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WIC @ New Plymouth

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Plymouth

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Anthony Ogden12.48aNew Plymouth
2.8Wyatt Ellwood12.65aNew Plymouth
3.8Bryce Schroeder12.72aNampa Christian
4.8Willie Ruemmele13.03aPayette Lakes (McCall)
5.8Remington Kuehl13.23aCole Valley Christian
6.8Dean Drinkard13.34aCole Valley Christian
7.8Jacob Booker13.52aCole Valley Christian
8.7Alexandre Heidt13.70aMarsing
9.8Chase Bowen14.13aNew Plymouth
10.7Marco Solis14.17aNew Plymouth
11.8Aaron Draper14.47aMarsing
12.8Robert Glasscock14.78aPayette Lakes (McCall)
13.7Connor Rhodes14.90aMarsing
14.7Cole Morton15.36aPayette Lakes (McCall)
15.8Conner Shaul15.74aNampa Christian
16.7Matthew Walsh16.59aNampa Christian
17.7John Clapier16.84aNampa Christian
18.7Daniel Channon16.93aNampa Christian
8Seth HardyNTMarsing
8Luke GerosinNTNampa Christian
8Javier AguilarNTPayette Lakes (McCall)
7Alex BudahlNTNampa Christian
8Tanner DotyNTNampa Christian
8Andrew SilvaNTNampa Christian
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Willie Ruemmele26.06aPayette Lakes (McCall)
2.8Garret Briggs27.67aMarsing
3.7Alexandre Heidt28.13aMarsing
4.8Hunter Onthank28.63aPayette Lakes (McCall)
5.8Johnathen Burton31.20aNew Plymouth
6.7Connor Rhodes31.61aMarsing
7.8Seth Hardy32.31aMarsing
8.7Austin Creek33.68aNew Plymouth
9.8Yobani Vasquez35.42aNew Plymouth
10.8Aaron Draper36.62aMarsing
11.7Justin Feldman40.06aPayette Lakes (McCall)
8Conner ShaulNTNampa Christian
8Tanner DotyNTNampa Christian
8Remington KuehlNTCole Valley Christian
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Jacob Booker1:02.14aCole Valley Christian
2.8Hunter Onthank1:03.88aPayette Lakes (McCall)
3.8Jose Alegria1:04.94aPayette Lakes (McCall)
4.7Blake Johansen1:05.02aNampa Christian
5.7Andrew Anderson1:05.85aNampa Christian
6.7Alexandre Heidt1:14.83aMarsing
7.7Couper Carson1:18.16aNampa Christian
8.7Parker Brown1:20.41aPayette Lakes (McCall)
9.8Aaron Draper1:21.87aMarsing
10.7Daniel Channon1:23.55aNampa Christian
8Ricardo GarciaNTCole Valley Christian
8Dylan McCroreyNTNew Plymouth
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Christian Phillips2:55.40aCole Valley Christian
2.7Ryan DeBlieck2:59.17aCole Valley Christian
3.7Daniel Dawes3:00.15aCole Valley Christian
4.8Max Knudsen3:02.42aPayette Lakes (McCall)
5.7Parker Brown3:04.69aPayette Lakes (McCall)
7Caleb KesslerNTNew Plymouth
8Lorenzo LankowNTMarsing
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Nathan Duckworth6:18.10aNew Plymouth
2.8Johnathen Burton6:25.42aNew Plymouth
3.7Ryan DeBlieck6:36.25aCole Valley Christian
4.7Daniel Dawes6:40.02aCole Valley Christian
5.8Lorenzo Lankow6:58.99aMarsing
7Caleb KesslerNTNew Plymouth
7Parker JohnsonNTNampa Christian
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Bryce Schroeder15.24aNampa Christian
2.8Jose Alegria18.18aPayette Lakes (McCall)
3.8Roy Massey18.86aNew Plymouth
4.7Henry Filmore20.17aNampa Christian
5.8Andrew Silva20.22aNampa Christian
6.7Connor Rhodes20.97aMarsing
7.7Herald Ludwig21.50aPayette Lakes (McCall)
8.7William Daniel24.85aNampa Christian
X 200m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Bryce Schroeder28.20aNampa Christian
2.8Jose Alegria30.03aPayette Lakes (McCall)
3.8Chase Bowen32.64aNew Plymouth
