona12.85aPaw Paw
11Scott SaegerDNSPlainwell
X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Ahmad Mohammed11.1Richland Gull Lake
11Cody Ploof11.4Richland Gull Lake
12Luke Sly11.9Richland Gull Lake
10Matthew Pelyhes11.9Richland Gull Lake
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Gus Fulgoni23.80aPlainwell
2.10Corry Brown23.95aThree Rivers
3.10Demarcus Leak24.14aPaw Paw
4.12Takudzwa Kubvoruno24.94aRichland Gull Lake
5.11Marcus Palmer25.43aThree Rivers
6.11Patrick Spain25.96aThree Rivers
11Erik SullivanDNSPaw Paw
12Andrew BuskirkDNSPaw Paw
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Demarcus Leak24.03aPaw Paw
2.10Corry Brown24.40aThree Rivers
3.11Patrick Spain24.62aThree Rivers
5.12Andrew Buskirk24.81aPaw Paw
7.12Takudzwa Kubvoruno24.85aRichland Gull Lake
4.12Gus Fulgoni25.07aPlainwell
9.12Garrison Hocker25.13aRichland Gull Lake
6.11Marcus Palmer25.29aThree Rivers
8.11Erik Sullivan25.43aPaw Paw
10.10Chase Black25.73aPlainwell
11.11Ryan Benjamin26.47aPlainwell
12.11Dakota Parcell26.51aSouth Haven
13.11Ahmad Mohammed27.00aRichland Gull Lake
14.11Allen Jackson27.18aSouth Haven
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Garrison Hocker23.8Richland Gull Lake
12Kyle Garner23.9Richland Gull Lake
11Ahmad Mohammed24.8Richland Gull Lake
10Matthew Pelyhes24.9Richland Gull Lake
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Adam Tustin52.20aPlainwell
2.10Austin Schirk52.47aThree Rivers
3.11Tom Zahrt52.72aRichland Gull Lake
4.11Erik Sullivan54.61aPaw Paw
5.12Mark Graham55.17aThree Rivers
6.12Evan Flynn55.53aRichland Gull Lake
7.10Mike Yarzenbiski55.92aPlainwell
8.10Alex Cottingham56.21aThree Rivers
9.9Ryley Millar57.86aPlainwell
10.11William Bennett58.39aRichland Gull Lake
11.11Kasey Schwartz59.32aPaw Paw
12.12Mitch Baker1:00.29aSouth Haven
13.11Zach Hoyt1:01.06aSouth Haven
9Kamron FergusonDNSSouth Haven
11Tim WeststrateDNSPaw Paw
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Kyle Garner52.3Richland Gull Lake
11Tom Zahrt52.5Richland Gull Lake
12Cameron Hutchinson55.8Richland Gull Lake
9Andrew Madison56.6Richland Gull Lake
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tim Simon2:01.00aRichland Gull Lake
2.12Corry Daoust2:01.50aPaw Paw
3.10Jeremy Simon2:09.89aRichland Gull Lake
4.11Shannon Grace2:10.63aThree Rivers
5.12Cameron Hutchinson2:11.74aRichland Gull Lake
6.9Grayson Betts2:11.99aPlainwell
7.10Tyler White2:14.87aPlainwell
8.9David McCriston2:15.34aThree Rivers
9.12Mike Flory2:17.25aPaw Paw
10.9Ian Everitt2:18.05aSouth Haven
11.9Alex Barton2:19.95aSouth Haven
12.9Mitch Rooker2:23.06aSouth Haven
13.11Nate Sell2:25.72aThree Rivers
14.11Kasey Schwartz2:46.61aPaw Paw
10Chance TerryDNSPlainwell
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Tom Zahrt2:01.3Richland Gull Lake
10Jeremy Simon2:08.0Richland Gull Lake
12Alexander Woolf2:09.1Richland Gull Lake
12Tim Simon2:23.5Richland Gull Lake
