Belpre Shrine Invitational

Saturday, April 09, 2011
  Belpre HS, Belpre - Map

  Field Events Start: 12:00 PM  Track Events Start: 1:00 PM
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Ohio - Division II
WALOWarren Local
Ohio - Division III
EALOEastern Local
SOUTSouthern (Racine)
TRLOTrimble Local
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kyle Connery11.50aEastern Local
2.12Klint Connery11.51aEastern Local
3.10Clinton Campbell11.73aMorgan
4.10Hunter Munjas11.89aWaterford
5.11Nathan Roberts12.41aSouthern (Racine)
6.12Brody Hensley12.65aMorgan
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Klint Connery11.70aEastern Local
1.12Kyle Connery11.77aEastern Local
2.10Hunter Munjas11.92aWaterford
1.10Clinton Campbell11.97aMorgan
2.12Brody Hensley12.40aMorgan
3.11Samuel Greenlee12.49aWarren Local
3.9Bryce Smathers12.63aTrimble Local
2.11Nathan Roberts12.69aSouthern (Racine)
4.12Taylor Wesney12.72aMiller
3.10Jacob Logue12.80aBelpre
4.9Cameron Bullard12.82aBelpre
4.9Alex Melem12.83aWaterford
5.9Dakota Mayle12.84aWarren Local
5.12Joey Forester13.41aSouthern (Racine)
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Carson Pavol24.46aMorgan
2.12Devon Baum24.65aEastern Local
3.10Aaron Vannoy24.96aWarren Local
4.11Bryk Hardesty25.37aMorgan
5.12Jason Williams25.40aWarren Local
6.10Hunter Munjas25.65aWaterford
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Carson Pavol24.68aMorgan
1.12Devon Baum24.85aEastern Local
1.11Bryk Hardesty25.19aMorgan
2.10Aaron Vannoy25.24aWarren Local
2.12Jason Williams25.44aWarren Local
3.12Taylor Wesney25.70aMiller
3.9Nick Burke25.71aEastern Local
4.12Zach Manuel25.96aSouthern (Racine)
4.11Nathan Roberts25.98aSouthern (Racine)
2.10Hunter Munjas26.05aWaterford
5.9Logan Fouss27.76aWaterford
3.10Brice Pittenger28.38aBelpre
5.9Jacob Altier28.80aTrimble Local
4.10Logan Wesney29.35aMiller
6.9Kevin Ruble30.06aBelpre
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kyle Connery52.93aEastern Local
2.12Klint Connery56.15aEastern Local
1.11Bryk Hardesty57.43aMorgan
3.12Brandon Daughety57.86aWarren Local
4.11Andrew Ginther58.18aSouthern (Racine)
2.12Gunner Hess58.89aBelpre
5.10Adrian Shields58.92aWarren Local
3.10Kaleb Driggs1:00.56aMorgan
4.10Chris Humphrey1:00.75aTrimble Local
5.10Robbie Postlewaite1:03.02aBelpre
1.10Tommy Werry1:04.77aSouthern (Racine)
2.9Logan Fouss1:05.60aWaterford
3.12Kendall Herbert1:08.04aTrimble Local
4.10Chris Carney1:17.97aMiller
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Gage Freeman2:04.11aWarren Local
2.10Greyson Cantley2:04.68aWarren Local
3.10John Gray2:14.57aSouthern (Racine)
4.9Eli Strahler2:15.57aWaterford
5.12Ryan Amos2:22.44aEastern Local
6.11Grant Smith2:23.79aMorgan
7.12Gunner Hess2:25.52aBelpre
8.10Reese Johnson2:33.13aMorgan
9.11Scout Facemeyer2:37.95aEastern Local
10.10Chris Chaney2:39.65aSouthern (Racine)
11.10Brandon Brown2:41.55aTrimble Local
12.9Mike Lockhart2:43.53aBelpre
13.10Brandon Davis2:51.69aMiller
--9Dakota SiniftDNFMiller
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Wes Cochran4:31.83aWarren Local
2.10Kody Wolfe4:36.33aSouthern (Racine)
3.12Bradley Ullman4:45.41aWarren Local
4.9Eli Strahler4:47.50aWaterford