4.7Connor Rhodes33.74aMarsing
5.7Herald Ludwig33.82aPayette Lakes (McCall)
6.8Roy Massey34.34aNew Plymouth
7.7Christian Phillips34.62aCole Valley Christian
8.7Parker Johnson35.67aNampa Christian
9.8Yobani Vasquez44.50aNew Plymouth
8Duncan LarrowNTNew Plymouth
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Chase Bowen
Nathan Duckworth
Anthony Ogden
Wyatt Ellwood
51.63aNew Plymouth
2.-Jose Alegria
Willie Ruemmele
Hunter Onthank
Javier Aguilar
54.56aPayette Lakes (McCall)
-Andrew Silva
Bryce Schroeder
Tanner Doty
Luke Gerosin
NTNampa Christian
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Johnathen Burton
Duncan Larrow
Ben Knapp
Dylan McCrorey
4:58.57aNew Plymouth
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Wyatt Ellwood
Anthony Ogden
Dylan McCrorey
Duncan Larrow
1:54.60aNew Plymouth
2.-Relay Team 2:02.02aNampa Christian
3.-Robert Glasscock
Herald Ludwig
Javier Aguilar
Willie Ruemmele
2:08.65aPayette Lakes (McCall)
-Relay Team NTNampa Christian
X Shot Put - 8lb - Varsity - Finals
1.8Jacob Booker33-08.00Cole Valley Christian
2.8Remington Kuehl32-05.00Cole Valley Christian
3.8Dean Drinkard31-04.50Cole Valley Christian
4.8Marcus Davis31-02.00New Plymouth
5.7Herald Ludwig28-07.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
6.8Trent Jones26-11.00New Plymouth
7.7Nathan Scott23-03.50Cole Valley Christian
8.7Bryce Briggs22-09.00Cole Valley Christian
9.7Taylor Castro21-08.00New Plymouth
10.7Austin Creek20-06.50New Plymouth
11.7Alex Budahl20-01.50Nampa Christian
12.7Marco Solis19-09.50New Plymouth
13.8Ben Knapp18-04.00New Plymouth
14.8Yobani Vasquez17-11.00New Plymouth
15.7Samson Large17-09.50Payette Lakes (McCall)
16.7Robert Smith12-05.00New Plymouth
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Remington Kuehl98-00Cole Valley Christian
2.8Marcus Davis96-03New Plymouth
3.8Aaron Draper87-09Marsing
4.8Dean Drinkard83-00Cole Valley Christian
5.7Andrew Anderson77-02Nampa Christian
6.7Blake Johansen76-04Nampa Christian
7.8Trent Jones73-02New Plymouth
8.8Nathan Duckworth72-11New Plymouth
9.8Duncan Larrow69-03New Plymouth
10.7Cole Morton64-05Payette Lakes (McCall)
11.7Nathan Scott60-02Cole Valley Christian
12.7Alex Budahl58-09Nampa Christian
13.8Ben Knapp53-08New Plymouth
14.7Bryce Briggs53-04Cole Valley Christian
15.7Adam Moscrip52-06New Plymouth
16.7Austin Creek51-10New Plymouth
17.7Taylor Castro50-06New Plymouth
18.7William Daniel49-10Nampa Christian
19.7Samson Large48-08Payette Lakes (McCall)
20.7Marco Solis46-06New Plymouth
21.8Yobani Vasquez42-05New Plymouth
22.8Johnathen Burton38-09New Plymouth
23.7Daniel Channon37-02Nampa Christian
24.7Robert Smith24-08New Plymouth
7Caleb KesslerNDNew Plymouth
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Dylan McCrorey5-02.00New Plymouth
2.8Anthony Ogden5-00.00New Plymouth
3.8Wyatt Ellwood4-08.00New Plymouth
4.8Garret Briggs4-08.00Marsing
5.8Dean Drinkard4-08.00Cole Valley Christian
6.8Roy Massey4-06.00New Plymouth
7.8Nathan Duckworth4-04.00New Plymouth
7.8Trent Jones4-04.00New Plymouth
9.7Couper Carson4-02.00Nampa Christian
9.8Max Knudsen4-02.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
11.7Alexandre Heidt4-00.00Marsing
11.7John Clapier4-00.00Nampa Christian
11.7Daniel Dawes4-00.00Cole Valley Christian
11.7William Daniel4-00.00Nampa Christian
11.8Robert Glasscock4-00.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
