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IHSAA Sectional - Perry Central

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Perry Central, Perry Central

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Unofficial Results
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Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Darian Mehne12.98aJasper
2.12Athena Haake13.56aForest Park
3.11Lauren Walton13.61aLoogootee
4.12Kati Mickus13.71aSouth Spencer
5.11Lindsey Gengelbach13.78aPerry Central
6.10Lanae Spurlock13.81aHeritage Hills
7.10Paige Englert13.88aForest Park
8.9Rachel Breitwieser14.05aNortheast Dubois
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Darian Mehne13.48aJasper
2.12Athena Haake13.60aForest Park
4.11Lindsey Gengelbach13.63aPerry Central
7.11Lauren Walton13.70aLoogootee
5.12Kati Mickus13.71aSouth Spencer
3.10Paige Englert13.79aForest Park
6.10Lanae Spurlock13.82aHeritage Hills
8.9Rachel Breitwieser13.95aNortheast Dubois
9.9Tiffany Parks13.98aHeritage Hills
10.9Taysia Fulkerson14.15aPerry Central
11.10Nicole Dodd14.21aNortheast Dubois
12.9Karlie Eckert14.26aJasper
13.11Katlyn Braunecker14.36aTell City
14.10Hallie Maddox14.43aSouth Spencer
15.10Courtney Overfield14.49aShoals Senior
16.9Kyla Schwinghammer14.60aSouthridge
17.9Mikah Hemmings14.80aCannelton
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Darian Mehne26.77aJasper
2.11Adi Dilger27.34aForest Park
3.11Keina Lanman27.50aNortheast Dubois
4.11Lindsey Gengelbach28.44aPerry Central
5.9Tori Lange28.60aForest Park
6.11Katlyn Braunecker28.87aTell City
7.11Nikki Bueltel29.30aSouthridge
8.9Tiffany Parks29.64aHeritage Hills
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Keina Lanman27.69aNortheast Dubois
2.11Adi Dilger28.21aForest Park
3.10Darian Mehne28.82aJasper
4.11Lindsey Gengelbach28.89aPerry Central
5.9Tiffany Parks29.05aHeritage Hills
6.9Tori Lange29.12aForest Park
7.11Nikki Bueltel29.28aSouthridge
8.11Katlyn Braunecker29.39aTell City
9.9Taysia Fulkerson29.58aPerry Central
10.9Mikah Hemmings29.85aCannelton
11.10Courtney Overfield30.35aShoals Senior
12.10Annie Huebner30.42aJasper
13.10Lanae Spurlock30.62aHeritage Hills
14.10Hallie Maddox30.82aSouth Spencer
15.9Kyla Schwinghammer31.09aSouthridge
16.9Kara Kraus31.72aSouth Spencer
17.9Erica Thewes32.39aNortheast Dubois
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Keina Lanman1:00.53aNortheast Dubois
2.11Adi Dilger1:01.30aForest Park
3.9Rachel Breitwieser1:03.34aNortheast Dubois
4.10Johannah Jackson1:05.27aForest Park
5.12Amber Lynn Bauer1:06.38aShoals Senior
6.12Deidra Dickerson1:06.54aPerry Central
7.12Anna Thyen1:07.47aJasper
8.9Callie Poehlein1:08.25aPerry Central
9.9Haley Kilian1:08.68aJasper
10.9Mary Ellen Laughlin1:09.28aHeritage Hills
11.12Kyla Fella1:09.91aHeritage Hills
12.9Elba Rodriguez1:10.62aSouth Spencer
13.11Chelsey Baker1:11.75aShoals Senior
14.11Rhegann Fetter1:12.03aSouthridge