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tim Simon4:37.32aRichland Gull Lake
2.11Kyle Richardson4:41.55aPaw Paw
3.12Alexander Woolf4:45.28aRichland Gull Lake
4.12Cameron Hutchinson4:51.51aRichland Gull Lake
5.10Luke Boulter4:55.71aPlainwell
6.12Mike Flory4:57.69aPaw Paw
7.9Ian Everitt5:01.58aSouth Haven
8.11Josh Winfrey5:07.25aThree Rivers
9.9Nathan VanderRoest5:10.25aSouth Haven
10.12Connor Sampson5:17.81aThree Rivers
11.10Derek Tulla5:21.12aThree Rivers
12.9Zach Kenreich5:31.69aSouth Haven
13.12Brain Gott5:35.93aPlainwell
14.9Evan Newton5:46.47aPlainwell
15.9Dennis Sivley6:03.44aPaw Paw
11Nate SellDNSThree Rivers
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tim Simon10:17.27aRichland Gull Lake
2.11Kyle Richardson10:22.62aPaw Paw
3.12Alexander Woolf10:28.11aRichland Gull Lake
4.10Luke Boulter10:41.84aPlainwell
5.12Josh Grotelueschen10:44.99aPaw Paw
6.9Sam Butler10:45.10aRichland Gull Lake
7.9Nathan VanderRoest11:00.14aSouth Haven
8.11Andrew Whitmyer11:17.62aThree Rivers
9.11Josh Winfrey11:18.71aThree Rivers
10.10Derek Tulla11:24.91aThree Rivers
11.9Tony Westerhoff12:18.36aPaw Paw
12.9Zach Kenreich12:32.10aSouth Haven
13.10Adam Licavoli12:46.79aPlainwell
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Max Field15.34aPaw Paw
2.12Jamal Hunt15.78aThree Rivers
3.12Kyle Garner15.80aRichland Gull Lake
4.12Michael Haas16.60aPlainwell
5.12Mark Graham16.72aThree Rivers
6.11Theeron Kiser17.82aThree Rivers
7.12Tyler Windsburrow18.17aPlainwell
8.11Brian Whaley18.32aRichland Gull Lake
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Kyle Garner15.86aRichland Gull Lake
3.12Jamal Hunt16.12aThree Rivers
2.12Michael Haas16.43aPlainwell
4.12Max Field16.83aPaw Paw
5.12Mark Graham17.41aThree Rivers
6.11Theeron Kiser17.49aThree Rivers
7.11Brian Whaley18.26aRichland Gull Lake
8.12Tyler Windsburrow18.32aPlainwell
9.11William Bennett18.59aRichland Gull Lake
10.12Tim Covey19.04aSouth Haven
11.12Mitch Baker19.79aSouth Haven
12.9Alex Scholten20.74aPlainwell
13.9Kyle Cochrane20.76aPaw Paw
14.11Allen Jackson21.32aSouth Haven
15.9DJ Watkins23.44aPaw Paw
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kyle Garner40.77aRichland Gull Lake
2.12Bobby Jaseph43.18aThree Rivers
3.11Theeron Kiser43.63aThree Rivers
4.11Brian Whaley43.94aRichland Gull Lake
5.12Jamal Hunt43.97aThree Rivers
6.12Michael Haas45.32aPlainwell
7.9Caleb Schley46.15aPaw Paw
8.12Tyler Windsburrow47.40aPlainwell
9.9Andrew Madison47.98aRichland Gull Lake
10.12Tim Covey48.30aSouth Haven
11.9Alex Scholten53.92aPlainwell
12.9Kyle Cochrane54.01aPaw Paw
12Max FieldDNSPaw Paw
12AJ WoodDNSSouth Haven
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kevonte Wilder
Jamal Hunt
Marcus Palmer
Corry Brown
45.27aThree Rivers
2.-Gus Fulgoni
Eric Root
Scott Saeger
Konner Westerhouse
3.-Luke Sly
Matthew Pelyhes
Cody Ploof
Ahmad Mohammed
46.79aRichland Gull Lake