5.12Brayden Pratt5:04.44aEastern Local
6.10Justin Hettinger5:15.13aSouthern (Racine)
7.11Brandon Riley5:26.02aTrimble Local
8.10Reese Johnson5:30.33aMorgan
9.9Matthew Davis5:32.67aBelpre
10.10David Banks5:42.56aMorgan
11.10Josh Smathers5:54.82aTrimble Local
12.9Josh Parker6:38.39aEastern Local
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Breydon Gates9:43.21aBelpre
2.11Wes Cochran9:45.94aWarren Local
3.10Kody Wolfe10:10.70aSouthern (Racine)
4.11Marcus Harding10:57.85aWarren Local
5.10James Sheets11:02.58aMorgan
6.9Chris Yeater11:06.38aSouthern (Racine)
7.12Brayden Pratt11:18.58aEastern Local
8.10Andrew Barclay12:28.95aMorgan
9.10Josh Smathers13:13.31aTrimble Local
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Austin Shriver16.01aWaterford
2.11Cody Patterson17.00aMorgan
3.12Perry Henry17.34aWarren Local
4.10Brandon Marcinko18.48aSouthern (Racine)
5.9Brandon Henderson19.50aTrimble Local
6.11Michael Coe20.35aWarren Local
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Austin Shriver16.03aWaterford
1.11Cody Patterson17.38aMorgan
2.12Perry Henry17.51aWarren Local
2.11Michael Coe18.25aWarren Local
3.10Brandon Marcinko18.52aSouthern (Racine)
4.9Devin Daniel18.64aBelpre
3.9Brandon Henderson19.62aTrimble Local
4.12Cody Sellers19.70aBelpre
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Clinton Campbell43.13aMorgan
2.11Cody Patterson44.21aMorgan
3.10Austin Shriver44.72aWaterford
4.12Perry Henry44.87aWarren Local
1.9Devin Daniel47.09aBelpre
5.10Eli Duff47.60aWarren Local
2.11Austin Forshey49.13aBelpre
3.10Brandon Marcinko49.19aSouthern (Racine)
4.9Jacob McCutcheon49.28aWaterford
5.9Brandon Henderson50.37aTrimble Local
6.9Harrie McFarland50.44aTrimble Local
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Brody Hensley
Colton Drake
Clinton Campbell
Carson Pavol
2.-Aaron Vannoy
Adrian Shields
Nick Carver
Samuel Greenlee
48.69aWarren Local
3.-Alex Melem
Hunter Munjas
Logan Fouss
Jacob McCutcheon
4.-Kevin Ruble
Cameron Bullard
Brice Pittenger
Austin Forshey
5.-Joey Forester
Tommy Werry
Chris Chaney
Chris Yeater
56.42aSouthern (Racine)
6.-Adam West
Garret Dodson
Caleb Wright
Kendall Herbert
56.45aTrimble Local
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Klint Connery
Devon Baum
Nick Burke
Kyle Connery
1:36.91aEastern Local
2.-Aaron Vannoy
Perry Henry
Brandon Daughety
Gage Freeman
1:40.79aWarren Local
3.-Carson Pavol
Grant Smith
Kaleb Driggs
Cody Patterson
1.-Devin Daniel
Cody Sellers
Austin Forshey
Jacob Logue
2.-Braden Burer
Logan Fouss
Alex Melem
Hunter Munjas
4.-John Gray
Zach Manuel
Andrew Ginther
Nathan Roberts
1:45.49aSouthern (Racine)
3.-Chris Carney
Brandon Davis
Logan Wesney
Taylor Wesney
4.-Garret Dodson
Caleb Wright
Aaron Schoonover
Brandon Henderson
1:57.06aTrimble Local
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Perry Henry
Bradley Ullman
Greyson Cantley
Gage Freeman
3:40.00aWarren Local
2.-Kyle Connery
Devon Baum
Klint Connery
Nick Burke
3:46.69aEastern Local
3.-Bryk Hardesty
Grant Smith
Clinton Campbell
Cody Patterson
1.-Gunner Hess
Robbie Postlewaite
Cody Sellers
Trent Gainer
2.-Eli Strahler
Alex Melem
Jacob McCutcheon
Austin Shriver
3.-Jacob Altier