15.12Myra Katterhenry1:13.62aSouthridge
16.11Sarah Goffinet1:14.41aTell City
17.11Allison Scheer1:16.20aTell City
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kaebra LaGrange2:32.54aHeritage Hills
2.11Melissa Hagedorn2:36.81aPerry Central
3.12Kelley Pund2:38.51aHeritage Hills
4.9Laura Renner2:39.08aJasper
5.10Madison Mundy2:39.51aSouthridge
6.12Adria Mehringer2:42.28aNortheast Dubois
7.9Tori Payne2:45.02aTell City
8.10Jordan Hartley2:47.22aJasper
9.9Sarah Lindsey2:47.79aSouth Spencer
10.11Susan Schwartz2:50.52aPerry Central
11.11Courtney Blinzinger2:52.30aTell City
12.9Lauren Betz2:52.36aNortheast Dubois
13.11Sarah Richer3:01.47aLoogootee
14.9Kandi Tichenor3:03.04aShoals Senior
--12Athena HaakeNTForest Park
--12Kelli KnustNTForest Park
--12Emily SeufertNTSouthridge
--9Haley HarrisonNTSouth Spencer
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Cecilia Oxford5:37.03aHeritage Hills
2.9Nicole Rahman5:38.03aForest Park
3.10Cathryn Peter5:43.10aPerry Central
4.9Laura Renner5:48.31aJasper
5.9Latesha Merkel5:49.18aNortheast Dubois
6.12Kelley Pund5:52.08aHeritage Hills
7.12Kelli Knust5:57.99aForest Park
8.12Andyn Rowe6:02.46aTell City
--11Sarah RicherNTLoogootee
--12Katie SandsNTNortheast Dubois
--12Robbie ThomasNTPerry Central
--11Regen FooteNTJasper
--10Hanna GoffinetNTTell City
--9Sarah LindseyNTSouth Spencer
--9Sydney BarrettNTSouthridge
--10Madison MundyNTSouthridge
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Cathryn Peter12:31.44aPerry Central
2.9Nicole Rahman12:34.97aForest Park
3.9Olivia Maxey12:37.07aSouthridge
4.12Andyn Rowe12:38.21aTell City
5.12Lavina Schwartz12:43.38aPerry Central
6.11Shelby Mullen12:54.29aJasper
7.12Katie Sands12:54.32aNortheast Dubois
8.11Nicole Mercker12:56.46aHeritage Hills
--11Sasha MainsNTShoals Senior
--10Jennifer LynnNTJasper
--10Hanna GoffinetNTTell City
--10Alexis TormohlenNTSouthridge
--12Shay VoglerNTNortheast Dubois
--12Cecilia OxfordNTHeritage Hills
--11Kelsey LangeNTForest Park
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Logan Flannagan16.48aTell City
2.9Alicia Betz16.85aNortheast Dubois
3.12Tara Brescher17.02aJasper
4.12Micah Kilian17.58aJasper
5.11Molly Chidester17.78aHeritage Hills
6.12Kyla Fella18.12aHeritage Hills
7.11Lindsey Elliott18.19aNortheast Dubois
8.9Madeleine Pelzel18.62aForest Park
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Logan Flannagan16.92aTell City
2.12Tara Brescher17.05aJasper
3.9Alicia Betz17.19aNortheast Dubois
5.12Micah Kilian17.69aJasper
7.11Molly Chidester17.89aHeritage Hills
4.11Lindsey Elliott18.21aNortheast Dubois
6.12Kyla Fella18.28aHeritage Hills
8.9Madeleine Pelzel18.39aForest Park
9.10Grace Maxey18.41aSouthridge
10.11Rebekah Thomas19.08aForest Park
11.10Natalie Altstadt19.79aSouthridge
--9Shelby RudisillNTSouth Spencer
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Logan Flannagan48.12aTell City
2.11Molly Chidester50.92aHeritage Hills