4.-James Deyoung
Gabe Guilbee
Caleb Schley
Anthony Wrona
47.20aPaw Paw
5.-AJ Wood
Zach Hoyt
Mitch Baker
Tim Covey
1:00.74aSouth Haven
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Andrew Buskirk
Max Field
Demarcus Leak
Corry Daoust
1:33.37aPaw Paw
2.-Kevonte Wilder
Jamal Hunt
Marcus Palmer
Corry Brown
1:33.42aThree Rivers
3.-Kyle Garner
Matthew Pelyhes
Garrison Hocker
Ahmad Mohammed
1:37.63aRichland Gull Lake
4.-Allen Jackson
Lamont Dick
Patrick Allen
Dakota Parcell
1:40.75aSouth Haven
-Ryan Benjamin
Zach Cameruci
Scott Saeger
Konner Westerhouse
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kyle Garner
Andrew Madison
Cameron Hutchinson
Thomas Zahrt
3:37.56aRichland Gull Lake
2.-Gus Fulgoni
Adam Tustin
Mike Yarzenbiski
Tyler White
3.-Austin Schirk
Mark Graham
Theeron Kiser
Bobby Jaseph
3:40.93aThree Rivers
4.-Corry Daoust
Erik Sullivan
Tim Weststrate
Max Field
3:41.69aPaw Paw
5.-Josh Carter
Kameron Ferguson
Miguel Robinson
Lamont Dick
3:51.47aSouth Haven
5.-Relay Team 3:51.47aSouth Haven
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Thomas Zahrt
Jeremy Simon
Alexander Woolf
Timothy Simon
8:41.91aRichland Gull Lake
2.-Austin Schirk
Shannon Grace
Colbey Hoyt
David McCriston
8:56.49aThree Rivers
3.-Corry Daoust
Kyle Richardson
Mike Flory
Tim Weststrate
9:09.76aPaw Paw
4.-Grayson Betts
Brain Gott
Tyler White
Luke Boulter
5.-Nathan VanderRoest
Cameron Sleeper
Ian Everitt
Alex Barton
9:58.53aSouth Haven
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Patrick Goebel47-07.50Richland Gull Lake
2.11Patrick Spain46-03.25Three Rivers
3.12Adam Meier43-05.00Plainwell
4.10Zachary Caldwell41-08.75Richland Gull Lake
5.11John Conkiln40-05.00Plainwell
6.12Robert Lanphear40-02.50Richland Gull Lake
7.10Peter Thurman40-02.00Three Rivers
8.11Brad Chapman39-09.75Three Rivers
9.12Anthony Wrona39-07.50Paw Paw
10.11Aaron Missman38-04.50South Haven
11.10Brian Wysko37-02.75Paw Paw
12.10Trever Predum37-01.50Plainwell
13.11MAx Gleiss34-10.50South Haven
14.11Shelby Schut33-05.00Paw Paw
15.12Tim Covey29-09.00South Haven
10Brody TrySCRPaw Paw
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Patrick Goebel145-00Richland Gull Lake
2.12Adam Meier134-11Plainwell
3.11John Conkiln125-00Plainwell
4.12Dylan Bramble116-01Richland Gull Lake
5.11Agustin Cruz113-00Paw Paw
6.12Jon Childress111-02Paw Paw
7.12Dariel Carr105-08Three Rivers
8.12Juwain Burton104-09Three Rivers
9.12AJ Wood102-06South Haven
10.11Aaron Missman98-02South Haven
11.10Brian Wysko95-11Paw Paw
12.11MAx Gleiss91-08South Haven
13.10Zachary Caldwell89-11Richland Gull Lake
14.12Kyle Mykolaitis86-08Three Rivers
15.10Tyler White73-00Plainwell
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lamont Dick6-04.00South Haven
2.12Josh Carter6-02.00South Haven
2.12Gus Fulgoni6-02.00Plainwell
4.10Demarcus Leak6-02.00Paw Paw
5.10Austin Schirk5-09.00Three Rivers