11.7Andrew Anderson4-00.00Nampa Christian
11.8Luke Gerosin4-00.00Nampa Christian
11.7Henry Filmore4-00.00Nampa Christian
8Marcus DavisNHNew Plymouth
7Parker JohnsonNHNampa Christian
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.8Garret Briggs8-06.00Marsing
2.8Chase Bowen7-00.00New Plymouth
3.8Roy Massey7-00.00New Plymouth
7Adam MoscripNHNew Plymouth
7Robert SmithNHNew Plymouth
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Garret Briggs14-10.00Marsing
2.8Jacob Booker13-04.00Cole Valley Christian
3.8Hunter Onthank13-01.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
4.8Seth Hardy12-04.00Marsing
5.8Conner Shaul12-01.00Nampa Christian
6.8Robert Glasscock11-08.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
7.7Couper Carson11-05.00Nampa Christian
8.8Ben Knapp11-04.00New Plymouth
9.8Max Knudsen11-03.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
9.8Marcus Davis11-03.00New Plymouth
11.7Christian Phillips11-02.00Cole Valley Christian
12.7Matthew Walsh11-01.00Nampa Christian
13.8Trent Jones10-05.00New Plymouth
14.7Austin Creek9-07.00New Plymouth
15.7John Clapier9-06.00Nampa Christian
15.7Samson Large9-06.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
17.7Adam Moscrip9-04.00New Plymouth
18.7Justin Feldman9-03.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
7Robert SmithNDNew Plymouth
7Marco SolisNDNew Plymouth
7Taylor CastroNDNew Plymouth
7Caleb KesslerNDNew Plymouth
7Daniel ChannonNDNampa Christian
8Javier AguilarNDPayette Lakes (McCall)
7Cole MortonNDPayette Lakes (McCall)
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Lorenzo Lankow29-05.50Marsing
2.8Conner Shaul26-11.00Nampa Christian
3.7Matthew Walsh24-09.00Nampa Christian
4.7Ryan DeBlieck24-07.00Cole Valley Christian
5.7Adam Moscrip22-09.00New Plymouth
8Ricardo GarciaNDCole Valley Christian
8Andrew SilvaNDNampa Christian

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Madison Verska13.64aCole Valley Christian
2.8Brittany Verigan13.84aNew Plymouth
3.8Hannah Veal13.87aPayette Lakes (McCall)
4.7Courtney Butler13.96aNew Plymouth
5.8Laurel Howe14.68aNew Plymouth
8Shannon Clover14.73aMarsing
6.8Haley Noffz14.75aCole Valley Christian
7.8Makenzie Weatherford14.81aNampa Christian
8.7Emily Parker14.98aPayette Lakes (McCall)
9.8Ann Quiroz15.06aMarsing
10.8Mikayla Goodwin15.13aPayette Lakes (McCall)
11.8Carey Dines15.28aMarsing
12.8Kelli Skaug15.30aNampa Christian
13.7Robi Salisbury15.34aNew Plymouth
14.8Jessi Ekmark15.41aNampa Christian
15.7Jamie Seubert15.43aPayette Lakes (McCall)
16.7Mykayla Branscomb15.50aNew Plymouth
17.7Alicia Barkell15.58aMarsing
18.8Megan Williams15.65aMarsing
19.8Ellie Folwell15.73aMarsing
20.7Akyra Thompson15.79aCole Valley Christian
21.7Katie Duncombe15.98aNew Plymouth
22.7McKenzie Ray16.04aNew Plymouth
23.8Lauren Brauer16.30aNampa Christian
24.8Abby Antosh16.55aNampa Christian
25.7Devon Doyle16.70aNew Plymouth
26.8Mikalah Travis16.85aPayette Lakes (McCall)
27.7Emma Brown16.99aNampa Christian
28.7Reagan Alderedge17.06aNampa Christian
29.7Nicole Gaige17.19aNampa Christian
30.8Ashlynn Shippy17.35aNew Plymouth
31.7Jackelin Rodriguez18.46aPayette Lakes (McCall)
7Jessica LewisNTNew Plymouth
8Rachel GaigeNTNampa Christian
7April ZasioNTCole Valley Christian
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Madison Verska28.44aCole Valley Christian