3.10Lindsay Kast51.82aTell City
4.12Tara Brescher52.46aJasper
5.11Jaclyn Altstadt52.62aSouthridge
6.9Alicia Betz53.42aNortheast Dubois
7.12Micah Kilian53.76aJasper
8.9Hannah Harpenau54.54aPerry Central
9.10Shelby Deller55.06aHeritage Hills
10.10Ashley Gengelbach55.67aPerry Central
11.11Felecia Weyer55.97aForest Park
12.12Lindsey Betz56.51aNortheast Dubois
13.11Kelsey Hardwick56.54aShoals Senior
14.11Rebekah Thomas56.57aForest Park
15.10Grace Maxey57.27aSouthridge
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tori Payne
Katlyn Braunecker
Lindsay Kast
Logan Flannagan
53.17aTell City
2.-Chloe Dilger
Paige Englert
Tori Lange
Athena Haake
53.67aForest Park
3.-Haley Kilian
Karlie Eckert
Micah Kilian
Darian Mehne
4.-Tiffany Parks
Allison Tsimekles
Molly Chidester
Lanae Spurlock
54.97aHeritage Hills
5.-Lindsey Elliott
Alicia Betz
Kateland Bailey
Nicole Dodd
55.47aNortheast Dubois
6.-Natalie Altstadt
Kyla Schwinghammer
Grace Maxey
Nikki Bueltel
7.-Jennifer Kemp
Jessica Foster
Hannah Harpenau
Taysia Fulkerson
56.17aPerry Central
8.-Abby Sanders
Kayla Wilkinson
Hallie Maddox
Kati Mickus
56.31aSouth Spencer
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Adi Dilger
Tori Lange
Johannah Jackson
Athena Haake
4:18.05aForest Park
2.-Rachel Breitwieser
Adria Mehringer
Nicole Dodd
Keina Lanman
4:23.84aNortheast Dubois
3.-Kiersten Kennedy
Kyla Fella
Mary Ellen Laughlin
Kaebra LaGrange
4:28.11aHeritage Hills
4.-Micah Kilian
Maria Baer
Haley Kilian
Laura Renner
5.-Melissa Hagedorn
Callie Poehlein
Taysia Fulkerson
Deidra Dickerson
4:33.38aPerry Central
6.-Nikki Bueltel
Myra Katterhenry
Jaclyn Altstadt
Madison Mundy
7.-Sarah Lindsey
Kara Kraus
Elba Rodriguez
Kati Mickus
4:46.48aSouth Spencer
8.-Briana Wagler
Kelsey Hardwick
Chelsey Baker
Amber Lynn Bauer
4:47.68aShoals Senior
9.-Allison Scheer
Lindsay Kast
Sarah Goffinet
Courtney Blinzinger
5:04.38aTell City
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kiersten Kennedy
Kelley Pund
Cecilia Oxford
Kaebra LaGrange
10:22.77aHeritage Hills
2.-Lavina Schwartz
Melissa Hagedorn
Susan Schwartz
Sara Brown
10:30.46aPerry Central
3.-Tori Payne
Sarah Goffinet
Hanna Goffinet
Andyn Rowe
10:41.52aTell City
4.-Jordan Hartley
Regen Foote
Megan Stenftenagel
Laura Renner
5.-Adria Mehringer
Latesha Merkel
Lauren Betz
Shay Vogler
11:06.65aNortheast Dubois
6.-Kelsey Lange
Libby Gress
Sarah Herbig
Amanda Jacob
11:14.62aForest Park
7.-Myra Katterhenry
Madison Mundy
Emily Seufert
Jaclyn Altstadt
8.-Chelsey Baker
Katlyn Sanders
Sasha Mains
Amber Lynn Bauer
11:34.71aShoals Senior
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Cassie Wertman48-10.50Southridge
2.12Sarah Hopf34-04.25Forest Park
3.10Mackenzie Weyer32-01.25Forest Park
4.12Katie Schwartz31-04.50Perry Central
5.12Beth Patton30-07.75Jasper
6.10Morgan Meyer30-07.00Southridge
7.11Emily Fuhs28-03.00Northeast Dubois
8.12Sarah Hancock27-10.75South Spencer