6.12Adam Meier5-06.00Plainwell
6.12Michael Haas5-06.00Plainwell
8.12Takudzwa Kubvoruno5-06.00Richland Gull Lake
9.10Chandler McBride5-03.00Three Rivers
10.9T. mike Crandell5-00.00Richland Gull Lake
10.12Garrison Hocker5-00.00Richland Gull Lake
10Brian WyskoSCRPaw Paw
9Kamron FergusonNHSouth Haven
10John MrosewskeSCRThree Rivers
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Eric Root13-00.00Plainwell
2.11Lewis Hunt11-06.00Richland Gull Lake
3.12Jake Cowing11-06.00Three Rivers
4.12Juji Kipker11-00.00Three Rivers
5.12Weston Orrico11-00.00South Haven
6.12David Budner9-06.00Paw Paw
7.12Evan Flynn9-06.00Richland Gull Lake
8.10Abraham Turner9-00.00Richland Gull Lake
9.11Kasey Schwartz8-06.00Paw Paw
11Patrick AllenNHSouth Haven
9Assad WilsonSCRSouth Haven
12Brain GottNHPlainwell
10Chase BlackSCRPlainwell
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Demarcus Leak21-10.50Paw Paw
2.12Michael Haas20-07.50Plainwell
3.11Konner Westerhouse19-06.00Plainwell
4.12Kevonte Wilder19-05.00Three Rivers
5.11Kent Anding18-11.50Three Rivers
6.12Andrew Buskirk18-05.00Paw Paw
7.12Garrison Hocker17-09.50Richland Gull Lake
8.10Breon Anding17-02.00Three Rivers
9.12Takudzwa Kubvoruno17-00.50Richland Gull Lake
10.12Weston Orrico17-00.00South Haven
11.11Patrick Allen16-07.50South Haven
12.10Marcos Chavez14-11.50Richland Gull Lake
11Caprice ThomasNDSouth Haven
12Tyler WindsburrowNDPlainwell

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Whitney Johnson13.18aPaw Paw
2.10Alicia Williams13.69aThree Rivers
3.11Corinne Roller13.85aRichland Gull Lake
4.9Alexis Thornton14.06aThree Rivers
5.10Ariel Rayborn14.10aPaw Paw
6.9Kortney Babcock14.24aPaw Paw
7.9Abbie Higley14.29aRichland Gull Lake
8.11Makiah Martin14.35aSouth Haven
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Alicia Williams13.45aThree Rivers
2.9Alexis Thornton13.80aThree Rivers
3.11Makiah Martin13.95aSouth Haven
6.10Ariel Rayborn14.03aPaw Paw
7.9Abbie Higley14.04aRichland Gull Lake
4.11Corinne Roller14.05aRichland Gull Lake
4.10Whitney Johnson14.05aPaw Paw
8.9Kortney Babcock14.37aPaw Paw
9.9Hannah Simon14.48aSouth Haven
10.10Nicki Bennett14.49aThree Rivers
11.9Shelby Hubbell14.59aPlainwell
12.10sierra Tank14.82aPlainwell
13.10Mikelyn Hokenmaier15.33aRichland Gull Lake
14.10Skyra Mayberry15.56aPlainwell
X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
9Abbie Higley13.1Richland Gull Lake
11Chelsea Webb13.9Richland Gull Lake
10Mikelyn Hokenmaier14.0Richland Gull Lake
9Bailey Stark14.7Richland Gull Lake
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Whitney Johnson27.39aPaw Paw
2.9Alexis Thornton28.81aThree Rivers
3.9Abbie Higley29.01aRichland Gull Lake
4.12Emma Kreuzer29.11aPlainwell
5.10Alicia Williams29.52aThree Rivers
6.10Breann Lester29.73aThree Rivers
7.11Makiah Martin30.03aSouth Haven
8.9Courtney Asselin30.04aPaw Paw
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Alicia Williams29.04aThree Rivers