Chris Humphrey
Brandon Riley
Austin Keith
4:14.72aTrimble Local
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Greyson Cantley
Wes Cochran
Bradley Ullman
Gage Freeman
8:26.46aWarren Local
2.-John Gray
Justin Hettinger
Kody Wolfe
Andrew Ginther
9:03.55aSouthern (Racine)
3.-Andrew Barclay
Reese Johnson
Grant Smith
James Sheets
4.-Chris Humphrey
Bryce Smathers
Brandon Brown
Jacob Altier
10:32.13aTrimble Local
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tyler Cline45-08.00Eastern Local
2.10Derek Dingey40-10.00Morgan
1.12Noah Guthrie39-07.50Trimble Local
3.12Richard Morse39-06.00Warren Local
2.12Caleb McGrath35-03.00Morgan
3.10Jeremiah Warden33-03.50Southern (Racine)
4.11Andrew Blankenship32-06.50Southern (Racine)
5.12Josh Crites30-09.00Belpre
6.11Devan Benjamin30-08.00Waterford
4.9Hayden Lowe29-06.00Belpre
7.9Will Jacobs29-05.00Miller
5.10Tim Minear28-11.00Eastern Local
6.9Sean Hickman28-08.00Waterford
8.10Aaron Schoonover28-07.50Trimble Local
7.10Brandon Davis28-04.00Miller
--10Blake StaleyNDWarren Local
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tyler Cline140-11Eastern Local
1.10Derek Dingey129-11Morgan
2.12Richard Morse116-03Warren Local
2.9Sean Hickman106-11Waterford
3.10Jeremiah Warden104-02Southern (Racine)
4.12Caleb McGrath103-01Morgan
3.12Ryan Amos102-04Eastern Local
5.12Josh Crites97-08Belpre
6.9Will Jacobs96-01Miller
4.12Noah Guthrie95-02Trimble Local
5.11Austin Hill95-00Southern (Racine)
6.11Devan Benjamin82-01Waterford
7.9Jacob McDaniel81-01Belpre
7.10Austin Moore63-11Trimble Local
--10Blake StaleyNDWarren Local
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Thomas Fankhauser6-00.00Belpre
2.11Bryk Hardesty5-10.00Morgan
3.12Brandon Daughety5-10.00Warren Local
4.10Austin Shriver5-04.00Waterford
5.11Braden Burer5-02.00Waterford
5.9Colton Drake5-02.00Morgan
7.11Michael Coe5-02.00Warren Local
8.11Nathan Roberts5-02.00Southern (Racine)
9.9Nick Burke5-00.00Eastern Local
9.12Noah Guthrie5-00.00Trimble Local
9.12Kendall Herbert5-00.00Trimble Local
9.12Cody Sellers5-00.00Belpre
--10Logan WesneyNHMiller
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brody Hensley12-00.00Morgan
2.10Eli Duff10-06.00Warren Local
3.12Casey Clawson10-06.00Morgan
4.10Jacob Logue9-06.00Belpre
5.12Blake McDaniel9-00.00Belpre
6.11Samuel Greenlee9-00.00Warren Local
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Carson Pavol17-11.00Morgan
2.11Braden Burer17-07.00Waterford
3.9Devin Daniel17-07.00Belpre
4.12Devon Baum17-07.00Eastern Local
5.12Jesse Cope16-10.00Southern (Racine)
6.9Jacob McCutcheon16-10.00Waterford
4.10Eli Duff16-02.00Warren Local
4.10Aaron Vannoy16-02.00Warren Local
5.10Jacob Logue15-10.00Belpre
5.9Timmy Koehnle14-10.00Morgan
6.12Taylor Wesney14-02.00Miller
7.12Kendall Herbert13-10.00Trimble Local
6.12Joey Forester13-05.00Southern (Racine)
7.10Chris Carney13-00.00Miller
8.11Adam West12-01.00Trimble Local

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Ally Rohrer13.31aWaterford
2.12Casey Hendershot13.42aBelpre
3.12Kellan Gamble13.53aMiller
4.12Meghan Zeller13.60aWarren Local
5.9Jenna Burdette13.98aEastern Local
6.10Brittany Cogar14.62aSouthern (Racine)