2.7Hailey Jenkins28.53aNew Plymouth
3.8Alyssa Tomevi28.88aPayette Lakes (McCall)
4.8Hannah Veal29.01aPayette Lakes (McCall)
5.8Kylie Hoogendyk29.56aPayette Lakes (McCall)
6.8Shannon Clover29.74aMarsing
7.7Hannah Spero31.38aCole Valley Christian
8.8Carey Dines31.44aMarsing
9.8Makenzie Weatherford31.71aNampa Christian
10.8Ann Quiroz31.90aMarsing
11.7Robi Salisbury31.96aNew Plymouth
12.8Megan Williams32.65aMarsing
13.8Thena Cook33.41aPayette Lakes (McCall)
14.7Akyra Thompson33.74aCole Valley Christian
15.7Katie Nishizaki35.32aNew Plymouth
16.8Baillie Wallace35.93aNew Plymouth
17.7Breanna McKinney35.98aCole Valley Christian
18.8Mikalah Travis36.98aPayette Lakes (McCall)
19.7Jackelin Rodriguez39.68aPayette Lakes (McCall)
8Abby AntoshNTNampa Christian
8Mikayla GoodwinNTPayette Lakes (McCall)
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Alyssa Tomevi1:07.62aPayette Lakes (McCall)
2.8Emily Tank1:08.85aMarsing
3.7Emily Parker1:11.69aPayette Lakes (McCall)
4.7Hannah Spero1:11.91aCole Valley Christian
5.8Betsy Sabala1:14.83aPayette Lakes (McCall)
6.8Destiny Reynolds1:20.48aMarsing
7.8Abby Antosh1:26.91aNampa Christian
8.8Mikalah Travis1:27.98aPayette Lakes (McCall)
9.8Carley Bond1:43.75aMarsing
8Madison VerskaNTCole Valley Christian
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Taylor Garber2:42.98aPayette Lakes (McCall)
2.8Betsy Sabala2:56.93aPayette Lakes (McCall)
3.7Bethany Danner3:02.89aPayette Lakes (McCall)
4.8KariAnna Kuklinski3:08.99aCole Valley Christian
5.8Kami Baker3:11.46aNew Plymouth
6.7Reagan Alderedge3:25.13aNampa Christian
7.7Annalynn Boyle3:25.21aCole Valley Christian
8.7Caitlyn Line3:30.98aMarsing
9.7Zlatca Hiestand3:34.23aCole Valley Christian
10.8Carley Bond4:05.68aMarsing
8Savannah SummersNTPayette Lakes (McCall)
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Taylor Garber5:55.05aPayette Lakes (McCall)
2.7Bethany Danner6:27.63aPayette Lakes (McCall)
3.8Baillie Wallace6:37.81aNew Plymouth
4.8KariAnna Kuklinski6:58.31aCole Valley Christian
5.8Kami Baker7:09.55aNew Plymouth
6.8Laurel Howe7:31.76aNew Plymouth
7.8Madeline Slagel7:32.48aNew Plymouth
8.7Annalynn Boyle7:32.61aCole Valley Christian
9.7Caitlyn Line7:36.13aMarsing
10.7McKenzie Ray7:54.18aNew Plymouth
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Trenda Cornell19.12aPayette Lakes (McCall)
2.7Mackenzie Collins19.61aNampa Christian
3.8Ellie Folwell21.16aMarsing
4.8Lacey Avera21.26aNew Plymouth
5.7Breanna McKinney21.46aCole Valley Christian
6.8Khia Prickett21.50aPayette Lakes (McCall)
7.8Destiny Reynolds21.86aMarsing
8.7Zlatca Hiestand22.01aCole Valley Christian
9.8Ashley Tank22.05aMarsing
10.7Moli Plantanga22.08aNampa Christian
11.7Emma Schoonover22.25aPayette Lakes (McCall)
12.7Kayla Cooper22.43aNampa Christian
13.7Alicia Barkell23.15aMarsing
14.7Aubrey Wilson23.28aNew Plymouth
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Madeline Slagel36.85aNew Plymouth
2.8Khia Prickett38.67aPayette Lakes (McCall)
3.7Kayla Cooper39.07aNampa Christian
4.7Emma Schoonover40.17aPayette Lakes (McCall)
5.8Hailey Collins40.30aNampa Christian
7Akyra ThompsonNTCole Valley Christian
7Moli PlantangaNTNampa Christian
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Hailey Ray
Brittany Verigan
Courtney butler
Hailey Jenkins
55.67aNew Plymouth
2.-Emily Parker
Hannah Veal
Trenda Cornell
Kylie Hoogendyk