2.9Alexis Thornton29.25aThree Rivers
3.9Abbie Higley29.58aRichland Gull Lake
4.10Whitney Johnson29.62aPaw Paw
5.12Emma Kreuzer29.89aPlainwell
6.11Makiah Martin30.02aSouth Haven
7.10Breann Lester30.17aThree Rivers
8.9Courtney Asselin30.24aPaw Paw
9.12Gabby Vanheulen30.54aPaw Paw
10.11Rachel Buck30.78aPlainwell
11.9Hannah Simon30.79aSouth Haven
12.9Shelby Hubbell30.91aPlainwell
13.12Kaitlin Black31.53aRichland Gull Lake
14.10Mikelyn Hokenmaier32.42aRichland Gull Lake
11Cailon BluntSCRSouth Haven
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
9Abbie Higley27.5Richland Gull Lake
11Chelsea Webb29.1Richland Gull Lake
9Bailey Stark30.0Richland Gull Lake
11Kacie Green30.4Richland Gull Lake
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Leah Coonrod1:01.88aRichland Gull Lake
2.10Cassy Daoust1:01.93aPaw Paw
3.11Cara Minto1:02.43aPlainwell
4.12Morgan Stuut1:02.50aThree Rivers
5.9Alicia Schmidtendorff1:05.94aThree Rivers
6.11Makiah Martin1:07.48aSouth Haven
7.9Sierra Coay1:07.66aRichland Gull Lake
8.12Catey Koch1:08.23aPlainwell
9.11CeCe Baldwin1:08.77aThree Rivers
10.10Morgan Vandenberg1:10.10aPaw Paw
11.9Kaelin Lambert1:10.40aPaw Paw
12.10Stephanie Smith1:11.22aRichland Gull Lake
13.10Alyssa Adams1:12.68aPlainwell
12Jocelyn VanwynenDNSSouth Haven
10Tyiesha FlemingDNSSouth Haven
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Leah Coonrod62.2Richland Gull Lake
12Emma Kreuzer1:05Plainwell
11Corinne Roller65.1Richland Gull Lake
12Megan Grimes65.4Richland Gull Lake
9Sierra Coay67.9Richland Gull Lake
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Makenzie Evers2:22.72aPlainwell
2.11Grace Carver2:27.40aSouth Haven
3.12Monica Schroll2:33.69aThree Rivers
4.10Leah Coonrod2:34.03aRichland Gull Lake
5.9Kayla Grotelueschen2:34.29aPaw Paw
6.10Sabian Taylor2:44.87aPlainwell
7.12Katelyn Nuyen2:46.44aPlainwell
8.9Rachel Wilcox2:47.47aThree Rivers
9.11Brittany Bajo2:48.56aPaw Paw
10.10Jori Fell2:49.43aRichland Gull Lake
11.10Emily Stearns2:49.94aPaw Paw
12.9Sierra Coay3:05.96aRichland Gull Lake
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
9Makenzie Evers2:23.7Plainwell
11Cara Minto2:31.33Plainwell
10Sabian Taylor2:31.75Plainwell
10Jori Fell2:34.5Richland Gull Lake
9Sierra Coay2:36.6Richland Gull Lake
12Katelyn Nuyen2:38.1Plainwell
11Alison Butler2:47.1Richland Gull Lake
10Leah Coonrod2:48.8Richland Gull Lake
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Grace Carver5:21.42aSouth Haven
2.9Marley Guy5:45.35aThree Rivers
3.11Paige Sutcliffe5:50.23aPaw Paw
4.11Chloe Thiel5:50.99aPlainwell
5.10Jori Fell5:55.61aRichland Gull Lake
6.11Ashley Merica6:03.10aRichland Gull Lake
7.11Alison Butler6:08.02aRichland Gull Lake
8.11Kristian Johnson6:10.97aSouth Haven
9.10Sabian Taylor6:13.02aPlainwell
10.11April Castle6:14.00aThree Rivers
11.10Sam Pursley6:23.11aPaw Paw
12.10Emily Stearns6:29.11aPaw Paw