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Ally Rohrer13.05aWaterford
1.12Casey Hendershot13.47aBelpre
2.12Kellan Gamble13.73aMiller
2.9Jenna Burdette13.74aEastern Local
3.12Kerestan North13.81aTrimble Local
1.12Meghan Zeller13.84aWarren Local
3.11Kylee Carl14.02aWarren Local
4.9Jordan Parker14.18aEastern Local
2.10Brittany Cogar14.36aSouthern (Racine)
3.11Kelsey Doty14.81aMiller
5.9Brooklyn Campbell15.42aMorgan
6.10Marissa Melem15.45aWaterford
4.10Megan McGee15.61aSouthern (Racine)
4.12Erin Williams18.16aMorgan
5.9Hannah Delancey18.27aBelpre
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Ally Rohrer27.66aWaterford
2.12Casey Hendershot28.38aBelpre
3.12Kellan Gamble29.17aMiller
4.9Casey White29.40aWarren Local
5.11Kristie Marcum30.12aMorgan
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Ally Rohrer27.75aWaterford
1.12Casey Hendershot28.40aBelpre
1.12Kellan Gamble28.62aMiller
2.12Kerestan North29.13aTrimble Local
3.9Jordan Parker29.57aEastern Local
2.9Casey White29.60aWarren Local
4.12Erin Williams30.21aMorgan
2.11Kristie Marcum30.28aMorgan
3.9Mckenzie Stauffer30.82aWarren Local
4.10Brittany Cogar31.33aSouthern (Racine)
3.9Lacey Green31.42aBelpre
4.11Morgan McMillan31.86aSouthern (Racine)
5.9Tia Savage32.09aTrimble Local
5.12Kori Collins32.51aEastern Local
5.10Graceyn Gibson33.66aMiller
6.9Katie Semon34.11aWaterford
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Ally Rohrer1:03.98aWaterford
2.10Savannah Hawley1:04.88aEastern Local
3.9Baylee Garrett1:05.92aMorgan
4.10Liz Manning1:06.62aWarren Local
1.9Maddie Rigsby1:07.52aEastern Local
2.12Kellan Gamble1:07.83aMiller
3.11Haley Linkous1:08.32aSouthern (Racine)
5.10Taylor Balachowski1:08.98aWarren Local
4.10Claudia Hall1:09.73aBelpre
1.9Katie Hall1:11.95aBelpre
2.10Makayla Findley1:13.82aSouthern (Racine)
3.10Aleigha Matson1:17.19aWaterford
4.9Tia Savage1:21.63aTrimble Local
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Emeri Connery2:28.33aEastern Local
2.11Halle Richards2:35.49aWarren Local
3.11Cassandra Thompson2:41.40aWarren Local
4.11Emily Ash2:55.53aSouthern (Racine)
5.12Taylor Hite2:55.95aMorgan
6.10Taylor Harlow2:57.36aMorgan
7.9Joyce Weddle2:58.45aSouthern (Racine)
8.10Emma Williams2:58.66aBelpre
9.9Maggie Krall3:02.74aWaterford
10.9Katie Keller3:05.44aEastern Local
11.9Kate Spencer3:07.57aTrimble Local
12.9Cassie Reed3:13.49aWaterford
13.9Mackenzie Rice3:15.84aBelpre
14.10Samantha Vernon3:19.84aTrimble Local
15.10Amy Stover3:38.30aMiller
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Halle Richards5:34.10aWarren Local
2.12Megan Blevins5:43.84aWarren Local
3.9Sara Johnson6:16.08aBelpre
4.10Jennifer McCoy6:21.42aSouthern (Racine)
5.10Virgina Ferrell6:31.91aMorgan
6.9Maggie Krall6:34.57aWaterford
7.10Emma Williams6:38.99aBelpre
8.10Nikki Gilbride6:49.49aEastern Local
9.9Samantha Farley6:49.82aWaterford
10.10Clarissa Heigley6:55.57aMorgan
11.12Jenny Avey7:22.56aTrimble Local
12.11Shelby Smith7:33.04aEastern Local
13.12Lee-Anna Cook7:53.68aSouthern (Racine)
14.12Tammy Shifflet9:17.14aTrimble Local
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Megan Blevins12:15.34aWarren Local
2.11Johannah Couch13:27.34aTrimble Local