9.11Kyra Ott27-06.50Shoals Senior
10.10Rachel Hoffman26-11.50Northeast Dubois
--9Rebecca AderNDLoogootee
--12Courtney GokeyNDLoogootee
--9Allison ParkerNDPerry Central
--10Christeen ClaiseNDSouth Spencer
--9Allison HaganNDTell City
--11Kayla GallowayNDTell City
--10Jessica CourtrightNDShoals Senior
--10Sarah KramerNDHeritage Hills
--10Megan StenftenagelNDJasper
--10Emily KramerNDHeritage Hills
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Cassie Wertman136-03.00Southridge
2.11Kayla Galloway114-00.00Tell City
3.12Kati Mickus107-08.50South Spencer
4.10Morgan Meyer102-00.00Southridge
5.9Allison Hagan97-00.50Tell City
6.12Jill Rahman90-09.50Forest Park
7.12Sarah Hancock86-05.50South Spencer
8.9Haley Kinder85-06.50Northeast Dubois
--9Amanda SengNDNortheast Dubois
--10Sarah KramerNDHeritage Hills
--10Jessica CourtrightNDShoals Senior
--11Michaela BrockmanNDShoals Senior
--10Allison DorsamNDJasper
--12Beth PattonNDJasper
--10Emily KramerNDHeritage Hills
--9Allison ParkerNDPerry Central
--9Rebecca AderNDLoogootee
--12Courtney GokeyNDLoogootee
--12Sarah HopfNDForest Park
--12Katie SchwartzNDPerry Central
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Keina Lanman5-03.00Northeast Dubois
2.11Lindsey Gengelbach5-00.00Perry Central
2.10Ashley Gengelbach5-00.00Perry Central
4.11Lauren Walton5-00.00Loogootee
5.9Logan Flannagan4-10.00Tell City
6.10Annie Huebner4-08.00Jasper
7.10Grace Maxey4-08.00Southridge
8.9Madeleine Pelzel4-06.00Forest Park
--10Nicole DoddNHNortheast Dubois
--10Libby GressNHForest Park
--9Kara KrausNHSouth Spencer
--9Alex HurmNHJasper
--11Lauren AlexanderNHHeritage Hills
--10Natalie AltstadtNHSouthridge
--9Stephanie SchaefferNHHeritage Hills
--12Shaelin AdamsNHShoals Senior
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lindsey Gengelbach8-06.00Perry Central
2.10Jaclyn Schmitt8-00.00Jasper
3.10Kandance Buechler8-00.00Heritage Hills
4.10Alex Braunecker7-06.00Jasper
5.12Lindsey Betz7-06.00Northeast Dubois
6.11Mekenna Knies7-00.00Northeast Dubois
7.11Jennifer Bromm7-00.00Forest Park
8.11Katlyn Braunecker6-06.00Tell City
8.9Olivia Morris6-06.00Heritage Hills
--10Natalie AltstadtNHSouthridge
--11Olivia UebelhorNHForest Park
--11Jaclyn AltstadtNHSouthridge
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Darian Mehne16-01.50Jasper
2.10Maria Baer15-07.00Jasper
3.11Nikki Bueltel15-02.00Southridge
4.9Hannah Harpenau14-09.25Perry Central
5.10Lanae Spurlock14-07.25Heritage Hills
6.11Adi Dilger14-06.75Forest Park
7.10Ashley Gengelbach14-06.50Perry Central
8.12Myra Katterhenry14-06.25Southridge
--10Paige EnglertNDForest Park
--9Tori PayneNDTell City
--10Kaila RavenNDHeritage Hills
--11Kayla WilkinsonNDSouth Spencer
--9Briana WaglerNDShoals Senior
--10Abby SandersNDSouth Spencer
--10Lindsay KastNDTell City
--9Alicia BetzNDNortheast Dubois
--9Kateland BaileyNDNortheast Dubois
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