12.9Kayla Grotelueschen6:29.11aPaw Paw
13.11LeeAnn Shaw6:44.15aPlainwell
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Makenzie Evers12:28.20aPlainwell
2.9Marley Guy12:46.99aThree Rivers
3.11Paige Sutcliffe13:15.68aPaw Paw
4.11Alison Butler13:33.94aRichland Gull Lake
5.11April Castle13:37.80aThree Rivers
6.11Ashley Merica13:48.72aRichland Gull Lake
7.10Jori Fell14:02.03aRichland Gull Lake
8.11Kristian Johnson14:15.68aSouth Haven
9.9Madison Spratt14:40.89aPlainwell
10.10Olivia Nichols15:12.82aSouth Haven
11.11Haylie Born15:32.29aPlainwell
10Parsell MeganDNSPaw Paw
10Sam PursleyDNSPaw Paw
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Corinne Roller17.04aRichland Gull Lake
2.10Kayla DePierre17.73aPaw Paw
3.11Celestine Schwartz18.66aPaw Paw
4.11Kasie Pleiness19.18aThree Rivers
5.11Kacie Green19.65aRichland Gull Lake
6.11Carly Nieboer19.84aPlainwell
7.12Sarah Brown20.13aPlainwell
8.10Jhameilla Spain22.00aThree Rivers
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Corinne Roller17.72aRichland Gull Lake
2.10Kayla DePierre19.00aPaw Paw
3.11Kasie Pleiness19.06aThree Rivers
5.11Celestine Schwartz19.11aPaw Paw
7.11Carly Nieboer19.19aPlainwell
4.11Kacie Green19.85aRichland Gull Lake
6.12Sarah Brown20.37aPlainwell
9.9Kim Sibert21.65aThree Rivers
8.10Jhameilla Spain21.80aThree Rivers
10.11Beth Shaw21.96aPlainwell
11.9Amanda Nordquist23.95aSouth Haven
10Stephanie TicknerSCRSouth Haven
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Corinne Roller48.36aRichland Gull Lake
2.10Kayla DePierre51.79aPaw Paw
3.11Rachel Buck52.05aPlainwell
4.11Celestine Schwartz54.58aPaw Paw
5.11Chelsea Webb54.74aRichland Gull Lake
6.11Carly Nieboer56.02aPlainwell
7.11Kacie Green56.36aRichland Gull Lake
8.9Kate Lokar57.72aThree Rivers
9.11Kasie Pleiness58.00aThree Rivers
10.9Kim Sibert59.08aThree Rivers
11.12Sarah Brown59.22aPlainwell
12.9Amanda Nordquist1:04.82aSouth Haven
10Stephanie TicknerDNSSouth Haven
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ariel Rayborn
Kortney Babcock
Jessica Beebe
Whitney Johnson
52.68aPaw Paw
2.-Curstin Hollomon
Breann Lester
Carly Nichols
Alicia Williams
53.28aThree Rivers
3.-Chelsea Webb
Mikelyn Hokenmaier
Bailey Stark
Abbie Higley
56.60aRichland Gull Lake
4.-Brigittah Erickson
Taylor Moran
sierra Tank
Skyra Mayberry
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kayla DePierre
Jessica Beebe
Cassy Daoust
Whitney Johnson
1:53.62aPaw Paw
2.-Rachel Buck
Taylor Moran
Brigittah Erickson
Emma Kreuzer
3.-Breann Lester
Curstin Hollomon
Carly Nichols
CeCe Baldwin
1:57.22aThree Rivers
4.-Chelsea Webb
Kacie Green
Bailey Stark
Abbie Higley
1:57.22aRichland Gull Lake
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Corinne Roller
Sierrra Coay
Megan Grimes
Leah Coonrod
4:20.84aRichland Gull Lake
2.-Monica Schroll
Morgan Stuut
Carly Nichols
Alicia Schmidtendorff
4:20.88aThree Rivers