3.9Baylee Garrett13:44.51aMorgan
4.10Amber Ullman13:59.91aWarren Local
5.9Ashley Carter14:02.21aBelpre
6.10Virgina Ferrell14:04.34aMorgan
7.10Jennifer McCoy14:17.15aSouthern (Racine)
8.9Gabby Short15:13.39aTrimble Local
9.9Samantha Farley15:23.98aWaterford
10.10Megan Smith15:33.39aWaterford
11.12Kelsey Crislip15:47.49aBelpre
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Cassie Copeland16.35aMorgan
2.9Raelyn Gardner17.39aWarren Local
3.9Keri Lawrence17.44aEastern Local
4.11Brooke Kapple17.89aBelpre
5.10Breanna Hayman18.49aEastern Local
6.9Taryn Carr18.84aBelpre
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Raelyn Gardner17.14aWarren Local
1.11Brooke Kapple17.97aBelpre
2.9Keri Lawrence18.19aEastern Local
2.10Breanna Hayman18.29aEastern Local
1.12Cassie Copeland18.47aMorgan
3.10Amanda Beam18.60aMorgan
4.10Shelby Pickens18.61aSouthern (Racine)
2.9Taryn Carr18.84aBelpre
3.12Rachel Moore19.42aTrimble Local
3.12Kelsey Abbott19.97aWarren Local
4.10Marissa Melem21.23aWaterford
4.9Katlin Schott21.46aWaterford
5.10Angela Adkins24.99aMiller
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Cassie Copeland49.27aMorgan
2.9Raelyn Gardner53.60aWarren Local
3.11Brooke Kapple54.78aBelpre
1.10Shelby Pickens55.38aSouthern (Racine)
4.10Breanna Hayman55.53aEastern Local
5.10Allison Gherke55.65aBelpre
2.12Kelsey Abbott55.70aWarren Local
3.12Danni Maxey56.20aEastern Local
4.9Kate Spencer59.19aTrimble Local
1.12Rachel Moore59.64aTrimble Local
2.9Katlin Schott1:04.39aWaterford
3.10Stefanie Pyles1:05.26aSouthern (Racine)
4.10Marissa Melem1:05.32aWaterford
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jordan Parker
Jenna Burdette
Emeri Connery
Savannah Hawley
54.25aEastern Local
2.-Whitney Gibson
Allison Gherke
Taryn Carr
Casey Hendershot
3.-Kylee Carl
Breanna Duff
Mckenzie Stauffer
Meghan Zeller
55.86aWarren Local
4.-Erin Williams
Brooklyn Campbell
Amanda Beam
Katelynn Jenkins
1.-Angie Eynon
Morgan McMillan
Haley Linkous
Brittany Cogar
57.87aSouthern (Racine)
2.-Kellan Gamble
Kelsey Doty
Graceyn Gibson
Samantha Williams
3.-Kerestan North
Tia Savage
Donnica Dixon
Rachel Moore
58.98aTrimble Local
4.-Katlin Schott
Alyssa Miller
Sydney Crawford
Jessic Brantmeier
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jenna Burdette
Emeri Connery
Jordan Parker
Savannah Hawley
1:54.79aEastern Local
2.-White Kasey
Meghan Zeller
Raelyn Gardner
Breanna Duff
1:57.02aWarren Local
3.-Claudia Hall
Lacey Green
Taryn Carr
Allison Gherke
4.-Angie Eynon
Morgan McMillan
Haley Linkous
Brittany Cogar
2:02.73aSouthern (Racine)
1.-Taylor Harlow
Mideya Kinney
Jody Williams
Korie Robinson
2.-Aleigha Matson
Abby Smith
Alyssa Miller
Sydney Crawford
3.-Donnica Dixon
Kate Spencer
Samantha Vernon
Rachel Moore
2:17.67aTrimble Local
4.-Jennifer Williams
Jessica Williams
Courtney Bourne
Angela Adkins
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Maddie Rigsby
Savannah Hawley
Keri Lawerence
Emeri Connery
4:30.08aEastern Local
2.-Halle Richards
Taylor Balachowski
Meghan Zeller
Liz Manning
4:36.05aWarren Local
3.-Korie Robinson
Cassie Copeland
Mideya Kinney
Erin Williams
4.-Taryn Carr
Katie Hall
Sara Johnson
Claudia Hall
1.-Aleigha Matson
Maggie Krall