57.59aPayette Lakes (McCall)
3.-Alicia Barkell
Ellie Folwell
Ann Quiroz
Ashley Tank
4.-Kelsey Castledine
Kayla Cooper
Makenzie Weatherford
Hailey Collins
1:02.66aNampa Christian
5.-Robbie Salisbury
Aubrey Wilson
Lacery Avera
Madeline Slagel
1:03.63aNew Plymouth
6.-Hailee Harris
Thena Cook
Jamie Seubert
Mikalah Travis
1:05.36aPayette Lakes (McCall)
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Shannon Clover
Ashley Tank
Destiny Reynolds
Emily Tank
2.-Madeline Slagel
Baillie Wallace
Hailey Ray
Ashlynn Shippy
5:43.20aNew Plymouth
-Taylor Garber
Kylie Hoogendyk
Betsy Sabala
Alyssa Tomevi
NTPayette Lakes (McCall)
-Savannah Summers
Bethany Danner
Jamie Seubert
Emma Schoonover
NTPayette Lakes (McCall)
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Shannon Clover
Ashley Tank
Carey Dines
Emily Tank
-Alyssa Tomevi
Hailee Harris
Kylie Hoogendyk
Thena Cook
2:10.04aPayette Lakes (McCall)
2.-Madison Doster
Haley Noffz
Hannah Spero
Madison Verska
2:10.37aCole Valley Christian
3.-Moli Plantanga
Makenzie Weatherford
Hailey Collins
Mackenzie Collins
2:15.21aNampa Christian
4.-Trenda Cornell
Emily Parker
Mikayla Goodwin
Sara Ivey
2:17.48aPayette Lakes (McCall)
5.-Hailey Ray
Brittany Verigan
Courtney Butler
Laurel Howe
2:17.89aNew Plymouth
X Shot Put - 6lb - Varsity - Finals
1.8Philisitie Nicklas25-07.50Payette Lakes (McCall)
2.8Sara Ivey25-04.50Payette Lakes (McCall)
3.7Jessica Lewis24-10.50New Plymouth
4.7Zlatca Hiestand24-10.00Cole Valley Christian
5.7Mykayla Branscomb24-00.00New Plymouth
6.8Victoria Skaug23-09.00Nampa Christian
7.7Aubrey Wilson23-01.50New Plymouth
8.8Megan Williams22-05.50Marsing
9.7Hailee Harris21-11.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
10.8Lauren Brauer21-00.00Nampa Christian
11.8Alma Salinas20-11.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
12.7McKenzie Ray20-10.50New Plymouth
13.7Taylor Foust20-04.00Nampa Christian
14.8Madison Skelton19-06.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
15.8Alix Stanley19-05.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
16.8Sarai Yates19-03.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
17.7Katie Nishizaki18-02.50New Plymouth
18.8Rebecca Born17-05.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
19.7Katie Duncombe14-00.00New Plymouth
20.7Devon Doyle12-10.50New Plymouth
8Claire LewinskiNDPayette Lakes (McCall)
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.7Hailey Jenkins65-06New Plymouth
2.7Jessica Lewis54-03New Plymouth
3.8Sarai Yates51-08Payette Lakes (McCall)
4.7McKenzie Ray50-06New Plymouth
5.7Zlatca Hiestand49-04Cole Valley Christian
5.7Jacque Henderickson49-04Nampa Christian
7.7Mykayla Branscomb47-05New Plymouth
8.7Taylor Foust47-02Nampa Christian
9.8Sara Ivey46-06Payette Lakes (McCall)
10.8Kami Baker45-10New Plymouth
11.8Alix Stanley45-07Payette Lakes (McCall)
12.8Megan Williams44-09Marsing
13.8Victoria Skaug44-07Nampa Christian
14.8Madison Skelton42-07Payette Lakes (McCall)
15.8Lauren Brauer42-02Nampa Christian
16.7Katie Duncombe42-00New Plymouth
17.8Destiny Reynolds41-02Marsing
18.7Katie Nishizaki40-01New Plymouth
19.8Alma Salinas39-00Payette Lakes (McCall)
20.7Katelyn Murphy38-07Nampa Christian
21.7Devon Doyle38-06New Plymouth
22.8Philisitie Nicklas37-01Payette Lakes (McCall)
23.8Rebecca Born28-08Payette Lakes (McCall)
7Kelsey CastledineNDNampa Christian