3.-Cassy Daoust
Taylor Hill
Morgan Vandenberg
Jessica Beebe
4:26.87aPaw Paw
4.-Rachel Buck
Cara Minto
Emma Kreuzer
Makenzie Evers
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Cara Minto
Katelyn Nuyen
Sabian Taylor
Makenzie Evers
2.-Marley Guy
Morgan Stuut
Monica Schroll
Alicia Schmidtendorff
10:15.22aThree Rivers
3.-Jori Fell
Sierrra Coay
Alison Butler
Leah Coonrod
10:47.45aRichland Gull Lake
4.-Paige Sutcliffe
Celestine Schwartz
Emily Stearns
Kayla Groteleuschen
10:53.97aPaw Paw
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Natalie Kmet33-01.00Paw Paw
2.10Bryce Miller30-10.50Paw Paw
3.9Kristy Gonzales28-11.75Plainwell
4.11Victoria Thurman28-11.75Three Rivers
5.12Megan Grimes28-04.75Richland Gull Lake
6.10Sam Hill28-04.00Paw Paw
7.12Paige Herbert25-08.50Three Rivers
8.10Khelsea Younker25-03.50Richland Gull Lake
9.12hunter Toddy24-02.00Plainwell
10.11Caitlin Crenshaw24-00.25Richland Gull Lake
11.12Savannah Heffner20-08.00Three Rivers
12.11LeeAnn Shaw20-06.50Plainwell
10Stephanie YarzebinskiSCRPlainwell
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Natalie Kmet94-10Paw Paw
2.12hunter Toddy92-04Plainwell
3.10Bryce Miller89-05Paw Paw
4.12Megan Grimes85-09Richland Gull Lake
5.12Paige Herbert85-06Three Rivers
6.10Khelsea Younker77-07Richland Gull Lake
7.10Courtney Rorick73-04Richland Gull Lake
8.11Victoria Thurman71-02Three Rivers
9.10Sam Hill69-08Paw Paw
10.12Kayla Quarry65-08Plainwell
11.12Savannah Heffner65-05Three Rivers
9Kristy GonzalesSCRPlainwell
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Morgan Stuut4-09.00Three Rivers
2.10Courtney Rorick4-06.00Richland Gull Lake
3.12Gabby Vanheulen4-06.00Paw Paw
3.9Teagan Reeves4-06.00Three Rivers
3.10Brigittah Erickson4-06.00Plainwell
6.10Alyssa Adams4-03.00Plainwell
7.12Jocelyn Vanwynen4-00.00South Haven
9Mallory RossenNHRichland Gull Lake
10Stephanie TicknerSCRSouth Haven
12Briann HooperSCRSouth Haven
10Morgan VandenbergNHPaw Paw
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.9Hannah Simon8-06.00South Haven
2.12Vonda Allen8-00.00Three Rivers
3.10Kayla DePierre8-00.00Paw Paw
4.11Laurin Masnari6-06.00Three Rivers
5.9Bailey Stark6-06.00Richland Gull Lake
6.11Cara Minto6-00.00Plainwell
12Jocelyn VanwynenSCRSouth Haven
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Cassy Daoust15-00.00Paw Paw
2.11Laurin Masnari14-09.75Three Rivers
3.10Brigittah Erickson14-07.25Plainwell
4.10Courtney Rorick14-06.75Richland Gull Lake
5.12Emma Kreuzer14-04.00Plainwell
6.10Ariel Rayborn14-03.00Paw Paw
7.10Breann Lester13-08.50Three Rivers
8.9Kortney Babcock13-06.50Paw Paw
9.12Jocelyn Vanwynen13-04.75South Haven
10.10Curstin Hollomon12-11.50Three Rivers
11.11Alison Butler12-11.00Richland Gull Lake
12.11Chelsea Webb12-09.25Richland Gull Lake
13.10Skyra Mayberry12-06.00Plainwell
14.10Bridget Durand12-00.75South Haven
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