Abby Smith
Ally Rohrer
2.-Jennifer Williams
Jessica Williams
Amy Stover
Nikki Kline
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Halle Richards
Cassandra Thompson
Kelsey Abbott
Megan Blevins
11:11.82aWarren Local
2.-Taylor Hite
Baylee Garrett
Taylor Harlow
Kristie Marcum
3.-Ashley Carter
Mackenzie Rice
Emma Williams
Sara Johnson
4.-Emily Ash
Joyce Weddle
Jennifer McCoy
Stefanie Pyles
12:05.99aSouthern (Racine)
5.-Abby Smith
Samantha Farley
Maggie Krall
Megan Smith
6.-Gabby Short
Tammy Shifflet
Samantha Vernon
Kate Spencer
14:07.53aTrimble Local
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Emma Ryan34-04.00Warren Local
2.11Ashley Putman32-03.00Eastern Local
3.9Jennie Chordas30-01.00Morgan
1.10Angie Eynon29-10.00Southern (Racine)
2.12Richia Richardson29-02.00Warren Local
4.12Linsie Athey28-05.00Belpre
3.9Katie Keller28-02.50Eastern Local
4.10Amanda Beam25-02.50Morgan
5.11Ceairra Curran25-02.50Southern (Racine)
6.10Gabrielle Canterbu24-00.00Waterford
5.12Kenna Reynolds23-09.00Waterford
7.12Tanaya Smathers23-02.00Trimble Local
6.12Sabrina Bunce23-01.00Belpre
7.12Jennifer Williams21-09.00Miller
7.9Megan Kamento21-09.00Trimble Local
8.11Michelle Ross19-05.00Miller
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Emma Ryan124-07Warren Local
2.12Linsie Athey100-02Belpre
1.11Ashley Putman90-00Eastern Local
2.12Richia Richardson79-06Warren Local
3.9Joyce Weddle78-10Southern (Racine)
3.9Nikki Kline78-09Miller
4.11Trishelle Taylor78-07Morgan
5.12Tanaya Smathers69-09Trimble Local
4.11Kayla Dowell69-07Southern (Racine)
5.9Jennie Chordas64-11Morgan
6.9Katie Keller64-03Eastern Local
6.12Sabrina Bunce63-08Belpre
7.12Kenna Reynolds58-07Waterford
8.11Michelle Ross56-09Miller
7.9Andrea Swart56-06Trimble Local
8.9Jessie Reynolds55-10Waterford
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Maddie Rigsby5-00.00Eastern Local
2.12Kalli Ross4-08.00Warren Local
3.11Katelynn Jenkins4-08.00Morgan
4.9Alyssa Miller4-06.00Waterford
5.12Cassie Copeland4-06.00Morgan
6.9Sierra Cardiff4-06.00Warren Local
7.10Angie Eynon4-04.00Southern (Racine)
7.10Claudia Hall4-04.00Belpre
9.11Kelsey Doty4-02.00Miller
10.9Jessica Williams4-00.00Miller
10.10Shelby Pickens4-00.00Southern (Racine)
10.10Sydney Crawford4-00.00Waterford
--9Katie HallNHBelpre
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Breanna Duff8-06.00Warren Local
2.12Casey Hendershot8-06.00Belpre
3.10Amanda Beam8-00.00Morgan
4.11Katelynn Jenkins7-00.00Morgan
5.9Taylor Fay7-00.00Warren Local
5.9Lacey Green7-00.00Belpre
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Taylor Savage15-09.00Trimble Local
2.9Jenna Burdette15-07.00Eastern Local
3.10Samantha Williams15-01.00Miller
1.11Kristie Marcum14-08.00Morgan
2.12Kerestan North14-03.00Trimble Local
3.11Kelsey Doty13-08.00Miller
4.11Kylee Carl13-06.00Warren Local
4.10Allison Gherke13-00.00Belpre
5.10Shelby Pickens12-09.00Southern (Racine)
5.9Alyssa Miller12-07.00Waterford
6.10Taylor Balachowski12-05.00Warren Local
7.11Morgan McMillan12-01.00Southern (Racine)
6.11Katelynn Jenkins11-09.00Morgan
7.10Darlene Pickering9-03.00Belpre
8.10Aleigha Matson8-11.00Waterford
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