8Claire LewinskiNDPayette Lakes (McCall)
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Madison Doster3-10.00Cole Valley Christian
2.7Kelsey Castledine3-08.00Nampa Christian
3.7Mackenzie Collins3-08.00Nampa Christian
3.8Kami Baker3-08.00New Plymouth
5.8Lacey Avera3-06.00New Plymouth
5.7Breanna McKinney3-06.00Cole Valley Christian
8Mikayla GoodwinNHPayette Lakes (McCall)
7Katie NishizakiNHNew Plymouth
7Moli PlantangaNHNampa Christian
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.7Mackenzie Collins6-06.00Nampa Christian
2.8Hailey Ray6-06.00New Plymouth
3.8Ellie Folwell6-00.00Marsing
4.8Carey Dines6-00.00Marsing
5.7Alicia Barkell5-00.00Marsing
6.8Ann Quiroz5-00.00Marsing
7Nicole GaigeNHNampa Christian
8Rachel GaigeNHNampa Christian
8Ashlynn ShippyNHNew Plymouth
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.7Hailey Jenkins14-04.00New Plymouth
2.8Hannah Veal13-11.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
3.7Hannah Spero12-11.00Cole Valley Christian
4.8Haley Noffz12-10.00Cole Valley Christian
5.7Courtney Butler12-09.00New Plymouth
6.8Trenda Cornell12-07.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
7.8Jessi Ekmark12-02.00Nampa Christian
8.8Hailey Collins12-00.00Nampa Christian
9.8Kelli Skaug11-10.00Nampa Christian
10.8Lacey Avera11-06.00New Plymouth
10.8Savannah Summers11-06.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
12.8Victoria Skaug11-05.00Nampa Christian
12.8Laurel Howe11-05.00New Plymouth
14.8Amanda Batchelor11-03.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
15.7Kelsey Castledine11-02.00Nampa Christian
16.7Jessica Lewis11-01.00New Plymouth
17.7Jacque Henderickson10-11.00Nampa Christian
18.8Madison Doster10-09.00Cole Valley Christian
18.7Kayla Cooper10-09.00Nampa Christian
20.7Hailee Harris10-08.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
20.7Emma Schoonover10-08.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
22.7Mykayla Branscomb10-06.00New Plymouth
23.8Thena Cook10-05.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
24.8Kimmie Herbst10-03.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
25.7Katelyn Murphy10-01.00Nampa Christian
26.8Abby Antosh9-08.00Nampa Christian
27.8Ashlynn Shippy9-02.00New Plymouth
28.8Madison Skelton9-01.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
7Aubrey WilsonNDNew Plymouth
8Angela WrightNDPayette Lakes (McCall)
8Carley BondNDMarsing
7April ZasioNDCole Valley Christian
7Devon DoyleNDNew Plymouth
8Rachel GaigeNDNampa Christian
7Jackelin RodriguezNDPayette Lakes (McCall)
7Katie DuncombeNDNew Plymouth
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Brittany Verigan31-03.00New Plymouth
2.8Savannah Summers26-01.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
3.8Amanda Batchelor25-06.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
4.7Breanna McKinney25-01.50Cole Valley Christian
5.8Madison Doster24-01.00Cole Valley Christian
6.7Jacque Henderickson24-00.00Nampa Christian
7.7Aubrey Wilson23-07.00New Plymouth
8.7Emma Brown23-00.00Nampa Christian
9.8Baillie Wallace22-08.00New Plymouth
10.7Katelyn Murphy22-06.00Nampa Christian
11.7Reagan Alderedge22-05.50Nampa Christian
12.7Robi Salisbury22-04.00New Plymouth
13.8Kimmie Herbst21-10.00Payette Lakes (McCall)
8Angela WrightNDPayette Lakes (McCall)
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